****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV****************************************************

“Well, then who was it?” Kayla repeated “Who was it that hugged you?”

“I…..I……..I don’t know Kayla, I had a brief flash, but it’s gone now. All I remember is someone holding me tightly. I don’t even remember what their face looked like.”

“Wait, hold up” Kayla added “So you mean to tell me that you remember someone hugging you, yet you have no idea how you got home and absolutely no recollection of the last few hours.”

“Yes I just remember someone hugging me and waking up here, upstairs in my bed” I replied

“Damn, it’s as if he has short-term memory loss or something” Jake interjected

“Jake don’t say that he might have amnesia or something.” Kayla added “Amnesia is not something to joke about, this is very serious” she cried

“Kayla calm down, it’s certainly not that serious.” Eric said as he wrapped his arms around me. “Michael still remembers who we are, so it can’t be amnesia”

“Kayla I just want to drop this subject, and talk about something else”

“Babe we don’t have to talk about this” Eric said as he kissed me tenderly on the cheek “If you don’t want to talk about this anymore we don’t have to, maybe you had a blackout or something”

“We can’t just drop this” Kayla persisted “Michael you may not remember what happened, but you do remember someone hugging you, we know for certain that it wasn’t Eric”

“And you have no idea how you got home or what happened between the hours when you were gone and when we found you here” Kayla continued

“Yeah it is a little strange” Kevin added

“Mike maybe you should go see a psychiatrist.” Jake suggested “They might be able to help you remember what happened to you”

“Babe normally I would never agree with Jake” Eric began “But he has a really good point, they could hypnotize you and if you are worried or anything I will be with you holding your hand every step of the way”

“Ok I’ll tell my mom right away”

“Tell me what?” my mother called out from behind us

“Oh Mom I have a question” I said turning around to face her “Can you please setup an appointment with a psychiatrist for me”

“Why?” she asked looking at me a little confused

“Well….mom” I began

“Mrs. Chandler we think Michael had a blackout and has no memory of what happened tonight” Kayla interrupted “So we want him to go to a psychiatrist so he can fill in the pieces of his memory that he doesn’t remember”

“Baby are you alright?” my mom asked

“Yes Mom” I said “I just don’t remember what happened this evening mom, everything is fine”

“Ok I’ll schedule one for tomorrow if that’s good with you”

“Yes that’s perfect”

“Ok I’m going upstairs” my mom said as she walked toward the steps. “Just call me if you need anything”

“Ok Mrs. Chandler!” my friends all said in unison

“One more thing” my mother added “The Christmas tree looks lovely Kayla”

“We helped too” Eric and Jake protested

“Yeah I’m sure you did” my mother chuckled to herself as she walked up the steps to her bedroom

“All you guys did was put it up” Kayla insisted “I was the one who made it look good, if the tree had been left to you guys to decorate it would have looked like shit”

“No it wouldn’t!” Eric protested “I know how to decorate a damn tree” Eric laughed

“Don’t worry babe” I replied patting Eric on his hard muscular back. “I think you and Jake would be great Christmas tree decorators”

We all laughed

“Babe Kayla may not think I know how to decorate a Christmas tree, but if there’s one thing I’m good at its stuffing stockings,” Eric said leaning into me as he whispered into my ears “And I’m a pro at stuffing your stockings babe”

When Eric said that it caused me to become aroused as my cock stirred in my pants hardening. My cock throbbed in my pants waiting for a release. Eric and I had not had sex in two days. I was in need of some dick, Eric’s dick.

Despite the fact that I failed to remember what had happened this evening my mind was still turning towards sex. As I thought about sex I wondered if Eric was thinking about sex, judging by what he whispered into my ear we must have both been thinking about the same thing. That was of course fucking.

Eric and I looked at each other’s eyes. Our eyes met and we communicated non-verbally. We each knew what we wanted and soon without saying a word were soon standing on our feet walking toward the door. I held his hand as he led me to my front door.

“Where do you two think you’re going?” Kayla said from behind. We turned to face Kayla still holding hands and nearly halfway to the door.

“Were just going to get some fresh air” Eric replied “We will be back soon”

“Eric and I just wanted to look up at the stars”

“Yeah right” Kayla began not believing a word we had said “You two are going to go have sex, you guys can’t fool me, I can see your cocks are hard.”

“Ok you caught us” Eric said throwing up his hands. “Well since you already know why we are leaving, can you at least tell us if your car is locked so we don’t have to sit on the grass?”

“What?” Kayla began “Now you want to use my car has a fucking sex room” she laughed

“Kayla you owe me” I pleaded “Don’t forget I’m going to the psychiatrist like you wanted so that they can help me remember what happened this evening”

“Ok Mike don’t give that puppy dog look” Kayla said turning her face away from mine

“Here take these” Kayla said as she threw her keys our way. “And you better not get one drop of cum on my seats”

“Don’t worry” Eric said as he caught the keys in his free hand without even having to change his position “Kayla if we get anything on your seats we will clean it up”

“More like lick it up” Jake teased

“Yeah you might be right” Eric smirked as he led me out the door towards Kayla’s waiting SUV.

****Scene 2: Michael’s POV**************************************************

Once we were safely outside my house, with the door closed, we walked off the porch across the grass. We stopped at Kayla’s car, I reached for the door-handle but Eric grabbed me. I turned to see why he hesitated. Before I knew what was happening Eric pulled me into a warm kiss.

I held onto Eric has he wrapped his arms around me. I felt him press his soft pink lips on mine. He forced his tongue into my mouth and soon our tongues swirled around in the other’s mouth. Oh how I loved the sweet taste of his mouth, the sweet manly essences of his mouth.

We were more than just kissing, we were full on making out in my front yard. We kissed passionately under the moonlight and all the stars. I ran my fingers through Eric’s dirty blond mane of hair as he kissed me.

While we kissed Eric’s drew to his favorite spot on my body. This spot was of course my bubble butt. I was packing a nice thick ass under my jeans, and Eric was squeezing my ass like there was no tomorrow. Eric squeezing my ass turned me on, so much that I was soon moaning into his warm mouth.

“Babe” Eric began as he pulled away coming up for air “I love to hear you moan, those sweet sounds our music to my ears”

“Eric I love kissing you, and feeling your big hands squeeze my ass just drives me wild” I began “But are we going to just kiss under the night sky or are we going to fuck?” I said giggling

“Babe I don’t care if we fuck or kiss” he said starring into my eyes with those sparkling blue eyes of his that just made me melt “I’d do either one with you forever, but first there’s something I have been dying to show you” Eric said as he unlocked Kayla’s SUV and we climbed inside

Once were inside the SUV, Eric pulled out his phone. After scrolling through the apps on his phone he reached his gallery. There was certainly a lot of dick pics on his phone some of them mine, most of them his. Finally he found what he was looking for.

It was a video that he clicked on. As we sat in Kayla’s car waiting for the video to load, Eric was filled with excitement. He seemed like he was a child and I was his parent and he was showing me this new thing he had learned at school. Maybe one day he would call me daddy in bed, or maybe I would call him daddy. Perhaps we could play school one day too.

Once the video on Eric’s phone finally loaded I was surprised to see that the video was of Eric. Turning to him “Eric what is this?”

“Babe just keep watching” Eric said “I made this video especially for you, just keep watching”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head, and my jaw dropped in astonishment when I saw Eric slip his hand into his boxers and pull the nice piece of white meat out for the camera and all the world to see. Eric said into the camera “Hey Mike, this is for you, just want you to know that I’m thinking about you”

“Oh Eric you were thinking about me?” I gasped “You made a video of yourself masturbating, I’ll watch it every time I get horny”

“Babe keep watching the video” Eric said, his face lighting up “That’s not even the best part, just keep looking” he smiled

“Eric what could be better than watching you jerk that thick cock or yours?”

“You’ll see” he grinned

I continued to watch the video. The sight of Eric jerking his big fat ten inch dick turned me on even more. I watched the video intently as Eric stroked his throbbing cock, rubbing his big calloused hands up and down his pink shaft.

I looked with pleasure as Eric jerked his hard cock. Every muscle in his body tensed and flexed as he pulled on his dick. His muscles turned me on, those bulging biceps of his, that ridiculously enormous chest, and that thick cock of his between those massive thighs of his was the cherry on top of the delicious sundae.

Eric’s muscles were not the only thing that turned me on, he worked out regularly so his muscles were rippling and his veins popped. Veins were on that thick dick of his, he had veins on his muscles, which looked like they were going to pop out, and he had two delicious looking veins running from his abdomen down to his crotch that I wanted to lick. And don’t even get me started about those sexy V-lines of his. Mmmmmm.

I continued to watch the video. Listening to Eric moan in pleasure as he stroked his cock.


“Mike I wish you were here so I could make love to you” Eric said looking right at the camera “My cock misses you and I do too” he said in the video

“Fuck me” Eric cried as he jerked his cock roughly with his hand, wrapping it around his throbbing ten inch cock as he masturbated in what was THE hottest masturbation video I had ever seen.

In the video Eric stood up to remove his underwear, pulling his underwear down his thick meaty legs; when he stood up his huge cock swung between his legs.

“Damn Eric look at that thing?” I swooned

After Eric had removed his underwear in the video completely and was sitting on the bed completely naked he reached around for something and pulled out a bottle of lube. The very same bottle he had used for our first time all those weeks ago.

He squirted some lube on his hands and began jerking his dick. This time he stroked it harder and faster, with such speed that the all too familiar “Fap, Fap, Fap, Fap sound could be heard coming from the video.

“Eric this is too hot”

“Babe just keep looking” Eric replied as he pointed to the phone screen “The best part is coming”

Looking back at the video I saw that Eric’s big ass was on full display as he lay there on his bed. He wasn’t still he was looking for something under his bed. I didn’t know what he was looking for but I really liked the sexy view.

Finally he turned back around pulling out a box. The box had a lock on it, but Eric had the key to it. When he opened the box and pulled out this dildo, saying into the camera “After that very first time, when you fucked me Mike, I realized why you like to get fucked so much, it was so much fun and you are able to relax and enjoy the ride literally” my jaw dropped as I gasped at the contents of the video.

“Eric are you about to…...”

“Babe just watch” Eric began kissing me on the forehead “The best part is nearly here, you have to be quite so you can listen and see it” he grinned as he watched the video of himself jerking off.

It was one of those stand up dildos so Eric didn’t have to hold it, he sat it on the bed crouching down as he hovered his ass over the dildo. The temptation began to build up as I watched the video intently, looking with my eyes wide as he lowered his ass onto the dildo.

“Holy shit” Eric cried once the dildo was fully inside his ass and he was sitting down on that monstrous thing. “Damn I know that feeling” I said turning to look at Eric who was beaming with pride.

“Babe it felt so good” he began “But it didn’t feel as good as your dick” he winked

Eric and I continued to watch his video. Eric and I watched as he grinded his ass around the dildo. It drove me wild as he bounced up and down the dildo, riding the hell out of that plastic cock.

Eric while he continued to bounce on that dildo looked directly at the camera “Babe just wanted to let you know that I can’t wait to bounce on it again” He winked at the camera and continued to ride the dildo harder until he cried out “FUUUUUUUUUK YEESSSSSSSSSSS!!” and shot cum all over his tight abs, and chest. When I saw his own cum hit Eric in his face, I moaned a little.

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV********************************************************

“Eric that was the hottest solo video I’ve ever seen” Michael said as he petted me on the lips.

“Wait babe” I said, pointing at the Phone screen once again “If you liked that you are in for a laugh, just watch”

When I heard my mother’s voice and knocking coming from the video I knew that the part where I had almost shit myself was coming.

“Wait is that your mother?” Michael began


“Wait, she isn’t going to walk in, is she?” he asked “Damn your mom is always popping up at random times, especially at the worst possible time.” Michael said chuckling

“Just watch” I replied “She heard me moaning when I was beating my meat, if I didn’t have that lock on the door she would have just walked in”

“Wait she’s still knocking on the door?” Michael laughed

When my mom asked if Michael was in the room I nearly froze, my face still covered in cum. While Michael watched the video, he burst out laughing when he heard my mom ask through the door “Michael isn’t in there with you by any chance?”

“Did she really just ask if I was in there with you” Michael asked turning to me still laughing and unable to control himself.

“Yeah I was so fucking scared dude” I began “How could I not be? I was laying there naked on my bed covered in cum from head to toe.”

Continuing to watch the video that I had made with Michael, I saw myself jump up off my bed and bound across the carpeted floor as I reached for some sweatpants, throwing them on. I reached for the door in the video about to lock it

Michael turned to me, “Eric you still have cum all over your body, please tell me you are going to wipe it off before you open that door” he laughed

“Don’t worry babe” I began “Just because I didn’t have you there to lick it off it still got off” pointing toward the phone screen just had picked up a discarded pair of underwear using it to wipe the sticky cum off my chest, abs, and of course my face as well.

“Ok that’s good” Michael said “Just imagine how awful it would have been if you would have forgotten about the cum and opened the door drenched in cum, your mother would have fucking flipped” he laughed

“Yeah I know right” I said laughing along with him. “But wait, Mike just keep watching it’s not over yet”

“There’s more?”

“Just look babe”

I watched the video, looking at my mother she peered into my bedroom searching for any signs of Michael. I watched as she looked at me in the video. Even though that had happened several days ago I could still feel her looking right through me as she asked “Eric why are you so sweaty?” She said pointing at the sweat that glistened off my muscular body, my big round sculpted pecs, and my toned abs.

I watched my mother’s eyes in the video widen when she said “Never mind” as she turned and closed the door. It was then that I knew for sure that she had realized that I was beating my meat”

“OH MY GOD!” Michael cried, struggling to breathe between laughs “She knew……she fucking knew what you were doing, that’s why she ran out of the room.”

“Dude her face was priceless” Mike laughed

“Damn Eric” Michael began “I really liked watching you jerk your cock and when you stuck that dildo up your ass and you were bouncing on that thing…..Your Dick kept flopping around, hitting your abs”

“All I wanted to do was lick that gorgeous cock” he grinned at me, as he made attempts to get at my dick reaching for my Jean zippers.

“Babe you heard what I said” I began “I meant it when I said I couldn’t wait to bounce on that big cock of yours.” I said slapping his hands away.

“Babe we’ve watched that video long enough” I said as I slowly began to unbutton Michael’s shirt “We have not even used this car for its intended purpose, that purpose is of course you fucking the shit out of me.

Once his shirt was off I licked my way down his gorgeous body. Letting my tongue roll all over inch of his muscular frame until his eyes slid shut and he begged for more. I teased his nipple, nibbling on them as I caressed his body.

With each touch Mike moaned with pleasure. That was before I had even begun to suck his dick, so I knew he would love it when I went to work on that shaft of his.

Within seconds I was attacking Mike’s zipper. Once I had unzipped his pants I followed by unlatching the button above, pulling his jeans down until they fell to his feet.

I took Mike’s cock in my hands, squeezing it in my hand. I rolled his throbbing cock in my palms as I jerked his cock. As time went on I stroked him harder and faster, causing him to groan and make sweet moaning sounds. Michael’s moans of pleasure were like music to my ears.

After a few more seconds of jerking his dick, I realized what I really wanted was to have his dick inside my mouth. At long last my lips wrapped around the tip of Michael’s gorgeous nine inch cock. I began a steady rhythm bobbing up and down on his dick, letting him slide deeper and deeper into my mouth inch by delicious inch. I smelt the manly aroma coming from his dick, and it turned me on even more

I felt him jerk back as I sucked him in. His thighs quivered as I sucked the life out of his dick. He tried to thrust hard into my mouth, wanting to throat fuck me, but I withdrew my mouth slowly pulling his precum leaking dick from my mouth.

“Please don’t stop,” he said. The words sounded like a desperate plea.

I did as he asked and dove back down, head first onto his aching cock. I listened to him as he moaned softly, whispering sweet fucks as he fucked my mouth.

I sucked faster and faster, bobbing up and down on his dick, matching his rhythm as his hips pushed against my face. His dick tasted amazing, salty and manly, the perfect man.

When I glanced up, he had his head thrown back against the car seat, the muscles in his neck and shoulders were popping. Damn he looked sexy.

I teased the tip of Mike’s dick, then I devoured the shaft sucking and licking up a storm as I took his manhood deep into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down like I was bobbing for apples all while he moaned lewdly. I covered his cock with saliva and my warm mouth juices in preparation for him fucking me.

“Ok babe,” I said “It’s about time I started bouncing”

I climbed up onto Mike’s lap. As I reached around and took his cock aiming it at my puckering hole I stared into Michael’s devastatingly angelic face. He may have been nineteen but his baby face made him look far younger.

I gradually sat down, allowing his throbbing nine inch cock to slide into my ass. I wasn’t dry because I had spit on my hand sending four great globs of spit up my ass muscles using a few fingers to loosen me up while I sucked his dick earlier. For someone who had bottomed less times then there are days in the week I was becoming a pro, his thick dick slid in pretty quick.

"Oh yeah" I growled as I pushed down harder forcing Mike’s thick dick deeper and deeper into my ass. “Oh Yeah” I repeated “I really needed this fuck

I began to fuck myself on his meat stick. Starting off slow, I lifted my ass up, before gradually sitting back down on Mike’s cock until he was balls deep in my ass.

"Damn babe” Mike groaned in pleasure “The contortions on your beautiful face are so fucking cute” As I bounced up and down on his dick, he lay there moaning softly, watching as I fucked myself on his dick.

We both moaned as I gradually began to speed up, making myself bounce faster and faster onto his dick, causing our skin to slap lewdly together.

I may be a macho masculine looking man, but there’s something about having a thick dick inside my ass that turns me. And there is no dick like my boyfriend’s. Every thrust into my ass sent a burst of pleasure shooting through my entire body.

The faster I fucked myself on his dick, the more Michael moved his hips. Soon he was meeting each downward thrust my ass made with powerful force. The feeling of Michael’s dick exploring the confines of my ass as my ass muscles wrapped around his member squeezing it was a heavenly feeling.

After a few more minutes, Mike grabbed hold of my shoulders and started to really pound me, slamming his throbbing dick into me. He did this with such speed that he actually threw me up in the air. This was no small feat however, I had a good twenty pounds on him, with myself being 170 lbs and him about 150 lbs.

“Yes, yes, yes….OH FUCK YES!” I moaned as my cock fired round after round of hot sticky cum all over our chests, sending a nice helping onto his face.

“Ohhhh fuuucccccck” Michael screamed in pleasure, as he slammed hard into my ass. Next thing I knew he had exploded into my ass. The feeling was heavenly and better than any other feeling.

The feeling of shooting a hot load all over my boyfriend’s face, and having him shoot his load deep inside me makes me hard as a rock.

“YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS" I screamed again as Mike drilled his dick into my ass one final time. I felt even more cum rocket into my ass. My throbbing cock kept spewing my cum onto his chest as my cock bounced and slapped against our abs.

“Oh shit” he said, trying to catch his breath “That was a hot fuck. Kayla is going to kill us for getting cum all over her SUV”.

We just lay there, his dick still nestled inside my ass cheeks, his cum more or less there too. Breathing heavy I put my hands on his pecs, massaging the big round mounds of muscle.

While I massaged his chest I presented him with a kiss. He didn’t even mind that I had been sucking on his cock only an hour before. I covered his beautiful face with soft kisses as we made out

"Fuck dude, that was hot as hell” I murmured. "Dude we just fucked inside Kayla’s Car and it was amazing!” I added. I slowly lifted my ass up allowing his softening prick to pop out of his ass.

Without saying a word to him, I got between his knees and began to carefully lick and tenderly lick all the cum that had covered both his dick and crotch. I lovingly licked his crotch clean.

****Scene 4: Kayla’s POV*****************************************

Michael and Eric must have only been gone for only about an hour, when Mike’s mom came back down the stairs. When she entered the room the living room was dimly lit, with only the light of the Christmas tree and the television lighting the room.

Michael’s mother peered around the room, looking around. Even in the dark she noticed that both Eric and Mike were missing. She looked directly at me asking me “Where did my son go? And where is Eric?”

Thinking fast I came up with a story to tell Michael’s mom “Hey Mrs. Chandler.” I began “Eric and Mike went to my house to get something that I forgot.”

Still not believing me, Mike’s mom looked out the window and saw what I had hoped she would not notice. The fact that my car was still in the driveway soon became evident, but that was the only logical thing that I could say.

“Ummm, Kayla your car is in the driveway.” Mike’s mom said frowning a little.

“Oh my bad Mrs. Chandler” I started “They must have just gotten back” I lied

Luckily for the sake of my reputation, Michael and Eric soon walked up to the porch. They knocked on the front door before going inside.

“Hello son, hello Eric” Mike’s mother said as Michael and Eric walked past her and entered the living room.

Eric turned on the light as they walked into the living room. Thank god he did, because I had to make sure they knew exactly what they had to say.

“Kayla said you guys went back to her house to get something for her”

“Yeah” Michael said watching me in the background as shook my head up and down.

“Ok so what did you two get for her?” Mike’s mother pressed not believing the story.

Mike didn’t know what to say, but Eric pulled out my keys from his pocket “She needed us to get her spare keys!” he said proudly holding up the keys for everyone in the living room to see.

Mike’s mother satisfied that all the facts were checked, hugged her son and walked back up the stairs, not before saying “Michael you have an appointment with Dr. Collins at the Harmony Hospital tomorrow at 2:00”

“Thanks mom” Mike yelled back

As soon as I knew that Michael’s mom was back all the way upstairs in her bedroom with the door shut I turned to lay into my friends. “A whole fucking hour?! You two were gone for over a fucking hour”

“There better not be a single drop of cum on my seats” I cried

“Don’t worry Kayla” Michael began “If there’s anything I’ll clean your car for you”

“You should for scaring me half to death” I giggled

“Yeah you don’t have to worry Kayla” Eric said licking his lips like he had something to eat “I made sure not a drop of cum got anywhere”

“You two make me sick, you both need a room” I said causing everyone to burst into laughter.

STAY TUNED AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS……………………………………………………………



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