****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Kayla’s POV*****************************************************

I had heard from a friend of mine that Michael and Charlotte were assigned to work on a project together. I had confronted Michael about it when it, when I saw him and Eric walk into the school in the morning. Eventually Michael told me about how that duplicitous little slut had tried to seduce him while Eric had his back turned.

The nerves of that girl enraged me. Despite both Michael and Eric’s protests I felt determined to confront that vile girl, who had no qualms with going after someone, even when they belonged to another.

I stormed through the halls searching for that girl. My mind filled with rage, over her utter lack of respect for Michael and Eric’s relationship. I soon found her at her locker. She was apparently putting some books in her locker.

I walked up behind her, tapping her on her shoulder “Excuse me homegirl”

My touch must have startled her because as soon as I touched her, she spun around quickly. As soon as she saw that it was me who tapped her on the shoulder a frown creeped across her face.

“What the hell do you want? Was it not enough that you got me detention?”

“Chill out homegirl, I just wanted to speak to you for a little bit” I replied

“About what? Why are you here?”

“You know damn well why I’m here” I yelled into her face fuming with rage at her feigned innocence.

“Ok just say what you came here to say” Charlotte shot back

“Didn’t I tell you to stay away from Michael and to leave Michael and Eric’s relationship alone? But you continue to insert yourself in the middle of their relationship”

“It’s not my fault, our teacher assigned us to work on a project together” Charlotte huffed under her breath, as she turned around to shut her locker.

“Sure” I said mockingly “So Ms. Brown just randomly put you two together to work on a project, which would require you two to work closely together” I said in utter disbelief.

“What are you trying to say?” Charlotte said glaring at me through angry eyes.

“You know exactly what I’m trying to say, it’s just seems too convenient that you two were assigned to work together on a project”

“It was just a project, JESUS CHRIST” Charlotte shouted back

“You know damn well that it was more than just a school project to you in any case”

“What do you mean?”

“So what you’re telling me is that kissing Michael was all just a part of some school project”

“I have a class to go to”, Charlotte said as she turned to walk away from me.

Grabbing her by her arm “Homegirl you’re not fooling anyone, you may think that people can’t see through that little innocent act of yours, but I can see right through you”

“Let go of me” Charlotte said pulling away from me

“I’m warning you stay away from Michael, better yet just leave you’re not wanted” I shot back at Charlotte as she stormed off.

****Scene 2: Michael’s POV****************************************

After Kayla left Eric and me to go confront Charlotte we walked to class together. We made it to my class just in time, only by the grace of some unforeseen guardian of time before the first bell rung out signaling the start of the school day.

“Do you think Kayla found Charlotte?”

“I certainly hope not” I said uneasily

“Why not? Kayla might be able to get some sense into her”

“Yeah you may be right, but she might also end up in detention if she keeps messing with Charlotte”

“Yeah I hope that Kayla gets through to her” I said

“You and me both dude”

“Dude I’ll see you at lunch” Eric said as he wrapped his arms around squeezing me in a hug

After I watched Eric leave, watching that beautiful ass as it turned the corner, I placed my hand on the door handle to Ms. Brown’s class. Turning the handle I opened the door just as the second tardy bell rang out.

“Mr. Chandler so glad you could join us” Ms. Brown replied as I entered the classroom

“I’m right on time” I shot back, without even thinking about what I was saying

“Mr. Chandler what did you say? We have no time for antics”

“Never mind, I didn’t say anything Ms. Brown” I said, as I quickly took my seat

Looking across the room I noticed that Charlotte’s usual seat was empty. Perhaps she was being detained by Kayla. Whatever the reason for Charlotte’s late arrival I hoped that she would just leave me alone in peace

Ms Brown began lecturing on personal finance for what seemed like an eternity. She went on and on. I thought she would speak forever, as I tried to keep my eyes open, suffering from an intense case of boredom.

I closed my eyes only slightly, but soon I was sent into reality when I heard the sound of the door to the classroom open I glanced up just in time to see Charlotte walk in. Her face was a bright shade of red, giving me the impression that she had indeed had a talk with Kayla

Charlotte was not just a few minutes late, she was actually more than thirty minutes late. If the class had been an hour and thirty minutes long it might have been more acceptable, but homeroom was less than fifty minutes and Charlotte had missed more than half of the class time.

“Miss Livingston why do you even bother to show up to my class when you are this late?” Ms. Brown asked

“Well I kind of need this class to graduate” she shot back

“Perhaps show up on time, if you hope to pass this class” Ms. Brown said

“Sorry I was busy with some other business” Charlotte replied

“Or maybe Miss Livingston you should manage your time more wisely” Ms. Brown added, she flipped through her papers looking down at her desk.

“Maybe don’t be such a bitch” Charlotte shot back. Everyone in the classroom was left in utter disbelief at what she had just said to Ms Brown of all people. Ms. Brown was one of the least liked teachers in all Harmony High and she was just as mean as she was un-liked.

“What did you just say to me?” Ms. Brown asked, getting up from her desk as she walked over to Charlotte who had by that time stood up from her desk.

“Did I stutter, I called you a Bitch”

“Do I need to spell it out for you, I called you by your name, B…I…T…C…H, Bitch and in that order”

“Young lady how dare you speak to me like that!” Ms. Brown said looking highly offended.

“Well I said it” Charlotte said fuming

“That’s it young lady, GET OUT NOW” Ms. Brown boomed her face red and full of anger. “I’ll see you at detention tonight” she added

“Fine” Charlotte said as she picked up her backpack and her purse and walked out of the classroom almost as quickly as she had entered it. Everyone in the class just sat there in silence until Ms. Brown went back to teaching as if nothing had ever happened.

****Scene 3: Michael’s POV****************************************************

After homeroom ended and my next class despite being over an hour long went by with rapid speed I soon found myself walking through the halls to the cafeteria to lunch. The best part of my school day, Lunchtime.

As I walked up to the usual lunch table, Kayla was already sitting there with Kevin sitting beside her. Just as I expected him to be, he was probably hard sitting next to her too. When Kayla looked up from her lunch she waved at me saying “Hey Michael, Hey Eric”

I turned around to see Eric just a few feet away, walking towards our table. He came and sat down right beside me.

“Did you talk to Charlotte?” I said between mouthfuls of food.

“Yes I did, Ughhh that was an ordeal, I think I need a drink now”

“Uhhhhh Kayla, you do realize were still in school right?” Eric added

“Well I think you might have hit a nerve” I said

“Why do you say that Michael?”

“Well she came in late and went off on Ms. Brown”

“Wait what did she say?”

“She called Ms. Brown a bitch”

“Michael, Ms. Brown is a bitch, we all know that” Eric said, laughing to himself as he searched around in his lunchbox

“Eric’s right” Jake said. I had not expected Jake to support Eric’s claim since he thought in his heart that Eric was not right for me and that I was better off with him instead.

“Well homegirl must have some big balls” Kayla chuckled

“Kayla it’s not funny, you really upset her and now she has detention, what did you do to her?”

“Michael I didn’t do anything to her, my hands were at my side the whole time except for that moment when she tried to walk away and I grabbed her arm”

“Kayla I don’t want anyone paying the price because of me”

“Michael it’s really fine, and besides it’s not your fault or mine that homegirl doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut”

“Well I’m possibly to blame for all of this, I should have told her from that very first day we met that I would never be attracted to her”

“Michael it’s not your fault you’re a pussy magnet as well as a dick magnet” Eric laughed

“Michael don’t you dare blame yourself for Charlotte, you eventually told her, and Kayla’s told her more than once. Only God can get through to her now” Kevin added

“Well it looks like God has some work to do” Kayla replied

“The nerve of that girl trying to seduce you all while Eric’s back was turned”

“Kayla it’s fine really. I know Michael loves me are relationship is too strong to let Charlotte come between us and tear us apart”

“Let’s just drop this conversation all together” Jake said

“Agreed” we all said in unison

“Talking about that girl has really worked my nerves, I just want to slip into something a little bit more comfortable like a drink” Kayla said as she pulled out a bottle with God knows what inside.

“Kayla what is inside that?” Kevin asked looking rather concerned

“Let’s just say its coffee”

“Oh my God Kayla what if the school monitors find out”

“Trust me guys, this is not my first rodeo, besides I know how to handle myself and I just need something to relax my mind”

“Kayla you’re going to be a future alcoholic” Eric said grinning from ear to ear

“Eric shut the fuck up” Kayla said. After this we all laughed until we had laughed so much that our sides hurt causing us to have to stop laughing.

****Scene 4: Michael’s POV************************************************

After School ended, Eric and I went to Lacrosse Practice and after that was also over, Eric gave me a ride home. I was going to just go to bed I was exhausted from the long day I had. But before I could go jump into my bed I received a text from my mother telling me to meet her at the restaurant in Chandler Hotel.

I quickly took a shower, dried off through on some slacks and a nice shirt hopped into my car and drove off to downtown Harmony where the Chandler Hotel was located.

The Chandler Hotel, located in downtown Harmony was built in 1870 and has went through numerous renovations. Built on the site of a distant relative’s townhouse, the Chandler Hotel was built over top it. Very little remains of what the hotel looked like back in the 19th century, the entire hotel being completely remodeled in the late twentieth century to its present more modern form.

The chandler Hotel rises up in the Harmony skyline having about forty-seven floors. And over a thousand rooms, including a ballroom, a restaurant, and even a luxurious boutique and so on.

I parked in the hotel’s parking deck and walked around to the front, entering the lobby through the revolving doors that so many others had entered the hotel from. When I entered the lobby the doorman with a name tag reading Clyde greeted me “Good evening Mr. Chandler”

“Good evening Clyde” he blushed when I addressed him so formally. But I didn’t have time to blush with him I walked across the busy lobby to the nearby elevators. I pressed the up button and waited for the elevator to open up.

When the doors opened I was shocked to see Charlotte emerge from the elevator. She immediately stopped in her tracks when she saw me, forcing me to acknowledge her. “Hey Charlotte” I said weakly, barely able to get the words out.

“Hey Michael, I didn’t expect to find you here” she said looking me up and down

“Well my family does happen to own the hotel” I chuckled

“True, you’re right, I was just surprised”

“I’m surprised to find you here” I added. I had not for one second expected to find Charlotte in Chandler Hotel, let alone living there.

“Well for right now my family is staying here, because it’s really the only nice hotel in town and once my father gets a house will move out, But for now we are living the hotel life”

“I guess so” I said as I turned to press the up button once more on the Elevator. I felt Charlotte’s hand on my shoulder. “Michael one more thing”

“Yes Charlotte”

 “Don’t forget we need to finish working on our project, so I’ll come over your house soon”

“Ok that’s fine” I said, watching as the elevator doors closed up shielding me from Charlotte’s penetrating gaze

After a few seconds had passed I was walking out of the elevator into the upscale Restaurant located on the very top of the Chandler Hotel. As soon as the elevator doors opened I spotted my Mother sitting over at a table with my Grandmother and my Aunt.

I walked up to them, and they greeted me, hugging me. However it was only my grandmother’s hug that made me feel all warm inside. I felt some distance between my mother, most likely the result of her not being able to accept the fact that I was gay. We would have to talk about it one day, but not today with my grandmother and aunt right there.

“Hello Darling” my grandmother said as she released from a warm tight life restricting embrace “Come sit by me” I followed suit and sat down beside my grandmother”

“What’s this about?”

“Your aunt has a wonderful idea” my mother said, beaming with pride

“What is the idea?”

“Well seeing as Christmas is right around the corner your aunt suggested that we host a black-tie affair here at the hotel on Christmas. Isn’t that splendid” my mother said, her face glowing

“Were going to call it the Winter Gala” my Aunt Victoria added “It will be a chance to solidify our position and show this town once and for all that the Chandlers are indeed the first family of Harmony”

“But that’s not all, we will be selling tickets at the door, holding a silent auction in which we will be giving away some priceless pieces, and all the money we raise will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”

“Just think of the publicity” my Aunt Victoria chuckled

“No think of all the children we will be able to help” my grandmother added

“Ok that is all great, but why I’m here?”

“Well the entire Chandler family needs to be represented in full force, so not only shall we expect your attendance, we also need you to help out”

“I will help out in any way I can”

“That’s very good to hear sweetie” my grandmother added

“I hope you don’t mind but I’m bringing Eric with me”

“I don’t care who you bring, as long as you show up” my Aunt Victoria retorted

“Sweetie we are trying to maintain a certain refined image”

“Elizabeth leave the child alone, if he wants to bring his handsome young friend to the winter gala let him, we might be able to make use of him” my grandmother said grinning from ear to ear.

“Mother what, do you have in mind?” my Aunt Victoria asked

“I’ll let you know soon enough” my grandmother laughed in her sweet sounding matronly voice.

****Scene 5: Eric’s POV**************************************************

After I dropped Michael off at his house I drove back to my house. When I got back to my house I called out to see if anyone would respond, when I heard no answer I realized that I was all alone. Since I was completely alone, home alone in my house I decided to have some fun.

I raced upstairs to my bedroom. Shutting the door. I made sure to lock it with the new lock my mother had bought earlier today. I didn’t want her to walk in on me beating my meat, even if she had walked on me fucking Mike.

After I had made sure the door was locked tightly and that it was securely shut I stripped down to my boxers. Ever since Mike and I had started dating I had gotten off either inside his mouth or inside him almost every single day.

This day was however different, because Michael and I couldn’t be together because he had a shit load of work to do. While Michael had opted to take hard classes this year I had opted for easier classes so my afternoons were mostly spent fucking Mike but unfortunately for my dick he wasn’t here.

So now I was forced to use my hands to get my rocks off. When I first stuck my hand in my pants reaching around for my hardening cock I came up with a great idea. Jumping off my bed wearing nothing but my boxers I turned on my computer and also played some Music so that it would drown out the moaning that would soon be coming out of my mouth.

Once my computer was on I clicked on the camcorder and began recording myself jacking off. I put my hand in my boxers to pull my dick out, saying into the camcorder “Hey Mike, this is for you, just want you to know that I’m thinking about you” After said this I gave my throbbing fuck stick a little shake. The head smiled for the camera and I did likewise.

As I slowly stroked my cock rubbing my hand up and down all I could think about was Michael’s tight ass.

Closing my eyes I imagined that instead of my hand wrapped around my throbbing dick it was instead Michael’s tight ass muscles squeezing my cock as I jerked it. Thinking about Michael’s ass drove me wild.


“Mike I wish you were here so I could make love to you”

“My cock misses you and I do too”

“Ohhhh Yeah, Ohhh Yeah”

“Fuck me” I cried as I jerked my cock roughly with my hand, squeezing my hand around my throbbing ten inch cock.

After a few minutes of stroking my dick while thinking about my boyfriend’s sweet ass I remembered that my underwear were still on so I stood up to remove my underwear. When I stood up it caused my huge shaft to swing between my big muscular thighs as I slid my underwear down around my trunk thighs.

Once I was completely naked I reached for the bottle of lube that I kept in my night stand. I pulled it out from its hiding spot and applied some to my throbbing cock head rubbing it around first the cockhead that was now at that time leaking precum all over my sheets, than the shaft.

I laid the bottle of lube at my side and continued my work.

As I stroked my cock now covered in lube, some of the lube mixed with precum dripped down onto my already sweaty balls making it even moister down there than it already was.

As I stoked my dick harder and harder I went faster causing it to make that all too recognizable fapping sound that it made when I had masturbated countless times.

“Fap, Fap, Fap, Fap”

“Mmmmm, Mmmmm, mmmmrf” I groaned between Jerks

After A while of roughly jerking my cock and nothing happening I came up with an idea for me to cum without even touching my cock. Michael would love to watch that when I showed it to him, I had after all made the sexy video for him.

I reached around under my bed, leaving my ass on full display on the camcorder. Putting my hand under the bed I pulled out a box with a lock on it. Opening it with the key I kept on my person at all times I pulled out a dildo.

“After that very first time, when you fucked me Mike, I realized why you like to get fucked so much, it was so much fun and you are able to relax and enjoy the ride literally.” I said into the camera

It was one of those stand up dildos so I didn’t have to hold it. I simply hovered my ass over it and began lowering my ass unto the dildo.

Once my ass was sitting on the head of the dildo, I could feel it pressing against my ass. I pressed down and the head of the dildo popped in. “HOLY SHIT!” I cried as my ass muscles squeezed around the fake cock.

My ass muscles squeezed around the dildo as if it were a real cock, and all I could think about as I grinded my ass around the dildo. Bouncing on the dildo up and down I really rode that thing like it was Mike’s thick cock.

“Babe just wanted to let you know that I can’t wait to bounce on it again” I winked into the camera.

After riding that dildo like my life depended on it I felt myself cumming. I let out a long drawn groan “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

What followed was a great flood of cum that exploded out of my cock, covering my throbbing dick and hitting me in my chest, abs, and even a little reached my face.

I pulled the dildo from my ass and laid there on the bed for a few seconds my body covered in my own cum. Cum was still on my chest, my abs, and my face. Some had hit the side of my hair too.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door “Eric what are you doing in there?” my mom called out to me, having stopped knocking on the door. I had no idea she would be home so early. Leave it to my mom to come home just as I had finished beating my meat.

“Nothing mom” I called back, my body still covered in cum

“Sure didn’t sound like nothing, are you sure everything’s fine?”

“Yes mom, I’m just working out” I lied, trying my best to get her to go away

“Don’t be so loud”

“I’ll try my best to keep it down next time” I murmured

“Michael isn’t in there with you by any chance?”

When I heard her ask about Michael I froze in fear, still covered in cum. I jumped up from my bed wiped the sticky cum from off my chest, abs, and face using an old discarded pair of underwear. I took the dildo and put it back in the locked box under my bed and placed the lube back in the drawer under my clothes as quickly as possible.

“Son answer me please” my mom called from behind the door. I realized that I would have to open the door to get her to go away.

Opening the door “Hey Mom, nobody is here” I said

My mother peered into the room searching for any signs of other people being in the room. After that she looked at me. I could feel her looking right through me as she asked “Eric why are you so sweaty?”

When she pointed at the sweat that glistened off my big round sculpted pecs, my tight abs and the huge muscles that had been pressed against Michael so many times, I remembered that in my hurry I had forgot to put a shirt on.

Looking into my eyes she must have realized why I was so sweaty, because she soon backed out of the room leaving me with the words “Never mind” she said shutting the door.

I locked the door and collapsed on my bed. Jumping up when I realized that the camcorder had recorded everything, the masturbation, the dildo ride, and even my conversation with my mother.

Once I knew the camcorder was off for sure, I saved the video and collapsed once more onto my bed.

STAY TUNED…………………………………



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