****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Eric’s POV*****************************************************

After my mom shut the door I collapsed on my bed from total exhaustion from beating my meat I laid on my bed thinking to myself. I only closed my eyes for a second just to think about how much my life had changed in the last few months When I had finished thinking to myself my eyes popped open when I realized that I had left the camcorder on my computer

“Shit I left the computer on!” I said jumping up out of my bed

I ran over to the computer desk shaking the mouse, and sure enough the computer had recorded everything, the masturbation, my riding the dildo while it drilled my ass, and even almost being caught by my mom.

I turned the camcorder off, but no sooner had I collapsed onto my bed, I once more heard my mother knocking on my door “Honey open the door”

Hold on” I said as I pulled a shirt over my muscular chest. It was incredibly tight and it fitted my body hugging my muscular frame very snuggly.

After I made sure the shirt was nicely on my body I walked towards the door and slowly turned the knob.

“Yes mom” I said, opening the door

“Come down to eat Eric, I made dinner”

“What’s for dinner mom?” I said, as I followed my mother downstairs towards the dining room.

“I made spaghetti” she said with a smile

My father was already sitting at the dining room table when I entered the dining room. I sat down beside him in the empty seat. I waited for my mother to bring the food to the table.

My mother brought three plates and soon she had dumped a nice helping of spaghetti onto each of them”

“What about Aiden and Emily?” I asked concerned about why my two siblings were not present at the table and why my mother had not set a place for them.

“Oh your brother and sister are out with friends, Its fine me and your father kind of wanted to have a little talk with you, while we had you here” my mother said, sitting down by the nearby place set next to me.

“Hello, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you son” my father chuckled to himself as he twisted the spaghetti around on his fork, slowly moving the fork of spaghetti towards his mouth letting it enter.

“Honey that’s because he’s always over Michael’s house” my mother giggled between mouthfuls of spaghetti.

“That Chandler boy?” my father asked

“Yes honey, from the Chandler family”

“Yeah Dad, Michael and I are really close and we care for each a lot” I said weakly

“Honey, I was talking to Martha at the grocery store and she told me that the Chandlers are having a black-tie gala at the Chandler Hotel to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research hospital” my mom smiled to herself.

“The Chandler family has held a looming presence on this town for years, there just bad news” my father said

“Honey the Chandler family has done a lot for this town, you and I both know that. Just think of all the children this gala will benefit”

“Carol you know that this benefit is just a show so that they can get a tax-right off for supposedly helping the community out”

“Carol you and I both know that family is nothing but trouble, and there just a bunch of rich snobbish high yellows if you ask me”

“Honey, even if that’s the truth the gala is the social event of the season and Martha said it was going to be televised so I’m going to record it on DVR because I just can’t wait to see what all those glamorous people are wearing on the red carpet”

“Carol why would you want to see a bunch of beautiful snobs behaving badly, when you can just watch one of those Soap operas?”

“Because it’s the social event of the season” my mom said beaming from ear to ear

“The Chandler’s are nothing but trouble, I swear they are no good”

“Dad don’t say that about Michael’s family”

“Why not, the Chandlers are nothing but trouble, and that Victor Chandler is a ruthless cold blooded bastard and his grandson could very well be exactly like him?”

“Dad please don’t say that, Michael’s not like that”

“Why the hell not?”

“Because he’s my boyfriend, and I love him ok” I shouted out at him. A small amount of spit flying from my mouth as I yelled at my father.

“Wait, what, when did this happen?”

“Honey you remember what I told you last night” my mother interjected

“I remember your mother telling me that you were gay, but never in a million years would I have ever expected that you would get involved with one of those damn Chandlers”

“Well dad you better get used to it”

“Why is that Eric?”

“Because he might be your son-in-law one day”

“Over my dead body, do you even know what the Chandlers did to this family?”

“Honey that was so long ago…”

“I don’t give a damn about how long ago it was, it was unforgivable what they did to my family”

“Michael is MY BOYFRIEND, and I will not listen to any other despicable thing you have to say about him or his family” I said storming up the stairs

Once I got to my room I slammed the door roughly. Even after my door was shut and locked I was still fuming with anger. How could my father say such things about my boyfriend and about his friend, and more importantly what the hell was he talking about when he said that the Chandler family wronged our family years ago?

The only thing that calmed me down and snapped me back into reality was the ringing of my phone. When I picked it up I saw that it was from Michael. I lighted up when I read his message. It said “Hey. Babe I’m free tomorrow you should come over and help me decorate my Christmas tree, and afterwards you can help me stuff my stockings” adding a smiley face at the end.

After a few minutes in my room, I stormed back down the stairs carrying my backpack. I walked across the living room, I hugged and kissed my mother and I headed for the door. Just as I was about to turn the door knob I heard my father in the background.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“I’m going to Michael’s I can’t take it here any longer” I yelled as I slammed the door behind me. Once I go into my car I put the key in and drove off. I was driving down the road angry the whole time, it was only a miracle that I managed to reach Michael’s House without crashing my car in a fit of rage.

When Michael opened the front door he was just standing there in a towel, which clung to his sexy body, leaving nothing to be imagined. His pecs, his chest, and damn those tight sculpted abs of his were glistening with a fresh spray of water from a recent shower.

****Scene 2: Michael’s POV********************************************

I had texted Eric just before my parents had went out for the night. After my parents had left I hopped into the shower. I had not been in the shower for fifteen minutes before I heard the sound of banging on the front door.

I had managed to let the cool water run all over my big round pecs, down my chest, dripping down the valley that was formed by every one of my abs. But I had barely soaped up my dick good before I was rushing downstairs in nothing but a towel to cover my ass.

Opening the door I was relieved to see that it was Eric’s handsome face that was staring back at me and not my parents or worse my aunt, god forbid

“Hello Eric, I’m kind of busy right now, what’s up?”

“Hey babe, didn’t you get my text I sent you before I left?” Eric said

I picked up my phone sitting on the kitchen table and sure enough I had a message. It read “Hey Mike, I’m coming over, hope I can spend the night Kind don’t want to go home. Love, Eric”

Eric’s message made me smile. Turning back to face him, “Eric of course you can spend the night, why don’t you want to go home?”

“Damn dude you look sexy in that towel, and your ass is looking so delicious too” Eric said poking me in my abs and causing me to flinch.

“I know babe, I really have been working out a lot. Besides you’re chest looks great in that tight shirt of yours.” I chucked as I squeezed Eric’s bicep as he flexed his arm for me.

“In other news I feel like I’m slightly underdressed” I laughed to myself, noticing that I was only wearing nothing but a towel that was wrapped scantily around my waist.

“Babe I think your dressed just right” Eric said yanking the towel from my waist and leaving me standing in the middle of my kitchen completely naked my muscular body still covered with faint spray of water that left my body glistening in the light.

“Eric give me the towel, I need that”

“Take it from me” he said with shit eating grin on his face.

“Ok I will” chasing him around the kitchen island. Even though I was still completely butt naked. God I hope no one saw me running around my kitchen chasing Eric completely naked.

Each time I ran around one side of the island, Eric would run the completely opposite side. Eric and I repeated this routine for a while before we were both out of breath, he at one end panting and I at the other panting still naked.

“Eric this has been really fun, but I really need to go finish taking my shower. You interrupted me right when I was just getting ready to soap up my dick and get it all nice and clean”

“Mike if you want I can get it clean for you” he said smiling as he licked is lips

“Sorry Babe, maybe later” I said as I took the towel from his hand and walked still butt naked back upstairs to the shower. Ten minutes later I finished showering. I dried off and threw on some shorts and a tank top and entered my bedroom

When I entered my bedroom, Eric was just sitting there on the bed starring off into space. Eric was definitely in deep thought. I just slowly slid onto the bed beside him and patted his leg.

 “Eric, what is this about? You know you can always talk to me”

“Babe, I just don’t know what to do” he said letting his head fall into his hands as he hung his head.

“Babe talk to me” I said as I rubbed my hand over his back, trying my best to comfort him

“I got into a fight with my Dad”


“Because of you”

“Why me?” I asked a little taken by surprised at his response

“Well it wasn’t not so much about you as it was about his hatred of your family”

“Why does he hate my family?” I asked still rubbing Eric’s back

“He didn’t say, he just mentioned that the Chandler Family wronged his family years ago. I don’t know what he meant by it, but I need to know so that I can understand where he’s coming from better”

“Promise me you will help me find out why my father has a grudge against your family” Eric said as he gazed into my eyes.

“Eric what if you find something you don’t like?” I asked trying not to sound worried

“Babe you don’t have to worry, nothing I find could ever make me not love you.” He said hugging me tightly and kissing me on the forehead

Taking me in his arms Eric laid me down on my bed. We kissed, our tongues swirling around in our mouths. His tongue exploring the inside of my mouth as he kissed me passionately.

Eric kissed me strongly and roughly. When I was still confused by my sexuality I had kissed a few girls, but not one of those kisses had felt as good or as right as the ones that I received from Eric.

Coming up for air and pulling away from my lips, Eric said to me “Babe we have been dating for over two months, that’s two months of sharing my life with you, but I really want to share a lifetime with you” kissing me roughly.

“Awww Eric that is so sweet” kissing Eric once more on the lips, feeling his warm lips pressed tightly against mine.

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV********************************************

After laying in Michael’s bed kissing for a solid five minutes, we were once more in a similar position with Michael’s big bubble butt sitting firmly on my face as I ate his ass like it was the last ass on earth. Michael’s parents were going to gone all night in preparation for the Winter Gala so we could each be as loud as we wanted.

As luck would have it, Mike’s siblings were also away so that left us completely alone in his parents’ house, left to our own devices, to fuck and make love as we pleased.

Laying on Michael’s bed, my head rested nicely on his pillow my vision was actually obscured by Mike’s muscular ass seated firmly on my face. When you asked Mike to sit on your face he really sat on it. There was nothing I liked more than to have my face between those two ass bubble cheeks of his.

Sticking out my tongue, I licked and slurped on his ass, tasting in the salty manly taste. As I ate Mike’s ass I took in his manly scent. A scent that drove me wild with a mixture of love and lust. As I licked the sweat from his ass and balls, Mike moaned with pleasure.

“OH ERIC, That’s it”

“Lick every inch of my sweaty balls” he said as I slobbered all over his balls that hung down onto my face

Mike squeezed his ass muscles tightly causing them to flex as I dragged my tongue across his ass coating in ass in my saliva and hot mouth juices. I used my tongue as an invader as it forced its way into Mike’s puckering hole.

My tongue explored the confines of his ass, marking its territory by lapping up everything and covering it with globs of spit that I helped introduce to Michael’s sexy ass.

“Ohhhhhh….yesss… Babe I love sitting on your face, but I love it when you fuck me so much more!” Michael grunted as he grinded his bubble butt all over my face.

Without warning Mike hopped off of my face. I thought that I would soon feel him pressing his ass onto my dick, but I didn’t. I opened my eyes when I felt was him pressing that rock hard nine inch gorgeous cock of his into my mouth, trying to drill my throat. Mike may have been a sweetheart, but in the bedroom he was a freak.

Mike rubbed the head of his cock against Eric’s lips. With one swift thrust, he filled Eric’s mouth with his throbbing member that was even now leaking precum everywhere.

 "Suck me Eric, you’re lips feels great wrapped around my cocks!" Michael cried as he moaned just as Eric's thick, pink tongue was traveling, slowly working its way underneath his leaking manhood.

 "Oh yeah, that’s it, lick me good!" Mike grunted, as he fucked my mouth steadily. As he slowly forced his cock into my mouth, drilling it down my throat Michael massaged my huge heaving chest, rubbing his hands all over my pecs, which rose and fell, each time he drilled harder into my mouth.

Suddenly I felt nothing. I waited for the feel of his ass being lowered onto my ass. Maybe he went to get a drink or water and he would soon be returning to drill my throat. But I didn’t feel that.

“Mike I want to fuck. You have been teasing me all night with that sexy ass of yours!” I said my eyes still closed.

“Come fuck me then” I heard his voice say. I opened my eyes to see that he had crawled up on top of his desk and was laying on his back with his ass facing me. His sweet hole twitched calling me over to it

I lifted Michael’s legs high up and placing the tip of my throbbing cock at the entrance of his puckering hole.

 I took a moment to prepare myself for the intense fucking that was about to exhaust all my energy. I also took time to let Michael open up a little bit. The sexually aroused whimpers coming out of Michael’s mouth as he begged me to fuck him, finally pushed me to thrust the entire ten inches of meat down Michael’s ass tunnel.

 "SHIT! Do you always have to be so tight?” I groaned

 Mike screamed in joy as I skewered his hole with my dick. The warm insides of Michael’s ass caressed my cock, as if they knew that his ass had been made for my hole. His ass muscles squeezed and massaged my cock, turning me on.

 "I could stay in this hole all night!" Eric grunted over Michael’s screams of pleasure. "If you’re ass keeps squeezing my cock, like this, I just might stay.” I said laughing a little before I began to steadily fuck Michael’s big bubble butt. Our flesh slapped together lewdly as I slammed my cock into his ass.

“OHHHHHHH……Yeah stick it in me”


“Babe fuck my ass!” Michael cried as I drilled my dick deep into the confines of his inviting ass. Soon I had to flip Michael onto his side, so that I could get to him easily. Wrapping my arms around him I held onto his sides as I fucked his hole.

Michael cried out in pleasure with every thrust inside his body. The muscles in his back all the way down to his ass flexed each time I drilled my dick into his hole. His hole sucked greedily at my cock. His ass muscles squeezed around my cock as I shuddered against his writhing body in heat.

 Laying my much larger body over Michael’s smaller frame, I thrusted my hips faster and harder, taking in the clean smell that I smelt coming from his neck that I would soon replace with the smell of sex.

After what felt like hours or maybe even days of intense fucking, I could no longer hold back. I released my seed into Mike, grabbing tightly onto his body I held his hands as I shot load after load down his ass tunnels.

My cock erupted sending seven skillful rounds of hot sticky cum down Mike’s ass. Both of our bodies writhed in pleasure

I rubbed my hands all over Mike’s incredible pecs and abs, all while my cock continued to deposit its nice load into the confines of his body.

 I pulled my cock from his slick ass, telling him to climb up on top of me so that he could ride my dick. I sat on Michael’s desk as he slowly lowered himself onto my dick. His balls were still heavy, not yet having released into the world the sweet cum that I loved to drink from Michael’s dick.

As he bounced up and down my dick, I began to sensually massage his hard chest and tight abs. My fingers glided across his pecs as the protruding muscles danced for me.

After a few minutes of him bouncing on my dick, Mike leaned back and with a long drawn out moan he shot his load all over the floor. After that I carried Mike to his bed, not once did my cock leave his ass as I carried him to his bed. We actually fell asleep with my dick buried in his ass.

****Scene 4: Kayla’s POV**************************************************

It was the last day, before Harmony High went on break. Because it was only a half day, we did not have lunch. We decided to meet up by the window near the second story bathroom at the end of the Science hall because it was secluded.

Eric, Michael, Jake, Kevin, Adam, Paul and myself, the whole gang managed to sneak off from our classes, so that we could all hang out on this last day before winter break.

“Mike did I just hear correctly, you invited Eric to decorate your Christmas tree and not me?”

“I’m sorry Kayla”

“Would you like to come?” he asked

“Would I like to come? I would love to come”

“Michael I love your family, they are amazing”

“Tell that to Eric’s dad” Mike chuckled as Eric wrapped his arms around him

“What do you mean?”

“Should I tell her, or do you want to?” Mike asked looking into Eric’s face.

“I’ll tell her” Eric said, looking solemn

“So apparently my father as some grudge against the Chandlers because of some long ago wronging” Eric said

“Did he say what it was about?” Jake interjected

“No, he just kept alluding to it” Mike replied

“Just ask him about it”

“There is no way in hell, I’m talking to that man right now, after all the disgusting things he said, besides I have a feeling that he would even tell me if I asked” Eric said as he kissed Mike.

“Gang this means that we are going to have to solve this on our own” Kayla winked

“Kayla Mike already said he would help me find out what my father was talking about”

“Eric now you know that there isn’t a secret that can hide from me, I can help you” I pleaded with Eric trying to get him to agree with me, even though I was determined to help him even if he didn’t want the help.

“Eric’s she’s right, she’s a pro at that kind of stuff” Kevin added

“Ok I guess, it’s alright if you help out, just please don’t wind up in jail” Eric laughed

“Why would I wind up in jail?”

“Kayla you have to admit your methods are a bit too much” Jake chuckled

“Too MUCH! It gets the job done doesn’t it?” I asked

“Yeah you’re right about that." I winked

STAY TUNED……………………………………………………………………………………..



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