Chad drummed silently on his knee caps. His pants were too tight, cause he'd gained a few pounds during holiday break...and by holiday break, yes, he'd dropped out of school to pursue his own business. He'd failed...miserably...He moved back home, and lived in his old basement room. He nervously glanced down at his mismatched black socks. One was ribbed, and the other was flecked...fuck

He sat back against the carpeted wall, and glanced up at the piercing fluorescent lights shining down on the small waiting area. He could feel sweat forming pools under the layer of right guard gel he'd applied just before leaving. Shit...

Just when he was starting to hear the ticking of the second hand on the large clock above his head, the cheap, plywood door opened, and in stepped Rick. A taller, handsome man in his mid 40s, who co-founded the small construction firm. He smiled and stepped forward, to shake Chad's hand.

"Hi, I'm Chad." "Rick, nice to meet you. Come with me, please." Chad followed Rick through the tiny door frame, down a small hall, with two hanging lights from the ceiling. For a construction company, the building was shit. "We don't do business out of our office, as you can probably guess. We outsource a lot of our work, and this is more behind-the-scenes work you'll be doing for us."

Chad was just glad for the opportunity to work again. He loosened his cheap tie, and felt his body temp rise, as they went through another small doorway, up a narrow flight of stairs. Rick seemed to be a confident man. Chad was slightly curious how he'd ended up in construction. He seemed more the type to be a print model, or at least in advertising.

At the top of the stairs, they stepped up to a landing, which branched out on both sides. There were windows along every wall, and there was a large desk in the middle of the big room, with a couple of folding chairs in front of it, and a large leather chair behind it. He followed Rick across the creaky floor, and assumed a position on one of the folding chairs.

Rick walked around the desk, and adjusted some loose papers, sitting down, and scooting himself closer, eyeing Chad's resume. "So, you made it through your sophomore year, and then started your own company? That's pretty confident." Chad swallowed hard, and smiled wryly. "Well, at the time it seemed like it would work. In the end, I failed, and now I'm back to the grind." He laughed lightly, and prayed for a crack of a smile from Rick...nothing. "I admire your ability to jump back into the workforce, and start from the beginning." Rick had a soft tone, but a serious stare on his face.

An hour later, Rick shook Chad's hand, and informed him he'd be hearing back within a week. It actually ended up being later that day, Rick called and offered him the assistant position. He would accompany Rick on company meetings, sales calls, and the position included travel. He had a sign-on bonus, which Rick had suggested maybe purchasing some suitable attire. "We light to be professional, and tailored on appointments." Chad felt his face redden, after he hung up the phone. The drab ensemble he'd dug up for the interview, went immediately in the trash.

The weekend arrived, and Chad deposited his bonus check. He'd never had a comma in his check before, and couldn't wait to see more zeros in the future. He went to the men's warehouse and met with one of their consultants, who worked with him on some ideas that were within budget. He had chosen black, gray, and navy suits, a couple of fitted dress shirts, and two pair of dress shoes. Black, and tan. He thought it was a nice start.

He went home, and felt the cool air from the basement, as he entered the back door. His car hadn't had air conditioning for three years, and today seemed like the hottest day, ever. He called out to his Mom, who didn't answer. Deciding to take a shower, he hung his new clothes in the closet at the top of the stairs, and went down into the darkness.

His shirt was off before he'd reached the bottom, and he dropped it in the hamper, going into the bathroom, he started the shower. He stood, and looked at himself in the mirror, raising his shoulders, and sticking his chest out. He still had some muscle tone, but his stomach pudged out over his waistband. He smiled as he flexed his arms, seeing the familiar bulge of his biceps. His dark armpit hair was wet, and matted to his skin. The cool air was nice, as he felt it meet the heat from under his arms. He unbuttoned his shorts, letting them drop to the floor, and felt the wetness of his boxers. The trail of hair from his belly, was wet, and heavy-thick down below.

He stripped off his boxers, looking himself over in the mirror. He had such a thick bush. He rummaged through the drawers, and found a pair of scissors. He started trimming his bush, and belly hair, thinning it out, and shortening the longer hairs around his dick. He ran his fingertips through, feeling the shorter bristly hairs stimulating him to a semi-hardon. He felt a tickle go through his groin, and down his thighs. His dick flexed.

He dropped the scissors back into the drawer, and reached in to turn the shower off. He walked back to the other room, where his bed was, and pushed the covers over, flopping down on the thin mattress, and reaching up above his head, to prop his pillow up behind his neck. He ran his hands down his chest, and stomach, and circled them around his groin. He couldn't even remember the last time he jacked off.

His dick was hard, and throbbing against his stomach, in a matter of seconds. He curled his toes, and flexed his dick, watching it rise up from his stomach, and almost point directly up to the ceiling. He had a flash back to when he could point his dick straight up, from the laying position.

He rested his left hand at the base of his dick, and started stroking his shaft with his right hand. He felt tingly all over, and arched his back, as a little moan escaped his lips. He'd been so distracted, he hadn't gotten off in so long...months even. Fuck, this felt great.

He'd been stroking for a few minutes, and felt himself getting close. He licked his dry lips, and continued to stroke, as an intense rush of arousal shot up his entire body. He grunted while he came. He felt little splatters on his face, mouth, and hair, and then shot a big wad directly in his eye, feeling the burn, as he continued to shoot cum all over his chest. "Fuck." He winced, but kept stroking.

He came for a few seconds, and finally let go of his dick, wiping at his face, and enjoying the warm afterglow of his orgasm. He grabbed a corner of a bedsheet, and cleaned off his face, giggling softly as he felt the familiar tingle work its way back down his body. He sat up, and shook his head, wiping his hands through his hair, feeling the gobs of cum. He looked over, seeing splatters on the wall above his head, and reached out to wipe at them. Holy fuck.

Chad showered, and shaved, standing briefly under the steaming streams of hot water. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and laid back in bed. He dozed off, waking up the next morning to his alarm. He was shivering, and sat up, wrapping his blanket around himself. He was hard, and glanced down to see his dick pointing up at him. He smiled thinking of the night before, and got up, to get dressed.

He arrived fifteen minutes early Monday morning, and met Rick in front of the building. "That's what I'm talking about!" Rick was energetic, and happy to see Chad. "Well, you look.... rested." Rick glanced quickly up and down as Chad felt his face get a little red. "We have a big day ahead of us, so let's get started. I'll drive." Chad got into the passenger side, and felt the excitement rush over him. This was definitely the start of something good.


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