I knocked on the door, and Chris answered, fully dressed, with his bottle of cocoa butter in hand. I smiled, and leaned in for a kiss. He responded with a little flick of his tongue in my inner upper lip. He smelled sweet and sexy. I stepped in, and he grabbed his phone off the charging station, and got his keys from his jeans in the corner. "I was just lotioning up." "Yeah, I get that. I'm glad you were jacking off again." "Nah, the rest of what I got is for you boo." He slapped my ass playfully, and hooked his hand under my elbow, leading me toward the door.

We went out the back, and got in his jeep, leaving the parking lot and heading to wherever we were off to. We held hands immediately, and as the sun set, he'd take my hand to his lips, and kiss me gently. He pulled onto a trail, off the main country road behind campus. It led down a long bumpy road, surrounded by trees and shrubbery. There were a couple of trails off of the main trail, and we pulled into one just past an old farmhouse. The rickety sign said Love Street. 

"Really?" "What?" He glanced over, with a sheepish grin on his face. "How did you find this place?" "I was driving around last weekend, waiting for you to get back, and I just sort of came across it." "That's cute." "Yeah? Good." He squeezed my hand lightly, and held it up to his chest. We came to a slow stop, in front of a field, with large weeping willow trees across the rocky terrain. 

Chris got out, and I got out as well, walking to the back of the jeep. He opened the tailgate, and pulled out a couple of shopping bags, and pointed at his messenger bag, and a couple grocery bags. I took them, and followed him across a small path, to one of the trees. It was old, and shaggy, with some dead branches creating a sort of wrapped vine look around the trunk. There was a hanging latter, which Chris motioned to, with his hand. I hooked the messenger bag across my body, and looped the handles of the shopping bags over each wrist, and worked my way up the shaky latter. 

Chris kept a hand under my ass almost the entire time. The thumb against my hole was an accident, I'm sure. We got up through the thick underbrush of the tree, and then we were suddenly inside a vaulted tree house, with an open roof, and candles set up throughout. There was an old couch on one side, with some lawn chairs folded up against it, and an old rug rolled up at the foot.

I propped mysef up through the opening in the floor, and wiped my hands off on my jeans, while I stood, to check the place out. "You like it?" "How did you get this furniture up here?" "It was already up here. I just set up the candles the other day." "Babe, this is amazing!" He came up behind me, and hugged me from the back. "How did you find it?" "I spent the entire weekend just cruising up and down these trails, checking things out. I wanted to find a spot we could just chill at, you know?" "Yeah, so no one else comes here?" "Man, this place was a shit pile...Well, it still is, but I cleaned it up. No one's been here for years, I'm sure." "I love it." It was seriously, the coolest thing I'd seen in awhile.

Chris pulled out some blankets and a pillow from the bags, and laid them out on a cleaner part of the wooden floor. He started setting out some plates and brought out some kettle corn bags and chips. He also had a couple bottles of sparkling juice, and a copy of robocop. I giggled, and he shrugged. "Hey, neither one of us has seen it, so I thought we could watch it while we make out." "Oh?" He smiled and finished setting up the makeshift picnic. I set up his laptop, and put the movie in, and he went around lighting the candles. It was really romantic when we were all done, just in time for the sun to disappear, leaving an orange glow in the sky. We got cozy, and snacked while the movie played. Chris was propped against the pillow, and I was propped against him. He would occasionally feed me a piece of popcorn, while reaching over me to the bowl. It felt nice being cozy with him again. Of the three guys, he was probably the most overpowering, in terms of stance and positioning.

I didn't even follow the movie, because I could feel Chris's hardon poking through the thin layer of cotton, in his joggers. I casually pressed back against him, hearing him let out a short sigh, although I didn't act on anything. I felt my face flush, imagining his growing dick, and wanting it penetrating me. 

We watched the rest of the movie, with occasional flexes of dick against my ass. I know he knew that I knew what was up, but being silent about it was getting me excited. He would occcasionally kiss the back of my neck, or run his fingertips up my arm, sending a shiver up my spine. His body put off a lot of heat, and I hadn't even noticed the temperature change.

The movie was over, and it was running through the credits. The candles were flickering, and the light sounds of breeze through the tree branches, were the only hint of life. I turned, and looked up, watching the open sky through the top of the tree house. Chris put his arm around me, pulling me closer to him. I felt his lips against my jaw, and then down to my neck, with his hot breath working its way down my loose tee. I wanted him, but I liked the anticipation.

He was sighing lightly in my ear, slowly grinding his hard dick against my thigh. He made me horny, and I liked it. I turned to him, and softly kissed his lips. He moved his hands down to my ass, and cupped them firmly. I moaned, when he pulled me closer, feeling how big and thick his dick was. It was growing out of the top of his joggers, and tight against the inside of his shirt. I could feel every inch, throbbing against me. Clothed or not, he wanted in.

I moved my left leg up, over his waist. Our lips were making out a little heavier now, and the breathing had escalated to heavy moans and groans. I liked his taste, and his smell. He was nuzzling me, and grinding all over me. I worked my way out of my tee, and started unbuttoning my jeans. He was out of his clothes in half that time, and stood, naked and hard, over me. I slowly slipped off my briefs, feeling my dick slap against my stomach.

He just stood there, flexing his big dick in the candle light, taunting me from above. I felt a shiver, and crossed my arms over my chest. He came down to the floor, and hunched over me, enveloping me from the light and air around us. I felt his whole frame cover me, and his heat warmed me in an instant. I had my legs pulled up, and held them tightly to his sides. He was nibbling at my neck, and under my chin, while grinding his meat against my undercarriage. I felt him probing, and pushing aside my clenched ass cheeks, forcing me to open up, and let him in.

He was slowly grinding in between my cheeks, and kissing along my neck. We made out with him hands around my face, and my hands up under his armpits. He was sweaty and warm under there, and his course hairs tickled my fingertips. I felt my legs shaking, and I knew i wanted him in, but I wasn't quite ready.

Chris reached across the blankets, retrieving a bottle of warming liquid from somewhere, and quickly had a couple of fingers inside me, while we kissed. I opened up for him, feeling him push and probe my insides. I cringed with pleasure, and clung tighter to him. He was breathing heavy, and moved his hand away, to stroke himself a few rounds. The slurping noises from his palm around his shaft echoed around the open area. I giggled, while he pushed the head up against my gaping hole. He was in, and up in a second. I didn't notice the pain, but for a split second, while he slid as far in as he's ever been.

He was rubbing against my prostate, and bumping up inside my insides. I moaned for his love, and for his cum. He was quick with his hips, but slow with his grind, and the motion was bringing me closer to cumming with every thrust. I didn't know how long I would last, but I wanted him to fuck me all night.

Between the kisses, the dirty talk, and the sounds of his balls slapping against my flexed ass cheeks, I'm not sure how much time had passed. I felt myself begin to cum, and briefly spaced out, feeling the rush of excitement, and the explosion from my dick. I felt the cooled drops coating my stomach and chest, and the smell of cum quickly mixed with the scent of his musk, and cocoa butter. I craved him in the worst way.

I was still cumming, when he moaned that he was going to blow. "Fuck baby, here I come." He slowed his thrusts, and held me tightly to his body, while his dick bucked and pumped inside me. I felt him fill me up, and cried out from the shock and agonizing pleasure of the moment. 

He was quivering inside me, and shaking a little, as he held me close. I put my arms around his neck, and my legs tighter around his waist. I held him for longer than I can think, until my legs fell asleep. 

Chris laid back, and I put my head on his chest, as he pulled the top blanket over us. I dozed off, and woke up a while later, to his nudging. "Babe, it's almost curfew, we gotta go." I propped up, and felt around for my briefs, pulling them on quickly. I stood, feeling a little disoriented, and fumbled with my jeans and tee, and slipped on my toms. We cleaned the place up and blew all the candles out, as I turned on the flashlight app, to lead us out.

We packed the back of the jeep with the blankets and entertainment, and the designated garbage bag. On the way back, Chris continued to kiss and caress the top of my hand with his thumb. I felt at ease and comforted, knowing my guys were content. 

I went upstairs to the dorm, finding Caleb already in bed, playing COD. I closed the door behind me, and crawled in behind him, snuggling up to his bare back. He smelled like sweat and takeout. "Did you have fun?" He asked without turning around. "Yeah, I did. It's good to be back though." "Yeah?" He paused his session, turning, to give me a kiss. "Yeah." "I missed you, you know." "I missed you too." I really did, He was my #1, and although my heart was full, he had most of it. He snuggled with me, and made a comment about cocoa butter. "Right." I got off the bed, grabbing a towel, and my shower bag, and slipped my shoes back on.

Caleb was giggling, and I asked what was funny. "I just....This whole thing is fucked up." "Sorry?" "I just...Normally this would be a bad situation, but I love you, and I just can't get enough of you." "It'll all work out the way it should." "What does that mean?" "I mean, soon this will all be done. I feel like I'm at the end of my rope, and I want you there to catch me." He got off the bed, and walked to me. "That's....exactly what I wanted to know." "Yeah?" "Yeah. I love you, and you're figuring shit out." "I am. It sucks." "Well, welcome to adult hood." He turned back, plopping down on the bed. I walked out to the hall, and down to the showers. 

The floor was quiet, and no one was in the bathrooms or showers, but I still picked the privacy of the corner stall with the curtain. I started up the water, and quickly stripped, draping my clothes over the chair, and stepping in under the hot pulses. I was lathering up my hair with shampoo, when I heard the rustle of curtain, and turned to see someone standing there, with a face mask on, and a pair of shorts, with their dick out. I opened my mouth, and they suddenly had their hand clamped over it.

I struggled to move away, and pull at their mask, but they quickly had me in a choke hold, with a hand over my mouth. I was kicking at them, but they wouldn't budge. "Fuckin fag." I heard him say in a low tone. "You like dick? I'll give you dick." He had me pinned beneath him, stuffing my wash cloth in my mouth. I couldn't breath, and felt myself passing out, as he pushed my body sideways, and spread my ass with his knee. He had my arm behind my back, and my eyes were fluttering. I knew what was happening, and I couldn't say a word. I felt the pressure of his dick against my ass, when suddenly, he was gone.

I felt the release of weight off of me, and quickly pulled the wash cloth from my mouth. I felt the misty air flood my lungs, and I started coughing uncontrollably. I felt someone pulling at me to get up, and move, and then I passed out...


Luc G



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