I woke up to the feeling of cool air drifting across my bare legs. I shivered, and opened my eyes, looking around. I saw the thin curtains flutter, and got up, walking over to the large window across from the beds. I sifted through the fabric, and pulled down on the ledge. I went to the drawers and found the extra fleece blanket. I shuffled back to our bed, and pulled the blanket up over the sheets, snuggling up to Chris. He put off a lot of heat, which I loved. I pressed my entire body against his, feeling him breathing, instantly warming up.

Chris inhaled deeply, letting out a short grunt, and put his arms around me. I breathed in his scent. A mix of cocoa butter and Gucci. He casually draped a leg over mine, completely covering me with him. I felt his dick hardening, pressing against my inner thigh, poking awkwardly at my crotch. I reached down, and adjusted him upward, between out stomachs. He exhaled loudly, and kissed my face. He was fully hard in seconds. I left my hand casually draped over his head, and lightly fingered under his shaft. He throbbed in response, and I lightly stroked him under the ridge.

He moved his leg back down, flexing his entire frame, and arching his back, which made his dick rock hard, and pointing straight up. His shaft thickened in my grip, and I quickened my pace. He kept his body stiff, and moved his hand up over his face. Even in the dim lighting, I could see him biting his lips. His nostrils flared, while I methodically stroked him up and down. He was pre cumming like mad, and soon I could hear the muffled slick stroking sounds, while I coated his entire shaft.

I tilted my head forward, and kissed his hard chest lightly, running my lips across his nips, and breathing him in. I heard him whisper "oh fuck." and felt his dick jerk and throb in my hand while he shot his hot cum up between out bodies. He quickly released, and I felt the hot liquid form a pool between out bodies. He came so much, it almost felt like he was peeing. He let his body go limp, while I continued to stroke him, until he started giggling, and reached down, to stop my hand. I smiled, and leaned up, kissing his mouth. "fuck baby, I haven't cum since the last time we did this." he whispered in my ear. "Aw babe." I kissed his cheek. He put his arms around me, pulling me close. I felt the warm liquid spread up our bodies, and I didn't care that I was possibly going to be sticking to the sheets when we got up.

We cuddled for a bit, and I dozed off, waking up quickly to the feeling of a pillow being slung across my face. "Wake up bitches!" I wiped my face and looked up, seeing Donnie standing over me. He whipped off the sheets and blanket. "Holy fuck, Chris." I looked down, seeing Chris's dick bob up and down, while he calmly placed his hand over some of his crotch, not quite covering the rest. "Shit dude, you made a mess." Donnie pointed at the dark spot in the sheets. I felt my underwear crusted and sticking to me, while I sat up, pulling the sheets back up over Chris.

Donnie grabbed my hand, pulling me up off the bed. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up buttercup." He led me to the bathroom, and shut the door behind us. I turned and started the water, feeling Donnie's hands at my sides, pulling at the band of my briefs. He pressed against me, slipping them down, and reaching around, groping my dick and balls. "I wanna fuck this little ass of yours boo thang." "You can have it D." He turned me around to face him. "Say it again," he smirked. "You can have it D." "Yeah, I like that."

He kissed me deeply, cupping my ass with his hands, and grinding into me. I reached down, pushing down his shorts and briefs, feeling his hairy abs and pubes brush against my stomach. I stepped back into the basin, pushing his shorts and briefs completely off, before he stepped in after me. The water was perfectly warm, and the arched curtain rod offered some room to make out and play. We washed each other off, and he thigh fucked me, with conditioner as a lubricant. I looked down, bracing against the wall, watching his dick head poke through my thighs, and disappear again while he thrusted in and out.

It was really interesting to watching him push all the way against me, and his cum shooting out from between my thighs. I love feeling him inside me, but it was an experience to be watching how it works, when he's being squeezed. It didn't shoot as far as when I'm jacking him off, but the spurts were high and thick. I waited til he calmed down, and turned, hugging his neck, and kissing his shoulder.

He slid down, and sucked me off, til I came in his mouth. It was quick, and very enjoyable. I tried to stay quiet, but a gasp and moan escaped. He had hooked a finger inside my ass while I came, which made the feeling that much more intense. He got up and we washed each other's dicks off, completely soaking each other under the overhead spout, before stepping out and toweling off.

I stepped out first, and the cool air made my nips hard in a second. I cupped my hands over them, and walked over to my bag, to dig out some fresh clothes. Chris was sitting on the bed, with the sheets draped over his crotch, watching tv. "You guys have fun?" I looked over my shoulder, and stuck my tongue out. "As much fun as you did last night," Donnie peeked out of the bathroom, winking at me. "Fucker." Chris threw his pillow toward Donnie, laughing. I pulled on some fresh briefs, and looked around for my jeans. "Where's Caleb?" "He went down to the lobby for that breakfast thing." I found my jeans, pulling them on, and grabbed a shirt from my bag, slipping on my shoes. Chris got up off the bed, cupping his hand over his crotch, and walked toward the bathroom. His muscular ass flexing all the way there.

He leaned against the doorway, mumbling something at Donnie. Donnie walked around, with his towel tied at the waist, and Chris shut the door. "What did he say?" "He just made some wise ass comment about us being appropriate with the group." "Well, we're all in this together, so..." "Yeah, well, sharing sucks." He didn't look at me, but I knew this was a weird circumstance. I reached out, and ran my hand down his arm. He looked over, and winked, but I didn't get a smile. "I'm going to get some food." "Yeah, ok. Have fun." "You want anything?" "Nah, I'm good."

I went down to the lobby, and walked through, smelling waffles and bagels. They had this small dining area, through a set of french doors, and as I walked through, the aroma of coffee hit me. I needed caffeine for sure. I looked around quickly, seeing Caleb over by the window, eating cereal, and playing on his phone. I got a cup of coffee, and grabbed a muffin, and headed over to him. He looked up with a half smile, and his mouth full of cereal. I pulled the opposite chair around, and sat next to him in the corner. Our knees touched, and I reached out, hooking my finger under the hem of his t shirt.

He reached down, putting his hand on my thigh, under the table. "Hey." "Hey." We locked eyes for a few seconds, and then he got a notification, and looked away. I took a bite of the blueberry muffin, which, in that moment, was the best fucking muffin of my life. I sipped at the coffee, and Caleb told me about a little restaurant he found on the way out of St Louis that we could have lunch at. I agreed, and downed the rest of my coffee. We walked out of the dining room, and waited for the elevator. We stepped in, and rode up to our floor, holding hands on the way up.

We got to our floor, and calmly walked back to the room. Caleb got the key card out, and before putting it in, pressed me up against the wall, and kissed me. We made out heavily, with his hands up under my shirt, grabbing roughly at my sides, and grinding into me, spreading my legs around his. He was grunting, and moaning, while he kissed up and down my neck, and pulled me close, pressing us up against the textured wall paper. My hands were around the back of his head, and then my arms were under his, digging my fingers into his muscular back. We heard the elevator ding, and doors open, quickly adjusting ourselves, and faced the door, while he fumbled with the key.

"I've been wanting to do that to you all morning." "I....I'm glad you did." He looked flushed, and his hair was tousled, and his shirt was wrinkled. I quickly messed with my hair, and made sure everything was in order, while we stepped into the room. "Holy shit, you guys fuck in the hall or what?" Donnie laughed, pointing at us. I turned and looked in the sliding mirror doors to my right. I was smudge faced, with red blotchies around my mouth and down my neck. My hair was messier than I thought, and the top button of my jeans was undone, with one of my pocket liners showing from the top of the seam.

I adjusted myself in the mirror, giggling. The guys were almost all packed, and ready, and I grabbed my bag and waited by the door, scrolling through my newsfeeds. My Mom had texted me that morning, and asked if I was stopping home before Christmas. I told her possibly and didn't want to expand on what I was doing, but said I was hanging with my roommate and a couple guys from our dorm. I hadn't told her I was seeing anyone, much less three guys.

We headed out to the Jeep, and I got in the back. Chris packed the back, and Caleb got in beside me, and Donnie in the passenger seat. Chris closed the gate and got in, snapping a selfie with all of us, before starting up and pulling out of the parking lot. We got to the arch in under an hour from our hotel. It wasn't exactly as I imagined it would be, and I liked the view, although feeling the swaying of the structure while were inside, made me queezy, and I was over it. The small compartments we rode in were intimate, and reminded me of a ferris wheel. We did a quick little gift shop stop, and headed out.

I was really excited about the rest of the trip, and how much fun it would be in our rented bungalow. Caleb and I cuddled in the back seat, and I fell asleep shortly. When I opened my eyes again, it was mountains, and snow everywhere. We pulled into a small community of condos and apartments, and found our place for the week. We were at the edge of a boulevard, overlooking a plunging hill of pine trees and shrubbery. The building was rustic and Chris got out, and got the key from the lock box. This was going to be epic.


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