I woke up in bed, with Caleb holding me from behind. He propped up immediately, turning me over to face him. "Babe, I'm glad you're awake! How do you feel?" "I feel like I need some water or something." He jumped up, and went to the closet, getting a bottle of water. I chugged half of it, and fell back to the comfort of the pillows behind me. "What happened?" "Some fucker tried to fuck you up bad. Chris knocked his ass out and called the cops. They're getting his statement." "What?" "Yeah babe, do you know who it was?" "No, I didn't see his face." "It's Josh from the swim team. He got arrested, and they're taking him into custody." "Fuck..." Caleb sat down, and put his arm across me.

"We've been talking about getting an apartment next semester, but maybe they'll let us move sooner." "No, baby, let's save up our money, and stay here. We've already paid through the rest of the year." "Ok, I'm just thinking." "I know, people like make everything worse. What an asshole." "Yeah, I wish I would've been there babe, I could've done something." "Nothing happened, though." "What if it did?" "But it didn't. You're sweet though." I sat up and hugged on him. He had his arms around me, and pulled me close. I felt tired and almost like I wanted to vomit, but the water felt great trickling down my system. I went limp against Caleb, soaking in the affection. 

There was a knock on the door, and Chris walked in. "Oh, sorry. I just.." "Nah, come in man, thank you!" Caleb stood up and gave him a hug. I got up too, and leaned in for a group hug. Chris kissed my cheek. "I'm sorry you had that happen baby." "Nothing happened, thanks to you." I turned and kissed his lips. Caleb cleared his throat and stepped back, turning and getting his phone off the bed. Chris pulled me in for a bear hug, and held me close. I breathed in his cologne and felt my eyes water up. Fucking emotions.

I pulled back, and he ran his hand through my hair, and kissed my forehead. "You need anything?" "No, I'm good. Thanks." "Ok, well, they're probably going to get a statement from you, so prepare yourself for a phone call." "Ok..." He lingered for a moment, and I turned, seeing Caleb on his phone. I wanted Chris to stay, and I also wanted Caleb to be ok. "I'm going to walk Chris back, ok?" "Yeah, ok." Caleb smiled slightly, and turned back to his phone.

Chris and I made our way back to his dorm, and I walked in, and sat on the edge of his bed. He sat on the floor in front of me, studying my face. "You're not ok." "I'll BE ok though. I promise." "You can talk to me about it." "No, I'm good. Promise." "Ok." He didn't seem convinced, but I really would be ok. I was shaken, but nothing ACTUALLY happened, so I was fine with that. It was almost like when you get tackled during recess, and you get up, dust off, and go back inside. I would just dust this off, and thank my lucky stars that Chris was there when he was. "So what made you follow me?" "I didn't actually follow you, I had to pee," he smiled, and then shook his head. "I'm just glad i went in there when I did. That dude is crazy." "Yeah, I've seen him before at meets and stuff." "Yeah, he's lucky he was high, cause I would've beat his ass down." I scooted off the edge of his bed, and took his hands. "I'm glad you didn't though. I don't want anything happening to you." "You don't, huh?" "Noooo." I leaned in and kissed his lips. 

"Plus, you're the black guy, so you'd for sure get arrested." We both busted out laughing, and he pulled me in for another hug. "Damnit boy, let's go do something." "I really don't want to leave though." "Alright, well, you want to walk downstairs with me and get my towels? I'm fresh out." "Yeah I can." We went downstairs, and then down the basement stairwell to the laundry room. The lights were dim, and flickering, and no one else was down there. His towels were still damp, so he put in more quarters, and stood in front of me, with his arms on either side of the wall. 

The brick was warm against my back, and his hands were locked above my head, with his forearms pressed on either side of my face. I inhaled his sweet cologne, and a hint of his musk. He was wearing a loose tank top, that showed off his strong shoulders and arms, and tattoos. He had in the white gauges that I love, and had a slight scruff growing around his jawline. He pressed in, completely blocking me off from the rest of the room. He was warm, and strong, and when he licked his lips, I forgot all about what had happened earlier. I slowly raised my eyes up his torso, and neck, to his face, and then met his eyes. He smiled out of the corner of his eyes, and leaned in, softly grazing his lips across my forehead, and then to my cheek.

I sighed out loud, and sunk down slightly, with my palms planted firmly against the brick wall behind me. He moved his lips to my ear, taking my lobe in his mouth, and biting softly on the end. It sent a tingle down my spine, and I turned my head away, giving him full access to my sweet neck spot. He took advantage, and worked his soft lips down my neck, to the collar of my shirt. I sighed again, and moved my hands up his body, over his tank top, and around his neck. He pressed his chin against my forehead, and moved in even closer. My face was in his chest, and he was puffing out his pecs. I felt completely covered by his presence.

I relaxed my body against his, and he just stood there, waiting. I moved my hands back down, and around his torso, hugging him close. He shifted his weight, and spread his legs, lowering his body closer to me. I moved my legs up, between his, as my thigh brushed up against his dick, hanging loosely in his shorts. I moaned softly, and reached down, inside his shorts, feeling his thick bushy pubes, and his oily shaft, hanging. I pushed his shorts down in front, with my free hand, and pulled his dick out with the other. I pulled his shaft up, pointing it toward me, while I stroked him softly and quickly. "Fuck baby." He whispered in a low tone.

I reached into his shorts with my free hand, feeling the covered elastic band tightly slide up my forearm. I slowly and methodically massaged his balls, occasionally reaching down into the bristly center of his taint. His balls were flexing, while I swirled my palm under them. He had big balls. His shaft quickly filled with blood, and he was hard as a rock, in my hand, while I continued to pump his shaft. It was silky smooth, and I got wave after wave of his dick stank. I wanted him inside me so bad, but right now, I was treating him. He had taken care of me, and now I was taking care of him.

The rhythm of the dryer matched the rhythm of my hand, quickly and softly jerking his big dick. He was breathing heavier, sending my loose locks in a scatter across my face. His breath smelled like candy, and it was a nice contrast to the scent from below. His leg was starting to shake, and his balls were high and tight. I knew he was close. He licked his lips a couple of times, whispering his curses. "Fuck baby, You're gonna make me blow." "Blow it on me baby." I moved my left hand from out of his shorts, and pulled the front of my tee over my head, hooking it behind my neck. I started jerking him off with both hands, one on top of the other. He was whimpering and moaning, and as he whispered his last "fuck," shot streams of cum up and down my chest and stomach. His dick was flexing crazy in my hands as shots of cum came out of his thick head. 

He was moaning and shooting his load on me, and after a few seconds, I let go of his shaft, taking just the head in one of my hands, and squeezing and releasing it. His dick was throbbing and pulsing, flexing against the pressure of my closed thumb and ringer. I looked up, as he glanced down, watching me play with his dick. We met eyes, and he smiled, leaning down to kiss my lips. I kissed him slowly and enjoyed the taste of his mouth, and the passion he emitted. I let go of his dick, as the dryer buzzed, and the spin cycle ceased. 

He handed me a hand towel, and I toweled myself off. His dick was hanging out of his shorts, long and thick, and dripping cum onto the concrete floor. I giggled, and reached out, pulling his shaft from base to head, oozing out a little more of his sweet cum. I used the dry corner of the towel, and dabbed at his head, and then stooped down, and wiped up the few drops I could see. "You don't want me marking my territory huh?" "Is that what you're doing?" I slapped at him with the towel, and he jumped back. "Shit!" He laughed, and playfully swung at me. I turned, and smeared the wet side of the towel across the brick wall, leaving a dark gray streak. "How's that?" "Perfect." He nodded his approval, and took the towel from me, dropping it in the industrial garbage can by the door. He put his arm around me, as we headed back toward the stairwell. 

We got up to our floor, and went to Chris's room. I watched him, while he stacked his fresh towels in neat folds up in the corner of his closet. We made out for a couple minutes, and then I pulled back, realizing I left Caleb all alone. "Thank you baby." "You're welcome." He smiled, and kissed me again, before i turned and walked out. I made my way down the hall, feeling relaxed and excited about seeing Caleb. Yes, I was seeing three different guys, but my love for Caleb could not be matched. I opened the door, seeing him with his head set on, and controller in hand, playing COD in his boxers. I giggled as I shut the door, and got into bed, hugging him from behind, and kissing his shoulder. "Hey babe." He said without looking. "Hey." My hands were at his chest, and I ran one down the hairy line, down his bulging abs, past his belly button, and into the band of his boxer shorts. His chest flexed, and his head turned, as he paused his game. He turned, smiling at me, as he pulled off his headset...


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