Alex looked from his naked boyfriend, whose body had only seemed to grow since the last time he had laid eyes upon it, to the short muscle stud on the left and then the tall, lean guy with the big cock on the right. All three of these amazing studs were panting from their recent sexual encounter. Alex couldn't help but feel his 8 inch dick growing rock hard in his pants.

"My name is Matt," the muscular stud on the left suddenly broke the silence, "and this is my best friend, Trevor."

"Nice to meet you," Peter responded, "this here is my boyfriend, Alex."

"That's wonderful, now will you all get your clothes on, there is important work to be done," another voice spoke from outside the ambulance. From around the corner appeared the incredibly sexy Dr. Diego Juarez.

"Wait," Trevor asked, "who the fuck is this?"

"Doc, I didn't expect to see you here," Peter sat up in surprise.

"He called me after you were taken in the ambulance and tried to explain that..." Alex started, but he had failed to understand most of what Dr. Juarez had tried to explain.

"...that you may be infected with an unpredictable virus, and your condition can only be monitored from my lab," Diego continued, "we must return there immediately, and I mean everyone. You may all have been exposed at this point."

"Wait a minute," Trevor jumped down out of the ambulance, "I'm not going anywhere with any of you. I don't know what just happened, but I've never had a gay thought in my life."

"Me neither," Matt admitted, "but I'd have to say I'm having plenty of them now."

"Please, Trevor, I know you do not understand, but it is imperative that all of you come with me immediately."

"Fuck off," Trevor spat nearly right in front of Diego's face. Diego grabbed the tall stud by the back of his dark spiky hair and kissed him hard on the lips. Trevor started to struggle, but all too quickly melted into Diego's hot kiss, allowing his lips to part and their tongues to rub against each other. Trevor felt the massive bulge in the hot hairy Mexican doctor's pants pressing against his thigh and wondered what it'd be like to see this man in action.

Alex stared again with mouth agape at this new development. Peter was soon by his side, rubbing his chest and kissing his neck. Alex pulled his eyes from the hot kiss occurring between Diego and Trevor and focused fully for the first time on his massive boyfriend. Peter had always enjoyed working out at the gym, but within hours his massive form had doubled and more hair had sprouted all over his body. What drew Alex's immediate attention was the new dick which was extremely thick like a damn soda can. Alex began wondering what this virus was going to do to his own body. How much time did he have left before he started convulsing and changing?

Diego suddenly pushed Trevor away and Trevor's expression was that of a child whose Halloween candy had just been taken away. Matt felt sorry for Trevor and placed a comforting arm around his best friend.

"Any more fucking questions?" Diego demanded. No one responded. "Then get dressed, get in my car, and let's get moving."

The ride back to campus and the now deserted science building was awkward to say the least. Matt, Trevor, and Alex all squeezed into the back seat and throughout the course of the trip Alex listened to Matt whisper compliments and worshipful promises to Trevor. Alex also watched as Peter, riding shotgun, repeatedly tried to get at Dr. Juarez's big dick while he was driving. Diego was clearly in no mood for games, because he repeatedly told the hot blonde no. Fortunately, the drive was short and despite their best efforts to suppress their desires all five men exited the vehicle with raging boners.

Diego tried to remain calm and focused as he corralled his four sexy test subjects inside of his lab. Much of the lab was still in disarray, but Diego quickly found a place for each man to sit separated from the other three. He moved to the desk in one corner and provided each man with a flier related to his experimental proposal he had presented to the Board of Bioresearch nearly 10 years ago. The flier contained graphics of a virus and explained in detail the potential benefits of such research.

"I will try to explain what it is that is happening to each of us, and then we can start to work towards a solution," Diego began.

"Again, my name is Dr. Diego Juarez and I have been working closely with Peter here to conduct experiments relating to genetic alterations through viral manipulation. The nature of a virus is to insert its own DNA material into a cell and cause the cell to produce more viruses until it inevitably ruptures and spreads the virus to surrounding cells. I designed a virus that would instead introduce specific DNA material into cells and improve them. I could essentially eliminate diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure simply by making the cells which already exist perform their specific duties through the assistance of the virus. In theory, the virus would die off inside of the host, because it did not possess the genetic material required to replicate. Unfortunately, I believe the virus found a way to replicate, despite my..."

"...Oh my god!" Matt suddenly yelled, "This is so fucking boring!"

"I'd have to agree," Alex chimed in, "you can just skip to the part where you find out what is wrong with us."

"Fine," Diego agreed, but deep down he was furious that he had been interrupted so rudely by Matt. He quickly set to work drawing blood from each man and even enlisted the help of Peter, who had practice drawing blood from animal subjects in the lab. Peter had much less self control and could not help but flirt with everyone or simply reach out and grope their erect cocks. Diego's own cock was rock hard in his pants, but he understood the gravity of the situation and tried to maintain a professional attitude. After drawing the blood, Diego knew he could not control these four overly horny men for long, so he quickly drew up an injection for each man. Diego told them it was a simple solution to help slow the progression of viral infections, but in reality he administered a sedative to each man.

As all four men drifted to sleep, Diego began studying the blood samples he had collected. Diego was deep in thought when a hand suddenly reached around his waist and up under his shirt feeling his clearly defined hairy six pack abs. Diego felt the hand trace up and down the hairy line from his naval down to his pants. Then hot breath and warm lips were kissing his neck and a bulging mass pressed into his back side as the eager stranger humped him. Diego let out an audible moan as his cock bounced rock hard with desire for more of this stranger's touch.

"Did you really think I didn't know you were giving us sedatives?" Peter whispered, "I convinced you to let me help, and you gave me saline. Now we're alone again."

"I've been unable to stop thinking about you sucking my dick," Diego admitted, "It was by far the best blow job I've ever had."

"It's got to be hard to focus on your work with that raging cock. Let me help you take care of it, so that you can focus." With that Peter started to kneel, dragging his hands down over Diego's body, when his knees touched the floor he quickly spun Diego around so that the massive bulge in Diego's pants was even with his face. Peter buried his face into the front of Diego's pants and massaged the massive 9.5 inch cock with his lips. Diego stripped off his shirt and Peter looked up at the huge pectoral muscles coated with dark black hair and the tight ripped abs sporting that delicious line of fur. Peter adored that hot Latino body and the big Latino cock. Using his teeth, Peter grabbed the pants and pulled them off slowly. Moaning with desire, Diego ran his hands through Peter's blonde hair and then leaned down to steal a quick kiss before letting the horny boy finish his work on that big cock.

Peter finally pulled the pants free and the big 9.5 inch cock swung free nearly slapping Peter in the face. Peter swore that Diego had grown a little since the last time he had laid eyes on it. Peter wasted no time taking the massive shaft into his mouth. He sucked hard and fast at first on the very end, but then slowed down in order to take more and more of the cock down into his throat. He tried, but failed, not to gag as the massive head made contact with his tight throat. Diego was becoming more aggressive and fucked the back of Peter's throat trying to make him take more. Peter choked on the cock again and again trying to pull back off the dick, but Diego grabbed his head with both hands and started ramming his throat harder and harder.

Diego had never felt so overwhelmed by a sexual need. He roared with frustration as he tried to make his bitch take his entire cock, but the dumb kid was just choking and pushing against him. "Shut the fuck up and take my dick!"

Peter was beginning to be afraid as Diego started becoming more and more aggressive and shouting orders down at him. There was no compassion or tenderness left in Diego; he was simply giving in to some primal need. Peter wanted nothing more than to breath, but the fat cock head ramming the back of his throat made catching a breath impossible. Peter was certain that if Diego did not stop soon, he would simply pass out.

"Why can't you take it all? Suck it you stupid fucking bitch!" Diego roared. He needed to get his whole dick inside of something right now, and this boy's mouth was not working. Diego pulled his cock out and pushed the sputtering, gasping boy over onto his hands and knees. He grabbed at the boy's ass with both hands and roughly ripped the pants apart exposing two nice round ass cheeks. Diego wasted no time burying his face in between those two mounds and seeking out the nice pink hole he longed to own with his tongue.

Peter had tears streaming from his eyes after the brutal gagging he had just received and he had almost no time to prepare for the vicious assault that was now occurring on his rectum. Diego was relentless in his need to tongue fuck and lick Peter's tight hole. Peter wondered if the incredibly horny doctor was enjoying the taste of all the other cocks that had penetrated his hole that day.

Diego loved the taste of this boy's ass, but what he really wanted was to get it wet enough to slide his big dick inside. Satisfied he had reached this goal, Diego sat up and pushed the head of his fat dick against the boy's sweet ass.

Peter felt the head of Diego's cock pierce his hole and Peter was about to ask Diego to slow down and quit being so rough when the entire length of the massive cock was suddenly thrust into him. Peter screamed and felt new tears of pain welling up in his eyes. The dick was so big and his ass was squeezing reflexively against the massive shaft, but Diego did not wait for this tightness to stop, he simply went to town pulling it out and shoving it back in. It was as if Diego was deaf to the injured cries Peter was making underneath him.

Diego was lost in a sea of animal lust. He finally had his entire dick inside of a tight warm hole, and there was nothing going to stop him from planting his hot seed deep inside. He was going to pump this young boy full of cum and then find another hole to pump his hot cum into. Maybe he'd fuck that smart mouth, Matt, who so rudely interrupted him. Diego's anger was fueled as he considered that stupid kid speaking up to him like that. He started fucking harder and faster, ramming his new fuck hole with everything he had.

Peter cried and pleaded, but Diego was out of control. Peter recalled the aggressive animals they had encountered during their experiments and he began to wonder if Diego was now entering a new stage of the viral infection. Just as Peter was certain Diego would tear his ass completely in half a warm jet of cum exploded inside of him. Over and over again, Diego pumped his hot cream into Peter and yelled aggressively with each thrust. When he'd finished cumming, Diego pulled his fat cock out and simply walked away.

Peter looked around in confusion. He could hear Diego's footsteps going around one of the lab benches toward the other side of the room. Matt was in that corner, Peter thought to himself. Peter tried to stand, but his shaky legs would not support him after such a brutal fucking. Peter whimpered as he scooted himself across the floor. He decided to try reasoning with the crazed doctor, "Diego? What are you doing?"

Peter heard the familiar sound of fabric being torn to shreds. Diego started spitting on something and Peter tried to scoot himself along faster. He finally rounded the lab bench and saw an unconscious Matt draped over the counter, ass exposed, and Diego rubbing a finger over the stud's tight hole.

"Don't do this, Diego," Peter pleaded, "he's been drugged, this isn't right."

"I need to fuck more," Diego stated simply as he lined up his still fully erect cock with Matt's hole.

"Then fuck me, baby," Peter regretfully suggested in order to spare Matt the indignity of getting fucked while unconscious. Besides, Peter felt responsible for dragging these poor EMTs into this mess.

Diego looked up at Peter with hungry eyes, and to show how willing he would be Peter spread his legs apart and let Diego take a nice look at his cum-slicked, dripping ass hole. Diego fortunately pulled away from Matt and stalked back over to Peter, where he shoved the whole cock back inside without hesitation. Peter yelped in pain, but it was much easier this time than before. It was not long before Diego was back up to speed, ramming his cock deep inside without mercy. Peter looked up into the doctor's face, but saw only an inhuman determination etched upon his features.

"Oh fuck, yea!" Diego roared, "Take my fucking dick, bitch!"

Peter could literally feel Diego's cock growing inside of him. With each thrust the cock seemed to reach deeper and deeper inside and the cock was continuously stretching and tearing away at Peter's ass. Diego did not seem to notice that his cock was actively getting larger as he fucked, but the increased tightness only renewed his desire to fuck harder.

"Oh fuck!" Peter moaned unable to take the force of that massive cock slamming against his prostate any longer he started cumming all over his stomach and up onto Diego's hairy abs. Diego's lust was ignited further at the sight of this young stud's cum and he renewed his efforts to fuck harder and deeper, urging his own massive cock to cum inside that tight hole. Finally with four final long strokes he unleashed another load almost as large as the last. He had never cum so much, but even after the last load exploded inside of the Peter's hot hole, he knew he was still horny.

Peter watched in astonishment as Diego pulled out what must have become a 12 inch cock while buried inside of him. As soon as the massive shaft was free of the tight hole, Diego stood up over the hot blond and started stroking the whole length of the massive cock. Diego wrapped both his hand around the shaft and jerked it harder and harder. Peter was sure that Diego was going to cum again, when a knock sounded on the door to the lab.

"Just ignore it," Peter urged, "they will go away."

"Shut up, bitch," Diego spat down on Peter, "this is my lab. Let's see who's come to play with my new toy."

Peter was frantic now; he tried to get to his feet, grabbing hold of the countertop nearest to him. His legs were weak and shaky, but he finally managed to hobble along towards the door. Diego was already reaching for the handle; he was standing fully naked with a foot long erect cock ready to greet the person on the other side. The door swung open and to Peter's horror, Dr. Daniel Morris, the chairman of the Board of Bioresearch was staring in disbelief.

"Look who it is, Pete, it's the ass hole who stole our funding," Diego almost laughed as his massive dick swung back and forth in front of him.

Dr. Daniel Morris was a young, brilliant biologist that rose quickly to the top. Daniel was well known for his ability to give speeches and talk efficiently to any crowd of fellow academics, but for once in his life Daniel was at a complete loss for words. He had come to apologize to the brilliant Dr. Juarez, whose research he had followed for years, but now he had stumbled upon something that went far beyond alarming. Despite his best efforts, Daniel could not help but look at the massive cock swinging back and forth between him and Dr. Juarez. Was such a thing even possible?

Diego grabbed the young Dr. Morris by the silver tie he was wearing over his blue shirt, and yanked him into the lab. Quickly, Diego slammed the door and stepped in front of it, cutting off the exit.

"Don't do anything, Diego," Peter pleaded again, "maybe he can help us. Maybe he can help you."

Daniel's thoughts were racing, trying to consider his options, but a situation such as this had never existed as a possibility in his mind. There was no reasoning with a mad man. Daniel had to play along until he could find an opening that would allow him to escape.

"What do you want?" Daniel asked timidly.

"I want you to be my bitch!" Diego roared as he came forward and forced Daniel over the nearest lab bench. Diego wasted no time tearing apart the young doctor's black dress pants and ripping down the tight white underwear underneath. As Diego ripped and tore, Daniel's eyes bulged as his own dick and balls were bounced around and battered. Diego started spitting vigorously in the crack of Daniel's ass, and rubbing his finger around and into the hole.

"Please, no," Daniel pleaded, "I have a wife at home."

"Listen to him," Peter attempted as he stumbled closer and closer to the two doctors.

"Everyone wants me," Diego smiled up at Peter, "I'm perfection. I've created perfection, and now I will show this little bitch what perfection feels like."

Without pause Diego pushed four inches of his massive cock into the virgin hole. Daniel screamed louder than Peter ever had and even thrashed about trying to take a swipe at Diego. Diego took hold of Daniel's tie and pulled it tight until he was choking him. Daniel seemed to relax as he recognized his thrashing was only tightening the noose around his neck. Diego pulled out some and then pushed in again, deeper this time.

"God, that's fucking tight," Diego smiled, "how's that feel, bitch?"

"Fuck you!" Daniel yelled.

"I intend to," Diego replied as he pulled out and pushed his dick in further. Soon he was making regular strokes in and out pushing hard with each thrust and pulling back on Daniel's tie so the defenseless doctor had no choice but to back up into the fat cock. Daniel moaned and cried as the massive cock invaded his insides. There was no stopping Diego, he was on a mission to fuck his enemy into submission and nothing would stop him. Diego fucked that hole with one goal, and that was to insert his entire cock and fill this little bitch with his cream.

"Get your cock out of him," Peter commanded as he rounded the counter and stood only feet away from Diego and the defenseless man getting ripped apart by the biggest dick any of them had ever seen.

"I'll get out, once I make this ass mine. Why don't you go be a good little bitch and wait your turn?" Diego laughed at this and started fucking harder just to spite Peter.

"How would you like it, if someone invaded your virgin hole without regard to what you were feeling?" Peter demanded, "Let him go."

To Diego's amazement, the entire length of his massive cock finally slipped into Daniel's tight hole. Now the fun would really begin. Blocking out the annoying pleas of Daniel and Peter, Diego focused entirely on fucking his new hole. He allowed his full animal rage to well up inside him. He knew that this little bitch being impaled on his massive shaft was the cause of everything. If it weren't for this bitch canceling their funding none of this would be happening. What goes around comes around. Diego fucked his massive cock into that hole without mercy.

Daniel was nearly catatonic, his mind had shut down in defense against the onslaught Diego's massive 12 inch cock was delivering. He became vaguely aware of a hot wet liquid running down his leg, and felt even more shame when he realized it was his own dick cumming from the force of the massive cock raping him. Daniel knew the life he once knew was over, he would forever remember this moment when he was transformed into a little bitch just like Diego wanted.

Diego was so enthralled with the feel of Daniel's ass around his cock that he did not realize until too late that Peter had stepped behind him. Without warning, Peter was ramming a thick soda-con sized cock into Diego's ass. The fat head of Peter's cock was stretching him to the limit and he cried out in pain, but also in pleasure as he slammed his own massive cock back into Daniel.

"How do you like it?" Peter asked again, "Doesn't feel good does it?"

Diego wanted Daniel's ass so badly that he pushed himself towards Peter to get a better thrust. Diego never slowed his fucking; he simply took Peter's fat cock and then slammed his own dick deep into that delicious ass. Peter tried to match speed, determined to teach Diego a lesson and fuck him just as hard as he was fucking the defenseless Daniel.

Diego felt Peter's dick continue to grow inside his ass with each thrust. At first he thought it was just the feel of his first cock in his ass, but then he realized the cock was indeed growing with each ramming he endured. Peter's dick was not nearly as large as Diego, but it was much thicker. Diego's ass was being stretched to its max, and he had no choice but to endure it if he wanted to fuck Daniel. Finally, the force of Peter's fat dick head slamming into his prostate and the intense tightness of Daniel caused Diego to let loose his largest load yet. He sent load after load of hot cream into Daniel's hole.

Peter could feel Diego orgasm and he pumped his dick harder and faster until he too was shooting his hot load inside of Diego's ass. He had just fucked his mentor, and the man with the biggest dick he had ever experienced. Peter had never felt so fucking horny.

Peter let his fat 8 inch dick slide out of Diego's ass and Diego let his massive foot long fuck shaft slide out of Daniel. Daniel seemed to crumple on his knees before the two massive studs. For a moment he just hung his head down in stunned silence.

"Clean them off," Diego ordered.

Daniel looked up at him and then reached out for the big 12 inch cock. Hesitantly, Daniel licked the little bit of cum still dripping off of Diego's dick, he seemed to savor it a moment and realize it wasn't that bad and gave a bigger lick up the whole shaft. Daniel turned and obediently licked off Peter next.

"That's a good boy," Diego smiled and then kissed Peter deeply. Soon Diego and Peter were locked in a hot post-sex make out session their still semi-hard cocks knocking against each other, while Daniel sat in stunned silence on the floor.



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