I loved the way Caleb's happy trail tickled my stomach. I pressed in as close as I could, with his scruffy face grazing my neck, and his hands pulling at my ass cheeks. The love seat was overstuffed, and cozy, but it allowed for only so much body contact. I pulled back, kissing his lips quickly, and walked toward the bed. "Babe, come back." I turned and shook my head, pushing my dick down, and letting it bounce back up. "I want all of you, and that thing is a sink hole. He looked like a little kid, completely sunken into the center crevice of the cushions. His arms were reaching toward me, and his dick to the ceiling. I giggled, walking toward him, reaching my hands out. He grabbed them, pulling me down to him. Fuck, his strength. "It's a love seat. Where lovers who love each other, make love." "Oh, is that how this works?" He maneuvered his body over mine, pushing me back into the canvassed fabric. His face grazed mine, and his lips worked their way down to my chest. 

I let myself go limp, while he cupped the small of my back with his left hand, and held hands with me, with his right. His lips were playing with my nipples, and I spread my legs open, letting him fill the space, with his strong shoulders separating my thighs, and cradling my hard shaft with his thick trail of curly hairs. He worked his way lower, and took me in his mouth. I moaned, running my free hand through his thick, dark hair. His scalp was warm, and the faint hint of chlorine reached my nostrils. 

He lovingly caressed my under shaft with his tongue, rubbing my dick head under the roof of his mouth. His teeth lightly brushed the sensitive skin, making me gasp quietly. He pulled off, looking up at me. "Babe, are you ok?" "Yeah, I love what you do to me." He smirked, and went back down on me. He bobbed his head a couple times, then pulled his lips off me, to focus on my balls, which had risen up to meet my shaft. He flicked his tongue playfully at them, and worked his lips down the center of their soft sack, nestling his face in the sensitive space between my dick and ass. He worked his mouth over every inch of the smooth, warm space, and I felt my hole puckering.

He lifted my legs, and I hugged my thighs, fully exposing my most sensitive spot to him. He worked his tongue in and out of me, while I moaned, and clenched my ass lips around his tongue. He nibbled just outside the ring, and then kissed the lips lightly, sending ripples of pleasure through my entire form. I started precumming, and freed a hand, to wipe at the head, and taste the salty liquid on my lips. I longed for him to fill me up. I wanted his body on me, his lips on my lips, his dick inside me. In this moment, I wanted all of his manhood, taking over the deepest parts of me. 

I surrendered to him, as he adjusted himself in the mounting position. He arched over me, kissing my lips deeply, as he pushed his dick inside me, inch by inch. I moaned in his mouth, while he filled me up, pushing all the way in, til I could feel him pushing against the wall of tissue and muscle that prevented him from totally splitting me open. His soft bushy pubes caressed my balls, and shaft, and I felt his thick chest and ab muscles expand against my smooth body, while we kissed. He flexed his dick up and down, forcing more pre cum out of my dick head. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling my legs up, and hugging his sides.

He slowly fucked me. He said my name over and over. He told me how good it felt fucking me, how good it was to take me over. He flexed his dick, flexed his chest, and his arms, showing me who was boss. He knew that I knew he could break me, but he chose not to. I knew that he knew, in spite of anything else going on, he was the one. He was my Alpha. He could have me whenever and wherever he wants. He would pause every now and then, looking me in the eyes, and smile at me. He played with my hair, pushing it back behind my ears, and press his fingertips to my lips, parting them, and peering inside my mouth. "I love you." "I love you too."

He pulled back, cupping his hands under my arms, and leading me up to him. He stayed inside me with his arms around me, kissing my lips. His scruffy chin tickled mine, and I giggled in his mouth. "What?" He pulled away, smiling. "It tickles, that's all." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah." He rubbed his face all over my face and neck, making me laugh uncontrollably. He pulled back, and kissed my chin. "You wanna wake up the guys?" "Stop it then!" I punched his chest. He pushed me back, pulling out of me, and reaching his hand down. I took it, and got up, following him to the bed. He got in after me, kissing at my ass, while i adjusted the pillows. I lay on my back, spreading my legs, anticipating him. He slowly crawled toward me. "You ready for this?" He was half whispering. "I want it bad." "Yeah?" "I do...Give it to me." He rested back on his heels, flexing his dick up and down, giving himself a few jerks. He pushed the foreskin back over his head, pulling at the skin, and making the familiar oval shape. 

"Remember our first time messing around, and I told you it was like fucking a little vagina or ass?" "Yeah." I loved when he played with his dick. "I'd never fucked a girl, only guys." "I kind of figured, when you put your finger in my ass, and insisted I sit in your lap while we jerked off." His smile faded, and he got serious. "I really do love you." "I know." "When I'm inside you, I just want to be in you, and over you, and with you, like all the time." "I feel the same..." I stopped myself, realizing how ridiculous that probably sounded. "I want to marry you Lucas." I felt my throat tighten, and my lips open. A million thoughts flooded my mind, and I had to force myself to smile, and close my eyes. I tilted my head back, sighing loudly. 

I looked back up, and felt the tears forming in my eyes. I was breaking him. I sat up, and fell into him, hugging his neck. I realized it's exactly what I wanted. I found myself in three different loves, and I knew this was the one that really mattered. I could trust him, and I could be with him. He kissed my neck, leaning against me, til I fell back against the softness of the duvet and pillows. He was over me, kissing me, and telling me he loved me. He was inside me in a moment, and slowly thrusting his manhood in and out of me. I let him take over. His hands under my thighs, his mouth on mine, his words against my skin, and his hot breath all over my neck and face. We were sweating and breathing heavy, and probably making the bed creak, but I didn't care.

I felt myself edging closer and closer to orgasm, and I looked up in his eyes, seeing the same in him. We didn't say a word. We kept eye contact, until my eyes started fluttering, and I saw his eyes narrow, and he bit his lip, as sweat dripped from his forehead, onto mine. I held his face in my hands, feeling myself cum, and simultaneously feeling him throb inside me, emptying his love into me. I closed my eyes, and felt the weight of his body on me, pushing me deeper into the bed. He ran his hands up and down my outer thighs while he throbbed and jerked inside me. I could feel the twitching of his dick against my prostate, and I slowly felt my own dick calm, as the cum became a slow trickle between our bodies. 

We lay like that for awhile, and then he rolled over, quickly pulling out of me, as I felt a brief coolness of air inside the inner lips of my throbbing asshole. I was wet with him, I smelled of him, and I was becoming his. He ran his fingertips across my moist shoulder, as I turned away from him, backing into his body, feeling him press up against me. He was still hard, and so was I. He kissed my back, running his fingers to the front of me, and pressing into my abdomen, pulling me back til there was no space between our bodies. I felt myself drifting, and soon I was asleep.

I dreamt of us. I remember vividly, a car ride, out to his parents', with the sun, the breeze, and a dnce album playing. Our hands were intertwined, and I just kept watching him. I can't remember what we talked about, but his voice was very familiar in my dream, and I agreed with everything he was saying. We found a spot off the road, and made out, and made love. 

I woke up abruptly, and felt him breathing behind me. I was sweaty, and warm, and got up, to open the window. The cold air hit me hard, and I lost my breath for a second. I closed my eyes, breathing it in, and feeling instatly cooler. I closed the window, and shuffled around, looking for my clothes, and remembering the night before. I opened his drawers, and found some boxer briefs, pulling them on, and stepped out into the hall. It was still night, and only the sounds of humming from the kitchen could be heard. I walked past Donnie's room, hearing nothing, and reached the bathroom. Chris's light was on, and I peeked around the corner. He was sleeping with his netflix playing on his ipad. I wanted to turn it off for him, but decided against it.

I stepped into the bathroom, and peed, seeing all the dried cum spots on my body, and picking at them, while they flaked off, falling into the rumbling water. I flushed, and washed my hands, feeling Caleb draining out of my ass, and soaking through his boxer briefs. Shit. I hurriedly shut the light off, and shuffled back to his room, getting in bed, and feeling his movements. "You ok?" He was half asleep, and his voice was scratchy. "Yeah, I had to pee." "Alright, come here." He reached for me, and I slipped out of his underwear, and nestled in. "I kind of leaked in your boxer briefs." "No bigs, It's my mess anyway." He giggled through his nose, pulling me close. I fell asleep shortly after, and woke up again to the sound of the tv blaring from the living room. 

I sat up, rubbing my face. "What the fuck." Caleb jumped off the bed, running to the door. His bare ass disappearing around the corner, into the hall. I heard him yelling down the stairs to turn it down, and some muffled apology from Chris. I lay back against the pillows, draping my arm over my face. Caleb came back in, closing the door behind him, and I felt him climb into bed, and get behind me. "Stupid ass." "What was he even watching?" "VH1. He doesn't even like rock." "Yeah no shit." 

The sun was shining in through the half window that I'd forgotten to cover after I got some air last night. I felt Caleb still over me, and I opened my eyes, looking up at him smiling down at me. "You want to sleep more? Or..." I felt him press his hard dick against my thigh. He bit his lip, and furrowed his brow. "He won't go back down, now that I've seen you naked here." I reached up, softly slapping him across the face. "You animal." "Hey, you loved it last night." I propped up on my elbows, pulling my legs up, exposing myself. "Help yourself." 

"Fuck yeah!" He was quickly between me, spitting on my hole, and rubbing his fingers in and out of me. I felt his cum from the night before, loosen inside me, and soon, he had the leftovers, coating my outer ass lips, pushing his dick head up against me. He moaned, while he pushed himself inside. He quickly thrusted in and out of me, grunting, and biting my ear lobe, talking dirty while he breathed his hot breath on my neck. "Fuck baby, fuck you feel good." He was quickly getting close, and I was just getting into it, when I felt him lose control, and explode inside me. "Fuck yeah..." He moaned in my ear, collapsing down on top of me. 

He was breathing loudly against me, his heart racing, and his sweaty body sliding against mine. I pressed my face to his head, feeling his thick hair brushing my eyes and nose. He panted against me, and I just held him. I could feel his dick flexing inside me, when there was a knock at the door. "Don't come in." Caleb said, out of breath. "I'm taking off man." Chris sounded irritated. "What?" "I'm. Taking. Off." Caleb looked at me, questioningly. I shrugged my shoulders, and felt him going limp inside me. He looked down, and slowly pulled out of me. "Sorry babe. I'm going to talk to him." I nodded, and he got up, digging for some clothes, and finding jeans to pull on, as he stepped out of the room. 

I felt him draining out of me again, and got up, grabbing a towel to pull around my waist. I headed for the bathroom, running into Donnie in the hall. "Hey babe, how'd you sleep?" "Um, what's going on with Chris?" "I don't know. He's salty as fuck though." "Why?" "I'm not sure, but he was pissy all morning." "What time is it?" "It's like three in the afternoon." "Oh shit." "Yeah, he's been a bitch all day, you better handle it." I walked past him to the bathroom, closing the door behind me, and started up the shower. I felt like this was a breaking point. What if he was just sick of being up here? There really wasn't much going on except all the sex, and site seeing. I hurriedly showered, pushing as much of Caleb's cum out of me as I could without shitting myself. 

I toweled off with a fresh bath sheet, wrapping it around me, and went to my room. I got dressed, and went downstairs. The house seemed empty, and I saw some coffee in the pot. I poured a cup, and added creamer, resting against the counter, and waited. I heard my phone going off upstairs, and ran up to get it. It was Donnie. "Hey babe, yeah Chris is out." "He left for real?" "Yeah, we just picked up a rental. He wanted to head back on some shit." "Ok, well..." "You ready? We can stop by and pick you up." "Yeah, I'll get my coat on."

I hung up, and went downstairs, getting my coat and boots on. The guys pulled up in a Suburban and I ran out, getting in the back. Caleb turned back, winking at me. "Hey," my eyes adjusted to the light. "Hey," he waited for me to get my seat belt on. "So, we're going to check out this home style place with half pound burgers." "Ok, sounds good." "Yeah, I know how you like your meat." Donnie put his fist behind the seat, waiting for me to bump him. Caleb punched him under the arm. "Shit, I'm just playin!" Caleb scanned for a decent station, but a lot of it was local advertisements.

We pulled up, and walked in quickly. It was pretty cold, and the place seemed pretty open. We got seated right away, with a table over looking the parking lot. I sat across from Caleb, and Donnie got in by me. Caleb raised his eyes at me, and then quickly looked over the menu. We all got waters, and Donnie started talking about how Chris had acted all morning. Caleb nodded, uninterested, and occasionally looked up at me with a smile in his eyes. I'd smile back, and look back at my menu. Donnie eventually stopped talking, and I looked up, seeing him watching me. "What's up with you two?" "What do you mean?" "I mean, something's going on." He rolled his eyes glancing over his menu. I put my hand on his arm, feeling him tighten up. "Sorry. I'm still tired, and I just think Chris needs some time, or whatever." "Yeah well, now I'm the third wheel, so fuck that." I felt bad, but there was absolute truth in what he said. Without Chris here, Caleb and I didn't have time to be just us, without someone there to hang out with Donnie.

The guys ordered the half pound burgers, and I ordered steak tips and mashed potatoes with gravy. it came with a corn on the cob, but I gave it to Donnie. The steak tips were so chewy, I didn't really talk much during lunch. Caleb had the waitress put my food on his check. "Thank you>" I smiled across the table at him. "You're welcome." He ran his foot up my leg under the table. Donnie didn't say much on the way back to the bungalow, and as soon as we got there, he went to his room. I wasn't going to stop him, but part of me wanted to make him feel better. I was just loving this moment with Caleb. I actually felt like we were a couple, and it was like an ongoing after glow from the night before. I love this man.

We watched tv, and cuddled on the couch. Our feet were intertwined, and warm, and his arm was around my shoulders. There was a commercial break, and he quickly flipped the blanket over us, pushing me down, against the arm of the couch. We made out til the show started again, and came up for air. I felt warm, and I felt the static through my hair. I heard Donnie's door open, and his footsteps on the way down. "Damn, you guys should just go back to your room." He messed my hair up, as he walked by. "Lookin all caught in the moment and shit." I ran my fingers through my hair, realizing it was standing straight up in the middle. Caleb watched me, giggling. "What..." I stuck my tongue out. "Nothin, but you do look like you just got caught doing something wrong." I smiled, and got off the couch. 

I went to the kitchen, and helped Donnie get the dishes out of the dishwasher, putting them up in the cupboard by the sink. "So, are you two gettin close or what?" He was practically whispering. "Yeah, but I think we all got closer up here," I whispered back. "Nah, I mean, do you think you'll be serious with him?" He looked over, and saw his big dark eyes looking down at me, with concern. I looked away quickly, feeling my face flush. "I...I guess we will be." "So...Are you done with me?" I shook my head, and set the plate I was holding, down. "I don't think I could ever do that to you D." He nodded slowly, picking up the plate I had set down, and put it in the cupboard, leaning in, and quickly kissed my lips. "Alright babe, I'm still yours." He closed the dish washer, and went back out to the living room.

I smiled, but in an odd way I didn't like it. I had become so used to this threesome of security, that I didn't imagine it any other way. Could I really be just a one guy, guy? I wanted to get through the rest of the year, and think it through. Was Caleb serious? Was this just in the moment of where we were? Was the mountain air making him think things he really didn't think? Was Donnie jealous, or just competing with the idea of Caleb and me being a couple? I watched a cardinal play in one of the little snow drifts on the ledge of the porch. I wanted to be with Caleb forever, but for right now, wasn't this just ok for us to share? I hated myself for a second, realizing how selfish it was to not fully consider his feelings. 

I went back to the living room, seeing Caleb sitting there, watching tv, with the blanket still draped open, waiting for me. He smiled, and put his arm up, waiting for me. I got in, and pulled the blanket back over. He cleared his throat, and turned toward me. "I know last night was special. I don't want you feeling pressure, but I do want you to know I meant it all." I looked at him, smiling. "I know. And I love you." He leaned in, kissing my lips, putting his free hand to the side of my face. 

We watched more tv, and soon it was getting dark in the house. Caleb got up, and turned on a lamp. He yawned, looking at his watch. "Wanna call it a night?" "YES." I got up, excitedly, folded up the blanket and followed him upstairs. He stripped and got in bed, and I left my underwear on, getting in after him. He pulled me close, and kissed my cheek. We lay there for a while, til I felt myself drifting off. My mind found a peaceful place, and all the mixed thoughts of the day were put to the back, as I let myself wander into sleep.


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