Dr. Daniel Morris crept around the corner, he had squeezed himself awkwardly into some loose fitting sweat pants and shirt because even soft his cock was larger than most others.  He was not feeling well, his body ached and all his veins were pulsing with green venom.  Daniel’s new friend and partner in crime Private Nick Palmer had helped Daniel locate the prisoners that had been relocated from Fort Holtwood to the CDC headquarters.  Nick followed closely on Daniel’s heels keeping a watch that they were not followed.

                The unfortunate consequence of Daniel’s current condition was a need to have more cum from those that had infected him.  He couldn’t bear the thought of the disgusting General Loizzo with his fat cock pounding him.  It made him want to gag each time he considered the man that had led to his brother’s unfortunate end.  Fortunately, Loizzo had infected a whole army of his own men with the same virus, and if Daniel could reach these prisoners he’d have a fresh supply of the necessary grotesque green cum.

                Nick was also suffering from the effects of the EV21 virus, which was more commonly called the “green virus” around the CDC. He was with Daniel so they might both abate the pain that was sapping their strength, but also to guide Daniel in case his memory was suddenly altered.  Daniel was still trying to diagnose his current problem, but essentially he possessed multiple memories.  At first the transition had been frequent and annoying, but over time the transition from memory to memory had slowed.  The downfall was the amount of time he would lose when switching, it was necessary to have someone close to fill in the gaps.  After what they had experienced together, Daniel trusted Nick to be his guide.

                “This is it,” Nick whispered.  Daniel looked at the young man.  He was indeed attractive with short blond hair and a thin muscular form. Daniel felt bad as he saw the angry green veins beneath the boy’s soft pale skin.  Had his memory been in tact he might have saved Nick from this fate.

                Daniel edged toward the door and let himself in with the access badge he had taken from the Russian scientist, Ivan.  The pneumatic door opened revealing a room where three of the prisoners taken from Fort Holtwood were strapped to hospital beds. They were kept slightly sedated, but ready for further experiments incase one of the CDC staff found a solution to their…”problem.”  Daniel and Nick quickly entered the room, letting the door close behind them.

                “Is it rape if they can’t stop us?” Nick whispered.

                “Who cares, they helped Loizzo,” Daniel tried to reason, “It’s about survival, not sexual gratification.”

                “I guess,” Nick nodded, “still…seems weird, right?”

                “Very,” Daniel conceded.  He picked up his courage and moved to the closest bed.  He looked down at the large beefy soldier in front of him; slightly tan skin, shaved black hair with a perfectly trimmed beard.  The soldier groggily looked up with his hazel eyes, trying to speak but not fully forming the words.  Daniel reached out and fumbled with the ties on the soldier’s hospital gown.  Soon he threw back the thin clothing to reveal the soldier’s thick cock.

                “I’ll take this one,” Nick stated as he approached another bed, “Let’s be quick about this.”

                Daniel nodded his agreement, then took the soldier’s cock into his right hand.  Slowly at first he began stroking the soft shaft, feeling the cock grow stiffer and stiffer in his grasp.  Despite his hesitation at first, Daniel began to enjoy the sensation and his own massive cock began to grow as well.  The awkwardness of his massive cock trapped in the leg of his pants became too much, so Daniel quickly pulled down his pants.  He saw the soldier’s eyes go right to Daniel’s crotch and the soldier began to wiggle and squirm as he wanted free.

                “Don’t worry,” Daniel told the man, “I’m not going to use it on you, in fact I just want a bit of your cum.”

                “I can see…” the soldier muttered, “you’ve been infected.”

                “Yes,” Daniel frowned, “And until we find a cure, I have to do something to stop the pain.”

                “You won’t find one,” the soldier sneered suddenly, “you’ll have to come down here and suck my dick forever.  My personal little bitch.”

                Daniel felt his anger flare suddenly and he hit the soldier hard across the face.

                “That the best you got, pussy?” the soldier laughed.

                Nick was suddenly standing over the soldier stuffing a role of cloth in his mouth and then taping it in place with a piece of medical tape he’d found nearby.  Nick smiled at Daniel, “Ignore him. He’s clearly an asshole.”

                “Thanks,” Daniel smiled back, “Now, let’s get this over with.”

                Daniel went back to work, stroking the soldier’s hard cock, it was about 7 inches long and just fat enough to prevent Daniel’s fingers from touching when he grasped it.  When the cock was hard enough to be oozing some light green pre-cum Daniel moved closer.  The discolored semen was unpleasant, but Daniel closed his eyes and quickly swallowed the dick.  He began sucking and slurping the hard shaft and was surprised by the sweet flavor of the soldier’s pre-cum.  Already the aches and pains in Daniel’s body began to subside.

                The soldier began to moan and fidget as Daniel worked over the hard cock.  Daniel didn’t plan on letting his mouth off the cock until he had taken every drop. Perhaps the more he drank of the soldier, the longer he could go without another dose.  The soldier began helping Daniel, thrusting his hips up in obvious satisfaction as Daniel sucked the dick.  It didn’t take too long before the soldier began filling Daniel’s mouth with thick cum.  Daniel swallowed it down, savoring the pain relieving nectar as if he were a drug addict craving his pills.

                “He’s right you know,” the third soldier in the room laughed, “you are his bitch.”

                Daniel was in a euphoric, lust-filled state and in no mood for these lesser men poking fun at his predicament.  He had been through hell recently and relived the death of his brother countless times in his mind.  There was no way he was tolerating another second of their cruel words.

                “You think so?” Daniel asked, “You think I’m a bitch?”

                “I do,” the soldier smiled, “you sucked that cock like your life depended on it.  Your pal over there is doing pretty wellt oo.  Love to have that blond bitch riding my fat cock.  Hey! Skinny bitch! You forgot to gag me!”

                Nick was too busy satisfying his need for the grotesque green cum to acknowledge the third soldier in the room, but he definitely had Daniel’s attention.  Daniel swiftly crossed the room and rammed his massive cock into the man’s mouth. The soldier gagged violently and thrashed, trying to get away.

                “Now you have a gag,” Daniel grinned as he used the soldier’s tightly little mouth.  Little more than the head of Daniel’s massive cock fit in the man’s mouth, but it was enough to make him choke and sputter.

                “Who’s the bitch now?”

                Daniel suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder, it was Nick, “We got what we needed, let’s go.”

                “No,” Daniel stated, “this guy has a nut full of cum still, get something to put it in and we can save it for later.”

                “That’s not a bad idea,” Nick considered as he went searching.

                Daniel finally removed his massive cock from the soldier’s mouth and left him gasping for air.  Now the man was begging for mercy instead of poking at their misfortune. Daniel was pleased to hear the man knew his place after all, but it wasn’t enough.  Daniel freed on of the soldier’s legs and held it tightly in his arm as he put it over his shoulder.  The soldier’s tight ass was exposed and the man pleaded with more urgency than before.

                “Please, don’t do it,” the soldier begged, “You’re too big!”

                It was too late, Daniel had already decided what he would do.  His cock was fully erect 14 inches pulsing with green veins and in need of release. Daniel began sliding his massive shaft into the man’s ass, practically splitting him in half in the process. The soldier howled in protest, but there was no stopping the intensity of Daniel’s rage.  Daniel suddenly saw the soldier as General Loizzo laying before him a representation of all the things he wanted to do to that man.

                Daniel fucked harder and harder without mercy and with absolute contempt for the man before him.  The soldier screamed for mercy, but each scream only encouraged Daniel to fuck harder and deeper than before.

                The force of Daniel’s cock inside the man caused the soldier’s dick to become erect, the soldier was still aroused even though he could not stand the pain and brutality of Daniel’s relentless cock. Daniel was happy to bring pain to a man who was satisfied by the pain of others.  Nick was ready when it finally happened, he stroked the soldier’s dick and collected the flood of bright green cum that came pouring out of the soldier’s cock.

                Daniel quickly climaxed after the soldier, filling the soldier with a fountain of hot steamy cum.  Daniel made several last aggressive thrusts before falling back, his huge dick flopping from the stud's abused, raw hole.

                “Better?” Nick asked.

                “Not by a mile,” Daniel laughed, “but it helped.”

                “Let’s get out of here.”

                “Good idea,” Daniel nodded breathlessly, “You boys be good.  We’ll be back when we need more. Perhaps next time you’ll be more cooperative.”


                Dr. Diego Juarez stood near the helicopter pad on the roof of the CDC building as the chopper touched down.  His white lab coat floated in the breeze and the strong wind accentuated the massive bulge in his pants.  He’d tried his best to tailor clothes that were professional and work appropriate, but in truth there was just no hiding all the alterations done to his body.  He was close to finding solutions to the problems, but he still needed help especially since the death of Isaac Morris.  It was unfortunate the powercrazed scientist had met such a sudden end, because he was brilliant despite his crazy.

                For months, Diego had been working on a treatment to stop the MX19 virus in its tracks and giving the men back their ability to think and rationalize on their own.  Fortunately, when Alex inadvertently switched places with the first host of the virus, he was able to control the men who were infected.  All of them were recalled to the CDC where Diego could administer the treatment.  Unfortunately, the antiviral stopped the progression, but could not reverse the effects of the MX19.  All the men were very amazing specimens with18 inch cocks, but they were all identical and had lost much of their sense of individuality.  Most could not recall even their own name.

                Diego hoped to restore at least their memories so they could return to their normal lives, but he struggled with introducing medications across the blood brain barrier.  He had contacted a brilliant young scientist named Dr. Leo Kard, who specialized in Alzheimer’s research with the World Health Organization (WHO). As Dr. Kard stepped from the helicopter Diego could not help but admire his blonde hair and sweet boyish face. Dr. Kard’s glasses were almost too large for his face, adding an almost nerdy quality to his appearance.  He also wore a shirt and tie over his thin frame, he was dressed very well and Diego longed again to have better-fitting, professional attire.

                “Good day, Dr. Juarez,” Kard spoke with his smooth British accent as they shook hands.

                “It is a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Kard,” Diego smiled, “I’m a big fan of your work.”

                “Please call me, Leo.  And I hear your work has been successful, however not in the way you expected.”

                “Yes,” Diego frowned, “I’ve seemed to have made a mess of things.”

                “Let’s see what we can do about that,” Leo smiled as he followed Diego inside.


                Alex sat in the “throne room” bored to death. He plucked one of his 6 Big Mac sandwiches and ate it in 2 bites.  He required a lot more food than the average person, so he often made his lover, Wes, or sometimes Artemis, go and get food.  In addition, to this problem Alex suffered from a massive erection which became quite painful if not regularly relieved.  The idea of the virus was to regularly infect as many people as possible, but it was very inconvenient for anything else.  Alex wanted his own body back desperately, but only Ty could make the swap back and everyone feared the delusional thinking brought about by the virus would return when they exchanged.  Ty would once again be out of control and the MX19 virus would not easily be contained.

                Trying not to think about the weight of all his new responsibilities, Alex tried to focus on his boyfriend.  Wes was hard to understand beneath his hazmat suit, but Alex appreciated the company on a daily basis, since he was unable to leave the room. Some of those who were originally infected were going to be going home soon.  Matt, Marc, and Trevor were supposed to stop by and see Alex before they left later that afternoon.  Alex was happy for them, but also very envious.  It seemed unfair that Alex and Wes had been placed in the center of so many problems, and further more confusing that no one could explain why the virus effected Alex so differently.

                “Diego hopes this doctor from the WHO will be able to get you back to your body without Ty going all ‘supreme-ruler-of-the-world’ again,” Wes muffled behind his hazmat suit.

                “What?” Alex suddenly smiled broadly as he consumed another Big Mac, “That’s amazing news!”

                “I know! Can’t wait to have you back, it’s so irritating seeing Ty walking around out there in your body.  I want nothing but to hold you, but it’s not you.  I still can’t believe you sacrificed yourself again for me, you’re a big idiot you know that?”

                “Yea,” Alex nodded glumly, “but it’s not every day you get to save the whole city too.”

                “Maybe even the whole world,” Wes smiled.

                “Come now,” Alex admonished sarcastically, “not good to inflate my ego while I’m a 12foot giant with an elephant trunk for a dick.”

                “Yea,” Wes laughed, “that thing is fucking ridiculous! Can you imagine if the virus had succeeded? We’d all be sporting one of those! Not a very practical virus.”

                “Just a few strands of genetic code, ruined our lives.”

                “Brought us together though,” Wes smiled.

                “I guess it did,” Alex looked down in thought, “Almost worth it then.”


                “I need my body back.”


                The soldiers loyal to General Loizzo still lay spent and used on their hospital beds when the door came open again.  They tensed, uncertain if Daniel had returned to drain them again or if some scientist planned to poke and probe at them. Much to their surprise they saw a familiar face, Major Eric Castor.  The Major was one of the first infected by General Loizzo and had been instrumental in choosing which soldiers would be loyal.  He had a very square face with abroad jaw and chin.  He had a very manly, rugged quality about him and a deep baritone voice.  All of his hair was black, and it was clear his chest and body were pretty hairy.

                “Laying down on the job?” the Major spoke, “Time to get up, there’s work to do.”



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