"Good morning babe." I could barely open my eyes, with bright light filling the room. I stretched and turned, seeing Caleb laying next to me, across the unfolded futon. He was so scruffy, and sexy, with that smirk of his. "Good morning." "I got you something." "What?" "Yeah, I ran out early and picked up breakfast. I figured we could eat together, before we have to get ready to go." I  smiled, and leaned forward, feeling his lips press against mine. I tasted orange juice on his lips, and explored with my tongue. He moaned, and returned the gesture. He pulled away, with his eyes wide. "Damn, maybe we should skip breakfast and just bone." "How romantic." I rolled my eyes laughing. He reached his hand out, sliding his fingers down my chin, to my neck and chest, and then slowly down my stomach, sending goosebumps all over my body. I giggled and curled into a ball.

He moved over, completely covering my body, kissing all over my neck and chest, playfully. "Stop! I have to pee!" He sat up, laughing. "Ok, but when you get back, you're mine." "Agreed." I giggled while I scooted off the mattress, and pulled on a t shirt and shorts. I had half a boner, but it was adjusted comfortably off to one side. I quickly made it to the bathrooms, and relieved myself. I pulled my shorts up, and turned toward the sinks, seeing Donnie standing just outside the shower area. He smiled and started toward me. He had his towel held around his waist. "Hey, what's up?" "Hey, just takin care of business." He was about to lean in, and we heard voices entering the bathroom. He rolled his eyes, and turned away, "I'll see you around." "Ok." I felt bad, but for now I needed to validate Caleb. He was feeling left out, and I wanted him as much as the other two. 

I walked back to the dorm, quickly, and walked in, seeing Caleb stuffing his face, an egg McMuffin wrapper covering half his face. He started giggling when I walked in. "Sorry, I couldn't wait." His mouth was full, and he was definitely enjoying his food. I sat by him, and pulled my legs up on the ledge of the futon. He handed me a breakfast burrito, an egg mcmuffin, and a sausage biscuit. "What?" "I didn't know what you'd want, so I got you a couple choices." I smiled, and set down the burrito and biscuit. "Thanks Caleb." He smiled, leaning over and giving me a greasy kiss on the cheek. "Ugh!" I wiped my face, shoving him away playfully. We ate in silence, until three sandwiches, two hashbrowns and a coffee were gone. 

Caleb sat back, pulling me back against him. "Ah...This feels great." I nodded, and turned, kissing his lips. He turned his head, and we made out for a couple minutes. His alarm went off shortly after, and he groaned, as I got off him. "Damnit. Well, we had a nice morning anyway." "It's not over, we just need to get ready and get to class." "Yeah, speaking of, I lost my charger, so I'll need the notes drop boxed." "You lost it? Or you just don't want to look for it?" He turned, with a grin. "Yeah, thought so." He tuned away, stripping off his shirt, and shorts, exposing his hairy ass, and wrapping a towel around his waist. I left my clothes on, and grabbed my towel and toiletries bag, following him out the door. 

We made our way down the hall to the showers, passing a few guys on their way to and from the bathroom. Donnie nudged by Caleb, and gave me a wink as he passed. Caleb turned, and rolled his eyes, brushing my hand. I felt bad for putting them in this situation, and part of me wanted to make a decision. But the fact was, they all made me feel great in different way. Caleb was the soft side. He was a slow and romantic love maker, great kisser, and always wanted to spend time with me. Donnie was sexy and big, and worked my body over every time we had sex. His appearance was arousing, and his dominant nature made me feel vulnerable, and desired. Chris was the gentle giant, but romantic as well. The way he wanted to spend time with me, but kept me a secret was almost like getting away with something, but being rewarded as well. I liked spending time with him, and I liked the way he was always concerned for me.

We showered quickly, and got back to the room, and dressed. We made out for awhile on the futon before stepping out and heading to class. We found our seats up in our usual row, and played footsie all through the lecture. I still took notes, but probably not as thoroughly as I should've since we had a quiz the next day. We parted ways and I headed to my next class. I sat toward the back corner, and felt giddy when Chris walked in. He had a tight sweater on, that show cased his body, with the sleeves pushed up, and exposed bandages around one arm. He had cuffed khaki shorts on and a pair of nike high tops. His hair was combed over, and he had wooden plugs in. 

He walked back, smiling, and sat by me. I got a whiff of his cologne and body butter, and adjusted myself in my seat. "Hey sexy," he whispered, while he laid out his ipad and keyboard. "Hey," I whispered back, nudging his leg under the table. "What's with the bandage?" "Oh, I got another tattoo." "What is it?" "It's just some tribal writing I found online that looked good." "I wanna see it." He slowly pulled at the bandaging, exposing his ink. It was a really cool design, in black and dark blue. It covered most of the underside of his forearm, and looked painful. I reached out to touch it, feeling the bumpy skin. "Poor baby," I whispered, and looked up to see him watching my eyes. He smiled, and shrugged. "It's ok, it doesn't hurt, I just have to keep it clean." He taped down the bandage, and class started, while we occasionally touched feet and exchanged nudges at the side. 

After class, we split ways in the hall. "Call me later, or kik me or somethin. This sucks man." He shook his head and smiled, as I turned away. I made my way back to the dorms, stopping for a sandwich and bottle of water. It was gone by the time I reached our entrance, and I dropped the empty wrapper and bottle in the recycling bin before entering. I walked up the steps, texting Chris on kik while I walked, running into Donnie on the way up. "Whoa, babe, what's up?" I looked up almost dropping my phone, "Oh hey!" He leaned in, giving me a bear hug, kissing my neck quickly, and pulling back, as the door opened and a couple guys shuffled down the steps past us. "I'm just heading up to chill til this afternoon." "You wanna go for a ride with me?" He looked me up and down, smiling. "Sure, let me just drop my bag off." "Yay, I'll meet you out by my car in back." I smiled. "Ok, see you out there." I quickly went up the rest of the steps, and down the hall to my room. Caleb wasn't there, so I found a piece of paper, and wrote a quick note: "Went with Donnie for a ride, but I'll be back. Can't wait to see you :)"

Donnie drove us around for a few minutes, and then said he needed to go to the store to get some new Jordans. We went to the mall, walking in through the main foot court entrance. I asked if we could stop at Orange Julius, and he laughed and agreed. "Sure thing boy." We walked over, and I ordered a medium strawberry julius. "Make it a large," Donnie said, and stepped in front of me to pay for it. I smiled, and stepped aside. He grabbed the drink from the girl across the counter, taking a big sip, and handing it to me. "Good choice." I nodded, and happily drank the deliciousness.

We went into Footlocker, and Donnie tried on a few different pair, asking my opinion. I liked all of them, which resulted in him buying...all of them. He giggled as he turned around, with two large bags. "Hey, I'm no longer taking you shopping with me." I smiled and punched his arm. "I can't help it, they all looked good." "Yeah? Well good, cause you're gonna be seeing me in them for awhile." We walked out, and down the main walk way. "You wanna go anywhere?" "Nah, I have class in an hour, so we should head back." "Ok, let's go then." We walked out to the car, and Donnie loaded the bags in the back while i got in, checking my phone. Chris had kik'd me back about wanting to hangout later. I quickly texted back that I'd let him know, but shouldn't be a problem. 

I'd wanted the week to be spent focusing on Caleb. After the amazing sex last night, I had no doubts that we would be fine. He'd pulled out the futon, to the full sized bed, and we'd added both of our blankets and pillows, creating a love nest. He had taken his time, exploring my body with his lips. He'd lifted my legs up, kissing down the back of my thighs, and balls. He'd parted my ass cheeks, and spent a few minutes pleasuring me, and getting me wet and loose. He'd slowly fucked me, paying extra close attention to my indications of cumming. We'd made out more than any other time (my lips had swollen by the time I went to brush my teeth before bed). We'd spent the entire night naked, and although he only came twice, we had sex about 4 times. I got off a couple of times as well, but couldn't manage a third orgasm. I was definitely connected emotionally.

Donnie and I got back with enough time for me to run upstairs, and grab my things, and head out the door. Caleb still hadn't come back to the room, and my note was still on his dresser. I wasn't sure if he'd read it, and just left it, or if he hadn't come back. He hadn't responded to my texts or drop box. I hurried to class, and sat through it, shuffling my feet occasionally, hoping the clock would speed up. I got a text from Caleb saying he read my note, and had gone to the gym to work out. he was going to take me out for dinner, so not to make any plans with anyone else. I was relieved, and patiently waited out the rest of the afternoon. I got back to the dorm, and Caleb was styling his hair in his mirror. He turned and smiled, "hey boy." "Hey you, you look great!" He'd gotten an undercut haircut, and styled it up in the front. I wanted to shower, but decided I'd just wear a nicer shirt. I was wearing some new skinny jeans, and pulled on a slim fit checkered shirt, with a blue collar and cuffs, and slipped on my moccasins. Caleb kissed my neck and cheek, and whispered "You're so fucking cute." He pulled away with a grin on his face. 

We left shortly after, and got in his car, to head out somewhere. We decided on Noodles & Co. We went through the line and ordered the pad thai. We got our drinks and picked a table in the corner by the window. There were only 2 other tables with people at them, so it was relatively quiet. We talked about our day and the coming weekend. Caleb said he was really excited, and his parents weren't sure if they would be around. His Dad had retired earlier in the year, and his Mom was a part time teacher. Whether or not they were home, he said we'd have a great weekend. I agreed, and couldn't keep the smile off my face. He was so handsome. 

We finished our meal, and headed back to the dorm. We got in the dorm, and I sprawled out across the futon, full, and exhausted. Caleb was close behind me, stripping off his shirt, and unbuttoning his jeans. He draped his arm over my lower back, with his face pressed against mine. We didn't say anything, just lay quietly. I turned over, and played with his freshly cut hair. "You like it?" I love it." "Yeah?" He looked up smiling. "Yeah, it's a grown look, but it looks great." "Thanks babe.' He leaned over, kissing my cheek. "So what are we gonna do now?" "I know what I want to do, but I thought I'd give you a day off." He smirked at me. "Um...I'm down for that." "Yeah?" He sat up, pushing off his jeans. He had on boxer briefs, that showcased his bulge immaculately. He straddled me, pushing up my shirt, quickly unbuttoning it. I put my arms up, and sighed, enjoying the affections. He kissed up my stomach and chest, while unbutton my shirt, and then worked his way down the button fly of my jeans. 

I lifted myself up off the mattress, while he cupped my lower back, and pulled off my jeans and briefs. I was hard by the time my neck flopped up, slapping against my stomach. He worked his hand around my balls, and the short bristles of pubes surrounding my dick. He teased the base of my shaft, and I crossed my arms over my face, giggling. It felt amazing. He started to slowly stroke my shaft, up and down, while he rested my ass on his thighs. he still had his boxer briefs on, but I could feel him hard against my ass. 

He was coating my pre cum around the head and part of my shaft, and soon I felt his lips around me. He slurped and moaned while he bobbed his head up and down my dick. I slid my palms up and down his thighs while he orally pleased me. I pulled at the waistband of his boxer briefs, and felt him loosen his grip, and quckly letting my dick fall to my stomach again. He pushed me down his thighs, while he worked his way out of his underwear. I lay back, with my legs spread. He quickly was between them, kissing me passionately, and working his hand down between my thighs, fingering at my hole. 

I was moaning, while he teased me, working his lips down my neck to my sweet spot. I craved him so bad. He spit in his hand and started stroking his dick, while we kissed. "I want you inside." "Fuck....I'm on it babe." He lifted my thighs, and pressed his dick against my hole, slowly pushing at the tight ring of muscle. I had my hands around the back of his head, feeling the freshly cut short hairs at the back. He was giggling, while he kissed my neck. I heard the door handle turn, and suddenly Donnie was peeking in the room. "Oh my God!" I jumped, with my legs around Caleb's waist. He turned and was quickly off the bed, pushing at Donnie. "Dude chill." "Get the fuck out man." Donnie looked pissed, and shocked at the same time, glancing quickly at me, before moving his head and shoulder out of the door. Caleb quickly shut and locked the door. He turned, coming back to the bed. 

I had pulled the sheet over me, and still had it up to my chin. We started giggling as he got into bed. He was grinding against me, still hard. "Well, he fucking got an eye full." "Oh my God...I...I don't know what to say." I was still shocked, and lay back against the bed. Caleb started kissing my neck again, giggling and moaning against me. He spit in his hand again, stroking his dick, and soon he was inisde me. 

The sex was slow, and enjoyable. He came shortly after, but continued fucking me softly. I felt him warm and wet in me, and he stroked me off, while I came all over my chest and stomach. The feeling of him sliding in and out of me, while I enjoyed the after glow of my orgasm, was incredible. We changed positions, with him still in me, and I was on my side, with him going at it from behind. He came again in a few minutes, and kissed along my shoulder, and down my upper back.

We fell asleep with Caleb still inside. I woke up the next morning, feeling completely relaxed, and worked over. My whole body was warm, and I felt completely at ease. I rolled over, seeing Caleb sleeping quietly, with just the head of his hard dick poking out from his abs and thigh. I pulled the sheet up over his body, and grabbed a hoodie and shorts, pulling them on. I headed down to the showers, and cleaned up, while I had the time alone. The hot water was relaxing and intense. I wrapped in my towel, and walked back to the dorm. 

I sat on the edge of the futon, and scrolled through my messages I had completely forgotten about Chris wanting to spend some time with me last night. I checked kik and all I read was: "I can't do this anymore." My heart sank.


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