****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV************************************

“Ok Michael I’m so glad that you were able to come down to the station.” Commissioner Spencer exclaimed once Kayla, Eric and I had all taken our seats inside the interrogation room at the Harmony Police Department.

“I have some very important information to tell you all. Now Michael because your mother was identified as a suspect I decided it would be best to tell you this information alone. I was more than relieved when I was able to eliminate my daughter as a suspect when no……”

“Mother of course I didn’t try to shoot Michael’s grandfather!” Kayla cried “Mom just tell us what you know! Tell us who you think shot Victor!”

“Ok after, we questioned all the guests at the Chandler Mansion, we were able to narrow the list of suspects down to a short list. My men were able to do a sweep of the Chandler mansion’s grounds and we were able to recover a gun. We found the gun hidden in a potted plant outside on the mansion’s terrace.”

“We were able to find the gun with such ease that we have come to believe that the perpetrator threw the gun in the potted plant in a hurry in an effort to cover up the crime. The gun found in the potted plant is a match for the one used to shoot your grandfather.” Commissioner Spencer continued

“Now that we have the weapon we are now are able to connect someone to the shooting.” Commissioner Spencer added.

“Mother just tell us who you think it was!” Kayla yelled

“Tomorrow we are going to charge Haley Macy with the attempted murder of your grandfather Michael” Commissioner Spencer said

“What? That’s not right!” I cried. “Haley can’t be responsible be responsible for shooting my grandfather. That’s absurd.”

“We believe that she was responsible for the shooting of your grandfather. We ran the prints found on the gun used to shoot your grandfather and we ran DNA testing on all the prime suspects and the prints matched hers.”

“Babe it kind of makes sense.” Eric said. “She did try to use Jake to break us up. She did try to get Jake to kiss you so that she could record it and try to break us up.”

“I always knew that girl was up to no good. But I never thought that she was would be as crazy as Charlotte.” Kayla added.

“What about Charlotte?” Commissioner Spencer asked. “We had some trouble ruling her out as a prime suspect because of some interesting things we found in her past, that I’m not at liberty to discuss with you all. To make matters worse we found footage on the Chandler surveillance tapes that show her arguing with your grandfather.”

“Eventually however we were able to rule Charlotte, out as well as the others when we found the gun, and we even managed to find missing surveillance showing Haley leaving the library shortly after your grandfather was shot.” Commissioner Spencer added.

****Scene 2: Eric’s POV****************************************

After Kayla, Michael, and I left the police station we went to Lila’s for some much needed caffeine. We had a long and rough day. When the day had started Michael and I had not been on speaking terms; but as the day drew to a close we were once more speaking to each other and we had even learned who had shot Michael’s grandfather on the night of our engagement.

“I can’t believe this.” Michael cried. “It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Babe you heard Kayla’s mom, she said the police found a gun on the grounds and that the prints on the gun matched Haley’s.”

“Eric I know what she said.” Mike added. “But it doesn’t make sense. Why would Haley Macy shoot my grandfather? It doesn’t make any sense, it just doesn’t add up. She doesn’t even know my grandfather.”

“Everything just fits in so nicely. All the evidence, a gun, finger prints, footage and everything just all laid out for the police to find. If Haley tried to shoot my grandfather she would have made a better attempt at covering it up.”

“Babe what are you trying to say?” I said as I grabbed hold of Michael’s hand. “You don’t think someone’s framing Haley?”

“That is exactly what I think.” Michael said “And we need to prove it, before an innocent girl goes to jail for something she didn’t do.”

“Really Michael?” Kayla asked. “What if Haley did shoot your grandfather and the evidence all fits together because that’s just what it is? Besides who would frame Haley?”

“Kayla I don’t know who would try to frame Haley. But I think she’s being framed. It just doesn’t make any sense for her to shoot my grandfather.” Michael said.

“Kayla let’s hear him out.” I began “Your mother did say that there are missing tapes from the Chandler surveillance cameras. If we find the missing tapes than we find out who really did try to shoot Michael’s grandfather.”

“So what are you guys saying? You want to investigate Michael’s grandfather’s shooting as if were vigilantes?”

“Kayla what are saying? Don’t tell me you grown soft on me.” Michael said. “The Kayla I know wouldn’t rest until the truth was recovered. Please help me get to the truth.”

“Ok Michael, I’ll help you.” Kayla said, Michael’s puppy dog eyes being too much for her to resist.

“But if we find out any more evidence to support the fact that Haley is the one who shot your grandfather, we have to end this at once. And tell the police everything…”

 “Deal” was Michael’s only response

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV*****************************************************

After we finished having coffee at Lila’s it was very late outside. Kayla, Michael, and I went our separate ways. It would have been more correctly to say that we left Kayla and she went on her own. Because Lila’s was only a few blocks from the Police station, Kayla walked the distance and her mother gave her a ride back home.

Meanwhile Michael and I walked back to his parents’ house. As we walked to his parents’ house we chatted as if we had not been separated for three weeks, as if everything was the way it had always been, as if not a single day had passed.

When we got to his house, I knew this would be my only chance to get him back for good, to show him what he was missing. If I didn’t do something now I thought that he would surely find some way to end things to spare my relationship with my father. When we arrived at Michael’s house all the lights were off and his parent’s cars were not in the driveway. Lucky me.

I used all of my charms to convince Michael to invite me inside. We continued to talk in his parent’s living room for few hours. Once inside I used all my magic to get Michael into bed. First while we were sitting on his parent’s couch I moved my hand up his leg until it was grazing his crotch.

My hand firmly on his crotch as we sat there he blushed, moving my hand away as if he didn’t want me to touch him. I knew better he was hard as a rock and throbbing in my hand through his pants. After more talking we ended up in his room. He went upstairs to his room to get a blanket so that we could watch a movie. I didn’t much care for the movie, but it was the perfect time to get to his room, which I did once I followed him upstairs to it.

Once upstairs and in his room, one thing led to another and soon I was pulling his pants down his legs as I gazed at his gorgeous cock. I had not seen Michael in three weeks and even when he was standing there before me completely naked he never looked more beautiful.

His cock looked great too, it was standing at full attention. His cock throbbed and leaked precum all over my hand. God how I had missed that cock of his. I lowered myself to my knees and parted my lips so that I could take his cock into my mouth. Michael’s cock throbbed in my mouth, it must have missed me as much as I missed it over the long three weeks we had been separated.

When he thrusted his crotch deeper into my mouth as he ran his hands through my hair I knew I had him right where I wanted him. I drooled all over his cock, covering it with my warm wet lips.

After a few more minutes of me licking Mike’s cock up and down he began a steady rhythm of thrusting into my hungry mouth. His cock slid in and out of my mouth, again and again and I was more than happy to accommodate it.

Mike grabbed a handful of my blond locks as he guided my head in rhythm with his hip thrusts as he enjoyed all the pleasure that my warm mouth could provide. He moaned louder and louder and I was glad his parents were not home to hear us.

Every time he thrusted that fact cock deep into the insides of my mouth, I could taste his sweet juices and I could even smell that sweet scent of his. His cock pounded on my throat and it felt so good.

For the next several minutes I, continued sucking hard on Mike' gorgeous manhood, hoping to get the heavy organ to erupt and spill his seed down my throat. No matter how hard I sucked he continued to hold on so I decided to come at it from another angle.

I grabbed Michael by his ass cheeks and spun him around fast so that those two bag round mounds of flesh of his were starring me in the face. I spread his meaty ass cheeks apart so that I could get a good look at that sweet puckering hole of his. It was winking at me.

I grabbed his ass cheeks and buried my face between those meaty buns of his. God he smelled wonderful. Once my face was nestled between Michael’s sweet buns I went to work cleaning the sweat from his buttocks.

I grunted with pleasure as I stuck my tongue out dragging it all over Mike’s backside. I lapped and slurped up the salty sweat from between Michael’s muscular ass like it was my job. Coming up for air only for a brief second I buried my face between Michael’s thick ass, as I worshiped his hole with all of my energy.

“Uhhhhhhhhh” Mike grunted in pleasure, flexing those cheeks of his as I slowly glided my tongue over every inch of those warm buns of his. Letting my tongue rest upon his tight hole as I probed it.

Finally having cleaned his ass out as best I could, I hoisted Mike up, grabbing him by his waist. As if he were me own special plaything I picked him up and tossed him on the bed. He laid panting on his bed, his legs spread wide and his ass ready.

Mike knew exactly what was about to happen. I grabbed Michael’s legs spreading them wide as I pulled his ass up off the bed and into the air. After three weeks of not getting my cock wet, and having to use only my right hand I assumed my rightful place between those meaty thighs of his. I pressed my wet cockhead firmly against Mike's quivering hole. Just as I had spread his legs I plunged my cock deep inside his tight hole.

I could not wait, I just had to be inside him. I missed being inside him. So I just thrusted into his ass with one well aimed thrust. I apologized almost immediately when he let out a loud scream. He was definitely tighter then I remembered him. I enjoyed the intense feelings of the hot depths of his ass as I pushed my cock deep inside.

When Mike’s screams turned to moans of pleasure I knew he was okay.

Michael’s Low, deep grunts filled the room like a symphony as I took my fiancé in every position. I used my thick cock to spread him wide, stretching his insides with each thrust. With each thrust, I felt myself plowing deeper and farther into his ass, opening up again. I had a job to do, because in three weeks times he had gotten tighter than ever before.



“Damn Mike, your tighter than you ever were before.” I proudly exclaimed as I plowed my true love’s warm ass. As I drilled his hole, Michael’s ass muscles clung clings tightly to my meat stick. Soon I felt it pulling me in, actually sucking me in.


“Yes, Yes, Yes…..F-FUCK YES!”

“YES ERIC, YES ERIC! Harder!" Mike commanded between pants and moans. God I knew he missed me as much I missed him. He couldn’t deny this when he was throwing this ass back as he fucked himself on my pole.

When Michael began moaning and grunting curse words at me I intensified my pummeling of his ass. I slammed my hips into Michael’s muscular backside, sending shockwaves rippling across his sexy body. He threw his head back with each thrust, moaning in lust as I drilled his hole intensely. God I missed him.

I was filled with pride, I had my boyfriend back again. My chest swelled with pride as I watched Michael writhe on his bed below me, moaning like it was our first time all over again. My cock had plunged so deep into Michael’s ass that it was by that time fully penetrating his ass. My cock was stroking Mike’s prostate in such a way that he was making noises that I had never heard him make before.

As I plowed his ass with my thick cock it spewed out heavy ropes of precum into the man I wanted to spend my life with.

Finally feeling myself reaching the edge, I thrusted my chest out roaring in pleasure as I plunged into the deepest depths of Michael’s ass. A long endless stream of hot, white sticky cum flooded into my boyfriend’s hole.

While I came inside of his ass, I grabbed hold of his cock, stroking it roughly. I squeezed Mike’s cock firmly in my hand as cum streamed down his slit on to my hand in all over his abs.

 Just as Conan was about to cum, Zeus grabbed hold of the man's balls and squeezed them firmly, stopping the flow to the cock. I rose up and pulled my cock from out of his wet ass. I watched as my cum gushed from Mike’s ass. I loved the sight I saw, when I looked down at my panting boyfriend, he was covered, literally drenched in my cum.

“God I missed you.” I said bending down to kiss him on the head.

“Eric, I was such a fool to stay away from you for three weeks.” He replied. “My ass has never felt so great…..or sore.”

****Scene 4: Christian DeVille’s POV**************************************

The following day news of the corporate shakeup at the very top of Chandler Industries has spread like wildfire. Soon everyone in town knew that Michael was now in charge of one of the largest multinational companies in the world. Such a quick change in the power structure of such a large corporation did not go unnoticed by Chandler’s rival competitors. With such a newbie in the CEO’s seat many of Chandler’s competitors began looking at the company as if it was ripe for the taking. This was especially true for Chandler’s bitter rival DeVille Enterprises.

“My children wonderful news.” My father said as he threw the newspaper down on the coffee table. “Excellent news for us. Read it, just read it!” he exclaimed pointing down at the newspaper.

I picked up the newspaper and read the words ‘CHANDLER INDUSTRIES GETS NEW CEO’. “Ok it’s something about Chandler Industries.” I said. “What does Chandler have to do with us?”

“My son it has everything to do with us.” My father said as he placed a manila folder in my hand. “These are stock certificates issued by Chandler Industries.”

“What do these stocks have to do with us?”

“Your father is right my dear.” My mother Regina said as she entered the room. “Those shares my darling are the first step to taking over Chandler Industries.”

Regina was the scheming matriarch of the DeVille family. She was just was just as wicked and ruthless as her husband, Alistair DeVille. Just like her husband she was up to her neck in illegal activity in Harmony, knowing the black market in and out. Regina considered herself a queen among peasants and she was filled with such cunning and vindictiveness that in another life she could have made herself a real queen.

“What!? Father? Mother Why do we want to take over Chandler?” I asked. “It’s not as if we need the money. We’re swimming in it.”

“Christian your father and I have our reasons.” My mother said. “But I think I’ll enjoy the pure satisfaction the most, when I see the faces of that irksome family when their company is snatched from their hands.”

“Mother. Father you can’t very well snatch a company with such few shares.”

“Christian your mother and I are aware that we need a majority to control the company.” My father said. “That is where you come in. We want your sister and you to steal as much shares of that company as possible.”

“So let me get this straight.” I said. “You want me to illegally obtain shares of Chandler Industries. You are aware that Chandler’s are born from the womb with shares of that company in their hands. How exactly am I supposed to get my hands on enough shares?”

“How did you even acquire these shares?” I added.

“We came by these shares though a dummy shareholder who was kind enough to exchange his shares for some cash.” My mother said. “If I recall you recently had a dalliance with that Spencer girl, with that dreadful name, Kayla. Now we want you to set your sights a little higher for a Chandler. You can go after Amanda or Mikayla or that elder daughter of theirs Emily.”

“Once you have worked your charms on one of those girls, they will be absolutely begging for you to take their shares.”

“Really mother?”

“Now that that boy is in charge at Chandler Industries, now is the time for the DeVilles to takeover that company.” My father added.

“Christian think of the possibilities!” my Mother exclaimed. “A merger of Chandler Industries and DeVille Enterprises would make it the richest and most powerful conglomerate in the world.”

“It so good we got our hands on these shares when we did.” My mother smiled.

“Mother what do you mean when we did?”

“Christian let’s just say that your father and I, happened to be privy to some information that would cause drastic changes at Chandler Industries.”

“Mother, Wait. What are you saying?”

“Don’t tell me you both knew about the shooting before it happened.”

“What do you mean before.” My father chuckled. “We know exactly who shot Victor Chandler, we’ve suspected it would happen weeks before it did.”

“What!?!” I cried “You knew.”

“Yes son.” My father said trying to calm me.

“When a person comes into the wrong side of town looking for a gun that won’t be traced back to them, red flags immediately go up. Plus we also had them followed and we saw everything we needed to see.” My mother said through a wide grin.

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