Chris writhed over me, rubbing his hard dick along my smooth stomach. I pulled my legs up, tucking them tightly against his sides, and he pulled back, repositioning himself under my clenching ass cheeks. His thick shaft nestled into the crevice, throbbing warmly against me. I felt him poke up against the dip in my lower back, causing my ass to spasm, and open up with each hump.

He was kissing along my neck, and chin, nibbling lightly at my lower lip, and breathing sensual things into my ear, with his warm, against my ear, breath sending me into a horny frenzy. He moaned how much he wanted to be inside me, and how much he knew I wanted him there too. I felt his pre cum coating my cheeks, and lower back, and knew he could probably lube me up with a couple more minutes of grinding. He pulled me up, and sat back against the footboard of the bed, as I straddled him, feeling my ass open up, letting the cool air hit the moist hole. I moaned for him to enter me, and he giggled, biting lightly at my neck.

He rubbed his throbbing dick head against my quivering hole. I felt the inner lips puckering out, in anticipation. I was starting to sweat, feeling little beads on my forehead, and under my arms. He was radiating heat, and I felt his rippling body slick in minutes. He licked his lips in between making out, and kissing my neck. I smelled his musk rise up between out bodies, and a whiff of his manhood sent me over the top. I craved his dick.

He penetrated me quickly, sending the familiar shot of pain up my spine, but quickly faded, as my emotions met my sexuality, and I longed for him to fill me up, and own my ass. He grunted, and moaned while he thrusted in and out of me. The bed was starting to creak, and we switched positions quickly, and quietly. I pulled one leg over, and dropped back on my side, with him lifting my ass up, and fucking me from below. I pulled my legs up, while he fucked me side ways, fully entering me with ease, and pressing his hairy bush up against my smooth, but moist cheeks. He lowered himself over me, and continued to thrust in and out of me. He shifted his body back and forth, flexing his dick from side to side, which drove me wile. I liked it like this, but it limited face to face contact.

He pulled out, and sat back, tapping my ass lightly, and tilted his head to the side. I rolled onto my back, and pulled my legs up. He half whistled, and shook his head. "Fuck baby, you're just throbbing for my dick." "I want it bad baby." He smiled, and slid down, pushing my ass cheeks even further apart with his hands. He started to kiss and lick my inner ass, and hole. I throbbed open for him, and moaned quietly. "Fuck...." "You like it baby?" "I love it..." He moaned against my trembling hole, and sent even more shivers up my body. I heard his sloppy kisses and licks while he loosened me up even more, with his tongue fucks and nibbles. I felt slick, and wet, and wanting his dick deep into me.

He moved back up, kissing up my stomach, and sucking on my nipples, while he entered me again, with ease. His dick filled me up, and I felt stretched to my max, while he nestled into me, and waited. I felt him flex his dick over and over, rubbing against my prostate, and making my dick rise and fall back against my skin. I was oozing pre cum myself, and hadn't touched myself since we started. I knew once I did, there would be no holding back.

Chris started slowly fucking me again, kissing my neck and face. He moaned how close he was, and I whimpered back. "I want to cum together baby." "I'm fucking close." I reached down, and slid my fist over my dick, completely coating it with my pre cum, and felt myself rising to orgasm within a couple of seconds. "Oh fuck..>" "Yeah?" He started fucking quicker, and his breathing became loudly, and infused with sighs and grunts. "Fuck, here I cum baby," he whispered in my ear, while I let myself go. We came almost at the exact same time.

I pressed my face to his chest, moaning quietly against him, as I came strongly between out bodies. His dick throbbed inside me, and our sweaty bodies hugged closely. I let go of my dick, while I felt a few more waves of orgasm coarse through me, and pushed out a couple more drops of cum. He was still twitching inside me, as he pulled out, and shifted himself behind me, pulling me close. "Fuck baby." He was breathing heavy, and moaning against me from behind.

We rested for a little while, and heard the shower turn on, on the other side of the wall. I sat up, and looked over at Chris, smiling up at me. "You feel good boo?" "Yeah, how about you?" "Damn, I needed that, real talk." He rubbed his hand along my thigh, and up my stomach and chest. "I like watching you moan under me." "It felt amazing." I reached over, and lightly stroked his dick, which hadn't softened in the least. I knew he could go another round, but I was feeling hungry, and my body was exhausted.

He arched his back, folding his arms behind his head, and looked down, watching me slowly jerk his dick. "You like my dick huh?" "I love your dick." "You wanna see him cum again?" "Yeah." I bit my lip, and leaned down, kissing his mouth. He gave me tongue, and moaned, while I eased out some leftover cum, and lubed up his head. I quickened my hand, while I kissed him, and he pulled back, sighing loudly. I looked down, to see him squirt out a few more spurts of cum, which splattered up from his bush, through his happy trail, and almost up to his chest. It was almost clear, but thick. I let go of his dick, seeing it stand straight up on its own, and twitch lightly, while I ran my hand up his furry trail, rubbing the cum into his dark, moist skin.

"Shit boo." He turned his head to the side, and bit his lip. I massaged every drop of cum into him, and laid back down next to him, tucking my face under his arm, breathing in his musk. I loved this man. We cuddled for awhile, and the shower on the other side of the wall stopped, and we heard the fan turn on. "We should get up soon." "Nah, let's just stay like this all day." He giggled, and hugged me tightly. I could've stayed in bed all day with him.

There was a knock on the door, and Donnie mumbled something from the other side. I got off the bed, and cupped my hand back behind my ass, feeling Chris's load dripping out of me. I opened the door, peeking around the edge. Donnie was holding a towel closed, around his waist, but it didn't quite cover everything. He winked at me, stepping forward. "Shit, it smells like a fun house in there," Donnie pushed against the door, peeking in, seeing Chris sprawled out on the bed. "Does that thing ever go down man?" "Hey, I'm always up man." Chris put his arms down in front of him, hiding his dick between his forearms. "Well, Caleb's making breakfast, so get your asses out here." Donnie kissed me lightly on the cheek, and walked back down the hall.

I closed the door, and turned back toward Chris, who moved his arms back behind his head. "You really filled me up, holy shit." "Yeah? I wanna see." He motioned for me to get back up on the bed. I kept my hand behind me, and awkwardly shuffled up by him. He pulled me onto his lap, and pushed me forward. I bent all the way down, between his legs, feeling him pull at my ass cheeks. His load was pouring out of me, while he pushed his finger in, forcing my ass to open. "Damn, I really did baby." He played with my hole, making it gape open, and clamp down on his fingers. I pushed lightly, feeling his load shift back down toward the opening. He was having too much fun with this, and I knew he was being messy. I arched back up, and turned back toward him. "Are you done yet?" "Yeah baby, but this bed is gonna be stained like shit."

He laughed, and slapped my ass. I got down off the bed, and he got down behind me. I pulled on my pajamas, and opened the door. I walked quickly around to the bathroom, and turned the shower on, stripping down, and stepping in. Chris was right behind me, pressing up against me, while the water sprayed down over us. I was feeling rushed, now that Donnie had peeked in on us, and wanted to clean up and head down for breakfast. Chris liked making out, and spending one on one time, which I appreciated, but I was trying to be considerate of the other guys. We cleaned up, and rinsed off, and stepped out into the cool bathroom. Chris pulled me close, wrapping us up in a bath sheet. I rested against him, while he toweled my backside. I pulled back, and he toweled off the rest of me, and playfully tousled my hair.

I liked being pampered like this, and forgot about the time, while I sat back, and watched him towel dry himself. He kept his eyes on me, smiling, while he slowly dried off. "I like you watching me." "Yeah?" "Yeah, I know you like it, and I like it too." I looked him up and down slowly, and he made his dick jump. I giggled, and covered my face. "You're such a tease." "Nah, you get it anytime you want."

We kissed again, quickly, stepping out of the bathroom, and into the bedroom. I pulled on some fresh briefs, and my jeans, and pulled on a t shirt and hoodie, and some thick socks. I waited for Chris, and we walked down to the kitchen. Donnie and Caleb had left a note saying we missed breakfast, and they'd bring back sandwiches for us, and we went out to the big room, and watched some tv. I was a little disappointed, cause I liked when we all hungout, but it was an enjoyable morning with Chris.

The guys came back an hour later, and I had fallen asleep. I woke up to Donnie tugging on my hoodie, and crinkling the takeout bag. "Hey blue eyes, get up." I opened my eyes, and saw him grinning down at me. "Good afternoon sleepy." "Hey." I sat up, dazed. I looked around, and rubbed my face a little. "You hungry?" "Yeah, I am." I reached out for the bag, and he playfully pulled it back. I fell back against the couch again, and draped my arms over my face. "Aw, I'm just playin." I rolled away from him, and felt a slap on my ass. I jumped, and looked back. "Hey, come on." I grabbed a pillow and threw it back at him, getting off the couch. "That's the spirit." He gave me a quick hug, and handed the bag to me.

I hurriedly ate the sandwich at the table, and listened to the guys plan out our day. They wanted to take a quick drive around town, to check out any other spots, besides the obvious mountain skiing, they also had ATV rentals and horses, art shops, and tours. I didn't really care what we did, but there was something about just lounging around the bungalow, with the view, and the comfort of the cabin feel. I would've been happy just laying in bed all day.

The guys wanted to go to this lazer tag place, which sounded like a lot of fun. We ended up on the same team, which made it more fun, and ended up teaming up against this group of rednecks, killing off all but one, who ended up getting me out. It was intense and fun. We picked up some pizzas and headed back to our rental, and ordered Annabelle. Freaky movie! I kept looking at my phone throughout the movie, or I would've been creeped out. Caleb and Chris were probably the most freaked out, and Donnie just kept grabbing me at the scary spots. We laughed and recapped after the movie was over.

We talked for awhile, and finished off the pizza, and had some drinks. Caleb suggested we go relax in the hot tub, and again, Chris opted out. He went upstairs to go to bed, and said his goodnights. I went out and started up the hot tub, taking off the cover, and stripped quickly, stepping in. I faced the windo, and rested my head on my arms, letting my body float in the rippling water. Caleb and Donnie were still talking about the movie, as they walked out onto the patio. I heard them undressing, and the water rise, as they got in. I didn't bother moving, since there was plenty of room. I felt hands on my back, and ass. Caleb massaged me lightly, and it felt amazing, with my body free floating, and his sensual rubs and grips along my body.

He let go, and I turned over, scooting down into the seated position. "Feel good?" "Yeah." I smiled at Caleb, and felt him take my hand under the water. Donnie rubbed his feet up the insides of my legs, and winked at me. I raised my leg and returned the gesture. We sat in silence, with just the humming of the motor, and the rippling water. Donnie got up, and stepped out of the water, grabbing a towel and drying off quickly. "I'll leave you love birds alone, and call it a night." He leaned in, and kissed my cheek. "Goodnight man," Caleb fist bumped him, and he went inside. "Finally....I have you....all to myself." Caleb pulled me close.

He was hard, and pressed up against my back, while he kissed my neck, and put his arms across my chest. "I've been wanting to hold you all day." I turned and faced him, smiling. "I love when you do baby." He leaned foward, and locked lips with me. It was a soft, sweet kiss. I put my arms around his neck, and rested my chin on his shoulder. He rubbed his hands up and down my back. He was still hard against me, but there was no movement, and no rush into fucking. We just held each other, with the water bubbling around us.

After a few minutes, when the motor had stopped, and the water was cooling, we got up, and dried off, covering the tub, and stepping into the house. Caleb led me up the stairs, and into his room. His was larger than mine, but didn't have a balcony, or nature view. There were two large windows over his king bed, and a love seat on one wall, with a small electric pellet stove and small hearth. He sat on the love seat, and I straddled his lap. He kissed my lips, taking my hands in his, and feeling his dick stand up and press against my ass, I kissed his lips, and anticipated entry...


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