Police Chief Burton Macoy stood looking at the sealed doors of the CDC headquarters. Inside red tape had been plastered across the glass stating in repeating bold black letters: QUARENTINE. Burton had seen a great many things during the past week that shocked him to his core. A large portion of the city had become exposed to whatever insanity the CDC had accidentally unleashed, and while the chaos spread rapidly through the streets the only people that could help were sealed inside of a nearly impenetrable fortress. Jayden Mills came up beside the police chief, pistol in hand, "Are you ready?"

"There's no telling what we'll find in there," Burton sighed, "maybe there's no one left to help us."

"What other options do we have?" Jayden asked. Burton looked to the man that had saved his life several days ago. Burton had lost his face mask and was nearly taken by one of his own infected officers. Jayden had come out of nowhere to help. Jayden was in search of answers about his friend, Bart, but the only person Burton knew could help had turn tail and run. He prayed one day he'd get his hands on FBI agent Roger Crawford, but it was unlikely.

"Maybe your friend is here too," Burton placed a hand on Jayden's shoulder.

"I can only hope that he hasn't become one of them."

"Let's do this."


Wes stood with his back pressed against the wall. He listened carefully as he edged closer to the corner which led down an adjoining passage. He peeked around the corner and saw the passageway to be vacant. After a sigh of relief he started walking trying to make each step as silent as possible. There were MXers everywhere throughout the facility. Running into one or two was easy to avoid, but if you stumbled into a cluster, it was hard to escape.

For a while Alex had been fine sticking with Wes, but his body was lying unconscious on the floor of the throne room. After several days, the hunger pangs from Alex's body began to manifest within Wes. It was clear that Alex needed to return to his own body, or risk losing it forever. Wes had monitored the security cameras, but Alex had been forced down a hallway in which the cameras had been damaged. Alex never returned.

"Stop," Artemis' voice cautioned through the earpiece Wes was wearing, "there are two coming back towards you."

Wes moved quickly and quietly to a nearby doorway and pressed himself into the narrow recess. He waited quietly and nearly held his breath when he heard the sound of approaching footsteps. Artemis had offered to help Wes find Alex by monitoring the security cameras at least until he reached the hallway that was still plagued by a broken camera. Wes had to find Alex, it was the only thing that mattered to him, and so he gladly accepted Artemis' assistance. Besides, he could tell that Artemis was feeling rather useless as the scientists debated the best course of action.

"They just went into a room around the next corner," Artemis relayed, "I'm not sure how much time you have, but you better move while the coast is clear."

Wes didn't hesitate.


Marc kissed Trevor gently on the lips and then the neck. They shared a tender moment together in each other's arms. They had very little time alone together since they had volunteered to help Diego and Ivan seal off areas of the CDC. They had stressed the importance of preventing the spread of the MX19 virus until the vaccine had been completed. Over the past week they had been helping to root out those that had not yet been infected and bring them back. They had sealed as many doors as possible with Ivan's strict quarantine procedures.

Several lab assistants had helped them and under the extreme circumstances it was easy to make quick friends. It was clear they had to work together and work quickly if they were going to get out of the CDC without being infected. No one wanted to lose their sense of self, which is exactly what the virus threatened to take away. Marc kissed Trevor again and sensed the same thing he had before.

"What's the matter?" Marc asked as he rubbed Trevor's arm.

"I was just thinking about Matt," Trevor looked down apologetically, "I can't believe he's gone."

"You'd been friends a long time, hadn't you?" Marc shook his head in disbelief. Wes had seen Matt taken by one of the MXers while he was trying to find Alex. Trevor had to see for himself, and Marc had found it extremely awkward to watch, especially since deep down he was turned on by it. But in that single moment of pure powerful fucking, Trevor's good friend Matt had been replaced by just another Ty. It was in that moment Trevor had fully felt the weight of all the terrible things that were happening.

"It seems like just yesterday we were cruising around in the ambulance, and the only thing we were worried about was how pissed his girlfriend, Paige, was going to be."

"What was she pissed about?" Marc asked.

"Take your pick, she was a total bitch so she was always pissed," Trevor chuckled briefly before turning somber again, tears in his eyes.

"You can take a day off," Marc assured him, "No one will blame you if you just take it easy one day."

"No," Trevor wiped his palms across his eyes, "there are other's that need help, just like Matt did. I have to help if I can."

"I'll get my shoes on then," Marc nodded and they kissed once more before parting.


Diego looked up from his work as Isaac came strolling into the lab. Diego had to admit that Isaac was by far the most delicious looking stud he had ever known, and were it not for his intense loathing of the man he'd want to have sex with him again and again. "Where have you been?"

"I went to my private office to get my electron microscope," Isaac smiled, "the one's down here are shitty."

"That has to weigh a ton, how did you get it here?"

"I put it on a cart and rolled it down here. Lifting it onto the cart was a real chore though, even with my enhanced strength. You should help me carry it inside."

"I'm a little busy," Diego returned to his work, "cleaning up your mess."

"Technically, I'm not the one that stole samples of a restricted virus and took it home with me where my grandson was exposed to it, but feel free to blame me for everything," Isaac retorted.

"You made the virus in the first place," Diego countered.

"Hmmm, did I?" Isaac closed Diego's laptop and stood towering over him, "Get up and help me carry this inside. I have work to do as well."

Diego stood and stared into Isaac's eyes for a long moment, letting him see and understand the full depth of his hate for the man. He wanted to punch Isaac in the face so badly, but he knew it would accomplish nothing. For better or worse they were currently working towards the same goal.

"You think I see only anger in your eyes," Isaac whispered, "but I can tell you want me. Just like everyone else. Do you remember when I fucked you? When they all fucked you?"

Diego couldn't hold back any more, he took a swing and struck only air as Isaac darted beneath his closed fist. Isaac moved in and clutched Diego by the groin, shoving him up against the wall. Isaac felt the hardening dick through Diego's pants as he pressed their bodies together, savoring the heat radiating off of Diego's massive hairy body.

"Tell me you don't want this," Isaac whispered in Diego's ear before licking his neck. Diego's eyes rolled back into his head as his anger slowly turned to lust. He tried to focus, but all he could feel was Isaac's perfect body against his own and the strong hand massaging his 12 inch dick through his pants.

"Am I...interrupting something?" Dr. Ivan Petrovich studdenly asked from the doorway.

Isaac backed away and turned to face Ivan with a coy smile, "Just helping Diego remember his place around here."

"Don't you think there are more important things we should be focusing on?"

"Yes," Isaac agreed, "like helping me carry in my electron microscope."

Diego glared at the smug expression on Isaac's face while he adjusted his pants, but it was impossible to hide the massive hard dick hanging down his pant leg. Without another word he went out into the hall to help Isaac move the microscope.

"There," Isaac smiled, "that wasn't so difficult."

"You better be careful how hard you push him," Ivan admonished, "If it comes to choosing sides, I won't be on yours. I'm pretty sure you'll be on your own if you alienate the people in this room."

"That's ok," Isaac nodded, "or did you forget I'm the only one immune to the MXers roaming this facility. I suggest you get back to work Ivan, I can't take your threats seriously."

Isaac stalked out into the hall and found Diego observing the quality of the electron microscope before him. Isaac knew what had to be done, but he knew he may have to use his ability to control Diego to accomplish the task. It was clear Diego was physically attracted to him, but would it be enough to overcome the anger. Isaac needed to give him a mental nudge in the right direction. He locked the lab with his master key, sealing Ivan inside. He couldn't afford any interruptions.

Diego was surprised again when Isaac came back up to him and started groping his hard dick again through his pants. "What the fuck is your problem?"

"I wasn't done with you," Isaac leered, his eyes full of lust. "I have to feel your big cock in my hands. In my mouth."

Diego struggled to maintain control, but he could sense Isaac trying to lower his defenses. Urging him to give in to the intense lust. It had been so long, Diego was eager to feel the release that Isaac was offering. Before he knew it had happened, Diego's massive 12 inch cock was freed from his pants and Isaac was stroking it with greater need. Then Isaac knelt down and sucked the head of the cock into his mouth. Working it expertly with his tongue.

Diego was lost in the moment, eagerly fucking the face of his rival. He tried forcing more and more of his dick down the director's throat making him choke and gag on the massive cock. Diego could not stop now even if he wanted too. He needed to unleash the hot load that was built up inside. He was desperate for it, and Isaac seemed just as desperate to satisfy.

It didn't take long before Diego felt the need to cum, Isaac quickly pulled the dick from his mouth and let Diego cum out into the open. Isaac maneuvered a Petri dish beneath the steady flow of cum expelling from Diego's cock like a geyser. When Diego finally finished his orgasm, Isaac stood and put the lid on the Petri dish. "You're welcome."

"What the fuck was that?" Diego demanded as he tried to catch his breath.

"I have a theory I'd like to test, but I needed a sample," Isaac lifted the Petri dish before Diego's face, "Now help me move this microscope so I can analyze it while it's still fresh."

"I fucking hate you," Diego glared as he pulled up his pants.


"This is it," Artemis stated, "around this next corner is where Alex disappeared. I won't be able to help you after this."

"I'll keep my mic on now so you can hear if I get in trouble," Wes replied, "thank you for getting me this far."

"Are you sure I can't convince you to reconsider," Artemis asked.

"I'm positive," Wes smiled. He took a deep breath and peered around the corner. The hallway appeared to be vacant. He turned and started cautiously walking into the unknown territory. He tried to keep his eyes and ears alert to any sign of trouble. He didn't want to get caught by a group of MXers. As he slid silently like a ghost through the hall, he suddenly heard Alex issue a tortured cry from a door about three quarters of the way down. Wes suppressed the urge to run toward the sound and instead focused on his breathing.

Despite his best efforts his breath was quickened and his heart was pounding in his chest and his ears at the thought of being so close to his goal. Each step was agonizingly slow, but he did not want to give away his presence until he could assess the situation. Wes felt his heart break with sorrow as he heard Alex cry out again, but he took comfort knowing that it was still Alex's voice, which meant he had not been turned.

If the MXers had not taken Alex, then who was behind his disappearance? Wes' mind ran through a million scenarios as he slowly approached the door, but nothing seemed plausible. Soon his mind was just a jumbled blur of urgency and curiosity. He could barely focus on anything but the pounding of his own heart in his chest.

"I said eat it!" roared another man's voice from inside the room, "Eat his cum!"

"Please," Alex was barely audible and completely defeated, "I can't take any more."

"He's all yours," the voice replied. Seconds later, Wes could recognize the sounds of Alex getting fucked, but it was with an intense ferocity and merciless anger. Alex was sobbing on the other side of the door as Wes stood before it. He felt suddenly defenseless, since there were clearly multiple enemies on the other side, but he had to do something. With every ounce of anger he could muster and the adrenaline pumping through his veins, Wes kicked the door in and plunged into the room.

In the center of the room Alex was bound by many ropes and suspended from the ceiling. His hands were tied behind his back as he hung face down, and a massive black stud was using those hands as a handle to pull Alex back down onto his massive black cock. There was no mercy, only lust. Alex's hands body was red and raw where the ropes were chaffing his skin and several places revealed terrible burn marks that made Wes' heart break. He could not believe what he was seeing.

Wes recognized the black guy from Isaac's throne room, but couldn't recall his name, but he quickly recognized another face in the corner, Peter. Peter was just sitting there stroking his own fat cock as he watched his former boyfriend getting maliciously tortured. Wes was sickened by the whole thing. Walking around the room, taunting and urging the black monster to fuck harder was another person Wes recognized. His was the voice Wes had heard in the hallway.

"You leave him the fuck alone!" Wes roared in rage.

"Oh, look, another bitch to play with," Jeffrey smiled as he turned to face Wes. The black stud slowed as if uncertain what to do.

"I didn't say to stop, Guns," Jeffrey ordered nonchalantly, while his eyes stayed fixed on Wes. Guns didn't argue, but continued to brutally use Alex's hole. Alex was sobbing and hanging his head, barely even aware that Wes had entered the room. He had been tortured for so long, nothing mattered any more.

"Why?" Wes demanded.

"Why?" Jeffrey mocked, "This little piece of shit hijacked my brother's body and then locked me in a fucking room for days with nothing but a crusty old man to keep me company!"

"You've made your point," Wes gritted his teeth as he looked at Jeffrey standing before him with that smug grin. There was no measure for the intense rage Wes could feel surging through him. He knew that he could not win against all three men, but he wouldn't stop until he at least drew blood from that sickeningly handsome face. He lunged at Jeffrey and tackled the massive stud to the ground before pummeling his face with blow after blow. His nose clearly cracked beneath the force of his fists, but Jeffrey was not going down without a fight. Wes felt the wind leave him as Jeffrey delivered a shard punch to the abdomen.

Jeffrey rolled, putting his weight on top of Wes as he took the upper hand. Wes lifted his arms to shield his face to prevent Jeffrey form striking him, but Jeffrey sought out the tender spot in his abdomen again and again. Soon Peter was there too, pulling Wes' arms and pinning them to the ground. Wes thrashed his legs, trying to find a means of escape, but Jeffrey's weight on top of him was too much. Jeffrey waggled his erect 10 inch dick in front of Wes' face.

"I'll make you a deal," Jeffrey smiled down, "suck my cock and I'll ask Guns to stop."

"If you try putting that in my mouth," Wes growled, "I will bite it off."

"Fuck him harder!" Jeffrey roared. Guns managed to find more strength as he bounced Alex off of his massive 14 inch cock harder and harder. Alex was grunting with each intense thrust and his head simply hung down in defeat. It didn't seem possible, but the entire length of Guns' massive cock seemed to exit the ass before pushing all the way back inside with each intense thrust. Guns roared with the effort.

"What about now?" Jeffrey asked Wes, "just suck it."

Wes reluctantly opened his mouth, he couldn't bear to see or hear Alex being brutalized any longer. Jeffrey didn't hesitate to plunge his rock hard cock inside. Wes gagged, but Jeffrey didn't relent as he began fucking Wes' face. As promised Guns stopped fucking Alex and stumbled over to a nearby chair to rest. Peter allowed Jeffrey to take hold of Wes' hands as he bent over and put his whole body into fucking Wes' wonderful mouth.

Peter crawled over and began licking Guns' big dick cleaning it off, tasting the cum that filled Alex's raw hole from days and days of intense fucking. They all took turns, using their own personal bitch. Even Teo had eventually given in to the fun. Jeffrey had a way of convincing them to obey. Teo would be back any moment from his food run.

At first Alex had tried to escape by entering the minds of the men in the room, but Jeffrey knew a quick fix to the problem. Any time Alex misbehaved he was shocked mercilessly with a taser. The shock would always draw Alex back to his own body, thwarting any plan for escape. Peter no longer experienced any emotional connection to his former lover, he knew only lust. Isaac had made him a bitch, but Jeffrey had made him a master. Together they had all dominated Alex and molded him into their own sex toy. Fed only by cum and used as they saw fit. As Jeffrey abused Wes' throat, Guns and Peter knew they would soon have another toy to add to their collection.

Wes gagged and choked as Jeffrey's sour cum poured relentlessly into his throat. He had no choice but to swallow or drown in the flood of hot cum. Jeffrey pulled out and punched Wes hard in the face. For the first time, Jeffrey felt his own blood streaked face and his broken nose. Teo stood in the doorway, uncertain.

"You're just in time," Jeffrey nodded in Teo's direction, "Did you bring fresh towels too?"

"Here," Teo handed a towel to Jeffrey, who quickly applied it to his gushing nose.

"Guns, Peter, tie this pig up," Jeffrey commanded and the two men eagerly complied. It wasn't long before Wes found himself bound to a chair. He felt helpless as the men tended to Jeffrey's nose and ate some lunch. They joked and laughed like it was completely common to have two men bound and ready to be used at their leisure. Wes felt sick as he looked at Alex hanging helplessly defeated from the ceiling. All he could taste was the vile cum Jeffrey had forced down his throat.


Trevor finished bolting the door before looking down at the trembling, half-naked men he had just rescued. They appeared to be scientists, which could be of use to Isaac and Diego. "You alright?"

"I just want to go home," one of them whimpered.

"I know the feeling," Trevor nodded as he grabbed the man's shoulder with understanding, "We'll get through this if we stick together."

"Trevor..." the voice of Marc wavered through the static of the walkie-talkie at Trevor's hip. He grabbed the radio and responded.

"What is it?"

"There are too many of them," Marc whispered, "I don't think I see a way out."


"Sector C, hallway 4," Marc whispered, "Oh shit..."

"Marc?" Trevor called, "Marc, you there?"

There was no response. Trevor felt his heart rising like a lump in his throat as his emotions threatened to cloud his judgment. Over and over, he pictured Matt being taken by the MXers on the video feed, but now he could see Marc's face. When they were done, Marc would be just another copy, another mindless brute that wanted only to spread the virus. Trevor had to get there and stop it.

"Do you both know where Dr. Petrovich's office is?" Trevor demanded of the two scientists. They nodded their understanding. "Get there now, you'll be safe there."

Trevor started running in the direction Marc had stated. He prayed that he would not be too late.


Diego and Ivan hovered around Isaac as he focused and observed the sample he had just collected from Diego. Both men were impatient for answers, but Isaac was not very forthcoming.

"Get me the samples taken from my blood," Isaac ordered without stopping his work.

"As soon as you give me some answers," Ivan countered.

"Get me the sample, or I will make you collect all the samples from now on. I'm sure you'd love sucking Diego's dick."

"There were other ways to obtain that," Diego grumbled.

"Yes," Isaac shrugged, "but not as much fun."

Ivan shook his head and collected the sample as commanded. He returned shortly and placed it in Isaac's hand. Isaac quickly began comparing the two items beneath the microscope. After a moment he sat back with a satisfied smile.

"What?" Diego asked, "did you find the answer?"

"We've been trying to synthesize a means to replicate the immunities in my blood, but the structure is too complex. We could be here for years and never bear any fruit. I started to reconsider our original plan to obtain Ty's blood and look for a link to the original host. Perhaps the key was not in the virus itself, but the genetic structure of the original host."

"Yes, but there is no way of knowing which Ty is the original anymore," Ivan pointed out, "We've lost that opportunity."

"Ty was infected with a virus created here in this lab," Isaac smiled, "A specific strain of a virus that I originally extracted from a different host."

"So Ty, was not the original host of the virus," Diego smiled suddenly understanding Isaac's logic.

"That's right," Isaac nodded, "Dr. Diego Juarez, you were the original host of the virus, and your DNA holds the key to unraveling the whole thing, not mine. See for yourself."

Both men moved forward and observed the two samples, it took several moments, but they soon recognized the similarities. Diego felt a ray of hope for the first time since they started the project together. Ivan began laughing with joy.

"Let's not get too ahead of ourselves," Isaac smiled too, "We still have to find a way to use this new information to our advantage."


Trevor rounded the corner, panting for breath and he ran into a wall of muscle. Trevor stumbled backward as he realized a giant, muscular MXer was looming over him. A massive 18 inch dick was swinging between the perfectly-chiseled stud's legs. Trevor felt himself holding his breath as he was overwhelmed with feelings of desire. He had his mask on to prevent any pheromones from crippling his sense of purpose, but being this close to perfection still made you tremble with desire. Another MXer was not far behind the first and Trevor quickly spotted a third.

The third one was holding something in its muscular arms. Trevor tilted his head to see past the others and spotted Marc pinned to the wall, the massive MXer was using his muscular arms to move Marc up and down on his massive cock. Marc was screaming and beating the brute with his fists, but it was no use. Trevor rose to his feet and ducked under the MXer in front of him. He stayed focused on his goal.

Marc saw Trevor coming toward him, and he felt a surge of hope and strength. He prayed that Trevor had not arrived too late; the MXer was already deep inside. It was possible he had already been exposed to the virus. Even if in a small dose, could it be enough to destroy him? Marc used his elbow to grind into the beast's muscular neck as he tried to twist his weight away from the wall. He succeeded only in slipping from the wall, where he was pinned; and while his legs were still grasped by the MXer's powerful hands, his upper body fell backwards and his head collided with the floor.

Trevor saw and heard Marc's head collide with the hard floor and felt a stab of fear, but it only spurred him to move faster. The brute clutching Marc did not care, he continued to pound his massive dick inside of Marc's limp body. After dodging the first two men, Trevor lunged and put his whole weight into toppling the MXer that was dominating Marc. He succeeded in separating the beast from Marc, but Trevor was sent sprawling across the floor as his momentum continued to pulled the man down. Trevor tried to find his feet, but the MXer that had been fucking Marc recovered faster.

Trevor's leg was suddenly gripped hard, as if by a vice, and he was being yanked toward the massive, muscular stud. Trevor could see eyes alight with pure lust and the giant 18 inch cock moving side to side as if trying to find a tight hole to fill. It was dripping with precum, and Trevor feared that the liquid seeping all over had also been inside of Marc. Was it too late?

Trevor had to fight. Had to get away. He kicked the MXer in the head again and again. Finally, the brute roared in rage and clutched his bleeding face in pain. But it was only momentary, the brute lunged again and clutched both of Trevor's legs this time. Trevor used his fists.

Without warning, a powerful sound exploded through the narrow corridor. Trevor's ears were ringing in the deafening aftermath of the sound. Before Trevor could process what had occurred the sound repeated again and again, each time more muffled by the ringing in his ears. The fourth and final report caused the MXer on top of Trevor to collapse in a heap. He was dead with a hole in his back. Gunfire?

There were two men farther down the hall, rapidly approaching. One was clearly dressed as a police officer, while the other was dressed in black from head to toe, like some type of secret agent. Trevor could see their lips moving, but the ringing in his ears prevented him from understanding the words. He simply pointed at Marc and shouted, "Please help him! I'll be fine!"


Wes could sense the presence before he even saw the figure appear in the doorway. Without warning Wes felt his dick stiffening and rising until it was pointing straight out in front of him. He was overcome with an intense urge to be free of his restraints, and then he saw the MXer standing in the doorway. Ty's perfect body was all he could picture, all he could see. How he longed to satisfy him. Jeffrey, Peter, Guns, and Teo were mesmerized by the stud, and instantly began to gravitate in his direction; admiring the muscular form and the massive 18 inch cock. Another MXer appeared behind the first, Guns and Teo split off so that they could please the second one.

Alex was the only one unfazed. He hung from a ceiling his head hung down toward the floor, oblivious to the cruel world around him. He had descended deep within himself where he had taken refuge. It was easy for him to partition parts of his mind using his new found abilities. He had created a cocoon of sorts within himself where he was sheltered from all the abuse Jeffrey had wrought in his quest for vengeance. Deep in the recesses of his mind he was protected also from the MXer's influence.

Wes strained against the ropes which bound him to the chair, he wanted free and it did not matter how much pain his chafed wrists were experiencing as the ropes burned into his straining flesh. He had to please the MXers, he wanted it desperately. He had to watch as Peter lifted the massive cock to his lips and began sucking the immense head. Jeffrey licked and teased the stud's nipples. Behind them, Teo was satisfying the other MXer's massive cock with his tongue, while Guns was being instructed to fuck him. Guns wasted no time penetrating the perfect muscular ass with his own massive 14 inch cock. The MXer accepted the cock as if it were nothing and then clamped down on Guns' milking his massive dick with expert motions. Guns was moaning and panting in ecstasy.

Alex from deep within suddenly noticed something, he was seeing Wes. He felt tears of joy on his face, because he was happy that Wes was with him inside the safe reaches of his mind. He moved to reach out to Wes, but he could not quite reach him. Alex longed to hold Wes in his arms and be comforted. He needed the tenderness of the one he loved to help him forget the pain and misery, but Wes was still out of reach. Alex could see Wes looking off in the distance toward something else. No, someone else.

Peter accepted the MXer's massive cock inside his ass. The 18 inch cock could not even begin to fit, but over time as Peter and the MXer moved in rhythm together, more and more of the massive cock began to disappear inside. Preparing and loosening Peter to get inside deeper where it would unleash its massive load and transform Peter into another MXer. Guns was already climaxing, as he could barely withstand the intense feelings pulsating over his dick from inside the MXer's perfect ass. Guns roared with satisfaction as he unleashed load after load. The MXer began to cum as well, pouring endless streams into Teo's open mouth. Teo licked and guzzled down every drop eagerly. Jeffrey came over at the site of cum and also began licking and consuming the creamy nectar.

Wes wanted to be with the massive studs, but he still could not free himself. Alex could see Wes struggling, not to be closer to Alex, but to get away. Alex could feel a pang of sadness in his heart as his defenses began to crumble. He did not see any point in fighting if he could not be with Wes. Piece by piece the memories of brutal torture began to flood back into focus. Jeffrey had been cruel and relentless. But Peter was the worst. To see the man he once cared about suddenly turn against him in lustful need. Peter didn't care about anyone but himself.

Alex suddenly realized what was happening around him. His surroundings came into focus and he was suddenly aroused by the site of four men clambering over the two MXers. Tied to a chair Alex saw Wes and realized that he had not entirely been dreaming. Wes was actually there, he had come to his aid. Alex struggled against his bonds, but he was tied tight and suspended defenselessly from the ceiling. His movements only succeeded in causing him to swing back and forth like a pendulum.

Peter crumpled to the floor as he was fully pumped with cum by the MXer; his legs could no longer support his body, his ass a gaping hole. The MXer turned and pulled Jeffrey around so he could insert his massive cock inside of another ass. Jeffrey willingly accepted the massive cock. Inch by inch it slowly disappeared. Jeffrey screamed and cried out, but there was no stopping the MXer once it had what it wanted. Guns was also preparing to get fucked by the other MXer.

Alex suddenly realized that when the MXers finished with Guns and Jeffrey, their attention would immediately turn to Wes and Alex. He tried to focus, but he could think of no means to escape his captivity, unless he could reach someone that could free him. Teo was still conscious, slumped against the wall, half-drowned in cum. Alex reached out and took control of his body. Teo did not struggle as Alex pulled him to his feet and walked him over to his body. It took some time, but Alex finally freed his own body and returned to it.

He tried to stand, but his own body was incredibly weak. It had been suspended and abused so much, he could not find the strength to stand. His legs trembled and he collapsed. Alex crossed the floor, dragging himself on hands and knees toward Wes. Wes was out of control as he tried desperately to reach the MXers. Alex could see the look of need and lust etched on his poor friend's face, not to mention the massive erection. Alex looked into Wes' eyes and spoke to him through his mind.

"Fight it," Alex assured his friend, "Fight them and stay with me."

Wes did not respond, but Alex continued to focus his thoughts inside of Wes' mind as he untied the knots binding Wes to the chair. Over and over he echoed, "Stay with me" inside of Wes' mind.

Finally, as the knots slipped free and the ropes fell away Wes lunged toward the other men, but Alex grabbed him and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Alex used every ounce of energy he had to show Wes how much he meant to him. Wes had given Alex a reason to fight, and he would not leave without him. Slowly, Wes' muscles became less tight and he stopped fighting against Alex. Wes began to kiss Alex back as his arms encircled Alex in a comforting hug. Alex could feel the influence of the MXers disappearing from Wes' mind.

"You saved me," Wes smiled as they parted.

"No, you saved me," Alex smiled back, "Now, let's get out of this horrible room."


Chaos suddenly erupted inside the lab as Chief McCoy and Jayden suddenly barged inside hauling the unconscious body of Marc. Trevor stumbled in not far behind them. Artemis came out from inside the surveillance room to see what all the commotion was about. Ivan ran to the unconscious form and quickly noticed the nasty head wound.

"That's not all," Trevor shook his head, "he may have been infected too."

Ivan gave Trevor a grave look, but then turned to Diego and Isaac who were still viewing notes and equations spread out across the table. "We could test it."

"We don't know the risks yet," Diego pondered.

"If he's infected, then he's lost either way," Ivan countered, "At least this could give him a chance before the virus even fully takes hold."

"I agree," Isaac nodded, "but it's going to take at least 12 hours to synthesize. What was his level of exposure?"

Trevor was confused by the conversation, but he realized the question was for him when all eyes suddenly looked in his direction. He stammered as he recounted events. Diego, Isaac, and Ivan shared meaningful glances as they seemed to decide there was only one option.

"Do you mean, there may be a cure?" Trevor suddenly seemed to understand.

"We don't know yet," Ivan laid a comforting hand and Trevor's shoulder, "but we are going to try."


After hours of exhausting work, Diego looked down through the electron microscope and could see the first signs of a potential weapon to fight off the virus. He smiled and breathed a sigh of relief as he urged Ivan to take a look as well. He turned to congratulate Isaac as well, but Isaac was not there. Diego realized that while he was consumed in his work he had not even realized Isaac left the lab again.

"Where did Isaac go?"

"I saw him return to his private quarters on the surveillance footage," Artemis offered, "but he's not come back out."

"That's the second time he's disappeared in there," Diego rubbed his temple in frustration.

"I also know that Alex and Wes are on their way back too. They finally responded, I'm so relieved," Artemis continued.

"Ivan," Diego asked, "could you give the first dose to Marc? I'm going to go see what Isaac is up to."

"Don't you want to stay and see if the antiviral works?"

"I do, but I don't trust that son of a bitch," Diego looked worried, "I'll be back soon."

Diego took off down the hall before anyone else could argue. He was determined to find Isaac. Diego recalled the first time Isaac had disappeared for his electron microscope despite the fact that there were multiple electron microscopes already inside the lab. He wondered if Isaac was hiding something inside his private quarters.

Diego opened the door and barged into the room, but no one was inside. He looked around at the bed and the bathroom. He moved to the wall of security footage from throughout the facility. There was a button that allowed him to connect with the other security stations.

"Artemis," Diego asked through the paging system, "are you sure Isaac never left this room?"

"Positive," Artemis responded, "he's never come back out."

Diego backed away from the security panel and surveyed the room again. He walked slowly around the room, observing every nook and cranny as he tried to see any place Isaac might be hiding. He also realized that there was very little space for an electron microscope. Diego stopped in front of a bookshelf. He felt around to the back and could feel the slightest movement of air from behind the bookshelf. There was a passageway hidden behind the bookshelf.

With some effort, Diego moved the bookshelf aside and peered down a flight of stairs that led to a lab below. He descended quickly and found himself in an immaculate workspace. Around the room various tests and experiments were in progress, but in the center was a massive structure covered in a white sheet. It was like an artist who covers his sculpture until that pivotal moment; the big reveal. Diego approached the structure, curious to see what Isaac was waiting to reveal.

"You shouldn't be in here," Isaac suddenly spoke from behind Diego. Diego wheeled around to confront the man.

"What is happening?" Diego demanded, "You're still hiding something and I'm going to find out what exactly it is."

"Have you ever pondered why I was researching so many different strains of the virus?" Isaac smiled cunningly, "Did you ever consider that I might have been searching for the perfect solution to a complex problem?"

"What are you talking about?" Diego shook his head.

"Your DNA was not only the answer to the MX19 problem, but it was also the answer to my other more complicated problem. I don't know how I could have missed it all this time, but I'm sure it's because I allowed emotion to cloud my judgment."

"You're insane," Diego growled, "Come on; let's go back to the others. Ivan is administering the cure to Marc as we speak."

"I think you'll find I'm not going anywhere," Isaac laughed, "and neither are you."

"I'm warning you," Diego stood taller, "you don't want to fuck with me."

"Why don't you pull aside that curtain and satisfy your curiosity?" Isaac smiled wickedly with a crazed look in his eye, "why don't you see what I've been up to?"

Diego turned and looked at the white cloth hanging over the hidden figure. He was terrified to see, but also could not resist the need to know. Without another thought or hesitation, Diego pulled the sheet aside and revealed a large tank in which floated the body of Dr. Daniel Morris, Isaac's brother. Diego was shocked to realize that oxygen masks were delivering air to Daniel within the tank and he was breathing. He was alive.

"You see," Isaac laughed, "I finally found a way to revive him and keep the viral strain within him from killing him. Not only that, but he will be better and stronger, so that no one like you can ever hurt him again."

"You saved him," Diego smiled in relief. Daniel Morris' death had weighed on his conscious, but now there was hope. Hope for a cure and hope to redeem his soul.

Isaac moved up behind Diego and bludgeoned the scientist over the head with a Bunsen burner. Diego fell hard to the ground. Isaac had already administered the cure through the tubes that led directly into Daniel's IV, and it was only a matter of time before his brother woke. He switched on the pump that would drain the tank of preservative fluids and prepared his belongings.

On one of his lab benches Isaac had placed his satellite phone which he quickly grabbed and dialed out to his most recent contact.

"Sir, this is Lieutenant Brice James. How can I be of assistance?"

"I'm ready for extraction," Isaac responded, "Send a helicopter here in 1 hour. I trust Fort Holtwood is ready for my arrival?"

"Yes, sir," Lieutenant James replied, "we have everything prepared as instructed."

"Excellent," Isaac smiled to himself. He looked down at Diego's unconscious form and considered all the terrible things he could do to the man, but his anger was no longer focused on this one man. Isaac would soon have his brother back and enough power to control anyone he wanted. There was no need to punish Diego further, Isaac had already won the battle and the war. He moved toward the tank, ready to greet his brother as he returned to the land of the living.



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