I turned and walked calmly down the hall. I heard Patrick's door close quietly behind me, and I headed out to the commons. It suddenly felt hot, so I took my hoodie off, and tied it around my waist. I didn't want to go back to the dorm. I didn't want to do anything right now, except be away from this place. I went to the parking lot, and got in my truck, and started it up. It chugged a little, and then died. Damnit! I think I saw the gas light flash, but I wasn't thinking clearly.

Caleb had done to me, what I'd done to him. I mean, not in this moment, cause this ONE time, i didn't fuck anyone else, but he'd done it anyway, just to show me. Or did he have feelings for Patrick? No, he couldn't have. He just spent an amazing weekend with ME. I was frustrated, but more at myself. It's not even his fault. This is the problem. I'm mad at him for doing something, that I can't stop doing myself. Fucking other guys, even though I know we should be together.

A million things were running through my mind, but I couldn't focus on just one. I tried to compartmentalize them in my mind, but I just felt overwhelmed and out of breath. I opened the door, and got out, and started to walk down the sidewalk, toward the busier side of campus. I wanted coffee, or a donut, or something. Something to put in my mouth to make my imaginary voice shut up.

I was almost past all the dorms, when I heard Caleb's voice yelling for me. I turned, and saw him running toward me. I turned around and kept walking. I pretended to look at my phone, but it was dead.

"What are you doing babe?" "Just out for a walk." "At 7:00? We have class in an hour and a half." "Yeah, I just wanted some fresh air." "Stop walking, and look at me damnit." I turned and played with my phone case for a second. "I was blowing off steam, but I'm sorry I hurt you." "You're not doing anything wrong. It's me." "No, I did it to get back at you." "Why though? I thought you understood what was going on." "I don't. I've never understood this whole fuck circle thing you've got going on with D & Chris." "I didn't even sleep with him last night." He closed his eyes and bit his lip, looking down. "I....I guess I thought..." "I know. You thought I couldn't wait to just jump into bed with Donnie as soon as we got back." His lip quivered a little, and I reached out, hugging his neck.

"Fuck...I'm sorry babe." "It's ok. I'm more mad at myself." "Why?" He pulled back, wiping at his eyes. "Cause I love you, and I don't need anything from those guys that you don't already give me." He smiled slightly, and looked down at me. "I didn't even have fun doing it." "Doing patrick?" "He's such a bitch. He kept telling me to stop the whole time, and I felt shitty doing it behind your back." "Ok, well going forward, no more fucking skanks." "Going forward, no more fucking anyone else." Now I felt myself getting emotional. "I..." "Shhh, I'm just kidding. You'll need time to adjust to this." He gave me a hug, and I hugged him back.

We walked through the morning lit lawns, surrounded by fresh air and a few students with early classes. "You know, this weekend I really felt like we became closer." "Me too. I loved every second, and I wish every day was like that." "Well, we have to finish school, and get jobs after this, but I think we can come to a midway point." "Yeah?" "Yeah. I mean, hopefully we become successful business guys, and we can buy a country house, and be naked all the time." I felt myself becoming flushed. "I hope so too." He reached out, and brushed his fingers under my palm, as we got closer to our dorm.

We walked up together, and as soon as the door was shut and locked behind him, Caleb pulled me to him, and kissed me like he'd never kissed me before. I fell forward and kept my eyes closed the entire time. It was romantic, sensual, and powerful. I felt like skipping classes, and fucking him all day, but I knew the catch up would be hell.

He finally pulled back, and I caught my breath. My heart was racing, and I felt his was too.
We started giggling, and he pulled my face close to his chest, muffling my voice. "No more of these mixups ok booger?" "Ok." I mumbled against his shirt. I pulled back, when I got a whiff of an unknown fragrance. "Ok, Patrick's cologne, time to shower babe." "What?" He pulled at his shirt, smelling it. "Shit. Sorry." He peeled his shirt off, and I took all of him in. "It's ok. I get to see you shirtless before class." He smirked, and undid his jeans, pushing them down.

He stood before me in his boxer briefs, bulging in the contoured pouch. He crossed his arms, and winked at me, smiling. "Damn..." He kicked his jeans off, while I sat at the edge of the bed, and slipped his finger tips under the band of his underwear, and slowly pushed them down. Every inch of revealing, made me harder and harder. His thick, curly pubes poufing out the top, and then the start of his shaft, then more shaft, then his balls, and then all of him. He sprang forth, and his dick thickened, and lowered before me.

I gulped hard, and adjusted myself on the mattress. Caleb stepped forward, and put his hands on my shoulders, straddling over my lap. He worked his hips side to side, swinging his heavy dick in my face, like a pendulum. I reached up, and tugged on his head, as he moaned. "You like that baby?" "I'd like it even more inside me." "Yeah?" "Yeah, if you can shower, and fuck me in the next hour, we can make it to class on time." He pulled back, and grabbed a towel from the stack, wrapping it around his waist. "Challenge accepted. Don't leave babe."

He left quickly, and I put my phone on the charging base, and straightened up the bed, with fresh sheets and pillow cases. I stripped out of my clothes, and pulled the sheets up to my stomach, leaning back against the pile of pillows behind me...


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