I waited for a few minutes, when the door opened. I turned to see who it was, and Donnie stood before me, in low sagging pajama pants, and no underwear. I must've looked shocked, because he scoffed and annoyingly said, "Oh, he's coming back?" "Yes. I'm sorry. I need to just spend some time with him for awhile." "Yeah, I get it."

I felt torn, because he was so fucking hot, and I had worked myself up about Caleb to this point, where I knew I had to finish what I started. I wasn't going to lose him. I saw slight disappointment in Donnie's eyes, as he shifted his wedight against the door frame. I saw his bulge move from right to left, and mine started shifting from soft to hard.

I pulled at the sheets, covering more of my stomach, and waited a moment, before I cleared my throat. "Nah, it's cool. We've been doin this for awhile, and I shouldn't assume I have any say in this." "It's not that D, I promise." "Yeah, I get it." "No, I just..." Just then Caleb walked up behind Donnie, glistening with drops of water, and his hair matted down. His body looked ripped, and his dark, wet body hair looked shiny and black, down the center of his body.

Donnie turned slightly, and then stepped back behind Caleb. "Well, I'll let you two commence, just hit me up later boo." "You wanna join us?" Caleb turned toward him. I was horrified, and aroused at the same time. "Man, get the fuck out." "Nah, for real. I know you two fuck anyway. Why not take it to the next step?" I was about to protest, when Donnie stepped in, closing the door behind him. I shifted where I lay, feeling myself instantly start to flush.

Caleb pulled his towel off, and started drying himself off, while Donnie came over, and sat next to me. "You want this?" He asked, with a slight look of concern on his face. I definitely did. I nodded, glancing over at Caleb. He smiled at me, and continued drying off. His dick was starting to grow, and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Donnie stood up, and pushed down the waistband of his pajama pants, letting them slide down, over his hardening dick. I got a whiff of his cocoa butter, as he leaned over, sliding to my other side.

I cleared my throat, and shifted back, as Caleb approached the bed, crawling in on my other side. I had my two loves next to me, and I didn't know what the fuck was going to happen.

Donnie put his arm around me, pulling me close to him, and leaned over, kissing me firmly on the lips, running his other hand down my chest, and stomach, under the sheet, and taking hold of my hardening dick. He had me solid in a couple of seconds. I moaned, while his tongue probed the inside of my mouth, and I could taste a hint of whatever mint he'd taken earlier. Caleb pressed himself up against me from behind, shifting our bodies, so he was perfectly spooning me. I felt his hard dick up between my ass crevice, and his fuzzy abs were against my lower back.

Donnie let go of my dick, pressing himself against me from the front, and reaching past me, to pull at Caleb's ass. I was sandwiched between their bodies, with my arms around Donnie's neck, and my leg pulled up over his side, with Caleb grinding his dick in between my thighs and ass. I felt completely aroused and overpowered, which made me horny as fuck. I moaned loudly, feeling the pressure on my asshole, from Caleb's solid shaft.

Donnie worked his lips down my neck, and shoulder, and I felt Caleb's flexed forearm pressing agsint mine, as his fingers grazed Donnie's cheek. Their bodies were so beastly against my smooth skin, and I soon felt sweaty between them.

We made out and grinded for a few minutes, until I felt Caleb work his way down my back, and soon he was eating me out. I moaned, as Donnie pulled my legs up, and worked himself underneath me, with me straddling his crotch. He giggled, and looked past me. "Caleb, dude, you're amazing." I turned and looked over my shoulder, seeing Caleb down there, assuming he was sucking on Donnie's dick. I turned back around, and Donnie's eyes were squinty, as he licked his lips.

I heard slurping, which confirmed what was happening. Every few seconds, he work work his lips between my cheeks, and over my hole, and alternate bak and forth. Donnie moaned loudly, and pulled me closer to him, planting his moist lips against mine. I was squirming, anticipating when someone would be inside me.

We made out while Caleb worked his way back and forth, pleasing both of us. I started grinding my ass against Donnie's hairy crotch, feeling his abl flexing beneath me. He was slowly jerking me off, while we kissed. "You're fucking thick dude." I heard Caleb mumble from behind me. "Yeah man, enjoy it." Donnie looked up at me, and winked.

I turned around, sliding down to work on Donnie's dick with Caleb. Donnie worked his lips over my puckered hole, and I moaned against his throbbing shaft. Caleb worked over his head, while I worked the thickness of his shaft, and the hairy base. Caleb's lips would meet mine, and we'd take a break to make out. I loved feeling Donnie tongue fuck me. He was good with his dick, but his lips were golden.

I took a break, resting my head between Donnie's thighs, feeling his balls pressed against my chin, while caleb continued sucking him off. I felt like I could cum from inside, while D worked his magic tongue in and out of me. Caleb ran his fingers through my hair, while he jerked Donnie's dick up and down, occasionally taking the head in his mouth. Donnie slapped my ass, and shifted his weight, pulling up into a sitting position.

"Baby, come get on top of me." He grabbed at my waist, as I sat up. I watched Caleb's eyes watching me. He didn't lose focus, as I lowered myself onto Donnie's thick dick, closing my eyes and biting my lip, as he penetrating me deeply. I sat all the way down, feeling him pushing aside anything that was in the way of his manhood. I leaned forward, bracing myself against Calebs fuzzy chest. "Damn baby, you're so hot right now." He was kissing my neck, and his hands were at my sides.

Donnie started lightly thrusting at the hips, pushing me up and down against Caleb's muscular torso. I moaned against Caleb's shoulder, holding onto his arms, with trembling hands. I could cum any second. I pulled back, and pressed my lips against Caleb's. He was passionate, and soft, while he worked over my top lip, and then down to the bottom lip. He was biting at me, and moaning softly in my mouth. I wanted him so bad, feeling D's thickness deep inside me.

Donnie fucked me for awhile, the whole time I made out with, and talked dirty with Caleb. He told me how hard his dick was, and sat back so I could watch the precum oozing out of his dick head. He stroked himself in front of me for a little while, telling me how bad he wanted to bust up inside me. I felt my eyes rolling back in my skull, feeling Donnie's dick filling every available space inside of me. He was moaning and talking dirty as well, occasionally smacking my ass cheeps with an open palm.

I almost fell over, while he started quickening his motions, telling me how close he was to cumming, and how tight my ass was around his dick. He had me edging for the longest time, and then I let out a few higher pitched moans and grunts, pulling me down hard onto his dick, and holding me there, while he pulsed and flexed inside of me. I felt him shoot his load inside me, while he pressed his face against my back, holding me still. He was shaking by the time he was done, and I rested back against his heaving chest.

My dick was throbbing, on the edge of cumming, while Caleb slowly hunched over our sweaty bodies, kissing along my neck, and chest, and back up to my face. He took my cheeks in his hands, and softly kissed along my forehead, and down the center of my nose, back down to my lips. "Damn, I want to be in you baby." "Mmmm, I want you so bad Caleb." He moaned, and pressed his lips against mine, while he pulled at me, from under my arms. I sat up slowly, feeling Donnie pulled thickly out of me, his dick throbbing every inch of the way.

I felt him flop out of me, with a slow slurp, and then I was against Caleb. He was kissing my neck and face, and I felt his throbbing dick twitching against my thighs, and dick. I wanted him in me so bad. Last, but definitely not least. He pulled back, laying at the foot of our joined beds, with me on top of him. He was pulling at my cheeks, as I felt Donnie's cum slowly trickling out of my clenching hole, in little waves. Caleb had a couple of fingers inside me, pressing against the outer walls of my ass, playing with Donnie's cum, and swirling around the outer hole.

I felt his dick head press against my hole, as it gaped and closed for him to enter me. I sighed breathlessly in his ear for him to fuck me, as he giggled, and pushed his way in. He felt amazing, as he slipped in, easier than I'd been penetrated before.

I felt relaxed, as he glided his dick all the way inside me. He pulled away for a moment, looking over at Donnie. "Dude, your load feels amazing around my dick." "Yeah man, got it all lubed up for you." He turned back to me, pressing his lips against mine. We made out while he fucked me slowly at first, and then he got quicker.

I was moaning while he fucked me, hearing little slurps from my loaded ass, with him penetrating me, pulling out and pushing back in. I wanted him to finish me off quickly, but at the same time, I was enjoying this experience. We fucked for a few minutes, with Donnie coaxing us along the way, talking about how hot we were, and how fucking amazing Caleb's dick looked going in and out of me.

I felt the familiar rise, as I pulled my lips off of Caleb's, but before I could say anything, started shooting my load all over his chest and abs. He winced, and bit his lip, moaning a low "Fuck baby," as I felt him cum inside me. It was too much for my ass to handle, clearly. I felt his cum shooting into me, pushing out whatever was already in there. My ass instantly felt wet on the outside, as cum escaped, draining quickly out around the edges of Caleb's dick, and out toward my cheeks. The cool dorm air met the warm liquid, cooling off my ass in a second.

I pulled off of Caleb, awkwardly, as he moaned for me to stay on top. I reached behind me, to stop the flow of cum, glancing down to see he was still cumming. I grabbed his dick, and quickly jerked him, while he thrusted his hips, and grabbed my arm. He started shooting again, but smaller gobs of cum, as he orgasmed a second time.

He was moaning, and cursing, while I finished him off, and feeling Donnie behind me, with his fingers in my ass. He was finger fucking me lightly, and pulling out what was left inside of me. I lay on top of Caleb's chest, watching the last of his cum trickle out of the head. He was breathing heavy, and his fingers were running through my hair. I felt Donnie rubbing my back, and kissing my neck. He was soon behind me, spooning me from behind, with his arm draped over me, and his lips on my shoulder. I felt his limp dick against my ass, and his hairy legs pressing up behind mine.

We lay like that for awhile, completely forgetting about classes, or the fact of what had just happened. I dozed off, feeling complete, and a little exhausted.

I woke up a couple of hours later, to the sound of knocking on the door. Caleb sat up quickly, and Donnie shifted against me from behind. The dorm was lit by the sun coming in from the window, and Caleb groggily pulled on a pair of sweats, and answered the door, immediately closing it, and turning toward us, mouthing "It's chris."


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