Matt Kohl was in the middle of a hot and heavy kissing session with his girlfriend, Paige; his hands were groping her chest and their heavy breathing was filling the air. Across his pager came a familiar squawk and Paige instantly pushed him away. It always amazed Matt how quickly she could change from seductive and involved to cold and distant.

"That fucking thing again," she started to complain.

"It's my job, babe. Please don't be mad, we'll finish this later."

"Doubtful, I'll be in bed," she made a sour face.

The door burst open and Matt's good friend Trevor peered in, "Oh shit! I should have knocked."

"It's ok," Matt assured as he started to stand.

"Looks like we're on," Trevor smiled eagerly, "sorry, Paige."

"Fuck off, assholes," Paige gave the middle finger as she started toward the bathroom. Matt tried to catch her for a kiss, but she shrugged him off and slammed the door behind her. Unfazed by this normal behavior, Matt followed Trevor out of the bedroom.

"You know, man, you're girlfriend is a total bitch," Trevor laughed.

"I know, but she's hot," Matt laughed along, "So do we know what we got?"

"I guess a kid on the college campus had some sort of an episode. He's unconscious now and simply needs transportation I imagine."

"So... boring shit. I should go back to feeling Paige's breasts."

"Not so fast, lover-boy, if you leave me I'll be stuck with Martin, and I hate being alone with Martin. I will swear 'til the day I die that I saw him picking his nose with a scalpel in the back of the ambulance. I looked up in the rearview mirror and I saw the horror of it."

Matt started cracking up as he always did when they started to make fun of Martin. Martin was just one of those unfortunately disgusting people that were hard not to make fun of. Not to mention, Martin was a huge stickler for the rules and would constantly cite regulations while completing tasks.

"How about the time he set his pants on fire?" Matt managed to sputter between bursts of laughter.

"Oh my God," Trevor laughed back, "how could I forget that? That was quality entertainment right there! If they had an EMT reality show, Martin would be the reason everyone would be watching."

At this point the two men had reached Trevor's car and were climbing in. Trevor was tall, and his dark spiky hair nearly grazed the ceiling of the Ford Taurus. Matt on the other hand was much shorter, chestnut colored hair parted on the side, and heavily built with muscles. Matt was quite proud of himself; working out at the gym was one of his favorite activities when he wasn't working. He always tried to convince Trevor to go more often, but Trevor was more of a video game character, especially racing games. It made sense really that he was the one who always drove the ambulance. Trevor had a particular need for speed. They continued their banter as Trevor cruised toward the station within minutes and they quickly climbed into the ambulance. Both men quickly donned their EMT jackets and they cruised down the road. The Matt-Trevor duo was known for one of the quickest response times, because Trevor drove so fast and the two of them were often already together.

Matt passed through the front doors of the dorm, followed by a stretcher and Trevor. A librarian-like woman was quick to greet them, "Linda Babbich, housing director. Please follow me to the student's quarters."

Hiding a smile at the expense of the uptight housing director, Matt and Trevor followed the woman to the elevator and up two floors. Right down a corridor and then left. Finally, they arrived at a dorm room which already had the door wide open. Inside was standing a disheveled, shaggy haired kid who was pacing nervously while talking on the phone. At the sight of the EMTs approaching the scene the kid quickly disconnected the call, "Thank God, you're here! He's had some sort of a seizure."

"Do you know if your friend has had any history of past seizures?" Trevor took over the line of questioning, while Matt found the young blond man wearing nothing but underwear on the floor. Matt quickly went to work checking for pulse and signs of breathing. The man seemed in a stable condition except for the unconsciousness. Matt's hand momentarily lingered on the man's hairy chest, feeling the firm pectoral muscle beneath and he had a flash back to his intense session with Paige. Matt quickly removed his hand when he felt his dick jump a bit inside of his pants, and went to work preparing to move the unconscious man to the stretcher.

"Don't worry, we will get Peter to the hospital quickly," Trevor was wrapping up his questions, "You can meet us there."

Together, Trevor and Matt, moved the unconscious man onto the stretcher and carried him from the room. A crowd of curious students had begun to gather in the hall and some of the students giggled with delight when they saw the sexy man wearing nothing but underwear. Trevor thoughtfully pulled a blanket up over the young man's body, so to preserve some measure of dignity. In no time they were in the ambulance on their way to St. Luke Memorial Hospital. Matt climbed in the back to monitor the patient and, as always, Trevor took the wheel.

Inside the confined space of the ambulance, Peter's newly enhanced body was beginning to produce massive amounts of pheromones. Matt sat near the unconscious man thinking about Paige and their heated session together. No matter how hard Matt tried to push the images from his mind, they kept coming back and his 7 inch cock was rock hard in his pants. Matt casually shifted his position hoping to make his random raging boner subside before they reached the hospital. Absently, Matt found his hand drifting over his pants and begin rubbing over the hard cock underneath. His hand felt so good and he closed his eyes thinking about Paige. Matt's hand slid up over his six pack abs and started feeling his nipples until they were hard.

While Matt continued to explore his own muscular body he realized that there was a hand again rubbing his hard cock through his pants. He started humping a little in the direction of the groping hand and moaned slightly in pleasure. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open, realizing that the hand groping his dick was not his own. From the small cot inside the back of the ambulance the hot young man named Peter was reaching out and stroking Matt's hard dick. The unconscious man was now very much awake and smiling the cutest satisfied smirk.

Under the sheet Trevor had kindly placed over Peter's body, a soda can-sized bulge had begun to emerge. Matt was shocked at the sight before him and more so that he had not yet put a stop to the hand groping his dick. Peter sat up quickly and started kissing Matt squarely on the lips. Matt tensed at first, but quickly gave in to the hot boys tongue as it entered his mouth. Together they began rubbing their tongues against each other and sucking loudly at the other's mouth.

"What the fuck is going on back there?" Trevor suddenly shouted and the ambulance began an abrupt stop. Matt parted from Peter's lips, but the hot blond continued to stroke his dick. Trevor killed the siren before turning around out of the cab of the ambulance. It was instantly obvious that Trevor's dick was also hard as Matt could see the outline of it in his pants. Matt was shocked that during all of their discussions about sex and girlfriends, Trevor had never once mentioned he had a monster cock hiding in his jeans. It was not something guys normally talked about, but not once had Trevor ever bragged.

"I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I'm straight and I know you're straight Matt. Why am I so fucking horny? And why are you making out with our patient? Who is a man?" Trevor demanded.

"Don't ask so many questions," Peter smiled at Trevor, "just enjoy the moment."

Matt watched as Peter grabbed the waist of Trevor's pants and dragged his sexy best friend closer. Matt would have never used that word before, but Trevor was sexy with his dark black hair spiked up, clean shaven adorable face, and a tall lean build. And, as Matt had recently learned the biggest dick he had ever seen, which was being stroked by Peter through the bulging pants. Peter lifted Trevor's shirt a little so he could kiss the firm abdomen underneath and slowly undo the button of his pants.

"What the fuck?" Trevor murmured as his head rolled back in delight. Matt was sitting in stunned silence stroking his own dick through his pants. Matt quickly removed his shirt and Peter quickly took notice. Peter turned his attention on Matt's broad chest and the large pectoral muscles. Peter licked and kissed at each nipple and would occasionally come up to lock lips with Matt again. For the first time Peter reached down to throw aside the sheet and feel his own dick. He moved away from Matt as if he had been stunned.

"Holy fuck! I'm huge!" Peter declared as he pulled his fat 6 or 7 inch dick out of the extremely stretched underwear. It was as big around as a soda can at its base and Matt felt a certain amount of cock envy towards this sexy young stud. Peter started stroking his big dick like it was the first time he had ever seen it. Matt found it strangely erotic watching this hot, hairy blond with an amazingly tan body stroke his dick. Matt's mouth began to water and he wanted nothing more than to help this hot boy. Matt leaned down and tried to fit the massive cock in his mouth, but quickly realized it was much too thick for his mouth.

"Oh, don't stop, baby," Peter whispered, "you almost had it."

Matt went down again and stretched his mouth to the limit, but in the end he could only swirl his tongue around the fat head of the amazing dick. Matt moved back again and Peter smiled at him apologetically.

"Here let me show you," Peter said as he grabbed Trevor's enormous 9 or 10 inch cock. Matt was not sure when Trevor had gotten completely naked, but he was amazed to see his friend in the nude for the first time. Matt quickly started to free his own cock from within his pants as he watched Peter suck Trevor in deeply. Peter was highly skilled a sucking cock and his mouth stretched around the massive shaft with ease. Trevor moaned with delight as he tried to push his cock in further, gagging Peter with his massive tool. Peter took it, sucked back on the dick hard, and took it again. The gagging and moaning began to accelerate until soon Trevor was practically fucking Peter's hot little mouth.

Matt was furiously stroking his naked cock as he pushed his pants aside. He realized he needed to slow his hand motions or he would cum too soon, and he never wanted this hot moment to end. After watching Peter he was eager to try again and he quickly got down on his knees and started taking the head of Peter's fat dick into his mouth again. Just as Matt was about to give up again a hand pushed him down hard and more of the fat dick entered his mouth and gagged him. He wanted free, wanted to breath, but the hand shoved him down harder and the fat dick filled his mouth further.

"Now suck it," Trevor said from somewhere overhead. Matt obediently sucked the cock until he came off of it with a loud pop. Matt looked up at Trevor still face fucking Peter, and was shocked to see that his best friend was the one who had forced him down on the fat cock.

Peter gagged and pulled back off of Trevor's huge dick. "Do you want my hole?" he asked Matt.

"Fuck yes."

"Then get it wet," Peter spread his legs out wide and exposed a fleshy pink puckering hole and all around the ass was a new mat of blond fur. Matt was hesitant at first, but he remembered all the times he had eaten Paige's pussy and began to dig in. He licked the hole and sucked on the tight pucker of the rectum. Using his tongue he began fucking into the hole and occasionally he would wriggle his head back and forth trying desperately to work his tongue in further. Overhead the sounds of wet cock sucking continued as Peter tried to take the entire length of Trevor's massive rod. Matt pulled back and spit into the juicy hole and then continued to work it over with his mouth. Peter moaned with bliss.

Matt was unsure how long he buried his face into this hot stud's cute hole, he was so lost in the moment, but he knew it was time for more and he pushed one of his middle fingers into the hole. Peter let out a cry of both shock and pleasure. Matt yanked the finger out and spit again on the hole and then drove the finger back inside pushing the spit deep into the hot hole. It was like a furnace around his finger and he pulled it in and out trying to stoke whatever hot flames ignited this young stud. Suddenly, Matt was up, his own cock slicked with his pre-cum and Peter's ass slick with his spit. He shoved all 7 inches of his dick inside the boy like it was nothing. It was clear Peter had been fucked many times, and perhaps recently. It was heavenly to feel that hot furnace now enclose around his dick and squeeze it so tightly.

Matt started pounding his dick inside of Peter, he was getting even hornier as he watched Trevor's monstrous dick going in and out of Peter's throat. Trevor noticed Matt watching and they locked eyes with each other. Trevor leaned down and kissed Matt on the lips, Matt forced his tongue into Trevor's mouth so that he could share the taste of the young boy's sexy ass. Trevor kissed back with even greater intensity.

"Does that ass feel good?" Trevor asked as their lips parted.

"Amazing," Matt smiled as he fucked hard and fast into Peter's tight hole, "it's so fucking hot inside."

"You're sweating, you're working so hard," Trevor laughed as he wiped a hand across Matt's hard sweaty pecs.

"I won't have to go to the gym today," Matt laughed.

Peter pulled off of Trevor's big dick again, "There's too much fucking talk, why don't you suck his dick?" Peter asked Matt.

Trevor made a face of agreement with this new proposition, and angled his huge 10 inch cock toward Matt. (Matt was now certain it had to be 10 inches.) He tried not to lose pace fucking his dick into Peter, as he gobbled down the first couple inches of Trevor's massive dick. Sucking hard, Matt let Trevor pull back and then shove in a little farther. Matt went down again and again filling his mouth with Trevor's massive cock. At about 6 inches, Matt reached his limit and started gagging. Each gagging sensation nearly caused him to shoot his load inside of Peter where his dick was still pounding away. Matt resisted the urge to cum and pulled his dick out of Peter. He let Trevor pull out of his mouth one last time with a loud pop.

"You got to feel this hole," Matt told Trevor, "it's so fucking hot."

Trevor quickly traded places with Matt and Peter began admiring Matt's incredibly muscular body. Trevor's massive dick, slick with spit slid inside of Peter's ass and stopped at about 4 inches deep. Peter's eyes rolled back in his head and he begged for Trevor to get it all the way inside. Trevor pulled back a bit and then rammed it hard inside again gaining a couple more inches. Thrust after thrust, Trevor worked his massive cock deep into Peter's tight ass, stretching it to new limits. Peter realized this was likely the biggest dick he had ever taken into his ass. Now that Trevor was fully inside, Peter turned to Matt, not wanting this sexy stud to feel left out, so he started sucking his dick.

Matt watched his friend fuck the hottest hole he had ever experienced, but Matt also watched Peter. Peter was in sheer happiness despite the massive cock invading his insides. Matt curiously wondered what drove Peter to accept being fucked, especially since Peter had such a beautiful cock himself. While Peter sucked Matt's cock and was fucked deeper and deeper by Trevor, Matt suddenly leaned over and started sucking Peter's big dick again. This time he took more of the cock into his mouth and really sucked it like he wanted it. Matt could taste the salty slick pre-cum of Peter's dick on his tongue and when he pulled back long strings of spit and pre-cum filled the distance between them. Matt slurped up these wet offerings and spread them over Peter's dick again as he went back down on it.

"Oh, yea, suck his fat dick," Trevor encouraged. Trevor's approval of his cock sucking only caused Matt to intensify his efforts. He struggled to take the whole length of Peter's dick into the back of his throat. While he found the feat impossible, it didn't stop him from trying again and again. Matt felt a hand moving over his ass, and gently spreading his cheeks apart. He considered stopping them from exploring further, but before he could voice his concerns a wet finger was teasing his tight hole. He found the sensation rather enjoyable and continued to suck Peter's dick, curious what the exploring finger might do next.

"I think he likes it," Peter said as he spit again on his hand and rubbed his fingers against Matt's ass.

"Oh, yea," Trevor agreed, "he has a nice fucking ass."

This time Peter allowed one of his wet fingers to slide easily into Matt's ass. He finger fucked Matt's ass for a while until it began to loosen, then he allowed a second finger to push its way inside. Matt tensed and his back arched. Peter was concerned it was too much for the straight muscle stud to handle, but Matt simply relaxed and continued to suck Peter's new fat cock. Peter thought to himself, "God, these boys are hot."

Matt loved the feeling of Peter's fingers sliding in and out, and he knew without a doubt he wanted to take this fat cock that was filling his mouth and throat. Matt wanted so badly to ride this sexy stud until he came, but he didn't think he was ready. Matt pulled the cock out of his mouth and said, "Give me three fingers baby."

Peter wasted no time introducing a third finger into the muscle studs tight hole and, since he was asking for it, Peter went ahead and worked four fingers inside after a few strokes. Peter pushed his hand in and out for a moment before removing all four fingers. He pulled the ass around towards him and spit on the hole and spread the fresh spit with his tongue. Matt was moaning with pure pleasure.

Trevor had not stopped fucking Peter, but he did not like that he was getting left out of these new developments. He pulled his dick almost all the way out and then slammed it deep into Peter's ass, causing Peter to let out a loud grunting sound. Peter looked up at Trevor, "Oh yea, baby, do it again."

While Trevor started fucking Peter slower and deeper, Matt came up and gave him a kiss once more. Their tongues collided and Trevor was given a taste of Peter's fat dick. Then Matt turned around, so his ass was right in front of Trevor. Trevor spit on it and rubbed his fingers over the pink, practically hairless hole. Trevor watched as that tight hole sank right down on top of the massive soda-can-sized cock that was bouncing around while Trevor fucked Peter's ass. Peter groaned louder than ever as he felt the head of his dick finally reach inside Matt's incredibly tight hole. Matt moaned in pain as he felt the huge head of Peter's cock filling him more than mere fingers ever could. Trevor grunted with the efforts of his fucking.

Soon, Trevor was fucking Peter, while Matt rode Peter's fat cock. All three men were panting with effort; the room was hot and heavy with their sweat. Peter was nearing his breaking point as the stimulation on his cock and his prostate intensified this sex more than any sex he had ever had before. Matt rode himself up and down harder and faster on top of that fat cock, greedy to take as much as he could. Matt wanted this stud to cum deep inside of him. Suddenly, Peter let out a cry and Matt's wish was fulfilled as that fat cock pumped hot cream deep inside of the tight ass. Load after load, Peter's cum was amplified by mysterious genetic enhancements and the stimulation of a massive cock against his prostate. As Matt pulled off of the cock, cum was dripping out and the wet hole was opening and closing.

Trevor couldn't resist, he pulled out of Peter and shoved his dick inside of Matt's tight ass. The hot cum made his cock slide in easy, but Matt had never expected how deep inside it would go. Matt screamed and tears filled his eyes, but just as the pain reached its climax it was instantly replaced by pure delicious pleasure. He had all ten inches of Trevor inside of his ass and Trevor was eagerly pumping his cock inside. Trevor roared with lust and pounded Matt harder and harder. Matt arched his back and pushed himself into Trevor's massive cock.

Peter reached out and started stroking Matt's dick working the hot stud into frenzy as he was brutally fucked by the biggest dick any of them had ever seen. Finally, Matt came all over Peter shooting his load clear up to Peter's chin and coating his chest and abdomen. Peter ran his hand over his body and licked his fingers clean, time and again he did this. Trevor feeling Matt's ass tighten around his cock as his hot friend reached his climax made Trevor want to cum so bad. With four final hard thrusts he unleashed his load inside of Matt. Matt was filled to the brim with cum and collapsed on top of Peter, kissing the blond stud while his best friend's monster cock still filled his insides. Trevor pulled out of Matt's ass and came around to join the other two men. They all kissed each other back and forth and Peter shared the taste of Matt's cum with both men.

Matt rolled off of Peter, trying to catch his breath. Trevor leaned against the inside wall of the ambulance, trying to catch his breath. Peter laughed aloud in disbelief as he lay on the cot. "By the way," he said, "What are your names and how did I get in here?"

Before either man could answer, the back door of the ambulance came open and the shocked face of Alex was staring inside.

Peter smiled down at him, "What's up, babe?"



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