The scientist paced the floor, determined to prevent his life's work from going up in smoke. He continued to replay the meeting he had just attended over and over again.

"We apologize Professor Juarez, but we cannot continue to fund your research without some sort of useable data," this coming from an upstart child new to the university and his position on the Board of Bioresearch.

Dr. Diego Juarez was a 35 year old, brilliant bioengineer. He owed a great deal of his success to his adopted parents, without whom he would have never had these opportunities afforded to him in the United States. He was originally born in Mexico City, but was adopted at the age of 10. He had grown up in a house full of jocks, primarily football, but they quickly realized Diego was taking a different path. Diego was not unathletic, it was easy to stay fit when he had three adopted brothers that lived at the gym, but he was more interested in his books. The more he read and understood the world, the more he longed to change it. His research dealt in finding the next evolutionary step for mankind. He wanted desperately to construct a better human.

The premise was complex, it required injecting a virus that would deconstruct and reconstruct at a molecular level. Essentially the host would be able to reach the pinnacle of perfection without diet, exercise, or strange fad diets. Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity would be no more. Diego was simply perfecting the amazing systems that were already in place, but making them less likely to fail as we begin to age. The virus would 'clean up' all of the messes that would arise. Despite all of his theoretical calculations which predicted success he had been unable to show progress in animal studies. Many of his test subjects had become mutated freaks of nature.

Diego could not allow them to shut down all of the research he had conducted. He could not allow them to give up on this cure for humanity. In his desperation he reached for the syringe containing the predicted human dose and studied it in the light. If they wanted results, he would give them what they wanted.


Peter gave his boyfriend one last kiss on the lips, slow and teasing. He had been dating Alex, a tall, shaggy-haired rocker, for about 4 months now. Alex was cute, but naïve and foolish with a tall slender build, not really muscular but still fit. What kept Peter coming back was the 8 inch tool he kept hidden in his baggy boxers and pants, not to mention he was the nicest fellow gay he had met so far on campus. Peter promised to do some naughty things when he got back at 7 that night and then left the dorm room.

Peter had spent some time in the gym, unlike Alex, and had built himself up. His pectoral muscles were firm and he had a set of six pack abs he was quite proud of. His blond hair was longer, but he parted it neatly on the side when he went to work in the lab with Dr. Juarez. At some of the concerts he'd attended with Alex, Peter had allowed his slightly wavy blond hair to go unkempt. Much to Peter's surprise, Alex found this look very attractive and now frequently enjoyed running his hands through Peter's hair during sex. Peter carefully laid his hair back into place as he headed for the lab.

As Peter trekked across campus towards the all too familiar science building, he thought about the urgent voicemail message he received from Dr. Juarez last night. Something about the funding being canceled, but he would never let them take away everything they had built. Peter didn't know what Dr. Juarez was talking about, but he knew he would get an earful when he reached the lab.

Peter recalled the first time he worked with Dr. Juarez, he was instantly attracted to the older scientist. Dr. Juarez had a tall fit body and his dark caramel-colored skin added nicely to his overall appearance. It was clear from working together that Dr. Juarez had a hairy chest, but Peter often wondered if he also sported that sexy line of hair running down from his navel, leading to whatever surprises were kept hidden under all those lab clothes. Peter guessed that Dr. Juarez was well equipped, but had no evidence to support such claims. Mostly, Peter found himself staring at the doctor with his jet black hair and shining brown eyes. Peter quickly learned to put his feeling aside to ensure a more professional relationship, besides Dr. Juarez was not gay and he was a college professor.

Peter finally reached the lab, and he let himself inside. As the lights flickered on around him, he saw that the entire lab was in disarray. Lab equipment and broken glass littered the floor. Some of the fluorescent lights hung half out of the overhead fixtures. The half lighted, destroyed lab created a very eerie surrounding. At the far end of the lab the door to Dr. Juarez' office stood open. Light filtered out of the open door, but all was apparently quiet. Whatever maniac had destroyed the lab was not actively doing so now.

"Dr. Juarez?" Peter called.

No response. He slowly moved forward through the debris; careful not to injure himself on any of the broken glass or metal.

"Dr. Juarez?" he called again, his fear growing. Peter debated whether he should bolt for the door or continue towards the office. While his mind continued to tell him to run, his curiosity kept him in motion towards the door. "Dr. Juarez?"

He finally peered through the open door, and saw the shirtless Dr. Juarez sleeping across his desk. Much of the doctor's pants were also in tatters around his exposed calves. It looked almost as if the doctor's body had become too large for his clothes and destroyed them. Peter wondered if Dr. Juarez was always this muscular and well defined, or had something changed? The primitive side of Peter took mental note of the line of black hair running down from Dr. Juarez' navel just as he imagined it would be. Peter entered the room, "Dr. Juarez, are you ok?"

As Peter entered the confined space, he had no idea that tiny, microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones were flooding the room. Profusely they leaked out of Dr. Juarez' body. To most men the effect would have been minimal, but to a cock-loving actively homosexual boy like Peter, the effect was intense. Peter started to get hard almost instantly and he longed to touch this perfect Mexican body.

Peter lost all thoughts of fear or hesitancy. He didn't care that Dr. Juarez was sleeping or unconscious. He didn't care that he was committed to his half naked boyfriend waiting back in the dorm room. He didn't care. He just wanted to touch this masterpiece of a man. He caressed the large hairy pectoral muscles. Feeling all that sexy fur over those hard muscles was making him so hard. Peter absently stroked his leaking dick while he leaned over and kissed his mentor on the lips. The doctor had not shaved for a few days and his stubble tickled a bit, but Peter only went back for more, kissing the doctor deeply and shoving his tongue into the unresisting mouth. He kissed his way down the doctors body. Sucking on the furry nipples and running his hands over the wonderful six pack abs. He could not get enough of adoring the doctor's perfect body. "Oh, Diego," Peter whispered breathlessly, "I want you so bad."

Peter allowed his hand to creep down, tracing the line of that sexy fur under the tattered pants. Peter finally touched flesh, soft and yet starting to grow firm. He enclosed his hand around the incredible fuck-stick he had discovered there. He knew it was big around, because his hand barely fit around its massive base, but he started stroking while he kissed the doctor again and again. Kissing his lips, kissing his chest, kissing his abs, kissing that line of hair going down, down, down.

Peter moved around to the side of the desk, positioning himself between the doctor's legs, which were hanging over the side of the desk. He reached forward and undid the button the doctor's pants, then he tried to undo the zipper, but it was stuck somehow. As Peter tried to force it the last shreds of Diego's pants let loose and the enormous boner burst out , tearing the pants to pieces. It was the biggest dick Peter had ever seen. He guessed 9 to 9.5 inches long and very fat. Now that it was almost fully erect Peter could not get his hand all the way around. A pair of large balls also now lay exposed for Peter to see, and he instantly buried his face into them, sucking and kissing the loose scrotum.

He stroked the massive dick while he pleasured the massive balls one at a time. He could never hope to fit both in his mouth at the same time. He was beginning to wonder if he would be able to fit this monster dick in his mouth, but he knew he was going to try. He at last took a long lick up the entire shaft, letting lots of saliva coat the cock's surface. He kissed the head of the dick and heard Diego let out a long guttural moan. Going back down to the base and licking his way back up, Peter repeated the process hoping to get another response from the unconscious doctor. Much to Peter's delight, Diego moaned again and the sound made Peter's rock hard six inch dick jump inside his pants. Peter reached down with one hand to let his own dick out into the open, he gave it a few jerks while his mouth began to close around the first three inches of Diego's massive dick.

Peter pulled back slowly, sucking hard until he came off the dick with a loud pop. Diego shifted and moaned on the desk. Peter took the dick farther and let himself come all the way off again with a loud pop. Over and over again he did this, letting his saliva coat the big dick. Each time he took the dick further into his mouth. It was so big around, Peter's cheeks were starting to ache with the effort of fitting it in and his mouth was so stuffed with cock he was starting to breath heavily through his nose. Finally, Peter shoved his head down on that dick as far as he could go. He could not reach the base, but he felt that cock head ram into the back of his throat. He bobbed his head up and down trying to force it further and gagging with each movement. He finally fell back off of it with a cough and struggling to catch his breath.

When Peter looked up, he saw Diego staring down the length of his body at him. Peter was suddenly afraid of what would happen, but Diego simply said, "Suck it, bitch."

Peter wasted no time, he started sucking. This time Peter didn't try to take the whole length, he just sucked it nice and hard determined to please the amazing stud that was before him. While he sucke the dick up and down he jerked his own cock harder and harder. Peter was so hot for this incredible man before him he couldn't believe it was real. With each downward movement of his head, Peter noticed that Diego was starting to flex his hips forcing the dick in further with each movement. Then Diego stood, without warning and shoved Peter down to his knees.

Reaching around behind Peter's head and grabbing hold of his hair, Diego shoved his massive dick into Peter's mouth and began face fucking him like some sort of animal. With each thrust Diego grunted and panted like an animal in heat. He was insatiable and he did not care that his poor assistant was gagging and struggling to breath.

Peter was shocked by this sudden turn of events. He could not believe how Diego had taken control, and while he struggled to keep up with the massive cock ramming the back of his throat, he was enjoying every minute. He wanted so badly to please the incredible specimen before him. While Diego was ramming the back of his throat, Peter could take no more, he suddenly started convulsing and felt his warm cream exploding onto the doctor's exposed shins. Load after load, Peter had never cummed like this before; he had never wanted anyone so badly.

Feeling the warm cream running down his leg was the last thing Diego needed, he suddenly let loose a roar like he had never heard before and started pumping his own fuck juice down this boy's throat. He fired load after load and found himself saying, "Swallow it, bitch!"

Peter swallowed desperately wanting to please his new master. Diego jerked his cock out of Peter's mouth only to discover it was not done ejaculating; it creamed Peter right in the face and ran down the boy's cheek. Diego beat his dick on Peter's face, then leaned down and licked the cum. With his fresh cum on his tongue he kissed Peter deeply swapping that tasty cream back and forth with their tongues. Diego collapsed back onto the desk and Peter stayed on his knees, both men wondering what they would do next. Was this the start of something new? Diego had never been with a man, but he knew he wanted it again. Diego wanted more. Peter wanted more.

What neither of them knew was that microscopic, experimental viruses were now coursing into Peter's body...

PART II: Lovers

Diego sat up, suddenly realizing the magnitude of what had just happened. His body was more toned and his dick was far larger than he had ever seen it before. He had clearly succeeded to enhance his body on a physical level, but he was wondering what types of cellular changes had occurred not visible to the naked eye. "I did it," he mumbled allowed.

"Yeah, I'd say you did. Do you wanna do it again?" Peter asked breathlessly from where he sat leaning against the wall.

"No, not that," Diego smiled to him, "I successfully enhanced my body using my viral manipulations. I must draw blood samples and investigate further into the full extent of my transformation."

"What?" Peter sat up straighter in alarm, "You injected yourself with the virus?"

"It worked didn't it?"

"Yes, but what if you had ended up like one of those animals: deformed, unresponsive, full of aggression, or suicidal?" Peter stood as he considered all the terrible possibilities. "What would drive you to do such a reckless, insane thing? It was about the funding, wasn't it?"

Diego felt Peter's hand on his arm, and could see the young student's face looking down on him demanding answers. Diego tried to think of an appropriate response, but when words would not come to him, he simply put his hand behind the naked boys head and drew him into a passionate kiss. Their tongues collided into each other and hands groped the other's body. Peter was so lean and muscular and his practically hairless body was soft to touch. Diego grabbed at one of the boys nipples, twisting and massaging with his fingers. Peter let out an audible moan as he broke apart their locked lips and began kissing down Diego's neck.

From somewhere in the haze of his lust, Diego remembered all of the things he had hoped to investigate and he pushed Peter back a step. Diego's newly enlarged dick was almost fully hard again and it was almost impossible to focus. "Stop. You have to go."

"What?" Peter moaned in agony, he was also feeling overcome by an intense lust.

"I have work to do," Diego stood and started walking to the corner of his office, where he kept some change of clothes. He'd have to wear his gym clothes as they were the loosest fitting clothes he had. Diego managed to pull his gym shorts on before Peter wrapped arms around his still naked torso and began tracing the line of hair running down his abdomen.

"Please don't kick me out, baby," Peter pleaded.

Diego's dick twitched with desire and it took every ounce of self control for Diego to deny this young stud. "Get out of my office, right now!"

Peter was furious as he stormed out of the lab. He was most angry with himself for thinking that he had turned his straight mentor gay after a single blow job. Peter still could not even fathom what had driven him to commit to such an act. Somehow, the injection had made Diego practically irresistible. Even as Peter walked down the hall and out of the science building he continued to imagine Diego fucking him in various sexual positions. The temptation was strong to turn around and go back, but Peter refused to be that dependant and needy; besides Diego had made it clear he was no longer wanted.

Fumbling for his cell phone, Peter dialed Alex. As the phone rang, Peter allowed his thoughts of lust to change course. Perhaps he could still have a good fuck, even if it was not the one he wanted. Alex was always there to make him feel wanted again.

" 'Sup sexy?" Alex answered.

"Change of plans," Peter started, "I got out of work early today. What are you up to?"

"Just watching cartoons, while wondering what to do about this insanely hard boner."

Peter chuckled, "Well, I guess great minds do think alike. I'll be back soon, just let that boner rest until I get there."

"Can't wait, baby," the call ended. Peter smiled to himself as he picked up the pace.

Meanwhile, Alex shut off the television and shook the shaggy black hair out of his face. He was lying on his back, his intense blue eyes looking down over his thin frame. He had no shirt on and his boxers were tenting up over the 8 inch boner threatening to break free. He allowed his hand to work its way under the boxers and he started stroking his dick. Personally, Alex wished his dick were a bit thicker, but Peter had never complained. In fact, Peter often told Alex how much he loved his dick. Alex smiled as he realized how much he loved that goofy blond boy.

It wasn't long before Peter opened the door and walked into the room. Alex was now lying back, his boxers pulled down, right hand stroking that 8 inch dick and left hand massaging his balls.

"I've been waiting for you," Alex smiled up at his cute little boy.

"Oh, I want you so bad," Peter said as he knelt down beside him. Peter wasted no time licking the whole length of the rigid dick and then kissing the tip of it. Peter went down again and licked at the balls hanging there before licking up the whole length and then taking the dick fully into his mouth.

"Oh, baby," Alex squirmed as he felt the head of his dick make contact with the back of Peter's throat. Then, Peter was moving his head back up, sucking hard as he moved. As Peter went back down on the big dick, Alex put a hand on the back of Peter's head, running his fingers through the pretty blond hair and shoving him further onto that 8 inch dick.

"Oh, fuck yea," Alex encourage, "that feels amazing."

Peter gagged and Alex let him free, but Peter didn't come straight off the dick, instead he slowly sucked all the way up until he came off with a loud pop. In one fluid motion, Peter moved up to Alex's lips and they began kissing passionately. Alex helped Peter out of his shirt and then started unbuttoning the pants as their lips and tongues locked in a hot, wet embrace. As Peter's pants fell, exposing his tight round butt, Alex slapped that ass with his right hand, and then let his fingers grope into the crack.

"Wait, baby," Peter panted, and he sat up more so that he could reach the hand feeling around his tight rectum. He brought Alex's fingers to his lips and began sucking the middle and index finger. Peter let extra saliva run down and over the fingers until there was sufficient lubrication. They started kissing again and Alex allowed his freshly lubricated fingers to continue their exploration over Peter's tight hole. Then, without pausing he let his whole middle finger slide right into that tight hole. Alex felt Peter tense and a slight moan of pain, maybe pleasure, escaped from his lips. Alex jerked the finger in and out and slapped Peter's ass again with the opposite hand.

"Oh, baby," Peter whispered, "I lubed up two."

"You're such a greedy little boy aren't you?" Alex giggled as he let his index finger slide in with his middle finger. Peter's hole spasmed momentarily as Alex began finger fucking him with two fingers. Peter reached back and started jacking Alex's hard 8 inch dick.

"You're right, I am greedy," Peter smiled down at Alex, "because right now I want this in me bad."

"Get on it, baby," Alex reached out toward the night stand and came back with a bottle of lube. He put a little in Peter's hand, which quickly returned to stroking Alex's dick. They kissed again before Peter lined up his rectum with that big stick. Alex held the base of his cock to help steady it while Peter lowered himself down onto it.

Alex's dick was long but not fat except for the giant mushroom head, which Peter loved teasing in and out of his hole when they first start fucking. Alex moaned his satisfaction as Peter pulled the fat head of the cock out of his ass and then plunged right back down on it. Each time Peter went back down he would take a little more of the cock's length deeper into his ass. Before long Peter's ass cheeks were making contact with Alex's balls and Peter's dick was swaying back and forth for Alex to see. Alex started stroking his boy's 6 inch cock, while Peter continued to ride up and down on the big dick. Alex tried to thrust his hips in time with Peter, so that his dick would come out further and slam in deeper with each movement Peter was making. Peter moaned and groaned in pleasure as he took that dick up his ass.

Suddenly, Alex rolled up and started kissing Peter on the lips then down his well formed pectorals, licking and sucking between each mound of muscle. Then, Alex allowed his tongue to play across each of Peter's soft nipples making them hard in response to the simulation. Peter continued to ride up and down on Alex's cock while his own dick was trapped between his own abdomen and Alex's abdomen. Peter loved the feeling of his dick rubbing against Alex's firm abs.

Alex finally pushed Peter over onto his back, but the big dick never left the tight ass. Alex used both hands to run fingers through Peter's hair, while he moved in for another passionate kiss on the mouth. Then, Alex inclined himself a little, so that he could drill deep into Peter's hole. Peter grunted as Alex made his first hard stroke in this new position, and with each thrust Alex became a little more intense. Peter loved looking up into Alex's piercing blue eyes as he focused on fucking. There was so much intensity shared between them as Alex started pounding Peter harder and harder. Soon both men were panting with the intensity of their efforts. Sweat ran down Alex's chest and nose as he put his entire effort into fucking his beautiful boy.

Peter started stroking his hard dick, wanting so badly to cum while Alex was deep inside. They had fucked so often, Peter knew exactly when to start so that Alex would cum not long after. As Peter felt his body building up to its intense orgasmic climax something strange happened. Every muscle in Peter's body seemed to bulge at once and a fire seemed to spread through every part of him. He screamed out loud with such intensity that Alex almost fell off of him. Despite the pain, Peter still wanted to cum so badly.

"Don't stop fucking, baby," Peter pleaded.

"Did I hurt you?" Alex looked down in concern.

"No," Peter stated, "shut up and keep fucking."

Alex did as he was commanded and started his deep thrusts again. Peter continued to stroke his dick, but waves of pain and nausea began flooding through his body. He stroked his dick, but the pain was making it hard to cum. Then his muscles started tightening again, his rectum clamped down over Alex's dick causing the stimulation to be multiplied. Alex did not understand what Peter was doing, but the sudden addition of extra stimulation caused Alex to ejaculate without warning. As the hot cum burned its way through Peter's insides, Peter was finally able to cum. The force of the cum was so hard that it flew over the top of Peter's head and continued to spurt load after load on Peter's face and chest. As the last load of cum exploded out of Peter's rock hard dick, Peter lost consciousness and began seizing on the bed.

Alex cried out in alarm and rolled his seizing boyfriend over onto his side and tried to keep him from hurting himself. Before Alex's eyes hair began sprouting out of his boyfriend's hairless chest. Soon a small coat of fur covered Peter's pectorals and a sexy little line of hair sprouted below the navel. All of Peter's muscles were bulging and his skin was even changing pigmentation. Peter was not necessarily pale before, but he was not nearly as caramel colored either. Finally, as quickly as it had begun the seizure stopped.

Alex was relieved to find Peter breathing steadily and apparently asleep. Alex wiped up the cum off of Peter and managed to pull Peter's underwear back on, before calling for an ambulance. After placing the call, Alex began to dress himself. "What is happening?"


Diego looked down through the microscope, boggled by what he was witnessing. According to all of his previous calculations and experiments the virus should be rendered inert after it completed its programmed function, but analysis of his blood showed the virus was very much alive and replicating rapidly. The function of these replicated viruses would not be predetermined by Diego's genetic fingerprint, but instead would be wholly capable of... what? Diego was wary to find the answer to that question.

Suddenly, Diego's mind wandered to his intense new experience in his office earlier that day. If the virus was still active within his own body fluids, could Peter have been infected? He moved quickly to the wall phone in his lab and dialed Peter's cell. There was nothing but ringing for a long time and Diego feared he would be forced to leave a message, but suddenly the other end connected.

"Hello?" a quavering voice answered.

"This is Dr. Diego Juarez, with whom am I speaking?"

"Alex, I..." Diego was about to interrupt the long silence when, "...there's something wrong with Peter. The ambulance is on its way."

"Please, don't involve other doctors, they would not understand what is wrong with Peter, you must bring him..." the call was disconnected.

"Shit!" Diego's voice echoed around the lab.


Matt Kohl was in the middle of a hot and heavy kissing session with his girlfriend, Paige; his hands were groping her chest and their heavy breathing was filling the air. Across his pager came a familiar squawk and Paige instantly pushed him away. It always amazed Matt how quickly she could change from seductive and involved to cold and distant.

"That fucking thing again," she started to complain.

"It's my job, babe. Please don't be mad, we'll finish this later."

"Doubtful, I'll be in bed," she made a sour face.

The door burst open and Matt's good friend Trevor peered in, "Oh shit! I should have knocked."

"It's ok," Matt assured as he started to stand.

"Looks like we're on," Trevor smiled eagerly, "sorry, Paige."

"Fuck off, assholes," Paige gave the middle finger as she started toward the bathroom. Matt tried to catch her for a kiss, but she shrugged him off and slammed the door behind her. Unfazed by this normal behavior, Matt followed Trevor out of the bedroom.

"You know, man, you're girlfriend is a total bitch," Trevor laughed.

"I know, but she's hot," Matt laughed along, "So do we know what we got?"

"I guess a kid on the college campus had some sort of an episode. He's unconscious now and simply needs transportation I imagine."

"So... boring shit. I should go back to feeling Paige's breasts."

"Not so fast, lover-boy, if you leave me I'll be stuck with Martin, and I hate being alone with Martin. I will swear 'til the day I die that I saw him picking his nose with a scalpel in the back of the ambulance. I looked up in the rearview mirror and I saw the horror of it."

Matt started cracking up as he always did when they started to make fun of Martin. Martin was just one of those unfortunately disgusting people that were hard not to make fun of. Not to mention, Martin was a huge stickler for the rules and would constantly cite regulations while completing tasks.

"How about the time he set his pants on fire?" Matt managed to sputter between bursts of laughter.

"Oh my God," Trevor laughed back, "how could I forget that? That was quality entertainment right there! If they had an EMT reality show, Martin would be the reason everyone would be watching."

At this point the two men had reached Trevor's car and were climbing in. Trevor was tall, and his dark spiky hair nearly grazed the ceiling of the Ford Taurus. Matt on the other hand was much shorter, chestnut colored hair parted on the side, and heavily built with muscles. Matt was quite proud of himself; working out at the gym was one of his favorite activities when he wasn't working. He always tried to convince Trevor to go more often, but Trevor was more of a video game character, especially racing games. It made sense really that he was the one who always drove the ambulance. Trevor had a particular need for speed. They continued their banter as Trevor cruised toward the station within minutes and they quickly climbed into the ambulance. Both men quickly donned their EMT jackets and they cruised down the road. The Matt-Trevor duo was known for one of the quickest response times, because Trevor drove so fast and the two of them were often already together.

Matt passed through the front doors of the dorm, followed by a stretcher and Trevor. A librarian-like woman was quick to greet them, "Linda Babbich, housing director. Please follow me to the student's quarters."

Hiding a smile at the expense of the uptight housing director, Matt and Trevor followed the woman to the elevator and up two floors. Right down a corridor and then left. Finally, they arrived at a dorm room which already had the door wide open. Inside was standing a disheveled, shaggy haired kid who was pacing nervously while talking on the phone. At the sight of the EMTs approaching the scene the kid quickly disconnected the call, "Thank God, you're here! He's had some sort of a seizure."

"Do you know if your friend has had any history of past seizures?" Trevor took over the line of questioning, while Matt found the young blond man wearing nothing but underwear on the floor. Matt quickly went to work checking for pulse and signs of breathing. The man seemed in a stable condition except for the unconsciousness. Matt's hand momentarily lingered on the man's hairy chest, feeling the firm pectoral muscle beneath and he had a flash back to his intense session with Paige. Matt quickly removed his hand when he felt his dick jump a bit inside of his pants, and went to work preparing to move the unconscious man to the stretcher.

"Don't worry, we will get Peter to the hospital quickly," Trevor was wrapping up his questions, "You can meet us there."

Together, Trevor and Matt, moved the unconscious man onto the stretcher and carried him from the room. A crowd of curious students had begun to gather in the hall and some of the students giggled with delight when they saw the sexy man wearing nothing but underwear. Trevor thoughtfully pulled a blanket up over the young man's body, so to preserve some measure of dignity. In no time they were in the ambulance on their way to St. Luke Memorial Hospital. Matt climbed in the back to monitor the patient and, as always, Trevor took the wheel.

Inside the confined space of the ambulance, Peter's newly enhanced body was beginning to produce massive amounts of pheromones. Matt sat near the unconscious man thinking about Paige and their heated session together. No matter how hard Matt tried to push the images from his mind, they kept coming back and his 7 inch cock was rock hard in his pants. Matt casually shifted his position hoping to make his random raging boner subside before they reached the hospital. Absently, Matt found his hand drifting over his pants and begin rubbing over the hard cock underneath. His hand felt so good and he closed his eyes thinking about Paige. Matt's hand slid up over his six pack abs and started feeling his nipples until they were hard.

While Matt continued to explore his own muscular body he realized that there was a hand again rubbing his hard cock through his pants. He started humping a little in the direction of the groping hand and moaned slightly in pleasure. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open, realizing that the hand groping his dick was not his own. From the small cot inside the back of the ambulance the hot young man named Peter was reaching out and stroking Matt's hard dick. The unconscious man was now very much awake and smiling the cutest satisfied smirk.

Under the sheet Trevor had kindly placed over Peter's body, a soda can-sized bulge had begun to emerge. Matt was shocked at the sight before him and more so that he had not yet put a stop to the hand groping his dick. Peter sat up quickly and started kissing Matt squarely on the lips. Matt tensed at first, but quickly gave in to the hot boys tongue as it entered his mouth. Together they began rubbing their tongues against each other and sucking loudly at the other's mouth.

"What the fuck is going on back there?" Trevor suddenly shouted and the ambulance began an abrupt stop. Matt parted from Peter's lips, but the hot blond continued to stroke his dick. Trevor killed the siren before turning around out of the cab of the ambulance. It was instantly obvious that Trevor's dick was also hard as Matt could see the outline of it in his pants. Matt was shocked that during all of their discussions about sex and girlfriends, Trevor had never once mentioned he had a monster cock hiding in his jeans. It was not something guys normally talked about, but not once had Trevor ever bragged.

"I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I'm straight and I know you're straight Matt. Why am I so fucking horny? And why are you making out with our patient? Who is a man?" Trevor demanded.

"Don't ask so many questions," Peter smiled at Trevor, "just enjoy the moment."

Matt watched as Peter grabbed the waist of Trevor's pants and dragged his sexy best friend closer. Matt would have never used that word before, but Trevor was sexy with his dark black hair spiked up, clean shaven adorable face, and a tall lean build. And, as Matt had recently learned the biggest dick he had ever seen, which was being stroked by Peter through the bulging pants. Peter lifted Trevor's shirt a little so he could kiss the firm abdomen underneath and slowly undo the button of his pants.

"What the fuck?" Trevor murmured as his head rolled back in delight. Matt was sitting in stunned silence stroking his own dick through his pants. Matt quickly removed his shirt and Peter quickly took notice. Peter turned his attention on Matt's broad chest and the large pectoral muscles. Peter licked and kissed at each nipple and would occasionally come up to lock lips with Matt again. For the first time Peter reached down to throw aside the sheet and feel his own dick. He moved away from Matt as if he had been stunned.

"Holy fuck! I'm huge!" Peter declared as he pulled his fat 6 or 7 inch dick out of the extremely stretched underwear. It was as big around as a soda can at its base and Matt felt a certain amount of cock envy towards this sexy young stud. Peter started stroking his big dick like it was the first time he had ever seen it. Matt found it strangely erotic watching this hot, hairy blond with an amazingly tan body stroke his dick. Matt's mouth began to water and he wanted nothing more than to help this hot boy. Matt leaned down and tried to fit the massive cock in his mouth, but quickly realized it was much too thick for his mouth.

"Oh, don't stop, baby," Peter whispered, "you almost had it."

Matt went down again and stretched his mouth to the limit, but in the end he could only swirl his tongue around the fat head of the amazing dick. Matt moved back again and Peter smiled at him apologetically.

"Here let me show you," Peter said as he grabbed Trevor's enormous 9 or 10 inch cock. Matt was not sure when Trevor had gotten completely naked, but he was amazed to see his friend in the nude for the first time. Matt quickly started to free his own cock from within his pants as he watched Peter suck Trevor in deeply. Peter was highly skilled a sucking cock and his mouth stretched around the massive shaft with ease. Trevor moaned with delight as he tried to push his cock in further, gagging Peter with his massive tool. Peter took it, sucked back on the dick hard, and took it again. The gagging and moaning began to accelerate until soon Trevor was practically fucking Peter's hot little mouth.

Matt was furiously stroking his naked cock as he pushed his pants aside. He realized he needed to slow his hand motions or he would cum too soon, and he never wanted this hot moment to end. After watching Peter he was eager to try again and he quickly got down on his knees and started taking the head of Peter's fat dick into his mouth again. Just as Matt was about to give up again a hand pushed him down hard and more of the fat dick entered his mouth and gagged him. He wanted free, wanted to breath, but the hand shoved him down harder and the fat dick filled his mouth further.

"Now suck it," Trevor said from somewhere overhead. Matt obediently sucked the cock until he came off of it with a loud pop. Matt looked up at Trevor still face fucking Peter, and was shocked to see that his best friend was the one who had forced him down on the fat cock.

Peter gagged and pulled back off of Trevor's huge dick. "Do you want my hole?" he asked Matt.

"Fuck yes."

"Then get it wet," Peter spread his legs out wide and exposed a fleshy pink puckering hole and all around the ass was a new mat of blond fur. Matt was hesitant at first, but he remembered all the times he had eaten Paige's pussy and began to dig in. He licked the hole and sucked on the tight pucker of the rectum. Using his tongue he began fucking into the hole and occasionally he would wriggle his head back and forth trying desperately to work his tongue in further. Overhead the sounds of wet cock sucking continued as Peter tried to take the entire length of Trevor's massive rod. Matt pulled back and spit into the juicy hole and then continued to work it over with his mouth. Peter moaned with bliss.

Matt was unsure how long he buried his face into this hot stud's cute hole, he was so lost in the moment, but he knew it was time for more and he pushed one of his middle fingers into the hole. Peter let out a cry of both shock and pleasure. Matt yanked the finger out and spit again on the hole and then drove the finger back inside pushing the spit deep into the hot hole. It was like a furnace around his finger and he pulled it in and out trying to stoke whatever hot flames ignited this young stud. Suddenly, Matt was up, his own cock slicked with his pre-cum and Peter's ass slick with his spit. He shoved all 7 inches of his dick inside the boy like it was nothing. It was clear Peter had been fucked many times, and perhaps recently. It was heavenly to feel that hot furnace now enclose around his dick and squeeze it so tightly.

Matt started pounding his dick inside of Peter, he was getting even hornier as he watched Trevor's monstrous dick going in and out of Peter's throat. Trevor noticed Matt watching and they locked eyes with each other. Trevor leaned down and kissed Matt on the lips, Matt forced his tongue into Trevor's mouth so that he could share the taste of the young boy's sexy ass. Trevor kissed back with even greater intensity.

"Does that ass feel good?" Trevor asked as their lips parted.

"Amazing," Matt smiled as he fucked hard and fast into Peter's tight hole, "it's so fucking hot inside."

"You're sweating, you're working so hard," Trevor laughed as he wiped a hand across Matt's hard sweaty pecs.

"I won't have to go to the gym today," Matt laughed.

Peter pulled off of Trevor's big dick again, "There's too much fucking talk, why don't you suck his dick?" Peter asked Matt.

Trevor made a face of agreement with this new proposition, and angled his huge 10 inch cock toward Matt. (Matt was now certain it had to be 10 inches.) He tried not to lose pace fucking his dick into Peter, as he gobbled down the first couple inches of Trevor's massive dick. Sucking hard, Matt let Trevor pull back and then shove in a little farther. Matt went down again and again filling his mouth with Trevor's massive cock. At about 6 inches, Matt reached his limit and started gagging. Each gagging sensation nearly caused him to shoot his load inside of Peter where his dick was still pounding away. Matt resisted the urge to cum and pulled his dick out of Peter. He let Trevor pull out of his mouth one last time with a loud pop.

"You got to feel this hole," Matt told Trevor, "it's so fucking hot."

Trevor quickly traded places with Matt and Peter began admiring Matt's incredibly muscular body. Trevor's massive dick, slick with spit slid inside of Peter's ass and stopped at about 4 inches deep. Peter's eyes rolled back in his head and he begged for Trevor to get it all the way inside. Trevor pulled back a bit and then rammed it hard inside again gaining a couple more inches. Thrust after thrust, Trevor worked his massive cock deep into Peter's tight ass, stretching it to new limits. Peter realized this was likely the biggest dick he had ever taken into his ass. Now that Trevor was fully inside, Peter turned to Matt, not wanting this sexy stud to feel left out, so he started sucking his dick.

Matt watched his friend fuck the hottest hole he had ever experienced, but Matt also watched Peter. Peter was in sheer happiness despite the massive cock invading his insides. Matt curiously wondered what drove Peter to accept being fucked, especially since Peter had such a beautiful cock himself. While Peter sucked Matt's cock and was fucked deeper and deeper by Trevor, Matt suddenly leaned over and started sucking Peter's big dick again. This time he took more of the cock into his mouth and really sucked it like he wanted it. Matt could taste the salty slick pre-cum of Peter's dick on his tongue and when he pulled back long strings of spit and pre-cum filled the distance between them. Matt slurped up these wet offerings and spread them over Peter's dick again as he went back down on it.

"Oh, yea, suck his fat dick," Trevor encouraged. Trevor's approval of his cock sucking only caused Matt to intensify his efforts. He struggled to take the whole length of Peter's dick into the back of his throat. While he found the feat impossible, it didn't stop him from trying again and again. Matt felt a hand moving over his ass, and gently spreading his cheeks apart. He considered stopping them from exploring further, but before he could voice his concerns a wet finger was teasing his tight hole. He found the sensation rather enjoyable and continued to suck Peter's dick, curious what the exploring finger might do next.

"I think he likes it," Peter said as he spit again on his hand and rubbed his fingers against Matt's ass.

"Oh, yea," Trevor agreed, "he has a nice fucking ass."

This time Peter allowed one of his wet fingers to slide easily into Matt's ass. He finger fucked Matt's ass for a while until it began to loosen, then he allowed a second finger to push its way inside. Matt tensed and his back arched. Peter was concerned it was too much for the straight muscle stud to handle, but Matt simply relaxed and continued to suck Peter's new fat cock. Peter thought to himself, "God, these boys are hot."

Matt loved the feeling of Peter's fingers sliding in and out, and he knew without a doubt he wanted to take this fat cock that was filling his mouth and throat. Matt wanted so badly to ride this sexy stud until he came, but he didn't think he was ready. Matt pulled the cock out of his mouth and said, "Give me three fingers baby."

Peter wasted no time introducing a third finger into the muscle studs tight hole and, since he was asking for it, Peter went ahead and worked four fingers inside after a few strokes. Peter pushed his hand in and out for a moment before removing all four fingers. He pulled the ass around towards him and spit on the hole and spread the fresh spit with his tongue. Matt was moaning with pure pleasure.

Trevor had not stopped fucking Peter, but he did not like that he was getting left out of these new developments. He pulled his dick almost all the way out and then slammed it deep into Peter's ass, causing Peter to let out a loud grunting sound. Peter looked up at Trevor, "Oh yea, baby, do it again."

While Trevor started fucking Peter slower and deeper, Matt came up and gave him a kiss once more. Their tongues collided and Trevor was given a taste of Peter's fat dick. Then Matt turned around, so his ass was right in front of Trevor. Trevor spit on it and rubbed his fingers over the pink, practically hairless hole. Trevor watched as that tight hole sank right down on top of the massive soda-can-sized cock that was bouncing around while Trevor fucked Peter's ass. Peter groaned louder than ever as he felt the head of his dick finally reach inside Matt's incredibly tight hole. Matt moaned in pain as he felt the huge head of Peter's cock filling him more than mere fingers ever could. Trevor grunted with the efforts of his fucking.

Soon, Trevor was fucking Peter, while Matt rode Peter's fat cock. All three men were panting with effort; the room was hot and heavy with their sweat. Peter was nearing his breaking point as the stimulation on his cock and his prostate intensified this sex more than any sex he had ever had before. Matt rode himself up and down harder and faster on top of that fat cock, greedy to take as much as he could. Matt wanted this stud to cum deep inside of him. Suddenly, Peter let out a cry and Matt's wish was fulfilled as that fat cock pumped hot cream deep inside of the tight ass. Load after load, Peter's cum was amplified by mysterious genetic enhancements and the stimulation of a massive cock against his prostate. As Matt pulled off of the cock, cum was dripping out and the wet hole was opening and closing.

Trevor couldn't resist, he pulled out of Peter and shoved his dick inside of Matt's tight ass. The hot cum made his cock slide in easy, but Matt had never expected how deep inside it would go. Matt screamed and tears filled his eyes, but just as the pain reached its climax it was instantly replaced by pure delicious pleasure. He had all ten inches of Trevor inside of his ass and Trevor was eagerly pumping his cock inside. Trevor roared with lust and pounded Matt harder and harder. Matt arched his back and pushed himself into Trevor's massive cock.

Peter reached out and started stroking Matt's dick working the hot stud into frenzy as he was brutally fucked by the biggest dick any of them had ever seen. Finally, Matt came all over Peter shooting his load clear up to Peter's chin and coating his chest and abdomen. Peter ran his hand over his body and licked his fingers clean, time and again he did this. Trevor feeling Matt's ass tighten around his cock as his hot friend reached his climax made Trevor want to cum so bad. With four final hard thrusts he unleashed his load inside of Matt. Matt was filled to the brim with cum and collapsed on top of Peter, kissing the blond stud while his best friend's monster cock still filled his insides. Trevor pulled out of Matt's ass and came around to join the other two men. They all kissed each other back and forth and Peter shared the taste of Matt's cum with both men.

Matt rolled off of Peter, trying to catch his breath. Trevor leaned against the inside wall of the ambulance, trying to catch his breath. Peter laughed aloud in disbelief as he lay on the cot. "By the way," he said, "What are your names and how did I get in here?"

Before either man could answer, the back door of the ambulance came open and the shocked face of Alex was staring inside.

Peter smiled down at him, "What's up, babe?"

Part IV: Aggression

Alex looked from his naked boyfriend, whose body had only seemed to grow since the last time he had laid eyes upon it, to the short muscle stud on the left and then the tall, lean guy with the big cock on the right. All three of these amazing studs were panting from their recent sexual encounter. Alex couldn't help but feel his 8 inch dick growing rock hard in his pants.

"My name is Matt," the muscular stud on the left suddenly broke the silence, "and this is my best friend, Trevor."

"Nice to meet you," Peter responded, "this here is my boyfriend, Alex."

"That's wonderful, now will you all get your clothes on, there is important work to be done," another voice spoke from outside the ambulance. From around the corner appeared the incredibly sexy Dr. Diego Juarez.

"Wait," Trevor asked, "who the fuck is this?"

"Doc, I didn't expect to see you here," Peter sat up in surprise.

"He called me after you were taken in the ambulance and tried to explain that..." Alex started, but he had failed to understand most of what Dr. Juarez had tried to explain.

"...that you may be infected with an unpredictable virus, and your condition can only be monitored from my lab," Diego continued, "we must return there immediately, and I mean everyone. You may all have been exposed at this point."

"Wait a minute," Trevor jumped down out of the ambulance, "I'm not going anywhere with any of you. I don't know what just happened, but I've never had a gay thought in my life."

"Me neither," Matt admitted, "but I'd have to say I'm having plenty of them now."

"Please, Trevor, I know you do not understand, but it is imperative that all of you come with me immediately."

"Fuck off," Trevor spat nearly right in front of Diego's face. Diego grabbed the tall stud by the back of his dark spiky hair and kissed him hard on the lips. Trevor started to struggle, but all too quickly melted into Diego's hot kiss, allowing his lips to part and their tongues to rub against each other. Trevor felt the massive bulge in the hot hairy Mexican doctor's pants pressing against his thigh and wondered what it'd be like to see this man in action.

Alex stared again with mouth agape at this new development. Peter was soon by his side, rubbing his chest and kissing his neck. Alex pulled his eyes from the hot kiss occurring between Diego and Trevor and focused fully for the first time on his massive boyfriend. Peter had always enjoyed working out at the gym, but within hours his massive form had doubled and more hair had sprouted all over his body. What drew Alex's immediate attention was the new dick which was extremely thick like a damn soda can. Alex began wondering what this virus was going to do to his own body. How much time did he have left before he started convulsing and changing?

Diego suddenly pushed Trevor away and Trevor's expression was that of a child whose Halloween candy had just been taken away. Matt felt sorry for Trevor and placed a comforting arm around his best friend.

"Any more fucking questions?" Diego demanded. No one responded. "Then get dressed, get in my car, and let's get moving."

The ride back to campus and the now deserted science building was awkward to say the least. Matt, Trevor, and Alex all squeezed into the back seat and throughout the course of the trip Alex listened to Matt whisper compliments and worshipful promises to Trevor. Alex also watched as Peter, riding shotgun, repeatedly tried to get at Dr. Juarez's big dick while he was driving. Diego was clearly in no mood for games, because he repeatedly told the hot blonde no. Fortunately, the drive was short and despite their best efforts to suppress their desires all five men exited the vehicle with raging boners.

Diego tried to remain calm and focused as he corralled his four sexy test subjects inside of his lab. Much of the lab was still in disarray, but Diego quickly found a place for each man to sit separated from the other three. He moved to the desk in one corner and provided each man with a flier related to his experimental proposal he had presented to the Board of Bioresearch nearly 10 years ago. The flier contained graphics of a virus and explained in detail the potential benefits of such research.

"I will try to explain what it is that is happening to each of us, and then we can start to work towards a solution," Diego began.

"Again, my name is Dr. Diego Juarez and I have been working closely with Peter here to conduct experiments relating to genetic alterations through viral manipulation. The nature of a virus is to insert its own DNA material into a cell and cause the cell to produce more viruses until it inevitably ruptures and spreads the virus to surrounding cells. I designed a virus that would instead introduce specific DNA material into cells and improve them. I could essentially eliminate diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure simply by making the cells which already exist perform their specific duties through the assistance of the virus. In theory, the virus would die off inside of the host, because it did not possess the genetic material required to replicate. Unfortunately, I believe the virus found a way to replicate, despite my..."

"...Oh my god!" Matt suddenly yelled, "This is so fucking boring!"

"I'd have to agree," Alex chimed in, "you can just skip to the part where you find out what is wrong with us."

"Fine," Diego agreed, but deep down he was furious that he had been interrupted so rudely by Matt. He quickly set to work drawing blood from each man and even enlisted the help of Peter, who had practice drawing blood from animal subjects in the lab. Peter had much less self control and could not help but flirt with everyone or simply reach out and grope their erect cocks. Diego's own cock was rock hard in his pants, but he understood the gravity of the situation and tried to maintain a professional attitude. After drawing the blood, Diego knew he could not control these four overly horny men for long, so he quickly drew up an injection for each man. Diego told them it was a simple solution to help slow the progression of viral infections, but in reality he administered a sedative to each man.

As all four men drifted to sleep, Diego began studying the blood samples he had collected. Diego was deep in thought when a hand suddenly reached around his waist and up under his shirt feeling his clearly defined hairy six pack abs. Diego felt the hand trace up and down the hairy line from his naval down to his pants. Then hot breath and warm lips were kissing his neck and a bulging mass pressed into his back side as the eager stranger humped him. Diego let out an audible moan as his cock bounced rock hard with desire for more of this stranger's touch.

"Did you really think I didn't know you were giving us sedatives?" Peter whispered, "I convinced you to let me help, and you gave me saline. Now we're alone again."

"I've been unable to stop thinking about you sucking my dick," Diego admitted, "It was by far the best blow job I've ever had."

"It's got to be hard to focus on your work with that raging cock. Let me help you take care of it, so that you can focus." With that Peter started to kneel, dragging his hands down over Diego's body, when his knees touched the floor he quickly spun Diego around so that the massive bulge in Diego's pants was even with his face. Peter buried his face into the front of Diego's pants and massaged the massive 9.5 inch cock with his lips. Diego stripped off his shirt and Peter looked up at the huge pectoral muscles coated with dark black hair and the tight ripped abs sporting that delicious line of fur. Peter adored that hot Latino body and the big Latino cock. Using his teeth, Peter grabbed the pants and pulled them off slowly. Moaning with desire, Diego ran his hands through Peter's blonde hair and then leaned down to steal a quick kiss before letting the horny boy finish his work on that big cock.

Peter finally pulled the pants free and the big 9.5 inch cock swung free nearly slapping Peter in the face. Peter swore that Diego had grown a little since the last time he had laid eyes on it. Peter wasted no time taking the massive shaft into his mouth. He sucked hard and fast at first on the very end, but then slowed down in order to take more and more of the cock down into his throat. He tried, but failed, not to gag as the massive head made contact with his tight throat. Diego was becoming more aggressive and fucked the back of Peter's throat trying to make him take more. Peter choked on the cock again and again trying to pull back off the dick, but Diego grabbed his head with both hands and started ramming his throat harder and harder.

Diego had never felt so overwhelmed by a sexual need. He roared with frustration as he tried to make his bitch take his entire cock, but the dumb kid was just choking and pushing against him. "Shut the fuck up and take my dick!"

Peter was beginning to be afraid as Diego started becoming more and more aggressive and shouting orders down at him. There was no compassion or tenderness left in Diego; he was simply giving in to some primal need. Peter wanted nothing more than to breath, but the fat cock head ramming the back of his throat made catching a breath impossible. Peter was certain that if Diego did not stop soon, he would simply pass out.

"Why can't you take it all? Suck it you stupid fucking bitch!" Diego roared. He needed to get his whole dick inside of something right now, and this boy's mouth was not working. Diego pulled his cock out and pushed the sputtering, gasping boy over onto his hands and knees. He grabbed at the boy's ass with both hands and roughly ripped the pants apart exposing two nice round ass cheeks. Diego wasted no time burying his face in between those two mounds and seeking out the nice pink hole he longed to own with his tongue.

Peter had tears streaming from his eyes after the brutal gagging he had just received and he had almost no time to prepare for the vicious assault that was now occurring on his rectum. Diego was relentless in his need to tongue fuck and lick Peter's tight hole. Peter wondered if the incredibly horny doctor was enjoying the taste of all the other cocks that had penetrated his hole that day.

Diego loved the taste of this boy's ass, but what he really wanted was to get it wet enough to slide his big dick inside. Satisfied he had reached this goal, Diego sat up and pushed the head of his fat dick against the boy's sweet ass.

Peter felt the head of Diego's cock pierce his hole and Peter was about to ask Diego to slow down and quit being so rough when the entire length of the massive cock was suddenly thrust into him. Peter screamed and felt new tears of pain welling up in his eyes. The dick was so big and his ass was squeezing reflexively against the massive shaft, but Diego did not wait for this tightness to stop, he simply went to town pulling it out and shoving it back in. It was as if Diego was deaf to the injured cries Peter was making underneath him.

Diego was lost in a sea of animal lust. He finally had his entire dick inside of a tight warm hole, and there was nothing going to stop him from planting his hot seed deep inside. He was going to pump this young boy full of cum and then find another hole to pump his hot cum into. Maybe he'd fuck that smart mouth, Matt, who so rudely interrupted him. Diego's anger was fueled as he considered that stupid kid speaking up to him like that. He started fucking harder and faster, ramming his new fuck hole with everything he had.

Peter cried and pleaded, but Diego was out of control. Peter recalled the aggressive animals they had encountered during their experiments and he began to wonder if Diego was now entering a new stage of the viral infection. Just as Peter was certain Diego would tear his ass completely in half a warm jet of cum exploded inside of him. Over and over again, Diego pumped his hot cream into Peter and yelled aggressively with each thrust. When he'd finished cumming, Diego pulled his fat cock out and simply walked away.

Peter looked around in confusion. He could hear Diego's footsteps going around one of the lab benches toward the other side of the room. Matt was in that corner, Peter thought to himself. Peter tried to stand, but his shaky legs would not support him after such a brutal fucking. Peter whimpered as he scooted himself across the floor. He decided to try reasoning with the crazed doctor, "Diego? What are you doing?"

Peter heard the familiar sound of fabric being torn to shreds. Diego started spitting on something and Peter tried to scoot himself along faster. He finally rounded the lab bench and saw an unconscious Matt draped over the counter, ass exposed, and Diego rubbing a finger over the stud's tight hole.

"Don't do this, Diego," Peter pleaded, "he's been drugged, this isn't right."

"I need to fuck more," Diego stated simply as he lined up his still fully erect cock with Matt's hole.

"Then fuck me, baby," Peter regretfully suggested in order to spare Matt the indignity of getting fucked while unconscious. Besides, Peter felt responsible for dragging these poor EMTs into this mess.

Diego looked up at Peter with hungry eyes, and to show how willing he would be Peter spread his legs apart and let Diego take a nice look at his cum-slicked, dripping ass hole. Diego fortunately pulled away from Matt and stalked back over to Peter, where he shoved the whole cock back inside without hesitation. Peter yelped in pain, but it was much easier this time than before. It was not long before Diego was back up to speed, ramming his cock deep inside without mercy. Peter looked up into the doctor's face, but saw only an inhuman determination etched upon his features.

"Oh fuck, yea!" Diego roared, "Take my fucking dick, bitch!"

Peter could literally feel Diego's cock growing inside of him. With each thrust the cock seemed to reach deeper and deeper inside and the cock was continuously stretching and tearing away at Peter's ass. Diego did not seem to notice that his cock was actively getting larger as he fucked, but the increased tightness only renewed his desire to fuck harder.

"Oh fuck!" Peter moaned unable to take the force of that massive cock slamming against his prostate any longer he started cumming all over his stomach and up onto Diego's hairy abs. Diego's lust was ignited further at the sight of this young stud's cum and he renewed his efforts to fuck harder and deeper, urging his own massive cock to cum inside that tight hole. Finally with four final long strokes he unleashed another load almost as large as the last. He had never cum so much, but even after the last load exploded inside of the Peter's hot hole, he knew he was still horny.

Peter watched in astonishment as Diego pulled out what must have become a 12 inch cock while buried inside of him. As soon as the massive shaft was free of the tight hole, Diego stood up over the hot blond and started stroking the whole length of the massive cock. Diego wrapped both his hand around the shaft and jerked it harder and harder. Peter was sure that Diego was going to cum again, when a knock sounded on the door to the lab.

"Just ignore it," Peter urged, "they will go away."

"Shut up, bitch," Diego spat down on Peter, "this is my lab. Let's see who's come to play with my new toy."

Peter was frantic now; he tried to get to his feet, grabbing hold of the countertop nearest to him. His legs were weak and shaky, but he finally managed to hobble along towards the door. Diego was already reaching for the handle; he was standing fully naked with a foot long erect cock ready to greet the person on the other side. The door swung open and to Peter's horror, Dr. Daniel Morris, the chairman of the Board of Bioresearch was staring in disbelief.

"Look who it is, Pete, it's the ass hole who stole our funding," Diego almost laughed as his massive dick swung back and forth in front of him.

Dr. Daniel Morris was a young, brilliant biologist that rose quickly to the top. Daniel was well known for his ability to give speeches and talk efficiently to any crowd of fellow academics, but for once in his life Daniel was at a complete loss for words. He had come to apologize to the brilliant Dr. Juarez, whose research he had followed for years, but now he had stumbled upon something that went far beyond alarming. Despite his best efforts, Daniel could not help but look at the massive cock swinging back and forth between him and Dr. Juarez. Was such a thing even possible?

Diego grabbed the young Dr. Morris by the silver tie he was wearing over his blue shirt, and yanked him into the lab. Quickly, Diego slammed the door and stepped in front of it, cutting off the exit.

"Don't do anything, Diego," Peter pleaded again, "maybe he can help us. Maybe he can help you."

Daniel's thoughts were racing, trying to consider his options, but a situation such as this had never existed as a possibility in his mind. There was no reasoning with a mad man. Daniel had to play along until he could find an opening that would allow him to escape.

"What do you want?" Daniel asked timidly.

"I want you to be my bitch!" Diego roared as he came forward and forced Daniel over the nearest lab bench. Diego wasted no time tearing apart the young doctor's black dress pants and ripping down the tight white underwear underneath. As Diego ripped and tore, Daniel's eyes bulged as his own dick and balls were bounced around and battered. Diego started spitting vigorously in the crack of Daniel's ass, and rubbing his finger around and into the hole.

"Please, no," Daniel pleaded, "I have a wife at home."

"Listen to him," Peter attempted as he stumbled closer and closer to the two doctors.

"Everyone wants me," Diego smiled up at Peter, "I'm perfection. I've created perfection, and now I will show this little bitch what perfection feels like."

Without pause Diego pushed four inches of his massive cock into the virgin hole. Daniel screamed louder than Peter ever had and even thrashed about trying to take a swipe at Diego. Diego took hold of Daniel's tie and pulled it tight until he was choking him. Daniel seemed to relax as he recognized his thrashing was only tightening the noose around his neck. Diego pulled out some and then pushed in again, deeper this time.

"God, that's fucking tight," Diego smiled, "how's that feel, bitch?"

"Fuck you!" Daniel yelled.

"I intend to," Diego replied as he pulled out and pushed his dick in further. Soon he was making regular strokes in and out pushing hard with each thrust and pulling back on Daniel's tie so the defenseless doctor had no choice but to back up into the fat cock. Daniel moaned and cried as the massive cock invaded his insides. There was no stopping Diego, he was on a mission to fuck his enemy into submission and nothing would stop him. Diego fucked that hole with one goal, and that was to insert his entire cock and fill this little bitch with his cream.

"Get your cock out of him," Peter commanded as he rounded the counter and stood only feet away from Diego and the defenseless man getting ripped apart by the biggest dick any of them had ever seen.

"I'll get out, once I make this ass mine. Why don't you go be a good little bitch and wait your turn?" Diego laughed at this and started fucking harder just to spite Peter.

"How would you like it, if someone invaded your virgin hole without regard to what you were feeling?" Peter demanded, "Let him go."

To Diego's amazement, the entire length of his massive cock finally slipped into Daniel's tight hole. Now the fun would really begin. Blocking out the annoying pleas of Daniel and Peter, Diego focused entirely on fucking his new hole. He allowed his full animal rage to well up inside him. He knew that this little bitch being impaled on his massive shaft was the cause of everything. If it weren't for this bitch canceling their funding none of this would be happening. What goes around comes around. Diego fucked his massive cock into that hole without mercy.

Daniel was nearly catatonic, his mind had shut down in defense against the onslaught Diego's massive 12 inch cock was delivering. He became vaguely aware of a hot wet liquid running down his leg, and felt even more shame when he realized it was his own dick cumming from the force of the massive cock raping him. Daniel knew the life he once knew was over, he would forever remember this moment when he was transformed into a little bitch just like Diego wanted.

Diego was so enthralled with the feel of Daniel's ass around his cock that he did not realize until too late that Peter had stepped behind him. Without warning, Peter was ramming a thick soda-can sized cock into Diego's ass. The fat head of Peter's cock was stretching him to the limit and he cried out in pain, but also in pleasure as he slammed his own massive cock back into Daniel.

"How do you like it?" Peter asked again, "Doesn't feel good does it?"

Diego wanted Daniel's ass so badly that he pushed himself towards Peter to get a better thrust. Diego never slowed his fucking; he simply took Peter's fat cock and then slammed his own dick deep into that delicious ass. Peter tried to match speed, determined to teach Diego a lesson and fuck him just as hard as he was fucking the defenseless Daniel.

Diego felt Peter's dick continue to grow inside his ass with each thrust. At first he thought it was just the feel of his first cock in his ass, but then he realized the cock was indeed growing with each ramming he endured. Peter's dick was not nearly as large as Diego, but it was much thicker. Diego's ass was being stretched to its max, and he had no choice but to endure it if he wanted to fuck Daniel. Finally, the force of Peter's fat dick head slamming into his prostate and the intense tightness of Daniel caused Diego to let loose his largest load yet. He sent load after load of hot cream into Daniel's hole.

Peter could feel Diego orgasm and he pumped his dick harder and faster until he too was shooting his hot load inside of Diego's ass. He had just fucked his mentor, and the man with the biggest dick he had ever experienced. Peter had never felt so fucking horny.

Peter let his fat 8 inch dick slide out of Diego's ass and Diego let his massive foot long fuck shaft slide out of Daniel. Daniel seemed to crumple on his knees before the two massive studs. For a moment he just hung his head down in stunned silence.

"Clean them off," Diego ordered.

Daniel looked up at him and then reached out for the big 12 inch cock. Hesitantly, Daniel licked the little bit of cum still dripping off of Diego's dick, he seemed to savor it a moment and realize it wasn't that bad and gave a bigger lick up the whole shaft. Daniel turned and obediently licked off Peter next.

"That's a good boy," Diego smiled and then kissed Peter deeply. Soon Diego and Peter were locked in a hot post-sex make out session their still semi-hard cocks knocking against each other, while Daniel sat in stunned silence on the floor.

Part V: Secret Crush

Alex opened his eyes in confusion. He saw some broken glass on the table in front of him and beyond that was what appeared to be a chemistry lab. For a moment he was incredibly disoriented as the effects of the sedative still swirled around in his brain. Finally, he recalled the strange series of events that had brought him to his current predicament. Looking across the table he discovered that Peter was no longer passed out across from him.

"Hello?" Alex spoke aloud, but no one answered. He stood from the stool he was propped up on and looked around the room. Immediately he noticed the muscular guy with sandy brown hair, Matt, draped over the next lab bench over. The muscular boy's ass was just hanging out of his torn and tattered pants. Alex suppressed a giggle as he wondered if the poor stud had eaten too much Taco Bell. Alex moved closer to Matt and made sure that he was still breathing.

Moving away from Matt, Alex saw the door to the office was wide open; peering inside, he saw no one. Where was Dr. Juarez? Where was Peter for that matter? Suddenly, from behind there was a the crash of glass breaking across the tile floor. Alex whirled around and saw the tall guy with dark spiky hair seizing on the floor.

"Oh shit!" Alex ran to the unconscious EMT and rolled him on his side. It was happening just like it did to Peter. Every muscle in the stud's body was constricting and bulging against his clothes. As quickly as the seizure began, it stopped. Alex considered the implications of Trevor's seizure, because Trevor was exposed to the virus later than Alex. Maybe Peter was not contagious until after his transformation had started. Alex wondered where Dr. Juarez was, so that he might answer some of these questions.

Alex realized his hands were massaging the tall studs newly improved pectorals and biceps and forced himself to stop. These two new studs were amazing to look at, not to mention Trevor had a rather large cock to begin with. Alex resisted the urge to take a peek and continued his search of the room.

"Peter?" he called, "are you in here?"

This time Alex heard a distinct whimper coming from the corner of the room nearest to the door. He moved quickly and was shocked to find a man he did not know. The man's dark brown hair was a mess and he was cowering in the very corner of the room. The man's upper half was dressed in a ripped blue shirt and a silver tie hanging down his backside, but his lower half was completely naked except for his socks and shoes. Alex could only describe the man's demeanor as terrified. Alex attempted to move a consoling hand toward the shaking stranger, but the man retreated into the corner farther and began whimpering again. What the fuck had happened?

Alex felt his phone buzz in his pants and pulled it from his pocket quickly, hoping to see Peter calling. On the phone was the picture of his band and underneath that the name Wesley Sneider. Wes was Alex's long time best friend and the lead singer of their band. Alex loved to see Wes put on a show and get all the people fired up. Wes just had that personality that was magnetic in the right situations. Alex considered ignoring the call, but realized he had missed their band practice the night before and Wes was probably worried sick.

"Hello," Alex answered.

"Alex, man, what's going on? Didn't you get my messages?"

"Sorry, Wes," Alex started, "Peter was sick last night, it just happened so fast."

"No problem," Wes laughed, "Hey, I was going to grab a bite of lunch. Wanna join? You can bring your boy toy along if he's feeling better."

"Sorry, I shouldn't. I've got to..." what? He didn't know where Peter was. All signs indicated that he was not infected. And his stomach began growling at the sound of the word food. "Ok, sure, I could eat."

"Awesome, meet you at the cafeteria."

Alex ended the call. He dialed Peter immediately after. The phone rang and rang. Finally, Peter's voice answered and stated the usual leave-a-message nonsense. Damn.

"Hey pal," Alex turned toward the stranger cowering in the corner, "should I call 9-1-1?"

"Please, don't fuck me," the man whispered.

"Alright then," Alex nodded, "I don't know what's going on, but I've got to get myself out of this weird ass place for a while. There's a phone on the wall over there if you need some help, pants, or whatever."

Alex felt his phone buzz again, "Hello?"

"Alex, it's Peter, what the fuck do you want?"

"Well, for starters, ass hole, where are you?"

"I'm busy. Diego and I are testing some theories about this virus. You should see our bodies now, they are fucking perfection. My dick just keeps getting bigger and everyone wants to fuck me. I mean everyone."

"Did you tell them that you were in a relationship with someone?"

"Fuck no, if some bitch wants to suck my cock, I'll let them."

"So you're into girls now too?"

"Fuck no," Peter laughed, "I have standards. I know you've never been fucked, Alex, but you should try it. Diego would send you out of this world. Hey, have you started changing yet? I'd love to see how big your dick is now."

"Peter," Alex was getting annoyed, "slow the fuck down. Why don't you come back here and tell me what is going on. I must admit, I'm not a fan of you getting fucked by Diego and seducing two incredibly sexy EMTs. Do you even care how any of this makes me feel?"

"Please, don't fuck me," the guy in the corner muttered.

"God, you're being such a bitch," Peter ended the call.

"Please, don't fuck me. Don't fuck me," more whimpering.

"I'm not going to fucking fuck you!" Alex shouted in frustration, "Who the fuck are you anyway?"

"NO! Don't fuck me," the man started crying and sobbing. Alex stormed out of the lab and out of the science building.

Still fuming about the way Peter was talking to him and perhaps even a little disappointed that he had not been changed to a super fucking stud like his boyfriend, Alex marched across campus towards the cafeteria. He was hungry and clearly Peter and 'Diego' didn't care what the fuck he was doing.

Wesley had wavy blond hair that grew nearly to his shoulders and a golden beard that was neatly trimmed. He had the most gorgeous green eyes and high cheek bones. He was only a little taller than his good pal, Alex, and they shared the same slender almost lanky build. As Wes waited at the table he had reserved, wearing his tight red tank top and khaki pants, he could not help but admire his bulging biceps. He had been working out his arms lately and wearing more tank tops so his fans could see them really popping when he was doing a show.

Wes was not openly gay; in fact he had never been with a guy. He'd fucked several girls after their concerts, but he always found the greatest satisfaction when he jerked off thinking about his pal, Alex. Wes wasn't sure when his obsession with Alex started, but they used to jack off together all the time as teenagers and he always admired his friends tight body. Alex eventually went on to become openly gay and then they moved to college and Alex met Peter. Every time Wes was forced to watch Alex kissing his muscular little blond boy, he wondered what it would be like.

Wes noticed Alex across the way and motioned him over to the table. Wes immediately noted Alex's dark mood. "What's the matter?"

"Oh, my boyfriend's being a whore and his boss is a lunatic."

"I'm sensing a really long story behind all that," Wes smiled; he motioned for Alex to set his tray down and eat.

"You will not believe the night I've had. Sorry I missed practice by the way."

Alex began to recount the events of the previous day and then getting a mysterious call from Peter's boss, Diego, explaining there was a virus on the loose only to discover Peter with two other men.

"Wait," Wes held up a hand, "a virus? Is this why Peter is sick?"

"I might have lied, a little. Peter is fine off gallivanting with his new super buddy, Diego."

"Whoa," Wes was beginning to feel concerned, "shouldn't we be worried about this virus? Are you infected? If everything you're telling me is true, we should call 9-1-1 or something."

Throughout the conversation Alex was just stuffing his face with food. It was very uncommon for Alex to eat with such intensity. Everything about his behavior was strange; especially the flippant way in which he approached the subject of mutated viruses altering people's physical being.

"I asked the don't-fuck-me guy the same question. Should I call 9-1-1?" Alex chuckled as he licked his fingers, "God, this pork sandwich is good."

"Who's the don't-fuck-me guy?" Wes was really lost now.

"God, you have to try this," Alex held out two fingers with barbecue sauce from the sandwich in front of Wes. Wes swallowed as he realized these were the same fingers he had been licking moments ago.

"No, thanks," Wes shook his head.

"Come on, man, try it."

"On your fingers?"

"Yea, just suck it off. What's the big deal?"

"You're not acting right, Alex. I think the virus might be affecting you after all. We need to find this Diego guy."

"I'm not looking for the ass hole that fucked my boyfriend. He's the one that started this whole fucking mess! If I see him I'm going to give him a taste of his own medicine!"

"Alex, you're making a scene," Wes sheepishly smiled at the neighboring table where two top heavy brunettes were staring in disgust.

"Fuck it," Alex said licking the barbecue sauce off his fingers. "I've got to piss."

Wes watched as Alex stood without warning and started off towards the bathroom. Wes sat awkwardly for a moment and then decided to follow, because he was growing increasingly more concerned about his best friend.

When Wes entered the bathroom he saw Alex with his pants down around his ankles pissing into the urinal. Another guy was toweling off his hands and he gave a quizzical look before hurrying on his way. "What are you doing?"

"I'm taking the best fucking piss of my life," Alex laughed, "I've never actually had full on wood while pissing before."

"Is that even possible?" Wes wondered aloud.

"Evidently," Alex laughed again, "Wanna see?"

Wes swallowed again, trying to suppress an extreme urge to say yes. He didn't have to; Alex turned to the side and showed off his hard eight inch dick pissing into the urinal. Wes felt his own dick ache with desire inside his pants. Not now, he told himself.

"Why didn't I get affected by the virus? My dick would be huge by now," Alex finished pissing and turned toward Wes; his dick swinging back and forth.

"Alex, pull your pants up. We need to talk about what to do next," Wes tried to admonish, but his words sounded hollow.

"You know what else Peter made me realize?" Alex asked.

"What's that?"

"I've never been fucked," Alex took a couple steps forward, closing the gap between them. "I remember your dick being about the same size as mine."

Wes bit his lip as Alex started stroking the front of his pants. Alex smiled when he felt that the dick was already starting to grow hard before he even touched it.

"What's up, straight boy?" Alex laughed.

"We shouldn't," Wes pulled back, "There's too much going on. We need to find Peter and Diego."

"Fuck them," Alex whispered as he closed the gap again, "and while you're at it, fuck me."

Wes could not stop the growing hardness of his dick as Alex again began groping him. Alex wasted no time undoing the button and reaching his hands inside the khaki shorts to stroke the hardening shaft. Wes moaned and bit his lip again while closing his eyes. While Wes' eyes were closed he suddenly felt lips touch his own lips and he instinctively kissed back. Their lips soon parted and their tongues met while Alex's hand continued to jerk Wes dick harder and faster.

Alex used his other hand to feel all over his best friends incredible biceps and then moved down, down the arm until he took hold of Wes' hand. He parted from the intense kiss and brought the hand to his lips where he began sucking on the index and middle fingers. He let Wes' long fingers go nearly to the back of his throat to the point just before gagging and then he'd suck them off.

"Oh, fuck," Wes looked him in the eyes with those beautiful green gems, "this isn't right."

Alex took Wes' hand and pushed it down, down until it made contact with the hard eight inch cock. Wes took hold of Alex's dick and started stroking it. They began kissing again with more passion and intense desire. Alex suddenly felt in his mind as if he were looking through the eyes of someone else. He was seeing himself on a stage playing the bass at a concert. Alex watched as he flashed himself a smile that made him want to admit the intense desire he felt towards himself.

Wes could feel Alex kissing him and stroking his dick, but Alex suddenly seemed as if he were concentrating on something else. Alex was seeing new scenes now, each involving watching himself and suddenly he was back in the bathroom watching himself piss with a hard dick and feeling as if all his dreams were coming true. Then he was kissing himself, but he was really kissing Wes. He was stoking his own dick, but he was stroking Wes' dick. Alex pulled away from Wes with a puzzled look.

"What is it?" Wes asked.

"I don't know," Alex whispered, "something just happened. I think..."

"What?" Wes urged.

"I think I was you. I think I felt you, or what you feel. Have you had a crush on me for a long time?"

"Well," Wes made a sly smile, "maybe."

"I could feel what you felt and how you felt. You've imagined me just getting naked for you like I did many times. You've wanted me to kiss you and touch you. Beg you to fuck me."

Wes felt embarrassment, because he thought he had successfully hidden his feelings all this time, but in fact he had not.

"No, you did well hiding what you felt," Alex responded as if reading his mind.

"How did you know?"

"I think you're right," Alex admitted, "The virus did affect me, but not the same as the others."

Wes was astonished at the implications of what was happening. Alex had approached him in the same manner as what had just transpired on many occasions, but always in a dream or fantasy. Somehow Alex had plucked this moment from inside his mind and made his fantasy a reality.

"If I remember correctly," Alex smiled, "I get down on my knees."

Alex sunk to his knees before Wes' hard dick.

"And suck your dick," Alex smiled up as he slid the eight inch dick into his parted lips. Alex could feel himself sucking on his own dick. He sucked it harder and used his tongue to play over the head of his cock.

Wes groaned with pleasure as his friend started sucking him. Wes could not believe how talented Alex was at sucking dick, it was as if he knew exactly what he wanted next. Alex put the cock in his cheek and used his hand to make it pop out the side of his mouth. He put it back in his cheek and repeated the process of making it pop out of his mouth with a loud wet noise. Putting it back again, Wes thrust his hips forwards and fucked his hard dick into Alex cheek. Wes looked down and saw Alex's own dick rock hard and leaking pre-cum like crazy. It was unreal how turned on Alex was getting just giving a blow job.

Alex was giving Wes a blow job, but he could feel every movement of his mouth and tongue as if it were on his own dick. Then Wes grabbed him by his shaggy dark hair and started fucking his face, the hard eight inch dick striking the back of his throat. He massaged his tongue against the shaft and tried to open his throat and take the cock deeper and harder. He could feel his own cock as if it was being squeezed by the tightness in the back of his own throat. Alex knew exactly how to manipulate his mouth and the force with which he was sucking, because he was feeling everything Wes was feeling.

Wes peeled his red tank top off and quickly helped Alex out of his shirt. Wes pulled Alex to his feet and started kissing him again. He could taste the pre-cum from his own dick on Alex's tongue and he savored the flavor as he walked Alex backwards toward the bathroom sink. Wes lifted Alex off his feet with his powerful arms and set his back against the sink and the mirror behind it. Alex closed his eyes and could see Wes admiring his own body in the mirror, the well groomed beard and striking green eyes full of lust were breathtaking.

"Spit," Wes commanded of Alex, and Alex obediently spit on Wes' upturned palm. Wes wasted no time lifting Alex's legs up and rubbing the wet spit onto the exposed rectum. He played his index finger over the hole and let it push its way in and out. Alex took his own index finger and put it in his own mouth, where he could swear he tasted his own ass.

Wes lifted most of Alex's weight with his powerful arms and allowed Alex to steady himself with his hands on the sink and leaning against the mirror. Wes lined up his fat eight inch dick with Alex hole and started pushing himself inside. Alex moaned as he felt the familiar feel of a tight ass around his dick, but also felt the invading cock in his ass. Alex was wary of the pain, but his dick was telling him to ram it in and satisfy his intense lust. He wanted to see Wes fucking him in the mirror so badly. Wes pushed his way in deeper and then pulled out only to push back in farther. Over and over again he pushed his dick in.

"Oh, that's right baby," Alex pleaded, "Get in there!"

Alex could feel his own ass constricting around his cock, and it was amazing how straight in the air his cock was standing as Wes finally pushed the last of his dick into his virgin hole. They kissed and then Wes leaned back and started fucking Alex. Faster and faster he fucked. Years of suppressed desires and urges suddenly boiled to the surface. Wes wanted his friend and his tight hole for so long. Wes looked up into the mirror and watched himself fucking. His arm muscles were tight and his abs were contracting with each hard thrust into Alex's tight ass.

Alex closed his eyes and saw Wes in the mirror fucking him and he opened his eyes and saw Wes fucking him without the mirror and he could feel the tightness of his own ass on his dick. The overload of his senses was so intense that his fully erect shaft started exploding load after thick load. The eruptions occurred without any assistance from his hand and they splattered the mirror and his chest. Alex closed his eyes and could see the hot sight of his cum dripping down the mirror while Wes was still burying his cock inside him.

"Oh fuck, that was so hot," Wes laughed, "you came without jerking off."

Wes leaned over and kissed Alex and then out of curiosity tasted a bit of the hot cum off of his friend's chest. He didn't mind the taste. Wes picked up speed, thrusting his dick harder and faster wanting nothing more than to fuck Alex's ass forever. Alex just let Wes work, still feeling every move Wes made in his ass as if it were his own dick. His own dick was still at full mast even after shooting such a large load. Alex could feel Wes on the verge of cumming, because his own dick was perilously on the verge of cumming again too.

"Your fantasy ended with you shooting your load in my mouth," Alex smiled up at Wes, "Or did you forget that?"

Wes let his dick slip out of Alex's ass and then put his legs back on the floor. Alex kneeled before his hot friend and slurped the hot dick into his mouth. Wes started fucking Alex's face almost as hard as he had been fucking his ass. Alex took it and sucked as hard as he could, feeling every sensation on his own sensitive dick. Suddenly, Wes began shooting his hot load down Alex's throat and Alex was swallowing as fast as he could. At the same moment, Alex's own dick began to shoot another, smaller load without any provoking. Alex could not believe how incredible this sex was, better than anything he had ever experienced with Peter.

"Oh, fuck!" Wes let his semi-hard dick slide out of Alex's mouth, "Why didn't we do that years ago?"

"I don't fucking know, but that was intense," Alex panted.

Wes looked down and noticed for the first time, "Holy shit, you came again?"

"Yeah, it was like I could feel what you felt and came at the same time. I couldn't help it, we were... connected."

The door to the bathroom came open and a young cafeteria worker came in with a backpack on, probably just finishing his shift. "What the fuck is going on in here?"

The two pals pulled on their clothes as quickly as they could and hurried from the bathroom. They could hear the cafeteria worker shouting after them, "Get a room you fucking faggots!" Everyone had to be staring, but for once Wes didn't care.

Part VI: The Gym

Marc Stone wished that he knew how to study as well as he knew how to work out. Every day he would hit the gym around the same time with his good friend Harry Guntheroth V (his friend's call him Guns). Guns was one of the tallest people Marc knew, standing at nearly 6 foot 7 inches, this powerful black man was nothing but pure muscle from head to toe, hence the fitting nick-name. Marc was also solid as a rock from head to toe with massive bulging biceps nearly 14 inches around, but much shorter than Guns. These two men shared one common interest, and that was making themselves look better. Both men loved when other people noticed just how perfect their bodies were.

Marc had dark brown buzzed hair and he shaved his body regularly to show off every definition of his extremely muscular body. He liked to take his shirt off while working out and let the sweat poor over his straining muscles. Guns usually wore some loose baggy shorts and a tank top and just let his sweat soak into his shirt as they worked. It was almost like an addiction, going to the gym, and Marc would almost feel some sort of withdrawal if he didn't make it one day. As usual the campus gym was relatively empty, which was normal when Marc and Guns paid a visit. Marc would have liked more people around to see him, but it was nice to have all the equipment to themselves.

In the corner, Marc did notice a big burly man with dark black hair all over his massive body doing some squats. "Hey, Bart, how's it going?"

"Not bad," Bart exhaled as he stood from his squat. He was pushing a lot of weight. Bart was a good guy; he was often at the gym the same time as Marc and Guns. Bart was one of the on campus security guards, but he enjoyed taking advantage of the free gym membership when he had the chance.

"Any exciting stories lately?" Marc asked.

"No," Bart grunted as he squatted again, then up again, "Just some idiot tried to microwave a baseball. The whole dorm was evacuated after the fire alarm sounded."

"Some people have no sense," Guns said with a smile.

"Isn't that the truth," Bart nodded as he put the weight bar back in its pegs.

Marc spotted for Guns while he was bench pressing, and counted his reps for him. He was not paying much attention to everything else around him, when he heard Bart say, "What the fuck?"

Marc looked in the direction that Bart was staring and found a massive Latino beast of a man walking into the gym fully naked. Between his legs swung the biggest dick Marc could ever imagine and a set of massive balls. The beast was not quite as hairy as Bart, but his chest and abs were certainly coated with a nice layer of fur. Just behind the beast came the beauty, a golden haired boy also covered with a layer of fur over a perfectly toned and ripped body. This stud was also naked with a thick soda-can sized cock sticking straight out for the entire world to see. By this point, Guns had sat up and was staring with disbelief as well.

"You can't just walk around naked in here," Bart took the command as a result of his experience being a security guard. He approached the beast and beauty with his massive hairy chest glistening with sweat.

"We seek perfection," the Latino beast spoke smoothly, "to enhance our own perfection."

"And I think we found it," the blond spoke, while looking at the three men with intense desire. The blond focused most intensely on Guns.

"We don't want any fucking trouble," Guns stated, "you both better just get out of here."

Bart had finally intercepted the beast, but the beast simply reached out and grabbed hold of Bart's cock through his gym shorts. Bart let a strange gasp and groan escape his lips and his eyes rolled back in his head. Bart was suddenly bombarded by a powerful dose of irresistible pheromones and his seven inch cock was growing rigid in this massive beast's hand.

"Yeah, you like that don't you bitch," the Latino beast laughed as he felt Bart's hairy chest with his other hand. He found one of Bart's nipples and twisted it, before kissing him hard on the lips. The blond moved right past this quickly accelerating scene and moved toward Guns. Marc was in shock when Guns simply allowed the hot boy to sit on his lap and start kissing him. Marc moved around the bench, keeping his eyes on the blond to make sure he didn't notice, as he tried to escape.

"God, you're so fucking sexy," Guns was muttering between kisses.

"I knew you were a fucking big boy," the blond said as he grinded his ass against Gun's loose gym shorts and the growing bulge that was appearing there. Marc turned away from his friend and the blond in the hopes of escaping, but found both Bart and the beast blocking his path.

"Where do you think, you're going?" the beast asked, "Was Peter not hot enough for you? You wanted some of this?"

Marc tried to avert his eyes, but the size of the 12 inch cock was like a magnet for the eyes. You couldn't help but look in utter disbelief. The beast moved closer and suddenly Marc felt his own cock yearning to be free. He didn't understand it, but he was gazing into the eyes of the most incredible man he had ever seen and he suddenly felt small, even insignificant. This beast was not nearly as tall as Guns, but Marc knew that if this powerful man wanted to, he would destroy Guns as well.

"Drop your fucking pants," the beast said. Marc found himself obeying the order and in no time he was standing completely naked in the gym. His cock was starting to grow rigid and reaching its full 7.5 inches. The beast reached out and grabbed his cock and Marc knew why Bart had melted so quickly beneath the touch of this massive wall of perfection. Marc leaned forward and kissed the hairy chest and then showered the beast with kisses up his neck and to his lips. Their lips locked and their tongues engaged one another in a hot wet kiss. Suddenly, the beast pushed Marc down on his knees.

Marc felt afraid as he saw the 12 inch cock swinging back and forth in front of him, but the beast instead pulled down Bart's shorts and shoved Marc's head in the direction of Bart's fat cock. Marc took Bart's cock with surprising ease and he felt the hairs of Bart's substantial bush tickling his nose. Bart smelled of sweat and hard work. Marc breathed in the familiar intoxicating smells and savored the intense lust which flared inside of him.

Guns allowed the hot blond to pull his tank top off of him and leaned back onto the bench while the boy admired his massive chest, arms, and body. Guns could feel his 11 inch cock poking out of the top of his gym shorts while the blond stud grinded his sexy ass against him. Guns was very turned on by the contrast of this studs white skin against his dark chocolate skin. Guns wanted the boy to know how much he appreciated the worshipful way he was being treated so he reached down and started stroking the boy's massively thick cock. Guns had huge hands, but they only barely fit all the way around the shaft of this beautiful blond stud.

Bart was grabbing the back of Marc's head and fucking his face with intense desire. Marc was gagging and wishing he could put a stop to the intense assault on his throat, but he didn't dare upset the beast standing inches from him. He felt the weight of the 12 inch cock looming near his face and every once in a while he would get smacked in the face by it. The beast liked to give directions and tell Marc how to suck Bart's cock. "Slow down, let him suck it," the beast whispered to Bart. Marc was relieved, but now Marc had to suck hard and he forced himself all the way down on Bart's dick before sucking hard back off of it. Over and over, faster and faster he sucked Bart down. The big fat cock slapped him in the face again leaving a wet string of pre-cum between his face and the head of the monster cock.

It was so hot, Marc couldn't leave it, and he let Bart's cock out of his mouth and licked the pre-cum off the head of that monster cock. It tasted so good, he couldn't believe it. Marc sucked and kissed the head of the massive cock, just barely putting the end of the monster dick into his mouth.

"Yea, you like the big cock, don't you bitch," the beast smiled down. He took the big shaft and started hitting Marc in the face again. "Get down and help him."

Bart knelt down beside Marc and together the two men started licking and sucking on the massive 12 inch cock. Neither man could take much of the dick down their throat, but using their tongues and lips they soon had the whole shaft wet and dripping. Bart and Marc kissed each side of the dick and then they would let their tongues touch as they wrapped around the fat cock. They licked it up and down.

"Don't forget the balls," the beast instructed. Marc ducked down and started licking the balls while Bart took the head of the dick back into his mouth to suck it. After licking the huge balls, Marc started sucking on them, taking only one into his mouth at a time due to the massive size of them. The beast let out a guttural growl of appreciation as the two studs savored his massive cock.

Guns looked down over his body and watched the beautiful blond sucking his cock up and down taking it deeper than anyone had ever taken it. Guns could not believe his 11 inch cock had grown so hard so quickly at the touch of this hot boy. The stud would use his tongue on the head of the cock in such a way that Gun's toes would curl and then he'd take the cock down into his tight throat and gag himself on it so hard that Guns would arch his back and let out a satisfied, "Oh, fuck." The boy was relentless and Guns knew his cheeks had to be aching from the effort of sucking his big black cock. The boy was suddenly standing up and he straddled Guns chest with his legs. The massive soda-can sized cock was now pointed directly towards Guns' face.

"Suck me now, baby," the boy instructed.

Guns spread his big black lips as wide as he could and took the head into his mouth. Guns started sucking on just the head of the big dick and as he sucked it he realized the cock was still getting longer. It was nearly 8.5 inches long now and as thick as a soda-can at its base.

"That's right, take that dick," the boy commanded as he started thrust his hips so that the cock shoved deeper and deeper into Guns' mouth. "Yea, take that fat fucking cock."

Guns did not like having his mouth assaulted by such a fat cock, nearly cutting off his ability to breath, but the hot blond stud gave him no choice as he repeatedly shoved the massive cock deeper. Guns gagged and coughed, but the stud just told him again, "Take that fat fucking cock."

Bart was getting his throat raped by the 12 inch dick. Marc was almost on the floor sucking Bart off again, but he had also noticed his good friend, Guns, was now starting to suck a fat dick. As the blond boy pushed his cock into Guns' mouth, Marc eyes locked for the first time on Guns' massive 11 inch fuck stick. He knew that Guns must have been big, but he had no idea he was that incredibly well hung. The only person in the room bigger was the beast.

Bart gagged and gagged as his drool dripped down his chin and off of the massive 12 inch cock that was brutally pounding his throat. The beast had traded a series of instructions for an aggressive and animal like grunting with each thrust of his massive cock. Tears streamed down Bart's face from all the intense fucking his face was receiving. The beast finally yanked his massive cock out of Bart's mouth and allowed him to gasp for air.

"Take his place," the beast commanded Marc, and Marc obeyed. Marc no more than took the head of the dick into his mouth when the beast grabbed him and started fucking his face. He gagged and sucked, gagged and sucked. Tears were starting to fall from his own eyes as the massive cock rammed his throat again and again. Bart had regained his breath and went to work sucking on Marc's dick. There was something extremely stimulating about nearly choking on cock while getting his dick sucked. Marc had never enjoyed a sexual experience quite as much.

The blond finally pulled his dick out of Guns' mouth and immediately grabbed his big 11 inch cock. Lining it up, the blond started sinking down onto the massive shaft, forcing it into his tight hole all the way down to the base. Guns squirmed and grunted against the tight hole squeezing him so completely. He was shocked that despite the tightness, the hot stud was able to slide it in with relative ease. The boy began to raise his hips up and down allowing the massive cock to slide out and then forcing it back in with the weight of his body. Guns was lost in pure bliss as the hot stud started riding it harder and deeper. The boy's cute butt made a slapping sound against his flesh with each decent down the hard shaft. Up and down the boy worked his ass, gyrating his hips and tightening every muscle in his body as he moved.

The beast looked up and saw his blond companion riding a big black dick. He grabbed his two bitches and pulled them to their feet. They followed behind him admiring each other's body as they went. "Turn around."

Guns felt a little nervous when he saw the massive beast of a man approaching him and the blond stud, but the stud did as he was told. Without getting off of Guns' massive cock he spun himself around so that his back was to Guns. Guns was again amazed at this talented hottie.

"Help me," the beast grunted at Bart and together they lifted Marc right off the ground. Marc looked confused at first, but soon realized that his hole was now directly over the enormous fat cock of the blond boy. The two studs lowered Marc down on top of the fat cock and Marc let out a cry of pain as the cock stretched his tight hole. The beast spit on the blond boys shaft and rubbed it over the cock. He spit again and rubbed his fingers around Marc's hole. Then they started pushing him down again onto the fat cock. Marc let out another cry as the fat cock pushed its way inside.

"Oh fuck!" Marc shouted. The blond boy started riding Guns' dick again, up and down, and with each thrust he worked his fat cock deeper into Marc's fully stretched ass. Marc felt like he was being ripped apart by the massive size of this blond beauty, but he kept taking it because he could see the satisfied, lustful look on the beasts face. Once the blond stud was successfully sandwiched between Guns and Marc, the beast grabbed Bart and bent him over.

Bart let out the loudest cry yet as the beast just started shoving his massive 12 inch cock inside. There was no hesitation, no mercy, just a monster cock stretching a virgin ass to the point of no return. The beast grunted and let out animal like noises as he forced himself inside of Bart's tight hole. Marc was watching the huge length slowly disappearing into Bart's hairy ass and his own cock was becoming more and more rigid at the sight. The blond boy's dick was so thick and it was hitting him in a way that was pushing him to the verge of orgasm. Guns was loving every minute inside of the blond boy's tight hole and now with Marc on top it, was like with each thrust he made both studs riding him moan with delight.

Bart was crying from the pain when the whole 12 inch cock finally shoved its way inside. Then the beast pulled it back a few inches, then jammed it back in. Bart felt like he was filled to the brim with cock, and yet each thrust made him feel more full. "Fuck, you're so big."

"Yea, you like that monster cock," the beast started fucking harder and harder. Bart was moaning and shaking from the force of each thrust, but he did not yield, he simply took the cock deep into his hairy ass.

The blond was pumping hard and fast now, his fat cock slammed into Marc and his tight ass slammed down on Guns' massive dick. Faster and faster, harder and harder the stud fucked himself and fucked. He was in pure bliss when he started cumming inside of Marc's tight hole. Marc was shocked by the sudden burst of warmth within him and with each subsequent thrust the blond stud made, more hot juice filled him up.

"Let's switch things up," the blond stud told the beast. The beast yanked his cock out of Bart, whose legs almost gave out from underneath him. Then in one swift motion, Marc was lifted back off of the fat cock that had just pumped him full of hot cream and the blond pulled himself off of Guns huge dick. The blond wasted no time lying Bart down on the next bench over and the beast started kissing Guns who was still lying prone on his own bench. Marc stood for a moment uncertain what to do. The blond stud was sitting down on Bart's dick and after being rammed by Guns' big dick it went in rather easy. "Now get inside me with him."

Marc could not believe what he was hearing, but he moved closer to the blond stud's ass and started pushing his own dick into the hole along with Bart. Their hard dicks ground together as they stretched the blond stud together. The blond let out a satisfied moan as he pushed his ass out for better access. Marc slapped the hot little butt and then started letting him have it. Bart was panting with pure satisfaction as he felt their two hard dicks sliding together into the stud's tight hole.

Guns was kissing this monster stud deeply when he felt a finger invade his rectum. It just slipped inside wet with spit started feeling its way in and out. Guns tensed and became nervous, because he knew where this beast of a man was taking him. "Please don't."

"You know I fucking have to now," the beast smiled down and slid a second finger into his tight hole. Guns had to admit the fingers did not feel that bad, but he had heard some of the sounds of extreme pain Bart had made as he was invaded. Curious, Guns looked over at the neighboring bench and saw Marc and Bart double fucking the hot blond. Guns own dick was rock solid and it pulsed with lust as he saw the incredible scene. Lost in the hot fucking from the other bench, Guns almost did not notice the massive form looming before him.

The beast 12 inch cock pressed against Guns' rectum until the fat head pushed inside. The beast pulled it out and slapped Guns' ass with the huge cock. Then he started pushing again. Guns tried to relax his ass and let the cock come inside, but it was too big. Guns yelled as he was stretched and stretched by every inch of that massive shaft. "Oh, fuck! It's too fucking big!"

"You're fucking big too," the beast said as he started stroking Guns' big dick while he shoved inch after inch of cock slowly into the tight black ass. "I can't wait to fucking fill you up."

Guns eyes nearly bulged out of his head, but at last the whole cock was inside of him. The beast started fucking slowly in and out, but he wasted no time increasing speed and forcing Guns to grip the bench with both hands.

Marc and Bart were fucking the same ass and it was so hot inside. To Marc's great amazement the hot blond stud that had cum inside him only moments ago was shooting another load all over Bart, some of it even made it into Bart's open and panting mouth. The feeling of the stud's orgasm around their two cocks penetrating him was intense. Marc and then Bart both let loose a hot stream of cum inside of the hot blonde's tight hole. Marc collapsed onto the studs back and grabbed on tight as he pumped his last few shots inside.

As Marc's orgasm began to subside he heard the labored cries of his good pal, Guns. Looking over at the next bench Marc saw the massive 12 inch Latino stallion impaled deep into his pal's black ass. Both men were grunting as the beast fucked hard and without mercy. Marc let his dick fall from the blond stud's tight hole and enjoyed the show. Guns own cock was standing straight out as he jerked his hard and fast. He was still fully erect even with all that cock shoved inside. Marc wondered just how good it must feel to have that enormous monster cock deep inside.

"Oh, shit!" Guns yelled, "Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum!"

The blond stud was right there at the mention of cum, he started wrapping his lips around Guns' big dick and sucking hard until at last Guns was pumping his hot load into that pretty little mouth.

"Oh, yea, get it all bitch," the beast encouraged and then he kissed the blond stud after he had licked up all the cum he could get. Guns was twitching on the bench with total satisfaction.

"I want you too," Marc suddenly said as he put his hand on the beast's hairy chest, "I want you inside me."

The beast looked at him and pulled his 12 inch dick out of Guns, he scooped Marc off the ground and propped him against the wall. Marc wrapped his legs around the hot Latino body, while the beast started shoving his massive shaft inside his tight hole. Marc was already loose from the blonde's fat cock and all the cum he had been filled with. It did not take long for the 12 inch dick to force its way inside and fill him more full than ever before. The beast let loose and started fucking with such ferocity. Marc yelled and could not help but leave scratch marks on the beast's back while he was brutally impaled by the 12 inch shaft.

"Oh yea, fuck that ass!" Marc pleaded. He loved getting fucked, and he never would have known that if it hadn't been for this amazing beast and his obedient stud. The beast let out an enraged cry as he rammed hard and deeper. Finally, his eyes rolled back, back arched, and hot cum exploded into Marc's ass. The beast pumped load after load inside, and Marc thought it would never end. Marc didn't want it to end. When he was finally finished, the beast set Marc down and Marc sucked the last cum off of his monster cock.

"God, that was fucking hot," Bart said.

"Yea," Guns agreed, "maybe next time you'll let me fuck you like that."

"I'd love that," Marc smiled at his good friend. "Now, who are you guys?"

"My name is Dr. Diego Juarez and this is my assistant Peter Smith. It is your lucky day, because we have given you perfection."

Part VII: Rage

When Daniel was in high school he was student council president, captain of the baseball team, valedictorian, and recipient of multiple scholarships. When he received his PhD with a focus in biopharmaceutical research, he was top in his class and graduated with honors. In his career, he had become the Chairman of the Board of Bioresearch by the age of 28 and he intended to seek new opportunities. Daniel had always had power and influence, and everything he did, he excelled.

Daniel sat, crumpled in a corner, not wearing any pants, and consumed with shame and confusion. Somehow, all of Daniel's power had been taken away in a single moment. Daniel still felt hollow deep in his guts, as if some part of him was removed along with the massive 12 inch cock that had filled him. He was afraid he would never find his way out of the fog of pure confusion and self-hatred, but sudden loud noises drew his attention. At first he cowered and cringed, but somewhere deep inside he fought to regain his courage. He would have to investigate the source of the sounds. There was something familiar about the loud noises he heard. Some primitive part of Daniel knew exactly what he was hearing.

Daniel crawled across the lab floor towards the source of the dreaded noises that were now bombarding his ears. There was no mistaking the sound of flesh against flesh. Daniel also heard shouting, but in his confusion he had difficulty focusing on the words being exchanged. He finally rounded the corner of the nearest lab bench and saw a massively muscular man with chestnut brown hair and wearing pants with the ass ripped out getting plowed by this massive stallion with dark spiky hair. "Fuck me Trevor! Oh you're so much fucking bigger!"

Daniel looked away and closed his eyes, but all he could see was the image of his own ass getting split apart by a monster dick. Daniel tried to fight the sensations overwhelming him, but he was also inhaling large amounts of pheromones that were being produced in excess by the two men fucking. Daniel felt the horror of his own dick growing more and more rigid with each passing second. Daniel felt like the entire world had stopped turning and then flipped upside down.

Daniel opened his eyes and took in the scene before him once more. The man, evidently named Trevor, had a huge dick which likely rivaled the size of Diego's massive 12 inch dick. Daniel could picture that 12 inch dick swinging back and forth as the door to the lab came open.

"Oh, Matt, I love fucking this sweet ass. It is so much more round and firm now that we've changed," Trevor whispered.

"Your cock is driving me wild; it's so fucking deep."

Daniel watched the two men and started stroking his own fully hard 8.5 inch cock, but he no longer felt fear or confusion. He felt angry. Every time he imagined Diego's cock penetrating him and violating him it only fueled his intense fury. Daniel began to wonder if these massive studs before him were important to Diego in some way. What would Diego do, if these studs were taken away? Daniel knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would not be satisfied until he had taken everything away from his enemy, Dr. Diego Juarez.

Fueled by his new sense of purpose and determination Daniel stood and tore his blue shirt, causing every button to pop off. The shirt fell behind him as he stalked naked into the room. He removed his silver tie and wrapped it around Trevor's throat while he was fucking the shit out of Matt. The massive spiky haired stud gasped in surprise and tried to back up, but Daniel shoved his hard cock into the stud's ass with one swift motion. Trevor bucked and thrashed, but Daniel overpowered him with his adrenaline-fueled rage and started fucking Trevor without mercy.

"What's the matter?" Matt asked as he turned to look, noticing for the first time another naked man now choking Trevor and fucking his virgin ass. Matt had secretly hoped he would get to be the first one to break Trevor in, but a maniac with a terrible ravenous expression had beat him to it. What terrified Matt the most was the force being applied to Trevor's neck as if the intent was to render him unconscious or worse. Matt acted quickly and threw his entire weight back toward the two men behind him. Matt felt Trevor's massive cock ram deep inside as the three men stumbled back a step.

For a moment, Trevor was able to catch a coughing and sputtering breath as the force of the tie around his neck was momentarily loosened. Trevor sucked in air and tried to duck down out of the noose that had slipped around his neck, but the attacker was already starting to tighten his grip again. Trevor let his elbow fly and made contact with the lunatic's face.

Daniel felt the sudden burst of pain across his left cheek and he roared in frustration as he was sent sprawling onto the floor. Matt was on top of him in a flash, pinning him to the ground. Trevor continued to cough and struggle to catch his breath.

"What are you fucking waiting for?" Daniel asked with hot rage, "Are you going to fuck me or not?"

Matt looked shocked by the idea, but then he looked over at Trevor and back at the mad man before him. Matt seemed to reconsider and started unzipping the front of his pants while straddling the cute guy he had pinned to the floor. Matt had fallen asleep several hours ago with a 7 inch cock in his pants, but now he was amazed to see a fat dick roughly 9 inches long come flopping out and rest on the naked stranger's abdomen. Matt couldn't wait to fuck with his newly improved tool. Matt knew he would have to let up on the guy if he were to get his dick in his ass.

Matt looked to Trevor who had finally regained his breathing and was looking in horror down at his attacker, "Can you help hold him down?"

"How did someone so much smaller than me overpower me like that?" Trevor marveled.

"I don't..." Matt was suddenly surprised as Daniel lurched forward and rolled him over onto his back, quickly switching positions as if it were nothing. Daniel lined up without pause and rammed his cock into Matt's ass and started drilling the loose hole. After being fucked by Trevor's massive cock there was little resistance, but Daniel used that as a reason to fuck harder and faster than ever before. Daniel roared with rage again as he plowed his cock into Matt's ass.

Trevor stood for a moment in shock. The maniac that had attacked him was not a big man, and he certainly should not have been able to tackle Matt like that, but he did. It was as if the man was possessed by some incredible resolve. Now the man had his hands around Matt's throat and was ramming into him like some sort of animal. Trevor grabbed the man and threw him backward away from Matt. The guy landed on his back and the cock that had only moments ago penetrated Trevor and Matt wagged back and forth as the man hit the ground.

The man looked up at Trevor and made a wild laugh as he grabbed hold of his dick and started stroking it toward Trevor, "You fucking liked it inside you, didn't you?"

Trevor shook his head in protest and felt determined to stick his own cock inside this little man. His cock was at least 12 inches long (if not longer) and incredibly thick. He felt furious that this ass hole had interrupted his time deep inside Matt. Before Trevor could get down and fuck the crazy man, Matt was on the guy's hole, shoving his 9 inch dick inside.

Matt was nothing like Diego, but Daniel suddenly felt like the piece that had been stolen out of him was being forced back into his body. Daniel tilted his head back and begged for Matt to get the entire cock buried into his ass. "Fuck me! That's right! Fuck me!"

Matt started pounding the man's tight hole and each stroke was fueled by his anger that he had been overpowered by such a small man. Matt had been enhanced and all of his muscles were bigger then they had ever been, but he had been overpowered and fucked by this unenhanced bitch. Matt fucked with such ferocity, as if he intended to split the man in two, and the harder he fucked the more the man begged for it.

Trevor watched as Matt fucked the man and considered going around to fuck Matt deep again, but something about the man's cock standing up as stiff as a board and bouncing around as Matt drilled him kept drawing his attention. Trevor kept thinking about that cock in his ass, and were it not for the intense choking he had enjoyed it.

Daniel was loving every moment of Matt inside him, but his eyes were focused on Trevor, who was standing with a look of indecision etched on his face. Daniel smiled up at him, "Just fucking ride it, already."

Trevor straddled the man, his back to Matt, and sat down on the guy's cock. It went inside and Trevor loved the feel of the mushroom head penetrating him. He pulled all the way off and let it pop back inside. Over and over he pulled up and sat back down. Then he took the cock all the way into his ass and started riding up and down the shaft, moaning as he felt the cock fill his insides with each decent. Trevor's own 12 inch cock was bouncing up and down, side to side as Trevor rode the guy's cock.

Daniel couldn't stand to watch that big dick swinging around in front of him, he rolled up as best he could and put the head of the dick into his mouth. He rolled his tongue over the head of the big dick and sucked the tip. Daniel kept repeating the process, swirling his tongue and sucking the dick. Trevor let out a satisfied moan.

Matt watched the guy's cock going in and out of Trevor's ass, and felt even angrier at him for stealing his chance at Trevor's hole. Matt started pulling his dick out farther and slamming it harder, deep into the guy's tight hole. With each powerful thrust the guy let out a satisfying grunt that made Matt want to fuck even harder.

Trevor suddenly realized that each time he was descending down on the man's dick it was penetrating deeper, and it almost felt like his hole was getting too tight for the dick. Trevor tried to relax his ass more, but it didn't matter. There was more and more resistance with each downward motion.

"Oh fuck!" Daniel suddenly shouted as he felt his cock expanding and growing inside of Trevor. He could see the look of confusion on Trevor's face and was afraid the hot stud would climb off. Daniel grabbed hold of Trevor's thighs and started pumping his cock up inside of his ass which was growing tighter and tighter by the minute as his cock was growing thicker and longer. Daniel was determined not to slow down and started using every effort to fuck up into his stud with the monster cock. Daniel watched that 12 inch cock bouncing around and he was determined to fuck harder and harder until his own dick was just as big and buried inside the stud's ass.

Matt was still watching the cock going into Trevor's ass, but now he was shocked to see it growing thicker around with each thrust the guy was making. Matt was certain the dick was nearly the same thickness as Peter and still it appeared to be growing. Matt could hardly keep his own dick in the guy's ass as he started thrusting up into Trevor's hole.

Trevor felt so full of cock he thought he would explode. Then, he was exploding. Trevor's body jerked and his cock started spewing cum like a garden hose. The first shot was so forceful it launched well over Daniel's head, but the second shot made it inside Daniel's mouth as he eagerly started sucking it down and holding his tongue out for more. Daniel went back to sucking hard on the end of the cock, slurping down all the cum he could get.

His cum spent and his ass stretched to the max, Trevor started to stand up off the cock. Matt watched as inch after inch came out of Trevor's hole and finally the biggest dick he had ever seen flopped out onto the little stud's abdomen. It was nearly 12.5 inches and as thick as a soda can at its base. It was almost inhuman that Trevor had taken it into his hole. Trevor made it a few steps before collapsing on the floor. Matt still thrust his own cock into the guy's hole, but he had slowed out of pure shock and awe. Matt reached out and grasped the heavy cock, bent over and licked the whole length of it. He could taste Trevor's ass all over it had to lick it again.

Daniel launched himself over and on top of Matt again, lined up his massive new tool and started splitting Matt's ass open. Matt moaned and screamed, but Daniel continued to force his way inside. Matt could feel the massive cock pulsing and swelling even as it penetrated him. The cock was still growing and now it was growing inside him. Matt screamed in terror as the cock pushed and forced its way inside. Daniel started thrusting his hips and driving the heavy cock into the overfilled hole. With each thrust the cock would swell and grow. Bulging and driving its way inside of Matt. Daniel laughed at the look of terror and fear on Matt's face and increased his speed.

Daniel imagined the look on Matt's face as Diego's face. Daniel knew that one day he would look down and see Diego staring up at him in terrified screams. The very thought of his sweet revenge caused Daniel to fuck harder and faster until he started to cum. His cum filled all of Matt's bowels with thick cream and then it filled it again. Finally spent, Daniel pulled his massive 14 inch cock out of Matt's ass and watched as the white cream came pouring out. Daniel noticed that Matt was now unconscious, but evidently not before letting his own load spill across his ripped stomach.

Daniel turned to Trevor and discovered that he was also unconscious. Daniel smiled at his handy work, then looked to the door to the lab and wondered how long until Diego returned and discovered that Daniel was not lying helplessly on the floor any longer.

"I'll be waiting for you," Daniel laughed hysterically, "You may be my maker, but I will be the one to fuck you into oblivion!"

Inside Daniel's chest, his heart was beating at a lightning speed trying to supply blood to his incredibly disproportioned cock, but his heart could only take so much. Daniel felt as if an anvil had just landed upon his chest and he was being crushed. He clutched at his chest as it seized within him. Stumbling across the room he reached out for the phone on the wall. Dr. Daniel Morris only managed to knock the receiver from the wall before he fell to the floor. Dead.

Part VIII: The Neighbor

Wes lay on his bed, his green eyes gazing up at his best friend, Alex. Alex was running his hands all over Wesley's body and enjoying every sensation as it also coursed through his own body. Alex knew exactly what to do next, because everything Wes felt was also felt by Alex. Alex kissed Wes' bearded face and allowed their lips to lock in a passionate kiss. Their tongues glided over each other and then Alex began kissing his way down Wes' neck. Every kiss Alex delivered, he experienced it as if he had kissed himself. He tweaked at one of Wes' nipples and felt the sharp sting on his own body.

Their lips locked again, Wes allowed a small moan of satisfaction escape. Alex allowed his hands to glide down over Wes' body and start to stroke the rapidly hardening shaft that lay exposed just below Wes' navel. Alex's own rock hard dick thumped against Wes' slim yet toned body as Alex gyrated his hips and dry humped his pal. Alex could feel the stimulation of his own cock as well as the stimulation of Wes' cock in his hand. Alex knew he would never get tired of sex with his new found abilities.

After one sharing one last kiss with Wes, Alex rocked back on his hands and knees and positioned his face in front of Wes' fully erect 8 inch cock. He licked the cock from base to tip and then buried his face in Wes' low hanging balls. Alex took one ball and then the other into his mouth, sucking them and massaging them with his tongue. Alex felt his own balls withdraw up towards his body in response to the feel of his own mouth.

"Oh, Baby, that feels fucking amazing," Wes squirmed.

"I know," Alex giggled, "I can feel it too."

Alex started stroking Wes' hard shaft with one hand while he continued to suck and massage the fat balls with his mouth. Alex's own dick began leaking pre-cum as it was stimulated by some unseen transfer of sensations from Wes to Alex. Alex linked with Wes' mind more intimately and understood what Wes wanted next. Without hesitation Alex engulfed the cock in his mouth and allowed the head to hit the back of his throat where his gag reflexes threatened to make him cough and gasp. Alex forced himself down, because he was feeling the tightness of his throat against his own cock and did not want it to end.

"Yea, get down on that dick," Wes grabbed Alex by the back of the head and forced him down on his cock. Wes began thrusting his hips up as well, eager to stuff his cock down Alex's throat. Alex finally gagged and backed off the dick for a gasp of air, but Wes hands quickly shoved him back down. This time Alex did not take the dick as deep, but allowed Wes to fuck his face while he sucked hard on the delicious cock. Alex let his spit lube up the cock. Alex felt his own dick throbbing with every sensation of the amazing blow job.

Alex suddenly sat straight up and stared breathlessly into his gorgeous best friend's green eyes. Wes had only moments before considered sucking Alex's dick. As Alex stared at his friend, he felt that the idea persisted as his friend was given a good look at his own 8 inch dick.

"You really want to try it?" Alex asked.

"It's so unfair that you know what I'm thinking and feeling," Wes smiled, "Yes, I want it."

Alex turned his body around so that his own dick was hovering in front of Wes' face and then he went back to sucking Wes cock. Wes gingerly licked the shaft of his friend's dick and tasted the salty pre-cum that had begun dripping profusely from the fat head. Wes lined the dick up with his mouth and then craned his neck so he could take the first few inches. At first his just sucked it a little and licked the head with his tongue, savoring each new taste. Alex could taste his own cock in addition to the cock stuffing his mouth. Alex groaned in pure delight.

Wes grabbed hold of Alex's tight little ass and pulled him down so that Alex's cock slid deeper into his mouth. Wes started sucking and with his hand still on Alex's ass he slapped it. Alex momentarily pulled the cock from his mouth, "Yea, slap my ass!"

Wes slapped the ass again and then pulled again so he could suck Alex's cock in deeper. Wes loved running his tongue over Alex's cock, especially because the dick's head was so fat and round. Wes loved the feel of that fat head rubbing against his tongue. Wes put the cock in his cheek and let the fat head rub against his cheek too. Alex needed every effort to keep from cumming as he distinctly felt both his own cock sucking and Wes' cock sucking on his dick at the same time.

Fortunately, Wes let Alex's dick out of his mouth and instead licked his way up the crack of Alex's ass. He pushed Alex forward a bit and used his hands to spread both cheeks for better access. Wes began using his tongue to push up against Alex's tight hole. Alex could taste his own ass on his tongue and he moaned as he felt the intense sensation of Wes rimming his tight hole. Alex pushed his ass back and let Wes bury his face into the crack. Wes stretched his tongue as well as he could desperately forced his way into Alex's hole. Alex sat up so that his ass was sitting on Wes' face and began wiggling his ass down on the hot studs hungry mouth.

"Eat that fucking ass!" Alex groaned as Wes licked and slurped his tight ass. Alex watched Wes' hard dick waving back and forth as Alex bounced his ass on his face. Alex knew what he wanted now. Alex stood from the intense rimming and maneuvered over the hard dick. Alex plunged Wes deep inside of his tight hole and let out a gasping cry as he felt his tight ass around his own dick. Alex started riding up and down on the 8 inch cock and Wes thrust his hips up in time so that each time the cock landed as deep into Alex's ass as possible. Alex panted and moaned as the intense sensations of fucking and getting fucked stimulated every fiber of his body. He had no need to stroke his own dick, he simply let it flop up and down with each movement and slap against Wes' hard abs.

Alex could feel Wes reaching his climax and was relieved, because his own dick was near its breaking point. He started grinding and riding Wes harder and faster, urging the cock to cum. Wes was gripping the sheets of the bed with both hands and closing his eyes against the intense, hot pressure squeezing his hard dick. Like a fountain, Alex's dick started shooting wads of hot cum over Wes' head and against the head board. A second load unleashed and splashed across half of Wes' face and the third dumped across his abs. Wes felt his own balls draw tighter to his body and then his cock was erupting deep inside of Alex. Cum poured out into the deep hot hole and both men grunted and groaned with the intense sensation.

Alex collapsed on top of Wes, the cock still wedged in his ass, and began licking his own cum off of Wes' face. He slurped most of the salty cream down, but with the last little bit he began kissing Wes. Wes tasted the cum on Alex's lips and tongue and loved every moment. After their breathing slowed some and Wes' cock started to grow soft, Alex stretched out next to his gorgeous blond friend and laid his head on his chest. The two men drifted to sleep.

Alex woke some time later with an intense need to take a piss. He quietly climbed out of bed and slid into some loose fitting gym shorts and t-shirt. Since Wes lived in a dorm that used a communal bathroom, Alex had no choice but to make his way down the hall. The dorm was relatively quiet and he found the silence almost eerie as he stepped into the bathroom. Walking through the door Alex collided with a wet, furry chest. The pectoral muscles were well defined and a perfect set of six pack abs accompanied the furry chest. Alex was taken with the beautiful almond color of the skin and the way the black hair was everywhere, but not too thick. The stranger's waist was wrapped in nothing but a white towel; clearly someone finishing their shower.

Alex realized how odd it might be that he had done nothing but admire the body and he made a point to look up into the face of this stranger he had just bumped into, "Excuse me."

"Hey, don't worry about it," A thick accent responded. Alex had a difficult time placing the gorgeous guy's nationality, but the face he was now looking at was equally breath-taking. The guy had dark brown eyes and a little facial hair, not enough to call a beard. What made Alex most weak in his knees was the dazzling, bright white smile that the stranger beamed down at Alex. Alex wanted to reach out and touch this guy and just tell him you're beautiful.

"I like your band," the stranger continued, "I saw you on campus performing three weeks ago. My neighbor, Wesley, invited me."

"Oh, really?" Alex stuttered, "Thanks."

"Well, see you around," the handsome stud just buzzed past and walked down the hall toward his room. Alex stood staring after the big sexy stud and tried with all his strength not to get caught checking him out.

When Alex returned from the bathroom, Wes was awake and studying a menu from the local Italian restaurant. "You hungry?"

"I suppose I am," Alex replied, "Do you know some tall hairy guy with an accent? He said he liked our band?"

"Yeah, that's Teo, an Israeli student. He's hot isn't he?"

"Unbelievably so," Alex smiled, "I ran into him coming out of the shower."

"Lucky boy," Wes laughed, "So does Italian food sound good, or do you want to go next door and scarf down some Israeli cock?"

"You mean he lives right next door?" Alex marveled.

"Ok, now I'm starting to feel a little jealous," Wes stood with a teasing smile, "I guess I'll have to tell you that I've only seen women sneaking away from his room dressed in the same clothes they wore the night before."

Wes wrapped his arms around Alex and gave him a passionate kiss, "Now I'm starving. I've fucked more in the past 12 hours than I have in the past 12 months, so do you want some food too?"

"Yeah, I do," Alex kissed back and ran his hand down Wes' bearded face, "Pick me up some nice fat Italian sausage will you?"

"Only if I can feed it to you," Wes whispered in Alex's ear and then nibbled on his ear lobe.

"I'd like that," Alex giggled, "You better hurry back though, I'm starving."

After sharing one last kiss, Wes left the room to go find some food. Alex paced the room for a moment and then flopped down on the bed. He flipped did some channel surfing, but found nothing particularly interesting. He switched the TV off and closed his eyes, instantly he could see the hairy chest and he continued to picture the hot Israeli body as he drifted into sleep.

Alex felt himself lying in another room. He opened his eyes and could see unfamiliar surroundings. It was clearly a dorm room, but the walls had pictures of different musicians and movies he had never seen or heard of. Everything about his new surroundings was foreign. He felt cooler as well, and he reached his hand up and felt lots of hair all over his chest. Glancing down he saw massive pectoral muscles that he did not recall and dark hair covered his entire body. He was growing more and more confused by the moment, but he liked what he was seeing.

I'm just dreaming. Alex realized as he ran his hands over his hot hairy body. Around his waist he realized there was a white towel. He sat up in the strange bed and looked down at the white towel smiling. He was dreaming of the hot Israeli student, but it was unusual to see through the eyes of the gorgeous stud. It was unlike any sex dream he ever had, but one thing was certain, Alex wanted to see under the towel.

He reached his big hand down and started stoking the flaccid cock through the flimsy white towel. Even soft, the dick was fat and meaty, and he could feel very large balls. He continued to stroke himself and his dick grew harder and harder. His other hand felt his hairy body and tweaked his nipples. Finally the cock was pushing hard against the towel and he unwrapped it from around his body. Alex gasped at the fat uncut cock before him. It had just the right shape and the extra foreskin was so sexy. Alex wanted to suck the cock so badly. He wished again that the dream was not from the point of view of Teo.

Then again, it was a dream. Maybe he could still suck the dick. He leaned forward and bent his head down as far as he could. With his lips he managed to catch a bit of his foreskin and he felt it stretch as he pulled back. He tried again, straining and pushing himself to reach that big fat uncut dick. It had to be at least 9 inches long and it appeared so mouth wateringly delicious. He managed to nibble again on the head and stretch the foreskin over the big dick.

Alex repositioned himself so that his head remained on the bed and he used all of the massive muscles to lift his legs over his head. The cock was dangling down now over his open and eager mouth. He craned his neck and finally more of the cock slid into his mouth. He sucked it and enjoyed the feel of the foreskin in his mouth. He explored it with his tongue and rubbed the head of the fat dick. With his hand he pulled the loose skin on the dick taught and then started bobbing his head to suck the fat exposed cock head. He felt amazing.

His muscles were growing tired from the effort of sucking his own dick, so he positioned his back against the head of the bed and started stroking the fat dick that was still hanging above his face. He was so turned on by the sight of the hair abs and the fat cock. He rubbed the loose sack of his fat balls with one hand while stroking his massive uncut dick with the other. Finally, he let loose long strings of hot cum. He caught them in his mouth and some landed all over his face. It dripped down his hairy abs and chest. He swished the cum in his mouth and then swallowed it down enjoying every delicious drop.

Standing, Alex happened to catch sight of himself in a full length mirror against the wall. He looked at the incredible Israeli stud, Teo, staring back at him. This was by far the most bizarre dream he ever had. Not only was he experiencing everything from Teo's perspective, but even the room was a place he had seen before. He stood staring at the mirror for several moments considering the impossible.

Finally, Alex walked to the door, still fully naked and peered out into the hallway. The hall was empty and across the way stood the door to Wes' dorm. Alex crept across the hall, his semi-hard cock swinging back and forth. Alex knew that Wes had left the door unlocked when he left, so he tried the handle. When the door swung open he saw himself lying on the bed, body stiff as a board and eyes rolled back into his head.

"What the fuck?" he wondered aloud as he entered the room and closed the door. He walked over to his prone body and waved a hand in front of his face. There was no response. He felt his body and knew that every muscle was tight. His own 8 inch cock was sticking straight out as hard as a rock. He grabbed it through his shorts and stroked it a bit. It was strange because he could feel the sensation of his hand against his cock.

"This is fucked up," Alex looked back at his eyes rolled back in his head and hoped his body was ok. He pushed the eyelids shut and felt a little better that he wasn't staring up with the whites of his eyes. It was starting to freak him out, but he felt the hand still on his hard dick. How many times do I get to suck my own dick? Well, quite a few, now that he had been enhanced by some crazy virus.

Alex pulled back his shorts and took his hard dick into his mouth. He began sucking the cock and he felt Teo's fat dick growing hard in response to his sucking. He could feel his own dick in his mouth, but he was feeling the sensations through Teo's body. Whatever else it might be, it was fucking sexy as hell. This big, hairy, muscular stud bent over sucking the slim sexy rocker. Alex pulled the shorts off of his body and went to work sucking his dick and down over his balls. Spit began dripping down his crack and he lifted his legs up to allow better access to the slightly hairy hole. He licked his ass and could taste the delicious sex he had with Wes only a few hours earlier.

He went to work with his tongue and let it penetrate into his tight hole. After spitting and licking his hole he swallowed his cock again. It felt so fucking amazing that his entire body was breaking out in goosebumps. After swallowing the rock hard shaft several times he went back to work on his ass. Burying his face deep and using his tongue to push deeper. He had been fucked so many times by Wes recently, but now in this powerful body with his fat uncut dick he knew he wanted to fuck a tight hole. He lined up the fat cock with his tight ass and pushed his way inside. He spit down on his dick and slicked it up with his hand. He pushed the fat dick harder and felt it penetrate deep into the hot, tight hole.

Alex knew his own limits, so he fucked hard and deep with each stroke. He fucked himself with an intensity that was befitting this new hot body he had commandeered. It felt good to fuck, every muscle in his body was aching to help him fill the tight hole before him. He wanted to please that massive uncut dick.

Alex felt his eyes fly open and he felt the full weight of the massive uncut dick filling his insides. The sensation of the cock was so much better than anything Wes had ever done. Alex saw the incredible Israeli hottie named Teo looking down at him with a horrified look. Alex realized that his mind had returned to his own body and Teo was now left wondering how his cock had found its way inside of another man's ass. Teo started to pull out, but Alex reached around and grabbed the hot stud by both ass cheeks.

"Please, leave it in," Alex squeezed his ass around the fat dick, "I know it feels good in there."

The massive stud seemed as if he were about to ignore Alex's request, but then he looked down hesitantly at the cock buried inside the tight hole. In his thick accent he said, "When I came to this country, I decided to try everything it had to offer."

Alex smiled up at the delicious stud, "Well, I'm offering."

Teo let Alex have that beautiful dazzling white smile again and Alex thought he would just die right there in that moment. Teo grabbed Alex's waist and flipped him over so that he was doggie-style. He pushed down on Alex's back and propped his ass higher into the air. Keeping hold of Alex's hips, Teo began to ram his cock hard and deep into Alex. Alex thought that Teo's dick had felt amazing before, but now he realized that Teo had more experience using his fat tool and was making every thrust count. Alex couldn't help but cry out at the sheer intensity of Teo's fat cock fucking him. Teo grunted and panted with the effort of his intense fucking.

"You like that fucking dick?" Teo growled, "I love your tight American hole."

"Yeah, Baby, fuck me hard," Alex whimpered as he tried to push his ass back into Teo's fat cock. Both men were lost in the intensity of their incredible fucking. Alex suddenly felt hands on his face, forcing him to look up. In front of him was a naked Wes and his rock hard dick.

"I guess you were too hungry to wait," Wes laughed before shoving his hard dick into Alex's mouth. Alex choked down the dick as best as he could while Teo continued to pound his ass like a brute. The force of Teo's fucking drove Alex farther and farther down over Wes hard cock. Alex could feel his own mouth on his dick just like before. Every time he stimulated Wes delicious cock, he stimulated his own dick as well. He was going to shoot his load quickly with all of the intense sensations coursing through his body.

"Yea, suck his dick," Teo encouraged, "Does he suck it good?"

"So fucking good," Wes laughed.

"His hole is so fucking tight," Teo grunted as he pounded deep inside, "I love it."

"And you're fucking huge," Wes replied.

Alex could not take the intense feelings any more, his cock started shooting cum all over the bed without even stroking it. Over and over again he shot his load with each thrust that Teo made with his fat cock. Alex moaned in intense satisfaction, but the sound was muffled by the cock filling his mouth and reaching the back of his throat.

"He is cumming without hands," Teo boasted excitedly, "Does it really feel that good to have a cock in your ass?"

"Better," Alex mumbled around Wes' cock. Wes pulled the dick out and Alex had the briefest moment when he realized Wes' dick looked bigger.

"You want to get fucked don't you?" Wes smiled at the big hairy stud.

"I don't know," Teo slowed his intense fucking as he looked Wes up and down, "Will it hurt?"

"Only for a moment," Alex panted, "but it is so intense to be filled and it makes you cum so hard."

Wes moved closer and Teo spit on his hand and then started stroking Wes' dick. After a moment he spit on his hand again and rubbed it over his own hairy hole. Wes scooped some of the cum off the bed from under Alex and rubbed it over his dick to add even more lube for the tight virgin hole. Teo bent Alex over further and laid himself on top of Alex so that his own ass now fully exposed at the side of the bed. Wes stepped in behind and began forcing his way inside.

"Oh fuck," Teo tensed and grabbed hold of Alex in an iron grasp. Alex could feel Wes' dick entering the tight hairy hole through the connection they had formed. Despite having just cum, Alex's dick was nearly fully hard again. Teo's cock was still buried deep inside his ass and was throbbing with an intense heat. Wes pushed his cock farther into Teo's tight hole and the hot Israeli stud moaned again.

Wes pulled his dick out and realized it was much larger than he remembered. It was maybe 9 inches and appeared to have room to grow. He considered this only a moment before pushing back inside. The hairy ass resisted and he waited for Teo to relax before shoving more of the hard dick inside. Wes spit on the shaft of his dick and then pushed it farther into the hole that was constricting his cock in all the right ways.

"You are so fucking sexy," Wes admired as he reached around and rubbed his hands across Teo's chest, forcing the hot stud to sit up some. With both hands wrapped around the stud Wes rammed the last of his hard dick deep into the stud. Both men let out cries of intense pleasure.

Teo reached his own big hand around and slapped Wes' ass, "Fuck me."

Wes wasted no time giving the hot stud exactly what he asked for. Wes pulled back and plunged his dick deep and continued to fuck harder and faster. Teo pushed his ass back and then he'd shove his own cock forward deep into Alex's ass, trying to match pace with Wes. Alex was moaning profusely as he experienced every sensation that both men were experiencing. His cock was so hard it was starting to hurt and with each thrust Teo made it would slap him against his abdomen. Alex wanted to bust again so bad, just to release the intense pressure but it only continued to build as the two men fucked harder and faster.

Wes was certain that his cock was in fact getting bigger and maybe even thicker. Teo could not begin to imagine how he had found himself sandwiched between two boys, but he was incredibly glad it had happened. He had never experienced such an overwhelmingly intense sexual experience. The feel of Alex's hot ass was multiplied by the stimulation of Wes' big dick against his prostate. Teo knew that this was by far the hottest sex he had ever had.

"Oh fuck!" Wes shouted as he pulled out his 9.5 inch cock and watched it splatter Teo's back with loads of hot cum. Teo could feel the hot cream running down his back and was tempted to let loose deep inside Alex, but instead he pulled out and rolled Alex over onto his back.

Alex's own rock hard cock was flopping around and Teo practically jumped down on top of it, taking it all the way into his ass. Alex shouted as the stimulation was suddenly amplified on his already sensitive dick. Teo started riding the cock and stroking his big fat uncut cock faster and faster in preparation of his hot load. Alex could take no more and he finally started cumming. The force of his cum was so incredible he was surprised it didn't shoot straight out of Teo's mouth.

Teo pulled off of Alex's dick in order to put his own cock into Alex's mouth before he also started cumming. Wes watched in mute surprise as Alex's dick continued to shoot another load that splattered on the ceiling and slowly dripped down. With his cock inside Alex's mouth Teo let loose his hot load and Alex guzzled it down. Alex loved the taste of Teo's cum, and this time he was able to enjoy it with his own mouth and his own tongue. Finally spent, Teo rolled off of Alex laughing.

Wes climbed into bed next to Alex and both of the hot tops began running their hands over Alex's body. Alex kissed Wes and then Teo, allowing them to taste the Israeli stud's delicious cream. Alex was in total bliss and never wanted it to end.

Part IX: The Director

Dr. Diego Juarez stared down in horror at the dead body lying on the floor of his lab. Daniel Morris had sprouted a cock nearly as large as his own forearm and somehow it had killed him. Marc, Guns, and Bart stood not far behind Diego in stunned silence. Only a moment ago they believed that they had been given an incredible gift, but now they saw the gruesome fate which could ensnare them.

"Trevor and Matt are over here," Peter called from across the nearest lab bench, "but they seem to be breathing."

"We should call 9-1-1," Marc suggested.

"It's too late," Diego concluded, "He's already dead, and if we call the authorities they won't understand the complexity of the situation. We have to stop the spread of this virus immediately before others fall victim to mutations like Daniel."

"Where did Alex go?" Peter wondered.

"Call him, he needs to be isolated along with the rest of us," Diego ordered. Peter took out his cell phone and started dialing.

"You did this to him?" Marc stuttered as he stared down at Daniel's body.

"Is this the same thing that might happen to us?" Guns worried.

Bart lunged at Diego in a fit of rage, but Diego instinctively backhanded him and sent the hairy stud sprawling across the floor. Bart sat up and placed a hand over his throbbing cheek, which would likely develop a nasty bruise.

"I don't know what will happen," Diego stated impatiently, "I need you three to sit and be quiet while I try to figure this out."

"We should get out of here," Marc urged Guns.

"Leaving is not an option," Diego stated plainly, "the damage is already done. You would only be placing others at risk."

Peter disconnected his call, "Alex is not answering."

"I have an old contact in my office," Diego realized, "her name is Dr. Elizabeth Bartley and she works for the CDC. I think we should start there."


Five hours later, students from all over campus began to congregate in the courtyard. Everyone was taking pictures and whispering as they watched teams of men and women all wearing face masks enter and exit the science building. The entire building had been quarantined and everyone wanted to know why. Alex had left Wes' apartment in order to freshen up, but he was also drawn by the large crowd of people. He felt his insides twist with worry when he realized what was going on. Somehow he knew that the virus was involved, especially when he saw the large letters CDC printed on a man's jacket. He took a deep breath and began fighting his way through the crowd toward the science building.


Diego was engaged in a heated discussion with his former mentor, Dr. Elizabeth Bartley, when a security agent entered the room. Dr. Elizabeth Bartley was 57 years old, but her age did little to dampen her strong will and stern demeanor. She spoke with her heavy British accent, "What is it?"

"Ma'am, there is a student who says they have had contact with the infected earlier today. His name is Alex Staley. What would you like us to do with him?" the security agent stated.

"First of all," Elizabeth stood like a mother admonishing a child, "We refer to them as patients, not infected. Secondly, have him brought immediately to lab C for blood work. Then question him to determine if he has had any contact with any others outside of this building."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now, where were we?" Elizabeth turned back to Diego.

"I was telling you that this virus is not the virus I designed. I look at it over and over again, but they are not the same. Besides they have targeted entirely different receptor sites," Diego stated as he pointed again at images of his blood work and blood work from the others.

"However," Elizabeth countered, "the viral structure from your computer indicates undeniable similarities."

"That doesn't make sense, I'm the only one with access to my computer and my..."

"What is it?" Elizabeth asked, "You just realized something."


"Your lab assistant? You think he intentionally sabotaged your work?"

"No," Diego came around the desk to look closer at his computer screen. He pressed some buttons and selected 'generate image.' Across the screen flashed a computer projection of the potential viral enhancement. It was a stunning, muscular, tan individual with hair running down his chest and abs. Below his navel hung an enormous cock and balls.

"I don't follow," Elizabeth blushed as she looked at the image on the screen.

"My assistant must have unwittingly saved his fantasy in place of my original work. I created this system to easily alter known genetic markers to my specifications. He must have altered the work to create an image he found appealing, but accidently saved the resulting product."

"You're suggesting this all started, because your assistant used this expensive technology that took you years to create as pornography?"

"We'd have to ask him, but yes. This fortunately gives us a starting point for an antivirus or at least a means to stabilize the viral progression."

"Excuse me, Dr. Bartley," another security agent entered the room.


"The director is here."

Diego watched as Elizabeth's wrinkled face turned two shades lighter. She swallowed hard before speaking, "Thank you, Steven. Would you please escort Dr. Juarez back to isolation and send the director in?"

Diego left the room, worried about the terrified expression on Elizabeth's face and he briefly passed the tall man with neatly trimmed dark brown hair and incredibly piercing eyes that were so light blue they were almost grey. Diego was most struck by his broad shoulders which stretched his shirt across his well defined pectoral muscles. Diego felt himself instantly aroused at the sight, but he tried to suppress the urge to jump the furious director whose lower eyelids were slightly puffy as if he'd been crying.

Dr. Elizabeth Bartley extended her hand in greeting as the director entered, but it was not received. The director moved directly to the computer and all of the research notes on the desk. "Where do we stand?"

"All of the men are in isolation. We have concluded that the virus is only spread through blood or sexual..." she halted midsentence as she considered the implications. "Sir, if I may. Do you think it wise for you to involve yourself in the situation? I have everything well in hand."

"I will be taking over from here. Once the campus has been cleared we shall relocate the patients to the regional CDC headquarters where I will continue to monitor their progress."

"Sir, this is highly irregular and highly inappropriate," Elizabeth urged.

"This matter is not open for discussion, Dr. Bartley. Now, tell me everything."


Peter sat inside a small office that belonged to one of the college professors. He was laid back absently stroking his incredibly thick boner through his pants when the door swung open. There was an incredibly tall, broad shouldered stud standing in the doorway with a face mask on. Peter felt a wave of lust in his cock from base to tip; it jumped in his pants. The man looked out the door at a security guard and reiterated his directions that they were not to be bothered and then shut it. Peter liked where this was going.

"So, Peter, I am the regional director for the CDC. Did you ever masturbate in Dr. Juarez's lab?"

"Wow, you're straight to the point," Peter smiled, "a couple of times."

The tall powerful director suddenly backhanded Peter, causing him to tumble out of the chair he was sitting in. The director was on Peter in a flash grabbing his balls and squeezing them, "You think this is a joke, do you?"

Peter squirmed and tears filled his eyes as his guts tightened in response to the excruciating pressure being applied to his balls. He gasped through the pain, "No, it's no joke."

"No, sir," the director squeezed again to emphasize the sir.

"No, sir," Peter repeated. Thankfully the director released his death grip on Peter's balls and stood towering over him.

"You're a pathetic little bitch aren't you? I can just picture you in the lab making the image on the screen look exactly like you want it. Did Dr. Juarez walk in and force you to exit the program quickly?"

"How do you know about that?" Peter mumbled as he doubled over crying.

"I know because you are the one who started this whole fucking virus. You and that dumb ass, Diego Juarez. Whoever put the title doctor in front of his name should be shot. Now, Peter, is there any particular part of your body you don't want? A finger perhaps?"

"You're fucking crazy!" Peter shouted up at the director. The powerful director suddenly mashed the heel of his shoe down on Peter's hand and started grinding his little finger into the floor.

"You forgot to say, sir! Now get the fuck up off the floor."

"Yes...sir," Peter added quickly. He could not get his shaky legs to cooperate and his hand was throbbing fiercely. The director grabbed him roughly by the collar and hauled him to his feet. Then the director unclasped Peter's pants and reached in to pull out the massive fat cock. Despite the twinge of pain still shooting through his scrotum, Peter's dick was quickly getting harder as the director began stroking it. The director reached out and twisted Peter's nipple hard, yanked on it, and then twisted some more. Peter stood nearly on his toes as he cried out in pain.

"I need a sperm sample from you," the director explained as he started stroking Peter's fat cock faster, "Will you cum for me bitch?"


The director punched Peter hard in the gut, causing him to double over. He didn't give Peter a chance to nurse his pain, instead he forced Peter back against the wall and increased the speed with which he was jerking his cock. "That's yes, SIR! You stupid fucking piece of shit!"

"Yes, sir," Peter started crying again, but he was absolutely loving the feel of this stud's hand all over his dick.

"Now, what are you? You are a stupid fucking piece of shit! Say it!"

"Sir," Peter cried, "I am..."

The director delivered another hard punch to the gut, "Speak up, I can't fucking hear you?"

"I'm a stupid fucking piece of shit, sir!" Peter managed through gasps of pain.

"Yes, you are," the director smiled as he started stroking Peter's cock with both hands now, "You see, if you're good you get a reward."

"Please..." Peter cried.

"No," the director cut him off, "don't ruin it by running your stupid mouth."

The director's hands groped and rubbed every inch of Peter's cock, they were lubed up only by the pre-cum that was leaking steadily from Peter's throbbing cock. Despite all of the intense pain that was coursing through Peter's body, he could feel his cock on the verge of cumming. He moaned with pleasure as the director continued to stroke faster and harder. The director pulled out a specimen jar and angled it under the tip of Peter's fat cock with one hand while he continued stroking with the other. Finally, Peter let out a cry as cum started shooting into the jar, load after forceful load until the jar was overflowing with hot cum. The director sealed the container and then noticed he had cum on his hand.

"Clean that off," the director pushed his fingers into Peter's mouth and forced him to taste the cum all over them. Peter licked them off and the director pulled his fingers back out. "Good boy. I helped you cum, what do you say about that?"

"Thank you, sir," Peter mumbled.

"Very good. From now on I forbid you to cum unless it is in my presence and with my permission. If I ever discover you have cum without my consent, you will understand the true meaning of pain. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, now pull your pants up. We will all be moving to the regional CDC headquarters soon, then the fun can really begin."


Teo had spent nearly seven days in an isolation chamber at the CDC regional headquarters. He was sick of looking at the same four white walls on his uncomfortable mattress with its white sheets. They were fed and watered almost as regularly as they were poked and prodded by needles. Teo had no idea how he had found himself in such an insane situation, but he wanted more than ever to just get the hell out of this crazy country. His body had undergone a series of extreme changes, and he now had a much more massive, toned body and even his cock had grown to nearly 11 inches. No one ever really explained anything to him, but he had been forbidden to jack off, so he was constantly looking down at this newly enhanced boner pushing against his boring white scrubs.

Matt sat in the next room over, rubbing his arm in response to the massive needle they had just poked him with. Supposedly this latest injection was the last in a series that would inactivate the virus and prevent its progression. Their bodies could never be returned to their original state, but at least they wouldn't die from the virus. His biceps were bulging like never before and his 9 inch dick was constantly at a state of rigid eagerness. He wanted so badly to bust his load all over the white room, but it was strictly forbidden.

Guns was located immediately across the hall. He sat on his bed and threw a yellow smiley face ball against the wall and then caught it. Over and over again he just sat there wondering if he'd ever see the light of day again. He wanted desperately to return to the gym and work out, but his massive black body was so perfect now, there was hardly any point. His cock was...well, he wasn't sure he would ever get to fuck again because no normal person could handle it. He had already had a large 11 inch cock, but now he had another limb sprouting from between his legs and at the end a fat round head almost like a fist. He sighed and bounced the ball again.

Bart lay on his back staring up at the white ceiling cursing the day that the Mexican beast, Diego Juarez, waltzed into the gym with his massive naked cock. Bart's entire body had sprouted hair like an animal, and he was constantly shaving and grooming. The staff had finally seen fit to shave his entire body, but already he was sprouting new hair everywhere, but at least he no longer looked like a cave dweller. He had even shaved off his hair and taken to wearing. He couldn't complain about his 10 inch dick that had sprouted nearly over night, but he wanted so bad to stroke it.

Marc didn't care about the wrath of the CDC, he sat with his pants down rapidly stroking his 9 inch dick with both hands. Every muscle in his body was tense as it worked to satisfy his delicious fat cock. He bent over and took the head in his mouth and started sucking it. He wanted to cum in his own throat so badly. Suddenly, they delivered a jolt that ran through his body and he fell back on his mattress twitching. He wanted so badly to have a few more seconds, but they had thwarted his efforts again.

Wesley was so glad they had finally brought him a fucking guitar. He sat in his room strumming on the acoustic, finally able to push his raging 9.5 inch boner from his mind. He couldn't believe how sexy his body had become, how muscular and firm. His entire chest and abs were covered with a golden fur that was absolutely perfect. He pushed his long hair back off his face as he tightened one of the guitar strings, trying to get it in tune. He wondered if the latest injection worked, would they finally let them leave?

Trevor sat under the covers reading some of the research notes he had stolen while the CDC agent was in his room. Trevor had knocked something over 'accidentally' and allowed them to pick it up, while he helped himself to their notes. Each patient had been designated a letter, so he wasn't sure who they were talking about, but whoever it was they were repeatedly being shocked. Trevor had wondered what the consequence for masturbating would be, but had been too afraid to test it. His own 12 inch cock was ridiculously large and in definite need of release, it almost hurt having a boner this long. Reading the report made him so much hornier, that there was a stud out there so eager to cum, he would risk repeatedly being shocked.

Alex lay on his bed with his eyes rolled back into his head. While his body lay in the white room, his mind was invading the body of a CDC employee. He had explored much of the facility and had a decent understanding of the layout. He had discovered the room for each of the other captives except for Peter. He was not sure what had happened to Peter after they arrived at the CDC regional headquarters. Alex had developed a very strong connection with Wesley and would often enter his pals mind and pass the time admiring the beautifully enhanced body. No one seemed to understand why Alex had developed differently, but Alex didn't need an explanation to put his abilities to good use. He was determined to find a way to break out of this crazy science experiment gone wrong.


Dr. Diego Juarez was brought into a large room that had been emptied of most of the lab equipment. On the far side of the room he saw a large chair, sort of like a throne. Peter was tethered to the chair by a large chain and a collar around his neck. Diego was immediately alarmed by the sight especially since Peter was completely naked. The two burley men that were escorting Diego took no notice of Peter on the floor, as if this was a common occurrence.

"Peter?" Diego asked, "Are you alright?"

Peter looked up and appeared to recognize Diego, but said nothing. Peter simply turned around so his back was facing Diego and started muttering to himself. The two men suddenly bent Diego roughly over a table and began strapping his arms down. The entire table had been crafted specifically for this purpose, and Diego was acutely aware of the perfect access to his ass as he was bent over the table and strapped down. They continued by securing his legs to each leg of the table so his legs were spread and his ass was up in the air. Diego feared that the employees of the CDC must have been exposed to the virus.

The director entered the room. Diego was struck by how much more muscular the man had become. He was clearly infected. Diego wanted to melt at the sight of the massive stud with his piercing blue-grey eyes, and Diego could tell that the stud had an enhanced cock slapping against his leg. If ever there was a definition of perfection, Diego was looking at it. The director commanded a powerful presence and he made himself comfortable on the throne. Peter lumbered over and leaned up against the powerful stud's pant leg like an adoring pet. The director paid him no attention, his fierce gaze was locked on Diego.

"Do you know who I am?" the director asked.

"You're the regional director for the CDC, but I'm not sure what you're fucking doing here. This has gotten out of hand."

"Do you think?" the director scoffed, "A man died in your lab."

"We have to find a cure and stop this virus. Let me go and we can work out a solution together."

"I've already found a way to stop the virus," the director stated, "I then improved upon it and injected myself. You should see the wonderful things Subject B had to offer, I can practically control anyone with my mind."

"You're fucking insane," Diego gasped in disbelief at what he was hearing.

"Maybe, but you made me this way. You see, I've done all of this just so that I might exact my revenge. Allow me to properly introduce myself, my name is Dr. Isaac Morris. Nearly seven days ago, you raped and murdered my younger brother, Dr. Daniel Morris."

"Oh, shit," Diego yanked in terror at his restraints. It was no use; he was securely fastened to the table. Isaac let out a merciless laugh as he watched Diego struggle in vain. Peter began groping at Isaac's crotch through his pants. Isaac briefly leaned down and kissed the incredible blond hottie before looking back at Diego.

"I'm a very patient man," Isaac stated, "I've been building up for this moment for a week now and I cannot wait to show you everything that you have created."

"What are you talking about?" Diego asked, but as if in answer to his question the door opened. Matt, Guns, Trevor, Bart, Teo, Marc, and Wesley shuffled into the room. All seven men were very confused and most were alarmed to see the massive stud on his throne and a blond stud kneeling beside him. On a table in the room was a massive Hispanic stud strapped down in a very awkward manner. Diego did not know all of the men that were in front of him, but he realized that each man was incredibly well built and sporting massive erections.

"Hello boys," Isaac smiled wickedly, "My name is Dr. Isaac Morris and I have one last task for you before I can release you into the wild. You see that man strapped to the table is responsible for your current state as well as your captivity here with us. I'd like you to fuck this man, with whatever force and physical abuse you deem necessary. I want you to make him hurt and beg and scream."

"And if we refuse?" Wesley asked.

"Then I'll make you fuck him," Isaac grinned as he cast his mind out and took control of Wesley's body. Wesley involuntarily walked over to the hot stud bent over the table and pulled down his white scrubs to expose the nice round hairy Mexican ass. Wes slapped it hard as he pulled his own pants down, his 9.5 inch cock at full mast, throbbing with desire to penetrate that hot hairy hole. He lined up his cock and spit down on his erect shaft, rubbing it over the head and then started thrusting his way inside.

Diego gritted his teeth as the fat cock head pushed through his tight hole and started filling up his resistant rectum. He tried to relax his constricting muscles out of fear of getting torn apart by the big cock forcing its way inside. Suddenly, in one hard thrust the entire cock rammed deep inside. Diego shouted out in pain and tears stung at his eyes. Wesley was starting fuck without mercy and without pause he brutally pulled out and rammed all the way in deep. Wesley slapped Diego's ass hard and then slapped it again where his red handprint was already starting to show. The louder Diego moaned the harder he longed to fuck the hot hairy ass. After having a massive boner for so long, it didn't take long before Wesley's cock started cumming with incredible force. Diego could feel the hot cream like flying into him like a bullet from a gun. Load after load, Wesley just kept cumming like he had never cum before. Cum was oozing out from around his cock as he continued to ram it deep into the stud's tight hole.

Wesley suddenly regained control of his body and stumbled back in relief at finally cumming after so many days. He looked up at the massive director and smiled in appreciation. The director simply turned his attention back to the other six men, who were staring in absolute disbelief at the hot scene before them. "Who's next?"

"You mean, I can finally cum?" Marc asked, "You have no idea how many times I've tried jerking off in my room."

"Yes, you can cum as much as you want as long as you fuck Diego's ass."

"Done and done," Marc smiled as he stepped forward, pulling out his rigid 9 inch cock. Marc was naked in seconds and lining his dick up with Diego's exposed ass. Trevor admired Marc's incredible body and started stroking his own 12 inch dick as he watched. Trevor was happy to know the identity of the horny stud who risked getting shocked just to get off.

As Isaac watched Marc start to penetrate Diego's tight hole, he pulled out his own fat 10 inch cock and let it flop down over his pants. Peter immediately slurped it into his mouth like the eager little bitch he had become. The 10 inch dick was flaccid and Peter easily sucked most of it down, but it was quickly growing harder and larger in response to the intense sight of Diego getting what he deserved.

Marc was relentless in his fucking. He had been building up to a good fuck for a whole week and now that the moment was at hand he refused to cum until he had enjoyed every bit of the tight ass squeezing his raging hard cock. Diego was panting and screaming at every thrust he made.

"Why don't one of you boys, shut him up?" Marc asked.

A tall slender stud stepped forward. Marc checked him out as he approached. He had short spiky hair and he pulled out a massive 12 inch cock. Marc smiled at the awesome stud who began stuffing his cock into Diego's screaming mouth. Trevor nearly came directly into Diego's mouth simply because Marc smiled at him in the sexiest way he could ever imagine. Trevor was so hot for the muscular stud he could hardly stand it. The whole time Trevor fucked Diego's face, his eyes were on Marc.

Diego was being brutally slammed from both ends, tears were streaming down his face and he could not get a breath. Trevor's massive cock was just rammed the back of his throat without end, and Trevor seemed oblivious to Diego's intense discomfort and pain. He desperately breathed through his nose, fighting for any chance he could get to take a breath.

"Oh dude, you got to feel this ass," Marc told Trevor as he pulled out, "Come on, put that big fat dick inside him."

Wesley sat down on the floor, utterly spent and unwilling to participate any further in the madness. He watched as Marc and Trevor switched places and Diego began screaming with more intensity as the huge 12 inch cock started sliding into his tight hole. Trevor did not yield, he just kept forcing more and more of his huge cock inside. The other four studs were now fully naked, standing around the table as they stroked their cocks. Wesley's eyes stared in disbelief at the huge black man with muscles bulging at every angle. The largest muscle was hanging between his legs; it was the biggest cock Wesley could ever imagine. It was something you would see on an animal, not a human.

Diego looked up from Marc's massive cock filling his mouth and saw Isaac sitting on his throne. Peter was bobbing his head up and down on the biggest dick in the room. Isaac's dick had to be pushing 14 inches and was huge and thick around its base. Peter could barely fit any of the cock into his mouth any more. Diego was pulled away from the unbelievable sight as Trevor finally thrust the last of his 12 inch cock into his ass.

Trevor started grinding his cock inside of Diego, relishing the feel of his cock now fully penetrating the hot, hairy ass. He pulled out and started thrusting back inside. He started ramming harder and faster into the tight ass, feeling Wesley's warm cum all around his cock as it penetrated deeper than any man had ever been. Diego was uncontrollably grunting and crying out, but every time he opened his mouth wider to scream, Marc was there to ram his cock into his throat. Diego would gag and gasp, but Marc did not let up. Trevor watched Marc with the determined look on his face and couldn't help but fuck harder and faster. Marc suddenly arched his back and cried out as cum exploded from his cock. Diego was overwhelmed by the massive load suddenly being launched down his throat. Diego had no choice but to swallow, swallow, and swallow. Overcome by the sight of Marc cumming, Trevor also started unloading his load deep inside Diego's tight ass.

Guns could not stand it anymore, he had his chance to fuck with his massive new cock and he was definitely going to take it. He stepped forward with his massive cock head, like a fist swinging in front of him. He roughly pushed Trevor away and started forcing his way inside of Diego's hairy hole. The entire ass was just dripping with cum and Guns used the hot cum to slick up his cock like lube. He forced the fist-like head inside and Diego was screaming as he was stretched to the point of no return.

"You know what they say," Guns laughed, "once you go black, you never go back."

"Oh my! Fuck!" Diego shouted, "It's too fucking much! Please stop."

Guns was startled when Diego started crying and pleading. He actually felt a little sorry for him getting bent over and tied down. He paused and started to reconsider what he was about to do to this poor man.

"Don't fucking stop," Isaac commanded as he took control of Guns and continued to ram the massive black shaft into Diego's ass. Diego was crying and screaming in protest, but with each little thrust, inch by inch of the massive 14 inch black shaft began to slip inside. Diego felt like the inside of his body was being hollowed out by a massive drill. His guts twisted in protest to the massive invading object that was stretching him past normal human limits. Suddenly, parts of Diego's pelvis shifted and the cock started sliding in more easily. Diego sighed as the force of the cock opened him up more than ever before. Isaac allowed Guns to take control of his own body again.

Isaac smiled that his enhancements to Diego had in fact worked. Part of Diego's normal drug regimen was a new strain of the virus that would allow his ass to stretch and even rearrange parts of his body to allow better access by a massive cock. It was unfair that these genetically enhanced studs would never get to fuck again, so now they had a genetically enhanced bitch to satisfy them.

Guns felt strange after having his mind invaded, but he now seemed to understand that Diego's ass was made to handle his massive cock. He could feel it sliding in more readily and at last he thrust the entire 14 inch cock deep into the hot stud's hairy ass. Diego groaned and his back seemed to arch as the cock penetrated him so deep.

"Holy fuck," Diego muttered breathlessly, "that's so fucking deep."


Alex stood just outside the room, staring in disbelief, just like every single other man in the room. The biggest black cock Alex could ever imagine had just disappeared into Diego's hairy hole. It was absolutely impossible for such a thing to occur, but Alex had just witnessed it with his own eyes (or at least the eyes of a CDC employee). He had set out to save these men, but now he realized that none of them needed saving. Maybe they didn't want to be saved. Alex wasn't sure, but he needed to get out of there. Alex turned to go, but caught sight of Peter sucking away on an even bigger cock than the one buried inside of Diego.

Peter was going to town, just sucking as much of that monster cock as he could. He didn't care about anyone else in the room, just the big cock filling his mouth. Alex shook his head and realized that they would never be the lovers they once were. Alex felt his heart now longing to be reunited with Wesley. Wesley had always been a close friend, and it just seemed like their relationship would be stronger than anything he shared with Peter. He looked into the room again, but didn't see Wesley. Just to be sure he peered his head inside.

"I thought I asked not to be disturbed," the director suddenly bellowed from across the room.

"I apologize, sir," Alex quickly responded, "I was seeing if any of the prisoners needed returned to their rooms."

"No, they have not finished here. Now please go, and shut the door behind you."

"I'd like to go," Wesley suddenly spoke from the corner of the room. Alex felt his heart race with joy, "I've already finished and if you don't mind, Mr. Director, sir."

"You're boring me with your lack of enthusiasm," the director considered, "Alright, return to your room."

Soon with the doors to the intense orgy shut behind them, Alex began escorting Wesley down the hall towards his room. He needed to free his own body now. He turned to tell Wesley the plan, but Wesley violently punched him square in the face, as he fell to the ground Wesley punched him again. Alex sat up suddenly in his own bed with a pounding head ache. "Son of a bitch!"


Guns was unleashing every ounce of energy he had to fuck Diego with his massive cock. It took a great deal of effort just to move that heavy dick around, let alone plow it deep inside a tight hole. He couldn't believe that he was fucking this hot Mexican hole with a 14 inch cock, it made him feel so powerful and in control. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before.

Marc had found his way over to Trevor and they were both making out, both of them occasionally sneaking peeks at the massive black cock burying itself deeper than humanly possible in Diego's hairy ass. Trevor knew that he wanted Marc so badly, and his 12 inch dick was almost fully hard again and ready to go. Marc reached down and started stroking it while their lips locked and they kissed passionately.

Guns was now pounding without mercy and Diego had gone practically silent. Diego was in a state of stunned shock and with every thrust of the massive cock he made an involuntary grunting sound. Guns pulled out suddenly and Diego felt as if he entire intestines just fell from his body. His ass was a gaping pink hole and Guns brought his massive cock around and started pouring cream all over Diego's face. It was like a hose exploding hot cum everywhere, until Diego's face was drenched in the hot sticky substance. Guns leaned down and licked some his own cum off of Diego's face and then kissed the hot stud. He licked some more before standing up and looking to the three remaining studs.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Guns laughed.

"I have an idea," Bart suddenly spoke, "but we have to unstrap him."

"Go ahead," Isaac nodded. Isaac then turned his attention to Peter, "Are you ready to ride me?"

"Yes, sir," Peter smiled, "I love your cock."

Peter had also been enhanced for easy access, and Isaac had fucked him so many times in the past 4 days that Peter's ass easily accepted his massive cock. Peter just continued to force his way down, determined to take the entire fat 16 inch cock of his master. Peter wanted to bounce up and down on this big cock, nothing else mattered.

Diego was easy to handle, because he was in such a state of disbelief and his legs would hardly support his weight after all the intense fucking he had received. Bart laid himself down on the table and Guns helped lower Diego down on Bart's fat 10 inch cock.

"Ride it bitch," Bart ordered and Diego tried to bounce up and down. Bart's dick was nothing compared to the intense monster that had just hollowed out his insides. Guns helped Diego move up and down on top of Bart's dick.

"Are we sure about this?" Teo asked in his sexy accent.

"I know I'd love to see it," Matt looked at him, "Fill him up."

Teo lined up his 11 inch cock with Diego's already stuffed hole. As Diego came down on Bart's dick he shoved the first few inches inside. Diego gasped in surprise at the feel of two dicks entering his gaping ass hole. Slowly, but surely, Teo forced his fat cock into Diego's ass. Bart was moaning as he felt Teo's fat cock cramming its way into the tight hole. Diego started to cry and tried to come up off the of the two massive cocks pushing their way inside, but Guns forced him back down.

Isaac was allowing the sensations that each of the men were experiencing to course through his body. The feel of two cocks sliding into Diego's hot hole together was overwhelmingly delicious. Every sensation he felt served to enhance his incredible sex with Peter. Peter was driving himself down on his 16 inch monster cock, roaring with intense satisfaction. Peter wanted to please every inch, he lived for it, and he wanted nothing else.

Marc had encouraged Trevor to pick him up and prop his back against the wall. Trevor started sliding his massive 12 inch cock into Marc. Marc remembered the first time that Diego had fucked him like this, but there was something so much hotter about Trevor. Trevor was not fucking just to fuck, Trevor had this look in his eyes. Trevor wanted Marc, and it made Marc's cock incredibly hard. Trevor pushed his way inside of Marc's ass and started fucking him like he'd never fucked before.

Diego was overwhelmed and stuffed with more cock than he ever could fathom. And just when he thought there was no way more cock could be pushed inside him; Matt was standing in front of him, shoving his own 9 inch cock into Diego's mouth. Guns continued to help drive Diego down on top of the two cocks invading his hole. Teo was going to work, fucking his cock into Diego's ass with intense desire. He started speaking dirty words in another language and slapping the hair ass.

Peter bounced relentlessly on Isaac's cock, and he couldn't stop when his big thick cock started pouring cum all over his master's leg. Peter didn't let his own orgasm slow him down; he simply took his master's cock deeper and continued to ride until he had satisfied the monster cock.

Marc was being slammed against the wall as Trevor drove all 12 inches of his cock deep inside his ass. Marc loved the sensations of being fucked mercilessly by this incredible stud. He kissed Trevor and Trevor kissed back. Soon their lips were locked again in a passionate kiss while Trevor fucked hard and deep into the tight hole.

"I want to make you cum again," Trevor whispered in Marc's ear.

"Yea, baby," Marc smiled, "make my fucking dick cum."


Alex was trying desperately to reach out with his mind and find Wesley, but all at once a wave of sensations exploded through his body. He could feel his ass as if it were being split in two and all over his cock there were sensations. He was nearing an orgasm in seconds because of all the stimulation that suddenly poured through his body at once. He lurched forward and started to cum inside his pants, the hot liquid poured down his leg.


All at once, Bart, Matt, Teo, and Diego were connected to Alex. They did not understand what was happening, but they could feel every sensation and all four men suddenly started cumming. Matt arched his back and shot his load into Diego's throat where Diego desperately started swallowing. Diego felt his own dick erupting and shooting loads over Bart's head and into Bart's face. Bart and Teo both tensed as their cocks started squirting hot cream deep into Diego's hole. Diego had load after load of cum filling his insides. His entire body was sticky with sweat and cum.

Isaac who had been allowing the sensations of each man wash through his body was suddenly slammed with the sensation of multiple orgasms. His cock erupted like a volcano inside of Peter's hot ass and Peter moaned with intense satisfaction as the hot liquid filled him. Isaac thought it was over, but he could still feel the sensations of a hot ass fucking his big cock. He looked across the room and saw Trevor brutally pounding away at Marc's tight little hole.

Marc started stroking his hard cock, until at last it started shooting its hot load up, Marc opened his mouth and caught the cream in his mouth. Another load blasted out of his cock and he caught it as well. He swallowed and then gave Trevor another passionate kiss. They both savored the taste of the delicious cream.

Peter had come off of Isaac's dick, but Isaac could feel Trevor nearing his orgasm and he stood suddenly, forcing Peter to his knees. As Trevor began firing his hot load inside of Marc, Isaac began pouring a second hot load all over Peter's face. Isaac's dick was throbbing intensely after cumming twice in such a short period of time.

Trevor fucked the last of his hot cum into Marc's hot ass, and then let Marc's legs down to the floor. They started kissing again, unaware of the rest of the men behind them. Diego had been placed back on his table where he lay unmoving and stunned into silence. The other men were panting and out of breath; exhausted from the intense fucking they had just performed.

The whole room went silent as Isaac stalked over to the table, where Diego lay on his back. The massive 16 inch cock was swinging around, cum still dripping from its massive head. Isaac's revenge was not complete. He grabbed hold of Diego's legs and started forcing his massive cock inside the gaping pink hole. Diego looked up in pure terror at the look on Isaac's face and despite all of the cock he had endured; this mighty beast of a man was still able to stretch his ass with his incredible 16 inch cock. Diego was soon beging pummeled by the largest cock ever. Diego's ass continued to stretch and accommodate the immense cock filling his hole. Tears leaked from his cheeks as he felt the ultimate shame that he had forced on Daniel.

"This is for my brother," Isaac roared as he slammed inch after inch of his huge monster cock into Diego's hole. He fucked harder and faster until at last he came a third time deep inside of Diego's ass. The cum was so forceful and almost painful as it exploded inside of Diego's raw ass. Diego lost consciousness at the force of Isaac's intense fucking. Isaac momentarily lost control of his abilities and as he came this final time, he connected with every single man in the building. Everyone suddenly started cumming wherever they were. Most lurched forward and creamed their pants, some exploded into the urinal they were using, but everyone felt Isaac's orgasm, the sweet sensation of his revenge.




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