****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV***********************************************

All of Harmony was getting ready for the social event of the season. The Winter Gala at the Chandler Hotel would be attended by the crème de la crème of Harmony society. The Christmas season was always a wonderful and heartwarming time for the people of Harmony. I time when people spent time with their loved ones and not only celebrated but also showed off at grand Christmas parties.

The Christmas season was a time for celebration in Harmony, for all of its inhabitants. But how could I celebrate? How could I make merry with my loved ones? When I had learned something so terrible, something so awful, the horrible truth that I had been sexually assaulted and had no memory of the event, only brief flashes. How could I tell my parents, my family that I had been raped, when I could not even admit it to myself?

I was guy and yet I had allowed myself to be assaulted in such a way. I had underestimated Charlotte and now I would live with that forever. I was embarrassed and ashamed that something like that had happened to me. But for the sake of my family, and the worthy cause we were promoting I had resolved to put on a brave face.

I would have to try my hardest to be happy, and at least make an effort at tonight’s gala, maybe if I began to believe that I could be happy again, then maybe I could forget what I now knew. Despite it being Christmas Eve I felt no Christmas spirit, I only felt shame.

Standing in the mirror I tried my hardest to smile but I could not, all I could think about was what Charlotte had done to me. Guys don’t get sexually assaulted and yet I had. There would be no sexual charges brought up because of the simple fact that I was man and she was a women, people would simply assume that I wanted it. Oh the hypocrisy.

“How does this tie look?” I asked

“Babe you look fine” Eric said as he came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist “Mike I think you look so much sexier with a bowtie.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, the black one” he replied

“Babe smile” Eric commanded when he noticed my downtrodden demeanor “Be happy were going to a party, and you never looked sexier”

“Besides babe, Christmas is tomorrow, just smile”

“Eric I know” I said trying to reassure him “I’m just so embarrassed and ashamed that something like this could have happened to me, I’m guy” I cried

“Babe don’t talk like that” Eric said in a determined voice “Sexual assault can happen to anyone, guy or girl, and furthermore you have nothing to be ashamed about. You are still the strong and sexy man I fell in love with.”

“Babe please don’t let this horrible thing break you” he pleaded

“Babe if Kayla is right and Charlotte was the one who did this to you, she will pay for what she did” he began “Babe if the person who did this to you was I guy I would have made them suffer for what they did to you” he said looking at me with such seriousness that I knew he meant business”

“Babe we don’t even have to go” Eric cried “We can just lay in your bed all day and just forget about it all”

“Eric you know I can’t skip this” I started “I may not have gotten disowned for being gay, but if I miss a family event to showcase the Chandler family prestige I’m done for” I laughed

“Ok if you insist” he whined as he threw a little fit as he laid on my bed.

“Hey babe” he asked

“Yes Eric?”

“Is Kayla going to at the gala tonight?”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Because Charlotte is probably going to be there to” he sighed

“I had not thought about that”

“Babe it’s not too late, to ditch this even and crawl back in bed beside me. Those clothes can come off just as easy as they went on”

“No Eric I have to go”

“I just hope that there is no drama” I said “For the sake of the children I hope that this

“There won’t be” Eric said “As long as we keep Kayla far away from Charlotte”

“Haha you think that will work” I said chuckling “You know how Kayla is. She will spot Charlotte in a crowded room and that will be the end of it”

“Yeah you’re right”

****Scene 2: Eric’s POV******************************************

After Michael and I got dressed we rode with his parents over to his grandparent’s home, the Chandler Mansion. Once there we rode with Michael’s parents and grandparents in a limo to the Chandler hotel.

When we finally arrived at the Chandler Hotel I could not help myself from looking out the window. The sight I saw was breathtaking, as I gazed up at the imposing structure that had a million little lights that illuminated the night sky.

When the limo came to a stop, the chauffeur jumped out and around to the back opening the limo door for us. First Michael’s grandfather, Victor Chandler stepped out followed by Mike’s grandmother and both of his parents with much fanfare.

His siblings had arrived earlier to make sure the hotel was stocked with enough champagne, so he and I were the last two to emerge from the elegant black limo. When I stepped out of the limo with Michael behind me, just as my feet hit the red carpet I was nearly blinded as the bright lights of a hundred cameras flashed in my face.”

I tried to put my hand in front to shield my eyes, but Michael stopped me whispering softly “Eric relax, if you’re going to be with me you will have to get used to the press”

“Yeah babe I have adjusted, but I don’t think my eyes have yet” he laughed.

While we walked down the red carpet to the waiting doors of the Chandler hotel at the end of our route we were followed by men and women dressed in all their finery. All the men looked dapper sporting stylist suits and expensive tuxedos. All the handsome men following slowly behind us as we made our way into the Chandler hotel looked like God had created them specially, but none more so then Michael. Damn he looked so good in that tight fitting tux.

On the arms of these men were delicate flowers, beautiful women that any straight man would be glad to have. They were dressed in long gowns that fell gracefully before them. Each women trying to outdo all others.

As we walked through the big double doors of the Chandler hotel, the doorman at the front smiled at us and I knew that tonight would be a magical night for me and Mike.

We climbed into the elevator one after the other. When it became apparent that it was much too crowded for all us, Michael and I climbed out, opting to take the next one.

We didn’t have to wait very long because less than a minute had passed before another one had landed and we were soon stepping into it. Just us too. The elevator doors closed behind us and we were alone, even if it was only a moment.

“Eric what’s on your mind?” Michael asked me

“I’m just taking it all in, I knew that you were rich but I had no idea you guys were so wealthy!”

“Eric it shocked me too when I learned about who I was and I’ve actually had years to get used to it, I’ve been raised from birth with a sliver spoon in my mouth yet I still can’t believe my grandfather is one of the richest men in the world!”

“It’s so unreal” I began “It seems like a fairy tale babe, I’m the pauper and you’re my prince”

“Eric you are far from a pauper and if there’s ever a choice between you and all this wealth I would gladly give it all up for you”

“Babe are you sure?” I asked surprised that he would give up everything he knew and everything that he had all for me. All for me.

“Eric I love you of course I would choose you over a few million dollars”

“Don’t you mean billions?” I laughed

“Yeah, but we don’t need to talk about that” he laughed “It’s time to go celebrate” he said trying to smile as the elevator doors slowly opened up into the huge elegant Chandler Hotel ballroom.

The ballroom at the Chandler Hotel was expansive. The ballroom was huge and the huge room had a double staircase that led down into the ballroom below. The ballroom was magnificent to look at, I had never seen such a splendid room in all my life, with so many rich and famous eople all bumping elbows all in the same room. From the ballroom’s ceiling hung a huge crystal chandelier that shined like the sun and glittered like the stars. After we had emerged from the elevator we descended the elegant double staircase to the ballroom floor below. Our hands glided across the banister as we descended the staircase.

As soon as we got to the foot of staircase, Kayla came running out from the crowd of mingling people running straight for us. Kayla looked beautiful and truly stunning. Kayla’s long blond locks hung down around her neck falling in long blond wavy curls.

Kayla had in her ears two matching blue diamond earrings. She was wearing a light blue dress that split in the middle where her long leg could be seen. Kayla’s dress was long and flowy, the top half sparkled with glitter and crystals.

“Damn girl you look good” I said “Spin around so we can take a look”

“Eric you’re funny,” Kayla giggled “You and Michael clean up very nicely” she said as she poked at Michael’s abs through his tux. Michael flinched at her touch.

“Michael how are you feeling?”

“I’m alright Kayla” Michael said before pausing “Dr. Collins said that I just have to take it day by day”

“You shouldn’t have to take anything” Kaya cried angrily “Nothing like this ever should have happened to you. That Bitch deserves to pay!”

“Kayla calm down” Eric pressed “Making a fool of yourself isn’t going to make Charlotte pay for what she did to Michael.”

“Kayla he’s right” I sighed “Getting back at Charlotte isn’t going to do anything but backfire and cause more harm to us”

“Michael you might be right but if I see that girl I don’t know what I’m going to do. Jesus help me if I see that duplicitous little bitch here.”

****Scene 3: Michael’s POV***************************************************

After everyone had taken their seats around elegantly decorated tables with Christmas floral decorations, the audience waited for the introductions of the event to begin.

My grandmother stood up from her seat and walked over to the raised stage at the other end of the ballroom. My grandmother climbed the stage steps to the sound of applause as the audience clapped in excitement.

Walking up to the glass podium, speech in hand, wearing a long dress of gold, my grandmother began to speak “I would like to welcome you all to the Winter Gala and I would also like to give you a warm thank you for helping to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.”

My grandmother paused as the audience continued to applaud her, before she continued with her speech. “I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all coming out tonight on Christmas eve to donate to such a worthy program.” She smiled.

“St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital founded in 1962 dedicates itself to bringing an end to catastrophic diseases that plague young children by providing both pediatric treatment and research facilities. As a result of its programs, St. Jude Children’s Hospital has greatly increased the recovery rate of young children suffering from diseases that plague our youth” She smiled “I assure you that the money you donate today will not only go to help children here in the United States, it will also go to help children in more than 70 countries all over the world.”

“Because of all the good works that St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has done it is constantly rated as one of the top charities in the United States.” My grandmother said, holding her speech in her hand delicately.

“Tonight has been underwritten by the Chandler family, of whom I’m proud to be the Matriarch.” She said “So I assure you that your money will not go to waste, because all of the proceeds of tonight’s benefit. Yes one hundred percent of your donation will go to funding St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and helping to bring to an end childhood illnesses.” She said glancing down at her speech one more time.

“I hope that all of you have your checkbooks ready, because there is going to be a lot of fabulous pieces that you are not going to want to miss at tonight’s auction, plus we have a surprise for you as well so be prepared for anything at the Winter Gala.”

“Finally I would like to introduce tonight’s keynote speaker. She is a women whom I’m please to call my friend. Ladies and gentleman it is my honour to introduced to you all our esteemed Police commissioner Hope Spencer. She has been in office since last November, and since that time crime in this town has declined greatly”

People applauded my grandmother has she came to the close of her speech. “Before Commissioner Spencer took office Mob crime in this city was extremely rampant, but now with Mrs. Spencer in office Mob crime rates have simmered down. Just imagine what she will do in the next few months, soon the mafia in this town will be a distant memory.” My grandmother said as people continued to applaud her.

“Ladies and gentleman, a women with strong family values, a kind heart, and a dedication to this town and the people within it, here she is our Police Commissioner, Hope Spencer!” my grandmother said moving her arm, pointing toward the purple curtain so that people would see Commissioner Spencer as she emerged from behind the curtain.

Commissioner Spencer strode up to the glass podium and smiled at the glittering assemblage “Ladies and gentleman, I would like to thank you all very much for having me here tonight”

“We must truly applaud Mrs. Chandler for her wonderful introduction. I would like to add that everything that she said about the crime rate in this town, especially about the dying down of mob crime is absolutely true. I have made it a main objective since taking office to rid this town of crime and to put every single gangster that has terrorized this town in jail and to throw away the key.” Commissioner Spencer continued, as people applauded her.”

“I would like to add that Mrs. Chandler has told me that for every person that gives generously to this worthy cause, she will donate $5,000 dollars. Yes that’s right every time a person makes a generous donation Mrs. Chandler will do likewise. I have been informed that already we have received 93 donations.” Commissioner Spencer said

“I hope that you all not only have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but that you also enjoy tonight’s events, I know that I will. Finally I would like to give a gracious thank you to our wonderful hosts the Chandler family, for all their hard work and devotion to this worthy cause, because without them this event would not be possible.”

“I hope you all enjoy tonight’s events and please open up your checkbooks and your hearts and donate generously” Commissioner Spencer said before stepping of the stage.

We all applauded Commissioner Hope Spencer. No one applauded Commissioner Spencer more so then her own daughter, my very own best-friend Kayla Spencer.

“Kayla you’re mothers like a real life superhero” I said

“Yeah I know right” Kayla said beaming from ear to ear “She makes me so proud”

“She should make you proud” Eric began “She’s the first police commissioner this town has had in a very long time that has actually been able to help bring a halt to the rising crime rate.”

“Yeah I’m so proud of her.” Kayla beamed “I want to be like her. One day I’m going to be a cop. Maybe with enough work, I’ll even become Police Commissioner one day.”

“What? You as a cop!?! And I’m going to be the President of the United States” Eric snorted “I can’t even imagine you has a police or anyone in law enforcement for that matter!”

“Eric shut up!” Kayla cried

“I’m sorry Kayla” Eric said “I just can’t imagine you doing anything other than shopping all day, you’re such a girly girl.” He laughed

“You’re very funny” Kayla shot back “Just wait I’m going to be a cop, just wait”

“Why do you two always have to argue over everything?” I asked

“Babe it’s fine Kayla and I really love each other” Eric replied

“Yeah Michael we just show that love by arguing” Kayla laughed “Michael are bickering and arguing doesn’t mean anything, when push comes to shove Eric knows I have his back, and he has mine”

“Yeah she’s right Mike” Eric added

“Ok if you two insist” I said, choosing to let this excuse pass.

****Scene 4: Kayla’s POV*************************************************

Michael, Eric and I spent the next few minutes enjoying both the Winter Gala and each other’s company. We laughed, ate entire dessert treys, and drink refreshments. Rumors had been circulating for weeks prior to the actual event that Lana Del Rey would be performing at the Winter Gala. She had not went on yet when I got up from my seat, leaving our table for the buffet table.

As I poured some champagne into my glass I noticed out of the corner of my eye a girl in a long sensual looking red dress. It was of course Charlotte standing in far corner talking with some girl I had seen at school a few times. All of the happiness I had when Michael, Eric and I were talking and enjoying each other’s company just a few short minutes earlier was long gone; replaced with a burning anger. An anger that would not be quenched until I addressed this vile creature for what she had done to my friend.

I casually glided over to the corner where Charlotte was standing and talking, my heels clicking on the polished floor as I walked. When I reached the far corner I realized that it was very near to a balcony, perhaps it would come in handy when I dealt with this girl.

When Charlotte saw me approach she looked visibly upset. She whispered something into her friend’s ear and soon the friend had departed for other parts of the ballroom. It was one of life’s great mysteries that she had any friends at all, it certainly was a mystery for me, causing me much confusion.

“Homegirl” I said in disgust “Did I not warn you to stay away from Michael?” I asked angrily

“Kayla I don’t know what you are talking about she said turning her back to me as she walked out onto the balcony. If I had wanted to push her it would have been the perfect opportunity and I could have summed it up to her losing her balance, but I held back because I wanted to hear what this lying cow had to say.

“You would choose to wear a bright red dress to a Christmas party meant to benefit children” I said looking her up and down in utter disgust “Because it shows that your every bit a whore, just like I thought” I said pulling on the strap of her dress.

She slapped my hand away “Kayla leave me the HELL alone! And stay out of my business” she yelled

“You made it my business when you did what you did to my friend!” I shot back, my eyes seeping with rage.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” she replied

“Charlotte don’t play dumb with me, we both know you are much too smart for that” I said “And don’t you dare feign innocence either” I warned

“We both know what you did to Michael!” I began “We both know that you kidnapped and after that you raped him!” I screamed into her face

“There’s no proof that I raped him” she hissed back

“So you don’t even deny that you did it?” I asked completely stunned by her calm and collected demeanor.

Charlotte looked me straight in the eye and said “Even if I had raped him, there is no way you would ever be able to prove it. Secondly you’re just mad that you didn’t get Michael in your bed” she sneered

Charlotte’s total lack of remorse and her lies drove me mad. I opened my hand wide not raised my hand back slapping her hard across her face. I felt the sting in my hand so I was sure she would feel much worse on her face.

In the heat of the moment of confronting Charlotte I had completely forgotten that I was still holding the champagne glass that I had went to the buffet table to refill. Before I knew what had happened the contents of the champagne glass had left the glass and had found its way onto Charlotte’s face.

“How dare you say such a lie?!” I cried “Michael is like a brother to me and besides that he’s FUCKING GA! I screamed

“Charlotte get it through your head, you never had, and you never will have Michael. His heart belongs to Eric”

“I had him that night, I had all of him” she sneered, smiling at me in the cruelest and most twisted way.

Before I knew what I had done I had slapped her hard across her face a second time. Before I had only assumed based on my observations that she had assaulted Michael, but now that I had heard her all but admit to raping Michael I burned with rage.

I watched proudly the work my hand had done on her face as she wiped her face with her hand. Her face was not only covered with sparking champagne, but also with the warm spray of blood pouring from a cut on her face. I had a few rings on my fingers and the cut on her face was the result.

“Keep hitting me Kayla” she smiled “It won’t end well for you”

“Is that a fucking threat?” I growled at her through clenched teeth

“No bitch it’s a promise” Charlotte shot back at me

I lunged at Charlotte. I grabbed her by her sides shaking her roughly with all my might. My wild behavior caused Charlotte to stumble back onto the balcony railing. As we struggled reaching for each other’s throats, I cannot say that the thought to simply push her off the balcony down to the ground forty stories below did not cross my mind. Because it did, only one problem she was too strong, every time I thought I had her right where I wanted her she would roll over shoving me to the ground in defiance

We were rolling around the balcony floor struggling against each other when I felt someone pull me off Charlotte. I saw that it was Eric, with Michael in tow. I tried to break free but there was no use. There was no way in hell I would be able to get out of the grasp of those two muscular men.

“Eric let go of me!” I pleaded struggling to escape out of his bear hug “Don’t you understand she needs to pay for what she did to Michael?”

“She will pay for it” Eric replied

“Eric, Michael! We can make her pay right here right now. There’s a balcony right there we could say that she tripped and fell and that we tried everything to help her.”

“Kayla he’s right, please don’t stoop to her level” Michael said looking at me with a fearful look on his face

“Kayla I know you’re angry but fighting her isn’t going to solve anything, except for cause you to end uo deep trouble.”

“But Michael…” Kayla protested

Charlotte standing at one end of the balcony, trying to catch her breath “Michael I knew you wouldn’t let her harm the mother of your child……..”




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