Caleb dropped his headset behind him, and pushed me back to the mattress, while his hands made their way down my sides. He was semi hard, and growing by the time his weight was on top of me. He groped while he kissed me, and I couldn't help but give myself over to him. He's so hot and sexy, but so sweet and charming at the same time.

We were grinding and making out, while the call of duty track played on repeat in the back ground. I didn't care, and he definitely didn't care either. He was hard, and pressed up against me, and I was loving his affections. He was  working over my neck and face with his lips, quickly kissing and nibbling on the soft tissue of my lips. i felt flushed, and breathless. His primal aggression, and the stench of his manhood evaporating up from his tented boxers, made me crave him. I wanted him to ravish me, and fuck my brains out.

We were breathing heavily, and eventually I was up against the wall, with his hands cupped under my ass, lifting my legs up, and pulling at the waist of my jeans. Somehow he worked me out of my clothes, and out of his boxers in a couple of minutes, and we were grinding, with his sweaty dick and crotch pressed up under me. He was breathing hard, and we were starting to sweat. The clammy, cool, brick wall behind me, offered a chill that kept my temperature at a happy medium. I still felt the beads of sweat making their way across my face, neck, chest, and stomach. My legs were twitching, as I hooked my feet around, behind his lower back. He fumbled in the side drawer, for the lube. I wasn't dry, but if he'd penetrated me at that very moment, I would've felt it in the worst way.

He slicked his dick, and my ass up, and quickly entered me smoothly. I moaned while he pushed all the way in. He went until there was no more room, and then lifted me slightly, and dropped me back down. It send waves of arousal throughout my entire body. His lips were biting at mine, and his dick fucked me deeply. Our bodies were slapping, his sweat was covering me, and he emitted low, animalistic groans, which made me more horny for him. 

I'm not sure how long we were fucking, but I started getting a cramp in my leg, and put my hands on his chests, pushing him away, just enough to move my legs. "You alright baby?" "I just need a different position." He nodded, breathing heavy, and back off, pulling out of me. He laid back on the bed, wiping his face with both hands, and flexed his dick up and down against his hairy abs. I straddled him, and reached behind, leading his dick inside me again. I rode him for a few rounds, and he started getting that twitch in his eyes, that I knew would be the beginning of the end. He was licking his lips repeatedly, and uttering low groans and "fuck"s. I knew he was close, and slowed my rhythm slightly.

He reached up, holding me tightly, pushing himself all the way inside, and held me for a moment, while he flexed his dick in me. It made me giggle out loud, and catch my breath. I loved when he did that.

He pulled me down to him, and turned, positioning himself over me. He slowly started thrusting in and out, while he watched my face. I was close, as I knew he was too. He slowly fucked me for the next few minutes, until I couldn't hold it anymore. "Fuck baby, I'm gonna cum." "Me too Lucas...Fuck, I'm..." I started shooting my load just as he bit his lip, and I felt him release his load inside me. We came together for a few seconds, holding each other, and moaning loudly. i didn't care who heard. It felt amazing.

We calmed down, and held each other for a few minutes, just relaxing in each others' arms. I enjoyed the afterglow time with him, and knew the routine. He'd get up and wrap a towel around, and head for the showers. This time I think I'll join him. He started moving up off the bed, and I lifted my leg off his side, feeling his loosening dick slide out of me. I got up off the bed before him. "Babe, you wanna shower with me?" "Yeah, that was the plan." I smirked, and he winked at me, getting off the bed. He wrapped a towel around his waist, while I pulled on my pj pants and a t shirt. I grabbed my toiletries, and slipped on a pair of flip flops. 

"You're still hard." "Yeah, you make me fucking horny as hell babe." I reached my bag over, holding it over his dick, and hinted for him to take it from me. He shook his head and smiled. "If you're so concerned, you hold it there." It was awkard with us walking side by side, and me holding a bag over his crotch. I pulled it back, and gave up. He proudly walked the rest of the way in front of me, displaying the outline of his shaft through the thin towel. No one came out into the hall, and no one was in the bathrooms and showers when we got there. I walked to the back, and set my things on the chair just inside the curtain, and started taking off my clothes. Caleb was right behind me, and whipped off his towel, hanging it loosely on the hook, waiting for me. I finished, and he turned the water on.

We showered for a few minutes, enjoying the sprays of hot water, and the lathering of soap on each others' body. We finished, and toweled off together, leaving the shower area, and heading back down the hall. we got back to the room, and jumped into bed, pulling the covers up. Caleb scrolled through the netflix app, and found american horror story. we cuddled and I fell asleep hearing screams and slashing noises in the background. 

The next morning I woke up with Caleb half covering me with his body. The blanket was off me, but I could feel the heat coming from him. I pushed back against him, and he subconsciously hugged me closer. This felt perfect. I didn't want to be anywhere else.


Luc G

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