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Hi-I'm Lucas, and I like writing gay themed stories. Some of them are true, but I'll never tell which ones ;) I'm currently single, living in Milwaukee, and I'm up for meeting new people

Stories by Luc G

  • Holiday Break Pt. 5

    It's been a rough year. I'm continuing my story, and I'll slowly reveal what's been going on. To any readers who are still following me, I've read every one of your emails, and I'm sorry I left you hanging!

  • Holiday Break Pt. 6

    I've fallen in love, and I had to make a decision. Chris is already out, and I'm left with Mr. Right, and Mr. Right. Both have a special place in my heart, but I need to pick just one. I know it

  • Adventures of Chad: "The Interview"

    Chad needed a fresh start. This was going to be epic.

  • Holiday Break Pt. 4

    The vaca continues with some fun, and the kind of loving I enjoy the most

  • Holiday Break Pt. 3

    We settle in and head right for the hot tub. Things get heated but they simmer down after a slight brawl...

  • Holiday Break Pt. 2

    Sorry for the delay. I'm all done with finals, and finally able to catch up on the past year :D Enjoy the next chapter. The guys and I stopped in St Louis before we headed out to Colorado.

  • Holiday Break Pt. 1

    The guys and I head to our Aspen bungalow. The journey begins calmly, and I can't wait to see how the week goes with my loves.

  • Reality Check 8

    Holiday break is getting close, which means plans are being made. I have an idea, but would this be too much for Caleb?

  • Reality Check 7

    Beginning of the end. The reality is....Caleb means more to me than anyone else. Can I push past the lust, and fall into love?

  • Daddy's Boy

    Michael meets Simon for the first time. The older Daddy is quite the gentleman, as the budding relationship has an exciting beginning.

  • Reality Check 6

    Shaken, not stirred...But what does this mean for the rest of the semester? I quickly snap back though, and let Chris know I appreciate his efforts.

  • Reality Check 5

    My date night with Chris is incredibly sweet. Then a new kind of reality...

  • Reality Check 4

    Keeping a secret from Chris makes this all that much more complicated. Donnie and Caleb want to three way again, and I feel like this is getting a little "sister wives".

  • Reality Check 3

    If I couldn't make up my mind between Caleb and Donnie, why not try them both at once?

  • Reality Check 2

    It is what it is...

  • Reality Check 1

    After my romantic weekend with Caleb, I'm back to my love triangle, and trying to figure out what to do. Donnie missed me, and Caleb makes a decision that forces me to see the reality of what's going on in my world.

  • Weekend with Caleb Pt. 5

    We spend the morning fucking, and cleaning, and it's back to my love triangle reality

  • Weekend with Caleb Pt. 4

    Naked Saturday continues

  • Weekend with Caleb Pt. 3

    Our Saturday is spicy, romantic, and naked

  • Weekend with Caleb Pt. 2

    Friday afternoon naps are the best! Caleb and i wake refreshed, and continue our weekend getaway

  • Weekend with Caleb Pt. 1

    I spend the whole weekend with Caleb, trying not to think about Chris and Donnie.

  • CDC 2

    Caleb and Chris fight, Donnie makes a move, and I feel like shit...

  • CDC (Caleb, Donnie, Chris)

    Caleb turns up the romance, Donnie turns up the dominance, and Chris is...angelic. What the fuck am I doing?

  • Caleb Pt 8

    Trying to prioritize and figure shit out, is really hard with Caleb as my roommate, and my lover. Seeing him on the daily, just makes me more horny for him.

  • Caleb Pt 8 (Donnie and Me Pt 3)

    The guys come to some sort of agreement, and I'm ok with it. Chris steps up his game, and makes me wonder what will happen next.

  • Caleb Pt 7

    Caleb expresses his feelings for me. What would this mean for Donnie and me? And poor Chris. I want it all...

  • Donnie and Me Pt 3 - Chris and Me Pt 1

    Donnie and I meet for lunch, and spend the afternoon, and I meet up with Chris that night. He expresses his feelings, and I have to clear the air, and let him in ;)

  • Donnie and Me Pt 2

    Our motel stay comes to an end, and it's back to the reality of dorm life...

  • Donnie and Me Pt 1

    He takes me to a motel, and we fuck for the first time.

  • Caleb Pt 5

    I give it up to him. It's the most intense experience. Would this mean the end of Donnie and me?