I got back to the dorm, and Caleb was just putting away his gaming station, looking up with a grin as I closed the door. I went over and sat on the futon. He finished putting his ps3 away, and sat next to me, putting his arm over my shoulder. "I missed you." "I'm sorry I didn't tell you where I was. Truthfully i didn't even know until I woke up." He looked concerned. "I mean, I fell asleep in the car." "Oh...ok." He pulled me closer. I leaned against him, and sat quietly, until he broke the silence. "You know...I've never felt like this with someone before." "Me neither, trust me." 

He sighed quietly. "I just wish I knew how to deal with it. I really really like...love you." I tilted my head up, curiosly. "I just said the same thing about you!" "You did?" "Yeah. I love you too." "Who did you tell that to?" Donnie." He started laughing. "What?" "You...told Donnie you loved me?" "Yeah, why?" "That's why he was such an ass at the party." "I just told him yesterday." "Ohhhhh..." "Yeah." "So what did he say?" "He basicaly feels the same way you feel. He didn't say anything really." Caleb shrugged and loosened his grip on me, leaning over to kiss my face. "I'll be patient, and wait this out. Something has to give eventually." "True. But I don't want you guys hating each other. This is my fault." He braced my shoulders, turning me to him. "No. It's not your fault. You're a newb, and it'll take some time." "A newb? Thanks." "No, what I mean is, you're new to being with guys." "Yeah." "I've been back and forth, and back...my whole life almost." "Even when you were younger?" "Yeah, I've always known I liked guys, but I liked girls too. Guys are just easier to deal with, and make a lot more noise when you fuck them." He smirked at me. "Well, if you wouldn't flex it so much when you're in there, I wouldn't be so loud." "Speaking of..." 

I looked down, and he was at full erect mode. He giggled and made his dick flex. I rolled my eyes and got up off the futon. I lifted my shirt up over my head, and worked on my fly. "Wait, right now?" "Yeah. I haven't seen you all weekend." "Babe, I made plans to go work out." "Oh...well can we do a quickie?" He stood up, and walked toward me, with a sideways grin. "I can do whatever you want." I reached down, and stroked him a couple times. He closed his eyes and moaned. "Fuck...Ok, bend over bitch." "What?" "Just playin...But you want this dick right?" "I want it bad." I crawled onto the futon, pushing my jeans all the way down, and waited. He retrieved his lube from one of his drawers, and squirted some on his dick, and on my ass, rubbing me up and down. I was feeling open to him already. He put the head in, and waited for a second. "Wait, was Donnie in here this weekend?" He pulled out. "Yeah, why?" "You trust him?" "We never discussed it, but I'm the first guy he's fucked without a condom." 

His dick started to droop, and I quickly grabbed it, stroking him. I turned, facing him, and pulling on his shaft. He got harder, and I leaned up, kissing his lips. "I'm sorry. You were my first though." He leaned in, hugging my head to his chest. "I'm sorry. I can't be mad at you." "I wanna make you feel good." He pulled back, smiling, and kissed my lips. I laid back against the futon mattress and lifted my legs, while he positioned himself between them. He was in me in a couple seconds, and we were soon fucking quickly, but passionately. He was moaning and grunting, kissing on my neck and face, while I rubbed his back, and cupped my feet around his waist. "Fuck...I'm just gonna blow babe." "Yeah...do it baby...mmm.." He squinted his eyes, and his mouth gaped open, as I felt him cum in me. "Godddddd...." He buried his face in the nape of my neck, and holding onto me tightly. Our bodies were entwined and he was blasting me with his cum inside. 

I was really starting to enjoy the sensation of a pulsing dick from my loves inside me. I loved the connection we had. I rubbed his back, and shoulders, feeling his chest expand and cave against me. He was almost emotional, choking back, and smiling down on me. "I just...I love you, and I want you always." I felt tears welling up in my eyes, but forced them away, as I pulled his face to mine, kissing his lips. We made out for a couple minutes, and he pulled away, with a smile. "I gotta go boy, but I'll be back later." "I wanna go with you." "Shit, really?" "Yeah, I haven't worked out in awhile." "I can tell." I gave him a look, "And?" "Nah, I mean you're skinny, but I can tell you haven't built up any muscle mass." I looked myself over. I guess I had kind of a hungry look. It's not like I didn't eat anything, but I wanted a little more definition. I got up and pulled on my briefs and a pair of dark shorts, in case I had leakage, and a hoodie. I slipped some sneakers on, and we headed out. 

I felt squishy, and kept adjusting my moist underwear, pulling them out of my crack. Caleb would stop occasionally, and look at his phone. "Bro, we gotta hurry." I hurriedly followed after him, "Yeah, well it's partly your fault too...bro." The commons were crowded and we both knew what we meant. He laughed, and whipped his used towel at me. "Fuck off!" "No, you fuck off." He whipped me again, as we jogged lightly across the parking lot to the rec center. We went into the crowded gym, and headed for the mats. I slipped off my hoodie, and grabbed a couple free weights, and walked back to our spot, when I saw Donnie talking with Caleb. They were both shirtless, and Donnie had clearly been there for awhile. He was glistening with sweat, and had on low sagging under armour shorts, with matching sneaks and no show socks. His headband was pushed back, and his hair was loose and curly. I approached, slowly, and when he caught my eye, flashed me a smile and wink. Caleb seemed irritated. 

"What's up?" Donnie nudged my arm. "Hey, I didn't know you would be here too." He rolled his eyes looking over at Caleb. "Actually, we were supposed to meet a few minutes ago, but Caleb told me you were coming too, so I thought I'd just let you two work out together. "Ok, or you could stay." I looked him up and down, and he flexed. "Nah, it's good. But tonight, stop by my room and we can chill." He glanced over at Caleb, whose jaw was tensed, and an emotionless look in his eyes, as he looked past Donnie and me. "Um...well, ok. I'll....Talk to you later." Donnie winked again, and headed away. I watched until he went around the corner toward the locker rooms. "If you're ready to start..." I turned and looked at Caleb. He looked annoyed, and I smiled...nothing back. I turned to face the mirror, and started my reps. Caleb had a barbell with like three hundred pounds of weight on it. He started lifting, and grunting. I couldn't stop smiling, as his face got red, and his veins were popping out. He had a great body, but sometimes I wondered why guys put themselves through all this shit. 

I just kept doing my routine, until I felt the familiar strain and burn in my arms. I did some crunches and pushups, and curls, while Caleb continued his strenuous regime. One of the treadmills opened up, and I grabbed my hoodie and towel. "Hey, I'm going to jog for a bit." He nodded, and looked back in the mirror. I jogged for a half an hour, and then felt weak in the knees. Damn, I was so out of breath, and out of shape. I had been so busy having sex and going to class, I forgot about keeping up with my body. I went to the water fountain and got a drink. I had to lay off the Coke too. It was fucking with my sleep and natural energy levels. I wet a corner of my towel, and wiped at my face, enjoying the feeling, when I heard Chris's voice from behind me. "Hey Lucas," I jumped, and turned. 

He almost laughed. "Hey, sorry boy, didn't mean to scare you." He leaned in partially, then stopped himself, and shrugged. "So, how have you been?" "I'm good, I'm good. I just thought i'd work out some steam and stress." "Yeah? Why are you stressed?" I gave him the "seriously?" look, and he smiled and nodded. "Alright then, well if you ever feel like talking to me again, hit me up." "I..." He walked away, "Ok, bye!" I felt like shit. I walked back to our spot and found Caleb on his phone. He looked up, tired, and smiled shyly. "Hey, feel better?" "Yeah, I needed to burn some energy...or something." "Yeah, so how's Chris doing?" "He's ok. You saw him?" "Yeah, clearly. The dude is like a giant." "He's not that big." "Well, he's big enough." I smirked...if only he knew...or maybe he did. "Yeah, he was just checking on me." "Does he like you?" "Yes...but why do you care?" He looked at me sternly. "I mean, I know why you care, but you don't have anything to worry about." "It's whatevs, let's get out of here." He led the way back through the crowded gym, and soon we were walking through the, now quiet, commons, with the refreshing cool air against our sweaty bodies. 

I pulled on my hoodie, and walked closer to Caleb. He was shirtless, and still shiny in the dim park lights. We didn't talk at all, the rest of the way. When we got up to our floor, and in our room, Caleb grabbed a fresh pair of boxers and a towel, with his shower bag, and headed out the door. I hurriedly dug out a new pair of breifs, clean jeans and a t shirt, and slipped on my flip flops. When I came into the showers, he was the only one there, toward the back. I set my things down, dropping my shorts, and pulling off my, now crusted, briefs. I walked toward him, and he slowly took me in. I slowed my walk, and enjoyed being checked out. He was lathering up his chest, and dropped his hands to his abs, and crotch. He looked so sexy, heaving chest, glistening abs and matted pubes. He had a smirk on his face, as I started up the shower next to him. "We're not done." He gave me a questioning look. "I want more." His smirk returned. We heard voices, and I turned, lathering up under the hot pulsing water. Jonathan and his roommate walked in, nodded at us, and stripped. They walked to the other wall, turning on water, and started talking about their chemistry paper. 

Caleb and I didn't say anything for the rest of our showers. We would glance at each other occasionally, and He would look over his shoulder, then back at me, and stroke his dick. By the end of the shower, he was rock hard, and couldn't bother hiding it. There were a few more guys coming in after their workouts, lining up on either side of us. I smirked at Caleb, and turned my water off, walking back through the mass of naked bodies, leaving him standing there, with no one blocking view of his hardon. "Caleb you fuckin perv" one of the guys busted out laughing, and I heard Caleb reply "Fuck off, you wish you had this dick." "Motherfucker." They playfully punched each other, as I wrapped my towel around my waist, and headed back to the dorm. 

I heard a slight whistle and turned around, to see Donnie at his dorm. He had one foot in the doorway, and his shorts were sagging low, exposing his wet pubes. I cleared my throat, and nodded. He pushed the band of his shorts down, exposing some shaft, and winked, stepping into his dorm. Fuck me.


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