****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV*******************************************

Eric and I had waited for an entire week for the day of our engagement party. That day was finally here. This was by no means the same as a wedding, it was still very important. Our engagement party was the confirmation to ourselves of our relationship. It was also a confirmation of our relationship to all of our friends, family, the people who supported us and even the people who were against us.

The night before the day of the engagement, Eric and I slept not at my parents or even at my parents’ house. God forbid we slept in the same bed at Eric’s house with his father home. It would have been disastrous, because now Eric’s father knew exactly what we had been up to in Eric’s room.

Eric and I instead spent the night at my grandparents’ house, the Chandler Mansion. We had more privacy in my grandparents’ house then we had at either of our respective homes. Even with all the servants and staff running around getting the mansion ready for the engagement party we had more privacy.

We made love in that bed like we had never made love before. After we finished making love, Eric and I just laid in the bed, with him still partially inside of me. We slept naked in each other’s arms, Eric holding me with me holding him. We fell asleep soon after, and when we woke up hours later the sun was shining into the room.

I really hate to admit it but Eric and I spent the entire in bed. We didn’t actually get out of bed until the party was just about to start and that was only because we had no other choice but to go downstairs. It was after all a party in our honor.

“Babe we better get downstairs.” Eric said as he adjusted his tie in the mirror. “I think I hear a commotion downstairs.”

“Eric I don’t want to go downstairs just yet.” I said “I want to thank you for last night and yesterday to.” I smiled as I dropped to my knees.

“Mike we can’t do this….. We have….to” Eric tried to speak.

“Babe we have a few minutes.” I said pulling down the zipper of his dress-pants. I pulled his cock out of his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, which was really hot! I took Eric’s ten inch cock in my hand holding it in front of my face. It throbbed in my hand.

Eric’s hot manly scents filled me with pleasure. God even after all we had done before, he still managed to smell great. I loved his scent.

“Eric, I want this inside my mouth” I spoke, my eyes fixated on both Eric’s erection and on his gorgeous face. As I held his cock in my hand it continued to throb. Precum was leaking from his the slit of his cockhead all over my hand. The sight of it made my mouth water in anticipation.

I opened my mouth and allowed his cock to slide into my mouth. He let out a long drawn out moan.

“OhhhhhhhhH” Eric grunted

“Ohhhhhh Mike!”

“Ohhhhhh baby”

As I started sucking on Eric’s thick cock I used my lips to worship his manhood and to rock his world. Eric sighed in near disbelief, running his hands through my curly locks as I bobbed on his dick. I used my hot, wet mouth to suck on my boyfriend’s salty cock. My tongue explored the entire length of his throbbing shaft.

 "Ungh, yes... Fuck..."

“FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCK Dude!!” Michael grunted

After a few minutes had passed I was still at Eric’s feet suckling on his fact cock. I wished I could stay right there between his legs, but that was sadly not an option.



“Mmmmmmmmmm…….OH F-FUCK!!!” Eric moaned as I took more and more of his cock into my mouth. I hummed to myself as I sucked his cock. Eric’s bulbous cockhead poked the back of my throat as he fucked my mouth.

I continued bobbing up and down Eric’s cock for the next few seconds. I sucked harder and harder on his cock, and when I felt his balls tense up, I knew I had him right where I wanted him.

Finally I got what I wanted. Eric cried out loudly and he shot his load all over my face.

“F-FUCK!” I groaned, my face covered in Eric’s cum.

“Damn Mike!” Eric moaned “I fucking love you dude.”

“Eric I better go clean this off my face, before we go downstairs.” I said getting up.

“No babe” Eric said pulling me close to him. “I’ll clean you up.” He said, as he licked some of his cum off of my face.

****Scene 2: Kayla’s POV***************************************

“What the hell!” I exclaimed as I looked across the crowded room and saw HALEY MACY of all people walking from the foyer into the Chandler’s living room. I had held my tongue when Charlotte showed her ugly face because Michael had begged me not to confront her at his and Eric’s engagement party.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” I cried, when I walked right up to where she was standing. She was wearing a very expensive dress and some of the jewelry I had seen at Wyndemere’s

“Kayla I have been asking you that same question since I first saw you that faithful day in Kindergarten, and your still haven’t given me a satisfactory answer.” She sneered with the fake smile of hers

“What are you doing here?” I repeated.

“I just came here to wish the happy couple a wonderful engagement and even better wedding.” She smirked.

“Who do you think you’re fooling?” I snapped “You don’t even like Eric and Mike.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Kayla. I have completely moved on.” Haley began. “Contrary to what you think I’m completely over Eric.”

“Bull shit!” I cried. “You mean to tell me that you’re completely fine with the fact that your boyfriend left you for another man. You came here so that you could see if you could find a way to ruin their happy day.”

“I’m not doing that.” She declared “I know how much it means for people to be happy. I would never dream of coming in the way of someone’s happiness.” I didn’t believe a word that she had said. Michael and Eric had the world stacked up against, and now with Haley’s reemergence that was another thing standing in their way

“Kayla I hope your making nice with all the guests.” Michael whispered into my ear as he approached me from behind. “Hey Haley” he said

“Hey Michael!” Haley said “Where is your fiancé at?”

“He’s around here somewhere.” Michael said “Kayla I need you to come with me there’s something I need your help with.”

After we had walked a safe distance away from where Haley was Michael turned to me. “Kayla I know you don’t like her but you’re just going to have keep your distance from her.”

“Michael I don’t trust her.” I replied “I actually trust her less then I trust Charlotte.”

“Kayla this is my engagement party.” He said. “Everything has to go off without a hitch. Promise me you will leave her alone.”

“I promise, but if she or Charlotte try anything all bets are off.”

“Hey Kayla” Eric said as he walked over to where Michael and I were standing.

“Wow you and Eric look really great!” I exclaimed. “It’s like you both just stepped off the runway or something. You two are glowing!”

“What have you two been up to?”

“Kayla you really don’t want to know what we’ve been up to.” Eric chuckled.

“Yeah it’s better if we just keep that juicy tidbit to ourselves.” Michael added, as he laughed right along with Eric.

It was at that moment when I realized what they had been doing, and why they were now glowing. “OH MY GOD!” I cried. “You two really need to get a room.” I said as I hit them both on the shoulder.”

“Kayla we did” Eric laughed

“You guys are so not funny.”

****Scene 3: Victor Chandler’s POV*************************

The day that my wife and I picked for my grandson’ engagement party was originally thought to be a nice clear day. Hours before the event I went into town. I had to go into the office, even today of all days because running Chandler Industries was a full time job.

I left early in the morning and when I returned it was hours later. The snow storm that the weather man had said would pass us, had decided to stay in Harmony for the night. Falling onto the earth was a mixture of snow and rain.

When my chauffeur Reginald drove me back to the house it was dark and rainy. When I hoped out of the back of the limo I saw someone standing on the portico. I didn’t know who it was, they were carrying a black umbrella.

When I got closer to the house, I recognized the person. It was the sweet and kind homemaker Alice McCarthy, the wife of Dr. Tom McCarthy renowned surgeon and the mother of my grandson’s friend Jake.

“Good evening Mrs. McCarthy” I replied “Where is the rest of your family?”

“Good evening Mr. Chandler.” She replied “They are actually on their way.”

“Oh My goodness!” I exclaimed “I can’t believe the local saint has come to my grandson’s engagement party.”

“Victor you’re too kind” she replied

“It’s no secret that you are revered and praised homemaker. A real life saint….”

“But we both know that’s not true. We both know that you not the wholesome kind and honorable woman that everyone thinks you are.”

“We both know it’s all just an act. You’re little feigned saint routine doesn’t fool me in the least”

“Victor I don’t care what you have to say!” she shot back

“I’m the power in this town Mrs. McCarthy and I make it my business to make everything my business. Don’t you ever forget it, because all of your fake pretensions don’t fool me in the slightest!”

“I wonder what your husband would say if he knew what his precious wife has been doing behind his back all these years.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” She snapped “I’m not going to let you ruin my family! I’ll do whatever it takes to stop you dead. And I do mean dead!

“Oh your true colors just came out.” I grinned “I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening Mrs. McCarthy”

***Scene 4: Miles Chandler’s POV**************************************

It was my cousin, Michael’s engagement party. He was engaged to be married to a man, not a woman. It didn’t really matter who he chose to marry, he would always be the favorite grandchild, the adored first male grandchild.

Throughout are life my cousin had always bested me in almost everything. I was born April 2nd, and he was born a week earlier on March 25. He was born premature and grew into healthy baby, I was born right on schedule and I spent weeks in the hospital. If I got A’s and B’s he would get straight A’s. His parents were happily married, my parents had divorced and remarried over and over again. If I got a pony has a kid for Christmas, grandfather would certainly get a stable full of thoroughbred Arabian horses. If I made the tennis team he made the Lacrosse or wrestling team

Now my cousin, who everyone seemed to adore and love was getting married. I was at his engagement party and I was still single. Now I’m not going to say that I’m a heavy drinker, we can just say that I’m a social drinker.

So while everyone was downstairs I was upstairs wondering the halls, a champagne bottle in one hand. Upstairs wondering the halls I ran into my grandfather. I could tell that he was ashamed of me, he would prefer a fag running Chandler Industries then his alcoholic excuse for a grandson.

“I don’t know why I’m standing here talking to you.” I said “When there is a great party going on downstairs.”

“Ummmm” my grandfather grumbled pulling the fat cigar from his mouth. “The next head of the House of Chandler’s portrait should be hanging right there in that spot.” He said pointing to the imposing portrait of himself that hung in one of the mansion’s many halls.

“Your mother my scheming daughter Victoria hopes to one day have her portrait there.” He said spitefully “But I refuse to leave this family in the hands of your mother.”

“Well who knows” I sighed “Maybe someday my portrait will be hanging up there.”

“Oh you would like that, wouldn’t you? Take over Chandler Industries once I’m dead and gone.”

“I’m the best man for the job” champagne bottle still in my hand.

“And you’re also a complete moron. I would be a buffoon to leave my empire in your hands. You’re an alcoholic waste who can barely speak without slurring his words.”

“Despite what your mother has told you, you will never run my empire. That task I leave to my favorite grandchild, Michael.”

“You know what?” I shot back “I don’t think I’m going to stand and listen to this. There is a party going on downstairs and I’m missing it”

“Well not to worry you don’t have to.” My grandfather said rather coldly “Because your services will no longer be needed at Chandler. First thing tomorrow morning I want you to go over to the office and clean out your desk because I think give your old job to Michael.”

“But I’m head of HR!” I protested

“Well unfortunately the position had been filled by another. When you learn to act like a Chandler and not like a drunk I’m sure we can find a nice place for you at the company.”

“You do realize that you are making a huge mistake.”

“If I have not taught you anything, just know that Chandlers don’t make mistakes. But then again I made a big mistake when I allowed your mother to bring you back Harmony so that you could embarrass this family when you have yet to show any purpose or worthy function except for getting drunk and pulling down your underwear and flashing your cock for the paparazzi to take pictures and print it on every newspaper from here to Los Angeles!”

“Wow that’s interesting, because to me your life has no purpose or function!” I yelled “Let me tell you something I think there are very few people in this town that wouldn’t be happy to see you dead.”

****Scene 5: Joe Smith’s POV***********************************

I really didn’t want to go to this sham of an engagement, but what can I say. My wife forced me to go, so I had to go wheatear I wanted to or not. When my wife and I got to the Chandler Mansion the party was in full swing, but Victor Chandler the host wasn’t even in sight.

I was determined to find Victor Chandler. I sought him out. I knew the mansion pretty well since I did after all use to work at Chandler Industries and I often had to make special trips to the house. I searched the first floor rooms, until I found him in the library or study or whatever the hell they call it. I was determined to get him to bring an end to this union no matter what.

“There you are you SON of A Bitch!” I said slamming the door behind me

“Good evening Mr. Smith” Victor said coldly

“I know you think you have something on me. I’m warning you leave my family the hell alone.” I yelled. “And one more thing tell your grandson to end this engagement!”

“I don’t think I have something on you, Mr. Smith I know I do! You’re a person that’s about to have a very bad year.” Victor spat “Besides I like Eric and Michael together, so they stay together.”

“What the hell are you talking about Victor?!” I yelled back at him.

“Well you see I’m predicting your future” Victor laughed. “And all I can see, is you having a very, very, very bad year because tonight I tell your wife that secret that you have been keeping from her all these years.”

“You know that little secret that you were so desperate to keep hidden away. You should know it’s the reason why you are so against Eric and Michael.”

“When your family knows your dirty little secret, they are going to be so relived and happy to finally be rid of you.”

“You’re bluffing” I shot back

“Mr. Smith, I assure you that I’m not bluffing. Once I reveal your secret you won’t have any chance to hurt your sweet wife again, in fact, you’re going to be DEAD in the water.”

“Not if I make sure your Dead first!” I said lunging at him as he sat as his desk.

“Don’t!” he ordered in one word. I froze in my tracks because he had a gun pointed right at me.

“You think that just because you’re a Chandler you own this town.” I cried

“No Mr. Smith” he said the gun still pointed at me as he walked around the desk to get closer to me. “I don’t think I own this town. I do own this town. I’m the one who decides what happens here. Who sleeps with whom, who becomes a success and who loses.”

“The sooner you realize you’re nothing but a pawn on my chess board the better!” Victor spat out

“You don’t own us”

“Of course I do. And to show you how much control I have over this town I invited a bunch of townsfolk up the hill to my mansion all so I could destroy them under the guise of my grandson’s engagement party. Once I’m finished there won’t be a man or woman left standing.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I cried

“I’m talking about revealing everyone’s dirty little secrets. Letting all of them air out. That earthquake we had last year is going to look like a walk in the park.” Victor said still waving the gun around

“You wouldn’t be so big and bad if you weren’t hiding behind that gun1” I yelled at him

“Well this gun may be one way I can stop you.” Victor laughed “But don’t worry because I do have something stronger to stop you.”

“Stop talking in riddles and just come out and say what you’re trying to say!”

“Mr. Smith so you see I recently came into the possession of a certain file, which had been very useful. This particular file is on your many transgressions.”

“What file? Really what kind of file?”

“Well I’m sure you will find that it’s very interesting. I know I do.” He laughed “I’m just not sure how your wife will feel when she sees this.” He said turning his laptop around so that I could see the screen.

I looked at the laptop’s screen in complete shock. My jaw dropped open “Where did you get that?” I finally said.

“Mr. Smith it’s not important where I got it, or even how I got it. The most important thing is that once I play this video your whole world will shatter.”

“You can’t do that!” I yelled “Look I’m not going to let you ruin my family.” I pointed my finger

“Oh really?” Victor sneered “What are you going to do KILL me. You seem to forget Mr. Smith that I’m the one with the gun.”

****Scene 6: Charlotte’s POV*********************************************

I was surprised when I received an invitation to Michael and Eric’s engagement the day before the scheduled event. I made sure that I was there. I was determined to make for myself a permanent place in the Chandler family. I was also determined to make sure that everyone knew that I wasn’t going to be going anywhere.

Despite the fact, that Michael’s grandfather was one of the hosts of his engagement party the old man was nowhere to be found. People searched all over the huge Chandler mansion for Michael’s grandfather.

I didn’t know when I would be allowed back inside the Chandler mansion so I decided to take it all in. As I searched the huge house I looked at the fine artwork, rich tapestries, dazzlingly crystal decanters, and finely crafted furniture. Taking in everything, the whole mansion I was overwhelmed it was completely breathtaking.

I didn’t really care where, Michael’s grandfather was located, but I ran into him unexpectedly. While I was walking down the grand staircase I saw him emerge from a door on one side of the foyer. I assumed this hall led to one of the mansion’s wings.

I ran down the steps to him. “Mister Chandler!” I cried “Everyone has been looking for you.”

“Well then, Lucky me” he chuckled.

“Can I speak to you?”

“I should not have let my wife send out all those invitations.” He said “All the riff-raft in town is here tonight. My goodness.”

“It’s about Michael and this engagement to Eric. I’m carrying his child and I think that you should convince him to end this engagement and marry me. Marrying me would be a great advantage to both himself and the Chandler family, since I am a senator’s daughter.”

“Why on earth would I do something like that?” he said laughing in my face. “Wait…Wait a minute…..Am I supposed to lead this family by following the advice of an interloper?”

“Only this one Mister Chandler” I replied.

“Oh my” he chuckled. “The mother of my grandson’s unborn child is not only a greedy whore she’s also an idiot too.”

“I’m not a whore or an idiot!” I yelled back

“Well what would you call yourself Miss Livingston? His girlfriend?”

“Hahaha I think not, because you’re nothing but a scheming tawdry little whore who is trying to use that hole between her legs to latch on to my grandson and the Chandler family fortune. Sorry to disappoint but my grandson is gay and they don’t have much use for girls I’m sure you know that.”

“You may very well be carrying his child, and my great grandchild. But that is where the relationship will end I promise you that.” He cried.

“You may have thought that you could have used that child in your stomach to get your claws into my grandson or his inheritance, but you will have to kiss that dream goodbye. Because immediately after that child is born I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that you never see that child again.”

“You can’t do that! I’m this baby’s mother and nothing you or anyone else says can ever change that fact.”

“I think I can and I will. Because I do whatever I damn well please!” he asserted. “Because I know a little secret about you. I know that you raped my grandson. Don’t worry about proof I’m sure I can pay someone to make some.” He laughed

“Once I tell your parents and your family about what you did, they will disown you! I can see the tabloids now, Senator’s daughter a rapist! They will be so ashamed of you that they will turn their backs on you and you will be nothing but a lonely little pariah!” he snapped

“You can’t do that!” I yelled back at him. I was completely furious at that old man.

“Believe me I can do anything I want, I’m Victor Chandler, because unlike your father the politician I’m not bound by the law.” He sneered

“Ewww I’m so scared” I mocked “Victor I’m not scared of you. I don’t care what your last name is! My name is Charlotte Livingston, Mr. Chandler and I WILL stop you! No matter what I have to do.”

****Scene 7: Elizabeth Chandler’s POV******************************

After all the dreams I had for my son they seemed to be just that. I had harbored secret wishes that he would one day settle down and marry a nice respectable young lady from a good family. All my dreams had been for nothing I realized that now. Because not only was I at my son’s engagement party, instead of marrying a girl he was instead marrying a guy.

To make matters worse the girl that I placed all my hopes on was nothing but a low class slut. I would have to teach that whore a lesson, one day after she had safely delivered a healthy chandler heir. I had to break Michael and Eric up. It was what was right. Mother knows best and I’m sure my son would thank me for saving him from making the biggest mistake of his life.

I knew what I had to do. Charlotte had failed to drive a wedge between them, but when Michael told me that he and Eric were engaged to be married I knew I had to get involved and end their union.

While I was at Wyndemere’s buying a new dress for my son’s engagement party the most wonderful thing happened. I ran into this girl also searching for dresses. I knew that I had seen her face before. She introduced herself as Haley Macy.

Bells instantly went off in my head. This was the girl that Eric Smith had previously dated. A wonderful idea popped into my head. I would use her to break up my son from Eric, so that Michael could find a nice girl.

I offered to pay for her dress, and I even decided to give her a large sum of money in exchange for breaking Michael and Eric up. At first she tried to pretend like she wouldn’t accept the money, but in the end she accepted it. They always do.

Paying Haley Macy wasn’t the only thing I had up my sleeve. I knew that if could convince Michael’s grandfather to help me end this engagement he would be able to get through to him. Michael adored his grandfather. That’s why when no one was looking I snuck into Victor’s study.

If I could not convince him to help me end the sham of an engagement I would make damn sure I could blackmail or bribe him into ending it. I searched the drawers of his desk, looking for anything I could use against him. Stocks, bonds, bank account numbers, old documents, records and so on, anything I could use to my advantage.

Just has I had looked through one desk, the door opened. I froze in my tracks.

“Find anything interesting?” a voice said. I looked up it was Victor Chandler, my father in law.

“Victor” I said pretending to be shocked. “Everyone’s looking for you”

“Well you must be the lucky one, because you found me” he said as he closed the door to the study behind him.

He walked over to where I was standing at his desk, papers scattered out. I thought up an excuse for my being there fast. “I was looking for some old photos of the children when they were younger. I think I put some here in the library”

“As I recall you were never too interested in my grandchildren when they were younger.” He said in a snarky tone as he walked over to desk closing all of the drawers that I had forgotten to close. “Seeing as you were vacationing in the most luxurious hotels my money could buy while you sent them to the best boarding schools for majority of their life, which was until Michael said that he wanted different.”

“Victor I met your son at a boarding school”

“Well I guess you must just be curious to see what your other children looked like all those years ago.” He said coldly

“Good evening Victor” I replied “I’ll tell your son that you’re in here. He’s very interested in speaking to you.”

“Don’t lie Elizabeth it’s not becoming of lady” he said “You came in here to see if you could find something that you could use against me.”

“Oh Victor don’t be absurd!”

“Elizabeth don’t worry I keep all of my skeletons out of sight, so there’s not a chance in hell that you would find anything useful in here.”

“Victor you truly are losing it in your old age. I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Elizabeth don’t play games with me, you will find that I have very little time for them.”

“Believe me Victor I want nothing to do with you!” I shot back “I’m going to get back to my son’s engagement party.” I turned to walk away.

“I wonder what your precious son, my grandson will think when he learns what is mother has done.” He called back. “I for one think that it’s very interesting that you paid Eric’s old girlfriend in an attempt to break them up.” I froze when he said that, how the hell did he know that?

“However I think your son would view that revelation a little differently” he laughed “Oh now you must be wondering how I know this. Well you see Harmony is my town and I make it my business to know everything in it”

“You bastard!” I cried “I’m trying to save my son, your grandson from making the biggest mistake of his life. He can’t marry a man!

“Why the hell not?” he yelled back

“Because it’s just not right and he can’t”

“Well unfortunately for you, Elizabeth he can and he will” he replied “And there is nothing that you can do about it because he might just find out that you are using young Haley to destroy his relationship with Eric.”

“Pretty soon Michael’s going to end up hating you and so will everybody else in this town. After that outcome you’re going to wish you were dead.”

“The only DEATH I wish for is yours” I said through gritted teeth. “Victor I hate you. This engagement is the worst thing to ever happen to Michael. Don’t you want to help your grandson?”

“I’d prefer to let my grandchildren make their own choices, unless I say otherwise. But I for one think they are an excellent couple.”

****Scene 8: Jake’s POV*******************************************

I had not only been invited to Michael and Eric’s engagement party I had also been asked by Michael to be their best man. I didn’t much care for Eric, we were on friendly terms because we had one thing in common; and that was Michael.

Everyone was looking for Michael’s grandfather all over the mansion. It was just my luck that I found him in the one place he liked best. The mansion’s library.

“Ahh!” he exclaimed when he standing in the doorway. “You’re the man I wanted to see.” He said as he laid his thick cigar in the nearby ashtray “Come in son and shut the door behind you.”

“You must be aware that my grandson is getting married in a few months.” He said

“Yes Mr. Chandler.” I said weakly “It’s all over the news, and on every outlet in the state!”

“You know when my grandson first told me that he was gay and in love with Eric I was very surprised.” He said “Normally I don’t like surprises. That’s why when I pick up a book I read the ending first.” He chuckled.

“I have made an exception on my dislike of surprises for the happiness of my grandson, because I believe he is the future of not only the entire Chandler family but also of my company.” He said. “With that being said I want no more surprises between now and the wedding.”

“What are you talking about Mr. Chandler?”

“What am I talking about?” he mocked “You know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the fact that you’re gay and in love with my grandson.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked trying to sound confused and shocked. “I’m not gay!”

“Son you don’t need to pretend in here, your parents are nowhere in sight.” He replied “I have been around long enough to spot the signs of love. So when I see it I know what I’m looking at. I wasn’t born yesterday.” He chuckled

“I see the way you look at my grandson. I saw the way you looked at him on Christmas. You’re completely and hopelessly in love with my grandson. If you had plans to be with Michael I tell you now that they will have to remain dreams.”

“Because I don’t think your parents, the saintly Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Alice McCarthy would be too keen on having a gay son. That wouldn’t fit into the good doctor’s perfect little world so you are just going to have to pine away.”

“Shut up you old bastard!” I yelled out. I now knew why everyone in this town hated Michael’s grandfather

“I don’t want to hear another word come out of your stinking mouth!” Jake yelled “Your nothing but a disgusting old man and you don’t even deserve to live!

“And just WHAT are you going to do about that?” Victor said as he took a gulp of his glass filled with brandy. “Jake” he said flashing a wicked grin

“Are you going to KILL me Jakey?” he said laughing coldly

****Scene 9: Eric’s POV*************************************

“Where is Victor at?” Michael’s grandmother called “I haven’t seen him in a while.”

“Speaking of Victor does anybody know where he went?” my mother Caroline Smith replied. It continued to storm and rain outside the Chandler Mansion.

“Oh! My GOD!!” Michael’s grandmother gasped as she put her hand to her face. We looked around to see what had startled her. It was Michael’s grandfather Victor.

Michael’s grandfather, Victor Chandler had emerged from one of the secret passages that were in the walls of the Chandler Living room. He was bleeding from his chest. He tried to make out a word, but he could not, he simply clutched his chest and fell.

“Victor my darling!” Michael’s grandmother screamed

“Oh my God! Someone screamed “He’s been shot!”

“Grandfather!” Mike cried “Oh my God someone’s shot him!”

“Somebody help him!” Michael screamed at the stunned motionless crowd. Everybody was too shocked to do anything.

“Don’t just stand there! He needs medical attention!” Mike cried “Do something!”

Finally someone spoke “Mmmmmm that looks yummy!” Charlotte blurted out. She ran over to the buffet table as she helped herself to some fresh hors d’oeuvres.

“What! Michael’s grandfather’s been shot and all you can think about is food!” Kayla yelled at Charlotte.

“What do you expect?” Charlotte spat back. “I’m not just eating for one, I’m eating for two.” She said as she stuffed her face with appetizers while the grandfather of the man she claimed to love bled out on the living room floor of the Chandler Mansion.

“Dr. Brady can you please do something?”

I’ll see what I can do Madeline Brady, the Chief of Staff at Harmony Hospital said as she walked over to where the powerful and ruthless Victor Chandler lay unconscious. “There certainly is a lot of blood. We’re going to have to get him to the Hospital at once.” She said

“Nobody is going anywhere right now” Commissioner Spencer yelled. “Whoever shot Mr. Chandler is probably still in this house and I want to know who it was!” Kayla’s mother Hope Spencer meant business.

“There’s no pulse” Dr. Brady said once she squeezed hold of Michael’s grandfather’s arm

“What do you mean there’s no pulse?” Michael cried

“Michael you know what that means” Dr. Brady signed “We all know what that means. It means that Victor Chandler is dead!”

“Nooooooo! My grandfather can’t be dead!” Michael cried

“I’ll drink to that” Charlotte said smiling holding a glass filled with ginger ale in her hands. She was after all pregnant and unable to touch alcohol. She sipped the contents of the glass with a smile on her face. Some of the people that were not fans of Michael’s grandfather went over to the buffet table and began to pour themselves drinks and dig into the remaining food.

“It’s about time father passed.” Michael’s father replied.

“Your father’s right honey.” Michael’s aunt Victoria retorted. “It was time for some new management at Chandler anyway”

“Yeah Michael I don’t know why your so upset” Mike’s cousin Miles replied “He was getting kind of old and I think senile too. He actually cut me off from the family fortune! Can you believe that?!”

“Really? You guys can’t be serious.” Michael cried “Doesn’t anyone besides my grandmother and I care that my grandfather is bleeding out?”

“We need to find out who murdered my grandfather!” Michael cried

“Don’t worry Michael.” Commissioner Spencer replied “Were going to find out who did this to your grandfather” she said patting Michael on the back.

There was very few people in the Chandler living room that didn’t have a reason to want Victor Chandler dead.

“You know there’s something about a glass of Schweppes that makes every occasion all the more festive!” Charlotte said with glee as she swirled her glass around “Don’t you think?!”

“Some of you people are horrible!” Michael screamed

“Michael is right about one thing” Commissioner Spencer added “Someone in this room did murder Victor Chandler. Someone took a gun and shot three bullets into his chest.”

“That’s cold blooded murder!” Commissioner Spencer replied “I can’t just sit back and ignore the fact that a man has been murdered in cold blood. The way I figure it, is that whoever murdered Victor is in this room. The question is who was it?”

“Well my money is on Kayla Spencer.” Charlotte cried “I saw her having some choice words with him earlier.”

“That’s a bold faced lie!” Kayla shot back

“So far 2016 has been a great year” Michael’s mother said. “Victor was a ruthless bastard and I’m relieved he’s gone.”

“Mother you can’t be serious!” Michael cried “You can’t really be saying that you condone murder?!”

“In this case I can condone murder” Charlotte interjected “In fact I hope whoever did the dirty deed keeps on going, because there are at least two people in this room I wouldn’t miss.” Charlotte was obviously talking about Kayla and me.

“Were going to have to change these carpets if all that blood doesn’t come out” Michael’s aunt Victoria sighed.

“Victoria were not doing anything” Michael’s grandmother shot back “Your father’s body is not even cold yet and you’re talking about changing carpets and maneuvering for control of Chandler!”

“We’re not changing any carpets!

“Grandfather?!” Michael cried “Dr. Brady come quick I think he’s alive!”

“Michael honey that simply isn’t possible.” Dr. Brady said “I checked his pulse. Your grandfather had no pulse.”

“I’m sure” Michael cried “I just heard him breath. Quick come check him out.”

“Oh my god!” Dr. Brady cried “Michael right, he is alive! I feel a pulse. It’s very weak, but it’s still there.”

“Darn!” Charlotte gasped “Why didn’t you feel it earlier!”

“Now this is just a suggestion” Michael’s mother said “But maybe if we leave the room for a while, the pulse will just go away.”

“Mother!!!” Mike cried

“We could just put a pillow over his face and smother him!” my own father said. I was completely shocked that my father had said something like that. I knew that he hated Victor, but to suggest that was terrible. “Dad how could you say something like that? Michael’s grandfather is hanging on by a thread!”

“Joe, Eric is right!” my mother yelled at my father as she slapped him roughly on the back “Show some damn respect.”

“Besides the pillow over the face never works!” Charlotte cried “We could just open all the windows and let him freeze to death.”

“Or maybe we could stop trying to find different ways to murder my boyfriend’s grandfather.” I yelled

“Agreed” Michael added

****Scene 10: Michael’s POV*******************************************

“Michael very few people here give a damn about your grandfather.” Eric’s father said “Why can’t you just let him die!”

“To hell with all of you! I’m calling 911”

“Babe you’re not going to be able to get anyone out here.” Eric said as he came over to where I was so that he could comfort me. This storm is really bad and the roads are probably even worse.”

“What a pity, he’s still breaths” Eric’s father cried

“What did Victor ever do to you?” my mother sneered

“Father probably has some dirt on Mr. Smith.” My father sighed. “He had information on literally everyone in town. My father was right because Chandler Industries had an extensive security and surveillance department, which my grandfather was not opposed to using to gather information on the sheep as he called them.

“Oh my” my mother replied “It seems like everybody in this town has a dirty little secret.”

“Any luck?” Kayla said as she patted me on the back while I listened to nothing but the phone’s dial tone. “Mike the phone lines are probably down”

“Babe Kayla is right”

“Dammit!!” I said slamming the phone back down on the hook. “I can’t even get a line out here, all I hear is nothing but static.”

“We could always leave him out in the snow” Charlotte suggested

“You’re disgusting!” Kayla spat at Charlotte “Michael’s grandfather might be dying and all you can do is make jokes.”

“We can’t just stand here and watch my Victor die!” my grandmother cried “We have to save him by any means necessary. He has a good heart I know he does”

“Dr. Brady you are A DOCTOR!” I cried “You took an oath. No matter what some of the people in this room are saying you have to try to save my Grandfather’s life.”

“Look Michael I’m really sorry” Dr. Brady sighed “But your grandfather is in critical condition. I’m absolutely amazed that he’s still alive right now. He’s barely breathing. His vitals are almost non-existent.”

“To tell you the truth he needs an ICU!” Dr. Brady said as she threw her hands up. “Without the proper medical care and advanced medical technology he’s going to die.” She added.

“Michael, honey I can’t do anything with him” Dr. Brady sighed “Even if I wanted to. Honey he needs a hospital. That is his only chance.”

“Wait a minute!” I said my eyes lighting up. “Grandfather always keeps emergency medical equipment in the house.”

“It must still be here! Isn’t it still here grandmother?” I said turning to my grandmother and waiting for a response. She was in a worse state then me, she truly loved my grandfather and the sight of him bleeding out all over the carpet was very unsettling to her. Despite all the terrible and ruthless things he had done, Victor Chandler loved his family.

“There is medical equipment in the house!” I cried “Grandfather was afraid he might have a heart attack or a stroke and he didn’t want to not be able to run Chandler. I distinctly remember him installing a mini hospital on the grounds”

“Someone tell me where it is!” I yelled “Mother where is it?!”

“Ohhh darn” my mother sighed “It’s in the north wing of the mansion. It’s at the end of the hall”

“Ok we have to take him there.”

“Michael honey we can’t move him” Dr. Brady said grabbing my shoulder “With all the blood that he’s losing we might kill him if we move him.”

“Ok then if we can’t get him there” I cried “Then we have to get the equipment in here. Ok don’t all rush to help out at once!”

“I’ll help” Kayla replied. Kevin took that as his queue and he offered to help as well

“I’ll give you guys a hand too” Jake added

“I’ll help too babe” Eric said. I threw my arms around him and squeezed him tightly. “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.” I repeated

“Michael don’t get your hopes up.” Dr. Brady said trying to comfort me. “It’s going to take nothing short of a miracle to save Victor.”

“Well with Victor still alive.” Commissioner Spencer added. “There is still an attempted murderer among us.”

“Whoever it is deserves a noble peace prize” Charlotte snorted

“Yeah that may very well be true.” Commissioner Spencer replied. “But we still are civilized people. And the truth will eventually come out, and whoever did this will face the consequences.”

Dr. Brady, Jake, Kevin, Kayla, Eric and I all went on a journey to the mansion’s east wing to get the medical equipment my grandfather needed to survive the night.

****Scene 11: Narrator’s POV***********************************************

“You know almost everybody in this room had both reason and motive to kill Victor Chandler” said Hope Spencer, Harmony’s finest Police Commissioner in years. “The question is which one of the people in this room had opportunity”

“Who here was the last person to see Victor before he was shot. When Commissioner Spencer said this everyone thought back to last time they had spoken to Victor Chandler before he got shot.

Elizabeth Chandler, Michael’s mother had a flashback of how Victor had caught her in his study looking for private documents.

Elizabeth Chandler breathed hard. Her husband noticed her. “Honey are you alright?” he called grabbing her by the hand.

“Yes I’m alright, I was just thinking about all the horrible things your father has done over the years.” Elizabeth replied. “He brought this on himself”

“Honey I’m aware of that” Michael’s father replied.

“Everyone lighten up it’s a party.” Charlotte said “Listen I might not be able to drink, due to the fact that I’m pregnant. But you all can still drink, you all deserve a drink. You can drink to celebrate if he dies and if he lives you all can drown your sorrows!”

Just then Michael, Eric, Kayla and the rest of the gang returned from the north wing with the much needed medical equipment.

“Ok hurry!” Michael cried. “We have to save him.”

As some of the people in the room tended to Victor, Miles Chandler the cousin of Michael thought back to the last words he had spoken to his grandfather. His mother noticed the look on his face and asked him what was wrong “What’s wrong Mile?” she said

“Nothing Mother” Miles replied “I was just thinking about Grandfather”

“Well he does seem to be the topic of the evening.” She said as she sipped her champagne.

Joe Smith, Eric’s father walked over to the buffet table and poured himself another drink. “God I just wish he would die already!”

Carol his wife walked over to him “Honey try to be a little more considerate, this man’s family is here.” She said “Joe Relax. Drink your drink…..You heard Commissioner Spencer. She said the storm is getting bad. So who knows how long were going to be here.”

“Carol you’re right” Joe Smith replied “I don’t mind watching Victor Chandler die!’

“It’s too bad whoever shot him, didn’t quite finish the job” Charlotte interjected

“Maybe they thought they did” Joe replied looking at Charlotte.

“Or maybe they simply didn’t have enough time to do the deed.” Charlotte replied

“Mom do you really think the police are going to charge someone here with murder tonight?” Kayla said. She was completely bored and wanted to go home. The engagement party had taken a very different turn.

“Honey I have to get to the bottom of this.” Commissioner Spencer said as she patted her daughter on the shoulder. “But everybody here will be questioned.”

“I just want to go home.” Kayla whined

“I know baby” Kayla’s mom said “I know it stopped rainy, but the whole damn state is covered in ice. So it’s much too dangerous to use the roads or leave for that matter.”

“So we just have to sit this storm out” Eric interjected

“Oh my god!” Dr. Brady cried “His heart is pumping, even though it’s weak.”

“Are you saying you can save him?”

“No” Dr. Brady replied I’m saying that I just have to try a little harder. It’s still very likely that he could die.”

“If he does die, then someone in this room is a murderer!” Kayla added “He barely has a heartbeat, and he’s bleeding out.”

“If I can get his heart rate up, he might be able to survive long enough to get to the ER.” Dr. Brady declared.

While everyone was in the living room waiting to see if Victor Chandler would live or die, Eric’ father went outside to get some fresh air. His wife Carol followed him outside.

“Joe aren’t you freezing out here.” Carol called out as she stepped out onto the snow covered terrace

“Nope, I feel fine” Joe replied. “The rain stopped. I don’t know why the hell Madeline is trying to save that monster’s life.”

“Because Joe she’s a doctor, and it her job to save lives.”

“I just want to get the hell out of here.” Joe Smith cried

“You can’t go anywhere Joe, and neither can I.” Carol said “We’re stuck here until this storm is over and until the police can come and question all of us.”

“Carol who do you think tried to kill Victor?” Joe asked his wife as she shivered in the cold

“I have no idea.”

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