I woke up late, and had to throw on whatever I could find to wear, and head to class. Basically, what I had on the night before. Caleb was already up where we usually sat, but  a couple of the girls were standing around him, giggling and whispering. I felt really jealous all of a sudden, and had to talk myself down. I sat in the row in front of him, across the aisle. The professor came in, and turned up the lights, and everyone started filing to their spots. I felt a slight shove, and turned around, to see Caleb scooting behind me, to sit next to me. "Hey, what's up?" "Oh nothing, what's up with you?" 

"Nada. How was your weekend? Did you go home?" "No, I...I hungout with Chris, but we got back way past curfew." He didn't say anything, and as I looked over, I saw him clenching his jaw tightly. I reached out to put my hand over his, but he pulled it away. "So...are you sleeping with him?" "I did." "That sounds fun." "It's....complicated." "Yeah, you think?" "Look...I love you, and I've been open with you...in more ways than one." I saw him try not to smile. He looked back at me, with a serious look in his eyes, "I love you too. I just...I want all of you, and I don't care if that sounds selfish. You're my boy." 

I was going to reply, but then from the front of the room, the professor loudly announced, "One class at a time please...gentlemen." I stared straight ahead, and ignored Caleb's probes from under the desk. I typed out an apology on the notepad, and he replied on his. We read each others' messages for the remainder of the class. I caught maybe 5 words from the lesson, but I just needed to get out of there and not be distracted. 

I got to my next class, and scrolled through twitter, and felt a presence beside me, looking over go see Chris studying my face. "You're perfect." "Hey. No, you are." I felt my face flushing. He lightly, and quickly, stroked my arm with his fingers. I felt a tingle up my spine, and fidgeted in my seat. "I wanna make you squirm." I looked up, and his eyes were locked on me. He slowly licked his lips, and smirked with the side of his mouth. God damn.

Class was, of course, the longest hour I'd experienced that week. Chris would occasionally brush his arm against me, or slide his foot against mine under the table. I would clear my throat, and re focus. He was intent on reminding me he was there, and I didn't mind. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I had a conference call with the part of my body that craved Caleb. Tonight was his night with me, and I was going to make sure he knew he was still a priority to me. I just had to determine in myself, that nothing and no one would distract me from him. I checked my phone, seeing that I was on 58% battery. If I left my phone on by the end of the day, and used every app, I'd drain the battery in no time, and that would be my out. 

After class I quickly parted ways with Chris. I told him we should plan a night after the following weekend. Would Caleb still want me to join him going home this weekend? I said goodbye and rushed across campus to the dorm. I sped up the stairs and down the hall, into my dorm. Caleb wasn't there, and I crawled up in my bed, exhausted. I almost started to cry, but then the door opened, and I turned around, to see Caleb standing in the door way. He slowly closed the door behind him, and walked toward the bed. I could see he'd been crying, and that sent me over the edge. I buried my face in my pillow, and felt him put his hands on my shoulders. I couldn't stop crying. What the hell was wrong with me? 

After a couple minutes, I looked up, and he had tears in his eyes, with a slight smile. I got up, and swung over the bed. We hugged for a couple minutes, and then sat back on the futon. I poured my heart out to him, telling him everything that had happened, what my attractions were to Donnie and Chris, and what I felt when i was with each of them. I told him I loved him, and he was my first, and will always be close to me. I didn't expect him to stay with me, but I wanted him to. He nodded and just hugged me, and we cuddled for awhile. Caleb turned on a movie off his netflix list, and we just lay there on the futon. I was half over him, between his legs, his arms around me, and my head against his shoulder, our cheeks pressed together. It felt amazing.

I fell asleep halfway through the movie, and woke up to Caleb nudging me up off his chest. He had a hardon, and adjusted himself as soon as I moved. "Thanks babe, it's been aching for the past 10 minutes." "Aw, I would've moved if you woke me up sooner." "Nah, I like holding you." He was too sweet. "I feel better. Do you feel ok?" "Yeah, we're good. I just need to not be jealous so much." "I like that you're jealous for me." "Yeah?" "Yeah...I was jealous today when I walked in and saw those girls by you." "What!? You know I'm not down for that." "I know, but...I just....I felt like they were getting your attention." "They were, but only cause they were kissin my ass." "Why were they kissing your ass?" "They know I got the hook up for the party shit." "Ohhh..." I sat up, and stretched. I glanced over, and his gym shorts were completely tented by his erection. I playfully pushed at it. "Boy don't start something you dont' want to finish." I giggled and leaned forward, feeling his dick press into me, as I leaned into his body, locking lips. I think we'll be fine.


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