"I'm so sorry! Can we talk about this?" I texted Chris frantically. I felt like shit. He was so sweet, and I just wanted to make it right and let him know I still cared about him. I almost dropped my phone, when Caleb slid up behind me, brushing his hard dick up against my ass. "Mmmm, babe, what's up?" He moaned in my ear. I was going to answer, but my mouth just gaped open, as he nuzzled the back of my neck, and cheek with his stubbly face. "Mmmm...I was just...checking my....messages..." I wanted him so bad, but I had to wait on what happened with Chris. Caleb started nibbling on my ear lobe, and moaning in my ear, and I just buried my face in the blankets, and pulled my legs up, while he dry humped my ass. I was starting to enjoy it when my phone vibrated. I pulled my face up, staring at the screen.

"I'll see you at class." Chris replied. I dropped my phone back down, and turned, to enjoy some kisses from Caleb. He was moaning and grinding on me. He was so fucking hard, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling my ass up against his hard shaft, feeling him throbbing under the thin fabric of my briefs. I was moaning in his ear, and he was biting at my neck. "I want you inside...fuck me..." "God damn baby..." He was pulling at my briefs. Then his alarm went off, and he groaned in my ear. "Motherfuckerrrrrrrr...." I giggled, and reached down, to jerk his dick. "Nah. No no. Don't even start shit you can't finish babe." He pulled off me, reaching up for his phone. He turned, and shut off his phone. His dick was throbbing above my head, and I looked up, as he winked. "You want it?" "Yeah...I want it bad." "Well too fucking bad. We have to get up." We laughed, and he pulled me up off the futon.

We made it to class on time, and played footsie under the desks in our usual row. He kept messaging me on kik with a sexy message about fucking me: "Boy, that ass is mine as soon as we're in the dorm together." "My dick is so hard in these pants rn. I can't wait to fuck your brains out." I squirmed in my seat, several times throughout the lecture. I couldn't wait til later.

By the time I got to my 2nd class, I'd forgotten about feeling bad about Chris earlier. He walked in and sat by me as usual, and I brushed up against his leg under the table. He pulled his leg away, and I looked at him like "seriously?" He didn't give me any attention until we were leaving class. "I'll kik you later boy." I said "Ok," and he walked down the hall. I got a Coke and went off to my other class. It dragged on like none other. Chris and I kik'd throughout class, and he said he wasn't sure about my weekend with Caleb, that it felt like I was making a decision against him. I assured him it was already planned awhile ago, and it had nothing to do with him. He said he wanted some alone time with me that day, and I agreed that after class I would meet him outside, and we could hangout. He seemed ok with it, but I was still feeling bad about ditching him the night before. When class was out I hurried across the commons, and up to the dorm. Caleb wasn't there, and I dropped my bag by my bed, and plugged my phone in to charge.

Chris was parked right out front of our building, and had his music up. I got in and he turned it down, Chris Brown, Love more...One of my favorites. I smiled at him, with no reply. He started driving away, and I reached out and took his hand. His was limp in mine, and I curled my fingertips up, sliding along his inner palm. Still nothing. I turned in my seat, and ran my hand up his arm. Still nothing. "Don't be mad." "I'm not." He stared straight ahead, while he drove He had steel gauges in, and a sagging beanie, with a tight fitting sweater and jean shorts. I cleared my throat and locked my fingers in his. His fingers twitched, but he didn't respond. We didn't talk for a few minutes, until he cleared his throat, and then in a low raspy tone, he said, "So what's up?" "I'm trying to figure it out. What are you thinking?" "You tell me, cause it's kind of bogus you not getting back to me, and leaving me hanging."

I felt my face flush. I was embarrassed and could probably have started crying. He glanced over at me a couple times, and I saw the hurt in his eyes. I grabbed his hand again, and this time, he grabbed mine back. "I wanna be with you, but it's just complicated." "I wanna be with you too boo." He'd never called me that before. "I...I'm just all over the place." He turned and half smiled at me. "Yeah no shit babe. You're cray with that shit." he giggled, and I did too. We drove around for awhile more, and then pulled off at the laundry mat where he works part time. He went in to get his check, and I waited in the Jeep. He came out, and got in. "Off to the bank." He took my hand once we were on the main road again, and I felt my whole body relax.

We talked a little bit about me going to Caleb's for the weekend, and if he was ok with me still being with him...and with Donnie. I assured him it would all be ok, and it was some stupid love triangle I'd gotten into, but it didn't change the way I felt about any of the guys. I just had to figure out what to do, and if I wanted to maintain this whole thing.

He dropped me off at the dorm entrance, and I ran up the steps to our floor. I got into the dorm, expecting to see Caleb, but instead I found the dorm completely cleaned, and the futon folded up, and blankets and pillows stacked on the end. It looked great! I lay back on the futon, propped up on the stack of pillows and blankets, and checked through my messages. I was about to check out netflix on Caleb's ps3 and I heard a knock on the door. I got up and opened it, to find Donnie standing there in a towel and flip flops. His hair was wet and curly in his face, and he looked pissed. He barged passed me, and I closed the door turning to him. He pulled the towel off, and started to dry off. "Dude, Caleb is pissed the fuck off. He's waiting for Chris right now." "What?!" "Yeah, for real. I wasn't about to see shit hit the fan." "Why is he pissed off?" "He went through your phone and saw that he wanted you to ditch on the weekend with him." "Oh my God. I forgot to delete my texts." "Babe, you need to get on that shit." He picked my phone up and started deleting all of our messages.

"So wait, why is he mad at Chris though?" "He just said it was fucked up how you weren't allowed to just balance your life out without him fucking with him." "This has nothing to do with Caleb and Chris. I'm the idiot who keeps messing up." "Babe, you just need to keep shit in order." He walked over to me, and gave me a hug. He still felt wet, but it was nice to feel his body around mine. I just let myself go loose, and took in the scent of soap and his shampoo. He pulled back, and kissed me quickly on the lips, running his hands up and down my arms, pulling me back to him. I felt his dick pressing against me, and giggled against his chest. "You better wrap your towel up, Caleb's pissed remember?" "What? You think I can't take him?" I know you can, but still. Be nice." "You think he'd mind if I was naked up in here?"

I pulled back, and fake punched him. "Yeah, don't be an asshole." "Is he jelly of my swag?" He stood back, with his arms flexing, and jerked his hips, making his dick flap. "OK, yeah...now put your towel on!" I bent to pick his towel up. "Hey, while you're down there." I glanced over my shoulder, the threw the towel at him. "No." He laughed, and wrapped himself up. I got my phone off the futon, and sat down, to scroll through. He sat next to me, and put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me to him. "What's up?" "I'm trying to not think about Caleb being an asshole." "He's just jelly. I was too." I looked at him. "Why?" "Dude, Chris is beast. He could probably kick my ass." "Nah. You're tough." He smirked. "I'm glad you think I'm tough. I got you though." "Let's go to a movie or something." He pointed down at his crotch. "Like this?" "Ok, nevermind."

We sat and waited for a few minutes, and then Caleb came into the room. He was quiet and somber, and half his face was puffy and red. I got up off the futon, "what the fuck Caleb?" He turned away from me, and I reached out, turning his face to me. "What were you thinking?" He mumbled something about fucking off. "Hey! He's just worried about you." Donnie was next to me in a second. "Yeah? Well then go off and fuck him." I saw Donnie's chest puff out, and I pushed him aside. "No, just go Donnie. Leave him alone." Donnie glanced over to me, with his jaw clenched, and then left, closing the door loudly.

I hugged Caleb, and he hugged back. "Baby, why would you do this?" "I just wanted to talk to him." "I don't want you talking to him though. I don't want anything happening to you." "Nah. I got him good." I pulled back. "Why though? He didn't try to stop me from going with you last weekend." "Just...I don't know." He pulled away and grabbed some underwear out of his drawer. "I'm gonna go clean up a bit. I'll be right back." He quickly left, and I was alone again. I got up in my bunk, and pulled my blanket and sheets over my head. I felt like shit. I shared intimacy with each of the guys.

I woke up at 2AM with Caleb's arm draped around me, and his body close to mine. I squirmed, and turned to him. He moved slightly. "Mmm...what's up babe?" "Sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep." "Nah, you're good. I'm here." He pulled me close and I put my arms under his, around his chest. He kissed my neck. "I'm glad you're with me Caleb." "Yeah, I'll always be here with you, as long as you want me." I fell asleep again, and woke up to Caleb's alarm. He was snoring of course, and I nudged him awake. "Shit." He jumped out of the bunk, and grabbed his phone off his bunk. I leaned over, looking at his naked body. He had bruises on his left ribs and his face was starting to bruise too. I felt horrible. I slid off the bunk and walked up to him. He turned, smiling, and I hugged his neck. He hugged me back. "What's up babe?" "I just want to take care of you." "Nah, I'm good, for real" He held me tighter. "Just, promise me we'll have a good weekend." "I can't wait."


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