****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light, 

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so Our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1***************************************************************

Eric and I’s senior school year was going by at a rather rapid speed. It was now December 8th and Harmony High would be getting out for Winter Break in twelve days, about two weeks. It seemed to me that it was only yesterday that we were celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and I was unexpectedly coming out to my family, it seemed like only a few weeks ago that Eric and I had went to homecoming together and we had made love for the first time.

A time I would never forget, for as long as I lived on this earth. But before we could get out for Winter Break and send every day together in each other’s arms we first had to take exams this week. Eric and I and many of our friends, especially Kaya had prayed for a great snow storm to come like it did our junior year causing the school to be closed for two weeks, making our Winter Break exceptionally long.

But as much as we prayed for such a thing, no such thing occurred and so there we were entering the school prepared as best we could for the dreaded midterm exams. If we made it out alive it would be smooth sailing through next week into Christmas Break because the week before break had usually been reserved as a chill week.

All we had to do was make it out alive and we would be half way done with our last year of High School. Even after I told my parents or in this case blurted it out to my mother Eric and I continued to be inseparable. My mother had some objections to the fact that there would never be day where I would marry a girl, my father remained neutral.

What at shocked me the most was the fact that my grandfather had accepted the fact that I was gay and even told me in confidence that he planned for me to lead both the family and the family business once he was gone.

Eric and I had rode together to school like we had done long before we had started dating. We pulled into the school parking lot and we just sat there for a moment. Eric was just staring at me

Finally after almost minute of silence I turned around and asked him “Eric why are you staring at me?”

“Oh no reason, babe I’m just taking it all in” he said, as he put his arm around me

“I don’t have something on my face?” I said pulling back, even though I really never wanted to let him go.

“Hell no babe, don’t you know you are gorgeous?”

“Handsome what’s on your mind?” I asked

“Oh nothing I’m just thinking about the day we first met”

“Oh you mean that first day in class when I answered that question wrong and you snickered” I said pretending to be angry, even though I had got over it years ago.

“I’m sorry babe”

“Eric that was years ago, do you think I would have let you stick that dick of yours inside of me if I was still mad about that” laughing a little

“I guess not” Eric said, laughing along with me

“Babe that was before I knew you, when I was still an immature little boy, but now I’m a man, I’m your man” he said kissing me on the lips.

After a few seconds of passionate kissing our tongues becoming entangled in each other’s mouths, I pulled away.

“Babe don’t you want me?” Eric said looking so hurt, like I had just kicked him in the balls or like he was a little boy and I had just taken his puppy from him

“Handsome of course I want you, don’t you know that I love you?”

“But we really should be getting inside, we have exams all week” I said pecking him on the lips, pressing my lips against his warm lips.

“Eric I would kiss you forever if I could, but we should be getting inside”

“I guess your right babe” Eric said flashing a smile

“I just can’t believe that I ended up with such a great guy, like you” a huge smile lighting up Eric’s face as he flashed me those beautiful Colgate teeth of his.

Soon after a few more quick kisses, we hopped out of the car. We made it inside the school just as the first bell began to ring. We kissed goodbye and we departed going to our homerooms and the dreaded midterm exams that waited for us.

****Scene 2***********************************************************
 I arrived at my homeroom, Ms. Brown’s class just in time, with a minute to spare before the tardy bell rang. As soon as the morning announcements had subsided Ms. Brown began to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen I know you are all excited for Christmas Break” she said, her voice hoarse and raspy from many years of smoking.

“And I want you all to know that there is no mid-term exam for this class”

When she said that everyone in the class got a little bit excited. But Ms. Brown quickly brought that excitement to a screeching halt “I will however require every one of you to turn in a group project on a topic I have assigned you all”

Everyone began to look for partners, but this action too was halted when she announced that she had taken the liberty of choosing partners for all of us.

It felt like years had gone by waiting for Ms. Brown to call my name as she went down the list. That’s surprising since my last name starts with a “C”. Finally after I had given up on her calling my name she did, I just wasn’t prepared for what she said next.

“Michael Chandler you and Charlotte Livingston will work together and will do a project on how to stay out of debt”’

“Damn” I whispered under my breath

“I’m going to give you guys a few minutes to make a plan and exchange numbers before I go over today’s lesson plan” Ms Brown said as she fooled with some papers in her desk.

Looking over at the desk where Charlotte sat I saw her face light up. She must have been thinking about how she could get me to leave Eric for her, while the only thing I was thinking was how long these two weeks were going to be.

Before I could even blink Charlotte had pushed her desk next to mine and was gazing into my eyes waiting for me to speak.

“Ok since she said we had to do our project on how to stay out of debt”

“I think we should do a PowerPoint on the Do’s and Don’ts of staying debt free”

Charlotte’s only response was “That sounds amazing”

“Ok we should probably exchange numbers now” I said

She gave me her number smiling the whole time while I reluctantly gave her my number. I not really wanting to give her my number.

“Ok I’ll text you after school, so we can set a date”

“I have lacrosse practice today, but I should have time to work on the project afterwards just come over my house at 5:00 I should be home by then.

“Ok that sounds good” Charlotte said as she licked her lips

The rest of the class was spent listening to Ms. Brown go on and on about things that anyone with a brain would understand. For some odd reason the school administration had decided that all exiting seniors this year would have to take a personal finance class.

The class was literally the most boring class imaginable. But thank god it was only fifty minutes so it went by pretty fast.

When the bell finally rang I packed up my stuff and left the class headed for the next class. My next class was my English class with Mrs. Johnson. The class was one of the few classes that I had with Eric so I knew it would be a fun.

Before Eric and I started dating and he moved to a seat next to me, he and I would stare longingly at each other. I had starred at Eric all the time because I wanted him. I had no idea he felt the same way, until I spent the night over his house and we kissed for the first time.

Despite only being an hour that class also went by pretty fast until it was time for my favorite part of the day, lunch time The time when Eric and I, and our friends could go eat lunch in peace, away from school work, exams, and especially Charlotte, the girl I could not shake.

****Scene 3***********************************************************

Because I always packed my lunch and because I had the tendency to speed walk, I was almost always the first person of our group to make it to the lunch table.

Today was no different, I got to the lunch table before everyone else. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long, because soon, Kayla was arriving

Kayla was followed by Kevin who followed her around like a little puppy. It crossed my mind a few times as I wondered if Kayla knew that Kevin liked her, but she showed no signs of knowing so for now I would keep Kevin’s secret crush on her a secret, despite the fact that it was really only a secret to Kayla.

“Oh hey Michael, where’s Eric at?” Kayla asked

“Yeah you two are usually glued at the hip” Kevin added

“Yeah very funny, he had to go get something out of his car”

“He’ll be back soon”

“I hope so, I don’t think you can survive without him” Kayla joked

“Me either” Kevin added

“Hahaha very funny you two” I laughed

“What’s so funny?” said a familiar voice

I turned to see Jake with my two other best friends Paul and Adam on either side of him.

“Oh nothing, Kayla is just over here teasing me because I actually have a good guy that isn’t a douche like the one she’s got” I said sticking my tongue out at her

“Hey! Chris is a good guy, and just because Eric’s nice to you doesn’t mean he’s not a douche”

“You must know the reputation he has around this school?” Jake added

“I don’t care what others think, he has a heart of gold, he’s opened up to me so much that I know without a doubt that he is the guy I want to spend my days with.”

“Don’t let her hear you say that” Kayla replied

“Her who?”

“Wait are you talking about Charlotte? Please tell me she’s not staring at me again”

“Ok do you want the truth or do you want me to lie to you?”

“The truth please”

“Well there’s good news and bad news” Kayla sighed

“Good news first please” I said

“Well for starters she stopped staring at you. The bad news is that she’s walking over here right now”

Before Kayla could even finish her sentence, Charlotte had marched over to our table, halting at my seat, just as I turned around to greet her.

“Hey Charlotte, what are you doing here?” I asked

“Oh I just wanted to let you know that I can’t wait to see you tonight at your place” she said

Within seconds Charlotte had gone as fast as she had come, leaving me to answer my friends who were left speechless.

“Michael please tell us what she’s talking about?” Kayla blurted out, as soon as Charlotte was out of hearing distance.

“We have a project to work on in Ms. Brown’s class”

“So you invited her to your home?” Kayla asked, stunned

“Yeah why not? How else am I going to work on a project with her?”

“You could have used the public library, but why would you invite that she demon into your house?”

“If she try’s anything let me know, I have been waiting to dot that eye of hers again.”

“Kayla that’s not necessary, everything is going to be alright”

“What’s going to be alright?” a deep voice said from behind me. Soon I felt hands on my waist caressing my side. I turned around to see Eric staring back at me

“Hey babe, Charlotte’s just worrying for nothing” I said, giving Charlotte a dirty look

“About what?” Eric said, as he took off his backpack sitting down next in the empty seat next to me

“A project I’m working on with Charlotte”

“Oh that girl that wants to get into your pants?” Eric joked

“Yeah the very same one, Kayla is worried that she’s going to try something so I was wondering if you wanted to come over today after practice to guard my body” I said laughing a little

“Babe I would guard your body any day of the week” Eric said, a shit eating grin appearing across his face. Eric meant sex and soon enough everyone at the table knew too.

“You two need to get a room” Kayla said, laughing to herself

“Kayla we have a room, several actually” Eric replied

After that early awkwardness when Charlotte came up to my table, was gone I returned to eating my lunch, enjoying the company of my friends, and especially my boyfriend.

***Scene 4***************************************************************

The rest of the day went by went by rather fast. I soon found myself down in the Fieldhouse changing from my school clothes into my practice clothes.

“Damn coach is still in a foul mood, because we lost the last game” Eric said as he entered the Fieldhouse

“Yeah I know”

“He’s going to take it out on our asses” Chris replied

“Some of us might like it like that, but the rest of us don’t like it” Chris said grinning from ear to ear with a shit eating grin on his face

“Shut the Fuck up Chris” Eric bellowed

“Dude It was just as joke, calm down” Chris said, backing away from the fury of Eric.

Suddenly we heard Coach Daniels voice booming from the outside “Ladies hurry the fuck up and get your asses out here now!”

With that, we all got dressed rather quickly, heading outside with our lacrosse sticks and gear.

Coach was smiling when we go outside, not a glad to see you smile, but I can’t wait to fuck you up smile.

“Ladies I’m so glad you all decided to read my email about wearing all your gear for today’s practice”

“Because I think I’m going to let you do a few suicides in the gear” Coach said, trying to hide his content

“Really coach, that’s going to be insane?” Eric asked

“Yes you little shit, how else will you ladies learn endurance if I don’t push you”

“I’m not going to explain to you how to do it, you girls should be used to running suicides by now, so get your asses on that line and start running, NOW!!!”

Everyone rushed to the line and within seconds we had all sprinted to the other side, then we sprinted back, and then we sprinted to the next line, and then we sprinted back.

Ok this wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, I thought at first, but after several more sprints back and forth down the practice field, I remembered that I was being weighed down by gear. Soon enough I was back in reality and I began to breathe heavy from the constant sprinting back and forth.

As soon as I remembered that I was running basically for my life, I looked around and saw that all the other guys were struggling to stay in the race. All of them were breathing just as hard, including my poor baby Eric. I wanted to go over to where he was and kiss him and comfort him, but I couldn’t I had to stay focused on the task at hand or Coach would have my ass.

So I continued to sprint back, and forth, back and forth as if my life depended on it, when in reality all I really wanted to do was curl up in my bed with Eric by my side.

Finally coach blew the whistle, calling us over to him. We wasted no time in coming over to where Coach stood.

“Ladies since none of you seem to know how to catch a ball, we are going to practice catching balls and afterwards more suicides”

“Fuck this” Chris cried

“Is there a problem Mr. Myers” Coach asked

“Yeah I can’t take any more of this bull shit” Chris yelled back

We all thought Coach was going to yell back but he didn’t, he simply tilted his head to the side “Myers the door is that way”. We were stunned by Coach’s ability to maintain his composure, Chris Myers could make anyone lose their cool.

“Fine I’m out of here” Chris said as he stormed off to the Fieldhouse to get his stuff.

Anybody else want to join him?” Coach Daniels said slyly

The general response was “No Sir.”

After a very short break, we were back to practicing and soon after that we were all lined up on the field again once more running suicides. 

This time however we run out of energy a lot faster. We elected Eric, since he was after wall the captain to go over and ask coach for a reprieve…..

“Coach we have been working really hard this whole semester and I was just wondering if we could just take a break this onetime?” Eric asked

“What the fuck do you mean a break?” Coach yelled back

“Ok all of you little shits get out of my face, go home, and go wherever just leave”

“Don’t forget no practice on Tuesday, but I expect all of you here on Wednesday!”

“Oh and one more thing, Smith” Coach said turning to Eric

“Yes Coach?” Eric asked

“The Field house is pretty dirty, I think you should clean it”

“All by myself?”

“No I want Chandler to help you” coach said pointing at me…..

****Scene 5**************************************************************

After all the guys had left Eric and me, were left alone in the Fieldhouse. Soon after all the guys left Coach followed suit, but not before handing us a mop and water commanding us to clean.

No sooner had Coach walked out the door and we heard the sound of his car driving away, Eric place his arms around my waist pulling my close as he pressed his warm lips against my own kissing me passionately and rough.

“Eric we need to clean” I said pulling away, some salvia still lingering on my lips from the wet kiss Eric had given me

“Babe I’m sorry I got you into the mess” he said “If I had just kept my big mouth shut…..” He paused as I put my hand over his mouth

“Eric you forgot, you are my ride home” I laughed

“Besides that even if he had not ordered me to stay back and help I would have stayed anyway because I love you and I will always help you”

“Fuck him” Eric said

Eric we just need to clean so that we can go, he let us out early after all, and we can’t waste time.

After a few minutes of scrubbing the floors with the matching mops, Eric stopped for moment.

“Eric’s what’s wrong?”

“Nothing babe, I just need that dick yours” he chuckled

Within seconds Eric was on his hands and knees and he had yanked my pants, greedily trying to get at my dick.

“Michael I need that dick of yours, come on you’re going to be busy working on that project with Charlotte” he said

“Come on Michael I need that cock inside of me, all I could think about since the first time you fucked me was how much I liked it, now I know why you like it so much, please Michael fuck me” Eric pleaded with me.

How could I resist such a cute face, I relented and soon after Eric was sucking on my dick.

“Michael you have a gorgeous cock” Eric said smiling holding my cock at the entrance to his mouth. Eric’s darted out of his mouth as licked my salty cockhead, sliding his tongue all around the tip of my cock.

“That’s right suck that dick”

Eric soon took my cock in his mouth. My nine inch dick throbbed in his mouth, causing Eric to laugh a little “Your cock likes being in my mouth”

I looked down at Eric’ pretty face as he sucked on my cock, watching as my shaft disappeared inside that beautiful mouth of his. It was a sight that drove me wild. Eric bobbed up and down on my cock moaning and humming to himself as I fucked his face with my cock.

“Mmmmmm Eric that feels so good”

“Yeah just like that, nice and slow”

“Yeah more tongue please” I begged

While Eric was naked on his knees between my legs, his hands wrapped around my nine inch fuck stick, he alternated between sucking the life out of my cock and worshiping my meat stick. After a healthy bobbing on my dick, Eric would take it out of his mouth, lick it up and down, reach my balls suck on them for a few seconds and then slap my hard dick against his face.

Then he would return to his work, and he would plunge mouth first onto my cock and I would once more feel that warm mouth wrapped around my cock and that tongue flicking across my shaft

“OHHHHH Shit!”

“Eric we better go” I protested as I pulled my throbbing cock out of Eric’s wet mouth.

“Not before you fuck me” Eric replied as he spit a great glob of saliva on his hand, rubbing it into his ass crack.

Before I fucked Eric I took in his amazing body. Years of laying nearly every sport available at high school (except Baseball which he hated) and years of working out had sculpted a body of masculine perfection. I ran my hands over his incredible chest, his big pecs, those gorgeous nipples of his, and the tight rock hard abs that tensed and pulsated with every touch

Eric got on his hands and knees raising his muscular ass to the sky. I knelt down behind him grabbing hold of Eric’s beefy hips I massaged his muscular backside, letting my hands roam.

Before I entered him, I teased him a little rubbing my cock between his butt cheeks. He wiggled his ass as I did this, all the while as precum poured from my cockhead onto his back

After this I aimed my cock and slowly pushed through, entering Eric’s tight hole. A moan of pleasure rang out from Eric’s mouth as my throbbing cock slid into his quivering tight little pink hole.

I plunged my huge cock deep inside him, rubbing his prostate vigorously and forcing him to cry out in ecstasy.

Once I was securely inside Eric’s tight little as I began a steady rhythm. Plunging in and out of his ass, first slowly, but taking up speed as I thrusted back and forth. Eric looked great on his back, each time I thrusted my dick into his waiting ass, his muscles all over his body would tense up causing my cock to dance at the sight.

Once Eric had relaxed his hole I was able to plunge deeper into his hole, pounding his prostate as I fucked him wildly. Laying down on his back I wrapped my arms around his back, grasping hold of his hands while I trusted in and out of his bubble butt so that we were holding hands as I fucked the hell out of him.

"Holly shit, your hole is tight!" I grunted, as I wildly thrusted my hips against Eric’s ass my cock plowing preparing to lay my seed in his ass. "Argggh!, Take it, Eric!, Feel my dick deep inside of you!!" I said, my balls slapping lewdly against Eric’s backside.

I took my time fucking Eric, forgetting all about the project that I had to work on with Charlotte. Originally I fucked as fast as I could but when I felt myself nearing orgasm I slowed my thrusts so that we continued to fuck without cumming.

This slow and steady fucking, drove Eric wild as he greedily pushed his ass back on my cock. His ass muscles squeezed and tensed around my cock as I plowed him.

 Soon we decided to try a new position, standing up my cock still nested between his pale milky butt cheeks, Eric and I walked over to the nearby lockers.

Eric placed his hands on the lockers and I grabbed hold of his meaty hips and drilled my cock deep inside his warm hot ass as it squeezed around me. I slapped his ass roughly and began fucking him as rough and as hard as I could.

After a few minutes like this I grew tired so, I laid down and Eric climbed on top of me lowering himself onto my dick. Eric had only been fucking himself on my cock for a few short minutes when I felt myself reach orgasm.

“"HOLLY SHIT I’M CUMMING!" I roared for all the world to hear. "TAKE MY SEED, ERIC!!"

Eric’s response was to begin rotating his ass around my dick “Yes Michael fill me up, with that rich load of yours” my cock bouncing and throbbing as it shot wave after wave of a heavy stream of cum deep into Eric’s ass that clenched around my rock hard dick.

My cumming inside of Eric’s ass brought him to climax as well and soon he was screaming at the top of lungs.

"OH SHIT I... I CAN'T… TAKE...FUCK…Your cock feels so good in my ass...!” Eric shouted in lust as he bounced up and down on my cock. As he shot round after round all over my chest, some of his cum hit me in the face. I tasted it because his cum always tasted good.

Eric’s cock began to throb as his huge balls emptied a heavy supply of cum all over my chest. Some of it running down my abs. Eric continued to bounce up and down on my dick not wanting to get off..

Finally Eric stopped, rose up, letting my cock pop out of his ass as he moaned a little

“Damn we made a mess” I said, looking down at the floor covered with our sweat and our cum

“Looks like we better get those mops” Eric laughed...

****Scene 6**************************************************************

After cleaning first the floor then ourselves up, we drove to my house. Since Eric almost always spent the night at my house he always brought a change of clothes with him in his gym bag.

Today was no different. When we reached my drive way Eric parked his car and we both hopped out the car heading down the remaining stretch of driveway to my front door.

I knocked twice, before I reached around in my pocket looking for my keys. Before I had time to pull my key out my pocket the door swung open.

It was my mom who had opened it, she had a smile on her face, but it quickly disappeared once she saw Eric behind me.

“Hey Mrs. Chandler!”

“Hey Eric, I’m surprised to see you”

“Oh we need to work on our lacrosse shots so he offered to come over and spend the night”

“That’s fine, but honey someone is here to see you”


“That nice girl, Charlotte, she says you guys are working on a project”

“So I let her in, she’s in the living room looking over her notes”

As I walked in, Charlotte looked up smiling at me.

Charlotte’s smile quickly turned to a frown when she saw Eric follow in behind me

“What’s he doing here?” she asked rudely

“Charlotte’s he’s my boyfriend, he goes where I go”

“Yeah I hope that’s not a problem”

“We already had a little fun, so you can work with him on that project all you want” Eric winked

STAY TUNED……………………………………………………………….



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