I got back to the dorm a little after 8. Caleb was on his phone, with a t shirt and shorts on. Surprisingly, not naked. He glanced up, and looked back at his phone. "Have fun with Donnie?" "Yeah, we had a nice talk." "I bet you did." "Listen, Caleb...I'm not sure where we stand, but let's talk this through instead of you just ignoring me." He didn't say anything. "I...Like both of you guys, and this is all really new to me. I just thought we were special friends." "I am your friend. But I guess...I don't know..I guess I want more." I smiled, even though it was serious. "I want more too." He turned his head towar me, with a surprised look on his face. "Yeah? Why the fuck doesn't it feel like it?" "I'm confused! I had no idea things would be like this." He sat up, turning full on toward me, and jumping down from his bed. He looked me in the eyes as he walked toward me, putting his hands on my shoulders. 

"We never talked about it. I'm sorry I'm jealous." He leaned in, hugging me close. I hugged him back, feeling a ton better about everything. "Donnie is sexy as fuck, and I feel like you'll want him more than me." "You're sweet Caleb. I want you so bad, like all the time, you don't even know." He pulled back with that stupid, sexy, smirk. "I feel the same. Seriously bro. You're my bae." I felt my face flushing, and leaned in, kissing him on the lips. He led me to the futon, and sat, pulling me down against him. We talked for awhile about expectations and how we felt about each other. I didn't know he had himself on lock down, and wasn't fucking anyone else. He admitted to being a manwhore on campus with some of the guys from the swim team and a cheerleader. He told me he always used protection and never came while inside of them. He was exclusively a top, and had never bottomed for anyone. I found out I was the bottom, and he wanted it that way. I told him I hadn't had sex with any other guy, just messing around and humping from Chris. He got a little quiet when I told him that, and then he got his smirk back, and asked who I was saving myself for. I looked him in the eyes like "for real?" 

He rubbed my chest, and leaned back giggling. I felt him get hard beneath my draped arm, and he leaned over, kissing me. In between kisses, he told me about his day plan. "I....have....an idea..." I mumbled "Yes?" With his tongue in my mouth. "We....could....blow off class...." "And?"He pulled back. "I could make it worth all that time saving...He reached his free hand behind my ass, grabbing it roughly. "We could do it all day, and stay naked, and cuddly in between." I giggled. "That sounds fine to me. Let me email my professors first." I grabbed my phone, and he got up to find his. He clearly wasn't wearing underwear under his shorts, and his full on erection was standing straight out. Caleb didn't care. I mean, why would he? He leaned against his bunk, and emailed his request for the notes. I did the same, and soon we were making out, with the door locked, and the blinds drawn, naked in his bed. 

This time felt different. Caleb was so soft with his touches, and carresses. He was whispering sexy sweet things in my ears, while nibbling on my ear lobes and down my neck and chest. he was slowly stroking me, while he was grinding his dick against my outer thigh. We were both pre cumming like crazy. Our dorm was soon heated by our make out and grinding session, and we'd both begun sweating. Not profusely, but enough to dampen the sheets. I reached up, wiping some sweat beads off his gorgeous face. He squint smiled, and leaned in for more sugar. He was breathing heavy, with his tongue down my throat, and his hands cupping my ass, spreading my cheeks. I had somehow ended up with my legs spread, and resting on either side of him. He was pulling me up and down on his dick, causing my own dick to thrust against his abs and chest. I could cum at any point. I was so into him, and wanting every inch of him deep inside of me. I was in completely submissive mode, and didn't care what happened. Occasionally I felt his dick press against my ass, with the cool feeling of the air hitting the sweat and pre cum coating my inner ass. 

We made out for nearly and hour, grinding and humping, and thrusting. My dick was so sensitive, and occasionally I'd flex my sphyncter just to keep from exploding cum everywhere. Caleb's dick twitched uncontrollably, and he had my ass loose and squishing with pre cum. We were slowly grinding and kissing, completely covered in sweat, and I felt him move his stubbly face against my ear. "I wanna be inside of you babe." "I want you inside me." "Are you ready?" "Yeah..." I moaned in his ear. That was all he needed. I felt him slowly push against my hungry asshole. I was begging for him after a couple of seconds. I knew it was goin to hurt, and it did. The passion made up for the pain, and soon, he was thrusting in and out of me, slowly at first, and then more vigorous after a couple of minutes. 

My mouth was wide open, and I couldn't help but let out grunts and moans of pleasure. "Fuck...You're so big...." "Mmm...You like it babe?" "Mmm..fuck...yes....I want you so bad." He moaned, and leaned in, licking up my neck and jawline. He was breathing in my ear. "I'm so fucking hard." "Fuck me..." He moaned and grunted. "I'm about to cum...Wnat me to pull out?" "No...mm...fuck...I want it baby." "Shitttttttt...." He was thrusting deep into me, and I felt him start to jerk up and down, the liquid sensation of his load shooting into me was unlike anything else I'd ever felt. I let myself go, and came with him. It was so intense, cumming, while he came inside me. he trusted continuously, even after I was sure he was done shooting his load. He leaned back, pulling me on top of him, and continued thrusting. "Shit, I'm gonna fucking...Ah, fuck!" I felt a little more liquid pressure from deep within, feeling him release a second load in me. I was exhausted and wanted to collapse. He was so fucking horny, and hard. 

I let myself go limp against him, and he fell forward, on top of me, breathing heavy. I smelled our sweat and musk, mixed with the scent of my cum. The room was hot and damp. The sheets were soaked, and the brick wall was glistening with moisture. I pressed my palm against it, feeling the cool, which offered a momentary relief, but quickly becamse warm beneath my touch, or it seemed that way. I moved my hand down his sweaty back, toward his ass, feeling the wet hairs plastered against his skin. I was catching my breath, with my eyes closed, feeling him kiss me all over. "Fuck...You're mine boy...you're fucking mine, shit." He rested his head on my chest, and pulled my legs around his waist, holding them in place, while he stayed inside me. He was flexing his dick up and down, making me giggle from inside. "What?" He said with a half laugh. "It tickles." "When I do this?" He flexed his dick again, and I squirmed. "Yes! Fuck..." He was giggling while he flexed repeatedly. I was squirming so much, and pulled my legs up tight against his sides. He kept doing it, and I felt like i could cum again. "Oh my God, stop. You're gonna meka me...fucking....God fuck." 

I felt my eyes roll back, and he continued flexing, and giggling, while he groped my ass. I was on edge for a few minutes, moaning and giggling. It was a strange sensation, and soon I was cumming a short, spurt less load, adding to the puddles on my stomach and chest. I let out a low moan, running my hands up the back of his sweaty head. He rested his head on my chest, mixing sweat and cum. He continued flexing his dick, and i felt cum oozing out, down my crack, probably soaking into his sheets. "You're fucking great." "I feel fucking great." "It was totally worth saving." "You wanna keep going?" "I'm exhausted. But...yeah I want it boy." He giggled and propped up on his forearms, slowly thrusting himself deeper and then pulling out til just his head was in me. 

My ass muscles were completely loose, and he slid with ease, in and out. I was moaning and squirming, and he was grunting, and had his fingers intertwined with mine, clenching my hands repeatedly. "Fuck...You feel so great." I pulled my legs up tighter to him, and felt him go deeper, as he moaned. "Fuccccckkkkkk." He rested his head on my chest, letting out grunts, while he unloaded another one in me. "Uh...uh....uh....fuck...fuck...fuckkkkkkk....yes...." He was breathing heavy again, and I loosened a hand to cradle the back of his head. His thrusting slowed, and he rested against me. I loosed my grip around his waist, letting my legs spread loosely. 

I loved the feeling of him against me. He was helpless and it was a softer side of him that I liked. We stayed together, and fell asleep eventually. I woke up, to him spooning me. We were soaked, and covered in sweaty sheets and a blanket. Caleb was pressed tightly against me, and of course...hard. I reached back, taking hold of his dick. "Ahhh...fuck..." He cringed back, pulling away from me. I turned inquisitively. "I'm so sensitive babe. This has never happened." "So...I can't..." I grabbed his shaft, and he cringed again, almost falling off the bunk. I grabbed him, pulling him back toward me. "Shit, that's crazy!" He was rock hard, but I couldnt' touch it. It was intriguing. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed his lips. "I want more of you boy." He smirked, and squinted at me. "I wish i could give it to you all day. I guess three times is my limit right now." His dick barely touched me, and he started to laugh painfully. "God...fuck..." He was giggly, and covering his dick with a sheet. I wanted to see how many times he could cum in a day, but at this rate, it wouldn't be much more. I sat up, and straddled his chest, grinding my ass up and down his hairy abs. He smirked, and raised his eyebrows "Mmm...you horny boy?" "Yeah...I want more." He smiled, and pushed me back toward his dick, but with the sheet over it, it wouldn't help. He slowly started grinding against me, and then turned me on my back, and slid down my body. 

"I can make you feel good boy." He pushed my legs off to the side, and spread my cheeks, practically diving in, tongue first. He lathered me up quickly, and probed in and out with his tongue. i was gaping, and clenching uncontrollably. I wanted him inside me. He was slurping at my ass, and circling my balls with his finger and thumb. It was amazing. "I taste amazing in you." "What?" "I can taste my own cum in you babe. It's fucking amazing." I moaned and relaxed my entire body. He ate me out for almost half an hour, and then I felt him crawl back up, and push his dick into me. "Goddddd, fuck!" He giggled, and cringed forward, hunching over me. His sweaty body was slick against mine, and he giggled and breathed heavily against my neck, sending a shiver up my spine. He didn't move, and neither did I. I felt him flexing inside me, and wondered when he'd start thrusting again. "Fuck...I could cum at any second." "Take your time." "Shit! Mother..fuuu...." 

He started shooting another load> It wasn't as intense as the previous, but he was gooning and moaning hardcore. I reached down spreading my middle fingers on either side of the base of his shaft, his wet pubes were slick between my fingers. I clamped against the base, and stroked my stretched ass lips. I was moaning, while I caressed, and felt him flexing. Who would have known my ass was this sensitive? He stayed in me until we dozed off again. I woke up with him still inside me, and my ass ached. I moved forward, feeling him slowly pull out of me. He stirred, and reached out, to pull me back. "It hurts babe." He let go, half sitting up, and started massaging my cheeks, while he pulled out. "Sorry babe, it just feels so fucking great." 

He was out in a few seconds, and continued massaging my ass. I lay there, catching my breath, and felt him kissing my neck and shoulders. I fell asleep again, and woke up around dinner time. Caleb was sitting on the futon, with his laptop in hand, playing minecraft. "Hey." He looked up and smiled, pausing his game, and standing up to greet me. He leaned up and kissed my lips. "Hey sexy. Wanna get dinner?" "Yeah, that sounds great." I sat up, and swung my legs over the edge. He reached out, helping me down. We kissed for a few seconds, and he pulled me to him. "Damn...you taste sweet and salty." I giggled. "I'm covered in...well you." 

He smirked. "We should shower." I nodded, and ran my hand through my damp hair. We both shuffled through our things, getting fresh pairs of underwear and towels. I pulled on my hoodie and shorts, as did Caleb. He opened the door, and I followed him out. The hall was empty, and aside from the sound of our fip flops, there was faint music coming from some of the dorms. We went into the showers, and had the place to ourselves, except for some sounds coming from one of the stalls on the opposite end of the room. We picked one of the stalls, and made out while we showered. I couldn't care less if anyone heard us or knew what was going on. 

After the conversation with Donnie, I felt like whether people knew or not, they would come to the conclusion that Caleb and I were a thing. His reputation had preceded mine, and lover or not, I was living with him. We finished showering and got out, toweling off in privacy, and left the showers. We walked back to the dorm, and dropped off our laundry. Caleb said he had parked a few blocks away so he would bring the car up. I thought that was sweet, and finished toweling off my hair, I slipped on my toms and walked out, just as he texted me. I said I was on my way out, and heard Donnie behind me, "Sexy fuck." I turned, and saw him walking toward me. He had his phone in hand, with his earbuds draped around his sweaty neck. He must've been working out, with a towel in hand, and gym shorts sagging so low, I could see curly pubes across the center of the waistband. The deep v of his waist was glistening, and the hair up his abs was glistening and moist against his shiny skin. He had a sweatband on, pushing back his curly hair. He licked his lips and leaned in for a quick kiss. I got a whiff of his stench, which immediately had my mind in sex mode. I leaned away from him, keeping my lips on his. 

He pulled back, "Damn, something's different." "Nah, I just showered. I'm getting food with Caleb." His expression got serious and he turned to walk away. "What?" "You gave it up didn't you?" "What?" "I can tell." He walked down the hall, and my phone vibrated. "Did you get lost? ;)" I turned and headed out the door, and down the stairs.


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