I got out of the Jeep, with Caleb close behind me. It was freezing, and I quickly walked around to the back, and dug for my coat. I wrapped up, and grabbed my bags, heading up the front walkway. Chris was ahead of me, and unlocked the front door. 

I walked in, and checked out the main floor. It was beautifully built, and completely open floor plan. The stairwell went up to an open platform with railing across the entire front room. There was a giant fireplace with floor to ceiling windows on either side, and a small kitchen, off the main room, with dining and living rooms beyond the front entry. I went upstairs, and checked out each of the three rooms. I wasn't sure who would be staying where, but I picked the small room at the end, which had a small balcony which overlooked a heavily wooded side yard. There was a small closet and chest of drawers, and I emptied the contents of my bags in the top two drawers. 

The queen size bed was lifted, with a small crate at the foot of the bed. I stepped up, and sprawled across the top of the bed. The whole bungalow had the outdoors theme, with bear and moose artwork and decor. I stared at the ceiling, feeling my body completely relax. I heard the guys laughing and talking downstairs, and Chris's voice got louder, along with his heavy footsteps up the stairs. I heard him open the door of the first room, and his shuffled footsteps down the hall.

"Hey boo." I tilted my head down, seeing him in the door way. His athletic frame almost completely filled the view out to the hall. He stepped n, and stood at the foot of the bed, taking my feet in his hands. He started to softly massage my feet, as I curled my toes. He smiled off the side of his mouth, and looked longingly down at me. "What you thinkin about?" "I'm just enjoying laying here." "Yeah? You want cuddles?" "I'm not opposed." He smiled, and stepped up, crawling up next to me, draping his arm across my chest, and cozied up to me. "You know, this is going to be an awesome week." "Yeah, I'm glad we did this." "Me too. Just trying to figure out where everybody's sleepin at." He nudged his hips into me, and blew at the hair in my face. His breath smelt like arctic chill gum. I turned my head toward him, and he leaned over, and softly kissed my lips.

"Well, I know I'm sleeping here." I giggled, and poked at his stomach. He ran his hand up over my chest, and pulled at my shirt collar. "Well, you just get comfy babe." I sat up, and looked down at his handsome face. "What's up?" "I kinda want to get food." "Yeah? Well, we can see what's up with the other guys." "Are you hungry?" "I can always throw down. We should order some takeout." "Yeah." His joggers were sagging, exposing his happy trail and some of his bush, and I ran my fingertips across the hairline, feeling the bristly coarse hairs tickle my fingertips. "Hey now, don't get something started you can't finish." He pushed my hand away as he sat up. "Oh, I could finish." I straddled his lap, pushing my hands down his joggers, feeling his warm hairy crotch beneath my smooth touch.

He put his arms around me, and kissed my lips, flicking his tongue up under my top lip. I pressed against him, feeling his body heat push up around me. I tilted my head to the side, feeling his lips work their way down my neck. He moaned softly as I took his flaccid dick in my hands. "Damn baby." "You're so big Chris. Fuck." He giggled against my neck, and nibbled just under my ear lobe, sending a shiver down my back. "Shit." He pulled me closer, and I let go of him, pulling my hands out of his joggers, and up under his arms. 

He rested his chin on my shoulder, and I rested my head against his. He held me for a moment, and then ran his hands down my back, as he pulled away. "Alright, let's get going." "K." I got off his lap, feeling a slight nudge of his hardon. He slid to the edge of the bed, and planted his feet on the floor, standing up straight, and stretching back, his dick pointing awkwardly up the his side, peeking out of the top of his joggers. It was thick, and throbbing. I reached out, and instinctively pulled his shirt down over the exposed dick head and partial shaft. "Shit you got me hard." "I know, sorry. Wanna wait a minute?" "Nah, they've seen my dick before babe. It's whatevs." I giggled, and shrugged, walking out of the room, and headed down the stairs.

Chris was right behind me, his hands on my shoulders. Donnie and Caleb were laughing about something from the kitchen, and I headed through the doorway. Caleb was sipping a drink, leaning against the marble counter, while Donnie sat at the pub table diagonally from the wrap around counter. "Hey what's up?" I smiled, with Chris directly behind me. "We were thinking food was in order." "Hell yeah, we were just thinking the same." Donnie stood up and walked over, putting his arm around my neck, and playfully nudging Chris. He buried his scruffy face in my neck, and shook me back and forth.

"You smell like Chris," Donnie said, pulling back, and crunching his nose. "He must smell pretty fuckin great then!" Chris playfully punched at Donnie's arm. I reached up around Donnie's neck, and rubbed my face against his, and my neck against his chin. "There." I pulled back, as Donnie wiped at his face. "Damn." "You liked it." He winked at me. "Ok, so what's for dinner?" "Poppycock's is cheap. We could go there?" "Can we order to go?" "Yeah, we should do that." Chris agreed, still standing behind me. I leaned back slightly, feeling his dick press against my back, and smirked. He cleared his throat, nudging hard into me, as I stepped forward, giggling.

"Ok, so who's going to pick up?" We can go," Chris said, putting his hand at my waist. "Alright, just pickup some dinners, and we can just pick at it here." Caleb got his wallet out, as did Donnie. I turned and ran up stairs to get my coat. "Shit, Chris, put that away dude." I could hear Donnie's voice carry upstairs. "Shit man." Caleb chimed in. I was walking back down the stairs, as Chris walked in from the kitchen, smiling up at me, making no attempt at hiding the thick bulging line of his dick, through the tight joggers. "I think you should start wearing more jeans babe." "Why? This shit is funny." He grabbed his bulge, and moved it up and down. "You like it too." "I do, but you're such a show off." He smirked, and grabbed his jacket off the back of the couch.

We got in the Jeep and headed down the road, following the navigation to poppycock's. we ordered a few different dinners, and waited about 20 minutes for our orders. We talked and played footsie under the small table while we waited. He asked what i wanted for Christmas, and I said I wanted to puppy. He bugged his eyes, and puffed his lips out, and playfully asked what kind? I said I was kidding, but when I got my own place, I would want a French bull dog. He leaned in, and lowered his tone. "What if you had a place with me?" "I don't know. Maybe I wouldn't want a dog then." "Why not?" He smiled broadly. "Well, I wouldn't have enough time to spend spoiling a dog. "So...You'd be spoiling me?" "I don't think I'd want to do anything else." He licked his lips, and looked around, leaning in for a quick kiss. "You know, I really like you." "I like you too." I felt my face flushing, and felt his leg extend between mine. He wiggled his leg back and forth, bumping up against the inside of my shins, playfully. 

"Alright you two, thanks for waiting." A nice middle aged woman came up to the table with take out bags. "This seems like an awful lot for you love birds." Chris and I both smiled, and I looked down. "Well, we have a group waiting for us back at the rental." "Alright, well make sure to come back for breakfast sometime ok?" "Alright." I took one of the bags, and smiled. She seemed really nice, and genuinely friendly. On our way out, Chris took my hand, and led the way out the door.

We got back to the rental, and went in. Donnie and Caleb were watching tv, and whoop'd when we came in the front door. "Bout fuckin time!" Donnie got up quickly, taking the bag from Chris. "Hopefully it'll be worth it man." Chris shrugged off his jacket, draping it over the back of the couch. I walked through to the kitchen, setting my bag on the pub table, and took my coat off, hanging it on the back of my chair, sliding up to the table. 

I ate a few bites from my turkey sandwich, and had some fries, and Chris had ordered a chili dog, and ended up finishing my food too. Donnie went with pancakes and sausage links, and Caleb had Ham & Cheese, and some fries. Everything was good, and we were full within minutes. I got up and went to the living room, tucking in a corner of the big couch, and watched found some Duck Dynasty reruns. I was giggling at the show, and felt hands on my shoulders, which started to massage deeply. I leaned back, looking up, seeing Caleb looking down on me. He smiled, and leaned down, kissing my forehead. He walked around, sitting next to me, pushing up against me. He pulled my leg up across his leg, and I crossed the other one over, pressing against him.

"What do you guys want to do tonight?" "I think the hot tub looks pretty fuckin great right now." Donnie nodded toward the back patio. "Yeah man, let's get it started." Caleb pushed against me, getting up off the couch, as my legs slid off, toward the floor. He turned and reached out, taking my hand. I pulled myself up, and followed them around to the side doors by the end of the big room, and Donnie opened the door. It was freezing, but he quickly ran over to the hot tub, and pulled off the lid, starting it up. He ran back in, closing the door behind him. The view was of a heavily wooded area, and the way they had designed the patio, you couldn't see past the edges, so your only view was of snow and woods. The opposite end of the patio went around the corner of the rental, and from that point you could see the road that led down the hill toward the downtown area. 

I walked back through the big room, seeing Chris sprawled out in the lounger, watching the show. He looked over at me and winked. "Are you coming?" "Nah, I just wanna sit and watch this shit." He patted his thigh, and nodded his head. "You wanna relax with ya boy?" "I kind of want to sit in a bubbling warm water tub actually." "Fine. Maybe I'll come out in a bit." "K." I walked over, and leaned down, kissing his cheek. 

I quickly went up stairs, and dug around the drawer for some swim shorts. I stripped down, and pulled them on, walking back down the hall, and opened the linen closet next to the bathroom, pulling out a couple bath sheets. I tip toed back down the stairs, holding the stack of sheets to my chest, feeling the ultra soft terry cloth brush against my smooth skin. Chris was still in his lounger, and whistled as I walked by. "Shut up." "What?!" He got up and lunged at me, pinning me against the wall. I dropped the sheets, as he put his hands on my waist, and enveloped me against the wall. He macked on me heavily for a couple seconds, and pulled back, pressing his crotch into my stomach. "You want me to keep you warm baby?" "Yeah, but after I get wet." I looked up into his sexy eyes, and he winked. "Ok, I can do that." 

I picked up the sheets, and made my way toward the patio. Donnie and Caleb were already in, and sitting across from each other, with drinks in hand. I opened the door, quickly walking over to the edge of the hot tub, and set the bath sheets down on the bench next to it. "Hey, we got it heated up for you." Caleb reached out, taking my hand while I stepped over. I sat between him and Donnie. They kept giggling at each other, and then I'd ask what was going on and they'd shrug. This went on for a few minutes, and I was actually getting irritated. "Ok fuck tards, what is so funny? Is it cause I'm so pasty?" "Nah," Donnie slid over, and nudged against me. "We uh....We kind of prepped the water for you." "What do you mean?" "Tell him Caleb." "No man, it was your idea." "Fuck you!" He splashed water at Caleb, getting some in his mouth. "Fuck man!" Caleb spit, and they both laughed. I stood up to step out. 

"No, babe, sit back down!" Caleb pulled at my shorts, exposing my ass. I paused and looked back. "Ok?" "We jizzed in the water." "Why would you do that?" "We were talking about who would fuck you tonight, and both thought Chris, so we'd kind of prep you for what's coming." "You're clearly fuzzy, so this doesn't surprise me at all." I slumped down into the water, and smiled, thinking of them cumming together in the water. "So did you jerk each other off?" "Nah, we just told each other when we were cumming." "Yeah, it didn't take long." Caleb slapped water at Donnie. "Fuck you man, you were the one talking about fucking Lucas doggie style, and it set me off." "I'm flattered, but you're both disgusting, and this isn't our hot tub." "They clean these things after every rental I'm sure." "Yeah, can you imagine how many people have fucked out here?" "Four more after this week." The guys fist bumped and I sat quietly, with nothing to say.

"Come here babe." Caleb pulled at me from under the water. I glanced over at Donnie, who had his head tilted back on the ledge of the tub, and his eyes closed. I slowly slid over, by Caleb. He pulled me over his lap. I felt that he wasn't wearing anything, and he was hard. His dick was bobbing freely in the bubbly water. He hissed up my spine, pushing my shorts down, and grabbing my ass, spreading my cheeks. I felt some of the water peek up into my ass. I giggled, and shifted in his lap. He moaned, adjusting his dick between my ass cheeks, pushing it closer and closer to entry.

I moaned, and shifted again, feeling my legs brushing against Donnie's hairy legs under the water. He tilted his head up, looking across at us, and shook his head, smiling, as he tilted it back. "Fuck." I moved my feet up, between his legs, They made it up toward his thighs, and he spread his legs, sitting up. I couldn't reach any further, without moving off Caleb's lap. Donnie smirked at me, and pushed forward, standing up. The tub wasn't that deep, and he fully exposed his hairy crotch, and hard dick. It flexed up and down. He came forward, and sat next to Caleb. He reached over, and started rubbing my nipples. I shrugged my shoulders up, tucking my chin to my left, away from him. It felt amazing, and I knew where this was going. I didn't fight it.

Caleb lifted me from under the water, and pulled me back, with my ass against his abs. I felt myself slide down, as his dick pressed firmly against my opening, and eventually slid inside me. I felt at ease, as my body weight lowered me down over his throbbing dick. He moaned loudly as I settled, with him completely inside me. I felt him throb thickly inside me, his shaft expanding and retracting back to its usual hard shape. He started to lift and drop me under the water. I moaned, as we splashed lightly in the water. Donnie got up and stood before me, pushing my face down toward his dick. I took him in my mouth, and felt him push to the back of my throat.

I aligned my bobbing head with the steady rhythm of Caleb fucking me under the water. I felt an air bubble up inside me, but at this point, it would have to wait. I started sweating heavily, and realized Donnie was too. He wiped at his face repeatedly, while I bobbed up and down on his dick. "Shit baby...fuck." He wasn't even touching me at this point, but just leaned back, with his crotch jutted out toward me. "I'm gonna fuckin bust soon." I looked up, taking his dick in my hand. He giggled, "I didn't mean for you to stop! Fuck." He closed his eyes tilting his head back. I took him in my mouth again, and started moving my head up and down in rhythm. Caleb was moaning over and over, and I soon felt him tense up. "Shit." 

I felt Caleb shoot his load inside me. His dick was throbbing, and he pulled me down completely filling my ass. Donnie unloaded shortly after him, filling my mouth, and shooting his load down my throat. I swallowed heavily, and held my breath, while he throbbed inside my mouth. When I thought he was done, I pulled my head back, letting go of his dick. I sat back against Caleb, as he kissed my shoulder, and neck. "Damn....baby, it feels so good inside." "You fuck me so good baby." 

I leaned forward to get up off Caleb's dick, and he quickly grabbed me. I felt his legs buck up under my thighs, and he grunted heavily. "Fuck!" He pulled me back, and I felt his dick start to throb up and down inside me, as he came again. "Gooooddddddddd...." He nibbled at my shoulder, while his dick flexed wildly inside me again. I felt his liquid love swirl inside me, and probably push out of me. It was an intense feeling that I can't really explain. Like I was overflowing, with no room left inside me.

I wiped at my face, as the throbbing subsided, and looked up, seeing Donnie's dick drooping toward the water level, a line of cum hanging, dripping toward the water. I closed my eyes, and waited for Caleb to shift up, giving me the go ahead. I felt it, and slid up off of his dick. I pulled my shorts up, feeling my dick soft and wet in the water. I took Donnie's hand, and stepped out of the tub, stooping to pick up a bath sheet, quickly draping it around me, and rushing toward the door.

I stepped in, wiping my feet on the shaggy mat inside the door. I shivered quietly, waiting for the other guys. I saw them toweling off, and talking. Caleb watched me through the glass doors, smiling at me, while he toweled off. He reached up, toweling off his head. His dick was still thick, but hanging down, from his bush. His chest and happy trail were still wet, and matted to his glistening skin. He wrapped the towel around and walked in, Donnie closely behind him. Donnie wrapped his towel around his waist, as we walked through the big room, and up the stairs. There were two bathrooms upstairs, and the bigger one was around the corner from my room. 

I walked in and turned the lights up. It was a large bathroom, and we easily had room for all of us in there. I walked across the tiles, and stepped into the multi person shower, turning the nozzle over to hot. I undid my towel, dropping my shorts, and kicked them just outside the basin. I stood under the hot pulsing water. It shot at me from every angle, and I leaned forward, crossing my arms before my face, resting against the tiled wall. The door swiveled, and Caleb and Donnie joined me. Donnie stood behind me, pressing into me, and kissing my shoulder, pulling me back. Caleb got in between the wall and me. I rested my face against his chest, as the water beat down over our bodies. Donnie soaped me up from behind and reached around me, soaping up Caleb's chest and abs. 

We lathered completely up and Caleb started shampooing me, and then worked his way back to Donnie. I felt pampered and completely spent. I leaned back against Donnie, and Caleb worked his lathered hand over my dick. He started stroking me quickly, and made me cum in a couple of minutes. I moaned, and grabbed at Donnie's face from behind me, while I shot my load down between Caleb's legs. He rubbed his other hand over my smooth stomach, while he milked the last of my load out. "Yeah baby....Let it out." I twitched a couple of times, and slumped back. We stayed under the water for a couple more minutes, and then Caleb shut it off, and we stepped out. Donnie toweled me off, and wrapped a bath sheet around him, pulling me in. We made out for a few seconds, and I pulled back glancing over to Caleb. He was toweling off casually, by the sink. I stepped out of Donnie's sheet, and leaned back against the counter.

"You alright baby?" "Yeah, I'm great. How bout you?" "I feel good." Caleb leaned over, kissing me on the cheek. He smelled fresh and sweet. His bristly face rubbed against my cheek, tickling the skin, into a shiver down my back. I pulled my arms up, crossing them in front of me. Donnie finished toweling off, and stepped out of the bathroom. Caleb pulled me to him, pressing our bodies together, and made out with me for a couple of minutes. I lost my breath for a moment, and stepped back, completely overtaken. I walked out into the hall, and over to my room, pulling some fresh briefs from one of the drawers, pulling them on. I pulled on a waffle knit union suit, and headed back downstairs. 

Chris was pulling the blinds on all the windows, and the tv was still going. I went to the refrigerator, and got the brita out, and got a glass from the cupboard. I sipped some cold water, and made my way back to the big room. Chris was back in the lounger, and smiled at me, while I sat down in his lap. He adjusted his weight, draping one arm around my waist, and the other cupping my inner thigh. "You have fun out there with the boys?" "Yeah, you could say that." "You save some energy for me?" He poked at my stomach. "Always." Truth be told, I felt completely exhausted, and wanted to just cuddle and sleep. That's exactly what happened once I completely relaxed against Chris, feeling his body expand with each breath. He lulled me to sleep, and I woke up to him nudging me. 

"You little liar." He kissed my neck. "Come on, let's go to bed." He shut the tv off, and the room went black. He turned on the flashlight app on his phone, and led me up the stairwell. I could hear snoring from Caleb's room, and muffled voices from the tv in Donnie's room. I crawled up into bed, as Chris stripped out of his clothes, and crawled in behind me. He pressed up behind me, pulling the blankets up around us. He kissed my neck, and whispered "Goodnight." "Goodnight baby." I fell back asleep in seconds. 

The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. I stretched up, feeling Chris shift behind me, with a little groan. "Good morning sexy." I turned around, seeing his watery eyes flutter, while he wiped at his face. "Good morning baby." He smiled, and kissed my face. I put my arms around his neck, as he turned, moving over me. He braced himself on his elbows, and shifted his weight between my thighs. I moved my legs up around his waist. He was completely hard, between our bodies. "I want you inside me boo." "You don't have to ask me twice baby." He got up, and quietly closed the door, He was tenting his boxers to the max, and quickly pushed them down, his dick bobbing freely, and thickly before him. He grabbed a bottle of lube out of his bag, while I quickly got out of my union suit. He crawled back up into the bed, and I pulled my legs up, as he squirted me with some KY. "You're gonna get it boy." "Come give it to me."


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