****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV***************************************************

Eric, Kayla, myself and the rest of the gang spent the night watching scary movies on Netflix. I had not expected for them all to show up to my house. Apparently however I had invited them all over to decorate my Christmas tree. This fact had slipped my mind. In fact what had happened in the last few hours had completely slipped my mind as if I had suffered a blackout.

I had brief flashes of memories from the moment I woke up to when I fell asleep. I had a brief flash of someone hugging me that was not Eric, and worse still when Eric fucked himself on my dick I had a brief flash of a figure doing the same thing. The memory was gone so fast that I couldn’t make out who the figure was all I knew was that it most certainly was not Eric.

Maybe it was a daydream. When I saw the flash in my head it scared the hell out of me. It worried me to think about what these crazy thoughts meant for me. What if I went to the psychiatrist and they told me I had some disease or that I was suffering from some illness or something? What the hell did these flashes of memory mean? They just couldn’t be memories they had to be dreams, but they really seemed like nightmares.

Even as I watched Eric fuck himself on my dick, I continued to see brief flashes in my head of what I prayed inside were nothing more than horrible dreams or nightmares. When I saw the beautiful contortions on Eric’s beautiful angelic face as he bounced up and down on my dick, I couldn’t not bring myself to tell him what I had seen in my head.

I hoped they would go away. But unfortunately for my piece of mind they just would not quit. Thank god I was going to see a doctor soon. Even after coming inside and nearly being caught by my mother I told no one what I had seen inside me.

After we all drifted off to sleep with the TV still on, I woke up in the middle of the night. It wasn’t long before Eric was awake too and he was carrying me upstairs to my room. Eric laid me on the bed, before turning around to lock the door behind him.

Even with all those cumbersome clothes on, he still looked sexy as hell. How could I tell him the horrible things that flashed through my mind? Even in my still groggily half-sleep state I could see how his tight shirt fitted ever so nicely around his muscular body. It hugged his chest like I wanted to hug it, it allowed for his protruding pecs to be more visible even when they were covered.

I watched as he pulled his tight shirt up over his muscular body, allowing for the shirt to fall to the floor. His amazing chest was now exposed damn he looked so good with or without clothes. He walked toward the bed and I watched him climb inside beside me.

He reached out with his arms, his arms bulging and flexing as he pulled me toward him. He planted a strong kiss on me. He felt so warm, so good, I never wanted his mouth to leave mine. How could the feelings that I felt when I was with him possibly be wrong?

My nine inch cock throbbed in my boxers as Eric looked straight through me with those sharp piercing blue eyes of his. Sure my own eyes were just as blue, but there was something special about Eric’s eyes something sexy.

I grabbed hold of his ass placing my hands on it, that ass that I had just fucked earlier that night. Eric’s ass was just so hot, it was thick and round. His ass was the true definition of a bubble butt, a sweet athletic ass.

Eric looked at me with those piercing blue eyes of his, one of those smug shit-eating grins of his flashing across his face as he reached out grabbing a handful of my ass pulling me closer to him.

As Eric pulled me closer to him wrapping his arms around me, he planted a deep kiss on me. Soon I felt his tongue forcing its way into my mouth. Eric’s tongue fought in my mouth attacking the insides of my mouth. As Eric kissed me passionately he swung his leg over me has he straddled my aching cock that leaked precum all over my wet boxers.

Eric gripped hold of my hips with his big hands. I felt his muscular thighs, damn he was so fucking hot, and the sweat on both our bodies stuck our muscular hairy thighs together as Eric pulled me closer and closer to him.

As Eric planted his lips on my neck sucking the life out of me as if he was a vampire, I moaned and quivered as I grabbed his ass with both hands shooting my enormous load all over my boxers. I tried to pull the cum drenched boxers off, but Eric held me tightly in his arms and kept humping me.

He slowly moved his way down from my neck, to my chest, to my abs kissing every inch of my body as he lowered his head tell he came in contact with the waistband of my boxers that was now drenched in hot cum.

Soon after I felt Eric slide my boxers down my legs, as he took my wet leaking cock in his mouth. Damn Eric was good he sucked off every drop of sweet cum from my aching cock. He bobbed up and down on my cock pulling every inch of my throbbing dick into his mouth.

I shut my eyes tightly as I took it all in, his mouth was just as strong as every other part of him. My toes curled in ecstasy as he sucked the life out of my cock. Eric was sucking on my cock so good, that I felt like I was about to cum again just looking down at Eric’s pretty boy face as it bobbed in and out of my crotch.

****Scene 2: Eric’s POV**************************************************

Damn Michael had to pull me off of his dick as I continued to suck onto his cock. It was throbbing and pulsing in my mouth as I sucked him deep into my mouth. Before I could continue sucking on his gorgeous cock, I felt his hands grab me by the scruff of my face as he pulled me up to his lips planting his lips firmly against my own.

Without warning me, Michael flipped me over onto my side. For brief moment all he did was gaze down at my throbbing cut ten inch cock, grasping hold of my huge sweaty balls, rolling the orbs around in my hand. He slid his hand down my shaft causing me to moan in heat.

Soon I felt his warm lips wrapped around the head of my cock. Mike began sucking on my cock, bobbing up and down on my cock. No matter how many time I fucked his mouth, the fact remained that he sucked my cock better than any of my former girlfriends ever had.

I forced my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth, letting the full length of my cock hit his throat like a boomerang again and again. I continued to suck harder and faster as forced my throbbing member deeper into his warm mouth.

I had to rip his head off of my dick, coming so close to shooting my entire load all over his beautiful face. After his mouth was off my dick, I slid out from under him, preparing to make love to him in his own bed. We had no need of condoms, we were monogamous I loved nothing more than to fuck Michael’s ass bare. I just loved to watch as his big ass bounced, and jiggled as I drilled my dick into his ass.

I got behind him, pulling his ass up to me. I spit on my dick rubbing it all over, up and down my shaft and after that I spit a few great globs of spit onto my hands. Once I had made my hands nice and wet I stuck two fingers into his puckering asshole. Letting them explore his insides for a bit, before I stuck my dick in to finish what my two fingers had started.

I grabbed his muscular waist with my hands pulling him close to me, as I slowly began to push into his sweet, sweet asshole.

It took a while for Michael to adjust to my cock, and for me as well as his ass muscles squeezed around my cock as I invaded his inner sanctum. It seemed like no matter how many times I fucked him, his ass was always tight as hell the next day. Once my dick was buried deep within the tunnels of his muscular ass, we both shuddered as I began to pound that sexy ass of hiss.

Beginning a steady rhythm I really began to drill his ass holding him tightly as I hammered away at his ass. I stroked his dick, sucking his neck while I fucked him. Because of the rapid speed of our fucking my balls were soon slapping lewdly against his scrotum. It was a surprise that no one heard us, even if they had there was no way I was going to stop drilling that sexy ass of his. The sweat pouring off of our muscular bodies caused sanction between my ass and his thighs.

I slowed down my plowing of his ass, long enough for me to flip him over onto his back so that I could watch his beautiful face as my hard cock slid in and out of his ass. His open mouth, those sweet moans and those sky blue eyes of his told me everything that I needed to know.

As I continued to fuck him I kissed him whispering sweet fucks under my breath as I nibbled on his neck. We moaned together as we fucked in perfect harmony, kissing ever so passionately all while my cock plunged deeper and deeper into his ass.

Damn he looked so sexy impaled on my dick. I grabbed hold of his cock jerking it roughly in my hands whispering into his ears one command “Cum for me baby”. Within seconds Mike’s cock exploded and erupted sweet milky cum all over my hand and onto his abs, some of the cum rolled down onto his neck and chest.

Michael let out such a groan that I was sure someone would have heard us fucking like animals. I leaned down and licked all the cum off his neck sucking on his neck, as I pulled my aching cock from his ass.

I straddled his torso as I forced my cock between his parted lips into his warm wet mouth. My whole body shook and my abs tensed together as out poured from my aching cock the largest load of cum. Michael sucked eagerly on my cock as my cum poured into his mouth and down his throat as he continued to suck every drop of cum out of my mouth.

“Oh yeah”

“OH, FUCK YEAH!” I cried as I collapsed down onto Michael’s body kissing him gently. His mouth was just as warm as his ass. We lay there breathing heavy sleeping in each other’s arms. Leaning over before we fell asleep I whispered into his ear “Babe, you are mine, forever and ever” I said before planting another wet kiss on his soft pink lips.

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV***************************************************A

After we finished having hot sweaty sex, Michael and I fell asleep in each other’s arms. We slept in peace for hours until I woke up to the sound of Michael moving restless in the bed. He turned and moved in his sleep, tossing and turning in the bed.

I thought he was simply dreaming so I tried to go back to sleep but then he began to toss and turn even more restlessly. I knew all was not right when he let out a great cry, which I had to muffle with my hands to keep the whole house from waking up.

I grabbed hold of his shoulders shaking him roughly trying to wake him from his nightmare. As I shook him he continued to move restlessly in my arms, crying out “STOP! Please don’t do this!”

I had never seen my handsome boyfriend looking so terrified. Finally my shaking had its desired effect as I shock him awake, allowing him to emerge from the land of dreams into the real world.

“Michael what’s wrong?” I said starring into his eyes. What I saw when I looked into his eyes was not the passion of earlier but fear, a deep unfaltering fear.

“Babe!” I pleaded with him as I cradled him in my muscular arms “Just speak to me, tell me what’s wrong”

“Eric?” he said looking at me like he was surprised to find me in his bed “Oh it’s only you” he said with a sigh of relief.

“Babe what’s wrong?” I said pressing the issue, not wanting to drop the issue until I knew what ailed him.
 “Eric I had the most terrible dream, the worse nightmare imaginable” he began “I dreamt that I was all alone and I cried out for you, but you weren’t there for me”

“You weren’t there” he repeated

“Babe” I said pulling him close to my body as I wrapped my arms around him. “I would never dream of leaving you,” I cried bitterly as I hugged him close in his bed “Babe I love you, I love you with all my heart” I said breaking down unable to control myself.

“What’s wrong with me?” Mike said gazing up at me looking for an answer in my eyes “I don’t know what’s happening to me. First I forget the details of an entire day, now I have this horrible dream.”

“What could it mean?” he asked

“Babe I have no Idea” I started “But I would never dream of leaving you, I would have to be dead before I ever did such a thing to you, my one true love” I said pulling him into a warm wet kiss.

“I’m so glad you are agreed to go see a doctor” I began

“Why? So you can see if I’m going crazy”

“No babe” I turned to look at him “I only want to make sure that you are alright”

Michael raised up and kissed me on the lips. After that we fell back asleep once more with Michael laying in my arms and I in his. We fell asleep, having forgotten the nightmare that had plagued my love’s minds.

****Scene 4: Michael’s POV**********************************************

The light of the sun shone brightly through the closed blinds on my window, a signal to me that a new day was just beginning. I lay in my bed opening my eyes to see that Eric was already up and starring longingly into my eyes.

I just loved this man, all he had done for me was more than any person had ever done for me. Sure my parents and my family loved me unconditionally, but Eric loved me the very same way. Only there was one thing different about his love, his unconditional love was because he had chosen to love me of his own free will, not because I was his family, but because I was the love of his life.

“Eric why do you stare at me like that?”

“Because babe” he paused “I just can’t believe that guy like me ended up with a guy like you. Even after all these months I still can’t believe it”

“Believe what? You’re handsome and you have a good heart” I said

“Yeah I guess, but babe I used to be a real dick, and I just can’t believe that I ended up with such a kind and loving guy like you. I’m so happy that gay marriage is legal in every part of this country” Eric said

“Because one day, I swear on my life that I will make you my husband”

“Eric I cannot wait for the day when I can call you my husband” I smiled at him as I kissed him passionately on his beautiful lips

“Neither can I, my love” he said

“Eric” I started “You know I love you, and I would love nothing more than to lay in this warm bed with you all day. But we both know with Christmas right around the corner, I can’t”

“Babe don’t go” he protested “I just want to hold you all day in this bed”

“Eric did you forget I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon at 2:00?”

“No babe….I just….” He began before I cut him off pressing my finger to his parted lips “Eric save that thought we need to go get ready, we’ve already wasted enough time in this bed it’s nearly 12:00!”

“Ok babe if you insist”

I grabbed a towel and unlocked my door. Once outside my room I walked down the hall to the hall bathroom. It appeared that everyone was still asleep, and those that were not asleep made no signal that they were awoke.

I opened the bathroom door, shutting it behind me and locking it. I let my boxers drop to my feet, steeping out of them completely naked. After I had removed my clothes, I turned on the showerhead, I waited for the water to warm up. Once the water was warm enough I climbing under it, letting the warm water spray onto my body.

I had not been in the shower for longer than ten minutes, when I heard a knock on the door. I stepped out of the shower and walked over to the door. I opened the door a little bit, poking me head out of the crack.

I was surprised to see Eric’s gorgeous face looking at me. Before I knew it Eric had forced the door all the way open. He wasn’t wearing anything, not even underwear. Rather than let someone see him standing there completely naked and exposed, I pulled him inside the bathroom shutting it behind us.

“Eric what are you doing?” I cried “What if someone like my mom or dad walked by and saw you standing there?”

“Babe I don’t care, let them all see” he laughed

“Oh you are so lucky you’re cute” I said as he flashed me those beautiful Colgate teeth of his.

Now that Eric was in the bathroom, there wasn’t much showering going on. Sure I continued to attempt to shower, and Eric got in the shower behind me showering too. But he was more interested in playing with my ass, sticking a few fingers in my ass causing me to cry out in pleasure.

Eric ate my ass hard while warm water fall down on our muscular bodies. By the time we emerged from the bathroom, Eric and I had flip-fucked. First Eric fucked the life out of me under the showerhead, fucking me bare and doggy-style raw, after this he lifted me up holding me, has my legs were wrapped around his waist as he bounced me on his throbbing cock.

After Eric lifted me off his dick he spun me around and devoured my ass. He ate my ass, sticking his tongue deep inside. He probed around in my ass, searching passionately for my prostate. Once his tongue found it I let out a cry.

Smiling once he found it, he attacked it with his tongue, before he began to send round after round of spit deep into my thick ass. He slapped my ass a couple times and but continued to devour my ass, slurping up the manly juices.

After he finished eating my ass, I flipped him over onto his back and sucked the hell out of his dick. After I was through sucking his dick, I fucked the shit out of him on the shower floor. I fucked him while he lay on his back so that I could look at his face while we fucked. Between kissing him and jerking his cock for him, and drilling my cock deep into his ass as I pounded it, he eventually came without touching himself.

We did all this under the showerhead as I fucked him the warm water poured down onto my back, running down onto Eric’s chest, mixing with the cum that covered the shower floor.

Breathing heavy and kissing under the shower we rinsed off before exiting the bathroom. We were greeted by a “Hello you two”

When I heard the voice I froze. Turning around fast, I relaxed a little when I saw that the person who had said this was Kayla and not mother. Thank God.

“What are you two doing?” she asked. I had almost forgotten that Eric was with me in the bathroom. But it was too late to return to the bathroom now, we had been spotted.

“Just got finished showering” I said

“Oh ok” Kayla said “Are you guys in the habit of wearing nothing after you exit the bathroom?” she said pointing past me at Eric.

That’s when I remembered that Eric was completely naked and I was wearing nothing but towel that barely covered my waist, my v-lines still visible.

“Oh about that…..” Eric laughed

“You two have been fucking like animals for weeks” she laughed

****Scene 5: Michael POV****************************************************

The moment I had been waiting for had finally come it was ten minutes before 2:00 and I was waiting in Dr. Collins office. Dr. Collins had just called me to tell me that she was on her way. I had decided that I would bring Eric and Kayla with me for moral support.

I fidgeted in the big overstuffed seat that I sat in. Kayla and Eric sitting in seats at either side of me keeping me company. I was so worried, I had never seen a doctor in this capacity, let alone a psychiatrist. God knows what she would say to me.

A few more minutes of waiting, I heard the door turning. It felt like we had waited for much longer than a few short minutes. Dr. Collins opened the door carrying a clipboard and a few papers. She looked to be about thirty-five, she had long straight ash blonde hair. Her eyes were green like two sweet limes. She had a warm face and a welcoming smile.

She reminded me of an older Kayla, because just like Kayla she was blond with green eyes. She walked over to her desk and sat down, laying her papers neatly on the desk. “Michael Chandler?” she posed it as a question.

“I’m him” I said raising my hand a little.

“Ok what about the other two?”

“Oh they are my friends” I began “That’s Eric and that’s Kayla” I said pointing to each of them one after the other.

“They won’t be needed” she said looking directly at me “I find my patients work better when they are able to concentrate fully on themselves”

Kayla began to protest, but I urged her and Eric to exit the room. Before leaving the office, Kayla said to me “Michael if you need anything, anything at all Eric and I will be right outside in the waiting room”

“Kayla I’m just glad you guys are here for me” I smiled

“Babe I’ll be right outside” he said as he gently rubbed my shoulders before he followed Kayla out of the office door, shutting it quietly behind him.

Once they had left Dr. Collins turned to face me, saying “Ok now that we are alone we can get down to business.”

“Would you like to say a few things?”

“Yes I would,” I began “So yesterday I seemed to have suffered a blackout, I completely….”

“What do you mean by a blackout?”

“Well my friends and I went to a Christmas tree lot yesterday and my friends said that I disappeared, but I woke up in my bed that very same night with no memory of the events or even how I got there.”

“Mr. Chandler can you tell me what you do remember?”

“Yes” I said “The only thing I remember is someone hugging me from behind. I have a boyfriend and I originally thought that he was the one who hugged me from behind.”

“But you have reason to believe that he wasn’t the one who hugged you?”

“Yes Dr. Collins” I began “I asked my boyfriend if he had hugged me, but he told me that he had not hugged me”

“Well maybe you simply dreamed the whole thing” Dr. Collins suggested

“Yeah that’s what I originally thought, but a dream doesn’t explain how I got from a Christmas tree lot, which is several miles away from house, to my house and in my bed. I have absolutely no memory whatsoever, of how I got back to my house”

“Can you tell me anything else, so that I may help you?”

“Yes” I spoke weakly “I didn’t want to tell anyone, but I guess I might as well tell you so that I can get some help.”

“Go on” Dr. Collins persisted

“Well every time I get physical with my boyfriend” I paused “I can’t believe I’m saying this”

“Keep talking, no time for being coy now” she said smiling at me

“Every time I get physical with my boyfriend I keep seeing flashes of not only this figure hugging me but also having sexual interactions with me. I can’t make out the face, but I know for certain that it’s my boyfriend Eric.”

“Did you see a man or a woman?”

“A women I think, possibly”

“Have you accepted the possibility that these flashes of dreams that you keep having are signs that your subconscious is trying to tell you something.”

“Tell me what?” I asked

“I’ve seen similar things happen to my other patients.”

“What similar things?”

“I’m so sorry we had to meet under these circumstances but I have reason to believe that between the hours of when you disappeared from the tree lot and woke up in your bed, that you were sexually assaulted.”

“Really but I don’t remember anything?” I said absolutely horrified

“You may not remember it, but you subconscious certainly does. That is the only explanation for your flashes of memory of having a sexual encounter with someone that is not your boyfriend.”

“I’ve seen it all the time with people who have been assaulted they try to oppress the ordeal but their subconscious forces them to deal with it” she said “If you need anything or just an objective person to talk with I’m always available from 12:00 to 9:00 on Weekdays.”

“If they were able to return you to your bed, the person who did this to you must not only have access to your house they must also know a lot about your life” she began “Do you know anyone who would wish to assault you?”

“Yes” I said breaking down “Yes I do”

“Don’t worry there are plenty of resources for rape survivors, to help them overcome their situation and to get the help that they need.” She began. “True your situation might be a little different considering the fact that you have no recollection of the event. If the memory does come to you, you will have my number if you wish to see my again.”

“Thank you so much for your time” I said standing up and walking out the door. “You’re very welcome!” she said as I closed the door behind me.

Once outside Dr. Collins office I was bombarded with a thousand questions from both Eric and Kayla, but mostly Kayla.

“So what did Dr. Collins say?” Eric asked

“She said that I was blocking something out” I began “I told about these strange flashes of memory I keep having, horrible things”

 “Michael what are you saying?”

“She told me that my blackout and the dreams I have been having are connected”

“Connected how?” Eric asked “Like the nightmare you had last night, when you cried out STOP! Please don’t do this, In the middle of the night.”

“Wait? What are you guys talking about?” Kayla pressed

“She says they are connected” I continued

“Connected to what?” Kayla interjected

“She says that there is a possibility that I was sexually assaulted last night” I said breaking down “I don’t remember what happened but she says that my subconscious is trying to tell me what happened.” I said choking back tears as I spoke

“WHAT! HOW, WAITI!!!!!” Kaya screamed

“This has to incorrect.” Kayla began “Wait a minute I know exactly who would do something like this.”

“Babe are you alright?” Eric said throwing his strong muscular arms around me

“Who could have done this?” Eric asked as he patted me on the back trying to comfort me the best that he could. Eric tried not to seem like he was hurt that this had happened but he could not hide this, especially not from me

“Eric I’m fine I don’t actually remember the even, I only see brief flashes of it, and I can’t even see the face of the person who did this to me.”

“Wait a minute” Kayla said a look appearing across her face as I thought crossed her mind.

“That bitch Charlotte, that’s who” Kayla said her eyes burning with rage.



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