As soon as my last class was over, i rushed back to the dorm. Caleb was walking out with the last of our laundry bags. I insisted I could do my laundry when I got back, but he said not to worry about it. I got into the room, and it looked bare, without our bedding and pillows. I dropped my bag, and grabbed my phone charger and a hoodie, and locked up. As I walked down the hall, Donnie appeared out of the showers. "Hey beautiful." I looked confused, and he winked. "You know you like it." He stood between me and the door. I glanced around, and then pressed my lips to his, kissing him deeply. He reached his arms up, grabbing my shoulders, and pulled me to him. He used a little tongue, and I felt my face flushing, as I pulled back. His towel fell, and he bent quickly to pick it up, draping it around his ass, with the front open. "You're gonna miss us." I giggled, and reached out, pulling at his shaft. "I will, but..." "Damn baby..." I felt him thicken, and let go. "Got time for a quickie?" "Nah, Caleb's in the car." "Oh, ok." He quickly wrapped his towel, and his jaw clenched. 

"Hey, we talked about this, and you understood." "Yeah, I know. I weekend is ours, ok?" "Ok." I smiled, and he winked, and gave me another quick kiss. "Love you boo." "Love you, too." He ran his free hand through my hair, as I walked by. I quickly went down the stairs and then out to the front, where caleb was adjusting everything in his trunk. I ran up, excitedly. "Hey." "Hey babe," he shut the trunk, and smiled at me. His face was black and blue on one side, even with his raybans on, you could clearly see the bruising. "Uh, oh, what's with the face?" "Nothing...I just feel shitty about what happened." "I told you, I got him good." "Yeah, but it looks painful babe." "It hurts when I touch it, so I'm just not touching it." He hadn't shaved for a couple days, and had grown a thick scruff around his jawline and chin. He's trimmed the stache above his lips, but he still looked rugged with the stubble. I kind of liked it, 

We got in the car, and took off. "Ok, dj, what are we listening to?" I plugged in my iphone and started my driving playlist. It's a plethora of hip hop, dance, some rock, and like two rap songs. We jammed for awhile, and then 'partition' came on. Caleb and I kept glancing over at each other, and he'd smirk occasionally. I adjusted in my seat, thinking what he was thinking. We'd been driving for a couple hours, and between hand holding, and him occasionally grabbing my thigh, and running his fingers down my neck, we'd gotten quite horny. I'd noticed he was hard a few miles before. His dick was throbbing in his thin joggers, and he had no intention of hiding it. 

He pulled the car off on a dirt road, that looked like it used to be a throughway. There were patches of thick shrubbery along the road, and we found a spot that would be easy to get on and off. He pulled into the shaded area, and parked the car in a deep patch of low hanging tree branches and thick bushes. I undid my seat belt, and he put up the center console, sliding to the middle. We made out hardcore, and I had my hand down his pants in a minute, stroking his dick, while we kissed. He was moaning and panting, while he quickly stripped, and worked me out of my jeans. I straddled him, while he stroked my dick, and I stroked his. We were so wet with pre cum in a few seconds. "I wanna...fuck you..." he said between kisses. "I want you fucking me." I laid back awkwardly, and he was between my legs, humping at my ass with his slick dick poking at my dry hole. He was looking around for lubricant, but all we could find was some old hand lotion in the back seat. 

He squirted was was left onto my ass, smearing me, and fingering me. I was throbbing for him, and I felt him working in and out of my smooth hole. He pushed my legs up, and pressed the head of his throbbing dick against my clenching hole. He pushed slowly at first, and once he was in, he slid the rest in comfortably. I moaned loudly, as he met my face with his. We made out a little bit, and then he started thrusting in and out. "Fuck baby, I'm not gonna last long." "You feel so good baby. You're so big. Mmm..." My arms were around his neck, and his hands were running up and down the backs of my thighs, while he fucked me. He started panting faster, and then I felt him explode. He pushed all the way in, til I felt his pubes against my thighs, and his dick flexing up and down, emptying into the deepest part of me. We kept a long kiss, until he'd stopped throbbing.

"Fuck boy....You make me so happy." "You do the same for me Caleb." "You know I love you right?" "Yes, I love you too." We kissed again, and he started to pull out. "Wait, I like it in there." He giggled. "Ok, but just for a little while. We're only halfway to my house." We cuddled for a little while, and I felt him softening. He slowly pulled out, and used his t shirt to wipe up some of the lotion and cum that had spilled out. "Fuck. I'm gonna get another shirt out of the back, when we pull out." He was dabbing at my ass, and I sat up, looking for my clothes. I was still hard and dripping pre cum. "Shit babe, let's get you off. I'm sorry I didn't mean to be selfish." "Nah, it's ok." I smiled, and he reached down, putting a couple fingers inside me, and started slowly fucking me. I started to jerk off, taking his t shirt from him. I was building up quickly, and I pressed my fingers to his mouth, slipping them in. He was biting at my fingertips, while I jerked, and quickly came. "Fuck!" I closed my eyes, moaning while I shot my load over the t shirt and hitting myself in the chin. Caleb pulled his fingers out, and grabbed my dick, slowly jerking me the rest of the way. I turned my head away, and enjoyed the warmth throughout my entire body.

I came down nicely, sitting up and cleaning myself off. "Shit baby, you came alot." "I know, you worked me over pretty good." He smirked, and pulled on his underwear and joggers. "I can't believe we just fucked in my car." "I can. Your dick was hard forever, and I couldn't stop thinking about it." He pulled at his drooping dick, which had oozed out some remaining cum into his pubes. "Yeah, he's pretty excited around you." I found the rest of my clothes, pulling them on, and adjusting myself in my seat. Caleb pulled out of our spot, and down the dirt road, to the main highway. He stopped, and got out, going to the back for a clean shirt. He was back in a second, and pulled his shirt on. "I think you're getting bigger babe." "Yeah? I've been going to the rec center a few more hours a week." He flexed playfully, and I reached out, grabbing at his pecs. He was definitely beefing up.

We drove another couple of hours, and came to a really nice subdivision. We pulled in, down the road. The houses were huge, and spread out between acres of perfectly manicured grass and trees. I was impressed. Caleb didn't seem like the type of guy to grow up in this kind of neighborhood. He turned the radio down, as we pulled up to a brick entry. "I just want you to know, my parents are gone, so the place is ours for the entire weekend." "Ok." we drove up a short paved hill, and then down a long driveway. The end opened up to an impressive spread, A large yellow house, with white trim and pillars, and brick base. The garages matched, and there was a fountain in the middle of the circular round about. "Nice place!" "Thanks. It was my grandparents' place, and then my Mom inherited it." We pulled up to the door, and got out. I helped Caleb with some of our bags, but we'd have to come back for the rest. He let us in the front door, and walked into the foyer. It was really spacious, with the typical circular stairwell, and chandelier. We went directly up the stairs, and down a hall, up another short flight of stairs, to Caleb's room. He had a large bed with four columns, and engraved headboard. It looked ancient. There was workout equipment, and his computer desk and a couple dressers. He went into a small doorway to a double sided walk in closet, and put our suitcases in there. He didn't come out, and I walked in to see there was a bathroom at the other end of the closet. I heard him peeing and turned back to sit on the edge of the bed. 

Caleb appeared out of the doorway, and came over to me, laying down, and pulling me with him. "Hey." He looked me in the eyes. "Hey." He smirked, and leaned over to kiss me. "Wanna take a nap?" "Yeah, but we have to get the rest of our stuff from the car." "Shit, I forgot about that." He got up, and I followed him out. We got our laundry bags in, and he led me downstairs to the back of the house, where the laundry room was. They had two washing machines and a large dryer. We started all of our bedding, and headed back upstairs. Caleb stripped, and helped me out of my clothes as well. He led me through the walk in, to his bathroom, and started up his shower. The hot water felt great, and we washed up quickly. He turned me around, and soaped up my ass, running his fingers just inside my hole, and splashing water up into the crevice. It felt amazing, and after he rinsed me, pressed his dick against my ass, slowly humping me under the spraying water. I stood up, and leaned back into him. We stood under the water for a few minutes, and then he turned it off, and we got out. 

Caleb handed me a bath sheet, and we both toweled off. I wrapped up in mine, and we walked back into his room. He pulled the blankets back, and dropped his towel as he got in. I followed him in, and he pulled the blankets up, pulling me back against him. He kissed my shoulder, and nibbled my ear for a minute. "We can rest and then I'll order us some dinner babe." "Mmm, sounds great." I was already dozing off, as I felt his lips on my back.


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