****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light, 

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so Our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: The Library****************************************

Once the door to the Library was shut I sat down on the nearby overstuffed sofa. Waiting patiently for my grandfather to speak to me. 

Before my grandfather spoke there was a brief moment of silence. It was a nerve wrecking thirty seconds because I was overwhelmed with my mind racing going a mile a minute thinking about what he could possibly have to say to me.

Finally after taking a deep breath my grandfather walked over to the cabinet where he kept his whiskey. Reaching into the cabinet he pulled out a crystal decanter and took two glasses. After he poured some into one of the glasses he poured some into the other one, offering it to me.

I accepted the glass and he sat down beside me and he started in. “Grandson what’s this business I hear about you being gay?”

“Grandpa you heard correctly I’m actually gay” I said trying to sound as sincere as possible and not trying to act smart.

“I hope that doesn’t change anything between me and you, I’m still the same Michael” I added

My grandfather gave me a glance as if I were insane “What the hell do you mean change?”

“You’re acting as if I’m supposed to think that because you’re gay you are a completely different person”

“Shame on you grandson I know you haven’t changed, you will always be the same person to me” he said as he patted me on the shoulder.

“Are you sure you still want a fag running Chandler Industries” I chuckled trying to hide the fact that I would have been a little heartbroken if he thought I was unworthy to lead the family business

“Why the hell not?” he said

His words startled me, not because he cursed, my grandfather was a like a sailor in a business suit, his favorite words being “I don’t give a damn”. No what had startled me was the fact that he still wanted me to lead the family business even when he knew I was gay.

“Son there is something you have to understand”

“What is it grandfather?”

“I don’t give a damn who you fuck, or who sleeps with you beneath the sheets, Michael I want you to lead this family into the twenty first century because you have a good head on your shoulders and I don’t want to see Chandler Industries fall into your aunt’s hands”

My grandfather and aunt fought like cats and dogs, disagreeing on nearly everything. Despite my grandfather being the namesake of my aunt Victoria. Everyone in the family knew that they always disagreed mainly because they were so much alike. My aunt Victoria was just as ruthless and ambitious as my grandfather.

“Grandson a man is determined by his character not by the lovers he keeps” he said

“If men are determined by the people they keep in their bed’s lord help this country” my grandfather joked.

“I understand completely grandfather, I promise to always try my best to keep the respect you have for me and to more importantly be the man that you know I can be” I said as I got up.

“Grandson don’t you ever let anyone tell you that you are any less of a man, because they are not true, you are more of a man then most people.”

“Thank you grandfather”

“Grandson my father, your great grandfather many years ago disowned my brother for being gay and he regretted it for the rest of his life and I would rather die right now then allow my family to be broken up because of something that is out of my control”

Turning to walk out of the library, my grandfather spoke up “Wait grandson, I saw your mother looking at you and Eric all night. To be completely honest it was even making me a little uncomfortable, so if you two want some privacy I’ll leave the keys to the library unlocked.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. I found it hard to believe my grandfather was actually offering me a room so that I could be alone with Eric. My grandfather had completely surprised me by his actions.

Just as I turned the handle of the Library door, my Grandfather spoke once more “You two try not to break anything and also if you two get caught I will deny everything” he said, as a huge grin lit up across his face.

I was completely shocked not only had my grandfather suggested the use of his library for me and Eric. He knew exactly what we intended to use it for.

***Scene 2: Chandler Living Room************************************

After the long talk I had with my grandfather I walked out of the library with a new outlook on life. The one person’s whose respect meant the most to me (my grandfather’s respect), I still had.

I felt like a new man literally, my grandfather not only accepted that I was gay and with Eric, he also had confided in me the fact that he trusted me to lead not only Chandler Industries but also this family too.

When I walked down the hall to the living room I found that everyone was seating inside eating slices of my grandmother’s homemade pumpkin pie.

I sat down in an empty seat, between Eric and Kayla of course.

“Hey guy’s I’m back, sorry I took so long” I whispered as I sat down beside Eric and Kayla with my slice of pie.

“Oh its fine Michael” Kayla said patting me on the back

“Hey dude took you long enough” Eric blurted out

Ignoring Eric I leaned over to Kayla “What’s going on in here”

“Oh your grandmother suggested we play family feud so were getting set up, we have two teams of five people. You, Eric, myself, your brother and sister Wesley and Brittany are one team, and your mom, dad, your Aunt Victoria, and your cousins Dylan and Amanda on the other team.”

“Oh ok that’s cool” I said

“And your grandmother offered to read the questions”

“Oh ok”

The game began my grandmother read the first question “Name something that is always happening on Soap operas” she read

My sister Brittany hit the buzzer first, so our team went first.

My grandmother repeated the question for my sister and within seconds my sister blurted out “someone getting murdered”

My grandmother looked at my sister Brittney, saying “I’m sorry sweetie that’s not an answer” she said giving her a little frown.

Next it was my turn I didn’t know what else to say so I said the first thing that came to my mind. Within seconds I had blurted out “Having sex”

No sooner had those words left my lips, did everyone look at me like I had completely lost all the innocence of my youth. They apparently thought I was a saint.

“That’s the number one answer” my grandmother said gleefully

Later on two more wrong answers and the other team prepared to steal. Luckily for us their answer was wrong too, allowing for us to recuperate.

The next question was “What’s something you can’t keep closed?” 

Our team was slow hitting the buzzer so the other team went.

My cousin Dylan going first, saying “Your mouth”

“That’s right” my grandmother replied, smiling at my cousin

Next it was my aunt Victoria’s turn. She asked my grandmother to repeat the question and after that she blurted out “Your legs”

My aunt’s words were followed by a brief moment of silence that was quickly succeeded by a great roar of laughter that filled the living room.

After the laughter died down my grandmother suggested we lay something else that would not lead to such crude and vulgar comments. I asked to be excused to go to the restroom.

Once I was safely out of the living room, and the doors leading into the living room were shut I raced towards the library. Thinking to myself that the time was as good as any to take my grandfather up on his offer.

Once I reached the library, I reached into my pocket feeling for the key my grandfather had given me earlier. Once I found the key I pulled it out, sticking it into the keyhole as I turned it until it opened.

Once inside I sat down at my grandfather’s now empty desk. There was something different about it, when I had come in the room earlier it had been covered with stuff, now it was completely bare save for one little yellow note laying on the center of the desk. 

The note read: Dear Grandson I thought you might want to use the room tonight so I took the liberty of clearing the top of this desk. Don’t want to risk you breaking something expensive. Best wishes, Grandfather

The little note my grandfather left me made me smile. He was taking the news of me being gay rather well, and the fact that I was involved with a guy, Eric, the very guy I had invited to dinner.

It was at that moment that I remembered the reason why I had come to the room. To make love to Eric. I texted Eric to meet me in the library. I hoped he would be able to find it.

As I waited for Eric to arrive I dreamt about our life together.

****Scene 3: Eric and Mike alone at last**************************************

I was worried that Eric would not be able to find the room with the basic directions I gave him, but very shortly after five minutes had passed I heard a knock on the door.

I opened it and it was Eric. He greeted me with a strong and deep kiss pressing his lips close to my own, while he embraced me tightly wrapping his arms around my body.

“I didn’t know if you were going to find it” I said, breaking the locking of our lips

“Oh, the directions you texted me were great” Eric replied

What did you grandfather want to talk about? Hey isn’t this his library? Eric added

“Yeah never mind that he said we could use it, I have the key” I said holding up the key for him to see.

“Well I’ll be damned” Eric said looking at me

“Come on Eric just fuck me already, I want to give you something to be thankful for”

“Hold your horse’s babe, I want to suck you off before I fuck you. I don't want just get off by fucking you I want to show you how much you mean to me"

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure I love having your dick in my mouth, that’s where it belongs, plus I know how much you like having your cock in my mouth” Eric said as he lowered himself onto the floor.

Eric reached out with both hands for my pants. After a few seconds he had unzipped them and my cock flopped out, slapping him in the face, much to his joy. As Eric wrapped his hands around my waist preparing to take my cock in his mouth, my pants dropped from my side and I stepped out of them and relaxed as I slowly pushed my cock into Eric’s warm mouth.

"Oh Eric I love to see your pink lips wrapped around my cock” I groaned as I invaded Eric’s perfect little mouth with my fat cock

Eric looked up at me smiling and moaning as my salty cock went into his mouth it demanded the attention of all five of his senses.

As Eric slowly worked me over, sucking on my dick he slid his wet tongue all over the length of my cock. Pausing he looked up for a moment locking his eyes with my own because he knew that it drove me wild to see him looking at me while he sucked on my shaft.

Eric slowly began to bob up and down on my shaft, guiding his head back and forth all along my throbbing cock, teasing the head before devouring the shaft. 

"Mmf... mmmh... mrf, mmmh, mrf..." Eric moaned softly, his lips wrapped nicely around my cock. While Eric bobbed up and down, my throbbing cock spilled a steady flow of precum down Eric’s waiting throat, which he lapped up with pleasure.

Within minutes of this I began grunting and started to thrust my crotch into Eric’s face, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth. 

Within the library at Chandler Mansion all that could be heard was the sounds of moaning and grunting coming out of both Eric and myself as Eric sucked on my cock.

After several moments of vigorous bobbing on my shaft, Eric pulled up to the head and began kissing it with his lips, rubbing every inch with his warm mouth, flicking his tongue out as he did it.

Pulling my cock out of his mouth “Ok Eric that was very pleasurable, and my cock is now rock hard, but I need you to fuck me”

Grabbing my shaft as I pulled it out of his mouth, I lightly slapped Eric’s face with my cock

“You don’t have to tell me twice” he said

Eric stripped to the buff. While I waited for Eric to get naked, I leaned over my grandfather’s desk, waiting for the moment when I would feel Eric’s thick cock enter my warm hole.

Suddenly I heard Eric’s footsteps as he walked over to where I was bent over the desk. Soon I felt his hands on my waist, but I had yet to feel his cock inside me.

I wondered what he was doing, and what had him so preoccupied. I poked my head around to find Eric admiring my ass. He had by that time placed both of his hands on my ass as he spread my big bubble butt cheeks apart as he gazed longingly at my twitching hole nestled between the two great mounds of flesh.

After a while, I felt the stubble on Eric’s face against the back of my ball sack as he lowered his face into my waiting ass. If there is a thing for someone motorboating someone’s ass, that’s exactly what Eric spent the next several minutes doing to me.

While Eric motorboated my ass cheeks he opened his mouth licking around the entrance to my asshole, spitting great globs of spit into the waiting entrance. As he did this Eric shook his head violently squeezing my ass cheeks with his hands as he rammed his face into my ass. I felt amazing and my butt tensed and clenched every time Eric’s tongue probed my hole. I felt Eric’s stubble on my ass and it tickled, but I loved it.

After a few more minutes of Eric eating my ass, he stood up saying “Ok it’s time I fucked you”

“It’s about time” I responded playfully, as I pushed my ass upwards towards him as arched my back.

Soon I felt the head of Eric’s press roughly against my puckering hole, wanting nothing more than to gain entry to the sacred inner sanctum of my ass. My asshole actually invited him in, as it had done time and time again.

As Eric pressed his crotch against, my hole he felt the warmth coming from it, crying out “Damn Mike your ass feels like a sauna wrapped around my dick” he chuckled

“What can I say, you got me in heat” I laughed

I cried out as Eric’s cockhead entered my hole. I had let Eric fuck me several times, but every time he first entered me I felt like I was being stretched. Eric’s cock was after all ten inches long and very thick. Luckily for my asshole Eric knew exactly how to use his cock. Once inside Eric slowly fed my ass inch after inch of his big pink shaft. All I could do was shudder and quiver as Eric’s thick dick rubbed and stretched my insides as he plowed my backside.

Eric slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, leaving the cockhead, only to shove the full length back in again!  Each time he did this, I screamed in ecstasy holding on tightly to the desk that I was bent over. While Eric’s probed my ass with his cock I cried out “Yeah…..Oh shit, mmmmmh” between long drawn out grunts and high pitched moans as Eric plowed away at my muscular butt.

I soon ben to grunt and groan more and more with pleasure as Eric thrusted vigorously into my burning hole driving me closer and closer to the edge of orgasm.

My own throbbing cock hardened, shaking and leaking precum as Eric fucked the life out of me. As Eric continued to fuck mea slowly sank down onto the hard wooden desk. As I did this Eric sped up his plowing of my hole. Eric’s hips thrusted wildly forward as he plunged his cock balls deep into my ass.

As Eric continued to fuck me he lost his balance a little from sheer ecstasy so he pressed his hands firmly on my back to keep his balance as he continued to explore my hole with his cock.

Soon after this Eric grabbed my leg, flipping me over on my side with his cock still buried deep within my warm hole. As he began to fuck me roughly I reached my hands up high feeling his amazing body; first I rubbed my hand along the ridged valley formed by his rock hard abs, moving upwards I squeezed on first his right nipple then his left one, the centerpieces to the big round mountainous slabs of flesh that formed his incredible pecs.

The flesh between my ass and Eric’s balls made lewd slapping noise, as his balls slapped wildly against my ass as he powerfucked me.

As Eric fucked me, time seemed to standstill, I forgot where I was as Eric filled my ass with his cock. After what seemed like forever, Eric’s throbbing cock bounced inside my warm muscle butt, gushing out hot warm sticky cum deep within my tight confines. I merely moaned in pleasure as Eric’s cum flooded my as tunnels. 

Eric did not stop fucking me, determined to make me cum he thrusted roughly into my ass until finally I let out a loud grunt and my own member began shooting a spray of cum onto my body. The cum shooting like a rocket from my cock splattered not only my chest, abs, but also my face coating my body with my own man juices.

“Babe you look so cute, covered in cum” Eric giggled. 

“Shut up” I replied “That was amazing, now let’s get cleaned up” I added

Eric responded by pulling his meat from my backside. No sooner had he done this, then just like a waterfall, his cum came spurting out, leaking from my asshole.

“I’ll clean you up” Eric said grinning as he bent down to lick up the cum oozing out of my ass and down my leg.

 ****Scene 4: Caught********************************************

After Eric had licked my ass clean he proceeded to lick my own cum off my abs, chest and face. Kissing me once he reached my face, I tasted his cum covered lips.

After that we got dressed and headed back down the hall to the Living room to join the others. As we walked down the hall we were greeted by Kayla

When Kayla saw us she looked us up and down before a smile appeared on her face. “Hey Mike I thought something had happened to you” she said

“I originally thought Eric was coming to find you, but after you both were gone for about an hour assumed you two had found each other”

“Yeah I found him eventually“, Eric said looking longingly at me

“Yeah you found him all right” Kayla grinned

“I can’t believe you two left me with the family to go have sex!”

“We were just talking” I lied

“Oh really?”

 “So when you two talk, you trade shirts?”

“Kayla what are you talking about?” Eric said

“Well for starters your wearing Michael’s shirt, and the last place I saw that shirt he has on now was on you about an hour ago”

“Holy shit, she’s right” I said, as I looked down to see the shirt wrapped tightly around my body was in fact Eric’s 

Raising our arms up we took off the mixed up shirts exchanging them for our own.

While we put on our shirts, Kayla ogled us. 

“Damn do you guys live at the gym?” 

“You guys bodies are ripped, it’s a shame you two aren’t straight I might have to ignore that no sleeping with friends rule to get you both” Kayla teased

“Kayla your starting to sound like Charlotte” I said

“Don’t say that bitch’s name” Kaya shot back

“I know you two are gay, and I’m your friend but a girl can still look”

“Yeah it’s cool” Eric said

“Wait....is that what I think it is” Kayla said pointing towards my neck

Tilting my head just a little I saw that some cum had hidden itself on the side of my neck

“Is that cum?!?!!” Kayla blurted out

Within seconds Eric took his hand rubbing the dried cum up catching it in his finger bringing it close to his mouth.

“What cum” Eric said as he stuck his hand covered the dried cum that he had removed from my neck into his mouth

“Whatever never mind” Kayla said

“I’m just glad you guys are back and I hope you got all of that out of your system”

“Because I’m going to need you guys were playing charades and I want to win” Kayla said grabbing Eric and I by the hands as she led as down the hall to the living and the waiting family members.



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