Trevor and Marc continued to lock lips and touch every part of the other's body. They had become completely unaware of all the other panting and tired men that were collapsing on the floor around Diego and Isaac. Trevor had never seen a more sexy man in all his life, and over and over again he imagined this hot stud jerking his dick wanting to cum more than anything and risking electric shocks to do so. Marc was really starting to love the feel of a big cock inside his ass, and the way it amplified his orgasm as the massive shaft planted against his prostate. Trevor had felt so wonderful inside of him. Both men wanted the other desperately.

"The twins have trouble," Isaac was saying behind them, "Peter, go and put a stop to it."

"Yes, Master," Peter left the room.

"If you had told me a week ago," Trevor laughed, "that I would be falling for a hot guy like you, I'd have laughed my ass off."

"You're falling for me?" Marc asked seductively as he bit his lower lip.

"God, you're fucking sexy," Trevor started kissing Marc passionately again and again. Kissing down his neck and kissing his bulging biceps before going back to his lips.

"You two seem to have hit it off," Isaac suddenly stated from right next to them. Trevor looked around and realized for the first time that every guy in the room was watching them, except Diego who still lay unconscious on the table. Trevor felt himself blush a bit with embarrassment, but then again he had just fucked in front of all these men, so why be embarrassed?

"I guess we have," Marc answered.

"That is just remarkable," Isaac smiled a broad grin, "I can feel the sexual passion between you two, and it is like nothing I've ever felt before. I would like to observe the two of you together further."

"What shall the rest of us do?" Bart asked from the center of the room.

"You will all be returned to your cells, and don't forget, no ejaculation without my permission."

"I figured you'd let us go," Matt jumped up, "now that our virus is inactive."

"You thought wrong," Isaac smiled again as he fixed the four studs with his piercing grey-blue eyes, "there is still much work to be done."

"Please don't send us back there," Guns rose to his towering six foot seven inches.

"It's not right to keep us prisoner here," Teo agreed.

"I don't think you understand the situation," Isaac laughed, "I'm in control. You do as you're told, or I'll make you do it."

"How exactly would you do that?" Bart blurted.

Isaac's eyes narrowed in concentration and Bart let out a tortured cry. He grabbed his balls in pain and agony as if he had just been struck by some unseen force.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Matt lunged at Isaac, but was also quickly doubled over in excruciating pain.

"Please... make it... fucking...stop!" Bart begged from his hands and knees.

"Please, Master," Isaac corrected.

"Please, stop...m-m-master," Bart and Matt uttered together. They both instantly collapsed in obvious relief.

"So," Isaac smiled his diabolical smile, "any more fucking questions?"

Every man remained silent.

"Good, then clear the space! Marc and Trevor have work to do."

On cue, several guards entered the room and ushered Matt, Guns, Teo, and Bart back to their designated isolation rooms. Two very strong men hauled off the unconscious body of Diego as well. Soon, Marc and Trevor were left alone with the terrifying director of the CDC. Trevor had a sick feeling in his stomach as he looked into Isaac's grinning face. Isaac sat on his throne and Trevor couldn't help but glance at his huge cock hanging between his legs, even flaccid it was nearly 9 inches long.

"What are you going to do to us?" Trevor asked.

"Well," Isaac smiled, "I just want to feel you two together. I want to feel that sensation of lust and desire washing over me. I want to try and understand how it works."

"What do you mean how it works?" Trevor puzzled.

"It's just something you feel," Marc agreed.

"I'm beginning to believe that feelings and desires can be fabricated; especially these feelings that are truly at our basest most animal urges. Imagine the power you could have if you could trigger these feelings in others. If you entered the room and every person instantly wanted to bow down before you obediently."

"Ok," Marc stared with wide eyes, "you're fucking crazy."

"I've had enough talk," Isaac growled, "Now I'm giving you the opportunity to spend time with each other, unless you want to go back to isolation?"

"No," both Marc and Trevor answered together.

"Good," Isaac smiled again, "then kiss each other. Like you were."

Marc and Trevor turned to each other and locked eyes. Trevor bent down and started kissing Marc passionately again. Marc pushed his tongue into Trevor's mouth and their two tongues rolled over each other.

"It's not the same," Isaac interjected, "It feels forced now."

Trevor parted lips with Marc, "For a smart guy, you just said something incredibly dumb. You're forcing us to make out. No, shit, it feels forced."

"Plus your whole, crazy, I-want-to-rule-the-world vibe creeps me out a bit," Marc agreed.

"I never said I wanted to rule the world," Isaac protested.

"Close enough," Trevor nodded.

"Well," Isaac contemplated, "You boys are right. I've really strayed from my original purpose didn't I? All I really wanted was to make Dr. Juarez pay, but now I've had a taste of a power you cannot begin to imagine. I have the ability to make men better, so that they might suit my needs."

"Maybe it's time to just call it quits," Marc suggested.

"Maybe you're right..." Isaac suddenly stood again and both men fell to their knees against their will, "...then again maybe not!"

Marc and Trevor were now eye level with the massive cock swinging back and forth between Isaac's legs as he moved toward them. With each step the cock seemed to grow and stand straighter out in front of him. Isaac's muscles seemed to grow and surge as he approached as well, as if he were actively working out every single muscle with each step. Both men glanced at each other in fear, and as their eyes met they knew that they were not in this fucked up situation alone. Isaac suddenly stopped his approach and smiled.

"That was the feeling," Isaac nodded, "you were both connected in a mutual understanding for the other. It was more than just physical attraction. You both desire to be with each other in a unique way. I have an idea."

Marc felt himself stand against his will and start walking toward the throne where he sat facing the table where Diego had been brutally assaulted by cock after cock. Marc thought about fucking the hot Mexican beast and couldn't help but feel his cock get a little harder. Marc watched as Trevor rose against his will and bent himself over the table, much like Diego, allowing Isaac to strap him down.

"What are you going to fucking do to me?" Trevor asked.

"I want Marc to fuck you," Isaac smiled at Marc sitting on the throne, "but I'm going to leave the room. I'm going to leave you strapped down, and I'm going to allow Marc to be free. One way or another, Trevor will be fucked. I leave it up to you Marc to decide if I will be the one to fuck him, or will you do it instead?"

Marc watched Isaac leave the room and close the door behind him. Every muscle in Marc's body was instantly freed and he could move on his own. He practically ran over to Trevor strapped on the table and started unfastening the restraints.

"Don't," Trevor warned, "you know he has to be watching us somehow. Just do it. If I am going to get fucked, I'd want it to be you any way."

"You're sure about this?" Marc asked as he looked down at Trevor's exposed ass. Marc felt his cock growing hard in response to the thought of putting his dick in that nice virgin hole, so round and sexy with just a little bit of hair. Just below that round butt dangled Trevor's big dick and balls between his muscular, hairy legs.

"Yea, baby, I want you," Trevor flashed a cute grin at the sexy stud, "I know how much you wanted to cum while in isolation. You better take every chance you get."

"How did you know about that?" Marc asked.

"I stole a report when the CDC agent wasn't looking. I read something else too, can you suck your own dick?"

Marc broke out into devilish grin, "After my enhancement, yes, I could."

"That's so fucking hot."

"Maybe, before I fuck you," Marc pondered aloud, "I should get my dick wet, so it slides easier into your butt."

"I'd like that."

Marc walked over to the throne so he could sit down and he started stroking his dick while looking at his sexy new friend bent over the table. God, he did have a nice butt. It did not take long for Marc to reach his fully erect 9 inches, his hands gliding over his rigid cock, lubricated by his pre-cum beginning to leak out already. He bent over and took the head of his cock into his mouth and started sucking himself off. Trevor watched and kept telling him how hot it was. Every word of encouragement made Marc suck harder and try to bend over taking more of his own dick. Marc's whole dick was quickly wet with saliva.


Out in the hall, Isaac was leaning against the door feeling the intense passion between the two men. He had never experienced this feeling before. Even before the death of his brother and the quest for revenge, he had been a straight man. All of the girls he had been with were fun, but they were simply together for the carnal act, each person interested only in self gratification. Marc and Trevor were different. They wanted pleasure not only for themselves, but for the other as well. Isaac's dick was rock hard as he experienced the sensation of Marc sucking his own dick. What a talented muscle stud.

"Sir," an annoying voice suddenly interrupted his thoughts. Isaac saw one of his scientists coming towards him.

"What is it, Ivan," he asked the young Russian boy that had recently joined his staff. It was now extremely easy to recruit staff, because even if they were scrawny and unthreatening, the virus could quickly make them better. Everyone wanted to be better. Isaac was particularly proud of the twins he had discovered. Jon and Jeffrey were quiet, skinny boys that worked as interns for the CDC, but now they were formidable monsters and Isaac's most trusted security officers.

"They've identified the specimen jar stolen by Dr. Bartley," Ivan swallowed hard, "It's not good."

"Explain," Isaac demanded, his annoyance quickly changing to rage.

"It was strain MX19."

Isaac thought he felt his heart skip a beat. "You mean to tell me, the most virulent and mysterious strain we have ever created is lost somewhere out there?"

"It would seem so, but we have an agent collecting the specimen now. There is little risk of exposure since Dr. Bartley's grandson is in school right now."

"I hope you're right," Isaac hissed.

"The extraction team is wondering what should be done with Dr. Bartley?"

"I've always been curious what our little enhancement would do to women. Let's say we find out? How about a dose of ZX42?"

"Are you sure, sir? She does have family," Ivan warned.

"Take precautions and start with a lower dose than we normally deliver. Monitor her progress and alert me of any...OH!" Isaac suddenly flinched as he felt extreme heat around his cock and a steely rod inserting into his ass. Ivan frowned at the director's sudden O-face.


"Oh, baby," Marc gasped as the head of his hot wet dick pushed its way inside of Trevor's sexy ass. Trevor's big 12 inch dick was pointing straight at the ground, rock hard. Both men were enjoying every second of their time together. Trevor was nervous at first, but the feeling of Marc's cock pushing into his ass was not as painful as he expected. In fact, the more he relaxed his muscles the easier the cock slid inside. He arched his back and pushed with his legs, trying to open his ass as much as he could for his hot friend.

"Yea, spread that ass," Marc smirked as he smacked Trevor's sexy round butt. Marc let some spit drop down onto the shaft of his cock to make sure there was plenty of lube as he pushed his 9 inch dick into the hot tight ass.


"Yea, spread that ass," the director muttered as his head rolled back and his rock hard 16 inch cock hung before him. Ivan was shaking in fear, but he had heard it was a terrible mistake to disobey a direct order from the director. Ivan dropped his pants and turned around for his massive boss. If he ran, how could the punishment be any worse than having that monster shoved inside? Ivan began to reconsider his options.

Isaac's eyes came open as he allowed Marc and Trevor's hot desire wash over his entire body and he saw his hot young Russian scientist bent over exposing a tight pink hole. Isaac looked down and felt all of his lust raging through him and his hard cock. He was unclear why Ivan was so eager to take his monster cock, but he would not argue with an ass so readily offered. Isaac began inserting his massive shaft into the terrified scientist.


Marc was fucking intensely into Trevor's hot hole. It felt so good to be inside of him. Trevor was moaning as he once again was able to experience the sensation of a rock hard shaft stimulating his ass in so many wonderful ways. He could feel his own rock hard dick bumping into the table with each deep thrust Marc was making. Marc was so sexy as every muscle in his arms and abs contracted with his efforts and his skin had a slight sheen of sweat.

"Oh, fuck me, baby," Trevor urged as he felt Marc's hands around his waist, sending his ass crashing into Marc's hot dick. Marc bent over and turned Trevor's head so that they might kiss. Marc's tongue traced along his ear and he began sucking on Trevor's ear lobe. Trevor moaned in pleasure as Marc never let up on his deep strokes inside of Trevor's ass.

"Your ass feel amazing," Marc whispered in Trevor's ear, and he pulled out all the way and slammed all the way back inside. Trevor grunted in pleasure as his own hard dick slapped hard against the table.

"Yea, you like that ass," Trevor smiled.

"Mmm, I love it," Marc pulled out again and then bent over and started licking the hot pink hole. He stuck out his tongue and started fucking the leaking hot hole with his tongue. Marc could taste his own saliva and pre-cum as he rimmed the tight butt. Marc spit on the hole and started tonguing it some more.

"Oh, you're amazing," Trevor moaned.

Marc loved Trevor's encouraging words. He spit once more on the tight hole and then slammed his dick back inside. All 9 inches of Marc's raging wood pushed into Trevor's burning hot hole. Both men gasped in wonder.


Only 8 inches of Isaac's intense fuck rod would stuff inside of Ivan's over-stretched hole. Ivan was in terrible pain at first, but now he was numb to the intense fucking he was receiving. Isaac was not concerned that he could only use 8 inches, he simply stuffed Ivan as best he could and then started fucking with more and more lust. Isaac could feel the intense sensations of Marc and Trevor as he continued to plow into Ivan's delicious pink hole. There was a passion between those two men that Isaac craved more than the hot ass he was filling. That passion would be his.


Trevor was aching to stroke his own dick, but his hands were still bound to the table so the only stimulation he could manage was the feeling of his dick smacking into the table as Marc plowed into him. "Fuck me hard," he begged Marc.

Marc took hold of Trevor's ass again and started delivering his cock like a jackhammer. His cock was sliding in and out easily now and he fucked hard and fast. The intense stimulation made Marc toss back his head and cum inside his friend's delicious ass. Trevor moaned as he felt the hot cream pouring inside of him. His own dick was dripping and rock hard as it slapped against the table. Marc pulled out his dick and started licking the hole again; tasting the cum that was beginning to leak out.


Isaac suddenly felt overwhelming sensations all over his immense cock, he threw his head back and shot an extremely forceful load into Ivan's ass. Ivan collapsed forward from the intense blast and much of Isaac's cum drenched the back of the young scientist's shirt as the 16 inch cock popped out of the tight hole. Isaac roared with satisfaction as he let his cum blast out in wave after wave of orgasmic delight.


Marc took his mouth wet with cum and started sucking on Trevor's hanging balls. Trevor took a sharp breath as he felt the suddenly stimulation on his balls. Marc proceeded to suck and lick both balls before taking his tongue and working down the rock hard 12 inch shaft pointing at the ground. Once at the tip, Marc played his tongue across it and then swallowed several inches. Trevor moaned again and again as Marc began sucking the big dick.

Trevor's hands pulled against his restraints as he longed so badly to fuck his big dick into Marc's eager mouth. Marc sucked the big dick with such desire and tried each time to take as much of the 12 inch cock into his mouth as he could. Trevor's toes curled and goosebumps stood out all over his flesh as Marc sucked harder and faster.

Finally, it was more than Trevor could stand, he let loose and flooded Marc's mouth with hot cum. Marc accepted it eagerly and let much of it run down his throat. Some of the hot cream leaked out around his lips and dripped down his cheek.


Ivan turned over, hoping that his boss's sudden needs had been satisfied. Ivan was eager to get away from there, assuming he could still walk. Much to Ivan (and Isaac's) surprise Isaac was suddenly overcome by a second wave of orgasms as if someone were sucking hard on his dick. Isaac's massive cock suddenly exploded again all over Ivan's face and even into his slightly open mouth. Ivan reeled back in horror while Isaac's monster dick continued to drench him with cum.

"Oh fuck! That feels good!" Isaac yelled.


Marc stood up and started pulling the restraints off of Trevor as quickly as he could. Trevor stood his legs a bit weak and his back stiff from bending over so long. Marc wrapped his arms around Trevor and both men began kissing passionately. Trevor could taste his own cum on Marc's lips and eagerly licked up the small amount that had dribbled on his cheek. Both men were panting and laughing as they knew they would never have sex quite as wonderful as the sex they had with each other.

"You're fucking amazing," Trevor smiled, "where have you been all my life?"

Both men laughed as they kissed again.


Peter came walking up to the intense scene of Isaac standing over a cum-drenched Ivan. Wesley was following closely behind Peter, no longer expecting he could escape.

"Wow, looks like I missed something," Peter laughed. Ivan shot an unamused look in his direction as he continued to wipe cum from his face.

"Why would you try to escape, Wesley?" The director asked, "After I treated you so well. I even let you fuck my favorite toy, Diego."

"One day," Wes folded his arms, "You'll get what's coming for you. But for now, I guess I am at your mercy."

"I like your fire," Isaac smiled, "take him back to isolation, Peter. I don't think I need any more sex at the moment. Thank you for that, Ivan. I had no idea you wanted me so badly. Perhaps we can upgrade your ass next time. Peter could do that for you? Right, Peter?"

"Absolutely," Peter winked at the cum-soaked Russian, "any time."

Ivan looked back and forth between the tall handsome director and the muscular blond stud. He had never wanted a different job so badly in his entire life.



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