****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV************************************************

It was Christmas day. Eric had spent the night at my house once again. Eric was since the last few days not talking to his father because of what he had said about me and my family. He still called his mom but just hung up when his father tried to talk him into coming home. I didn’t want to think that I was keeping him away from his family by causing a rift or by ruining his Christmas for him, by him being here with my family instead of at home with his own.

After the winter Gala Eric spent the night in my bed. We didn’t have sex, not once the whole night we just laid together talking all night until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

On Christmas I got the usual stuff, a shit load of clothes, some new shoes and a few video games Eric and I would have to test out soon enough.

After opening presents, my mom and dad fixed breakfast for us. It was the best Christmas breakfast I had ever eaten and it wasn’t just because I got to eat it next to Eric, my boyfriend, the man that I loved more than life. My parents made French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, giving all of us plates with glasses of orange juice to match. Despite all the food before us, I still found it necessary to eat my traditional bowl of cereal that I had eaten for the last four years.

After we ate our breakfast we went upstairs to go shower and get dressed so that we could go to my grandparents’ house.

“Eric you don’t have to stay here today” I said as he walked into my room after just taking a shower. His body was glistening and his gorgeous cock covered only by a short little towel. “I’m sure your Mom and Dad miss you a lot, Christmas is a time for you to be with your family Eric”

“Babe you are my family now. I don’t ever want to leave your side if I can prevent it” He said squeezing me in his arms “Besides I can’t ever forgive myself for not being there when you needed me most” he said a tear appearing on his cheek.

“Eric don’t you dare blame yourself for what Charlotte did. You and I both had no idea what she was up to. We had no way of being able to stop her.”

“But…if I had been…” he began

“Eric, stop just….just stop” I said pulling him into a warm kiss in an effort to get him to shut up.

“Eric I don’t want you to blame yourself for what happened to me. You didn’t do this to me, Charlotte did and she is the only one responsible for this.”

“But… babe” he said “How can I not feel responsible when every time I tried to touch you last night you pulled away so much to the point that I just fell asleep without even showing you how much you mean to me? And this morning you had another one of those nightmares you were partially awake, but not quite fully awake. When I looked at you I saw the anger and the terror written all over your face”

“Babe when I see what she did to you, and I see how affected by the knowledge of what she did to you I wish that I had never let Kayla talk you into going to see a shrink”

“Eric, don’t say that. If I had not seen a doctor I never would have known where these nightmare were coming from.” I said “Now I know and I can move on and try to forget about this ordeal” I said trying to console him.

“Babe, you should call your parents. I’m sure your parents would love to hear your voice on Christmas if you won’t go see them.” I said, hoping that he would listen to me and end this feud with his father.

“I spoke with my mom a little while ago. Michael I have nothing to say to that man, and I don’t want to say anything to him either” he said coldly “Why do you defend him Mike, when he would be the first to criticize both you and your family?”

“Eric, I’m not defending him, he’s your father he loves you and I don’t want you to ruin your relationship with your father because of me.”

“Michael you wouldn’t say that if you knew about all the horrible things he said about you and your family.

“Babe I don’t care what he said he’ still your father” I pleaded

“Michael I know he’s my dad, but you don’t understand he doesn’t care that I’m gay or even that I’m dating a guy. He cares that the guy I’m dating’s last name is Chandler”

“Don’t you get it babe? He hate’s your family so much that he would rather me be alone and unhappy then have me be with the man I love all for the sake of his feud against your grandfather.” He said. “Well I’m not going to live my life unhappy babe I’ve been unhappy for years pretending that I was straight, pining after you these last four years the whole time wanting more, but thinking we could only be friends.”

“Michael now that I have you I don’t ever want to let you go. I don’t give damn about my father’s stupid feud with your family. I love you with all of my heart, all of my body, all of my being. My heart aches when you’re not with me.” He said tears rolling down his handsome face

“Eric I love you too.” I said kissing his cheek and kissing away the tears “Baby you’re much to handsome to be crying. Now that we are together I can’t even imagine a world without you. Which is why it’s very important that we find out why your father hates my grandfather.”

“Were going to need Kayla’s help if want to uncover the truth.” Eric added

“Yeah, I know babe.” I said “Kayla’s really good at uncovering secrets, maybe we can solve this mystery as a New Year’s resolution.”

“A little too good” Eric laughed. We both laughed and then we got dressed and walked back downstairs just in time to take some pictures by the Christmas tree, outside and all over the house in various poses.

Eric rode with my parents, my siblings, and I to my grandparent’s mansion to go to celebrate Christmas at the Chandler estate.

****Scene 2: Michael’s POV************************************************

We arrived at my grandparents’ home, the Chandler Mansion. The Christmas celebration was in full wring, by the time we had arrived.

“Mother would you like some apple cider?” my aunt Victoria asked holding up a jar of sweet fresh apple cider for my grandmother to see.

My grandmother who was sitting in her favorite overstuffed chair right beside the fireplace, her only response was “Certainly my dear”

“Sweetheart could you hand me some more ornaments from out of that box over there?” my mom said to me

“Sure Mom” I said.

“Thanks honey”

As I walked over to the coffee table where the Christmas ornaments sat inside a red decorative Christmas ornament holder I had another flashback of that fatal night when Charlotte assaulted me. I thought it had been one time, but she told me and the rest of my friends that it was three times. I didn’t even want to think that she had raped me, guys don’t get raped they like to say but the evidence was right there growing inside of her…

When I saw her in my mind I just froze unable to move. I felt her hands touching me, they weren’t warm and loving like Eric’s they were cold and strange. Her touch even in my mind sent shivers down my spine.

I looked at the window and I dropped the ornament I was holding when it looked like in the ice covered window I saw Charlotte. Surely my mind was playing tricks on me….

My parents soon noticed that I wasn’t ok and that I was just standing there holding that ornament, and staring out the living room so they came over to me.

“Whoa, Earth to Mike is anyone home?” my father said trying to get my attention “Kid are you alright?”

“Honey did you see someone outside?” my mother asked as she came over to where I was standing

“No” I said “Of course not. How could I have seen someone here the estate is gated?” I said trying to convince myself as well as my parents that I had not seen anyone.

“I’m just super clumsy” I replied. I had not yet told my parents that I had been raped, let alone that it was a girl who was now supposedly pregnant with my child.

“Honey is something wrong?” my mom asked again, very concerned

“No mom, I was just thinking about something”

The doorbell soon rang

“Look son we can hang the rest of these later when more people arrive” my dad said. “For now you should go see who’s at the door.”

I walked out of the living room, out to the foyer to answer the door. For all the servants in my grandparent’s mansion there never seemed to be one in sight when they were needed. Most likely the result of having a house with forty bedrooms alone.

I didn’t mind answering the door however. When I opened the door I saw Kayla standing there smiling and holding a lot of decorative Christmas bags, many of them from Wyndemere’s, Harmony’s leading department store.

“Merry Christmas!” I said throwing my arms around her as I hugged her in the doorway.

“Hello Mike” She replied Merry Christmas and I love that sweater” she said pointing at the hideous obscene thing I had on my body.

“My mom made me wear it, she loves ugly Christmas sweaters. Where are your parents I thought you said they were coming?

“Unfortunately they are, they are just parking the car right now.” She said “They will be here in a little bit”

“Damn this house is big!” Kayla said looking up at the huge staircase with innumerable steps that ended at one end of the foyer.

“Quite Kaya before someone here’s you cursing” I said trying to quite my friend “Everyone’s in the living room follow me.

Kayla’s parents, John and Hope Spencer joined us in the living room. They had her sister Chloe with them.

The doorbell rang again and I opened it. Standing in the doorway was Jake with his family in tow. Tom and Alice McCarthy his parents, along with his three siblings Shawn, Kim, and Noah.

“Hey Mike, You’re grandmother called my house and told us that she would be delighted if we spent Christmas here” he said in his usual deep voice

“Merry Christmas Jake!” I said giving my friend a hug

“Merry Christmas Mike!” he replied.

“Everyone is in the living room I said, showing him the direction to the living room.

Before more of my friends started arriving with their families in tow, my Christmas had been just a family affair. I opened the door once more and standing in the doorway was Kevin Brady, with his mom Gina and his brother and sister Jennifer and Jack.

“Hey Mike, Merry Christmas” Kevin said as we hugged “Your grandmother asked if we could come over

“Merry Christmas Kevin! Everyone is in the living room getting ready to decorate the tree with special ornaments.” I said. All I could do was wonder what my grandmother was up to inviting all of my closest friends over without telling me.

I joined my family and friends in the living room, just in time to hear my grandfather, the patriarch of the Chandler family giving a heartwarming speech. My grandfather was a ruthless businessman with many rivals and enemies including my boyfriend’s father, but this was a rare soft side of him.

“Every Christmas we decorate the tree on Christmas morning with ornaments bearing the names of our loved ones, our friends, and the people we hold dear in our heart, both living and dead” my grandfather said “We do this because it is important that we always remember that this season is about friends, family and love”

“You my darling are the greatest blessing of my life, the love of my life for these last forty-five years, you have blessed me with love, children, and grandchildren. Merry Christmas Victor” my grandmother said catching hold of my grandfather’s hand

“Merry Christmas Katherine” my grandfather replied

“Everyone you all may not be a part of the Chandler family by blood or marriage” my grandmother began “However that doesn’t matter because in this family we consider are friends to be family as well. And because of that I had a few extra ornaments with names of loved ones that have recently joined this family as either friends or family made for the very special occasion”

“In this Christmas time it is important that we know what this holiday is all about.” My grandmother said “It’s not about the materialistic things that this world seems so consumed about in this day, it is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ” My Grandmother said before she told the story that I had heard at Christmas time countless times over.

“Joseph took his wife Mary who was with child, conceived of the Holy Spirit to the town of Bethlehem. When they arrived in Bethlehem Mary was heavily pregnant and Mary was forced to deliver her son in a manger, because there was no room in the inn. Mary wrapped him in swaddling cloth and she loved him from the moment she saw him, just as I love all of you, wheatear family by blood, marriage, or designation. Wise men were told by an angel of a savior who was born in the city of David, who people would call Christ. The wise men spent days journeying the land so that they could arrive in time for the birth. The angel told them that they would know the savior by the star that shined in the sky in his honour and that he would be wrapped in swaddling cloth sitting in manger, mother and child.”

While all the others went into the kitchen to go stock up on more egg nog and apple cider I was left in the living room with my grandmother.

My grandmother must have seen that something was bothering so she called me over to her side.

“Baby what’s wrong?” my grandmother asked patting my on the shoulder “You can always tell grandma what’s wrong. I’ll help you in any way that I can.”

“I’m just thinking about how easy it was for you to accept me as gay” I replied “I can’t believe you and grandpa were able to do that so easily.”

“Sweetie you’re our grandson, how could we not accept you for what you are? The fact that you are gay doesn’t make me or your grandfather love you any less. Besides Jesus would want his children to love all God’s creatures, creatures he created in his image, and not to judge them because of who they love.” She said tenderly kissing me on the forehead. “Sweetie you can’t choose who you love, man or women. Your grandfather has driven me crazy for the last forty years and I still love him. I literally couldn’t stop loving him if I tried” She laughed

“That is the way I love Eric” I replied

“Then love him” she said “Baby hold onto that love for as long as you can because life is too short not live life to the fullest with the people you hold dear.”

My grandmother was the wisest person I knew, man or women. She was living proof that wisdom does come with age. If only more people could be more accepting like my grandmother and spread love instead of hate this world would so much better.

****Scene 3: Michael’s POV*********************************************

Everyone soon came back into the living room joining my grandmother and me. The people included Eric Smith my boyfriend. My grandfather Victor Chandler, my parents Porter and Elizabeth. My aunt Victoria and her two children. My friend Kayla Spencer, and her parents Hope and John Spencer, and her brother and sister Chloe and Troy. My friend Jake McCarthy and his parents Tom and Alice, and his three siblings Shawn, Kim, and Noah. My other friend Kevin Brady with his mom Gina Brady and his two siblings Jack and Jennifer.

After we had all gathered in the living room around the Christmas tree my grandmother spoke “We have a tradition in the Chandler family to hang ornaments bearing the names of our loved ones on the Christmas tree on Christmas day to show that this is a time of friends, family, and love. Like my dear husband said earlier.” She said

“You pick an ornament from the box over there, you read the name and you say why you consider this person to be among your loved ones, with something short, nice and simple” my grandfather added.

“Michael you go first” my grandmother interjected

“Sure” I replied weakly. I reached over into the box and pulled out an unfamiliar ornament. One that I had not expected to see inside the box. It was decorated with little Lacrosse sticks and it said in gold letters Eric. I read the name out loud “Eric” hanging the ornament up I said “Eric is the love of my life. My life was incomplete until he came into it. My heart is two halves, I have one he has the other”

Next it was Eric’s turn he drew another unfamiliar ornament that had not been inside of that box last year. He said the name “Kayla” I wondered what he was going to say about that.

“Kayla is someone who you can always count on to be straight up with you and to help you out of a jam. No matter how difficult I’m truly glad to have such a loyal friend in this world.” Eric said sitting back down once Kayla’s ornament was hung on the Christmas tree.

Kayla stood up, once Eric sat back down beside me and reached inside the box for an ornament. She finally after much searching found one that she wanted to hang up. She read the name “Kevin”

“Kevin and I have been friends since we were little. Not many people know this but despite being an athlete he’s also a straight A-student. Underneath those thick glasses of his, is a great person that any person would be lucky to have as a friend.” She said sitting down

Now it was Kevin’s turn. He quickly pulled out the closest ornament and read the name “Jake” as he hung up the sparkly ornament.

“Jake” Kevin repeated “Jake is a great friend. He’s not like your average football playing jock, not at all. Jake has a heart of gold almost as big as his muscles. He’s has sweet as apple pie and just as friendly as a puppy. Dude I’m so glad were friends!”

Now it was Jake’s turn. He pulled an ornament out of the red box. It was one of the few that I actually did recognize, because it was my own ornament. That is why when he said “Michael” in that deep voice of his I already knew he had my ornament.

“Michael and I have known each other since kindergarten. We didn’t start out as friends though we hated each other with a passion. Now we are as thick as thieves, I can count on him for anything, whether it’s staying up all night on Xbox Live to listen to my problems, or walking around with me as I skip my Spanish class” he said. My mother gave me menacingly look when he said the last part, but I ignored it

“What I’m trying to say, is that I care about Michael a lot, he’s a great friend. I hated that he was with Eric, but now I have accepted it because I see that he is truly happy”

The rest of the assembled people hung up the rest of the ornaments. When it was all said and done the Chandler Christmas tree was not just covered with ornaments bearing the names of Chandlers, young and old, living and deceased, but many new names and people from the Spencer, McCarthy, Brady, and Smith families.

Who knew so many of our parents had known each other in high school and earlier before we all were born? It was truly shocking.

My grandmother stood up from her seat, taking my grandfather’s hand in her own she cleared her throat. We all stood up with her, all of us joining hands with our neighbors.

“All of you here under the sound of my voice just know that you are loved immensely in this time of Christmas and season of joy. Never forget that this is a time for friends, family, and love. Let the love that we all share for one another whether it be the love of a spouse, a relative, a boyfriend or girlfriend, close friends, old friends, or even new friends be the bond that brings us strength, comfort, and happiness as this year comes to an end and we enter this new year for all the days of our lives.” She said

We were all hugging and embracing after those sweet remarks. Nothing like a kindly matronly elderly woman to bring not just one family but four, five if you count Eric by himself. We were all left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, the true spirit of Christmas was upon us.

****Scene 4: Eric’s POV****************************************************

Being around Michael’s family especially around the holiday season made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My parents had for the most part shown me and my brother love, but I had never felt such warmth. The warmth of real love, until I had been with Michael and got to know his family.

I had no idea how my father could hate such a wonderful family. I could see him hating Michael’s grandfather, that guy was a tyrant in the boardroom and in public. But the rest of the Chandler family was has sweet as candy, especially Michael.

While we were all hugging in the living room, I held Michael close as I leaned in I whispered to him “Mike I never did get to stuff your stocking like I wanted to” I said grinning from ear to ear. Michael knew exactly what I was talking about.

He simply grabbed me by the hand, and led me out of the living room. Michael and I slipped away without being noticed. The Chandler estate was so big I didn’t have a clue where we were going so I just followed him, as we ascended the great staircase to the second floor.

Once we reached the second floor, Michael and I walked down the long hall for few seconds. After what felt like forever, but was actually no more than a few minutes we reached a secluded room. The room was not on the main hall, it opened off to a corridor that looked like people had not been there in years.

“Michael are you sure? What if someone walks in?”

“Eric relax” Michael said, trying to assure me “The east wing has not been in use for years. If someone comes here they won’t be able to get in, because they won’t have the keys to the door” he said holding up a key chain that looked older than any I had ever seen.

Michael was right, the East Wing had not been used in years. While much of the mansion maintained the look and décor of the nineteenth century, this portion was exceptionally older and this room was older still.

Michael opened the door and it looked as if I had been transported back in time. The room was a bedroom, but it looked like one had slept in the room for at least a century. The furniture as well as the room looked like it was all in the Georgian style. The chairs, writing desk, card table, and even the bed and coverlet all looked as if it was brand new.

“Wow this room looks amazing!” I cried “It’s like a tour of Eighteenth century England or something” I laughed.

“That’s not all, you will never guess what” he said


“Exactly two hundred years ago, a person by the name of Michael Chandler lived in this room.” He said smiling

“Dude’s that’s so cool” I cried

“Eric that’s not all. I heard stories about how he used to use this room to carry on his affairs with married men and women, sailors, and all manner of people.”

“Really he used to screw people in this room, and he had your name?”

“Yeah babe” he said “And I was thinking that this room could be lucky for us, because not only is it far away and very sound proof it’s also very comfortable. Not only that there is a secret passage behind that wall over there that we can use to get in and out without being seen.”

“Babe that’s great!”

“Wait…. What! Is that you?” I said pointing to an oil painting that looked like it was from the eighteenth century. “Who is that?”

“That’s him” Michael said “He looks a lot like me doesn’t he”

“Looks a lot like you? Dude he’s a dead ringer for you only he looks little older in the portrait.”

“Ok babe, I don’t want to talk about dead relatives all I want to do is make love to you” he said

“Babe’ I’ll be more than happy to make sweet love to you” I said as I kissed him hard. We rubbed are hands through each other’s hair as we kissed each other passionately. We kissed each other for what felt like forever. I never wanted to stop kissing him, I loved the way his tongue felt inside of my mouth. Are tongues swirled around each other, as they fought wildly in our mouths. We moaned into each other’s mouths again and again as we continued to kiss each other.

Kissing him I knew for a fact that I loved to be in Michael’s arms. I knew that no matter what my father said, I knew in my heart there was no place I’d rather be then in the arms of my love. I unbuttoned his shirt as I kissed his chest lower and lower, working my way down to his crotch.

I dropped to my knees and undid the zipper letting his pants fall to the ground. I greedily pulled his underwear down his legs so that I could get at his dick. His dick flopped out, hitting his abs.

I reached out with my hand and grabbed his cock, it was rock hard and leaking precum. Licking my lips I stroked his cock back and forth, running my hand up and down the shaft. “Babe I will never get tired of sucking this gorgeous cock of yours!” I said holding it only a few inches from my parted lips”

“Babe, there is nothing I love more than watching my cock disappear inside your beautiful face.” He said smiling down at me.

I lowered my lips so that his cock head was parallel with my lips as I took his throbbing member in my mouth. When my lips were wrapped around his thick cock he placed his hand on my head urging me to take more and more of his nine inch cock.

When I felt the familiar taste of Michael’s warm precum hit my tongue my whole body tingled. I don’t know what Michael ate, but whatever he ate he should have kept eating it constantly because it made his precum taste amazing. The taste was indescribable and every time I tasted it I just could not get enough. I sucked greedily on his cock, bobbing my head up and down, sucking every drop of precum off his fuckstick. Mike’s precum tasted somewhere between sweetened milk and the most delicious honey.

"Yes baby, suck my dick!" Michael grunted encouraging me to sucked more and more of his cock. I suckled eagerly at his cockhead, drinking my fill of his sweet cum. His sweet manly juices quenched my thirst like the egg nog and apple cider they were serving downstairs could not.

 After several minutes of tender worship and sucking on his cock by my lips, Michael pulled his throbbing cock from out of my mouth. I moved to place my mouth back over the head of his cock, my lips being drawn to it. He stopped me from continuing my worship of his cock.

He pulled me up to my feet kissing me and biting down on my lip tenderly he said “Babe enough worship, I’ve waited all day for you to fuck me.”

“Please just get on with it” he moaned

Michael turned around so that his ass was facing me. He led me over to the bed. We didn’t fuck on the bed were in too great a heat. I instead fucked him on the bed railing.

Before I pushed my cock into his puckering hole, I spit on my hand and smeared many great globs of spit on my hand. In there I fingered him a few times, probing his ass with my fingers before I knelt down and buried my face between those two round ass cheeks of his. I flicked my tongue across the hole, dragging my tongue all around the hole as I sucked up his manly ass juices.

Finally I had loosened up his tight hole enough for me to enter it. I placed my well-lubricated dick pressing the tip of my cockhead against it. Soon his puckering hole was sucking me in, and I obliged it pushing my cock in as he threw his head back moaning loudly.

“AUUGGHHH!!” he cried in pleasure as he threw his head back.

“Damn Mike, your hole is always so fucking…..tight” I grunted as I plunged my leaking cock into his sweet hole. His ass muscles squeezed and wrapped around my cock, like they always did. It was an extraordinary feeling that I never grew tired of.

Grabbing hold of his hips I pulled my boyfriend close as I plowed his ass. Once I found a rhythm I began to pound his ass hard. I thrusted into his ass while running my hands up and down his back grabbing his ass and holding his two cheeks squeezing them with my hands as I fucked him.

As Michael’s muscles within his ass massaged and squeezed around my throbbing cock I thrusted in and out of his ass. I leaned down as I fucked him so that my hard pecs were pressed against his muscular chest. I kissed his neck, sucking on his neck and moaning into his ear as we fucked like animals.

Soon the room was filled with the sounds of sex. Michael’s moaning whimpers and pleas mixed with the sounds of the manly grunts coming from my mouth as I was drawn to the edge as I bended Michael over thrusting my cock deep inside.

I felt amazing making love to Michael. I felt unbelievable sensations feeling my body up as I was literally inside of Michael’s ass. Roughly grasping his waist I pulled him tighter as I pounded into his ass. Our skin making the all too familiar slapping noise. My own heavy sweaty balls slapped lewdly against his scrotum.

I think we had spent close to an hour or more fucking in this sex room. By that time we had changed positions, I had sat on the bed while Mike climbed up onto my lap. He bounced up and down on my cock, slamming his ass down onto my heavy balls.

Holding Michael by his waist I raised him up so that only the tip of my cockhead was still buried in his ass. I let go of him allowing him to slide back down my throbbing pole until he was once more completely impaled on my dick and bouncing up on it.

Once his ass landed onto my lap I thrusted my raging hard on deep inside of his puckering hole again and again. I slammed into his ass one final time as I shot my load inside of his ass. While I exploded inside his quivering ass Michel bounced up on my cock. While he grinded on my dick, his own throbbing cock was leaking precum everywhere and flopping all around hitting his abs hard as I fucked him.

“Oh shit!!!”


“OHHHHHH” we grunted in heat

Finally Michael orgasmed and orgasm he did. This was the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen him produce. He shot ten healthy rings of manly cum all over the place. Some of Michael’s cum coated his abs, while the rest poured out down his legs onto mine.

The best part about it was that he had not touched himself once.

The unbelievable orgasm that rocked Michael’s body must have instantly drained him of his strength, because he soon slumped back onto my muscular chest. My cum leaked, no it poured from his ass. My chest swelled with pride at the fact that I had caused such a huge explosion of cum inside of him

I knew that soon senior year would end, and we would have to enter the real world. I also knew that even now as I held Michael in my arms Charlotte was somewhere trying to devise ways to break us up. Michael was going on a date with her tomorrow all because of charity I didn’t want him to go. This single date would not be the last of her I was sure of that, because if she was telling the truth about being pregnant with Michael’s baby we would have to put up with her for the next eighteen years. However for now Mike and I were happy. For now…..

STAY TUNED AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS………………………………………………………………………………..



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