"Babyyyyy, wake upppppp." Something smelled delicious, but I didn't want to open my eyes. I draped my arm over my face, feeling Caleb's fingertips running down my underarm, to my bristly pits. I giggled, and turned away, burying my face under the pile of pillows we slept on. "Come onnnnn, Lucas!" He pushed me lightly, and I wiggled his hand off my back. I felt him reach under the blankets, and cup my ass, massaging my cheeks lightly. "I have food for you... Or I could just fuck you right now, since you're not wearing any underwear." "Mmmm, I'm tired though." I could hear my muffled voice disappear in the piles of fabric. "I'll take that as a yes."

His lips trailed down my spine, and I instantly got hard. He was still massaging my cheeks, as he kissed down my back, and toward my ass. He was in between my cheeks in seconds, licking at my smooth hole, causing me to clench and release my ass muscles instinctively. He nibbled at my puckered hole, and worked his tongue tightly into the crevice. I moaned, and arched my back, sticking my ass out even more. He moaned against my soft skin, pushing a fingertip in, to accompany his curious tongue.

He probed and tongue fucked me until I was oozing pre cum, and as if he read my mind, spun me around, quickly taking my dick in his mouth. He moved his head up and down on me, sucking and slurping at my throbbing dick. I leaned back, spreading my legs, and raising them up, arching both feet over his muscular shoulders. He was so good at this. He had one hand pressed down at the base of my dick, keeping my balls low and tight against my taint, and the other hand was fucking me with three fingers. 

I was moaning hard, and he was getting sweaty, as he bobbed his head up and down, fucking me with his fingers. I felt cum rising in my dick, and gasped a "fuck baby," as I shot my load deep into his throat. He choked on the first spurt, and then gulped frantically as I gushed the rest of my load into his mouth. It felt amazing, and I had to keep from crying out. I pulled a pillow over my face, moaning loudly into it. I felt him suck me dry, and let me fall out of his mouth, pulling his fingers out of me. I turned, and pressed myself into the sheets, feeling completely exhausted. He spooned me from behind, running his hand up and down my side.

After a few minutes, he kissed my shoulder, and whispered, "now, are you ready for breakfast?" I giggled, and turned, hugging his neck. "Yes. Thank you babe. You're so fucking good to me." "Nah, just doing my job." I sat up, as he got off the bed, and reached for a McD's bag on the dresser. He pulled out a couple burritos and hashbrowns, and handed me a large organge juice. "Damn, this is nice." "Yeah, I like being able to eat breakfast together before class." "Yeah, it's nice." I smiled, with my mouth full of egg.

The showers were packed, and we took turns waiting for a free spout. Guys were laughing and talking about holiday break plans. Caleb and eye made eyes at each other the entire time, completely oblivious to anyone else, until Chris walked in. He stood between us at one of the open showers, completely blocking my view of Caleb. He soaped up quickly, spending a split second longer on his hairy dick, hanging enormously between his thighs. He winked at me, deliberately facing me, with water shooting down his side. 

I smiled, and turned away, before anyone would know what was going on. I finished showering, and wrapped my towel around my waist, heading back down the hall. I got to the room, and finished drying off, pulling on some boxer briefs, skinny jeans and a sweater. It was supposed to be a low of 40, so I grabbed my north face and pulled on socks, slipping into my toms. Caleb came in just as i swung my back over my shoulder, and asked me to wait. "We're going to be late babe." "I know, sorry, I got to talking with Chris." "Yeah?" "Yeah, we were thinking of getting a bungalow up in the mountains somewhere, for Christmas break." "Ah, sounds....crowded." He laughed. 'Baby, we'd all have plenty of room. Spending the holidays with our favorite boy." He came up, and kissed my cheek." "So...You want to share the holidays with Donnie and Chris?" "Yeah, why not? The spirit of Christmas I guess. But Spring Break is mine." "OK." I smiled, and left quickly.

I sat up in the back row, and as the instructor began speaking, Caleb snuck in, and worked his way up the steps toward me. "I wish you would've waited." He whispered. "Why? I didn't want to be late." "I like walking with you though." He seemed a little irritated. "Sorry." I rubbed my foot up against his jeans, and he playfully kicked at me. The lecture was long, and the McD's had put me in a mild food coma. I felt myself nodding off occasionally, feeling Caleb poke at me. "Hey, babe, you're falling asleep." "Oh my God, it's that fucking food. I can't help it." "Well, we can take a nap later." 

Class dragged on, and finally ended, and i got myself together, and walked out into the hall, feeling Caleb brush his hand against mine. "See you in a couple hours." "Yeah, ok." I smiled at him, and we parted ways. I got to my next class, red bull in hand. i felt it kicking in, and sat up, to keep the blood flowing. Chris walked in, and immediately came back to my table, sitting next to me. "Hey sexy," he whispered. I smiled and winked at it. "Nice show earlier." He giggled quietly. "Yeah, I thought you'd enjoy it. I had to jack off as soon as I got to my room though." He kept his voice low, but somehow, I still felt my face getting red. "Was Donnie around?" "Nah, he was working or some shit." Class started, and we quickly got into our routine.

The rest of the day flew by, and soon I was stripping down, and curling up in bed. I heard the door open, and turned, to see Caleb coming in, in his workout gear. He had sweat stains down the front of his shirt, and under his pits. "Shit, babe, you're so tired." He leaned over me, and kissed my forehead. "I'm going to shower, and then I'll be back for cuddles ok?" "Ok." I yawned, and turned over, closing my eyes.

I woke up briefly, to Caleb getting into bed. He smelled like soap, and right guard. I leaned back, breathing him in. He put his arms around me, and I was out like a light. I woke up hours later, to the sun going down beyond our small dorm window. I head the clicking of texts, and turned over to see Caleb's face, lit up by his phone's backlight. He looked over and smiled. "Hey babe. How are you feeling?" "Pretty good. I felt so exhausted after school." "Yeah, well, I gave you a little workout this morning," he smiled, and leaned over, clenching his cheek for a kiss. I propped myself up and kissed him. "Wanna grab dinner?" he asked without looking away from the screen. "Yeah, where should we go?" "You pick babe." I reached over, grabbing his phone, as he looked up laughing. "What?" "Where, should, we go?" "You....Pick....The....Place..." He jerked his phone away, laughing.

"Ok, let's get Joey's and fill up on pasta." "Sounds good babe." "What are you doing?" "I'm reserving a bungalow for Christmas break!" "Wait, this is  afor sure thing?" "Yeah, I told you! Chris and Donnie are in too. They already gave me money for the rent." "How much do I owe?" "It's a little over a hundred, but I got you baby." "That's generous." "Well, it's part of your Christmas gift." Shit. I hadn't even thought about what I was going to get him. A few hundred ideas scrolled across my mind, and I got off the bed, grabbing my phone off the charger. I put a reminder in for the next week. 

Caleb got up, and walked over behind me, kissing my neck. "Do you need to get ready?" "Nah, I'm ready." I turned, and put my arms around his neck, kissing his lips. We made out quickly, as he pushed me up against my dresser. I could feel he was hard, as always. I reached down, into the band of his sweats, and groped his thickening dick. "Mmm, fuck baby." "Just a feel til later." I giggled and pulled my hand out of his pants, turning away, to slip on my shoes. I got to the door, and opened it, turning to see him standing, staring at me with his mouth open, and a dramatic look on his face. "What?" "You're just going to leave me like this?" He pointed to the obvious tent in his pants. "I'm hungry." "Ok fine." He grabbed his keys, and walked out in front of me, and out the door down the stairs.

We walked down to the parking lot, passing many gawking guys, as Caleb proudly displayed his boner. I tried to pretend to text, to keep from laughing, but he was hilarious, and I love him. We relaxed in a corner booth at Joey's, enjoying some overstuffed ravioli, parmesan chicken and alfredo, and some tortilla soup. I was stuffed in minutes. We talked more about holiday break, and Caleb showed me the layout of the bungalow and the mountains. The guys all wanted to snowboard, and then hot tub at night on the private patio. It seemed legit, but I kind of wondered what other activities the guys had in mind for break...


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