I turned and quickly entered my dorm, before I was completely hard. Donnie drove me crazy. He was so sexy and the territorial energy he put off was enticing. Caleb was softer, sweeter, and really cared about me. Chris was the gentle giant, and I knew if he wasn't dorming with Donnie, I'd be able to spend more time with him. I hurriedly got dressed, and grabbed my laundry bag, heading out the door. I saw Caleb talking to Donnie, both in their towels, just inches apart. Donnie glanced over, and flashed a smile, while Caleb was intensely whispering something to him, and stopped when he saw me. I calmly walked by. "Hey, what's up? Where you goin?" I turned, and raised my laundry bag, and brows... "Any objection to me wearing clean clothes?" Caleb's face softened and he nodded. Donnie didn't say anything, but gave me the one eye glare, and turned back to Caleb, as I walked out the door. 

I was exhausted, and dropped my laundry bag, letting it roll down the stairwell, while I shuffled down. I still felt a little squishy in my ass, and I was too tired to carry extra weight down the flights of stairs to the parking lot. I carried the bag out the back door to the parking lot, and unlocked my truck, putting the laundry bag in the back seat. I put the key in and turned it, seeing that my battery was dead. Shit. When was the last time I even drove my car? I couldn't remember. My parents always told me to at least start my car a couple times a month, even though I'd determined that I was going to walk everywhere, and not spend gas. I had my cousin's hand me down Tahoe, and it was horrible on gas. Like....the worst. It was flex fuel but still seemed to suck my cash dry. I got out, retrieving the bag from the backseat, and locked the truck. The laundry mat I wanted to use was just a mile away. I could walk. I draped the two loops of roping over my shoulders, carrying the bag like a backpack. My shoulders ached the entire time I walked. I was a couple of blocks away, when I got a text from Donnie, "Tell Chris I said hi." Fuck...why was I so obvious? 

By the time I got to the laundry mat, I was out of breath, and a little sweaty under the arms. I pushed open the door, and dragged my laundry bag to the coin machine, realizing my wallet was still at the dorms. Shit. I slid down the wall, and pulled my knees up, resting my arms and head against them. I would just take a break and head back. "What's wrong?" I looked up...and up, seeing Chris standing over me, in his tan and green uniform. He squatted down, pushing my hood back, and swiped softly down my face. "I forgot my fucking wallet at the dorms." "Aw boy, I can give you some cash." "Really? I'll pay you back I promise." "Nah, it's good." "Ok," I smiled at him, while he got up and walked toward the back of the building. I wiped my forehead against my sleeve and stood up, completely aching. The real reason I came here was to see him, without the other two around. I found a spot toward the back, and emptied my bag into one of the big front loader machines. Chris was back in a couple minutes, and had a ten in hand. "This should cover it." I smiled with relief and turned to use the change machine. I walked closely behind me, and when we got to the machine, he leaned in, kissing me quickly on the cheek. I turned, and smiled, "I really came here to see you." "I figured, since they have laundry in the basement of the dorms." He giggled. "I just miss you, and....I feel bad about everything going on." "Nah, it's good boy. I understand."

I put the ten in, and started scooping out the quarters. I bought detergent and dryer sheets from the vending machine, and started my load of towels jeans and underwear. I leaned against the warm machine, enjoying the soft vibrations against my back. Chris was standing before me, completely blocking me off from the rest of the building. The big machines were off to the side, and the vending machines blocked the view of the main area, with a narrow wall across from them. Chris just looked at me, with a soft expression. He had white plugs in, and thick specs, with his hair straightened, and slicked off to the side. He looked really good, even in uniform. "How have you been?" "I've been good boy. Just working a lot." I hadn't seen him all weekend, and looked forward to class the next day with him. "I'm sorry I was so weird the other day." "It's good, it's good. You've got a lot going on." He gave me a half smile, and an eye brow raise. 

"So, where do we stand?" He crossed his arms, leaning an elbow on the machine next to me. I wasn't sure what to say. We hadn't really EVER talked seriously like this, and we only spent the one night messing around and almost fucking. I honestly was just not wanting him to be on the outs with his roommate. But how could we work this out? "I really like you. You make me smile, and you make me feel good." I reached out, caressing his exposed forearm. His skin was smooth, and warm. One thing I liked was the amount of heat he put off. I looked up, and he smiled back. "I like you too Lucas. I really do." I uncrossed his arms, and reached out, giving me a full on hug. I didn't care that there were other people in the building, or if they could see us or not. It felt good to just get a (fully clothed) hug. I reached up, and hugged him back. His face was in my neck, and he kissed me just under the ear. I went limp. He giggled against my skin, pulling back. "Sorry. I just know that's a hot spot for you." "Um....Yeah." I felt flushed, and put my hands on his chest, feeling him puff up. 

"I don't know when....but I want to see you soon. Just you and me." He put his hands over mine, pulling my hands up to his lips, and softly kissing them. "You just do somethin to me." "I know what you mean." I felt myself hardening in my jeans, but I kept my focus. He let go of my hands and stepped back. "I work til four, and then I open at the coffee shop. So I'll see you in class?" "Yeah, sounds good." The buzzer went off just as he turned and walked away. I transferred the load to the dryer, and watched from a distance, as Chris helped other customers and cleaned out some of the machines and dryers. He was such a hard worker, and filled his uniform out nicely. I knew he knew I was watching him, cause he'd flex a lot, straining the material of his uniform. I'd giggle and look away, not wanting to be obvious to the other people in the room. He got flirty with one of the women there, glancing over at me. I shifted in my seat, and raised my brows, pulling one leg up, and sliding my hand down my inner thigh. He smiled and said something to her, and walked away, rolling his eyes at me. I laughed, and got my phone out to distract myself. I felt a slight hardon coming. I had a couple missed texts from Caleb and Donnie. Apparently they'd come to an agreement to let me have them both. But no more skipping out on one to join the other, or leaving the bed in the middle of the night. 

Caleb's texts were softer, which was really endearing. Donnie just came off as demanding and cocky. "When I spend time with you, that's my time WITH YOU, and no one else. Like, if you're with me for the night, you're with me all night." And then Caleb's: "I just miss you when I wake up and you're gone. If we have sex or something, I like spending the entire after time with you. Kisses and cuddles, til you fall asleep, and wake up again in my arms." Fuck me. He's so sweet. Chris shuffled slowly in front of me, with a small garbage bag in hand. He glanced over, and smiled. Then there was this situation... I smiled back and put my phone away.

The dryer I used took forever, and even after I ran out of quarters, my clothes were still damp. I was past curfew and didn't want to wait anymore, so I waved at Chris, and headed back. The walk back was easier to deal with. I'd relaxed for a couple of hours, and my body was warm, and slightly tingly. I texted Caleb that I was locked out, and five minutes later he was at the back door, shirtless, with sagging gym shorts (and no underwear). "Hey babe, what happened?" "My truck is dead, so I walked, and then I had to wait forever." I was so tired. He grabbed my bag, putting his arm around me, and pulling me to him, leading me up the stairs. We awkwardly shuffled up a few stairs, and then he shifted his position, walking behind me, occasionally slapping at my ass. I laughed quietly, but didn't respond. I just needed to get undressed and in bed.

We go to the dorm, and Caleb reached down, pulling my hoodie up over my head, greeting my face with a kiss. "I missed you." "I missed you too. Thanks for the messages." "You're welcome. I just want you to be happy, and ok with everything." His body felt amazing on mine. His dick was hardening in his shorts, obviously jutting out and poking me. "That...will have to wait. I'm exhausted, and my clothes are still wet." I grumbled, while I dug my towels and jeans out. Caleb helped me drape and hang everything throughout the room. I stripped out of my jeans, and turned to get up in my bed. "Hey, sleep with me." I turned, and he had a hopeful look on his face, with his hand out to me, and his dick pointing out from the gym shorts. "I...I want to, but..." "No, I won't try anything. Just cuddles." That sounded amazing. I shuffled across to him, and went up the ladder of his bunk. He turned the lights out and crawled up, snuggling in behind me. He must've just washed his bedding, cause the sheets and pillows smelled fresh, and were really soft. I was out in a few minutes.

I woke up to the sound of Caleb's alarm. I felt him breathing heavy behind me, with the familiar hardness of his dick in my back. He shifted a couple of time, and then groggily mumbled while I reached over to the shelves, where his phone was resting, turning off the alarm. He wrapped his arms around me, nuzzling into the back of my shoulders. "Good morning." His muffled voice sent a vibration up my neck, and I shivered. He kissed up my spine, and I turned to face him. kissing his lips. He pulled my leg up over his side. He was warm, and fuzzy. I rested my face against his. He nuzzled me for a couple minutes, brushing his scruff against my smooth neck and cheek. He was moaning and sniffling, with an occasional throat clearing. I was running my fingertips up and down his bicep and shoulder, sending goosebumps across his skin. I tighted my leg around his waist, cupping my foot against his lower thigh, feeling his ass flex. "Mmmm...good morning indeed." He giggled, and so did I. It was just an intimate moment, in the dark morning light, and I didn't want anything, or anyone else in that moment.

We cuddled for a few minutes, and I shifted my weight, straddling across Caleb's abs. His fuzzy hair tickled my inner thighs, and his dick head was moist against my lower back. I crouched forward, and we made out for a few seconds, until I knew we only had half an hour to get ready and walk to class. I pulled back, and he took my hands, trying to pull me back down. "No more sucking face Caleb...we NEED to get up." "Oh, I'm up." "Yeah, you're wetting my ass." He giggled, and thrusted up at the hips, sliding his dick head up and down my lower back. I could feel the pre cum coating my skin. I was hard too, but I knew I didn't want to miss morning class again. It was worth it for first morning together, but we had to focus now, and just make time in between classes...and other people...to be together. I got up, and dropped down to the floor, walking over to my dresser, hearing Caleb shifting his weight, and plopping down onto the cement floor as well. "Damn, I did soak you good." I turned, glancing down, seeing just a hint of dark fabric of my briefs. "Yeah...good job." I glanced up at him, and he stood there, with his arms crossed, dick pointing up, with an impressed look on his face. "Fuck...You should just wear those to class, and nobody would touch you." I rolled my eyes.

He came up behind me, "Babe, I was teasing. I already told you I'd wait this out." "I know. I just feel bad already, and then when you guys make little comments, it just makes me feel shitty." "Aw...wait, Donnie gets jealous?" He turned me around, and my eyes were closed. "Maybe..." "That's hot. I thought that dude was fearless." "No...he's...wait why are we talking about him?" "If I'm sharing my boy with someone else, I'm giving him a run for his money." He kissed me, and turned toward his dresser. I pulled on some jeans and a light sweater, and some sneaks, and waited for Caleb to pull on some shorts and a t shirt over his briefs. I was impressed he was wearing any underwear at all. 

He turned and saw my gaze, giggling. "Yeah, I won't be soft for awhile, so I thought I'd try and control it a little." He humped at my side, as I turned to open the door. We walked out, and down the hall. Chris was walking out of the bathroom, in his boxers, and a really tight tank top, with bed head and a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. He nodded and smiled, while we walked by. "Good morning," I said quickly, with a quick smile, as we walked out the door, and down the steps. As we walked out into the morning sun, Caleb nudged my arm, "Did you see that dude? He's packing." "Yeah I noticed." "Really...do you think I'm big?" I gave him a crazy look. "You're big enough for me Caleb." We walked past a group of people and I dropped my voice. As we crossed the road, I quickly said, "You're the perfect size." "Yeah?" He smiled at me. "How about D man?" "What?" "Is he...you know." "Yeah." I felt awkward. Did he really want to hear about Donnie's dick?

"I'm only asking, cause you know...it's nice to know if I please you." 'You do, trust me." "Ok." He still seemed a little unsure. I stopped when we got to a shaded spot with over hanging tree branches and out of view. I turned to Caleb. "Caleb. You're amazing. Your dick is amazing, and you make me feel so good." He gave me a smile. "This thing with Donnie isn't because you're not good to me. It's just a weird love....triangle I guess." He nodded and looked away. "No, I get it. It's new to me, but I get it." We kept walking, and got our usual seats up at the top. This guy named Derek sat up in our row, a couple chairs away from me, so we couldn't be flirty during class, but texted each other instead. 

We continued the conversation about Donnie, and I told him to just get it all out in the open, and I'd answer all his questions. He asked stuff about our night at the motel, and how many times we had sex, if we made out a lot. He asked if Donnie jerked me off while he fucked me, or if he sucked me off, and ate my ass. He didn't enjoy doing it, but if I liked that he would make it a new habit to please me in every way. I told him not to worry, that when we had sex, it was hot and connected in a completely different way. 

I was feeling a lot better about the situation I'd gotten myself into, and I think my guys were going to be ok with each other. I just had to figure things out with Chris. He's so sweet, and caring, and I felt like he was the most calm of the three. I'd forgotten to charge my ipad the night before, so at 3% battery life remaining, I quickly entered the last of the current paragraph, and shut it down, digging in my bag for a pen. Shit.

We parted ways outside the door, and Caleb gave me a quick hand graze while he turned and walked away. I went to get a coke, and changed my mind, opting for tea instead. It wasn't much, but it was a start, haha. It tasted weird, but I'd have to get used to the not-so-surgary drinks. I sat down at the table in the corner, and got my note pad out on my phone. Chris walked in, quickly looking around, and smiled when he saw me, walking back, and putting his bag down. "Hey Lucas." "Hey," I was happy to see him. "Do you have a pen with you by chance?" He dug around, getting one out. "God, thank you!" I screen locked my phone, and got my notebook out, pulling to a new page. "Wow, old school" "Yeah, dead batteries are my thing now." He looked curiously at me. "My truck battery died last night. Which is why I walked to the laundry mat." He smiled, and shook his head. "You could've just used the basement facility at the dorm." "But then I couldn't..." One of the girls walked by, smiling at me. I lowered my voice. "I went there to see someone." He smiled, and nodded. "I think you should've thought that through better." He winked at me, and got his ipad out. Class dragged on....Like, when you're waiting in line for the raging bull at six flags, but you know when you get up there, it's worth it. Well, this had no reward, other than I'd have a couple minutes of sunshine on my walk back to the dorm. 

After class, Chris got his phone out, and kik'd me a message. "Tonight, the Jeep, 9:30" He smiled as he turned and walked away. I hadn't made plans with Caleb or Donnie, and I wondered what he had in mind. I got back to the dorm, to find Caleb up in his bed. He was naked of course, with his dick in hand, stroking slowly. "Hey, boy." He dropped his dick, sitting up, and turning to drop down. "Hey baby. Getting started without me?" He leaned against the bed frame, and flexed his dick. "I would'nt have cum without you, silly." I dropped my bag, feeling exhausted, but wanting to please him. I walked over, and got on my knees, taking his dick head in my mouth. He loosed his stance, moaning softly. "Fuckkkk..." I pulled at the shaft, exposing his head, and flicked my tongue quickly over the hole. He tasted sweet and salty. I was getting the hang of this giving head thing. I used both hands, and cupped them directly over each other, pressed up against my lips, causing the foreskin to bunch up, and create a cushion that my lips and tongue could squish around with. I was getting slurpy and messy, with pre cum and spit dripping down my chin.

I loved smelling his musk, and feeling his bushy pubes against my fist, when I slid down his shaft. I used one hand to play with his balls, which were high and tight next to his shaft, while the other stroked his shaft, in rhythm with my tightly locked lips. I looked up, with tears pouring down my face, while I gagged quietly on his dick. His eyes were closed, and his arms were up, holding onto the ledge of his bunk. His biceps bulged, and his chest was heaving. His silhouette looked Thor-ish against the overhead lights. I closed my eyes, continuing to choke him down. He started breathing heavier, and moaning louder. "Fuck...baby I'm close." I moaned lowly, vibrating my mouth on his dick head. "God...Shit, I'm..." He thrust quickly at the hips, and shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed....and swallowed. He filled my mouth with the salty sweet cum, and flexed his dick repeatedly against the roof of my mouth. 

I stroked him a few more times, sucking at the head, until he started giggling, and cupped his hands under my chin. "No no no...Babeeeeee..." He groaned, and crouched over, his dick pulling out of my hungry mouth. I liked feeling him in my mouth...and my ass. He pulled me up, wiping the tears from my cheeks. "God. You make me so hot." He kissed at my lips, licking inside my mouth. I think he liked his own spunk. I gave him my tongue, and licked up under his upper lip, intertwining my tongue with his. He was moaning in my mouth, and as we pulled away, the sloppy spit string broke, and we both wiped out faces.

I slowly stepped back, sitting down on the futon, grabbing a pillow, and leaning over on the arm. "Damn baby. You wanna take a nap?" "Yeah..I'm so tired." "Aw boy, come on, let's go." I stood up, and followed him up into his bed. We cuddled til I fell asleep. I woke up, and saw his arm over my shoulder, with his phone in hand. He had a ten day forecast up for his home town. "Hey." I kissed his arm. "Hey babe, just checking the weather back home. I think I'm heading up there next weekend. "Oh, sounds like a plan." I stretched out, and up the wall. I thought of Donnie in the back of my mind...and then I thought of Chris...I felt Caleb shift, and the familiar poke of his dick in my back. Damn, he was always hard. 

"I was thinking maybe you could go with me?" "Yeah?" I felt bad that I'd even thought of my other guys while he as wanting to spend a weekend away with me. "Yeah, that sounds good." If I was going to make this work, I had to start making decisions for myself. I'd spent a night away with Donnie, and Caleb had only had quickies and cuddle nights with me in this confined dorm. It might be nice to have a weekend away, at a house, with a real bed, with my love. I heard my phone go off, and cringed against Caleb. He wrapped his arms around me, kissing my shoulder. "You have class in like 45 minutes." "I know." I didn't want to move, but I made myself sit up and slide over him, and down to the floor. I got my things together, and grabbed my charger, stuffing it in the case. I slipped on my sneaks and walked over, leaning up to kiss Caleb's face. He smiled, and started stroking his dick.

"You ass." "Hey, I'll still want more later babe." I laughed as I left the dorm. I was on my way out the door and Donnie started to face time me. I accepted, while i walked. "Hey, are you still here?" "Yeah, I'm headed to class, what's up?" A couple guys leaned against the wall, while I walked past them. He waited a couple seconds. "I just wanted to see how you were." He pointed the lens away, and down, lifting his blanket and exposing his hardon, pointing at the phone. "Hmm...." "Yeah, hmm....what you gonna do about it boy?" "I....I could think of a few times." I could feel my face flushing. He made his dick lift off his hairy abs, and reached his other hand down, pulling at the foreskin. Fuck. I cleared my throat, and saw the camera shake, and then it was on his face again. His hair was loose and curly around his face, and his mustache was freshly cut, to just a light framing of his upper lip. Damn he was sexy.

We talked a little more about hanging out that afternoon for a late lunch. He as going to take me for pizza, and as we said goodbye, he kissed at the screen. I smiled, and ended the call, finding a spot next to a wall outlet. 


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