I awkwardly hoisted myself up, and scooted to the edge of the bed, still feeling squishy, and pulled on Donnie's pajama pants, and my hoodie. I opened the door, shoving past Caleb, and stepped out into the hall. "What's up?" "Just dozed off for a bit." "Yeah, you missed class, so I wanted to check on you." "I did?" I didn't realize what time it was. "Yeah babe, they're serving lunch right now." "Shit." "I can drop box your notes though. You want to go grab a bite with me?" "Yeah, just give me a bit to put some clothes on." He smiled, and nodded, stepping back, and turning to walk to the hall to his dorm.

I stepped back in the dorm, and crawled back into bed. Donnie had his arm draped over his face, and Caleb was on his phone. "So what's up?" "I'm getting lunch with Chris." Donnie sat up, and pulled me in for a quick kiss. "No round two?" "We already skipped half a day of school." "That was hot though baby, you have to admit." "It was nice..." I did like it, really. Both my loves in one sitting? But the one-on-one times were amazing, and I wasn't sure if that was a closed chapter or not. Had I opened a new door?

I leaned over, kissing Caleb on the cheek, and he looked up from his phone, smiling. He looked so cute with his matted hair, and scruffy face. I got up and pulled off my hoodie, dropping Donnie's pajama pants to the floor. I pulled on some briefs, and a t shirt, and dug around for my jeans. Donnie got off the bed, and stood, naked, for a few seconds, stretching in front of me. I glanced over, seeing his semi hard dick arch out before him, as he leaned back. I felt my dick twitch, as I pulled on a pair of jeans. He scratched his shoulder, and watched me watching him.

"You sure you don't want to work it out again?" He glanced over his shoulder at Caleb, who had pulled on a sweatshirt, and had his ipad out. I nodded and smiled. "Maybe you two can work it out together, while I'm gone." "Nah, Caleb doesn't like it up the ass." "No fuckin way." I glanced over, and Caleb was smirking. "You're both amazing at what you do." Donnie leaned in, kissing my neck.

I left them alone, and walked down to Donnie & Chris's dorm. I knocked on the door, and I heard a muffled "come in." I opened the door, seeing a naked Chris, in bed, wiping at his abs with a towel, his dick was hard, and draped over his right thigh. "Hey babe, just jacked off." "Yeah...I can see that." I smelled his sweet cum in the air, and sat on the bench, while he continued wiping off. "I got a whiff of the fuck fest, and it made me horny as fuck." I tilted my head curiously, hoping he hadn't figured it out. "You know, Caleb really has a strong scent. I can smell him on you even now." "Really?" "Yeah, it drives me crazy." "Sorry, I just didn't want to be awkward, and have you come in, when we'd just....You know." "Yeah, well, this whole taking turns thing is getting old. I want to be with you, but only you." He fanned out his hand, and I got a stronger wave of his cum scent.

I leaned over, puckering my lips, and he met me with a kiss. He moved off the bed, pulling me up with him, and the kiss became more passionate. He smelled like cocoa butter, and cum. His dick was pressing into my hoodie, and I pulled back, afraid of getting stained. He giggled, and reached a hand down, pressing his dick down against his thigh. I moved back in, and put my arms around his neck. We made out for a few minutes, and then he got dressed while I watched. He was slow, and deliberate, flexing his dick before he pulled on his boxer briefs. You know how your body remembers feelings, when you're reminded? My ass felt the pressure he gave when he entered me. I was brought back to the last time he fucked me, and I wanted him all over again. I know it's hard to think of someone craving a dick inside of them, but I craved a dick inside of me...all the time.

We ended up going downtown, to a small sandwich shop. It was pretty much dead, and we got a corner table around the back hall, by the exit. We were able to talk in a low, but moderate tone, and play footsie under the table. He took my hand, briefly, a couple of times, while we discussed classes, what I'd missed, and how much he'd missed me over the past weekend. I wanted to make out some more, but we were in public. I ate half my sandwich and the bag of baked lays. We'd shared an apple soda and water, and after we got back in his jeep, he leaned in for a quick kiss on the cheek. I felt my face flush, as he started up the jeep and we pulled out.

We slowly made out way uptown to campus, and held hands almost the whole way back. "I want to be with you tonight, ok?" He sounded a little sad, and I squeezed his hand. "Ok, I'll make sure the other guys know." "Just you and me, and we can go park, make out, and..." I looked over, and he had a big smile on his face. "Yeah?" I adjusted myself in my seat. "Yeah. You know, a man's got needs." "I know," I laughed. It was sweet. He didn't have anyone else he was fucking, and I felt like he actually cared to hold out and wait for me. 

He dropped me off in front, and I went up to my floor, and into my dorm. Donnie and Caleb were still there, on their phones, just as I'd left them. "You guys have fun?" Donnie looked up, and winked. "Yeah we did." Caleb rolled his eyes. "We've been sitting here the entire time." I nodded, and pulled off the hoodie, and crawled in between them. Donnie put his arms around me, from behind, and scooted in. He was still naked. I relaxed, and snuggled in, pulling up the blanket, and closing my eyes, reaching out to take Caleb's hand. 

I opened my eyes, and he glanced over, with a smirk. He put his phone down, and slid over, to get cozy in front of me. Donnie extended his embrace, with his hand on Caleb's hip. He ran his hand up and down, under Caleb's sweatshirt. "Hey now, let's not get too handsy." Caleb pushed Donnie's hand away, and giggled. I reached up, under his arm, cupping my hand up behind his back. He still smelled like sex, and I didn't care. Caleb kissed my lips, and reached down, cupping my ass. We cuddled for awhile, until eventually I fell asleep again.

I woke up around 6, and the sun was going down. Donnie was gone, and Caleb was still holding me. I looked up, and he was on his phone. I kissed his chest, and he shifted his body, leaning down to kiss me. "Hey, good morning sleepy." "Good....wait, what?" "It's 6PM, don't worry." "I don't know why I'm so tired." "You had a busy day," we both laughed. I held him closer, and buried my face in his chest. He dropped his phone, putting his arms around me, and we cuddled for awhile. 

We stayed in bed for another hour, and then I got up, and pulled on my clothes, grabbing a towel. I wasn't going to meet up with Chris, smelling like the guys. "What's up?" I turned, and Caleb watched me from the bed. "I told Chris I'd hangout with him for a bit." "Oh, Chris." He dropped back on the bed, draping his arms over his face. His free balling bulge shifted in his sweats. I sat on the edge, and petted his shaft through the thin fabric, as he squirmed, and thrusted up against my hand. "You can have it again if you want baby." He moved his arms, looking up at me. "I do want it, but I already told him yes." "Yeah, I get it." He laid back, pulling the blankets up over him.

As I got up, and left, walking down the hall, to Donnie and Chris's dorm, I felt like I missed Caleb already...


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