The day had arrived for us to leave for our Aspen getaway. I woke up early Sunday morning, to the sound of Caleb's alarm. He had it set for 5AM, although we planned on leaving around 8:30. Chris agreed for us to use his JEEP, since it was the newest of our vehicles and had the highest chance of cross country-ing without any problems. We would all take turns driving, and sleeping. It seemed like a legit plan, although I wanted to stop in St. Louis and see the Arch. I'd never been there, and promised I wouldn't get all tourist, and take a lot of time. They all agreed, and so we planned an overnight stop there.

Caleb's family used to vacation there when he was growing up, so he was familiar with the route, which automatically made him official navigator. He was so excited about the trip, that's all I heard him talk about for the 48 hours prior to us leaving. It was cute the way his face got excited, when he talked about the slopes, and restaurants, and some of the shops they had with one of a kind gear and some wood shops that had some cool furniture and unique artwork. I couldn't wait to get there, and spend some time with him...and the others.

Ok, so back to waking up. The alarm went on for a couple minutes, and I finally turned around, and crawled over Caleb, swiping at his screen, missing the small alarm icon. I lunged full force across him, grabbing his phone off the charging station, and forcibly pressing the alarm button. "Damn baby!" He crunched up, cupping his arms around my waist, pulling me back, and spooning me closely. "Not how I expected to wake up." "Sorry, that sound just goes right through my head." "You're so cute when you're pissed." "I'm not pissed, it's just annoying." "Yeah you are." He kissed the back of my neck, groaning into my ear, as I felt him press his morning wood up against my naked ass.

I reached back, pulling at the twisted sheets around his body. He sprang loose, and I felt his warm, throbbing dick against me. He moaned louder this time, grinding against me. He pulled me tighter and rubbed his scruff against my neck. I wanted him so bad. I pulled at my ass cheeks, parting them, and feeling his dick worm in between them. I let go, and felt him warm inside the crevice.

He was breathing heavier, and leaked some precum against my lower back. "Fuck baby...I want in there." "It's all yours Caleb." "Mmm, let me get some lube." He pulled away, and I felt the cold creep up, as I pulled the sheets up over me. I looked over my shoulder, seeing him hunched over a bin in his closet, digging around. His back was flexed, and his hairy ass cheeks were parted, exposing the dark mass of hairs between them. I giggled, imagining how hairy his hole was. "What?" He glanced back, with a half smile. "You're just too cute." "Yeah?" "Yeah. And your hairy ass." "Hey now, you know you like it." He found the lube and stood up, turning, his dick flexing while he walked. It looked enormous from here.

He kissed my lips, and neck, while he pushed my legs up, smiling down at me. He crouched and kissed down the backs of my thighs, down into the crevice, just under my balls. He lightly pulled at them with his warm fingertips, and kissed lovingly under each one, down to the smooth throbbing perinium, and lubed up a couple fingers, pushing them inside me. He kissed around my hole, while he penetrated me with his fingers. "Fuck...I want you inside me." "Mmm...Me too babe, just a minute." I know he likes playing with my ass. It's like a fascination and he likes to take his time teasing my hole.

I pulled my legs back, fully exposing myself to him, while he fucked me quickly with a couple of fingers. He was sucking on my balls, which were tight and high against my shaft. I moaned, while he worked his mouth up toward the head. He started sucking my dick, while he finger fucked me, which was sending me closer to the edge of no return. He pulled my shaft toward him, so that it was now pointing down from me. I felt the pressure at the base of my dick, as he pulled it lower, but with him fucking me hard with his fingers, I felt direct vibration against my prostate, which sent me completely over.

I couldn't warn him, but I felt him jerk a little, with the first blast of my cum in his mouth. I must've caught him off guard, cause he choked a little bit, but quickly regained his composure, and bobbed quickly, while I shot my entire load down his throat. I moaned into my forearm, and finished cumming, while he continued pushing his fingers in and out of me. My ass continued to throb over his fingers. I felt him pull off my dick, as it slapped against my smooth stomach. "Fuck baby. You filled me up." "Your turn," I propped myself up on my elbows, and ran my foot up his outer bicep, and shoulder. He kissed the inside of my thigh, and smiled at me.

He scooted up, and dripped some lube on his thick dick. He started jerking himself, and then I felt him push inside me, as I groaned. He fucked me smoothly and quickly. I'd already cum, so he had no reason to wait, since we had under an hour left to get ready and leave. He pressed his lips firmly against mine, while he fucked in and out of my clenching ass. "You feel so fucking good babe." "You fuck me so right baby." He kissed me again, pulling back to smile down on me. I loved him inside m.

We had been fucking for a few minutes, when there was a knock on the door, and it opened a crack, with Donnie peeking in. I was just about to say something, when I heard him say "Shit, sorry!" And the door closed. Caleb giggled, and I clenched my ass tight, and held it there, making him moan softly. "Shit, when you do that I can't hold....fuckkk!" He buried his face in my neck, and emitted a low growl, while I felt his dick explode inside me. I held him tightly, with my legs wrapped around him, and my arms tucked up under his armpits. He was so warm, and sweaty. "Fuck." His voice was muffled. I rubbed his back with my fingertips, as he pulled back, kissing me one last time, before pulling out. "That was good." "It always is." I wiped my sweaty forearms against his sides. "You're so sweaty babe." "Yeah, I get kind of heated when I'm fucking my boy." 

He got up off the bed, dripping cum onto the sheets. I dabbed at it, making a bigger spot, while he looked around for some boxers to pull on. "Wanna hit the showers?" "Yeah." I got off the bed, and pulled on my jeans, not bothering to button them. We walked out into the hall after grabbing our shower bags, and headed toward the showers. Donnie was walking out with his towel wrapped around. He rolled his eyes, and smiled. "You fuck twats gonna be ready by 8:30?" "Yeah man, we'll be set." "Alright then, I'll get Chris up." "He's not up yet?" "I mean, dude's up, just not up." He laughed and pushed opened their door. I glanced past him, seeing Chris sprawled out on top of his sheets, with a boner in his boxers. He looked so sweet when he slept. 

"Shit, he better take care of that. It's a long way to St. Louis." "I'll make sure to pass that on," Donnie punched at Caleb's arm. The door closed as we turned to go in to the showers. It didn't take long to shower, and we quickly ran back down the hall, wrapped in our towels. Almost everyone had left for the holidays, and aside from a guy we called JoJo, I think it was just us 4. 

We quickly loaded up the Jeep, and all piled in. Chris and Donnie took the back, while Caleb and I sat up front. We were more awake, and I was nominated to be DJ for the trip. I had my itunes all set, and I was really excited! We headed west and I fell asleep a couple hours in. I woke up and we were just outside of Cincinnati. "Hey, good morning boo thang." I looked over and saw Donnie driving. "Hey, wow, I slept awhile." "Yeah you did babe. Caleb was falling asleep so I took over. Wanna be navigator?" "Ok." He winked at me, and pulled my hand up to his lips, kissing it, and letting go. I looked around for my phone, finding it in between my seat and the console. I dug it out and pulled up google maps. I was trying to think of the resort name, when Donnie handed me his phone. "It's already set up for you, here." I took his phone, and leaned back against the seat. 

Donnie took my free hand, and rubbed my inner palm with his forefinger, and then intertwined his fingers with mine. I looked over and smiled. He was so sweet...and sexy. I opened Chris's glove box, remembering he had a pair of ray bans somewhere. I found them, as well as his stash of condoms. I quickly pulled out the glasses, and closed the glove box. "Yeah, I saw the Truxstex." Donnie giggled, and squeezed my hand. "I've seen the dude naked before, he's hung like a fuckin horse." I felt a little embarrassed, and looked away, blushing. "So, how is it compared" "I'm not doing this with you D." I leaned over and kissed his cheek. "You're good to me." "Yeah, gotta take care of my boy." He smiled, glancing quickly at me. I lowered my voice, and leaned in, "But that thing you do when you're all the way inside, with the little thrusts...It's...nice." He swallowed hard, and cleared his throat. "Yeah, it's great." He half smiled, and I noticed him shift in his seat.

I sat back against the seat, and felt Donnie's sweaty palm, as I squeezed his hand. "What's up?" He smirked, and pointed down, and I noticed his hardon poking up in his joggers. "Yeah, thanks for that." He giggled, and shifted in his seat again. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, and kind of wanted to grab it, but the other guys were sleeping in the back seat. We didn't say anything for a few minutes, until the next merge was coming up on the freeway. I let him know the exit number, and then closed my eyes to rest again. 

I woke up as the car stopped. We pulled into a truck stop, and I stretched out, dropping Donnie's and my phone to the floor. "Oh, sorry." "Nah, it's good." He rubbed my shoulder, as I bent over, looking for our phone on the floor. I heard a groan, and looked back, seeing Chris stretching out. "Shit, I do not love this back seat." "I'll sit in back from now on." I smiled at him. "Nah, you're good baby." "No, really, it's your Jeep, and you're the tallest one here." "Hey now," Donnie nudged my arm. "He's only a couple inches taller than me, and an inch taller than Caleb." "Yeah, but he's still taller." I smiled at Chris. He looked sexy, with the sleepy look on his face.

We all used the bathroom, and got some snacks and drinks, and headed back to the Jeep. Donnie tossed the keys to Chris, and smacked my ass, while we walked across the parking lot. "Faggots!" Some redneck in a rusty pickup truck yelled from over by the gas pumps. Donnie turned, and started walking toward him. "You got somethin to say to my face bitch?" I saw the man quickly get in his truck and get his phone out. "D, come on, forget that asshole!" I yelled to him. He flipped the guy off, and turned back, grabbing my arm as he walked past. We quickly got in the Jeep and pulled onto the freeway. 

I sat in back with Donnie, while Caleb navigated and Chris drove toward St. Louis. I gave Donnie a shoulder rub, once we got going, and then he gave me one too. I felt myself dozing off again, and he turned, pulling me back against him. He quietly kissed my cheek, brushing my hair out of my face, and running his hand softly up and down my arm. "You can sleep if you want babe." "Ok. I can't believe how sleepy I am." "Yeah no shit, you're missing all the country scenery." I smiled, looking up at him. I was telling him something about how I always fell asleep in the car when my parents would road trip, and then I fell asleep again.

I woke up again with Donnie shaking me, "Babe wake up, we're in St. Louis." He kissed at my face, til I opened my eyes, and pushed him away, giggling. "Ok, ok!" I sat up, and looked past the front seat, seeing the Arch appear through the windshield. "I'm so excited! I've never been here before." Donnie rubbed at my shoulders. "We're gonna rock this bitch." Donnie hugged my neck. 

In another hour and a half, we were pulling into our hotel parking garage, just a few blocks from the Arch. We grabbed our bags, and headed in. We got up to the room, with two king size beds. I wasn't sure who I was going to sleep with, but I was hoping Caleb. I waited to see which bed he picked, but he went into the bathroom right away. I set my bag down on the desk, and dug around for my toothbrush and paste. I glanced in the mirror, seeing Donnie sitting on the edge of one bed, and Chris on the edge of the other. I smiled, even though I wouldn't be getting my way. 

The bathroom door opened, as Caleb walked out, and I walked in. He stopped me, kissing my lips softly, and smiling. I walked into the bathroom, and closed the door behind me. When I walked out, the guys were sitting in front of the tv, scrolling through the adult channel. "Wow." They all turned, and I walked past them, sitting in the side chair. "We were just checking out the options." "You guys are so fucking horny." "It was a long drive, and these roads are shit. All those pot holes had my seat vibrating," Chris had a mild whine in his voice. "Ok well, this is going to get awkward, so we should probs get some food or something." I stood up, smiling down at them. "We already ordered some pizza babe." "Oh, ok." Donnie reached his hand out, pulling me down to the floor by him. "A couple box deals from Pizza Hut, with wings." 

I was hoping for a burger, but pizza was always good. I sat back with Donnie's arm over my shoulder. The guys scrolled through the rest of the adult channels, and to my relief, decided against renting a flick. We watched the news and waited for the pizza. It was about an hour later, when there was a knock on the door, and Donnie got up, paying for the food with our pooled cash, and came back, setting the boxes on the desk. "Eat up homos." "Fuck you," Chris got up and shoved him playfully, scooping up a slice of pepperoni. "You say it like it's a bad thing," I stood behind Donnie. "Nah, just callin us what we are." "I like it this way though." I nudged his back. He turned, and bear hugged me, flopping back on the bed nearest us. I laughed, while he motor boated my neck, and tickled me. 

"Hey now," Chris came over, puling Donnie off me. "Dinner time is serious business." Donnie got up, helping me off the bed too. I got up, and went back over by the desk, getting a slice of sausage and mushroom. We talked about the next day, with the news playing in the background, and soon we were getting ready for bed. I got undressed and got into bed, plugging in my charger and connecting my phone, checking twitter and IG briefly. I hadn't noticed how quiet it got, but I looked up seeing the guys in a small huddle. Caleb and Chris had their boxers on, and Donnie had some really tight boxer briefs, with a really low cut waistband, that showed off his hairy abs and some pubes nicely. I waited a second, hearing their low mumbling. 

Chris turned and walked toward the bed, smiling at me, as he crawled in behind me. Donnie got in the other bed, and winked at me, reaching up to turn the light out. Caleb didn't say anything as he got in behind Donnie. I reached up, and turned my side out as well, and settled in. I soon heard Caleb's loud snoring, and Donnie's heavy breathing. I felt Chris breathing heavy too, but I knew he wasn't sleeping. It was pretty chilly, and I turned toward him, nestling up against him. He was so warm, and he quickly turned toward me, putting his free arm around me, and sliding his leg up over my legs, pulling me close to him. 

"I wasn't sure if we should cuddle," he whispered. "Yeah, I didn't know if it would make the other guys mad or not." "I'm glad I get some time with you though." "Yeah me too." I kissed his chest, and pressed my cheek against it, feeling his chin over my head. "Damn, don't get me excited." I smiled, and kissed his chest again, keeping my lips there a second longer. I smelled his cocoa butter and cologne. They were comforting scents, and I breathed him in, til I could smell nothing more. He was strong and warm, and holding me. "Goodnight Chris," I whispered quietly. "Goodnight Lucas." He squeezed me quickly, and I nestled closer, dozing off almost immediately.


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