****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Mike’s POV***********************************************

Angry sex really is better than regular sex. I can’t even explain it. I can’t even describe the feeling at all. Believe me I was feeling a lot, especially in my prostate. What had made this sex better than all the others was the fact that Eric had been holding my hands when I came. He literally fucked the cum right out of me and I didn’t even have to touch my dick. My ass was so sore I could barely sit down, let alone stand and answer my bedroom door. I walked to the door, Eric had made a dash for my bathroom to clean the cum off of his chest.

I didn’t have the luxury or the time to clean myself off so I simply threw on an over shirt to hide the fact that I was sweating like an animal in heat and that my abs were coated with a layer of my own cum. I answered the door trying to look as innocent as possible and not like I had had the best sex of my life or that I had had my brains fucked out.

“Hey mom” I began. “Did you say something about grandfather?”

“Yeah” my mother replied. “The hospital just called there was an emergency. Your grandfather’s heart stopped and they want the family to come right away.”

“Ok I’ll only be a few minutes.” I responded attempting to close the door.

“God!” she gasped “What have you two been doing in here?”

“Um nothing” I replied.

“Nothing?!” she laughed. “You had to being doing something the room is a complete mess, clothes are already…..It’s filthy.” Apparently a messed up bed and a few discarded clothes on the floor was my mother’s idea of a filthy room.

“We were just working out a bit.” I lied as I swallowed hard. “Sometimes we get a little intense when we work out.” I lied as I pointed toward the barbell weights that hadn’t been moved since a few days ago when Eric and I really had been working out in my room.

“Ok whatever.” My mother replied as she threw her hands up. “Just hurry up because we are leaving in five minutes.” She said. “I’m guessing you’re going to want Eric to come with you….so tell him to hurry up too.” She frowned.

She left the entrance to go get ready and I shut the door behind her. I was left with my thoughts. I was terrified of what would happen when we got to the hospital. I was expecting the worse, expecting the doctors to tell us that my grandfather had died. God help me if anyone notices the difference in my step……they would have Eric to thank for the slight change in how I would be walking for the next few days. Thanks Eric.

As soon as my mom left and I shut the door locking it behind me, Eric burst out of my bathroom. He was still naked as ever, with that gorgeous cock of his swinging between those thick thighs of his as he walked. “SHIT” he laughed. “That was too fucking close. Can you believe your mother almost caught us with my cock up your ass?” he grinned as he sook that monster in my direction.

“Eric put some clothes on.” I laughed as I poked him in the abs.

“Babe you know you love looking at this sexy body.” He grinned. “You ready for round two?”

“Round two?!” I gasped. “I thought that was round two.”

“Eric has much as I would love to stay here and make sweet love to you.” I said. “I can’t, because I have to get ready in three minutes. You know why I can’t stay here.”

“My grandfather is in trouble and I need to be there for him.” I replied. “I understand if you don’t want to go with me. Your father and my grandfather don’t always get along.” Damn that was a gross understatement because in reality they never got along.

“Babe I don’t care about some stupid feud between my father and your grandfather.” He said as he reached out and pulled me close to him. “If you are going to the hospital I’m going with you.” He embraced me. Keep in mind he was still butt-ass naked….I could feel his dick on my leg.

“Eric please go put some clothes on….” I pleaded

“Fine” he finally relented, giving me that sexy pouting face of his. “Dude my clothes smell like sex and sweat.” He said as he tossed the clothes he had scooped up back on the floor.

“Can I wear some of yours?” he said looking up at me.

“Eric you can definitely wear some of my clothes.” I replied. “But will you even be able to fit into them?” I chuckled as I wrapped my hand around one of those bulging biceps of his.

“Damn Dude I can’t even wrap my whole hand around this thing.”

“Babe stop playing.” He laughed just go get the shirt. I went over to my dresser and reaching around pulled out a shirt and after that I got a pair of jeans too. I tossed the shirt and the jeans to Eric and he caught both in his hand with ease.

“I’m not even that much bigger than you.” He said with a chuckle as he pulled the shirt over his head. As he pulled the shirt down it covered first his perfectly sculptured pecs, next those hard abs of his disappeared under the shirt.

Once he had the shirt on it was quite obvious that it was really tight, because the shirt was hugging his skin so tightly that I could make out every single one of those six (or maybe it was eight) delicious abs of his that tensed and pulsated under the thin fabric with each breath that he took.

Don’t even get me started on those big round pecs of his. The shirt was a V-neck so they looked like they were about to bust out. His nipples were hard too. “How do I look?” he smiled.

“Great.” I replied. “But aren’t you forgetting something?” I said as I pointed down to his still exposed cock that was peeking out between his legs.

“Oh Shit.” He laughed. “I completely forgot. I could always just go like this.”

“Eric I would love for you to be naked all the time.” I said. “But that would be a major distraction.” I chuckled.

“I like to be a distraction.” He said pressing his body close to mine.

****Scene 2: Eric’s POV***************************************

After I had put the jeans Mike had loaned me on my legs, his mom came in and she informed us that we had to leave right now if we wanted to get to the hospital in time. We rode with Michael’s parents to the hospital…….it was the most awkward fifteen minutes of my life.

Michael’s parents were in the front seat, Michael and I were in the back seat. It was awkward because during that entire time no one said a single word. It was complete silence, his parents knew that we were fucking. His mother didn’t like this one bit (the frown she kept giving me was living proof of her distaste), and well his dad was neutral about the whole thing; showing no signs.

Fifteen minutes passed and we arrived at the hospital. Once we entered the lobby we all made a bee-line to the elevator and the seventh floor. We hadn’t noticed it before but there was a lot of commotion going on….people were running all over the place.

The seventh floor had even more commotion going on than the lobby did. There were nurses, doctors, and several police officers running around too. That made me question why there were policemen running around. The hospital had its share of hospital emergencies, but these emergencies never required the police. What could have happened that would require the police at the hospital this time of night?

My question for why the hospital was crawling with the men in blue was answered when we reached Michael’s grandfather’s room and Commissioner Spencer and some other detective emerged from the room. I didn’t know how they were connected but when I saw Kayla’s mother coming out of the hospital room I knew instantly that the emergency we had heard about was the same reason for the police being here now.

“I want the hospital’s surveillance tapes on my desk immediately.” Commissioner Spencer said to the other detective who was a subordinate of hers. “Also I want armed guards at this door around the clock….I don’t want something like this happening again.”

“What happened?” Michael blurted out.

“Oh hello Michael” Commissioner Spencer smiled, that was before her face turned dark and she frowned. “We received a report from the hospital that a masked assailant was attempting to suffocate your grandfather.”

“The nurse that found the culprit must have scared the person off” she said. “She’s being treated for a sprained wrist in some other part of the hospital.”

“How is my grandfather?” Mike cried.

“It didn’t look too good when I left him.” The commissioner replied. “He’s still unconscious. But if he dies his attacker is looking at murder charges as well.” She replied as she walked down the hall.

After she was gone Michael went into the hospital room. His parents went in with him, I however had to wait outside because I wasn’t family (yet anyways). I sat down on one of the waiting benches that were nearest to the room.

I hadn’t been sitting there for very long when I heard my name being called. It was a familiar voice and I recognized it instantly…..it was none other than Kayla Spencer.

“Hey Kayla” I said.

“Hey Eric” she replied. “What are you doing at a hospital this time of night? She said as she sat down beside me on the bench.

“Hey Kayla.” I repeated. “Your one to talk. I’m not the only one here at the hospital on a school night…..you are two.” I chuckled.

“Eric I just had to come.” She sighed. “My parents and I were having dinner when my mother got the call telling her about what happened at the hospital. She didn’t go into any detail, but she did say it concerned Mr. Chandler so I knew I had to come.”

“I knew Michael would need me.” She sighed. “Speaking of Michael, how is he doing?”

“That’s the very same reason I decided to come along too.” I said. “Michael seems like he’s alright. But you know him he likes to put on a brave face for the rest of the world.”

“Whatever Michael is feeling we need to find out who really shot Victor Chandler right away before it’s too late.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked looking a little confused. “We should have a few weeks to find out who really did this. Haley’s trial isn’t for another few weeks.”

“Not anymore.” Kayla quipped. “My mother said the new District Attorney, Christine Barrett wants to make a name for herself in her new position as well as gain favor with the Chandlers.”

“The trial is actually this week. The new District Attorney is going to have Judge McClennan hear the case.”

“Shit you know that’s a guilty verdict for sure.” I sighed. “You know Judge McClennan’s reputation, he’s a real hard ass and the fact that he’s golf partners with Victor doesn’t help at all.”

“So that means we need to get to the bottom of this mystery at once.” Kayla replied. “But then again if we don’t find out the truth it’s no skin off my bones…..Haley looks great in a prison jump suit.”

“Kayla!!” I cried. “You cannot believe what you are saying. You know Michael is not going to allow an innocent person to go to jail, even if that person is Haley Macy.”

“Wait a minute.” I said as light bulbs went off in my head. “Isn’t Haley still in jail? She couldn’t have done this, she has to be innocent.”

“No” Kayla said shaking her head. “She made bail and was released a few hours ago. So the police are still planning on pinning the whole thing on her. That why the moved up the trial, all the evidence points to her so they think they have an open-shut case.”

“This is very bad.”

After Kayla and I had talked for a few more minutes about the current attempted murder investigation and then we heard the door handle shaking. Michael and his parents, all emerged from the room. They were followed by Dr. Martin who was holding a clipboard with medical reports on it.

****Scene 3: Michael’s POV***********************************

When I exited my grandfather’s room my eyes were immediately drawn to Eric’s. When our eyes met he smiled and I smiled back at him. He wasn’t alone either, he was with Kayla. She must have come with her mother Commissioner Spencer to the hospital when the call came in.

While my parents went to one side of the hall to talk about my grandfather’s condition I gravitated over to where Eric and Kayla were sitting. Once I got to the bench, they both stood up almost immediately.

Eric and Kayla threw there around me squeezing me in their warm embrace. The only word I could make out was “Help”. They just smiled and laughed and continued to hug me. Finally they released me and I sat down on the bench beside them…..coughing a little from the crushed organs.

“Michael honey why are you walking like that?” Kayla asked.

Eric didn’t say a word he just grinned at me with that sexy smug look on his face. “Ask Eric” I retorted.

“Um gross” she giggled. “Never mind I don’t want know anymore. So what did Dr. Martin say?” Kayla asked all wide eyed and trying to change the subject

“Well what do you want me to say?” I asked. “He didn’t really say much, he just said that they managed to stabilize him and that it was still too soon to say that the worse was over.”

“But what about his heart?” Kayla blurted. “While you and your parents were in the room with Doctor Martin, Eric told me that his heart stopped.”

“Yeah it did” I replied. “But he’s stabilized now. I was so worried about him….but something good did come out of this. We know for certain Haley couldn’t have done this because she is still in jail.”

Once I said that. The two of them both started shaking their heads. “Babe I said the same thing before you came out here, but I was wrong.”

“What do you mean?”

“Michael Haley was released from jail a few hours ago.” Kayla replied. “They still think Haley did this and they are planning on having the trial this week.”

“Oh my god….this is very bad.” I sighed. “We need to get to the truth. Haley looked me in the eye and told me that she didn’t do this and I believe her.”

“But Michael we might not be….” Kayla began.

“No Kayla we are not letting Haley go down a crime she didn’t even commit. I believe her when she says she’s innocent.” I said “What reason would she have to lie to me?”

“Well you did steal her man.” Kayla giggled.

“Hey Kayla” Eric said wrapping his arms around me as if he was offended. “Michael didn’t steal me. I’m with him of my own volition.”

“This is bad we have to help her.”

“Michael I know things look bad but things have a way of working out.” Kayla sighed.

“Babe I know you are really stressed so I want to help you get nice and relaxed.” Eric said as he pulled me close to his body. “Michael, you, me, 10th floor bathroom, five minutes.” Eric whispered into my ear. I knew exactly what he wanted. But if he thought he was getting any more ass tonight after the way my ass was hurting he was surely mistaken.

Despite that I couldn’t help but smile. Eric got up and walked off saying he had to go to the bathroom. Kayla must have seen me blushing and the fact that Eric walked right past a bathroom as he turned the corner for an elevator didn’t help our case.

“What are you about to do?” she asked like a concerned mother.

“Nothing” I replied.

“Well it has to be something. You look so happy now…..ten minutes ago you were so sad.”

“Nothing really.” I replied but she kept persisting until she finally got the hint.

“Oh.” She said. “Count me out.” She laughed.

“Well don’t worry Kayla.” I laughed. “Consider yourself counted out, were not into girls.”

“I know.” She sighed. “That’s such a shame, you two are such hotties. Because you guys are so good looking…….I can’t believe I’m saying this but I can kind of understand why Charlotte is so determined to get her hands on you.”

“Oh Kayla don’t tell me you’ve grown soft on me.” I laughed

“Oh Hell no.” she laughed. “I still don’t like that Bitch even if she is going to make me a auntie.” She replied. “It will be a cold day in hell before I let her sink her claws into you.”

“Oh there’s the Kayla we all know and love.” I chuckled.

“Michael you better hurry up and go meet Eric.” Kayla replied. “I don’t know how long I can stall your parents before they come looking for you.”

****Scene 4: Eric’s POV*******************************

I got to the restroom first. For the five minutes that I was alone in the hospital restroom I waited patiently for Mike to walk through that door. Finally after more than five minutes had passed I was about to go back down stairs to see what was taking Michael so long when he walked into the restroom.

I kissed him but he pulled away. “Eric I know you are horny……but my ass is way too sore for us to do anything tonight.”

“You fucked me really hard last time.” He chuckled

“Who said anything about me fucking you?” I laughed “I want you to fuck me right here in this restroom, right here, right now.”

“But babe.” He protested. “There is so much going on….What about Haley?.........What if she is? What about?” he began to speak.

He didn’t have time to finish his sentence because I grabbed hold of his face and forced my tongue into his mouth. He couldn’t deny he wanted it, his cock was hard as a rock. Believe me I know because I stuck my hand into his pants to jerk him a little while we made out.

After a few minutes of my tongue swirling around in his mouth he finally gave in and started to kiss me just as hard, if not harder. We didn’t have a lot of time, because soon his parents would be done talking to Dr. Martin so we skipped the foreplay and went right to the fucking.

I liked the foreplay, but right now all I need was Mike’s dick in my ass. I didn’t usually bottom but when I did he fucked me so good that I was always begging for more. I did however wish that we had more time so that I could suck his dick. I loved sucking his dick, it was a national pastime of mine. I could spend hours between his legs sucking that gorgeous cock of his.

I led him to the farthest stall. It was perfect for a fucking it was attached to the wall so it would make it harder for people to see us if they entered the restroom. Once inside the stall I yanked his pants down and his underwear came with them. Perfect. After that I pushed him down onto the toilet seat.

He didn’t hesitate, actually he kept thrusting his ass upwards inviting me to take a seat on his lap. “Come sit on my dick!” I accepted the seat with joy, I would never turn down a perfectly good seat, especially when said seat as such a gorgeous cock and a cute face to match.

The stall had metal railings on it so I used them to lower myself onto Mike’s throbbing cock. I slowly made the descent as I gradually sat down on my seat. Finally I was so close to his dick I could feel the head pressing at my hole trying to gain entrance.

He thrusted upwards and with one well-aimed thrust he plunged his cock into my puckering hole. I was not expecting this, even though I had bottomed more than a few times, every time I would cry out. Not in pain, but in pleasure and lust because it felt so fucking good to feel Mike’s cock inside of me.

This time was no different and once the entire length was buried inside of my ass I sank down onto his cock. I didn’t stay seated for long, because soon I grabbed hold of his shoulders using them as an anchor as I pushed myself up so that I was bouncing on that sweet meat stick of his.

As I bounced on his cock in that stall, I screamed and moaned in pleasure as I felt Michael’s manhood exploring the depths of my ass. He grunted and groaned as well each time his cock slid further into my ass.

Each time he thrusted into my ass, my ass muscles would tighten and squeeze around his cock. It was a force of habit, but it drove him wild nonetheless, because every time they squeezed he growled and grunted such sweet noises. His moans were music to my ears and they only made me fuck myself on his cock even harder.


“Ohhhhhhhhh yeah.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT” he cried.

The harder I fucked myself on his dick, the more he moaned. This only caused me to fuck myself on that monster even harder.

“Fuck me”

“Fuck me”

“Yeah fill my ass up!” I cried as I continued to bounce up and down on that cock that would in a couple of months be all mine.

After a few more minutes of me bouncing up and down on his cock we changed positions. Michael’s ass was still sore from earlier in the night so I hopped off his cock; he stood up and walked over to the other side of the stall. When his cock slipped from my ass I felt so empty, but I knew I would feel that warmth again. I got up, turned around so that my back was too him. Placing my hands on the railings on the stall wall I waited for him to come up behind me and slip that cock back into my waiting ass.

I didn’t have to wait for very long because he walked over to wear I was bent over. He slapped my ass a few times before he grabbed hold of my waist and stuck that cock back into my ass. Michael isn’t a fucker he’s a lover so when he fucks he makes love. I love that about him

Michael took his sweet time in pounding my ass. His thrusts were deliberate in building up both of our sexual tension. He must have been a master of sex, because he could fuck me for hours or make me blow my load in a second. One minute he would be pounding away at my ass and fucking me so hard all I could do was hold onto the railing and pant and the next minute, when we were both on the edge of orgasm, he slowed his speed until there was no danger of cumming too early.

Danger averted he would pick up seed and start pounding at my prostate with his dick once more. Michael slammed his cock into my ass again and again; but the thing that really drove me wild was the fact that every now and then he would lean over and kiss my neck as he slid his cock into me. I didn’t even wait for him to thrust into me, I eagerly pushed back to meet his groin. Each time his cock slid into my warm hole, my ass muscles squeezed around his hole trying to keep him in for as long as possible.

Michael grabbed onto my hips and drilled his manhood deep inside my hot, accommodating butt. Each time he slammed into my ass I felt his balls slap against my ass, it was feeling that never got old. The room was filled with sounds of sex and as we fucked sweat poured from both of our bodies. There was so much sweat that sweat caused the hair on the back of my legs to stick to the hair on his own legs.

As he fucked me he held on tightly to my waist with one hand as he slapped my big round bubble ass with the other a few times. He must have decided that he was going to ravage my hole for everything it was worth, because he started fucking me with such intensity, such speed that I could barely breath.

Aughhhhhhh” I cried out followed by several more long drawn out grunts.
 Finally after a few final moments of pounding the hell out of my twitching hole, Mike grunted loudly and pulled me close to him so that he could kiss me.

"Cum with me, Eric!" he cried as he grabbed hold of dick so that he could jerk it.

 "HOLY FUCK... I'M--!!"

“I’M--- I’m----I’m CUMMMMING!!!” I cried

“YESSSSSSS” he grunted as he exploded into my ass, filling my ass tunnels up with his warm seed. As if by a miracle we came at the same damn time. He of course came inside of me and I came all over his hands and the restroom floor.

“Shit” I cried. “That was really hot.”

“Yeah I know” he said giving my ass one good slap. “But we better be getting back before my parents get suspicious and send a search party for me.”

“Yeah your right.”

****Scene 5: Jake’s POV******************************

I was just getting ready to go to bed. While I was in the process of turning in for the night I heard a noise coming from downstairs. I had a long day, my classes had thoroughly kicked my ass and to make matters worse I just could not get Mike out of my head. Every time I closed my eyes I saw his beautiful face, I wanted to kiss it and I wanted desperately to make love to him….but he was with Eric Smith. Fuck Eric. I was so fed up with everything that I had went for a run in the park before coming back to the house to shower and eat.

When I got back to the house my father was gone, but my mother was still home. I went upstairs and showered and was just about to get into my bed and beat my meat to the thought of fucking Mike when I heard a noise coming from downstairs. It sounded like it might be from the living room so I ran downstairs to see what all the commotion was about.

Sure enough the noise was indeed coming from the living room. The noise was a mixture of the 10 o’clock news and of course my mother screaming at the television. “Oh my God!” she cried completely oblivious to the fact that I was standing in the living room witnessing her rant.

“Mom what is going on?” I asked.

She turned around and looked at me for a few seconds before speaking. “That Chandler guy….Someone tried to kill him for the second time. The police think that Macy girl is responsible so they moved the trial up to this week because they think they can a slam-dunk conviction out of her.”

“What? Did he die?” I asked

“No apparently he’s still holding on to life.” My mom replied. “They say that one of the nurses went to check on him because his heart monitor was beeping rapidly and she found a masked assailant wearing all black trying to smother him with a pillow.”

“That’s awful. Did they at least manage to catch who did it?”

“No but they still think that Haley Macy had something to d
o with this second attempt since she was released from jail only a few hours before the attempted murder happened.”

“Victor had done a lot of people wrong but to be smothered to death is a cruel way to go.”

“Mom I thought you said he’s still alive.”

“For the time being he is alive but who knows what tomorrow could hold.” My mother replied.

“Yeah your right. Who know what tomorrow could hold.”

“Mom I have something very important that I need to tell you.”

“Right away?” she asked. “It’s kind of late, just tell me tomorrow you have school in the morning.  

“You look so tired.” She said. “When you came home earlier, you looked so out of breath, like you had just ran a marathon.” She laughed.

“Yeah I guess I can wait one more day.”

STAY TUNED…………………….



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