****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV*************************************************

Eric and I had been having sex so passionately that we didn’t even realize that his mother had come home early. We did not realize until it was too late, until Eric’s mother, Mrs. Smith was standing the doorway.

When we heard the gasp I opened my eyes shocked when I saw Eric’s mother standing there just watching us frozen in shock at the sight of her son fucking the life out of me. Thrusting vigorously into my ass. Eric was fucking me so intently that he was unable to stop, even after he became aware of the fact that his mother was standing in the doorway.

She let out a gasp and Eric slowed down his pace but continued none the less, but before he could come to a complete stop his mother quickly shut the door.

“SHIT” Eric cried as he pulled his cock from out of my ass

“I better go talk to her, she’s probably rinsing her eyes out with soap” he laughed.

Eric got up off his bed. I laid there on his bed watching him as he searched for his clothes. I just loved to look at his muscular body, nude and glistening with sweat. His big round pecs covered with faint blonde hairs that were almost impossible to see. He quickly reached for the nearby discarded sweatpants laying idle on the floor.

Eric pulled the sweatpants over his big muscular thighs, covering those beautiful legs of his. As he pulled the sweatpants up over his legs, his muscles, and abs tensed and flexed. The sweatpants may have covered his beautiful legs but they left his gorgeous chest fully exposed and you could even see the start of his v-line peeking out through his sweatpants, making my mouth water wanting more.

But before that could happen, Eric emerged from his bedroom, shutting the door behind him and leaving me in his room alone with my thoughts.

**************Scene 2: Eric POV***************************************************

After I shut the door to my bedroom behind me I walked down the hall, downstairs to the kitchen where my mother was waiting for me. I slowly walked into the kitchen. My mother was bent over peering into the open stove.

“Hey Mom, can we talk?” I said from behind her back

My voice must have startled her because she jumped a little “Oh Eric you scared me”

“Mom can we talk?” I repeated, as I sat down on one of the stools at the kitchen counter.

“Sure Eric, what about?”

“Mom you know what this is about”

“It’s about what you just saw”

“Oh you mean, when I came home early to make cookies in found my son turning his bedroom a real life Kama Sutra?”

“Yes Mom that is what I’m talking about”

“I wish I could have told you that I was gay, instead of you finding out like this”

“What do you mean tell me, sweetie I’ve known you were gay for a while now”


“Son as much time as you spend with Michael, how could I not suspect something?”

“You spend more time at his house then you do here, the two of you had to be a couple”

“I just didn’t know you two were sleeping together” she chuckled to herself as she removed a tray of cookies from the oven.

“Oh the cookies are done” my Mother exclaimed

“Well we sometimes sleep” I laughed a little to myself


“Oh nothing Mom, just thinking out loud”

“Well I didn’t think that I would see my son having sex” she retorted

“I’m sorry, I thought you would not be home so early”

Son it’s fine…. I thought you were gay for a while now, I suspected that you and Michael were more than just friends, but I never in a million years expected to see what I saw just now”

“Mom I’m really sorry about that”

“Well it looks like I better get you a lock for your door” she laughed to herself

“Yeah, I guess so”

“Mom are you sure? what about the rules? What about no locked doors in this house?”

“Son if a locked door can prevent me seeing from what I just saw, I’ll lock every door in this house, and next time you guys want to get naked and have sex let me know or give me a warning or something so I don’t have to rinse my eyes with soap again”

“Ok mom I’ll warn you next time. I’ll make sure of that”

“First thing I’m going to do tomorrow is go out and get you a doorknob that locks, that’s for sure”

“Yeah that’s right”

“These cookies taste so good, taste one sweetie” my mom said as she handed a cookie to me.

I took the cookie in my hand and bit into it. “Mmmmm, this is really good mom, they taste amazing”

“They are oatmeal cookies, it’s a new recipe”

“Eric why don’t you tell Michael to put some clothes on so he can eat some of these delicious cookies”

“Ok mom”, I said. After she said that I rushed upstairs up to my room to retrieve Michael. When I entered my bedroom, Michael was laying on my bed.

His eyes were close. He was still laying there in my bed, still completely naked. His amazing sculpted body on full display for me to see. His round pecs raising and falling with every breath he took.

He appeared to be asleep. Before I woke him, I just stood there staring at his gorgeous body. Before Michael and I had started working out and I had helped him get ready for Lacrosse season he had a twink body, nice and slender. But now he gained muscle like crazy. His legs and his ass had always been thick, but now his whole body was now covered with muscles.

I couldn’t help myself so I reached out and touched Michael’s body, rubbing my hand on his chest, moving it down tell it reached the tight ridges that formed his chiseled washboard abs. I placed my hand on them and they tensed at my touch.

Michael quickly opened his eyes “Eric what? What is going on? What are you doing?”

*****Scene 3: Michael’s POV**********************************************************

I was sleeping so well. Eric’s bed was the warmest bed I had ever slept in. Naturally being in Eric’s bed I dreamt about our life together and eventually in the land of dreams I soon found myself getting married to Eric. But before I could say I do, I felt a tickling feeling on my body that caused me to wake up from my wonderful dream.

I was surprised to see Eric rubbing his hand on my abs

“Eric what are you doing?”

“What if your mother comes in again?” I asked, pulling away from his touch when in actuality I craved his touch

“Michael relax, my mom is cool”

“So get this Mike”

“What babe?”

“My mother just told me that she suspected that we were more than just friends”

“Oh my GOD really?

“Yes really”

“Well I guess she knows that we are definitely not just friends now”

“Yeah I guess that’s right, there is definitely no denying it now” Eric added

“She’s definitely seen it with her own eyes” I chuckled to myself

“She’s definitely seen a lot” I replied

“Dude shut up, and go put some clothes on” Eric said laughing, as he playfully punched me in the arm

“Why? I thought you liked me naked”

“Babe you know I love you naked, but my mom made cookies and she wants us to come downstairs and eat them” he pleaded, wrapping his arms around my body pulling me up to him as he planted a wet kiss on my lips.

Pulling away from me, Eric got up off the bed and picked up some shorts, holding them in his hands.

“Now put some damn clothes on” Eric said, as he threw the shorts at me.

“These aren’t my shorts” I said holding the shorts in my hands

“Yeah I know there not, but you look so damn sexy in grey shorts, so I thought why not” he said giving me a wink.

“Plus your ass looks great in grey” Eric winked

I quickly pulled the shorts up over my naked body. After I did that Eric just stood there staring at me

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“You forgot to put underwear on”

“No I didn’t, besides you’re not wearing any underwear either” I said slipping my hand into Eric’s pants reaching around for his cock. It throbbed in my hand.

“Ohhhh babe” Eric moaned

“We have to stop, my mom is waiting downstairs”

“Ok if you insist” I said, as I followed Eric out of his room downstairs to the waiting cookies his mother had prepared for us. Even after we had almost made her go blind.

After Eric and I had reached the bottom of the stairs and we entered the kitchen and we were greeted by Eric’s smiling mother. Her face was no longer in that frozen gasp that I had seen on her face almost a whole hour earlier, she was now once more her cheerful self.

“Hey Mrs. Smith” I said weakly

“Hey Michael, I made some cookies, don’t they look delicious?” she said as she held up the trey of cookies for me to see them and pass judgement on them.

“They look wonderful Mrs. Smith”

“Mike they taste even better” Eric said as he picked up one off the trey handing it to me so that I could try for myself.

“Mmmm they are good” I said as I rubbed my stomach as it busily devoured the cookie Eric had given me

“Glad you liked them” Eric’s mom said

“There oatmeal cookies, its Eric’s favorite”

“It’s actually really good, can I have some more?”

“Michael help yourself, you know you can make yourself at home here”

“She’s right Mike, my home is your home and vice versa we are boyfriends after all”

“I can’t believe this” Eric’s mother blurted out

“Are you alright mom?”

“Is everything fine Mrs. Smith”

“Yes boys, everything is fine, I just can’t believe that the two of you were dating right under my very own nose and I didn’t even know” she said

“Well Mom you did say you suspected it” Eric replied

“Yeah Eric, I had a hunch, sure I thought you two were more than just friends, but never in a million years would I have ever thought that you and Michael were boyfriends. But now after seeing what I just saw I know without a doubt you two are not just friends”

“I’m so sorry about that Mrs. Smith”

“It’s alright Michael, it’s not like I’ve never seen Eric’s naked ass before, and especially when he was a baby and I had to change that dirty diaper of his”

“Mom can we never mention that again, that was years ago and I no longer wear diapers” Eric said annoyed

“I can see that” Eric’s mother retorted

Eric’s mother, Eric, and I sat there in the middle of the Smith family kitchen eating oatmeal cookies. By the time the trey of oatmeal cookies was empty, my stomach was about to burst, like I was about to explode from an oatmeal cookie overload.

****Scene 4: Eric’s POV****************************************************
 Michael spent the night at my house, and of course he slept in my bed. After we finished eating all the cookies my mother had made for us, Michael and I walked upstairs to my room.

We shut the door behind us, we pulled off our clothes and we climbed into bed, but we didn’t do much sleeping. That night I made sweet passionate love to Michael, doing to his body exactly what I wanted to do to it.

Once Michael had climbed into bed beside me, I rolled over top of him, straddling his chest and grasping his wrists. “Babe I miss feeling those pretty lips of yours wrapped around my cock”

Michael grimaced as I rubbed my cock lewdly against his tightly pressed lips. “Come on babe”

“Ok Eric, but you have to be quite you don’t want your mom to hear us and walk in again” I laughed

“Yeah I definitely don’t want that” I said with glee

After a few seconds of me trying to get Michael to see my point of view, he finally parted his lips taking me into his mouth.

Michael’s mouth was warm and his lips felt amazing wrapped around my dick, as he used his tongue to cover my entire shaft with his sweet mouth juices and saliva. I watched in pleasure as his head bobbed up and down on my dick

As I fucked Michael’s face, I arched my back thrusting my crotch upwards as I plunged every inch of my cock down his beautiful throat. After a minute or so had passed I had got into a rhythm of powerful thrusting as I fucked Michael’s face with my dick.

After a while of fucking Michael’s face I decided to try something different so I pulled my throbbing wet cock out of his mouth. Flipping Michael over to his stomach I began to go to work on that ass of his. Once a guy ate Michael’s ass he would never be able to eat another ass.

Knowing full well, that my mother was just down the hall I tried to control myself, trying as best I could to keep my mouth shut. But when I buried my face snugly between those two muscular butt cheeks of his as I licked his ass, I could not help myself from moaning a little.

Coming up from air for only brief moment I went to work eating Michael’s gorgeous bubble butt. “Baby sit on my face”

Without hesitation, Michael had soon turned around, placing his meaty thighs and resting his big balls on my forehead. The manly scent coming from Michael’s crotch felt amazing.

Placing my hot wet tongue upon the skin of Michael’s big balls sucking them. “Yeah lick my balls” Michael said “That’s right cover them with your mouth juices…..Auuuuhhhh Yes, just like that”

“Michael keep it down” I responded

“Babe don’t lick my balls so good, and maybe I won’t be so loud” Michael shot back

“Babe you know I love tonguing your balls” I replied


“Mmmmmmm…..mmmmm…..mmmmrf” Michael moaned quietly as I bathed his balls in my saliva. While I sucked on Michael’s balls he patted my pecs roughly giving them a squeeze.

As he squeezed my frim pecs, Michael pushed his beefy muscle butt onto my face, grinding his butt onto my face. I licked at Michael’s tight hole, causing him to press his backside more firmly onto my face.

After a few minutes of Michael rubbing his ass all over my face, I flipped him over and spitted on my hand. After spitting on my hand I stuck two finger up his ass, moving them around as I let the spit mix with his ass. “I want to fuck you now”

“Ok just do it babe” Michael said as he raised his butt into the air. Michael laid in his head on my pillow, gritting his teeth as he felt my thick cock rubbing against his puckering hole. My dick was leaking precum, which I smeared on the entrance of Michael’s tight hole, before I entered it.

 "Agghhhhhh..." I groaned in pleasure, still trying to remain as quite as possible so that my mother would not hear us, as I pushed forward, easily sliding my dick into Michael’s waiting ass. It seemed like no matter how many times Eric fucked me, he was still tighter than any ass or pussy I had ever fucked before.

Michael moaned quietly through gritted teeth, his face buried in my pillow as my cock stretched his hole as my cock, inch after inch drilled his hot insides. The muscles in Michael’s ass flexed and tensed as it squeezed around my ass.

“Babe I could fuck your ass, forever” I said as I placed my hand upon Michael’s back as I began a hard steady fuck getting into a rhythm sliding my dick in and out of Michael tight little ass.

Michael’s muffled moans increased with every thrust. Michael sure knew how to fuck, and soon I felt him pushing back onto my cock to meet my thrusting our skin slapping together. This caused me to slow down to make sure that we were not being too loud.

Even after I had slowed down, my hips continued to slap against Michael’s butt and our sweaty balls slapped repeatedly against one another.

While I fucked Michael I grabbed hold of his curly brown locks pulling him upright. Without allowing my cock to slip out of Michael’s warm hole, I grasped Michael’s sides pulling him close to me

As my hips continued to gyrate as I drilled my cock deep into Michael’s ass I titled Michael’s head slightly so that I could kiss him. I kissed him deep, forcing my tongue into his mouth.

Our two tongues wrestled together, as they swirled in our mouths mixing together. Michael moaned into my mouth with every hot passionate wet kiss that I gave him, all while I bred him with my thick ten inch dick.

Michael soon reached his climax and began spurting out six rounds of hot sticky cum all over my bed. My bedsheets were soon coated with the seed that was emptied from Michael’s heavy balls.

“Dude look what you did to my bed” I said playfully

“Babe I’m so sorry” Michael said between moans and grunts

“Babe it’s cool, I love having your cum on my bed, God knows I shot my load all over your bed many times” I said laughing


Michael’s hole constricted and squeezed tightly around my cock forcing my own orgasm. “Babe I’m cumming” I grunted into Michael’s ear just as my thick cock shot load after of cum down Michael’s ass tunnels flooding his insides with my man juices.

As I filled Michael up with my seed, I held Michael close to my body. I thrusted slowly into Michael’s ass grunting as quietly as I could as I savored every moment I was inside him.

I pulled my cock out of Michael’s ass I was exhausted. I laid there on my back. Michael slumped down onto my muscular chest, while my hot cum leaked from his ass. “Babe I never want this to end”

“Eric, neither do I”

“No I mean it, I don’t want to live without you”

“Eric what are you saying?”

“Babe, what I’m trying to say is that one day, I want you to be my husband, and one day I want to marry you”

“Eric before you make an honest man out of me, I want to make sure you truly want to be with me”

“Michael I love you, no other guy makes me feel the way you make me feel, I have to look the other way when we are in class because you make me so hard.”

“But babe, it’s not just that I have a physical attraction to you, I value your companionship and even more then that I never want to spend my life unless you are in it with me.”

“Eric that’s so sweet, but we better get some rest you wore me out and we have school tomorrow”

“Yeah your right babe”

We both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

****Scene 5: Michael’s POV*********************************************

I spent the night at Eric’s house and just like any other time I slept in his bed. We didn’t do much sleeping during the early part of the night. We only fell asleep after having hot passionate sex

We woke up in the morning still naked in Eric’s bed. I rolled over off of Eric’s chest onto my side reaching for my phone. When I looked at the time it said Six thirty. “Oh it’s only six thirty” I said groggily

“SHIT it’s Six thirty” I cried as I shot up from the bed, realizing that we had to be at school in less than a hour and were still just lying there naked in Eric’s bed.

“Eric wake up!”

“What is it babe” Eric said groggily as he wiped his eyes

“We have less than an hour to get to school”

“Are you kidding?” Eric asked, still half asleep

“No I’m not kidding, and it’s now six thirty-five”

“FUCK!” Eric cried, as he jumped out of his bed. His thick semi-hard cock swinging between his legs as he raced for a towel to go shower.

After we had both showered, unfortunately separately we jumped into Eric’s car and we sped off to school, trying to make sure that we made it there on time safely.

We eventually arrived at school on time. When we walked into the main entrance we immediately ran into, Kayla. While most of the time if you saw Kayla anywhere you would definitely see Kevin. It was one of life’s great mysteries how Kayla did not know how much Kevin liked her.

Kevin was however nowhere in sight as Kayla approached us

“Hey boys”

“Hey Kayla” we both said in unison”

“So Michael a little birdie told me that you are working on a project with Charlotte Livingston”

“Where did you hear that?” I asked, hoping that was all she heard

“Michael you should know by now that I have eyes everywhere, a girl has to stay on top of all the latest tea” she joked

“Now tell me about this project”

“It’s really nothing really”

“Really nothing, bull shit, I saw the look on your face when I mentioned that bitch, it has to be something”

“Just tell me all about”

“Well we worked on our project at my house yesterday” I said weakly, trying to force the words out

“What you let her into your house?” Kayla blurted out, grabbing me by the shoulder as if I was insane for doing such a thing

“Please tell me she didn’t try anything”

“Well…not….at first”

“What do you mean not at first?”

“Well Eric was there too, but when he went upstairs to my room, she kissed me, and my mom saw her do it”

“What did your mother say?”

“She encouraged it, because she thought that it meant that I wasn’t gay”

“Poor Mrs. Chandler, If only she knew how insane that psychopath was she would not be encouraging her son to get into a relationship with them”

“Kayla my mom just had this life planned out for me since birth, and being gay just wasn’t part of it. I honestly just think she needs time to get used to it all”

“Well she better get used to it, because from the look of things, Eric isn’t going anywhere and neither is that tent in his pants” she pointed to Eric’s pants

Eric looked down, a scowl appeared across his face, when he realized that he wasn’t even hard “Shut up Kayla, I’m not even hard right now”

“Ok if you say so” Kayla said, as if she was privy to some secret schedule that determined when Eric was hard and when he wasn’t.

“This is the first I’m hearing about this kiss” Eric said

“Eric you’re not jealous are?” Kaya said with a grin

“No of course not, what do I have to be jealous of its not like Charlotte has a dick”

We all laughed at that.

“I see I’m going to have to have some words with that Senator’s daughter, when did you kiss you?"

"As soon as Eric went upstairs to my room" I said weakly

"That bitch was just waiting for the right moment, and I wouldn't be surprised if she called in some favors and got daddy to get her in that class with you"

"She might have even convinced Ms. Brown for you two to be partners" Kayla added

"Kayla that is insane, that is completely insane, how could she have set everything up like that"

"Michael you didn't she her face, when she said she would stop at nothing to get you, she had the look of a determined woman on her face, it didn't look like she would be taking a break anytime soon"

“Kayla, please don’t do anything” I pleaded

“Michael I have to, what kind of friend would I be if I just allowed her to harass my friends?”

“A friend that doesn’t end up in detention every week” Eric joked

“Haha very funny but my mind’s made up, that Bitch is hard of hearing and maybe I can knock some sense into her”

STAY TUNED………………………………………..





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