I want to warn my readers again, as I did before. This plot just sort of comes to my brain and I just go with it. There will be another death in this scene and I hope it's not too twisted. I'm also setting up for a slight jump into the future, so a lot of dots are being connected. Hopefully, you remember what has already happened, because even I sometimes forget.


Oscar stumbled out into the street, practically intoxicated from the sexual high he had begun to experience while fucking the five hot men inside of Ty's bedroom. Each man was still lying on the floor or bed as they felt their bodies transform into copies of Ty's perfected body. Oscar stood in the road, his flaccid dick still hanging nearly 9 inches down between his legs as he stumbled forward looking for something else to satisfy his needs. He had poured endless streams of cum into each of the men and still he needed to fuck again. A car swerved to miss him and a lady shouted profanities as she roared past.

Not in full control of his body, Oscar began to walk down the street, unaware of the people safe inside their houses calling to inform the police. He soon stumbled upon a gas station with a convenience store. There was only one customer at the pumps, an older woman, who looked up at Oscar in shock before scuttling back inside her car. Oscar's attention was pulled toward the 30-something clerk inside the convenience store. He was an average, huskier man with a goatee and big thick eyebrows. Oscar pushed the door open and some chimes announced his arrival, but the clerk was already on full alert.

"What the fuck is your problem, man?" the clerk demanded, "You on drugs or something?"

Oscar approached the counter and as he did the countenance of the clerk began to change as pheromones flooded the room. The clerk began to feel a familiar pressure in his pants as his dick began to grow rigid inside his jeans. He shifted uncomfortably as he tried to understand what was happening.

"This counter is about the right height," Oscar observed before checking the clerks name badge, "Don't you think, Curtis?"

"The right height for what?" Curtis asked.

"For you to lie on while I pound your ass," Oscar smiled as he reached across the counter and grabbed the back of Curtis' head, pulling him into a kiss. Curtis froze a minute before kissing back. While they kissed, Curtis dropped his pants, exposing his extremely hairy lower body and rigid 5 inch dick. Curtis climbed up onto the counter and lay on his back, exposing his hairy hole to Oscar.

"That's a good boy," Oscar smiled as he stroked his cock, which was nearly to the point of its full 18 inch length. Oscar noted some Vaseline on sale nearby and decided to help himself. He applied a healthy amount against Curtis' tight as and began to work it deeper inside with his fingers. Then he stroked his cock some more. Oscar continued to play with Curtis' hole until all four of his fingers slid inside. Curtis was moaning in amazed wonder at how good Oscar was making him feel.

Finally, Oscar lined up his dick and began to penetrate the tight hairy hole, slowly pushing his way inside. After about 7 inches of the massive cock had disappeared inside, Curtis was begging him to stop. Oscar pulled back and fucked Curtis slowly with those seven inches for a little bit. Curtis' tight ass muscles began to relax allowing more of the cock to disappear inside. Unique precum spilling from Oscar's massive dick was allowing for further dilation and deeper penetration.

Oscar and Curtis were so lost in their moment together; they did not even hear the 5 police cars that had pulled up outside the convenience store. Six police officers were standing outside, one taking a statement from the hysterical woman that had first seen Oscar while pumping her gas. One officer was going down the street to address the concerned citizens that had called to report the problem. The other four were at the door to the convenience store, utterly baffled by what they were seeing and uncertain how to proceed. None of them particularly wanted to go near the two men at the counter, but they had to arrest them.

Oscar's dick had disappeared nearly 10 inches deep inside of Curtis' wonderful ass. Curtis was stroking his own dick as he felt tears spill from his eyes as the pressure of Oscar's massive dick pushed deeper. Curtis didn't want Oscar to stop until he had the entire length of that massive cock inside of him. Curtis was the first to see the two officers approaching Oscar, but he was unconcerned, because he could see the same instantly horny expression slowly washing over them. The older lieutenant and his rookie began to feel their cocks harden as they walked closer to Oscar.

The rookie was the first to holster his weapon as he reached out to feel Oscar's insanely perfect muscles. He allowed his hand to roam the broad shoulders and muscular arms of the most magnificent stud he had ever seen. He looked at his mentor and grabbed hold of the stiff cock inside his pants. The lieutenant looked surprised at the rookie's behavior, but quickly realized how much he wanted it. He also holstered his weapon as he took another step and kissed the younger officer. Outside the other two officers that had stayed behind looked at each other, dumbfounded.

Curtis continued to watch the two sexy police officers make out, while Oscar continued to push his massive cock deeper and deeper with each intense thrust. The younger officer was unfastening his mentor's pants, exposing the rather hot 6.5 inch cock inside. The rookie dropped to his knees and began sucking on the hard dick. It didn't take long for the lieutenant to give in to his animal urges and he grabbed the rookies head and began fucking his face. "Take that dick, oh yea, take that dick."

Curtis looked up at Oscar, who seemed completely unfazed by the events unfolding behind him. Oscar was only interested in penetrating Curtis to the max, and Curtis could feel that he had nearly reached his goal. Curtis felt entirely full of cock, the massive length of Oscar's insane 18 inch cock felt as if it would explode right out of his throat. Oscar pulled back and began pumping his dick harder and faster into Curtis' tight ass. Curtis started moaning louder and he gripped the counter to withstand the intense pounding that was beginning to be unleashed.

The rookie stood up and Curtis saw for the first time that his pants were open, revealing a rather large 8.5 inch dick. His lieutenant looked surprised and impressed as he dropped down and began sucking the young stud's dick. The rookie cop turned to watch Oscar impaling Curtis on the counter. To Curtis' surprise the young officer leaned over and took the full length of Curtis dick into his mouth. Curtis was overwhelmed by the feeling of his dick being sucked while Oscar pummeled his hole with a massive 18 inch cock. It didn't take long before Curtis began pouring a load of cum into the hot officer's mouth.


Not far down the street Officer Eric Parker had just finished taking a witness statement indicating that the young nudist had emerged from the Bartley residence. While approaching the house, Eric immediately recognized a police car parked farther back down the drive way. Eric had been friends with Flint Shelby for many years and recognized the car immediately. He verified that the police car was empty before approaching the house. He knew it was protocol to call for back-up, but he was concerned that Flint had gotten mixed up in something and didn't want to get his old pal in unnecessary trouble. He knocked on the door and announced himself as the police, but no one responded. The door was ajar, so he pushed his way through, drawing his service pistol and pointing it in front of him.

The room seemed secure, so he quickly swept the entire lower floor only to discover it was deserted. At the stairs to the upper floor, Eric discovered Flint's utility belt discarded on the landing, along with a myriad of men's clothing. As he ascended he found Flint's shirt, then his pants. At the upper floor landing, Eric heard moaning from a nearby room. He pushed his way inside and discovered four naked men scattered around. Flint was among them. He ran to his friend, but was repulsed to see the bones and muscles beneath Flint's skin shifting and bulging in strange ways.

"What the fuck is happening here?" Eric puzzled as he backed out of the room. Without warning a large muscular stud with a massive erection lunged at Eric. Acting on instinct and without hesitation, Eric fired. Brains exploded against the wall as the assailant fell dead, his giant dick ejaculating as he fell. Mike was dead.

Eric stood in shock, his ears ringing as he backed out of the room and put his back against the wall. He slid down and hung his head between his knees while his mind tried to process the events and he tried to slow his ragged breathing. Down the street two other officers were running to investigate the shots fired as they called for back-up.

Eric leaned against the wall and watched in horror as Flint suddenly sat up. Flint's features were so distorted beyond what they had been, it was no longer Flint. It was a much younger, incredibly sexy stud that looked nearly identical to the man he had just shot. Between Flint's legs dangled an insanely massive 18 inch boner. Eric shook his head in confusion, fear, and incomprehension. It was like a terrible nightmare, he just wanted to wake up. As Flint approached, Eric began to experience a strong sexual arousal, which caused him even greater shame.

Flint soon stood in front of Eric, the massive dick swinging back and forth between them.

"Suck it," Flint demanded.

Eric slowly opened his mouth and with a tear streaked face he obeyed.


Oscar could finally feel a load of cum exploding deep inside of Curtis' hole. Oscar roared with satisfaction as he left Curtis shaking and drenched in sweat. Curtis tried to climb down from the counter, but practically fell onto the floor where he just lay as a fever began to take his aching body. Oscar turned around to find two men engaged in intense fucking. An older man was getting pounded by a younger stud with a rather nice 8.5 inch dick. Oscar rounded behind the young stud and began to push his massive 18 inch shaft against the tight hole.

"Yea, you want that ass?" the young stud looked back at Oscar with intense delight.

"It's already mine," Oscar stated as he began shoving the massive dick inside. The young officer's eyes practically bulged out of his head as his ass was stretched mercilessly by the biggest dick ever. His own cock was buried deep inside of his lieutenant's ass and it began to cum as he felt Oscar pushing deeper and deeper. Oscar just continued to use and abuse the tight hole. Oscar wouldn't be satisfied until he had fucked them all.


Crowds began to gather and news teams began to catch word of the bizarre events. At the police station the chief began to see shocking similarities to the events that had occurred at the science building on a nearby college campus. He located his contact with the FBI, a young man named Roger Crawford.

Crawford had been one of the few included in Dr. Iqbal Patel's inner circle. The director of the CDC had offered Roger all sorts of unique genetic enhancements, but Crawford was only worried about the money. Dr. Patel had promised a handsome reward for his discretion and diligent focus on all related matters. As Crawford listened to the local police chief, he knew that somehow this experiment with human enhancement had gone awry. He wished that he was not involved, but after thanking the chief he immediately called Patel. The cell phone rang and rang, but no one answered. He tried the CDC headquarters next, but the phone rang and rang. Something was seriously wrong.

Crawford called back the police chief and ordered him to keep his men away from any potential assailants. They were potentially at risk of exposure to a very dangerous biohazard. Hazmat suits were required and no one was allowed in or out until the CDC or the FBI arrived. The police chief confirmed his understanding and Crawford was left wondering what to do next. If Dr. Patel and Dr. Morris failed to respond, there was no choice but to involve someone outside of the group of conspirators. Crawford gathered his belongings and raced home. While packing a suit case with the basic essentials and a few change of clothes, he booked a flight to anywhere that was available at short notice as long as it was outside of the United States. Time to take the money and run.

The police chief was not the only one to piece together the similarities. As the young Australian campus security guard, Jayden, watched the shocking news reports, he pulled on his shoes. He was going to make his way down to the site in hopes of gathering information about his missing friend, Bart.


Wes/Alex had finally arrived at the labs where he/they(?) were about to introduce themselves to Diego and the Russian scientist with whom he was conversing quietly. But when Diego looked up at Wes/Alex it was a look of shock and hatred and the entire room seemed to fall silent. It took Wes/Alex a moment to realize that they were not staring at him, but past him. Turning around, Wes/Alex came face to face with Isaac, the director of the CDC.

"Oh shit," Alex stated.

"You can say that again," Wes replied.

Isaac looked at Wes/Alex in confusion for a moment before proceeding towards Dr. Diego Juarez. The tension between the two titans was palpable and Alex was urging Wes to make a run for it inside of his head.

"I have wronged you," Isaac began, "just as you have wronged me. We both reached too far in our quest for power."

"What do you want?" Diego stood taller and tried to deduce what trick Isaac was playing now.

"I need your help," Isaac continued, "MX19 was never part of my plan, and the results of such a virus unchecked could be catastrophic. You and I together are the only ones that can stop it."

Diego was silent a long time, "We have both made mistakes, as you have said. I will help you, but don't think for a moment that I trust you."

"Oh thank God," Ivan muttered under his breath, "Wait, Director Morris, weren't you exposed?"

"Yes," Isaac replied, "when you told me of the threat posed by MX19 I created a means to prevent my body from being infected. I was not certain it would work, but as of yet I have not manifested any symptoms. The key to stopping the virus may be in my blood."

"Then we better get to work," Diego continued and the three men proceeded to talk science.

"What the fuck are they saying?" Alex wondered.

"Hell if I know," Wes replied.



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