He walked barefoot down to the main deck, by the pool. His Versace swimsuit barely fit his ass, as he walked deliberately, making his cheeks bulge with each step. He slowly walked in front of the line of deck chairs, with the hairy chested, and beefy older men, who'd come out from their orgies, to get in some eye candy action.

He heard some murmuring, and a couple low whistles, as he dropped his towel onto a chair, near the steps into the crystal clear water. No one else was in the water, except for a random beach ball. He dipped slowly into the water, down the short flight of blue steps, into the cool water. He slowly swam with long breast strokes, around the outer edge, and then dove under. As he swam along the bottom, he saw bodies diving in around him. He'd inspired a few other guys to jump into the water.

He surfaced toward the stairs, and started his ascent back onto the deck, pushing his long dark hair out of his face. He felt one side of his suit riding up in back, but left his cheek exposed. Michael felt sexy. He'd worked off almost 30 pounds in the last year, just working out regularly, and changing his eating habits. His trainer friend had invited him along on a gay cruise. They'd fucked a couple of times, although it was a slow start. He still felt embarrassed by his body, although he looked a hundred times better than he'd ever looked before.

He walked along the deck, smiling politely, to a few of the men. He approached the stairs, and took his time walking up, feeling the water dripping off of his hair, onto his shoulders and back. He heard the flip flop of thong sandals behind him, and at the top, felt a little tug at the back of his suit. He turned, surprised to see a taller, middle aged gentleman standing before him, with the sunlight behind him.

"You were riding up in back, and I couldn't help myself." "Thank you." Michael raised his hand up above his eye line, shadowing his face, to makeout the features of the man. He had shorter hair on the sides, and longer curly hair on top, that was styled off to one side. His face was framed by a tightly trimmed beard, all salt and peppered throughout. His skin was dark, and he had thick lips, and a great smile. Michael had never been with an older man, but this was definitely his type.

"I'm Michael." "Simon, nice to meet you Michael, darling." "Darling?" Michael smiled. "From Peter pan." "I've never seen that movie." "No? Darling! You have to. It's a classic." "Ok, I will." He was giggling now, as he wrapped his towel around his waist. Simon offered his arm to him. "May I escort you, to wherever you're going?" "Yes, thank you." He hooked his arm in Simon's, feeling him pull it closer to his body, which was tight, and fit. At least, that's what he felt through the airy fabirc of the printed shirt Simon had on. He also had muscular legs, covered in dark hairs, with a cuffed khaki short, and leather thong sandals.

They walked along the upper deck, and Simon told Michael a little bit about himself. He owned a label printing company, supplying a few of the manufacturer's Michael was well familiar with, in the food and beverage business. He'd been divorced from his wife for a few years, and had dated off and on, but nothing had been too serious. He went on a gay cruise, every other year, in hopes of finding someone to share his life with, but enjoying the fun along the way. Michael nodded, smiling at the small details of his story.

He'd also shared a little bit about himself with Simon. His coming out at 14, and being sent to boarding school, after the bullying that took place at his private school in his home town. The fact that his parents were surprisingly supportive of their only child being gay. He had one boyfriend in through his freshman year at NYU, and that ended when his ex joined the marines. They were close friends, even now, but Michael was no longer interested in a romantic relationship.

They found their way to the upper level suites, where Michael and Troy (his friend) were staying. Simon led him to his door, and kissed his hand politely. "I hope I see you around Michael. I'm just down the hall, to the left, if you should want to continue our conversation, or indulge in some fun." He winked, and Michael smiled. He was enchanted by Simon, but did he really want to have a cruise fling?

Michael opened the door, and walked in. Troy was laying on the bed, jerking off, with a towel over his crotch. Michael rolled his eyes, and walked into the small bathroom. "You weren't here, and I felt horny!" Troy said loudly from the bedroom. "Yeah, yeah." Michael giggled, while he unzipped the leather case with his toiletries. He would shower and lather some lotion on, and wander around, to see what else was going on. There were shows and a casino, and a club he wanted to check out.

He pushed his hair back from his face, and applied some lip balm, as Troy appeared in the doorway, with his dick standing straight out, lightly stroking. "I'm serious. I wanna fuck." "I was just going to get ready and head out again." Troy gave him an exaggerated pout. "Please?" "Fine, but I get off first." "Ok deal!" Troy smiled, and leaned in, kissing him on the lips, before turning back toward the bedroom.

Not that Michael didn't like when Troy fucked him. He was hot, and he had a great dick. It was the perfect girth, and length. Not too long, and not too thin. It curved up just enough, to really rub up on his happy place inside. Troy shaved all his body hair, except his bush, which he kept pretty closely trimmed. Every other inch of his body was smooth, and muscular. He had a handsome face, but had had bad acne when he was growing up, which left him with a lot of scars and deep pores. He had a short goatee and mustache, and kept his hair military grade short. Overall, a super sexy guy, with a great personality and friendly demeanor.

Michael walked in, and draped his towel over the side chair by the open patio. "Damn, that's a sexy suit." "Thanks." "You're so fucking hot Mikey, I can't even stand it." "Stop it! You just want to fuck." "Honey, if that's all I wanted, I could find anyone on this floor to fuck." "True." "I like fucking you." He crawled to the edge of the bed, and pulled at the front of MIchael's suit lightly. Michael walked forward, slowly pushing down his suit. He was starting to swell, and felt his engorged dick pop out of the wet suit.

Troy grabbed his dick, and pulled on it lightly, making him moan. He inched closer to the bed, as Troy slid back on the quilted duvet. Michael's suit fell to the floor, as he knelt on the edge of the bed. Troy let go of his dick, and pulled at his hand, leading him down, to lay next to him. They kissed passionately for a couple of minutes, with Troy grinding up against him. Their dicks were side by side, and the brush of Troy's short pubes against the underside of his dick, made Michael even more horny. He was moaning and grabbing at Troy for more.

Troy spread his legs, and went to down on his dick, and balls, sloppily kissing and sucking at him, making his toes curl, as he pulled his legs to his chest. Troy was so good at head, and rimming, Michael almost said yes when he'd asked him out officially. But a relationship based solely on sex wouldn't last forever...and forever was kind of a big deal to Michael.

He moaned as Troy entered him, with his thick tongue. The tip pointed just enough, so he could tickle to sweet spots inside, while the thickness of the muscle penetrated his tightly clenched ass lips. He was moaning for more, and enjoyed ever lick and suck from Troy's sexy mouth.

Troy ate him out for awhile, and then jumped up, pressing his dick against Michael's gaping hole. He felt Troy inch his way in, sending shots of pleasure and pain up Michael's spine. He pulled his legs tighter to his chest, feeling Troy take full control of him. He was fucking him wildly and quickly in no time, and soon they were both panting, and breathing heavy, slapping the head board against the textured wall.

Troy started making the face he always made, when he was getting close to cumming, and Michael winced, as he quickly pulled out, leaving a quick space of time, where Michael's insides were completely exposed. He felt his ass slowly clamp closed, and leg go of his legs, as Troy straddled him. He grabbed Michael's dick, and jerked him off, while he jerked his own dick. Michael felt himself quickly rising to orgasm, as he ran his hands up and down Troy's muscular thighs. "Fuck...I'm gonna cum." "You first, baby." Troy smiled, with sweat pouring down his face, as Michael let himself go, cumming strongly all up his abs and chest. Troy grunted as he finished Michael off, and soon he was shooting his load as well.

Michael wiped at the sweat on his brow, as Troy continued cumming on his abs. He felt the slick cum raining down on him like a sprinkler, and he had to let a giggle out, feeling the after glow overcome him. Troy was moaning, and slowly jerking his dick, oozing out the last of his load, before collapsing next to Michael on the bed. "Shit! That was great!" "Yeah, it felt amazing." Troy scooted closer, and reached across Michael, cupping his face in one hand, and leaning in to kiss him. His muscular arm was heavy on Michael's chest, but the kiss was the icing on the cake.

They lay on the bed for awhile, and Michael felt the cooling cum solidifying into large masses on his skin. He slowly slid to the edge of the bed, and propped himself off, trying not to get cum on the duvet. Troy got up quickly, cupping his dick in his hand, and came back seconds later, with a hand towel. "Here." "Thanks." Michael wiped and dabbed at his body, while Troy watched him, with a sly smile on his face. "Sorry about the mess, you get me so worked up Mikey." "It's fine. We both needed it." Troy nodded, and reached out, to help Michael off the bed.

The guys showered and got dressed. Michael wore some fitted side stripe pants with a black and white striped dress shirt, tucked in, and some laceless black oxfords. Troy wore a blazer, with a chambray shirt, and slim fit khakis, with a pair of tan loafers. They looked pretty good, but not too dressy, as they left their room, and headed down to the main deck. so many guys were still by the pool, and there were a few dressed for dinner, as they made their way down, through the doors to the dining hall.

Michael saw Simon almost immediately, and Simon raised his hand in a short wave, winking at Michael from his place at one of the bars. Michael elbowed Troy, "i'm going to talk to this guy i met earlier. Are you getting us a table?" "Yeah, I can." Troy looked sideways at him, doubtful. Michael walked over, eyeing Simon along the way. He had a seersucker jacket, and light dress shirt on, with some dark jeans, and a pair of loafers. He was a stylish man, with a charming personality. As Michael approached, he was greeted with a smile.

"Even in a crowd of hundreds, you shine like a diamond." "You charmer. What are you drinking?" "A glass of chardonnay. What willy you have?" "I'll have a white russian." "Old school? I like it." "Old school, but I've been dreaming of bailey's since I left our room." "Who is your friend?" "My buddy Troy. He's also my personal trainer." "Ah...Getting you fit in all areas?" "He does what he can. I don't have a man in my life to keep me in shape, so I have to rely on my friends." "Well, maybe that will change in the near future." Michael raised his glass, "to new adventures." "Indeed." The men sipped their drinks, occasionally bobbing their heads to the music. Simon asked Michael to dance, and they headed out to the floor.

Michael had another drink, and then left Simon to find Troy. He saw him talking to a cute guy with reddish blonde hair, at one of the round tables, and sat down next to him. "Sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to check in with you Friend." Troy looked over, and nodded. "I'm fine Friend. Carry on." MIchael laughed, and ran his hand down Troy's bicep, standing up to leave. The red headed guy looked salty at him, and Michael winked assuredly. "He's all yours cupcake."

He found his way back to Simon, through the crowds of men that had gathered in the dining area, and sat down, feeling the man's hand on his back. "I want to dance with you. May I?" Simon held his hand out, and Michael took it, smiling. "I'd love to!" They made their way to the open floor, where just a couple of guys were dancing, and began to grind and dance to the cuban music playing loudly from the tripods set up around the open area.

Simon was very energetic, and kept spinning Michael, and pulling him close, and he even dipped him a couple of times. They laughed, and danced, having a really good time. Michael started feeling light headed, and Simon could sense his instability, leading him off the floor, back to their seats at the bar. "That was a lot of fun!" MIchael was giggly and rested his head on his hand, propping himself up on the bar. "You are a light weight!" Simon poked him in the side. "I haven't had a drink in so long." Simon ordered him a glass of water. "Thank you kind sir." "You're welcome my darling." They both laughed, and "cheers"d their glasses.

The crowd was growing, and Simon took Michael by the hand leading him out onto the terrace at the back of the dining room. The sea breeze was salty, but fresh against their faces. They cooled off, as they walked along the railing. Simon had his hand on Michael's lower back, as they walked. Michael didn't mind. It was presumptuous of anyone that they were a couple, but in his current drunken state, he wasn't going to complain about having someone there to watch out for him. He rested his head on Simon's shoulder, as they walked, and talked quietly.

Simon hugged Michael close, and whispered softly in his ear. "If you're comfortable, we could go up to my room." Simon turned, and pulled Michael close, facing him. Michael could feel Simon was hard, as he pressed against him. He felt safe with this man, but wasn't sure he wanted to have sex with him yet. Chances were, it would be a one time thing, and he was hoping for more. They had nice conversation, and Simon was very handsome.

They went to Simon's room, as he opened the door, and stepped aside, coming in behind Michael. The room was spacious, and exquisite! Simon had clearly paid for the best room they had on the ship. They stepped through the small foyer, into the sitting area. Michael sat back on the tuffted sofa and rested his head back against the high back. Simon went to the bar, and poured a couple glasses of wine, walking slowly over, and sitting next to Michael. "You want me drunk?" "I think you're already there hun." Simon clinked his glass to Michael's, and sipped at the bubbly. Michael raised his glass, taking a long drink, and sitting up, to set his glass on the cocktail table. Simon set his glass down as well, and leaned over, kissing his neck softly.

Michael let out a sigh, and didn't resist, as Simon worked the buttons of his shirt, working his lips down his flesh, as the fabric fell away. Simon slowly pulled away at the striped fabric, and Michael felt his nipple harden in the cool air coming from the air conditioner in the corner. Simon was so soft with his touches, and his lips. Michael enjoyed the attention, and closed his eyes, letting Simon take over his body.

Simon pulled at Michael's thighs, as he slid down, laying back against the overstuffed cushions, sinking into the fabric. Simon worked him out of his fitted pants, and dropped his shoes to the floor, as he pulled the slim legs free from Michael's shapely legs. "You're beautiful." Michael felt his face blushing, and turned away, pulling his arms up over his face, as Simon explored his body, with his hands and lips. He was gentle, and affectionate, sending little goosebumps up and down Michael's body.

Simon stopped just above the band of Michael's low cut briefs, and looked up, seeing Michael peek out from behind his crossed arms. He smiled, and hooked his fingertips under the waist band, releasing Michael's dick out of the stretchy fabric. Michael was semi hard, and his dick flopped back against his abs. Simon quickly had the head of his dick in his mouth, and sucked quickly and thoroughly, up and down his shaft. Michael moaned, and pulled his legs up, resting them over Simon's shoulders.

Simon worked Michael's dick over for awhile, and pressed a fingertip against his ass. Michael moaned, pushing his ass muscles out, puckering the outer edge, so the man could slick him up with spit, and work his fingers in and out. Simon spit on his hole, and worked his fingers quickly, flicking in and out of Michael's tight ass. He was moaning, and breathing heavy, with his dick pointing straight up, dripping pre cum. Simon worked his lips down to Michael's ass, and kissed the outer ass, working his tongue into the clenching tissue of his ass. 

Simon tongue fucked Michael so hard, that his dick was pumping out gobs of pre cum. He knew Michael was going to cum soon, and wanted to be inside of him when it happened. He raised up, slipping off his jacket, and quickly undoing the buttons of his shirt. Michael watched, as Simon removed his shirt. He had a really solid build, and a short patch of dark gray and black chest hairs between his solid chest muscles. He had smooth abs, and a light trail of hairs down from his belly button, to the waistband of his boxers. He worked out of his jeans, and pulled his boxers down. He had an average dick, that was already hard. He had a slight left curve of his shaft, with a small mushroom head of his dick. His balls were heavy, and hung low, with a mix of grays and black pubic hairs all around his dick and balls.

He got off the couch, and walked out of site, returning quickly with a condom and lube in hand. His balls swung back and forth, and his shaft stuck out solid, moving slightly as he sat down again, pointing up toward his chest. He worked the condom on his dick, and lubed up. Michael stroked his dick a few times, while Simon stroked himself over the condom, completely coating himself with lube.

He leaned over Michael, kissing down his neck and chest. "I want to fuck you." "Fuck me Simon. I want it." Simon smiled, and kissed Michael's lips, while he pressed his dick against his gaping asshole. He was inside in a couple seconds, and Michael enjoyed the smooth sensation of Simon's shaft penetrating his ass. Simon pushed all the way in, pressing his hair crotch against Michael's smooth balls. He flexed his dick a few times, watching Michael squirm beneath him. He kissed Michael's neck and chest, while he thrusted in and out of his ass. 

Michael liked Simon inside him. He wasn't hung, and his dick was a nice comfortable fit. His balls were loose enough, so they slapped lightly against his ass, while he fucked him. His body was so sexy, and tan, and his graying chest hair and pubes were regal, and mature. He liked feeling his older companion fucking him. Simon liked petting Michael's face, pushing his hair out of the way, and staring into his eyes. Michael kept himself on edge as long as he could, but pretty soon, he felt his load rising. "I'm gonna cum," he moaned quietly to Simon. "Yeah buddy, let it rain." He sat back, and thrusted quickly, and rapidly, as Michael moaned, and came hard all over his abs. 

Simon watched as Michael's dick throbbed up and down, shooting out a healthy creamy load. He liked when young guys came. They shot thick loads, and their smooth bodies were so sexy and fit. Simon leaned forward, and kisses Michael passionately, continuing to fuck him. Michael pulled back, moaning in Simon's ear. "Stop, stop, fuck..." SImon stopped, and snickered down at him. "What?" "It's sensitive now." "Aw poor baby." Simon pulled out quickly, and pulled off the condom. He started jerking off, kneeling over Michael. 

Simon didn't take long to cum, and when he released his load over Michael's abs, he didn't shoot, but dribbled a quick load, with a couple of little spurts. he grunted, and moaned a quick "fuck" while he came on Michael. He collapsed shortly after, holding Michael's body, with his head on his shoulder. "Fuck that was amazing. I'd rather cum inside you, but I we just met." "I've never done that before." "Never?" "No. I want to wait until I meet the one." "That's sweet." Simon sat up, smiling down at Michael.

They stayed on the couch for awhile, and then got up and Simon grabbed a towel from the bathroom. He handed it to Michael, as he wiped up the mess. "Damn, we made quite the mess didn't we?" "Yeah, it's ok though. I should get going soon." "You don't have to." "I want to shower, and go dancing." "Ah, to be young again." "You're not exactly old." "I'm in my fifties." "You're really sexy though, Simon." "You think so?" Simon turned toward one of the tall mirrors along the wall, and turned from side to side. Michael giggled, and tossed the cum covered towel to him. "Hey now! They charge for carpet cleaning." "Really!?" "On a gay cruise? You best believe it."

Michael laughed as he stood and dressed quickly. Simon walked him to the door, and waited a moment before opening it. "If you want to come back later, you're more than welcomed." He leaned forward, kissing Michael softly on the lips. "I will let you know." Michael hugged him lightly, and Simon opened the door for him. He walked back to his room, and put the key card in, smiling at the thought of going back later. He walked in, hearing moaning, and before he could even register the thought, he saw Troy fucking the red head on top of their bed. 

He quickly went in the bathroom, and shut the door, busting out in a laugh. Troy never made much noise, but with the red head, he was really putting on a show. He turned the shower on, and stripped down, stepping in under the hot pulsing water. It felt great getting clean. He quickly soaped up and rinsed, and then shut down the shower, and stepped out, toweling off. He opened the door quietly, and didn't hear anything, so he stepped out into the cool room. 

Troy and the red head were laying naked, on top of the bed. Michael calmly walked over to the closet, and opened it up, thumbing through his dinner jackets and shirts. He picked a pair of slim fit white pants, and went to the dresser to dig through his pullovers and knit tops. "Did you have fun with your old man?" Michael looked over his shoulder. "Probably as much as you and cupcake." "My name is JJ." Michael smiled, and looked away. He didn't give a shit. 

He rarely felt jealous, but seeing Troy cozy in bed with JJ was pinching a nerve. He grabbed an embroidered Cavalli knit shirt and a pair of briefs, and went back to the bathroom. He quickly dressed, and slipped on a pair of satin loafers, going back to the dresser, putting on some deoderant, and spraying on some cologne and messing up his hair a little, pushing it back to a wavy, messy 'do. 

JJ was stroking Troy's dick as Michael said goodbye, and left. He rolled his eyes, and made his way down to the club. The music was banging, and as he walked in. He went to the bar, and got a drink, turning away to watch the room. As he scanned the crowd, he met eyes with a sexy man, leaning back against the opposite bar, with a black button front shirt, opened to the chest, and light gray slim trousers, with a slim black belt. He smiled, as the man slowly walked his way across the dance floor, keeping eye contact with him the entire time. He walked up slowly, and leaned in. "I didn't want you down here, possibly meeting someone new." He smiled, and leaned back as Simon kissed his cheek. Damn he smelled good.


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