****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light, 

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so Our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Lunchtime****************************************

"What do you mean staring right at me?" said Michael as he stopped eating his spaghetti bringing the fork to a screeching halt.

"Dude I mean she's staring at you"

"Actually she's been staring at you the whole time to be exact" Kayla said giggling to herself

"I think it's cute the new girl has a crush on you" Kayla said sipping her coffee

"To bad she doesn't know that you're gay" Adam said speaking up

"She does know"

"What and she still wants you?, Damn! Gay guys have all the fun" Paul said, as he nudged Michael under the table with his shoes.

"I hope Eric doesn't get too jealous" Kayla giggled

"Trust me Kayla, I know Michael is all mine"

Looking over at Charlotte, Kayla saw that she was watching Michael eat his food, watching every mouthful as it went in, watching as the fork emerged from his lips, she was watching him intently

"Oh my fucking God!" she's still watching you" Kayla blurted out

"Looks like someone has a stalker" Jake said, making  jokes with me like the good  whole days before he had not only discovered I was gay and with Eric, but had also confessed his love for me

"Someone should tell her that you are spoken for" Kayla said putting her cup of coffee on the table roughly and standing up.

"Don't say anything, just let her be" Michael said grabbing Kayla's hand

"Michael's right, you don't have to go over there" Eric said

"Michael and Eric are right" Jake said, surprising me by agreeing with Eric despite not thinking he was good enough for me

"I think she should go over there" Kevin said

"Of course you would agree with her" Paul said rudely

 "What the hell is that suppose to mean?" Kevin said raising his voice

"I think you know exactly what it means" Paul said sly 

"Boys try to be civilized we don't have time for games" Kayla said as she rolled her eyes

"Eric and Michael are too much of a gentlemen, to cause a scene, but I'm a lady and I don't give a damn who's watching when I put that girl in her place" Said Kayla

"Kayla that doesn't even make sense" Jake said

But before anyone could stop her Kayla had already walked over to the table Charlotte was sitting at.

"This should be fun to watch" Adam said

"What if they fight?" Kevin said, looking a little nervous trying to cover up the fact that he really really liked Kayla.

"Don't worry Kevin, Kayla will be all right, she hasn't met a girl yet who can match her in battle" Jake said proudly

****Scene 2: Confrontation at the table******************************************

"Hey can I speak to you for a moment?" Kayla said tapping Charlotte on the shoulder.

"Sure, what about?" Charlotte said as she put down the book she had been pretending to read. She had asked what about, but she knew very well what Kayla was going to say.

"Can we talk in private" Kayla said nudging her head towards Charlotte's entourage

"Sure, girls can you leave us" Charlotte said

And with those words all the girls at the table stood up and walked off...

"Ok now that we are alone, what is it that you want to talk about?"

“You know damn well” what I want to talk about” Kayla said slamming her purse down roughly on the table

“What is with you keep staring at my friend”

“What friend are you talking about?” Charlotte said trying to play innocent

“Michael, the one you keep eyeballing, unless there is another guy your trying to sink your claws into that I don’t know about! Kayla screamed furiously

“Home girl I’m going to have to ask you to stop staring at Michael, It’s just plain creepy, and if you don’t stop I’m going to have to dot that eye for you”

“I’ll look wherever I damn well please” Charlotte said in defiance 

“Bitch! I’m only going to tell you one more time, I have been friends with Michael for years and now that he’s finally found the perfect guy for him. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some little bitch mess it up” Kayla said losing her patience.

Before Kayla had time to move her face, Charlotte’s hand had made contact with her face. Charlotte’s insolence, and now the pain on her face angered Kayla immensely. 

Acting fast Kayla quickly picked up the nearby cup of Sierra Mist with one hand dashing the clear sparking drink all over Charlotte’s face. Next she responded to Charlotte’s surprising slap with one of her own. 

Kayla raised her hand bringing it far enough back so that she knew it would sting on Charlotte’s face. Then Kayla let go, sending her hand flying into Charlotte’s face. The slap caused Charlotte’s face to vibrate and the loud sound caused a echo.Prompting the attention of the Lunch monitors, teachers who had nothing better to do then watch high school students eat lunch.

When Kayla looked at her hand, her palm was bright red, but she didn’t much mind because she could at least cover her palm. Charlotte on the other hand had a big red mark across her face that would only be covered by a heap load of makeup.

“You Bitch! Stay away from my friends, I mean it”

Charlotte just sat there stunned rubbing her sore face.

Before Kayla had time to enjoy her victory, one of the Lunch monitors were marching angrily towards her. After informing her that she had to stay after school for detention with Charlotte. Kayla turned to leave.

Kayla should have felt bad for having to serve detention for a whole hour. But in her mind she only felt good, and a shining grin spread across her face and with a flick of her hair, she spun around and marched back to her table and her waiting friends.

Not once did Kayla look back to see what Charlotte was doing. No doubt she was rubbing her sore red face.


 ****Scene 3: After Lunch***************************

After Kayla walked back to her seat, the bell signaling the end of the lunch period rang out. Kayla quickly picked up her things and attempted to leave.

But before Kayla could leave the lunchroom quietly she was hit with a thousand questions from her friends asking about what had just happened between her and Charlotte.

“Did you really just slap Charlotte?” Michael asked

“Yes I did” Kayla said proudly

“You do know she’s a senator’s daughter right?” Jake said

“I don’t give a damn if she’s the president’s daughter, that bitch hit me first so I hit her right back”

“Well did you get through to her?” Michael asked

“No that bitch has the hots for you, and I don’t think she’s going to rest until she gets her claws inside of you” Kayla said frowning a little

“Michael I don’t think she’s going to accept the fact that you are gay, let alone the fact that you are with Eric, I think you should just watch out for her”

“You don’t have to tell me twice” Michael said glancing over at Eric as they clasped hands. Much to the joy of Kayla

“Oh my God, You two are sooooo Cute” she said with glee, literally fawning all over us

“Oh my God Kayla, you act like you never seen two gay guys before” Kevin said jokingly 

“I have Kevin, but never any as cute as these two” she said, causing Eric and Michael to blush a little as she made annoying little baby noises directed at Michael and Eric.

“I think I’ll walk you two to your next class, don’t want that what her name getting any ideas” she said

“Kayla I think Eric can walk me to my class just fine” Michael said

“No, really Michael I insist” Kayla said not taking no for an answer

“Damn, let’s just let her walk with us, seems like she’s not going to relent unless she gets her way” Eric said throwing his arm around mine” Eric sighed 

“You got that right” Eric

“I’m so glad you guys see things my way” 

After this Jake, Adam, Paul, and Kevin went their separate ways. I said goodbye to Jake and he responded by saying that he would text me back later. When Kayla said goodbye to Kevin, he could not stop blushing. Luckily for him I don’t think Kayla noticed. She was too busy trying to protect my honour from Charlotte “the scary senator’s daughter”.

As we walked down the hall, it was an odd sight. It looked like I had bodyguards, Eric on one side and Kayla on the other. I felt pity for any man or women that tried to make an advance at me while I was surrounded by those two.

Finally I had arrived at my last class of the day.

“Ok guys this is my stop” I said jokingly “You can go now, you two Kayla”

“Well I can’t go yet, I have to do something first” Eric said

“Do what?”

“This”, before I had time to react Eric’s hot lips were pressed against mine. I was taken by surprise so I was not ready, but my mouth opened up to him and soon are tongues were wrestling in each other’s mouths. Are salvia and warm mouth juices mixing together in our open mouth as we sucked on each other’s face. We did this right in front of my classroom in full view of the class, but I didn’t care, I was happy just to be in Eric’s arms. 

I was in another world, I even was able to ignore the fact that Kayla was making cooing noises, getting all emotional at how cute we were. 

“I’m going to leave you two alone” she said patting me on the butt. 

When we finally came up for air, Eric spoke to me. “Michael I think I’m finally ready”

“Ready for what?”
 “Well I’m ready to ride that dick of yours” Eric said blushing 


 “Don’t we have a Lacrosse practice?” I said

“Yeah I want to ride your dick after practice” he said blushing, his face turning red as he said the final words.

“Are you sure?”

“Hell yeah! You seem to be enjoying yourself and I don’t want to be stuck doing all the work all the time” he laughed

“It will be fun to just sit back and let you take control and the fuck me” he said. Licking his lips.

“Damn I’m getting hard just thinking about it” Eric  said, as he licked his lips

“Me too” I said



****Scene 4: Practice time*************************

After that Eric went his own way and I walked into class. I waited patiently as my teacher talked for the entire hour and thirty minutes, lecturing on the basics of molecular physics.

Despite trying to pay attention I didn’t understand a word that was coming out of her mouth, all I could think about was fucking Eric later today.

Finally the torture ended and the bell rang, letting me know that I was free of the torment. I along with all the other kids jumped up and ran out the door before are ears could bleed anymore from the intense boredom. 

They were running to the bus, or to their cars to go home, while I was running to the practice field. I was going because I was required to attend four of the five practices during the week. I was fine with going but I was more concerned with what was going to happen after practice. I was so close to fucking Eric. I had dreamed about fucking his sweet round bubble ass, from the moment I first saw him, or in this case his ass bouncing up and down as he walked in those tight little short shorts of his.


I ran down to the practice field house just in time as the other guys were changing out of their school clothes into their Lacrosse gear. Eric was changing right beside my locker, and even while I was changing I could not help but glance up to check him out as.

As he stretched his arms up to remove his shirt revealing the gorgeous body beneath, his tanned muscles rippled, making me increasingly hard. I took slight glances, I knew I saw me watching that was why he always took his time changing into his practice clothes, giving me enough time to take in his body.  

Eric’s body was truly something to behold, his chest was amazing. His chest was pale like the rest of his skin, a stark comparison to Michael’s milky brown skin. Eric’s pecs were like perfect circles, round and big and with the faint little dusting of hairs covering them they looked like forested mountains.

Moving my head down further I looked down from the big round mammoth pecs of his, to his tightly chiseled torso, his rock hard abs that twitched and pulsed as he moved his body removing article of clothing exposing his sexy body. The valley of faint hair that lay between the hard caverns formed by his chiseled abs formed a path, a slight little treasure trail running down to his big cut dick that I had sucked numerous times before.

I was however at this very moment more concerned with that big round bubble butt of his, I could not wait to plunge my dick within his tight little hole. My dick stirred in my jockstrap thinking about what I was going to do to that sweet ass of his.

But all my plans would have to wait because suddenly I heard Coach Daniels calling our names

“Chandler, Smith, Johnson!”

“Get your asses out there and stop dicking around!”

“Yes Coach” Eric said meekly 

 Eric proceeded to put on his practice gear, picking up his stick and the nearby bag of lax balls that he had brought with him. I followed suit, emerging from the field house with my brand new stick.

This was going to be a long practice, we had three upcoming games in the next week. So Coach was making sure to work the hell out of us. Coach Daniels was a real hard ass, and people use to say that if you could survive Coach Daniels practices then the actual game was a piece of cake.

“Line up on the line, right there” Coach Daniel said pointing to the nearest line.

“Ok listen up ladies, for today’s practice were going to build up some endurance and speed”

“You all are going to sprint from this line to that one over there”

“Once that’s done you will sprint back to start and sprint back to the next line, until you have touched every line on this field”

“But Coach” Robert Myers protested

“Don’t you dare but Coach me, your last game was horrible, my mother can move faster than some of you ladies and she’s ninety-eight

“That’s a damn shame, now get your ass on the line Myers” Coach yelled

Once Robert had gotten onto the line, Coach blew the whistle and everyone on the team looked at each other, their faces somber, preparing for the worst.

 “What the fuck are you ladies waiting for go?” Coach yelled

And without hesitating for a second time, everyone too off down the field.
 The first line was a piece of cake, with everyone sprinting their together all at once.

The sprint back to start was pretty simple and easy, but as the exercise continued and the team sprinted back from the second line to start, to the third line to start, to the fourth line to start, to the fifth line to start and so forth. 

After the fifth line the sprinting became more vigorous and people’s breaths became more labored as they struggled to keep up, all of them not wishing to fall behind and earn Coach Daniels wrath.

Finally after more than an hour had passed, Coach Daniels blew his whistle “Alright ladies you all can rest easy”

After getting some much needed water from the nearby water fountain. The players who were still functioning on their feet practiced stick work drills for the remaining thirty minutes.

After this was done Coach Daniels blew the whistle once more “Go get cleaned up”

“You all smell like shit” he said holding his nose for further effect. ‘                                    

Coach Daniels left in his car while everyone was still showering. One after the other all the other team players showered, dried off, threw on some new clothes, and left the field house headed home.

Eric and I had planned to have sex in the Fieldhouse so as everyone else showered quickly and left we lingered on until we were the only ones left in the Fieldhouse. 

When we realized we were all alone, we realized that the fun could finally began.

The clothes that the two had been slowly putting on were now once more removed. Michael came over to Eric’s side bending down between Eric’s big meaty thighs.

Within seconds Michael’s tongue had darted out of its lair and sliding around Eric’s huge 10 inch cock, slurping up the precum that oozed from the slit.

Michael slid his tongue all around Eric’s cock, it tasted salty and it smelled manly. Michael wished to savor this moment so he sucked slowly. Michael’s own 9 inch schlong hardened as he greedily sucked on Eric’s meat stick.

The whole time while Michael was working Eric’s dick over with his mouth he was gazing up into Eric’s eyes. This drove Eric crazy with pleasure as he stroked Michael’s brown curls on the top of his boyfriend’s hair.

After a few more moments of teasing Eric’s cock by simply licking the shaft and kissing the head, licking all around the slit, Michael finally took Eric’s cock between his pink and ready lips and began a slow sucking.

Eric’s cock had been between Michael’s lips so many times before it almost seemed like a natural place for Eric’s member. As Michael’s tongue swirled around every inch of Eric’s throbbing manhood, Michael reached up with one hand, taking Eric’s huge heavy balls in his hand.

While he sucked on Eric’s dick with his mouth bobbing up and down, he gently massaged the heavy orbs, rubbing them between his hands. Eric’s cock continued to leak precum, and Michael greedily slurped up every drop.

“Michael you need to fuck me now, before I cum”

“Ok Eric”

To ease his entry into Eric’s tight virgin ass, Michael spent a good several minutes opening Eric’s hole up

Michael laid on the nearby padded bench “Eric sit on my face”

Eric was more than happy to oblige, and within seconds Eric’s big round white ass cheeks were planted firmly between Michael’s face.

Once Eric’s big bubble butt was seated firmly on Michael’s face, Michael went to work he stuck out his tongue worshipping Eric’s hot hole. He explored every inch of it, probing around it and flicking his tongue around it.

Sending globs of spit up Eric’s tight ass, Michael began to shove a few fingers up his ass, first one, then two, and finally a third one. Causing Eric to cry out in pleasure each time Michael’s thick manly fingers entered his hole.

Michael moaned beneath Eric’s big ass, slowly dragging his tongue around Eric’s tight little hole, licking his lips. Michael was in heaven his face nestled between those hot milky white buns of Eric’s 

Finally after Michael had returned to simply licking Eric’s asshole, Eric finally cried out “Just stick that dick inside of me already!”


Eric unfolded a mat that had been in his workout bag. Michael soon forced him onto his belly and mounted him for the first time. Eric and Michael had sex numerous times but this was the first time Eric had given up his hole to be fucked.

As Michael aimed his throbbing cock at Eric’s puckering hole, Eric waited in anticipation. Suddenly with one loud grunt and a well-aimed thrust Michael plunged his thick nine inch dick into Eric’s waiting hole.

Eric let out a long drawn out cry as Michael’s shaft skewered his insides. Eric’s hole was not use to such thing and it clamped down tightly around Michael’s cock.

Michael gave Eric a few moments to adjust moving in and out slowly with an even pace. Eric was not only being filled with Michael’s cock he was also filled with pleasure, he could feel Michael’s hot breath on his neck, he could feel Michael’s sweaty muscular body pressed up against his own sweaty backside  and in his ears Michael grunted so greatly that it was music to Eric’s ears.

When it had become apparent that Eric was firmly adjusted, evident by the loud sensual moans pouring out of his mouth, Michael began a steady rhythm in his fucking of Eric’s ass.

Starting off slow, Michael would pull his cock out a few inches before thrusting back in firmly. With every thrust he would add more and more inches and more and more force. Soon after Eric was moaning with pleasure as Michael deep-dicked his hot hole, Eric soon found himself pressing his ass back onto Michael’s pole trying to ride it as best he could.

Minutes passed and Michael was still pounding away at Eric’s prostate, fucking him with such intensity that both of them felt as if they were in another world. 

“Holy shit Eric, your hole is so fucking tight!” Michael grunted while his hips wildly thrusted into Eric’s waiting ass

“Ohhhhhh shit” Eric cried

“Michael fuck me!”

Michael pulled Eric up off his stomach, to his knees and pushed him over so that they were in the doggy style position.

Michael held Eric steady as he re-entered Eric’s tight little hole. As they fucked, Michael hunched over Eric’s backside gripping onto Eric’s waist, Eric could not help but cry out in pleasure with every strong thrust that Michael dealt him.

Eric’s whole body began to tremble from the hard fucking he was receiving. Even while he had loosened up significantly Eric’s ass muscles continued to squeeze and tense up every time Michael’s cock thrusted deeper and deeper into his waiting hole.

Michael grunted as he filled Eric’s tight hole with his fat dick, laying his sweaty body on top of Eric’s body he thrusted his hips faster and harder waiting for the moment when he would reach climax. Eric didn’t want him to stop and Michael truly wished that he could stay inside of Eric’s ass all night.

After nearly an hour of intense fucking, Michael found it impossible to hold back any longer. Michael released himself crying out “Take my seed, Eric”


And with that a powerful gush of creamy milky cum erupted from Michael’s throbbing cock flooding the passageway of Eric’s Muscular bubble butt. Eric gasped with a mixture of awe and pleasure as Michael’s cum filled his ass.

Michael flexed his hard muscles, watching as his big round pecs tensed up as he slowly continued to fuck Eric’s tight ass. Watching intently Michael loved to see Eric’s tight ass tense up every time he drove his cock into Eric’s ass. Even after emptying himself into Eric’s ass Michael continued to fuck with such intensity that his hips continued to slap roughly against Eric’s ass and both of their heavy balls slapped against each other repeatedly

Eric continued to moan and make loud drawn out grunts, until finally his throbbing balls emptied a healthy helping of cum all over the blue mat that Michael had fucked him on.

Finally when Eric and Michael could take no more, they collapsed on top of one another in pure ecstasy.

“God I could fuck you forever” Michael said

“I wish you had, now that I’ve gotten a taste of your dick I want more” Eric said tightly squeezing Michael’s softening cock with his hand.

****Scene 5:Detention***********************

Kayla walked to the detention room. She knew the room well, because this was not first time or the last time she had been there.

Peering in through the glass window, Kayla saw that Charlotte was already sitting in the class at the desk that was right across from her usual place of residence when in detention.

Kayla turned the door handle and walked in. As she entered the room Charlotte looked up from her book she had been reading, when she saw that it was Kayla who had entered she dove back down into her reading, but not before making a frown.

Kayla looked at Charlotte’s face and she could still see the red mark across her face that her hand had made. Kayla was glad of this, thinking to herself that next time the girl would think twice before putting a hand on Kayla Spencer again.

Kayla sat right next to Charlotte and immediately started up a conversation

“Hey home girl, sorry about that slap”

“Just remember next time to do what I ask and you can avoid getting another one of those big red marks on your face”

Turning to Kayla and looking her right in the eye “There will most definitely be a next time and believe me I will be ready” said Charlotte, as she closed her book

“Girl what is your problem, you can’t have Michael’s he’s gay and besides that he’s already with someone” Kayla cried

“I don’t give a damn” Charlotte shot back

“Girl you are barking up the wrong tree” Kayla said

“Eric and Michael are probably sucking each other’s dicks right now” Kayla laughed. She had no idea how right she was about that statement.

Charlotte’s only response was “That is of no concern of mine”

“What the hell are you insane?” 

“What part of gay don’t you understand?”

“I’ll have Michael, I’ll make him see that he wants me not some guy”

“Home girl are YOU freaking delusional or just plain dumb?” Kayla cried out

Just then Mr. Ringgold the teacher in charge of Detention looked up over his computer “Ladies quite down this is detention not a social call!”

“Yes Mr. Ringgold” Kayla said, feigning innocence.

“The only way you are going to get Michael into your bed is if you got some bulging muscles on your arms or if you go now you might be able to trade in your breasts for some pecs”

“I’m sure he’ll like that, because he likes men” Kayla giggled

“So maybe you can have one of those fancy doctors give you a sex change or something, because judging by that short little dress you’re wearing I don’t think you are sporting a dick between those pretty legs of yours” Kayla sneered

“Just shut up!” Charlotte cried, trying to hide her growing frustration with Kayla. Despite the fact that they both knew that every word that came out of Kayla’s mouth was correct. Michael would never want to be with Charlotte he was too much in love with Eric to even look in another guys’ direction, let alone a girl.

“All of that doesn’t even matter I’ll get him one way or another, and I won’t rest tell I have him in my bed”

“And further more I don’t care who I have to step over to get him there” Charlotte cried

STAY TUNED…………………………….



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