My afternoon classes dragged on, and I stifled my stomach pangs almost the entire time. I hadn't even thought about food, and realized that was probably why I felt so tired. I grabbed a bag of chips from the nearest vending machine, and a bottle of water. I was headed back to the dorms, and heard a couple quick beeps of a horn. I turned and saw Donnie waving me over, from his car, across the street. I turned and walked toward him, shuffling through the small crowd of walking students. I crossed the street, and walked around his car, getting in beside him. "Hey boy, ready to eat?" "Yes. I'm literally starving." He poked at my stomach, and laughed. "Yeah, you're looking a little thin there." "Stop, I can't even think right now."

He drove us across town to an older pizza hut. Aside from a couple delivery cars, and a motorcycle, we were the only other car in the parking lot. We walked in, and Donnie nodded at the girl at the register. She was on the phone, but pointed toward the dining room, and smiled at us. We got the corner booth around the ledge of fake plants, next to the side entrance. It was cozy, and private, and the blinds were drawn, letting just a little sunlight in through the sides. 

"Sarah knows me, and about you. So we can be a little more chill here." He winked and flashed a toothy smile. Damn. "I was wondering why she smiled at us like that." "Yeah, she's cool as shit." She was suddenly next to me, holding out menus, with a couple of plastic cups of water, and two straws. "Hey boys! As you know, I'm Sarah, I'll be your server, and Donnie knows he can just wave me over anytime." She lightly touched my shoulder, and smiled as she turned and walked away. 

"Wow, she seems really nice." "Yeah she's the best. We go way back." He quickly filled me in on meeting her at a party. They'd hooked up, and then he found out she had a boyfriend. They've been friends for the past three years and knew everything about each other. He'd only told her about me a few nights ago when they met up to catch up. She told him to bring me by, cause they were dead every Monday and Tuesday. He said she was happy he'd found a boy he could be close to. I wondered if I was suddenly the third part of another love triangle. 

Donnie waved her over, and she came back. We hadn't discussed anything about food, but Donnie ordered exactly what we'd had at the motel, and I smiled. He quickly took my hand and kissed it, letting go, and getting his phone out. He turned away, and took a selfie, and I made a funny face. We laughed, while he filtered and posted it to his IG, with the caption "Bros before Hoes, and some 'za from the Hut." We talked a little more about school and he was starting a new job next semester with a guy he'd met who does landscaping. He said it was hard work, but he'd make an extra 600 a week, and it was cash. I asked if I could work with him too, but he didn't like that idea. 

Sarah brought our food out shortly after, and I immediately started to devour my slice. "Whoa killer, slow down boo." He laughed, and took a big bite. "I haven't eaten in...well, I don't even know. I think Saturday." He seemed shocked. "Are you fucking kidding me?" "I just have alot on my mind." I literally had been driving myself crazy, worrying and thinking all this through. It was completely new to me, and I wasn't dealing very well. I was full after my second slice, and drank my water while we sat back. "Damn that was good." Donnie lifted his shirt up, and patted his hairy abs. I bit my lip, taking them in. He smirked, and dropped his shirt. "So what you wanna do now boy?" "Whatever you want to do." He smiled and scooted around the booth, next to me, nudging my arm. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. "I can think of a couple things I want to do to you." I pulled my shoulders up, blushing. He nuzzled my neck breifly, with a quick nip at my ear lobe, and a flash of hot breath against the back of my neck, making me curl against him. 

"Alright, let's get outta here." He pulled at my sleeve, as he got out. I scooted out after him, and we went up to the register. He paid for the pizza and Sarah walked around, and gave us a hug. "Alright boys, any time you want to stop by, let me know." She smiled at me, as we left. I felt completely comfortable with Donnie. He was so smooth and deliberate, and had everything figured out. He opened the door for me, as I got him, and walked around. He got in, and adjusted his jeans in the crotch. "Got a little hard in there." He giggled, and leaned over to kiss my cheek. I turned and returned the kiss, He smelled of cocoa butter and cologne. His hair was tied back, and I took in the smoothness of his face. He was so handsome. 

We drove around, enjoying the sunlight and talking, and laughing. He showed me a few spots he used to hangout at when he was little. I hadn't realized until today, that he was a townie. It was nice to hear the excitement in his voice, and hear stories from his childhood. We went for a scoop of custard at his favorite spot, and found an old park to get out and walk around at. Aside from the cemetery next to it, it was a peaceful place. The playground was really run down, and the lawn was over grown as well as an abandoned band shell, with boarded up fencing, and a gazebo in shambles. We found a shaded place, out of view, and sat at a rickety park bench. "Yeah, this place used to be the shit, but the upkeep was too expensive, so it just sits, waiting for the end." I finished my cone, and asked, with my mouth full. "Why don't they shut it down?" "Well, it's barely up to code, but I think it's too expensive. It's just knowledge around town that it's a dump now. No one ever comes here." I looked around. There was an open field, with some old school built in grill pits and picnic tables. You could see a line of docks, pulled up onto the lawn, where you used to be able to drive your boat trailer down into the lake. 

Donnie took my hand, and put it up to his chest, smiling at me. "I'm glad you're with me." "Me too. I haven't had a chance to talk to you in awhile." He scooted closer, putting my arm over his shoulder, and pulling me toward him. I half straddled his lap, and we started to kiss. I reached up the back of his head, feeling the smooth curly short hairs beneath my fingertips. His soft mustache tickled my upper lip, and I could taste the minty after taste of the scoop he'd ordered. His hands were strong under my ass, and he pulled me closer, while we made out. The breeze was cool, but the passion of our kiss warmed me up inside. I scooted off him, adjusting my jeans, and quickly glanced around.

"No one comes here, trust me." He looked up with a smile. I sat next to him, and he took my hand. "You're so good to me Donnie." "I know." He smirked, and winked. A lock of hair fell into his face, and I reached up, pushing it back. He turned and kissed my forearm, scooting over, and putting his head in my lap, with a leg up on the bench. He looked up at me, smiling. I ran my hands through his curly hair, and he closed his eyes. "Mmm...feels nice." He flashed a toothy smile. So sexy. I played with his hair, and ran my other hand up under his chin. He made a kissy face with his thick lips, and I pressed my finger to them. He opened his mouth, and playfully bit at my finger tip. I giggled and lightly padded his cheek with my hand.

"Hey, so want to go to that place again, next weekend?" He opened his eyes and looked up at me. Excited I said "Yeah!" And then I remembered... "Oh wait, I can't..." "Aw, how come?" "I told Caleb I'd go home with him that weekend." His jaw clenched, and then softened. "Ok...That's fair. Well....How about this weekend?" "Don't you start your new job?" "Well yeah, but they don't work on Sundays, so I'd be done around 4 on Saturday." "Oh, ok!" I smiled. He smiled back, and reached up, running his fingers up under my chin. "Boy, you make me happy." 

We spent another half hour sitting on the bench. Donnie got a hardon, and I played with it, through his jeans, for awhile. He kept eye contact with me the whole time, lightly thrusting at the hips, and biting his lip. I know we probably could've fucked right there, and no one would've noticed. Literally, the park was empty and dead. We got up and held hands while we walked through the trees and underbrush. He let go as we emerged, near the rusted park entrance, and walked to his car. He opened my door again, and walked around sliding in. The leather seats had warmed in the sun, and I slid back, crossing my arms, and sighing out loud. 

"You cold baby?" "A little, but I thought it would be fine." "I was going to tell you, your shirt is completely see through. No wonder I kept poppin wood today> I could see your nipples the entire time." I glanced down, seeing my dark areolas protruding obnoxiously through the soft white fabric. "Oh my God, what the fuck?" I laughed and cupped my hands over them. "Yeah...You can't tease me like that boy." He grinned, and reached into the small back seat, pulling a hoodie from the back, and handing it to me. I put it on, taking in the soft scents of his deoderant, and cocoa butter. It smelled just like him, and I liked it.

We made it back to the dorms as the sun was starting to set. We got out and walked to the dorms, and up the stairs. The hall was empty, and he quickly leaned down and kissed my cheek, whispering "I'll talk to you later baby." I brushed fingertips with him as I walked down the hall to my dorm. I walked in to the empty dorm, and crawled up in bed, passing out immediately.

I woke up around 8:00, and the dorm was still empty and dark. I stretched, feeling the thickness of Donnie's hoodie, bunched up around my neck. I inhaled his scent, and smiled. I sat up, and adjusted the shirt back down, and slid off my bed, dropping to the floor. I slipped on my sneaks and grabbed my phone, shuffling down the hall to the bathroom. I walked in, and relieved myself at one of the urinals. I quickly washed my hands and checked my teeth and ran my hands through my hair, flipping it off to the side. I still looked kind of tired, but I walked back to the dorm, looking around for a bottle of water. My phone went off, and it was a kik from Chris. "Hey, see you soon ;)" I smiled, remembering our plan. It was 8:30, and even though a half hour wasn't a lot of time, I sat on the futon, and waited impatiently. At 10 minutes to, I got up, stretched, and then stepped out of the room, seeing Donnie walking toward me. Shit. "Hey boy," His voice was low and sexy. "Can't get enough of me huh?" He reached out, tugging on one of the hoodie strings. I smiled, and leaned in, kissing his lips. "Where you off to?" "I'm meeting Chris." His face tensed, and his eyes flickered. "Oh really." "He just wants to talk about what's going on." "Don't play like that. I know what he wants." "But do you know what I want?" The door to the stairs opened, and a couple guys from our hall scooted past us. He half smiled their way, and then looked seriously back at me. 

"I know what you want, but you need to draw the line with him." "You have nothing to worry about baby." I reached out, but he leaned back. I crossed my arms, and turned to walk out the door. "We'll talk later," he spoke authoritatively behind me. I glanced over my shoulder, seeing him walking heavy, back down the hall, his shoulders broad, and his neck tense. I felt like I'd been caught doing something wrong, but I had been completely open with him, AND Caleb about what was going on with Chris. I knew I wasn't going to have sex with him. Like, physically, it scared the shit out of me. But what I felt with him was different, but almost the same as my feelings with Donnie and Caleb. I walked quickly down the steps and out the door, glancing at my phone. Shit, it was 9:01!

I looked around frantically. With all the trucks and SUVS, it was hard to spot the Jeep. I finally found it, as it drove out the parking lot, and turning down the street. Damnit. I kik'd Chris, "Hey, I couldn't find the Jeep. Please come back." I didn't get a reply.

I walked slowly, and defeatedly back to the dorms. I felt so bad. The one guy who didn't make me feel like I had to choose him, had felt like I hadn't chosen him. I could've cried. I should've left sooner, and not waited to leave. I should've just sat outside and waited, but i didn't want him thinking I was desperate or needy. But maybe he WANTED me to be desperate and needy for him. He'd been so sweet, but what if I had to show him that he was a priority, and just assert my feelings? My phone vibrated. "Sorry, I thought you bailed." "No, why would i?" "You're always on time for everything." "I'm so sorry, I got stopped in the hall, and then I couldn't find you." "I'm coming back to get you." "Ok :)"

I walked out to the street, and he pulled up a couple minutes later. I got in, and in the dim overhead lights, I could see him smiling at me. "Hey, sorry boy. I felt rejected I guess." "Nah, it's my fault. Donnie saw me in the hall, and stopped me on my way out." "Oh...." "Yeah." "You sure you're ok with doing this?" "Yeah. But...what are we doing even?" He giggled. "I wanted to just drive around with you, and spend time with you alone." "Aw, yeah, I'm definitely ok with this!" I clicked my belt and he drove off. 

We drove around, and arrived at the parking garage across from the Hilton center. He drove in, and up to the fourth level. We parked in a corner, facing downtown. The view was nice, and the Jeep was warm. "This is where I usually park when I work downtown." "Nice spot." He leaned over and kissed my neck. "It's private, and we can be comfortable doing....whatever we want to." His thick lips were smooth and warm against my neck, sending a shiver up my spine. "Aw come here boy." He pulled me across the console, hugging me close to him. It wasn't comfortable, but I liked the affection. "Ok, take this off. i can smell Donnie all over." I leaned back, forgetting about the hoodie. Shit. "He's so subtle, but damn that guy's good." "What? No, I." "Trust me, he's pretty clear with his message." He helped me pull off the hoodie, exposing my hard nips through the shirt underneath.

He took me in and smirked, seeing my sheer shirt. "You really know what to wear to get me going." "That's why I wore the hoodie in the first place." I cupped my hands to my chest, trying to warm my nips. "Nah it's good, it's good. I just want to taste you, without smelling him." He leaned in, kissing my neck. "Mmm...can we...move this party to the back?" I pointed to the spacious back spot with the seats pushed down. "Yeah, that's what it's there for." He smiled, and helped me over the console. He got out and opened the back door, crawling in next to me. "I can't exactly fit through there." He laughed, and nestled in. He had blankets and pillows back here. I felt like this was his attempt at a romantic night with me, which made me warm up quickly. I slid my jeans off, while he pulled off his sweater. he had some khaki shorts on, which he quickly removed as well. He was working on his boxers, and then stopped, when he saw me still in my briefs. I pulled a blanket up my legs, and he scooted in, putting his arms over me. "This is nice." He kissed my neck and along my jaw line. I moaned softly against his chest. I wanted to just be cozy with him, and stay there for awhile. I moved my hands up his sides, feeling his muscles flex, while he adjusted the blankets around us, in a cocoon. 

We cuddled for awhile, and I enjoyed feeling his smooth buttery skin against mine. He kissed my shoulder, and ran his fingertips down my arm and back, sending little shivers up my entire body. We didn't speak, but this moment was a long time coming. He was so hard, and throbbing against my smooth skin. I wanted to figure a way to take him inside me, without it hurting, but I really couldn't think of anything. He moaned in my ear, and wrapped his leg over my thigh and ass, grinding his dick in between our close bodies. "Boy, I want you so bad." "I just can't...I'm sorry. I'm..." "Scared?" "Yeah...I just wish I could..." "Do you trust me?" "Yes." "I would never...ever hurt you Lucas." "I know." "Let's just slowly work our way up to the breaking point. You can be as vocal as you want, and just let me work it out." He was shifting his weight up, and cupping my lower back. I pulled my knees up, sliding off my briefs, while he awkwardly took off his boxers. Even in the pale light coming from the tinted windows, I could see the shadow of his 10X6. I cleared my throat, and he giggled. He tapped the insides of my thighs, and I spread them, pulling up. I kept reminding myself that Caleb was 8", and Donnie was a little bigger than that. What was a couple more inches? 

Chris's dick reminded me of an average cucumber. It had a nice curve up, as the shaft narrowed to an average head. His dick was darker than the rest of his body, which was a creamy caramel tone. He smelled of cocoa butter, like the stuff Donnie used, but a stronger cologne and a softer, soapy scented deoderant. He was crouching over me, bracing his arms on either side of me, and slowly kissing down my neck, to my chest. He was breathing heavy against my neck, and I slowly raised my legs up, resting my ass against his thighs. He moaned, and leaned his body into mine, his dick shoving past mine, coating pre cum up my lower abs and side. "Damn boy. I wanna put it down on you."

We made out and while he was over me, grinding his dick between out bodies. In a few minutes, we were slick with his pre cum, and I felt several times, that I could cum, just from his body holding me between us. He had me moaning and whispering sexy things to him. He reached over, and dug into the side pocket of the folded seat. He pulled out a bottle of lube, and fumbled around, til He had me coated, from ass to dick. He was working his fingers over my hole, and just inside, spreading the tight tissue, and I quickly opened up for him. He sat back, and turned me around on my face. I looked back at him, watching him pulling a condom over his shaft. "For your protection." He giggled, while he stroked himself. "Fuck...I'm having a hard time keeping this in." He leaned forward, and leaned on one arm, kissing my cheek, and pushing my right leg up, exposing my throbbing hole. He grunted, while he shifted, poking the head of his dick just inside my ass. "Mmm...." I buried my face, and bit my lip. Ok, so head was a little bigger than I anticipated. He kissed the back of my neck, and moaned in my ear. "If you want I can pull out." "No...I'll be ok." I was breathing heavy, while he slowly pushed in, a tiny bit at a time. I pulled my leg up more, giving him wider access, which helped ease the cramped pain I was feeling. 

After a few minutes, he had most of his dick inside of me, and was slowly thrusting in and out. After awhile we had a rhythm down, and I was feeling good. He was moaning and sighing while he went in and out. "You make me....feel so good....Fuck..." I couldn't even speak. "Damnit...I'm so close." "Fuck me baby." I whimpered, and pulled my arms up, resting my face against them. "God damnit....I'm ...Ahhhh." I felt his dick flexing and twitching in me, while he hunched over me. His arms on either side of me, his face pressed against the back of my shoulders. He thrusted deeply into me, which caused a quick pain up my ass, sending me over the edge. I came into his blankets. "Shit!" I bit my lip, while I came hard into the fabric. He was throbbing inside me, and I was pouring out my cum into his blankets.

A truck drove slowly by, and Chris hunched closer over me, pulling the blanket over us. "Shit," he laughed. I still felt like cumming, but I was momentarily distracted. He was still inside me, but softening. It was the perfect fit for his semi hard dick. He wrapped his arms around my neck, kissing the side of my face. "Boy, I want to stay here forever with you, damnit." "I like this, too." He was moaning in my ear, softly kissing me. I reached up, and played with his plug, and sliding my hand down the side of his neck.

We stayed like that for a long time. His weight wasn't on top of me, but his body was over me. He was telling me about some plans he wanted to work out, so we could take a road trip during winter break. It was weeks in advance, but I knew he was sharing them now, because we'd sort of cemented our relationship. Not that we were dating, but I didn't feel casual about him at all. He was soft inside me, but I could still feel him flex his dick a ltitle, tickling inside me. I giggled, and he kissed my face. "What?" "I can feel you move inside." "I like being inside." "I like you there." I clenched my ass, and felt him fluff the shaft out. He moaned, and adjusted his position, pulling us on our sides, with his leg over my side.

We cuddled, and eventually he pulled out, and we just lay there, enjoying each other. I was falling asleep, and soon woke up, to his kisses on my neck. "Boy, I have to get you back to the dorms. We missed curfew." "Shit." "Yeah, shit." He was rubbing his eyes, and looking around for his boxers. He found them and pulled them on. I pulled my briefs on, over my crusty crotch. My cum had crusted over, all across me, and I couldn't wait to take a shower. I didn't want to leave so soon. Chris was sifting through the blankets, and I nestled in, with my arms around him, and my legs around his waist, kissing at his neck. He giggled, and kissed me back. 

"Lucas, no. We need to get back." "Let's just stay here." I liked being with him. I took in his scent, and ran my hands down his strong back. He continued shuffling around, adjusting my body, with his movements. I slowed him down, but he was determined to get us back. I let go of him, sitting back, with my legs still around him. He giggled and poked at me while pulling on his sweater and digging out his khaki shorts. I pulled my shirt back on, and found my jeans, while he pulled his shorts on. I scooted up to the front, while he got out and climbed in the driver's seat. 

We were back to the dorms in a half an hour, and he got a hold of Jonathan from down the hall. Jonathan gave us a strange look when he opened the door, "what were you guys up to?" "No good man." We shuffled past him, and up the stairs. I felt my ass loose, but relieved to not have to worry about leaking any cum out. We got on our floor, and Jonathan said goodnight and went into his room. I headed straight for the showers, with Chris right behind me.

I quickly stripped, and turned on the nearest hot shower. The water was soothing, pulsing against me. Chris stood by, watching, and waiting. I ran my hands up and down my torso, rinsing off the cum that was coated across. I avoided getting my hair and face wet, but just wanted to rinse off the rest. I stepped out, and he had Donnie's hoodie ready, toweling me off gently, but thoroughly. I slipped on my briefs, and jeans, and shirt, and balled up the hoodie, He kissed my cheek goodnight, and I went back to my dorm. I stripped down, getting up in my bed, hearing the familiar sounds of Caleb snoring across the room. I nestled in, by myself, really wanting to crawl in bed with Caleb, but I'd have to explain where I was the next day. For now, I would just focus my thoughts on the time with Chris, and take tomorrow on when I woke up.


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