Alex opened his eyes in confusion. He saw some broken glass on the table in front of him and beyond that was what appeared to be a chemistry lab. For a moment he was incredibly disoriented as the effects of the sedative still swirled around in his brain. Finally, he recalled the strange series of events that had brought him to his current predicament. Looking across the table he discovered that Peter was no longer passed out across from him.

"Hello?" Alex spoke aloud, but no one answered. He stood from the stool he was propped up on and looked around the room. Immediately he noticed the muscular guy with sandy brown hair, Matt, draped over the next lab bench over. The muscular boy's ass was just hanging out of his torn and tattered pants. Alex suppressed a giggle as he wondered if the poor stud had eaten too much Taco Bell. Alex moved closer to Matt and made sure that he was still breathing.

Moving away from Matt, Alex saw the door to the office was wide open; peering inside, he saw no one. Where was Dr. Juarez? Where was Peter for that matter? Suddenly, from behind there was a the crash of glass breaking across the tile floor. Alex whirled around and saw the tall guy with dark spiky hair seizing on the floor.

"Oh shit!" Alex ran to the unconscious EMT and rolled him on his side. It was happening just like it did to Peter. Every muscle in the stud's body was constricting and bulging against his clothes. As quickly as the seizure began, it stopped. Alex considered the implications of Trevor's seizure, because Trevor was exposed to the virus later than Alex. Maybe Peter was not contagious until after his transformation had started. Alex wondered where Dr. Juarez was, so that he might answer some of these questions.

Alex realized his hands were massaging the tall studs newly improved pectorals and biceps and forced himself to stop. These two new studs were amazing to look at, not to mention Trevor had a rather large cock to begin with. Alex resisted the urge to take a peek and continued his search of the room.

"Peter?" he called, "are you in here?"

This time Alex heard a distinct whimper coming from the corner of the room nearest to the door. He moved quickly and was shocked to find a man he did not know. The man's dark brown hair was a mess and he was cowering in the very corner of the room. The man's upper half was dressed in a ripped blue shirt and a silver tie hanging down his backside, but his lower half was completely naked except for his socks and shoes. Alex could only describe the man's demeanor as terrified. Alex attempted to move a consoling hand toward the shaking stranger, but the man retreated into the corner farther and began whimpering again. What the fuck had happened?

Alex felt his phone buzz in his pants and pulled it from his pocket quickly, hoping to see Peter calling. On the phone was the picture of his band and underneath that the name Wesley Sneider. Wes was Alex's long time best friend and the lead singer of their band. Alex loved to see Wes put on a show and get all the people fired up. Wes just had that personality that was magnetic in the right situations. Alex considered ignoring the call, but realized he had missed their band practice the night before and Wes was probably worried sick.

"Hello," Alex answered.

"Alex, man, what's going on? Didn't you get my messages?"

"Sorry, Wes," Alex started, "Peter was sick last night, it just happened so fast."

"No problem," Wes laughed, "Hey, I was going to grab a bite of lunch. Wanna join? You can bring your boy toy along if he's feeling better."

"Sorry, I shouldn't. I've got to..." what? He didn't know where Peter was. All signs indicated that he was not infected. And his stomach began growling at the sound of the word food. "Ok, sure, I could eat."

"Awesome, meet you at the cafeteria."

Alex ended the call. He dialed Peter immediately after. The phone rang and rang. Finally, Peter's voice answered and stated the usual leave-a-message nonsense. Damn.

"Hey pal," Alex turned toward the stranger cowering in the corner, "should I call 9-1-1?"

"Please, don't fuck me," the man whispered.

"Alright then," Alex nodded, "I don't know what's going on, but I've got to get myself out of this weird ass place for a while. There's a phone on the wall over there if you need some help, pants, or whatever."

Alex felt his phone buzz again, "Hello?"

"Alex, it's Peter, what the fuck do you want?"

"Well, for starters, ass hole, where are you?"

"I'm busy. Diego and I are testing some theories about this virus. You should see our bodies now, they are fucking perfection. My dick just keeps getting bigger and everyone wants to fuck me. I mean everyone."

"Did you tell them that you were in a relationship with someone?"

"Fuck no, if some bitch wants to suck my cock, I'll let them."

"So you're into girls now too?"

"Fuck no," Peter laughed, "I have standards. I know you've never been fucked, Alex, but you should try it. Diego would send you out of this world. Hey, have you started changing yet? I'd love to see how big your dick is now."

"Peter," Alex was getting annoyed, "slow the fuck down. Why don't you come back here and tell me what is going on. I must admit, I'm not a fan of you getting fucked by Diego and seducing two incredibly sexy EMTs. Do you even care how any of this makes me feel?"

"Please, don't fuck me," the guy in the corner muttered.

"God, you're being such a bitch," Peter ended the call.

"Please, don't fuck me. Don't fuck me," more whimpering.

"I'm not going to fucking fuck you!" Alex shouted in frustration, "Who the fuck are you anyway?"

"NO! Don't fuck me," the man started crying and sobbing. Alex stormed out of the lab and out of the science building.

Still fuming about the way Peter was talking to him and perhaps even a little disappointed that he had not been changed to a super fucking stud like his boyfriend, Alex marched across campus towards the cafeteria. He was hungry and clearly Peter and 'Diego' didn't care what the fuck he was doing.

Wesley had wavy blond hair that grew nearly to his shoulders and a golden beard that was neatly trimmed. He had the most gorgeous green eyes and high cheek bones. He was only a little taller than his good pal, Alex, and they shared the same slender almost lanky build. As Wes waited at the table he had reserved, wearing his tight red tank top and khaki pants, he could not help but admire his bulging biceps. He had been working out his arms lately and wearing more tank tops so his fans could see them really popping when he was doing a show.

Wes was not openly gay; in fact he had never been with a guy. He'd fucked several girls after their concerts, but he always found the greatest satisfaction when he jerked off thinking about his pal, Alex. Wes wasn't sure when his obsession with Alex started, but they used to jack off together all the time as teenagers and he always admired his friends tight body. Alex eventually went on to become openly gay and then they moved to college and Alex met Peter. Every time Wes was forced to watch Alex kissing his muscular little blond boy, he wondered what it would be like.

Wes noticed Alex across the way and motioned him over to the table. Wes immediately noted Alex's dark mood. "What's the matter?"

"Oh, my boyfriend's being a whore and his boss is a lunatic."

"I'm sensing a really long story behind all that," Wes smiled; he motioned for Alex to set his tray down and eat.

"You will not believe the night I've had. Sorry I missed practice by the way."

Alex began to recount the events of the previous day and then getting a mysterious call from Peter's boss, Diego, explaining there was a virus on the loose only to discover Peter with two other men.

"Wait," Wes held up a hand, "a virus? Is this why Peter is sick?"

"I might have lied, a little. Peter is fine off gallivanting with his new super buddy, Diego."

"Whoa," Wes was beginning to feel concerned, "shouldn't we be worried about this virus? Are you infected? If everything you're telling me is true, we should call 9-1-1 or something."

Throughout the conversation Alex was just stuffing his face with food. It was very uncommon for Alex to eat with such intensity. Everything about his behavior was strange; especially the flippant way in which he approached the subject of mutated viruses altering people's physical being.

"I asked the don't-fuck-me guy the same question. Should I call 9-1-1?" Alex chuckled as he licked his fingers, "God, this pork sandwich is good."

"Who's the don't-fuck-me guy?" Wes was really lost now.

"God, you have to try this," Alex held out two fingers with barbecue sauce from the sandwich in front of Wes. Wes swallowed as he realized these were the same fingers he had been licking moments ago.

"No, thanks," Wes shook his head.

"Come on, man, try it."

"On your fingers?"

"Yea, just suck it off. What's the big deal?"

"You're not acting right, Alex. I think the virus might be affecting you after all. We need to find this Diego guy."

"I'm not looking for the ass hole that fucked my boyfriend. He's the one that started this whole fucking mess! If I see him I'm going to give him a taste of his own medicine!"

"Alex, you're making a scene," Wes sheepishly smiled at the neighboring table where two top heavy brunettes were staring in disgust.

"Fuck it," Alex said licking the barbecue sauce off his fingers. "I've got to piss."

Wes watched as Alex stood without warning and started off towards the bathroom. Wes sat awkwardly for a moment and then decided to follow, because he was growing increasingly more concerned about his best friend.

When Wes entered the bathroom he saw Alex with his pants down around his ankles pissing into the urinal. Another guy was toweling off his hands and he gave a quizzical look before hurrying on his way. "What are you doing?"

"I'm taking the best fucking piss of my life," Alex laughed, "I've never actually had full on wood while pissing before."

"Is that even possible?" Wes wondered aloud.

"Evidently," Alex laughed again, "Wanna see?"

Wes swallowed again, trying to suppress an extreme urge to say yes. He didn't have to; Alex turned to the side and showed off his hard eight inch dick pissing into the urinal. Wes felt his own dick ache with desire inside his pants. Not now, he told himself.

"Why didn't I get affected by the virus? My dick would be huge by now," Alex finished pissing and turned toward Wes; his dick swinging back and forth.

"Alex, pull your pants up. We need to talk about what to do next," Wes tried to admonish, but his words sounded hollow.

"You know what else Peter made me realized?" Alex asked.

"What's that?"

"I've never been fucked," Alex took a couple steps forward, closing the gap between them. "I remember your dick being about the same size as mine."

Wes bit his lip as Alex started stroking the front of his pants. Alex smiled when he felt that the dick was already starting to grow hard before he even touched it.

"What's up, straight boy?" Alex laughed.

"We shouldn't," Wes pulled back, "There's too much going on. We need to find Peter and Diego."

"Fuck them," Alex whispered as he closed the gap again, "and while you're at it, fuck me."

Wes could not stop the growing hardness of his dick as Alex again began groping him. Alex wasted no time undoing the button and reaching his hands inside the khaki shorts to stroke the hardening shaft. Wes moaned and bit his lip again while closing his eyes. While Wes' eyes were closed he suddenly felt lips touch his own lips and he instinctively kissed back. Their lips soon parted and their tongues met while Alex's hand continued to jerk Wes dick harder and faster.

Alex used his other hand to feel all over his best friends incredible biceps and then moved down, down the arm until he took hold of Wes' hand. He parted from the intense kiss and brought the hand to his lips where he began sucking on the index and middle fingers. He let Wes' long fingers go nearly to the back of his throat to the point just before gagging and then he'd suck them off.

"Oh, fuck," Wes looked him in the eyes with those beautiful green gems, "this isn't right."

Alex took Wes' hand and pushed it down, down until it made contact with the hard eight inch cock. Wes took hold of Alex's dick and started stroking it. They began kissing again with more passion and intense desire. Alex suddenly felt in his mind as if he were looking through the eyes of someone else. He was seeing himself on a stage playing the bass at a concert. Alex watched as he flashed himself a smile that made him want to admit the intense desire he felt towards himself.

Wes could feel Alex kissing him and stroking his dick, but Alex suddenly seemed as if he were concentrating on something else. Alex was seeing new scenes now, each involving watching himself and suddenly he was back in the bathroom watching himself piss with a hard dick and feeling as if all his dreams were coming true. Then he was kissing himself, but he was really kissing Wes. He was stoking his own dick, but he was stroking Wes' dick. Alex pulled away from Wes with a puzzled look.

"What is it?" Wes asked.

"I don't know," Alex whispered, "something just happened. I think..."

"What?" Wes urged.

"I think I was you. I think I felt you, or what you feel. Have you had a crush on me for a long time?"

"Well," Wes made a sly smile, "maybe."

"I could feel what you felt and how you felt. You've imagined me just getting naked for you like I did many times. You've wanted me to kiss you and touch you. Beg you to fuck me."

Wes felt embarrassment, because he thought he had successfully hidden his feelings all this time, but in fact he had not.

"No, you did well hiding what you felt," Alex responded as if reading his mind.

"How did you know?"

"I think you're right," Alex admitted, "The virus did affect me, but not the same as the others."

Wes was astonished at the implications of what was happening. Alex had approached him in the same manner as what had just transpired on many occasions, but always in a dream or fantasy. Somehow Alex had plucked this moment from inside his mind and made his fantasy a reality.

"If I remember correctly," Alex smiled, "I get down on my knees."

Alex sunk to his knees before Wes' hard dick.

"And suck your dick," Alex smiled up as he slid the eight inch dick into his parted lips. Alex could feel himself sucking on his own dick. He sucked it harder and used his tongue to play over the head of his cock.

Wes groaned with pleasure as his friend started sucking him. Wes could not believe how talented Alex was at sucking dick, it was as if he knew exactly what he wanted next. Alex put the cock in his cheek and used his hand to make it pop out the side of his mouth. He put it back in his cheek and repeated the process of making it pop out of his mouth with a loud wet noise. Putting it back again, Wes thrust his hips forwards and fucked his hard dick into Alex cheek. Wes looked down and saw Alex's own dick rock hard and leaking pre-cum like crazy. It was unreal how turned on Alex was getting just giving a blow job.

Alex was giving Wes a blow job, but he could feel every movement of his mouth and tongue as if it were on his own dick. Then Wes grabbed him by his shaggy dark hair and started fucking his face, the hard eight inch dick striking the back of his throat. He massaged his tongue against the shaft and tried to open his throat and take the cock deeper and harder. He could feel his own cock as if it was being squeezed by the tightness in the back of his own throat. Alex knew exactly how to manipulate his mouth and the force with which he was sucking, because he was feeling everything Wes was feeling.

Wes peeled his red tank top off and quickly helped Alex out of his shirt. Wes pulled Alex to his feet and started kissing him again. He could taste the pre-cum from his own dick on Alex's tongue and he savored the flavor as he walked Alex backwards toward the bathroom sink. Wes lifted Alex off his feet with his powerful arms and set his back against the sink and the mirror behind it. Alex closed his eyes and could see Wes admiring his own body in the mirror, the well groomed beard and striking green eyes full of lust were breathtaking.

"Spit," Wes commanded of Alex, and Alex obediently spit on Wes' upturned palm. Wes wasted no time lifting Alex's legs up and rubbing the wet spit onto the exposed rectum. He played his index finger over the hole and let it push its way in and out. Alex took his own index finger and put it in his own mouth, where he could swear he tasted his own ass.

Wes lifted most of Alex's weight with his powerful arms and allowed Alex to steady himself with his hands on the sink and leaning against the mirror. Wes lined up his fat eight inch dick with Alex hole and started pushing himself inside. Alex moaned as he felt the familiar feel of a tight ass around his dick, but also felt the invading cock in his ass. Alex was wary of the pain, but his dick was telling him to ram it in and satisfy his intense lust. He wanted to see Wes fucking him in the mirror so badly. Wes pushed his way in deeper and then pulled out only to push back in farther. Over and over again he pushed his dick in.

"Oh, that's right baby," Alex pleaded, "Get in there!"

Alex could feel his own ass constricting around his cock, and it was amazing how straight in the air his cock was standing as Wes finally pushed the last of his dick into his virgin hole. They kissed and then Wes leaned back and started fucking Alex. Faster and faster he fucked. Years of suppressed desires and urges suddenly boiled to the surface. Wes wanted his friend and his tight hole for so long. Wes looked up into the mirror and watched himself fucking. His arm muscles were tight and his abs were contracting with each hard thrust into Alex's tight ass.

Alex closed his eyes and saw Wes in the mirror fucking him and he opened his eyes and saw Wes fucking him without the mirror and he could feel the tightness of his own ass on his dick. The overload of his senses was so intense that his fully erect shaft started exploding load after thick load. The eruptions occurred without any assistance from his hand and they splattered the mirror and his chest. Alex closed his eyes and could see the hot sight of his cum dripping down the mirror while Wes was still burying his cock inside him.

"Oh fuck, that was so hot," Wes laughed, "you came without jerking off."

Wes leaned over and kissed Alex and then out of curiosity tasted a bit of the hot cum off of his friend's chest. He didn't mind the taste. Wes picked up speed, thrusting his dick harder and faster wanting nothing more than to fuck Alex's ass forever. Alex just let Wes work, still feeling every move Wes made in his ass as if it were his own dick. His own dick was still at full mast even after shooting such a large load. Alex could feel Wes on the verge of cumming, because his own dick was perilously on the verge of cumming again too.

"Your fantasy ended with you shooting your load in my mouth," Alex smiled up at Wes, "Or did you forget that?"

Wes let his dick slip out of Alex's ass and then put his legs back on the floor. Alex kneeled before his hot friend and slurped the hot dick into his mouth. Wes started fucking Alex's face almost as hard as he had been fucking his ass. Alex took it and sucked as hard as he could, feeling every sensation on his own sensitive dick. Suddenly, Wes began shooting his hot load down Alex's throat and Alex was swallowing as fast as he could. At the same moment, Alex's own dick began to shoot another, smaller load without any provoking. Alex could not believe how incredible this sex was, better than anything he had ever experienced with Peter.

"Oh, fuck!" Wes let his semi-hard dick slide out of Alex's mouth, "Why didn't we do that years ago?"

"I don't fucking know, but that was intense," Alex panted.

Wes looked down and noticed for the first time, "Holy shit, you came again?"

"Yeah, it was like I could feel what you felt and came at the same time. I couldn't help it, we were... connected."

The door to the bathroom came open and a young cafeteria worker came in with a backpack on, probably just finishing his shift. "What the fuck is going on in here?"

The two pals pulled on their clothes as quickly as they could and hurried from the bathroom. They could hear the cafeteria worker shouting after them, "Get a room you fucking faggots!" Everyone had to be staring, but for once Wes didn't care.



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