I woke up in Caleb's arms. Sweet Caleb. His scruffy face had even thicker beardage than he did the day before, and I ran my finger down his chin line, my arm resting on his chest, which moved up and down slowly. He was like a cuddly teddy bear...with muscles. I ran my hand down his hairy chest, following the trail of hair to his bush. He was so warm down there, and I couldn't help but reach further, cupping his flaccid dick in my hand, feeling it move slightly with each breath.

I looked up, watching his eyes flutter a little, and examined his lashes, his nose, his thick lips, and the bristly hairs that caught little bits of light from the window. They were shiny and black. His thick hair was matted everywhere, and I loved the site of him. I put my head on his chest, hearing his heart beat against me. I closed my eyes, and just felt the warmth of him. 

I fell back asleep, and woke awhile later, as Caleb moved us up. "Aw baby, sorry." He was cradling my face in his hand. "I got too hot, and I had to move." "No, it's ok." "Your hand was on my dick while you slept," he giggled. I smiled, and looked down, seeing his hardon pushing through the sheets and lifting the edge of the duvet. "You always want this dick, even when you're sleeping you sexy little thing." He leaned down, kissing my lips. "And it wants you too." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah baby." He worked his legs in between mine, pulling at my underwear waistband, and sliding my briefs down my thighs and legs, tossing them over the ledge of the bed.

"Baby, I'm still tired." "You need to wake up and be with your husby." I opened my eyes, adjusting to the light, and seeing his smirk made me giggle. "Yeah? Is that how this goes? I'm just supposed to lay here, and let you have your way with me?" "Damn right. I wanna penetrate you any time I like." He pushed my ass up, propping my hips on his thighs. I could feel his hard dick pushing up between my cheeks, and I clenched them tightly together. "Oh, you're gonna play hard to get now?" "Mmmhmm, I just want cuddles." His face softened, and he lowered himself over me, kissing my cheek, then my nose, my chin, and my lips. His arms were on either side of me, and I could smell his sweat and musk, while he slowly covered me with his body.

"I'll cuddle the fuck out of you, all day erryday babe." He turned me on my side, falling next to me on the bed, and carressed my arm and side, sending a shiver up my back. He pulled me close, and kissed my forehead. "Fuck, you're my favs." "You're mine too." "I love you Lucas." "I know." I looked up, and kissed his lips. We lay like that for a little while, his dick poking at my ass from between my thighs. He was always so fucking hard. 

I pulled my leg up toward his side, loosening my ass cheeks, feeling his dick rise up, against my taint. "Mmmm, you changing your mind now?" I ran my hand down his furry trail, between our bodies, and grabbed his shaft, feeling him flex his body, and moan. "Damn baby." "Well, if you're not going soft, you may as well use it." He giggled, and pulled away, as I lay on my back, spreading my legs. 

He got off the bed for a second, grabbing lube from one of the drawers, and was back up by me in a heartbeat. He squirted some lube in his hand, working his dick over really well. He reached down, sliding his fingers between my ass cheeks, spreading lube all over my hole. He pushed a couple fingers in, as I jumped slightly. "Fuck, sorry babe." "No, it's ok. Just cold." He smiled, and pushed his dick up inside me quickly, as I opened up right away for him. 

He pushed himself all the way in, thrusting slowly and rhythmically. He eased himself down over me, while he was inside me, kissing my neck and face, thrusting in and out of me, while he moaned in my mouth and ear. "Fuck baby, I love being inside you." "Yeah, you fuck me so good Caleb." "Yeah? You like it like this?" "I love it like this." He was so aggressive, and so soft, caring, and so dominating all at once. He made me want to give it up to him all day. I love this man. He continued fucking me, even as we heard a knock on the door. "Yeah?" He let out a quick reply, then his lips came back down on me. It was Donnie.

"Yeah, are we getting food anytime soon?" "Go ahead and head....into town man." Caleb's eyes were squinting as he looked down on me. "Alright, where are the keys?" "Uh...They're...on the front table." "Aight, I'll be back." "Ok!" He looked down on me, biting his lip. "Shit, baby, I'm going over soon." I'd felt myself building up as well, and I gasped quickly, as my orgasm shot up through me. I felt my dick throbbing up and down as I shot my load all over myself and Caleb. He giggled, and let himself go. "Fuckkkkk." He kept thrusting as i felt him pushing his load up in me. I moaned, feeling my orgasm extend to match his.

He was still thrusting in me, as he collapsed down on top of me, his breath pushing back my hair from my face. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck baby I love you so much." He was out of breath and really sweaty, his slick hair moistening my cheek. I ran my hand through his hair, and down his shoulder and spine. He was breathing heavy, his dick flexing up and down inside me. 

We lay there for a few minutes, and he pushed himself off of me, pulling his dick out. I felt the little blast of air, before I closed up, keeping my legs wrapped around his waist. He moved, pulling me with him along the smooth sheets. He giggled, as he wormed his way off the bed, practically pulling me off with him. "Babe! Stahhhhp." "I wanna stay in bed with you." I couldn't keep a straight face. He turned around, swiping at my messy belly. "We gotta get you cleaned up. We can cuddle later." "Nooooooo." I loosened my legs, and he reached out, pulling me up by my hands.

We got in the hot shower, and he washed me off, wiping at my face with the wash cloth, and kissing my mouth. The water soaked through his beard, and it hung lower, and darker on his strong jawline. His eyes were squinting as the water poured over his head. He looked me up and down, washing my belly button, and arms, lifting each one to soap up the shortly trimmed hairs under them.

He pulled me close, and scrubbed my back, and between my smooth ass cheeks, caressing my shoulder with his scruffy lips. He got down, washing my dick, and balls, lifting them to scrub under the sack and between my thighs. I spread them out for him, and he looked up with one eye, smirking, while the water cascaded over him. 

He came back up and finished rinsing himself off, and then we got out, and he toweled us off with a bath sheet. I sat on the counter, while he trimmed his beard. I had the sheet wrapped around my waist, open in front, and he was standing between my legs, looking past me, in the mirror. He trimmed off quite a bit, the hairs falling down onto my thighs. and the floor. He looked down, and was going to trim his pubes, and I grabbed his wrist. "Caleb don't you dare." "What?" He looked up with that squinty smirk of his. "I love you like this." "Yeah?" He inched closer, pulling me toward him. "Yeah, I do." He pulled me to him, and started rubbing his crotch and chest on me. "You like all this hair baby?" "Mmmhmm." I felt myself getting hard, and he was too. I put my arms around his neck, and hung onto him for a second, with our faces touching. I pulled back kissing his cheek. "I love everything about you."

He put the clippers down, and pulled back, kissing my lips. "I love you too. Except you've got a little stubble on your chinny chin chin you need to take care of." "What if I want to grow a beard like you?" He laughed loudly. "Babe...No, seriously. It would take you like a year." "What? Fuck you." He kept laughing, pulling me close again. "I love you, but you were never meant to be a furry guy. I love you for it too. I love you being all smooth and ready for me to take over." He ran his hand down my smooth abs, and brushed against the shortly trimmed pubes. "We're like beauty and the beast. You just sit there and be beautiful and smooth, and let me be furry and monstrous." I smiled, looking down, and running my hand across my smooth belly. I really did enjoy not being covered in hair. 

He brushed off my thighs, and wiped up his mess, into the trash bin. I slid off the counter, and we walked back to his room, and back up into bed. Caleb put some deoderant on, and held it out to me. I put some on as well, and he tossed it off the bed. The sun was full on shining into the room, and we lay on top of the duvet, soaking it in, and feeling the warmth. He scrolled through his phone, looking up restaurants on uber eats. We found some chinese takeout and ordered sweet and sour chicken, an order of fried rice, dumplings, spring rolls, chicken satay, and some white rice. He placed the order, and dropped his phone on the bed, rolling over me. 

"You think we can make some more mess before the food gets here?" He was practically growling in my ear, with his short hairs rubbing my cheek. "Yeah daddy," "Fuckkkk, you make me so hard." 


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