****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Kayla’s POV***************************************************

With Christmas just around the corner we were all getting out early for Winter break to go be with our family during the holiday season. I could not be more thrilled to be getting out of the wretched school for two weeks.

The whole gang, Eric, Mike, Jake, Kevin, Paul and Adam had all skipped our last class to hang out together. Mike was one of those good kids that never skipped class, but with the help of his friend’s persuasion he skipped to join us. Jake on the other and also Eric for that matter were both pros at skipping class.

I had mastered the art of going to the “guidance office” for hours, and even if my teachers did suspect they never really bothered to care. We were after all seniors so by Winter break we had already mentally checked out from High School and we were ready to take the first steps into the rest of our lives, go off to college and so on.

“Ok guys, let’s table this Chandler-Smith feud secret, and let’s talk about the fact that Michael actually skipped his first class” I giggled

“Mikey I’m so proud of you” I said as I gave Mike a little punch on the arm.

“It’s not that big a deal, Kayla” Mike cried

“Yes it is, you used to be such a good kid, and now you’re skipping classes, sucking dicks, riding dicks, oh my” I said “You have grown up so much I’m so proud of the changes”

“Ok Kayla way to turn my life into a bad song parody”

“You’re just mad because you know I’m right”

“Shut up Kayla”

“In other news, my parents are going to the Winter Gala next week at the Chandler Hotel, I’m coming so we should definitely hang out”

“We should totally hang out…But Eric’s coming too”

“Don’t worry Mike, I’m not going to keep you away from Eric for too long” I laughed to myself “I’ll do my own thing, there’s bound to be some sexy eligible guys there at the gala.

“Yeah I bet” Eric said. Michael flashed him a look, but then he quickly responded by saying “Babe relax, I only have eyes for you”

“Awww babe that’s so sweet” Mike said, giving Eric a quick peck on the cheek.

“I just love hot gay couples!!!”

“Kayla stop fawning over us, Jesus” Michael laughed to himself

“Yeah, you two need to get a room” Jake added

“I second that” Kevin interjected

“Agreed” Adam and Paul cried, causing us all to laugh

“So Michael, have you decorated your Christmas tree yet?”

“Um, actually with all the stuff going on with Chandler Industries and the charity benefit we have not had time to go to a Christmas tree lot” Michael sighed


“You still don’t have a Christmas tree, what the hell Mike?”

“Dude you do realize Christmas is in six days!” Jake laughed

“Yeah Mike where am I going to put all of the gifts I got for you babe” Eric

“In my stockings I guess”

“Might have to stuff it in there though” Eric giggled as he squeezed Michael around the waist

“Hahaha cool it with the sexual innuendo you guys” I finally said after I could not take any more of their sex talk

***Scene 2: Michael’s POV*********************************************

A few hours after we had got out of school Kayla had convinced me and the rest of the gang to go to a Christmas tree lot to help me pick out a Christmas tree for my house. I knew I had some really good friends that they would choose to spend the first day of their break helping pick out a Christmas tree for me instead of having fun elsewhere.

“Guys this isn’t necessary, I’m pretty sure a Christmas tree will be up before Christmas” I said, seated between Eric my boyfriend and Jake my best friend who I knew deep down had feelings for me. He had showed me these feelings on more than one occasion. We had been able to work through it, without my boyfriend Eric trying to fight Jake in defense of my honour.

“Babe it’s going to be fun, picking out the perfect tree and afterward we can decorate, and then who knows what might happen”

“Yeah he’s right” Kayla said as she pulled her SUV into the nearby parking lot. Turning around she put the SUV into park “Michael, how the hell are we going to decorate a tree if you don’t even have a damn tree to decorate”

“Mike she’s right” added Kevin. I figured Kevin would agree with Kayla since he had a crush on her since freshman year, but according to him, she kept dating assholes like that jerk Chris. His last name had escaped me.

We all got out and began looking around for trees. We searched high and low for a tree that would best suit my parent’s living room. Unfortunately for our time schedule six people could not decide on one tree.

“What about this one?”

“No this one, no that one”

“That one’s too small”

“This one is better, no wait I change my mind”

“No this one, no that one”

We had problems, once one person picked a tree, the others would point out everything that was wrong. When we found a tree that was seemingly perfect we checked the price and it was far above our price rang. Sure my family, the Chandlers were wealthy then most people, but no way on God’s green earth was I spending that kind of money on a Christmas tree.

“How about this tree?” Kayla said pointing toward a tree proudly that she had picked out at the far end of the Christmas tree lot.

“It’s so nice” she beamed, “And just look at how green this tree is”

“That price doesn’t look nice” Eric laughed

“Damn that’s an expensive tree, it must be made of solid gold and it must bear solid gold apples” Jake laughed to himself.

“We could always just cut it” Kayla suggested

“What do you mean cut it?” Jake snorted “You do realize that none of us have chainsaws, and that we don’t even know how to use them right?”

“We can always learn how to use one real quick you big lug” she teased

“We don’t have time to learn how to use a chainsaw Kayla” Kevin added. This was literally the first time that I had heard him disagree with her, maybe the cloud of love that had entranced him was wearing off.

“You guys are just mad, because all you can’t choose a good tree like I can” Kayla retorted

“Sure we are” Jake replied

I had stepped back a few feet because I knew that there was about to be a fight of words. We were all friends but we really knew how to use words to hurt each other when we were mad. This is not to say that Kayla and Jake were mad at each other, they simply were having a disagreement.

In all the commotion of the disagreement nobody noticed when I stepped back away from the crowd of friends. I stepped back, walking backwards until I bumped into a person, I assumed that person was Eric, and when that person put their hands around me I thought for sure that it was Eric.

Something just didn’t feel right about this hug, and when I looked down I realized that the hands wrapped around me were the hands of a women. I tried to pull away, but she hit me on the back of the head with a rock I think or something hard like that.

I almost managed to call out, but it was too late for me to do anything, because suddenly I felt the woman press her hand roughly against my mouth drowning out my muffled calls.

She had a tissue or something in her hand, but I didn’t get a good look because soon I only saw black and after that I saw nothing. I was in the land of dreams.

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV***************************************************

While Kayla and Jake bickered back and forth on who had selected the tree none of us noticed that Michael was no longer there beside us. Eric who was always so attentive did not at first notice that his boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

“Guys this is the perfect tree, just ignore Jake he doesn’t know what he’s saying” Kayla sneered

“Why don’t you just stop” Jake yelled back

“That tree is too damn big anyway” Jake added

“Hey Jake have you never heard of Christmas trimming?” Kayla giggled, even though she was still angry with Jake.

“That will take forever, some of us other things to do” Jake retorted

“Like what?” Kayla replied

“Guys cut it out” I yelled out

“WHY!” Kayla and Jake both said in unison turning to look at me.

“Well first off, I can’t find Michael anywhere”

“Ok did you try looking for him” Jake asked concerned

“Yeah I did, while you two were arguing back and forth about a damn tree. He is usually right by my side, but in all the commotion with the tree he must have slipped off”

“Eric calm down he has to around here somewhere”

“Yeah we just have to look for him, he probably just went to go take a piss or something” Adam replied

“Ok good idea Adam” I said

“Ok let’s split up, Eric, Kevin and I will go this way and you, Jake, and Paul should go that way” she said pointing in opposite directions.

We both went in opposite directions. We searched up and down that whole tree lot, and we found no trace of Mike at all. I was really starting to get very worried, I had not heard from Michael since I first realized he was not at my side.

We searched for Michael for close to two hours. When we realized that we could not find him, we soon felt ourselves giving up hope on finding him.

“Michael! Michael! Michael!” we called out

We began walking back to the main section we had started at. Once we reached the clearing we saw that Jake, Paul, and Adam were also walking towards the clearing.

“Any luck?” I called out to them

“Sorry we looked everywhere for him” Paul called back

“Yeah we must have called his name a thousand times” Jake added. His face looked so hurt, it looked like someone had kicked him in the balls. I wondered if this was because he still had feelings for Mike or because he was worried about his friend. I didn’t have time to dwell on that I was too worried about my boyfriend.

What about you guys?” Jake replied

“Nothing absolutely nothing” I said feeling really defeated

“Yeah we called his name, his phone, we texted him and still not a word from him”

“Maybe he just went for a walk or walked home his house isn’t that far from here” Kevin said

“Yeah that’s true, but he would have called me or told me that he was leaving” I cried out

“Fuck this!” Jake yelled

“Yeah Jake is right, it’s getting late and we’ve spent hours here and come up empty handed” Kayla said looking very depressed.

“Yeah we might as well get that damn tree” I sighed

“Agreed” the others all said in unison

****Scene 4: Michael’s POV************************************************

I had no idea where I was when I came to. I tried to stand up but that’s when I realized my arms were in chains. The room was dimly lit and it smelt like something had died in there centuries ago. I woke up a little groggy but as soon as my eyes focused I began yelling for help.


“Don’t worry, no one can hear you down here” an oddly familiar voice said

“Who’s there?” I called

A figure emerged from the darkness of the dimly lit room. Stepping out of the shadows was an all too familiar face. It was Charlotte. I was shocked to see her smiling at me as if I was not chained to the wall.

“Babe I told you we would be together, and now that were all alone without that Eric to interrupt us we can be our true selves” Charlotte said sinisterly as she slid her hand down my thigh rubbing my leg.

“Charlotte where the hell am I?” I yelled at her, pulling back from her cold touch

“Handsome the Chandler Mansion has a ton of secret rooms, but that’s nothing compared to the catacombs and underground tunnels underneath this big old house”

“What you took me to my grandfather’s house?”

“Yeah and the best part is that the tunnels and passage ways underneath this place is so damn extensive that I can sneak in and out without anyone suspecting a thing”

I tried to pull the chains off, but they were literally attached to the wall.

“Don’t strain yourself handsome, the chains won’t be coming off until I choose to remove them”

“What luck I had, I was down here a few weeks ago, when you and your family were having Thanksgiving and I just found this old room with chains and everything. Found the key too” she said

“Charlotte are you out of your mind? People are going to notice when I don’t show up.” I yelled back at her.

“Don’t worry handsome I don’t plan to keep you here, I just need you for the night and afterwards you will be mine forever” she said menacingly

“What the Hell are you talking about?!”

“Just relax my sweet man” she said. Placing her hands on the straps on her dress she pulled them aside allowing the dress to slip down her body. Charlotte stepped out of her dress and was completely naked, save for the high heels she was sporting.

I may have been gay but I wasn’t blind. Charlotte had nice tits, a really great body and even a great ass too, not as great as Eric’s ass; but she still had something great. But she was literally insane. What was I thinking was I suffering from an early case of Stockholm syndrome?

Charlotte walked over to me, crouching down, and her shaved pussy on full view for me to see. I tried my best to look the other way, but the chains restrained my arms and my movement.

She must have noticed that I was trying my hardest not to look at her pussy, because she stuck a finger in there, saying to me “Don’t worry handsome you can look all you want”

Before I knew what was happening I felt her tugging at my pants. I was powerless to stop her from pulling them off. She didn’t have to waste time pulling off my underwear because I was free balling What was the point of wearing underwear when Eric was staying at my house and we fucked every night.

“Well looks like someone like’s to go commando” she laughed sinisterly as she wrapped her hand around my cock. I tried my hardest not to get hard, I even prayed that my dick would not get hard.

No matter how much I didn’t wish it, my nine inch cock was actually rock hard and throbbing. She was forcing my dick to get hard as she stroked it roughly. Despite being a girl her hands were not gentle like when Eric had his hands wrapped around my cock.

Sure Eric’s hands were big and calloused, but when he touched me he was gentle. Charlotte’s hands were soft like feathers but she was not gentle at all in her touch. She may not have been gentle, but she knew just what to do to make me aroused.

I tried my best to hold myself back from moaning but I was powerless to stop the sounds from coming out when my dick was being jerked.


“Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, mmmmmrf”

“OH SHIT!” I said “Please just stop!”


“You keep saying you don’t want it, but I see that you do, your dick is rock hard right now………”

 “I think it’s time we put that hard tool of yours to good use” she said grinning from ear to ear, as she climbed up onto my lap. She grabbed hold of my dick aiming it at her wet pussy she sank down onto my hard dick, until I was all the way inside of her unwillingly.

“Charlotte please just let me go” I pleaded with her in one last ditch attempt to get her to end this. But she was already too far gone, my cock was all the way inside her ass as she grinded onto my dick.

“Ohhh you feel so good in my pussy” she said “I just knew your cock would feel me up” she moaned in pleasure

“Charlotte if you let me go now, I’ll forget what you did to me, and I’ll forget that this whole thing ever happened” I pleaded with her as she bounced up on my dick.

“Oh don’t worry handsome you won’t remember a thing, and if you do happen to remember something it will be too late and I will have already gotten what I want” she said.

Pulling out a syringe needle from her purse she slowly inserted it into my arm. “What did you just give me?” I shouted at her

“Just something to make you sleep handsome” she said, laughing menacingly. That sinister laugh was the last thing I heard before everything went dark and I was out cold.

****Scene 5: Kayla’s POV*******************************************

After searching for Michael for hours we were forced to go back to his house. The car ride was a long fifteen minutes of silence. We all just sat there as I drove to Michael’s parent’s house thinking about what had happened to him, we had no idea how we would explain his disappearance to his parents.

We all wanted to continue searching for him, but standing outside in the cold calling his name for hours was not helping him or us for that matter. I tried to stay positive, but my mind kept going to bad thoughts, it kept thinking the worse possible thoughts.

Finally we reached Mike’s house. I pulled into Michael’s parent’s driveway parking the car, I jumped out followed by the others. I watched the guys pick up the tree off the top of the SUV and carry up to Michael’s Parent’s front porch.

I followed them up the steps and knocked on the front door. Mike mom answered it, she looked a little stunned when she saw all of us standing there holding this Christmas tree (myself excluded).

“Can we come in” I smiled “We found out you didn’t have a tree, so we figured we bring you guys one”

“Sure, come on in” Mike’s mom said pointing to the empty Christmas tree stand.

Jake and Eric needed no help setting the tree up, their bodies were literally rippling with muscles. They were wearing tight shirts that hugged their hard chests showing everything. They would make a girl very happy if they weren’t into guys.

“Look at these two big lugs” I said squeezing Eric’s arms after he had finished putting up the tree. “Well we better get this tree decorated” I sighed turning to Mike’s mom “Do you have any Christmas decorations?” I said

“Yeah I’ll go get them, they are in the attic” she said leaving the room

“How are we going to tell her that Michael is missing” Eric asked

“Calm down I’ll talk to her” I said

After a few minutes, Michael’s mom came back down the stairs carrying two boxes filled with Christmas decorations. She handed them to me

“Mrs. Chandler have you heard from Michael?”

“No Kayla, I thought that he was with you guys”

“He was but…….”

“But what!” Mike’s mom said looking a little concerned

“Well you see, we were in the Christmas tree lot and well…..” I began. That’s when I looked up and saw my friend Michael walking down the stairs. “What the hell!” I cried not caring that Michael’s mom was standing right there, I didn’t care my friend was here.

I ran to him and hugged him tightly. Eric, Jake and the rest of the gang ran to him, hugging him and almost knocking him over.

“What are you guys doing here?” Mike said between being squeezed by all of us.

“What you don’t remember? You invited us over to help decorate your Christmas tree” I said

“Wait babe, how did you get here?” Eric asked as he squeezed Mike tightly in his arms

“I…..I…..I don’t remember, I just woke up a second ago” Mike said looking puzzled

“Ok what do you remember?” Jake asked

“All I remember is talking about how Eric’s dad”

“Wait! What? That was hours ago” I blurted out

“I’m sorry I don’t remember” Mike said “I think I hit my head on something” he said rubbing his head

“We called you’re phone and you didn’t answer babe” Eric added

“We were worried sick about you Michael!” I cried “I don’t know whether to kiss you or hit you, we thought something terrible had happened to you. I thought Eric was going to cry when you didn’t come when he called”

“I was not going to cry, I was just very worried about him” Eric replied “But baby how did you get back home, you were out hunting for a Christmas tree with us?”

“I have no idea how I got here, I just woke up from my bed. I have no idea how I don’t remember anything”

“Ok we have fawned over Michael, enough we need to decorate this damn tree” I said

“Ok let’s do this” we all said in unison

We all spent the next twenty minutes decorating the Christmas tree. We covered the tree Christmas ornaments made in the image of snowflakes, snowmen, polar bears, crosses. We also covered the tree with shiny sparkling Christmas tinsel. When we were done decorating the Christmas tree it sparked and glittered loaded down with decorations.

“Damn that’s a good looking tree” Eric said

“I know, you guys don’t have to thank me” I replied

Just then Michael shivered and we all turned to look to him. “What’s wrong babe?” Eric said

“I remember something”

“What do you remember?” I said

“I remember Eric wrapping his arms around me and hugging me at the Christmas tree lot” Michael said

“Babe I didn’t hug you at the tree lot” Eric said looking very confused

"Well then who did?"

STAY TUNED AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS..........................................



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