****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV*******************************

After Eric and mine’s engagement party at the Chandler Mansion ended in an unsolved attempted murder mystery, my grandfather Victor Chandler was rushed to Harmony Hospital’s ICU unit. Unfortunately for his attempted murderer, Victor managed to survive the three gunshot wounds to the chest. Unfortunately for the future of Chandler Industries, his family, and even the police who were frantically searching for the person who shot Victor Chandler, the man now lay weeks later a comatose state unresponsive and still fighting for his life.

After Victor Chandler, my grandfather had been rushed to Harmony Hospital everyone who had been at the mansion that night was questioned by the police, even the servants. The police had originally thought that they could use the mansion’s extensive surveillance records to figure out who had last seen my grandfather before he was shot. This hit a dead end, when it was discovered that the recorded surveillance videos from about the prescribed time when my grandfather was shot on the night of Eric and I’s engagement was missing.

The police therefore only had limited surveillance to work, and nothing really substantial to go with. The police, under Commissioner Spencer, the mother of my best friend Kayla Spencer eventually narrowed the suspect list down to six people. My friends Kayla Spencer, Jake McCarthy, God knows why, Charlotte Livingston who had been heard arguing with my grandfather in the foyer, Haley Macy who had been seen leaving the library around the time of my grandfather’ shooting, Eric’s father Joe Smith, and even my cousin Miles and my own mother Elizabeth Chandler where also suspects.

I was extremely shocked when I learned that the police had chosen two of my closest friends has suspects in the shooting of my grandfather. I was even more shocked when they declared my mother a suspect. My mother was not nicest person in our family, having been brought up in the wealthy Winthrop family (a family not known in upstate New York for it’s down to earth nature) my mother was wealthy, beautiful, strongly protective of her family (i.e. her children), class conscious, cynical, and above all else in her mind the gate keeper to Harmony’s society. But even with all those negative qualities was my mother really a murderer? My own mother!

I languished for weeks in the hospital room of my grandfather, along with my grandmother. I only left the hospital to go to school, and once the school day had hidden I was once more back on the hospital. I did everything I could to make him get better. I even prayed, I didn’t know if it would help, but I did it anyway because I was desperate to have my beloved grandfather back here with me and not in a coma.

All this time, all of those weeks while I practically slept at Harmony Hospital, my grandfather’s company Chandler Industries (the legacy of my family) lay unguarded and ready for the taking as family members fought for control over the company.

My father wanting no part in the running of Chandler was quickly ruled out as the interim successor of my incapacitated grandfather, while his elder sister my aunt Victoria seized control over the company has acting president. My aunt Victoria did this because she had in her possession the most recent will of my grandfather, in it he specified that she was to serve the company has President. This was not my grandfather’s intent by the time he was shot, but he had yet to change his will.

To make matters worse, while my grandfather laid in a coma, and my family fought over his company, Eric and I had seen very little of each other all that time. We actually hadn’t had sex since the night before our engagement party, I was just so distraught. I couldn’t even see straight let alone make love to my boyfriend while my grandfather lay close to death. I longed for Eric’s touch, his kiss, his tender and kind words, but I didn’t know what to say to him. Every time we had met in the previous weeks after my grandfather’s shooting I was too concerned with my grandfather’s condition. Even when Eric’s muscled body, those chiseled pecs, his bulging biceps, and even when that thick ass of his was before me, not once did I reach out and touch him. All I wanted to do was cry myself to sleep and beg for my grandfather to come back. Eric understood how I was feeling, so he didn’t pressure me into doing anything that I wasn’t ready to do again.

I felt so sorry for him looking into his beautiful eyes, day after day telling him that we couldn’t meet up because I had to stay at my grandfather’s bedside. I was hurting and now because of my grief, Eric my fiancé was hurting too. I had such high hopes for this year, but our relationship hung in the balance, we had not seen each other in a while, and we had been physical even less. It killed me to know that he was somewhere else, and not by my side. But what could I do, even if I had agreed to make love to him, I would have been too sad to even enjoy it.

If I made love to Eric again, I wanted to be able to give myself to him entirely.

****Scene 2: Kayla’s POV**************************************************

It seemed like the year had went from good to very bad. Everything seemed to start off very well for me and my friends. We had resolved to put Charlotte Livingston and what she had done to Michael behind us, I had ended things with Christian DeVille who had revealed his true colors and was now in a happy relationship with Kevin Brady who I planned to lose my virginity to, and we had even started the year with Michael and Eric engaged to be married with a baby on the way (even if that Bitch Charlotte was the biological mother).

However had the New Year progressed things changed drastically. First Haley Macy, a hated rival of mine and Eric’s ex-girlfriend made her reemergence into our lives and most certainly to stir up trouble for Mike and Eric, Secondly Michael’s grandfather had been shot, nearly bled to death and was left in a unresponsive coma, and to make matters worse Eric and Mike seemed to be drifting apart. I was horrified at the thought of those two not being together, really if those two loved-birds couldn’t overcome the odds to be together what chance did the rest of us have?

I had not seen them at school together in weeks, whenever it was time for lunch, Michael was nowhere to found. With a visibly depressed Eric telling me that his boyfriend had chosen to visit the hospital to check on his grandfather. When I did happen to see Michael he looked even more depressed then Eric, due to the fact that he was not only worrying about his grandfather, he was also hating himself for shutting Eric out. In Michael’s defense I don’t know what I would do if my own grandfather or grandmother was in a coma, even if he or she was has ruthless has Mr. Chandler.

Finally after weeks of seeing Eric walking one way, Michael the other I was fed up. I was sick in tired of seeing those two apart, I was even more fed up that Haley Macy’s Eric’s old girlfriend had come out of the woodworks pretending like she cared about him trying to be a shoulder to cry on. I had to do something, I had to act fast, before Charlotte got Mike and Haley ruined Eric’s life.

The moment school ended I rushed to the hospital to see Michael at once. I knew that he had gotten out early because he was nowhere in sight at lunchtime, leaving a depressed Eric sitting nearly motionless eating a sandwich that consisted of bread and cheese. It appeared Eric was too depressed on not seeing Michael to even fix food, or even keep up with himself; his eyes were noticeably red from crying I assumed.

I arrived at Harmony Hospital pretty soon, within thirty minutes of leaving the school. I ran into the lobby, running right up to the front nurse’s desk.

“Excuse me” I said out of breath, looking at the Nurses’ jacket, her nametag read Nurse Jackie “Excuse me Nurse Jackie.”

“Yes Miss” said the heavy set African American women in green scrubs as she turned away from her computer to look at me. “What is it that I can help you with honey?”

“Yes you can” I replied. “I need you to tell me, which room Victor Chandler is in. I need to get to that room right away.”

“Miss are you family to Mr. Chandler?” she asked looking me up and down with her eyes. She already knew my answer. Of course I wasn’t family, the Chandlers may have been light skinned, but they were most definitely not white.

“No” I said weakly “But I’m a friend of the Chandler family.”

“Well I’m afraid I can’t give you that information sweetie. His card right here says only family and certain people are allowed in that room. Seeing as it doesn’t say friends or acquaintances I’m going to have to say no.”

“But I need to get into that room.” I pleaded

“Honey I’m not going to say it again” Nurse Jackie said moving her finger around. “If you ain’t kin, you ain’t getting in.” she said in a very sassy tone.

“Do you know who Hope Spencer is?” I asked trying to find any way to get in to see Michael and his grandfather.

“Of course I know who Hope Spencer is” Nurse Jackie chuckled “She’s the damn police commissioner, and I mighty fine one at that I might had.”

“Well she’s my mother and I need to get into that room right away” I pleaded

“Oh really?” Nurse Jackie said looking at me in complete disbelief, hands planted firmly on her hips. “You say you are the police commissioner’s daughter. Even if Mrs. Spencer is your mother I have no proof of that so I still can’t let you up there to see him missy.” She snapped.

“Ok call her then” I blurted out. “You must have her number, she is after all the police commissioner!”

“If it will get you out of my hair girl” she retorted “I think I’ll do just that. I have the Harmony Police department on speed diel, so we can most definitely prove your claim.” Nurse Jackie said as she picked up a wireless phone turning her back to me.

Rather than wait for Nurse Jackie to turn back around I took a quick look at her computer. Luckily for me, it still had Mr. Chandler’s room number on it. It was room 705 on the 7th floor. I ran to the elevator and hopped inside just has Nurse Jackie had turned back around to see the elevator doors close.

She had a look of anger on her face, I didn’t wait around to see if she was angry, because as soon as the elevator opened up onto the seventh floor I ran down the hall to room 705. I reached the room and knocked on the door. I turned the door knob, and sure enough Michael was sitting there by his grandfather’s bed.

“Michael!” I called out, as the door shut behind me. “Michael its Kayla. I came by to check up on you. I have seen you in the last few weeks. At school your mind is always wondering.”

“Hey Kayla” he said looking up at me. “How did you find me here?” he asked. “I just want to be alone, I don’t want to worry you or any of the other guys.”

“Eric told me that you would be here.” I replied “And what do you mean not worry us?”

“Michael I have seen you in weeks, of course I’m worried about you.” I blurted. “Even when I do see you your mind is elsewhere, you’re more depressed each and every day I see you.”

“Michael come on, were best friends.” I cried “I know you better than you know yourself. You forget that I was the one who first knew that you were gay, before you could even accept it yourself.”

“Michael were friends, please talk to me.” I continued.

Michael looked up at me as if he was about to say something, but he stopped when the door to the room burst open. Standing in the doorway was Nurse Jackie, who apparently was the hospital’s head nurse. Who knew? Head Nurse Jackie was not alone she was with the hospital’s security guards and she was beaming with anger and glaring right at me.

“Young lady didn’t I tell you not to come up here!” she yelled at me. “Guards please escort this young lady out of here.”

“Michael stop them!” I pleaded looking into Michael’s eyes.

“Please let her go” Michael said. “She’s my friend and I want her to be here.”

“Ok if you insist” Nurse Jackie said “But if I hear any complaints about this girl, sneaking or breaking into any other patient’s rooms, SHES OUT OF HERE!” she said as she turned around shutting the door behind her.

“Ok Michael” I began “Before I was rudely interrupted by that Nurse. I was trying to tell you that you don’t have to distant yourself from your friends because you are hurting, We all want to be there for you, most importantly so does your fiancé Eric.”

“Mike please don’t shut him out. Eric loves you with all of his heart.” I looked deep into Michael’s eyes. “Every single day I see him, at lunch, he sits there by himself. He looks so sad he looks just as depressed has you if not more.”

“I know your grandfather was shot, and know he’s fighting for his life in this coma, but please don’t cut your friends and your family out.” I pleaded. “Eric loves you so much, that the very thought of you being here day and day praying and crying your eyes makes him feel so awful. His heart is breaking not being able to comfort you.”

“Kayla I don’t know what to say to him.” Michael began “I’m so miserable, I don’t even know what to do. I don’t want to make him feel sad and miserable like me.” Michael said chocking up on his words as he spoke

“Michael why don’t you understand.” I cried. “Being away from you, IS MAKING HIM FEEL MISERABLE! He doesn’t know what do with himself with you.”

“Kayla how can I just act like Eric’s father isn’t a suspect in the shooting of my grandfather. It’s his father Kayla I don’t come between him and his family, I’ve already ruined his relationship with his father enough for having the last name chandler. I’m staying away because of how much I love him.”

“Michael that’s a load of bull.” I snapped “I’m also a suspect in your grandfather’s shooting all because that Bitch Charlotte said she saw me arguing with your grandfather, and that doesn’t mean anything. We both know that I didn’t shoot your grandfather.”

 “Michael you can’t possibly think that by staying away you can help fix Eric’s relationship with his father? Eric loves you more than life itself, he’s not going to just give you up. Eric’s father is the reason for their poor relationship, NOT YOU. Even if Eric’s father did shoot your grandfather, Eric not just going to stop loving you because of that.”

“Besides there is no proof that Eric’s father shot your grandfather either.” I said “The Harmony Police department has yet to find the gun used in the shooting.”

“Kayla I just….I just can’t...” Michael said “I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Just please leave me alone. I can’t talk about this anymore.” He said breaking down.

“Michael it’s been weeks. You and Eric need to talk.”

“Kayla you know how much it hurts to not see him. I love him. I love him with every fiber in my body.”

“You still love me?” a familiar voice had said from the now opened door. It was Eric. Finally he had arrived. I knew if Michael wasn’t going to listen to me, he might listen to Eric if they were in the same room. I’m no matchmaker, and I’m not going to let either of them know that I lured Eric there.

I called him before I left for the hospital, telling him that I was in the hospital, it was an emergency and I needed him at once. I told him Michael’s grandfather’s room number as soon as I knew it. He thought it was mine.

Lying to bring two people who obviously deserve to be together is a very good cause. They would probably be furious with me. Especially Eric, since I told him that I was in the hospital because of an emergency. I didn’t really care I would do anything to get those two together. The lunch table was much too depressing with them not together.

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV****************************************************************

The last couple weeks were complete and utter torture for me, all because I had not spoken to my boyfriend Michael in close to two weeks. I had entered the New Year engaged to marry the love of my life, Michael Chandler. We had encountered obstacle after obstacle and managed to make it into the New Year, only to be driven apart by circumstances.

I had not spoken to Michael in about two weeks, we had both promised each other that nothing would come between us. But nearly a week after the shooting, Michael became consumed with grief as his grandfather’s condition showed no sign of improvement and he lay unresponsive in a coma, while the person who had attempted to kill continued to allude the police.

Two of our friends, Jake and even Kayla were among the long list of people the Harmony Police Department was looking at in connection to Victor’s shooting. To make matters even worst, my father was also considered a suspect due to the long established feud he had with both Victor and the Chandler family.

The fact that my father was a potential suspect was what was tearing Michael and me apart. Ever since my mother had discovered Michael and I in the act of making love (mid-thrust) and told my father that we were involved everything went down from there.

My father, Joe Smith who had no great love for any members of the Chandler family and when he found out that it was a Chandler I was involved with he was furious. My father wasn’t that disappointed I was gay, and that I was caught having sex with a man, he was far more upset that the guy’s last name happened to be Chandler.

After my father found out Michael was a Chandler, he started bad mouthing my boyfriend’s family right in front of me. I could ignore it when he said things about the other Chandlers, but when started to talk about Michael; I refused to listen to him. Has my relationship with my father deteriorated, Michael blamed himself for our estrangement. The fact that my father was one of several persons identified by the police as a suspect in Victor Chandler’s shooting caused Michael to distance himself from me.

Michael claimed that he was doing this because he was worried about his grandfather, but I knew that at least part of him was keeping his distance because he blamed himself for my estrangement with my father. I didn’t want him to do this, because there was absolutely no proof that my father had been involved in the shooting, besides even if he was that was no reason in my mind to end things with the one person who loved me more than anything in the world; that he would risk is own happiness for my own.

After school let out today I was on the way back to my house when I got the strangest call from Kayla. She called me saying that she was in the hospital and that she needed me to come quick. I turned my car around and went to the hospital. I sat in the parking lot for few minutes until she messaged me that she was in room 705.

When I got to room 705, I was surprised to find Kayla standing up speaking to Mike, with absolutely no sign of injury. I was very upset that Kayla had lied to me, but I didn’t have time to get into it with her because I heard what Michael had said. He said that he still loved me.

“You still love me?” I asked as I stood in the doorway. Both Kayla and Mike turned to look at me. Kayla smiled when she saw me so I know she had set this all up, and I swear I saw Michael smile too.

“You still love me?” I repeated. “Kayla can you give me and Michael a minute.”

“Sure I would be happy to.” She smiled. “If your guys need me or anything else I’ll be right outside.” Kayla said as she closed the door behind her.

“What is this about Eric?” Michael asked. “You know I have to concentrate on my grandfather. It has been weeks, and his condition has yet to approve.”

“Michael I came here because Kayla told me that she was in the hospital and that it was an emergency.” I replied. “I had no idea you were in this room. I know Kayla did this on purpose and I’m glad she did, because we need to talk.”

“Babe I Know you’re worried about your grandfather, but that’s no need to ignore your friends or the people who care about you.” I continued.

“Eric I can’t talk about this. I just can’t……What the hell do you mean you don’t know what to say?” I cried at him. “Look me in the eyes, right now and tell me you don’t want me, tell me you don’t still love me.”

There was a moment of silence. “See you can’t! Because you still love me.”

“What do you mean still love you?” Michael asked looking puzzled. “Eric of course I love you. I never stopped loving you.”

“Then why are you being so distant.” I pleaded “I barely see you anymore, and when I do, it’s only in passing as you’re going to the hospital or going home”

“Babe I miss you like crazy. Talk to me. Speak to me. Just say something.” I commanded

“Eric I miss you too, but my grandfather….he is so……I can’t” he began

“Michael just stop.” I yelled “This isn’t even about your grandfather, this is about you and me. Your using your grandfather’s shooting as a way to stay away from me.”

“No I’m not” Mike protested

“Babe I know you to well you can’t lie to me.” I said. “You think that if you distance yourself from me then my relationship with my father will magically be repaired. Michael I don’t want to be estranged from my father…….but I damn sure don’t want to lose you.”

“Eric, please……I can’t.”

“Michael look at me. Do you know how much I love you?” I yelled at him, grasping hold of his face forcing him to look at me. “Michael I miss you so much it hurts, when I see you in the halls and you don’t look at me. When you turn the other way it kills me.”

“Listen to me. You don’t need to sacrifice your happiness so that I can have a relationship with my father. If my father wants to stop being thee for because of who I love, I’d rather not have him in my life anyway.”

“Eric….please I can’t…..I just want you to be happy?”

I grabbed Michael by his face and kissed him hard, partly because I missed the touch of his warm lips and partly I wanted him to shut up about this stupid idea of sacrificing his happiness to spare my relationship with my father.

He kissed me back, so I knew he missed me just as much as I missed him. “Babe don’t you that I’m the happiest I have ever been when I’m with you?”

“What about your father? What will……?”

“Babe what about him? I don’t want to spend my life with my father, I don’t love my father the way I love you.” I said rubbing my hand across his face.

“I love you too.” Mike said as he kissed me firmly on the lips. We hadn’t kissed for a good solid ten minutes when Kayla walked in on us. She had excellent timing.

“Kayla were kind of!!!”

“Oops my bad!” Kayla cried. “Awww how sweet. I take it you two have worked everything. How sweet young love is so cute.”

“How’s Kevin?” I shot back

“Touché, touch.” She said backing out of the room and leaving us to continue making out in my grandfather’s hospital room.

After a few minutes we heard a knock and once again Kayla opened the door. “Michael there is a man outside that wants to see you. He says it’s very important. I think he might be a lawyer.

****Scene 4: Michael’s POV*******************************************

Kayla was right the man waiting for me outside my grandfather’s hospital room was a Mr. Miller one of my grandfather’s attorneys. Mr. Miller wasn’t alone either, he was accompanied by another member of the Chandler legal department, Mr. Davis.

Mr. Davis and Mr. Miller informed me that there was an emergency board meeting at Chandler Industries and that my presence was required at once. Eric and Kayla rode with me in the limousine that my grandfather’s attorneys had used to get to the hospital.

The board meeting was just about to start. My aunt Victoria who was leading the meeting as acting President was speaking. My father, mother, my twin sister Mikayla was there too, as well as my Grandmother, and my cousins Amada and Miles were all there since they were all members of the Board of Directors. There were also several other people I had never seen, presumably people with significant control over the company’s voting stock.

“Mother what is this about?” My cousin Miles whined “I should be in Monaco by now, not here in Harmony.” Apparently my cousin was planning on jetting off to the casinos and lavish vacation spots of Monaco, no doubt with a substantial amount of money.

I entered the room and everyone looked up as Eric, Kayla and I walked into the room. We walked over to the other end of the long table. Eric and Kayla sitting on either side of me.

“Excuse me did you call this board meeting? My aunt Victoria asked staring at me. Why did you call this board meeting? By what authority do you have to call emergency board meetings of this company?”

“Ms. Chandler I’m afraid my counterpart Mr. Miller and I called this meeting. We have received special instructions from your father at our office, which is of utmost importance.” Mr. Davis replied to my aunt, who looked more annoyed than anything else.

“Ok who are these two?” Mother I have to be on the company jet by midnight.” My cousin Miles complained

“Mile’s these are two of your grandfather’s attorneys. Meet Mr. Davis and Mr. Miller.” My Aunt replied.

“Mr. Davis, and Mr. Miller I’m sure you are well aware that my mother is the acting head of the company while my grandfather is in the hospital.” Miles said

“Mr. Davis and Mr. Miller are here because grandfather left a DVD with express instructions for all of us to see it if something were to happen to him.” I declared

“Why are we just now hearing about this? It’s been three weeks!” My aunt yelled

“The Chandler Legal department was not aware of this video until a few hours ago.” Mr. Miller replied

“They are right. I actually didn’t even know about this meeting until they came and got me from the hospital. Mr. Davis and Mr. Miller told me that this video concerns both this family and this company so we need to watch it now” I said

“Mother did you know anything about this?” Miles cried

“No son. How could I have known about this video.” My Aunt Victoria snapped. “This is the first I’ve heard about it.”

“Ok Michael what is this about?” Miles asked glaring at me like I was the reason he wasn’t sun tanning at the beaches of Monaco or skiing in the Alps. “What is on this video?”

“I don’t know. I have no idea…..I haven’t even seen the video yet.” I replied

“You know what this is ridiculous!” Miles said. “Some people have things to do.” My cousin said, as if jet setting to Europe was what normal employed people did.

“I had nothing to do with this.” I protested

“Yeah Michael’s right.” Kayla spoke up. “Your grandfather’s legal department contacted us, at the hospital only a few hours ago. We were just as surprised as you all now.”

“Can we please just go?” Miles whined

“I’m sorry Mr. Chandler but no one can leave this room until we have played the contents of your grandfather’s video.”

Just then the doors to the board room were burs open. It was Joel, the primary pilot of the Chandler Industries company Jet. “Excuse me Mr. Chandler, my co-pilot and I would like to know when you are taking off.”

“Joel tell your co-pilot that the company jet isn’t leaving the ground any time soon. Because no one is going anywhere.” I said definitely.

“How dare you!” Miles shot back

“Miles, we all need to see what’s on this DVD so we might as well stay for this.” My aunt said sweetly “Because it’s probably important.”

“Ok whatever” Miles said “Mr. Davis, Mr. Miller can we please just play this damn video so that I can go. I have a plane to catch.”

“Thank you.” Mr. Davis said as he walked over to the monitor hanging on the Boardroom‘s wall. He placed the DVD into the slot and it loaded.

Everyone sat there with anticipation as we waited for the video to load. It finally did and my grandfather appeared on the screen.

“Listen up all of you, my loving wife Katherine, my beloved grandson Michael, and all you other freeloaders. If you are watching this video I’m probably dead or incapacitated”

My grandfather was wearing the same thing who wore the night of the engagement party so he mostly likely recorded this video the same night.

We continued to watch the video.

“I decided to make this video tonight, because I received a very threatening letter a few days ago that someone was going to be murdered at my mansion. Because of my popularity in this town I immediately assumed that person could be me.”

“Ok he’s right and it was. So why are we here?” Miles cried. “My mother is acting head of Chandler. Please just let me leave”

“Sweetie your grandfather must have had reason for wanting us to watch this video.” My aunt replied. “Let’s just watch the rest of this video.”

“Mr. Chandler there is more to this video.” Mr. Davis said as he unpaused the video.

“By the time any of you see this video, my loving daughter Victoria had taken control of Chandler Industries. And no thanks to her many marital woes gracing the tabloids I trust our stock is still strong and if she has taken the advice of my board then she has avoided any major catastrophes or risky acquisitions then the company should be flourishing.”

“I really wish he would get to the point!” my cousin Miles whined

“You all must be aware that according to my last will in the event of my absence, my daughter is the woman I want to be in charge of all things Chandler.”

“Exactly!” Miles cried. “You heard grandfather, my mother Victoria is in charge. I have a plane to catch.”

“I’m afraid there is more on the video Mr. Chandler.” Mr. Miller interjected.

“But… he just” Miles protested “He just said my mother was in charge.”

“Honey just watch the rest of the video.” My Aunt Victoria replied as the video was unpaused.

“I decided to make this video, in order to change my will.”

“WHAT!!!” Miles yelled

“The Clause giving my daughter control over Chandler Industries was written long before she embarrassed this family by divorcing her husband and taking up with a man she had been carrying an affair with for the entirety of her marriage. With the threat of my eminent death I was unable to change anything in my last written will so I decided to make this video. It will serve as my last will and testament.”

“Mother can I do this?” Miles asked looking a little confused.

“Yes” My Aunt Victoria “Knowing your grandfather he probably had all of his legal basses covered.”

“Oh yes, Ms. Chandler.” Mr. Davis replied. “This video will is completely legitimate.

“Oh GOD!!!”

“In the event of my death, I no longer want my daughter Victoria Chandler to assume any of my powers. And because my son has refused to take any part in the executive management of this company besides taking the dividends, there is only one person I want to have complete control of my empire. And that person is my grandson Michael of course.”

“Listen all of you Michael is in charge of my empire, in other words he’s in charge of your lives.” My grandfather chuckled to himself, glass of brandy in hand. “Haahhahahah”

Did you hear that Mike? You’re in charge of Chandler Industries!” Eric cried, slapping me on the back.

“Michael this is wonderful!” Kayla cried

“That’s right.” I began “I’m in charge! And that means that you will not be taking the company jet to go jet-setting off to Europe Miles!” I declared proudly

“Are you kidding me?” Miles whined, burying his face in his hands.

“Miles you better get used to this. Because there is not going to be anymore stepping on me or wasting this company’s money to go to parties.” I said “From now on you answer to me….For Everything!” I said pointing my finger at my self-serving cousin

“Life’s something else ain’t it?” my grandfather continued to say as he laughed loudly on the video. “Hahahahhahah”

“My only regret is not being able to see the reactions of those of you who thought you could get a slice of my company, like my loving daughter and her children. But then again I have a very vivid imagination so I can picture the scene.”

“If any or all of you were responsible for killing me or incapacitating me if I somehow still live, you are all going to regret it. Because if you ever disobeyed me, insulted me, or refused my orders you will pay because I know my grandson will not rest until he knows who my murderer was.”

“So long live Michael Edward Winthrop Chandler, His word shall be law!” my grandfather said in the video, much to the horror of my aunt and other board members. “Hahahaha”

“This is un-believable!” my cousin cried. “This has to be a dream, because this unreal!”

“Father you bastard!” my aunt muttered.

“You see, Michael is the best successor for me, because he possesses many qualities that I find in myself. He has determination. Unlike my daughter who is no doubt causing scandals with her marital woes for this company my grandson Michael will no doubt come up with a profit for Chandler. You see, because my grandson, my favorite grandson Michael is very much like me despite his being gay. He has nerves of steel which is I like in a successor.”

“Ladies and gentleman I hate to tell you this, but from this moment on, you will all be under the thumb of my gay grandson. What he says goes, His word shall be law, and his word shall be the gospel!”

“And if by chance you all are watching this, and I’m unfortunately no longer among the living, my only wish is that they have monitors in hell, because I don’t want to miss a single minute of this drama.”

“I presume this is clear to all of you.” Mr. Davis said as he turned off the monitor. “Victor Chandler’s recorded will supersedes any instructions or wills made earlier.”

“I don’t believe any of this!” my Aunt yelled. “Were going to fight this so-called will in court!”

“Mr. Davis and I can save you all the trouble, Ms. Chandler. The legality of this recorded will is uncontestable in a court of law. Ms. Chandler you don’t have a legal leg to stand on. You answer to Victor’s grandson Michael, just like all other Chandler employees.”

“Why would grandfather leave this company in the hands of a fag like you?!” Miles spat at me.

“You know Miles if I were you” I said waving my finger “I would not call your new employer such nasty names. It might result in a termination of your employment, besides I’ll be much more generous to you then grandfather ever was.”

“This is outrageous!” My Aunt Victoria cried

“Go to hell Michael!” Miles barked

“Shut up Miles” Kayla interjected “You can’t talk to Michael like that. He’s your boss and I think he signs your checks now!”

Just then Joel, the Chandler family pilot returned to the boardroom. I turned to him and spoke. “Joel you can tell Rick that nobody is flying to Europe or Monaco anytime soon.”

“You can’t do this!” Miles cried “Mother just appointed me to work out of our European offices in France!”

“You know what Joel warm the Chandler Jet’s engines up. Because I want to be in Paris by the morning.” Miles declared.

“Joel you and Rick take orders from me, as do all other Chandler employees. And I’m saying that the company jet is not leaving the country!”

“I’ll just take a commercial flight. I’m going to take my position at Chandler’s European offices and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it Michael!”

“We shall see about that Miles!”

“You are not going to stop me from leaving this country!” Miles yelled at me.

“Miles I know this is going to hurt.” I began “But from this day forth you are going to have to answer to your gay cousin, and I’m saying that you are staying here.

“Michael I have an executive position waiting for me in the Chandler’s European offices in Paris. I have to leave Harmony tonight!”

“Yes Miles, you said this already. You need the Chandler jet so that you can go work out of our facilities in Europe. Unfortunately for you that position has been filled so you won’t be leaving Harmony anytime soon.”

“You are such a little fag!!! Do you know that?!” Miles screamed

“Despite the rude name calling, I’m giving you a very generous offer Miles. To work for me here in the main office, here in Harmony.”

“Ok let’s all head back to the mansion, have a bite to eat, and we can discuss the terms of your employment.”

“I’d rather drink poison. But thank you so much for the offer” Miles sneered

“Suit yourself but the Chandler Jet is not leaving Harmony. It’s not leaving this country and it’s certainly not flying to Europe.”

“I’ll just take a commercial flight. I’m leaving this town tonight!” Miles cried

“And how exactly are you going to pay for this commercial flight?” I asked even though I already knew the answer.

“My credit card of course.” Miles smirked “You stupid little fool I’m leaving this godforsaken town!”

“Miles you can go ahead and hand that over to me now.”

“You are way out of line Michael. I hope you know that!”

“I’m I?” I asked turning around to look at my grandfather’s attorneys. “Mr. Davis, Mr. Miller I’m kind of a newbie and I’m not very savvy with this whole business thing and I didn’t graduate from a top Ivy League School with MBA so Mr. Davis if you were acting-CEO of one of the largest companies in the world would you let a disgruntled employee that has been spewing unkind words continue to use his company credit card?”

“I most certainly would not, Mr. Chandler” Mr. Davis replied.

“Thank you so much Mr. Davis” I replied. “Well then in the interest of the Chandler family legacy and the great enterprise my grandfather has entrusted me with I’m going to have to ask you to hand over that credit card. I have an obligation to the stockholders of Chandler Industries.”

“So Miles you can hand that card over to me.”

“Fine I have other credit cards” Miles yelled

“Actually honey all of your credit cards are issued by Chandler banks, and your cousin Michael controls them all now.” My Aunt Victoria signed

“Well you know what Michael, I still have my trust fund.” Miles blurted

“Well good luck getting to it Miles, because all of that money is in owned Chandler owned banks. Miles I think grandfather would approve of me cutting you off from wasting any more Chandler money on your jet setting trips.”

“Miles it looks like you are flat broke.” Kayla began “And now you have to answer to Michael! You better treat him right Miles or I’ll make sure you do!” Kayla said waving her finger at my cousin who was looking eyes wide at Kayla.

“Fine, that’s just fine.” My cousin barked “Here take my credit card!” Miles yelled as he handed over his credit card to me.

“Thank you so much Miles!” I said. “I’ll only need this one, because those other cards, they won’t work anyway.” After that Miles stormed out of the boardroom, with his mother chasing after him. The remaining family members and board members all filed out one by one, leaving me in the room with my Kayla and Eric.

“Michael I can’t believe you are in charge of Chandler Industries.” Kayla cried “I loved how you showed your ungrateful cousin who the boss was!” she laughed.

“Babe, it’s wonderful.” Eric said. “I’ve never fucked a CEO before” Eric whispered into my ear.

“Ewwww!” Kayla squealed “Guys I heard that!”

“My bad Kayla I can’t keep my hands off him!” Eric laughed as he kissed me on the lips.

Just then my grandfather’s secretary entered the room. She was shocked to see Eric and I kissing, but she soon resumed her composure. “Excuse me Mr. Chandler” she said.

“Yes Ms. Anderson” I replied

“The Police Commissioner is here.” The secretary began “She has some very important information about your grandfather’s shooting.”

“Send her in”

Hope Spencer, Harmony’s current Police Commissioner and my best friend Kayla’s mother entered the room. “Good evening Michael, Eric”

“Kayla what are you doing at Chandler Tower?” she asked when she spotted her daughter.

“Mom me and Mike are friends you know this.”

“Ok Kayla.” Kayla’s mother replied. “I’m going to need you to come downtown to the station at once. We just learned some very important information involving your grandfathers shooting. We don’t want word getting out just yet so we want to talk to you alone.”

“Commissioner Spencer whatever you need to say to me you can say to Eric and Kayla I trust them.”

“Ok very well then” Commissioner Spencer said “If you will accompany me to the station I will tell you everything we have found out about the shooting.”

STAY TUNED………………………..



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