Wes lay on his bed, his green eyes gazing up at his best friend, Alex. Alex was running his hands all over Wesley's body and enjoying every sensation as it also coursed through his own body. Alex knew exactly what to do next, because everything Wes felt was also felt by Alex. Alex kissed Wes' bearded face and allowed their lips to lock in a passionate kiss. Their tongues glided over each other and then Alex began kissing his way down Wes' neck. Every kiss Alex delivered, he experienced it as if he had kissed himself. He tweaked at one of Wes' nipples and felt the sharp sting on his own body.

Their lips locked again, Wes allowed a small moan of satisfaction escape. Alex allowed his hands to glide down over Wes' body and start to stroke the rapidly hardening shaft that lay exposed just below Wes' navel. Alex's own rock hard dick thumped against Wes' slim yet toned body as Alex gyrated his hips and dry humped his pal. Alex could feel the stimulation of his own cock as well as the stimulation of Wes' cock in his hand. Alex knew he would never get tired of sex with his new found abilities.

After one sharing one last kiss with Wes, Alex rocked back on his hands and knees and positioned his face in front of Wes' fully erect 8 inch cock. He licked the cock from base to tip and then buried his face in Wes' low hanging balls. Alex took one ball and then the other into his mouth, sucking them and massaging them with his tongue. Alex felt his own balls withdraw up towards his body in response to the feel of his own mouth.

"Oh, Baby, that feels fucking amazing," Wes squirmed.

"I know," Alex giggled, "I can feel it too."

Alex started stroking Wes' hard shaft with one hand while he continued to suck and massage the fat balls with his mouth. Alex's own dick began leaking pre-cum as it was stimulated by some unseen transfer of sensations from Wes to Alex. Alex linked with Wes' mind more intimately and understood what Wes wanted next. Without hesitation Alex engulfed the cock in his mouth and allowed the head to hit the back of his throat where his gag reflexes threatened to make him cough and gasp. Alex forced himself down, because he was feeling the tightness of his throat against his own cock and did not want it to end.

"Yea, get down on that dick," Wes grabbed Alex by the back of the head and forced him down on his cock. Wes began thrusting his hips up as well, eager to stuff his cock down Alex's throat. Alex finally gagged and backed off the dick for a gasp of air, but Wes hands quickly shoved him back down. This time Alex did not take the dick as deep, but allowed Wes to fuck his face while he sucked hard on the delicious cock. Alex let his spit lube up the cock. Alex felt his own dick throbbing with every sensation of the amazing blow job.

Alex suddenly sat straight up and stared breathlessly into his gorgeous best friend's green eyes. Wes had only moments before considered sucking Alex's dick. As Alex stared at his friend, he felt that the idea persisted as his friend was given a good look at his own 8 inch dick.

"You really want to try it?" Alex asked.

"It's so unfair that you know what I'm thinking and feeling," Wes smiled, "Yes, I want it."

Alex turned his body around so that his own dick was hovering in front of Wes' face and then he went back to sucking Wes cock. Wes gingerly licked the shaft of his friend's dick and tasted the salty pre-cum that had begun dripping profusely from the fat head. Wes lined the dick up with his mouth and then craned his neck so he could take the first few inches. At first his just sucked it a little and licked the head with his tongue, savoring each new taste. Alex could taste his own cock in addition to the cock stuffing his mouth. Alex groaned in pure delight.

Wes grabbed hold of Alex's tight little ass and pulled him down so that Alex's cock slid deeper into his mouth. Wes started sucking and with his hand still on Alex's ass he slapped it. Alex momentarily pulled the cock from his mouth, "Yea, slap my ass!"

Wes slapped the ass again and then pulled again so he could suck Alex's cock in deeper. Wes loved running his tongue over Alex's cock, especially because the dick's head was so fat and round. Wes loved the feel of that fat head rubbing against his tongue. Wes put the cock in his cheek and let the fat head rub against his cheek too. Alex needed every effort to keep from cumming as he distinctly felt both his own cock sucking and Wes' cock sucking on his dick at the same time.

Fortunately, Wes let Alex's dick out of his mouth and instead licked his way up the crack of Alex's ass. He pushed Alex forward a bit and used his hands to spread both cheeks for better access. Wes began using his tongue to push up against Alex's tight hole. Alex could taste his own ass on his tongue and he moaned as he felt the intense sensation of Wes rimming his tight hole. Alex pushed his ass back and let Wes bury his face into the crack. Wes stretched his tongue as well as he could desperately forced his way into Alex's hole. Alex sat up so that his ass was sitting on Wes' face and began wiggling his ass down on the hot studs hungry mouth.

"Eat that fucking ass!" Alex groaned as Wes licked and slurped his tight ass. Alex watched Wes' hard dick waving back and forth as Alex bounced his ass on his face. Alex knew what he wanted now. Alex stood from the intense rimming and maneuvered over the hard dick. Alex plunged Wes deep inside of his tight hole and let out a gasping cry as he felt his tight ass around his own dick. Alex started riding up and down on the 8 inch cock and Wes thrust his hips up in time so that each time the cock landed as deep into Alex's ass as possible. Alex panted and moaned as the intense sensations of fucking and getting fucked stimulated every fiber of his body. He had no need to stroke his own dick, he simply let it flop up and down with each movement and slap against Wes' hard abs.

Alex could feel Wes reaching his climax and was relieved, because his own dick was near its breaking point. He started grinding and riding Wes harder and faster, urging the cock to cum. Wes was gripping the sheets of the bed with both hands and closing his eyes against the intense, hot pressure squeezing his hard dick. Like a fountain, Alex's dick started shooting wads of hot cum over Wes' head and against the head board. A second load unleashed and splashed across half of Wes' face and the third dumped across his abs. Wes felt his own balls draw tighter to his body and then his cock was erupting deep inside of Alex. Cum poured out into the deep hot hole and both men grunted and groaned with the intense sensation.

Alex collapsed on top of Wes, the cock still wedged in his ass, and began licking his own cum off of Wes' face. He slurped most of the salty cream down, but with the last little bit he began kissing Wes. Wes tasted the cum on Alex's lips and tongue and loved every moment. After their breathing slowed some and Wes' cock started to grow soft, Alex stretched out next to his gorgeous blond friend and laid his head on his chest. The two men drifted to sleep.


Alex woke some time later with an intense need to take a piss. He quietly climbed out of bed and slid into some loose fitting gym shorts and t-shirt. Since Wes lived in a dorm that used a communal bathroom, Alex had no choice but to make his way down the hall. The dorm was relatively quiet and he found the silence almost eerie as he stepped into the bathroom. Walking through the door Alex collided with a wet, furry chest. The pectoral muscles were well defined and a perfect set of six pack abs accompanied the furry chest. Alex was taken with the beautiful almond color of the skin and the way the black hair was everywhere, but not too thick. The stranger's waist was wrapped in nothing but a white towel; clearly someone finishing their shower.

Alex realized how odd it might be that he had done nothing but admire the body and he made a point to look up into the face of this stranger he had just bumped into, "Excuse me."

"Hey, don't worry about it," A thick accent responded. Alex had a difficult time placing the gorgeous guy's nationality, but the face he was now looking at was equally breath-taking. The guy had dark brown eyes and a little facial hair, not enough to call a beard. What made Alex most weak in his knees was the dazzling, bright white smile that the stranger beamed down at Alex. Alex wanted to reach out and touch this guy and just tell him you're beautiful.

"I like your band," the stranger continued, "I saw you on campus performing three weeks ago. My neighbor, Wesley, invited me."

"Oh, really?" Alex stuttered, "Thanks."

"Well, see you around," the handsome stud just buzzed past and walked down the hall toward his room. Alex stood staring after the big sexy stud and tried with all his strength not to get caught checking him out.

When Alex returned from the bathroom, Wes was awake and studying a menu from the local Italian restaurant. "You hungry?"

"I suppose I am," Alex replied, "Do you know some tall hairy guy with an accent? He said he liked our band?"

"Yeah, that's Teo, an Israeli student. He's hot isn't he?"

"Unbelievably so," Alex smiled, "I ran into him coming out of the shower."

"Lucky boy," Wes laughed, "So does Italian food sound good, or do you want to go next door and scarf down some Israeli cock?"

"You mean he lives right next door?" Alex marveled.

"Ok, now I'm starting to feel a little jealous," Wes stood with a teasing smile, "I guess I'll have to tell you that I've only seen women sneaking away from his room dressed in the same clothes they wore the night before."

Wes wrapped his arms around Alex and gave him a passionate kiss, "Now I'm starving. I've fucked more in the past 12 hours than I have in the past 12 months, so do you want some food too?"

"Yeah, I do," Alex kissed back and ran his hand down Wes' bearded face, "Pick me up some nice fat Italian sausage will you?"

"Only if I can feed it to you," Wes whispered in Alex's ear and then nibbled on his ear lobe.

"I'd like that," Alex giggled, "You better hurry back though, I'm starving."

After sharing one last kiss, Wes left the room to go find some food. Alex paced the room for a moment and then flopped down on the bed. He flipped did some channel surfing, but found nothing particularly interesting. He switched the TV off and closed his eyes, instantly he could see the hairy chest and he continued to picture the hot Israeli body as he drifted into sleep.

Alex felt himself lying in another room. He opened his eyes and could see unfamiliar surroundings. It was clearly a dorm room, but the walls had pictures of different musicians and movies he had never seen or heard of. Everything about his new surroundings was foreign. He felt cooler as well, and he reached his hand up and felt lots of hair all over his chest. Glancing down he saw massive pectoral muscles that he did not recall and dark hair covered his entire body. He was growing more and more confused by the moment, but he liked what he was seeing.

I'm just dreaming. Alex realized as he ran his hands over his hot hairy body. Around his waist he realized there was a white towel. He sat up in the strange bed and looked down at the white towel smiling. He was dreaming of the hot Israeli student, but it was unusual to see through the eyes of the gorgeous stud. It was unlike any sex dream he ever had, but one thing was certain, Alex wanted to see under the towel.

He reached his big hand down and started stoking the flaccid cock through the flimsy white towel. Even soft, the dick was fat and meaty, and he could feel very large balls. He continued to stroke himself and his dick grew harder and harder. His other hand felt his hairy body and tweaked his nipples. Finally the cock was pushing hard against the towel and he unwrapped it from around his body. Alex gasped at the fat uncut cock before him. It had just the right shape and the extra foreskin was so sexy. Alex wanted to suck the cock so badly. He wished again that the dream was not from the point of view of Teo.

Then again, it was a dream. Maybe he could still suck the dick. He leaned forward and bent his head down as far as he could. With his lips he managed to catch a bit of his foreskin and he felt it stretch as he pulled back. He tried again, straining and pushing himself to reach that big fat uncut dick. It had to be at least 9 inches long and it appeared so mouth wateringly delicious. He managed to nibble again on the head and stretch the foreskin over the big dick.

Alex repositioned himself so that his head remained on the bed and he used all of the massive muscles to lift his legs over his head. The cock was dangling down now over his open and eager mouth. He craned his neck and finally more of the cock slid into his mouth. He sucked it and enjoyed the feel of the foreskin in his mouth. He explored it with his tongue and rubbed the head of the fat dick. With his hand he pulled the loose skin on the dick taught and then started bobbing his head to suck the fat exposed cock head. He felt amazing.

His muscles were growing tired from the effort of sucking his own dick, so he positioned his back against the head of the bed and started stroking the fat dick that was still hanging above his face. He was so turned on by the sight of the hair abs and the fat cock. He rubbed the loose sack of his fat balls with one hand while stroking his massive uncut dick with the other. Finally, he let loose long strings of hot cum. He caught them in his mouth and some landed all over his face. It dripped down his hairy abs and chest. He swished the cum in his mouth and then swallowed it down enjoying every delicious drop.

Standing, Alex happened to catch sight of himself in a full length mirror against the wall. He looked at the incredible Israeli stud, Teo, staring back at him. This was by far the most bizarre dream he ever had. Not only was he experiencing everything from Teo's perspective, but even the room was a place he had seen before. He stood staring at the mirror for several moments considering the impossible.

Finally, Alex walked to the door, still fully naked and peered out into the hallway. The hall was empty and across the way stood the door to Wes' dorm. Alex crept across the hall, his semi-hard cock swinging back and forth. Alex knew that Wes had left the door unlocked when he left, so he tried the handle. When the door swung open he saw himself lying on the bed, body stiff as a board and eyes rolled back into his head.

"What the fuck?" he wondered aloud as he entered the room and closed the door. He walked over to his prone body and waved a hand in front of his face. There was no response. He felt his body and knew that every muscle was tight. His own 8 inch cock was sticking straight out as hard as a rock. He grabbed it through his shorts and stroked it a bit. It was strange because he could feel the sensation of his hand against his cock.

"This is fucked up," Alex looked back at his eyes rolled back in his head and hoped his body was ok. He pushed the eyelids shut and felt a little better that he wasn't staring up with the whites of his eyes. It was starting to freak him out, but he felt the hand still on his hard dick. How many times do I get to suck my own dick? Well, quite a few, now that he had been enhanced by some crazy virus.

Alex pulled back his shorts and took his hard dick into his mouth. He began sucking the cock and he felt Teo's fat dick growing hard in response to his sucking. He could feel his own dick in his mouth, but he was feeling the sensations through Teo's body. Whatever else it might be, it was fucking sexy as hell. This big, hairy, muscular stud bent over sucking the slim sexy rocker. Alex pulled the shorts off of his body and went to work sucking his dick and down over his balls. Spit began dripping down his crack and he lifted his legs up to allow better access to the slightly hairy hole. He licked his ass and could taste the delicious sex he had with Wes only a few hours earlier.

He went to work with his tongue and let it penetrate into his tight hole. After spitting and licking his hole he swallowed his cock again. It felt so fucking amazing that his entire body was breaking out in goosebumps. After swallowing the rock hard shaft several times he went back to work on his ass. Burying his face deep and using his tongue to push deeper. He had been fucked so many times by Wes recently, but now in this powerful body with his fat uncut dick he knew he wanted to fuck a tight hole. He lined up the fat cock with his tight ass and pushed his way inside. He spit down on his dick and slicked it up with his hand. He pushed the fat dick harder and felt it penetrate deep into the hot, tight hole.

Alex knew his own limits, so he fucked hard and deep with each stroke. He fucked himself with an intensity that was befitting this new hot body he had commandeered. It felt good to fuck, every muscle in his body was aching to help him fill the tight hole before him. He wanted to please that massive uncut dick.

Alex felt his eyes fly open and he felt the full weight of the massive uncut dick filling his insides. The sensation of the cock was so much better than anything Wes had ever done. Alex saw the incredible Israeli hottie named Teo looking down at him with a horrified look. Alex realized that his mind had returned to his own body and Teo was now left wondering how his cock had found its way inside of another man's ass. Teo started to pull out, but Alex reached around and grabbed the hot stud by both ass cheeks.

"Please, leave it in," Alex squeezed his ass around the fat dick, "I know it feels good in there."

The massive stud seemed as if he were about to ignore Alex's request, but then he looked down hesitantly at the cock buried inside the tight hole. In his thick accent he said, "When I came to this country, I decided to try everything it had to offer."

Alex smiled up at the delicious stud, "Well, I'm offering."

Teo let Alex have that beautiful dazzling white smile again and Alex thought he would just die right there in that moment. Teo grabbed Alex's waist and flipped him over so that he was doggie-style. He pushed down on Alex's back and propped his ass higher into the air. Keeping hold of Alex's hips, Teo began to ram his cock hard and deep into Alex. Alex thought that Teo's dick had felt amazing before, but now he realized that Teo had more experience using his fat tool and was making every thrust count. Alex couldn't help but cry out at the sheer intensity of Teo's fat cock fucking him. Teo grunted and panted with the effort of his intense fucking.

"You like that fucking dick?" Teo growled, "I love your tight American hole."

"Yeah, Baby, fuck me hard," Alex whimpered as he tried to push his ass back into Teo's fat cock. Both men were lost in the intensity of their incredible fucking. Alex suddenly felt hands on his face, forcing him to look up. In front of him was a naked Wes and his rock hard dick.

"I guess you were too hungry to wait," Wes laughed before shoving his hard dick into Alex's mouth. Alex choked down the dick as best as he could while Teo continued to pound his ass like a brute. The force of Teo's fucking drove Alex farther and farther down over Wes hard cock. Alex could feel his own mouth on his dick just like before. Every time he stimulated Wes delicious cock, he stimulated his own dick as well. He was going to shoot his load quickly with all of the intense sensations coursing through his body.

"Yea, suck his dick," Teo encouraged, "Does he suck it good?"

"So fucking good," Wes laughed.

"His hole is so fucking tight," Teo grunted as he pounded deep inside, "I love it."

"And you're fucking huge," Wes replied.

Alex could not take the intense feelings any more, his cock started shooting cum all over the bed without even stroking it. Over and over again he shot his load with each thrust that Teo made with his fat cock. Alex moaned in intense satisfaction, but the sound was muffled by the cock filling his mouth and reaching the back of his throat.

"He is cumming without hands," Teo boasted excitedly, "Does it really feel that good to have a cock in your ass?"

"Better," Alex mumbled around Wes' cock. Wes pulled the dick out and Alex had the briefest moment when he realized Wes' dick looked bigger.

"You want to get fucked don't you?" Wes smiled at the big hairy stud.

"I don't know," Teo slowed his intense fucking as he looked Wes up and down, "Will it hurt?"

"Only for a moment," Alex panted, "but it is so intense to be filled and it makes you cum so hard."

Wes moved closer and Teo spit on his hand and then started stroking Wes' dick. After a moment he spit on his hand again and rubbed it over his own hairy hole. Wes scooped some of the cum off the bed from under Alex and rubbed it over his dick to add even more lube for the tight virgin hole. Teo bent Alex over further and laid himself on top of Alex so that his own ass now fully exposed at the side of the bed. Wes stepped in behind and began forcing his way inside.

"Oh fuck," Teo tensed and grabbed hold of Alex in an iron grasp. Alex could feel Wes' dick entering the tight hairy hole through the connection they had formed. Despite having just cum, Alex's dick was nearly fully hard again. Teo's cock was still buried deep inside his ass and was throbbing with an intense heat. Wes pushed his cock farther into Teo's tight hole and the hot Israeli stud moaned again.

Wes pulled his dick out and realized it was much larger than he remembered. It was maybe 9 inches and appeared to have room to grow. He considered this only a moment before pushing back inside. The hairy ass resisted and he waited for Teo to relax before shoving more of the hard dick inside. Wes spit on the shaft of his dick and then pushed it farther into the hole that was constricting his cock in all the right ways.

"You are so fucking sexy," Wes admired as he reached around and rubbed his hands across Teo's chest, forcing the hot stud to sit up some. With both hands wrapped around the stud Wes rammed the last of his hard dick deep into the stud. Both men let out cries of intense pleasure.

Teo reached his own big hand around and slapped Wes' ass, "Fuck me."

Wes wasted no time giving the hot stud exactly what he asked for. Wes pulled back and plunged his dick deep and continued to fuck harder and faster. Teo pushed his ass back and then he'd shove his own cock forward deep into Alex's ass, trying to match pace with Wes. Alex was moaning profusely as he experienced every sensation that both men were experiencing. His cock was so hard it was starting to hurt and with each thrust Teo made it would slap him against his abdomen. Alex wanted to bust again so bad, just to release the intense pressure but it only continued to build as the two men fucked harder and faster.

Wes was certain that his cock was in fact getting bigger and maybe even thicker. Teo could not begin to imagine how he had found himself sandwiched between two boys, but he was incredibly glad it had happened. He had never experienced such an overwhelmingly intense sexual experience. The feel of Alex's hot ass was multiplied by the stimulation of Wes' big dick against his prostate. Teo knew that this was by far the hottest sex he had ever had.

"Oh fuck!" Wes shouted as he pulled out his 9.5 inch cock and watched it splatter Teo's back with loads of hot cum. Teo could feel the hot cream running down his back and was tempted to let loose deep inside Alex, but instead he pulled out and rolled Alex over onto his back.

Alex's own rock hard cock was flopping around and Teo practically jumped down on top of it, taking it all the way into his ass. Alex shouted as the stimulation was suddenly amplified on his already sensitive dick. Teo started riding the cock and stroking his big fat uncut cock faster and faster in preparation of his hot load. Alex could take no more and he finally started cumming. The force of his cum was so incredible he was surprised it didn't shoot straight out of Teo's mouth.

Teo pulled off of Alex's dick in order to put his own cock into Alex's mouth before he also started cumming. Wes watched in mute surprise as Alex's dick continued to shoot another load that splattered on the ceiling and slowly dripped down. With his cock inside Alex's mouth Teo let loose his hot load and Alex guzzled it down. Alex loved the taste of Teo's cum, and this time he was able to enjoy it with his own mouth and his own tongue. Finally spent, Teo rolled off of Alex laughing.

Wes climbed into bed next to Alex and both of the hot tops began running their hands over Alex's body. Alex kissed Wes and then Teo, allowing them to taste the Israeli stud's delicious cream. Alex was in total bliss and never wanted it to end.



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