****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light, 

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so Our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Chandler Tower Boardroom***************************************

Michael and Eric were still making out passionately. The two were lying on top of the conference table in the middle of the Chandler Boardroom.  As Eric and Michael made out, they literally  were sucking on each other face. Eric was 6'1 weighing 170 lbs, being a whole lot bigger then Michael who was 5'11 and around 150 lbs. If it wasn't for Michael muscular frame he might have been crushed under Eric's weight.

Eric was literally sucking the life out of Michael, kissing him on the lips with strong powerful kisses. Eric and Michael were incredibly gentle and tender with each other, despite their masculine jock persona.

If someone had told Michael a month ago that he would making out with Eric in his family's office building he would have laughed in their face and called them crazy. 

Not only was that happening right now I had actually lost my virginity to Eric. Holding Eric in my arms, our warm muscular bodies pressed tightly against each other. Despite the fact that we were fully clothed, the outline Eric's muscular through the thin fabric. His round heavenly sculpted pecs protruded out stretching the shirt tightly, his hard tightly chiseled abs  could be seen faintly through his white dress shirt. While his muscles bulged as he squeezed me tightly in his arms.

I never wanted to leave his side. We kissed each other on the lips passionately, as our tongues explored the inside of our mouths they played a little dance in our mouths, a hot spicy tango or a sexy waltz. I wanted to melt away in his arms and become one.

No part of me wanted to leave Eric's side but  even as the time passed by I could not escape the fact that my mother was probably dreaming about the day I was going to merry Charlotte. As if.... My mother had picked Charlotte not only because she was wealthy but because her family was respectable and she was a Senator's daughter.

My mother and Charlotte too judging by how she had hung onto my every word were both hoping for something to happen between us.

But... How.... Could anything happen me and her. I was gay and one day, both my parents and Charlotte and would have to realize that fact.

I had seen the way she had looked at me upstairs in the ballroom, the way she had hung onto my every word. By some strange turn of events she had fallen for me from first glance. I would have to make her understand that we could never be, because my heart, my body, and my soul belonged to Eric.

****Scene 2: Chandler Tower***************************************************

As Michael and Eric were kissing, their hot muscular bodies pressing up against each other as they went I could not deny the fact the two were hot. 

Despite this knowledge it angered me to see Michael kissing guy; even though I had only just met him this very night. I desired him and I would stop at nothing to get him.

He may have been kissing a man right now, but one day he would be kissing me. One way or another.

I watched Michael and Eric make out. I could see the passion all over their faces, I could hear the passion in their voices.  But then I heard the words that pushed me over the edge and filled me with rage come out of Michael's mouth...

"I love you"

These words I longed for him to say to me, instead he was saying them instead to someone else, not another girl but a boy. I could take it no more, I had been watching  them intently from the crack in the door. But after hearing those words I had to leave.

I ran off, a single tear running down my face. I reached the waiting elevator and pressed the up button frantically. But before I could  even step into the elevator my father came out.

Embracing me "Charlotte your mother and I have been looking all over for you"

"Where did you run off to?" he said putting his hand on my shoulder 

"Someone upstairs told me that you might have came down here to check out the executive offices"

"I would have thought Michael would have been with you, because according to everyone you two were literally joined at the hip" Senator Livingston chuckled.

Glancing into his daughter's face he noticed the faint tears on her face.

"Charlotte your crying!"  he gasped "What is wrong with you?" as he wiped the tears from my face.

"It' nothing, it's not a big deal"

"Well its something, you have tears in your eyes"

"Father it really is nothing, I'm just crying tears of joy. I'm just excited to start my new life her. I think I will do very well in Harmony" she said smiling as she devised a plan to win Michael.

****Scene 3: The Drive Home************************************************
"The Gala was amazing" my mother exclaimed  as she climbed into the car. Her fur trailing behind her being poorly draped over her naked shoulder.

"Yes it was" I said glancing over at Eric, who was seated next to me

"I'm so glad you guys invited me, I had lots of fun" Eric said

"I was breathless" he added. My parents probably thought he was referring to the gala but judging from the twinkle in his eyes I knew he was really talking about the passionate moment we had shared in my family's boardroom.

"That's good" my father replied. Still focused on the road however

"Honey I saw you and Charlotte together, you two looked perfect together almost meant to be" my
mother said unaware of the hornet's nest she was creating by trying to set her closeted son up with a girl.

Eric tried to hide his frustration but I could see it written all over his face, every time my mother brought up
the idea of how good Charlotte and I looked together.

"You two would be perfect together"

"She would definitely give me beautiful grandchildren" she added proudly

"Mom!...Can we just drop it" I yelled

"Son what's come over you?" my father asked

"Nothing, really I just don't want to be set up with a girl I barely even know"

"For now can we just be friends" I  said

"Fine" my mother said 

My mother was visibly annoyed that all her plans of wedding bells and grand majestic elaborate affairs attended by the crème de la crème would  have to wait.

I knew the wait would be awhile, I knew that Charlotte and I could never be more then
friends, but did she know it, certainly my mother did not know it.

I placed my hand in Eric's hand and he squeezed it tightly 

“Mom….Dad, Can Eric spend the night?”

“Sure why not” My father responded. “Lord knows he spends enough nights at our house to qualify as a resident

“Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Chandler” Eric said. His face lighting up thinking about spending another night with me.

After that the drive was relatively quite. Eric and I held hands the whole time. The sky was so dark that it cast a shadow concealing what we were doing without my parents seeing.

****Scene 4: The Morning After*******************************************

Coming into School I hoped that no one could tell the difference between how I had moved around before Homecoming weekend and after. 

Eric had fucked me twice and he had even promised to give up his ass to me to return the favor. I found it incredibly hot, but for now I was sore my back hurt, my legs, hurt my ass hurt.

As I walked down the hall to my locker I was stopped by a familiar face. It was Kayla, a girl I had known since kindergarten. Kayla was about my height, tall, blond, beautiful face, green eyes, delicate skin, any man would be lucky to have her. Best of all she was loyal to a fault

 Kayla and I had remained good friends over the years, we had even dated for a while in Middle School before I had come to realize that I was gay.

When I had told her that I was gay she was very supportive, keeping it a secret until I was ready to come out to the rest of my friends.

“Hey Michael!” she said putting her arm around me

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in years”

“You saw me on Saturday” I replied

“Yeah I know but you were with Eric and I was with Chris”

“Why do you stay with him?” I asked “he’s such a jerk and a total asshole”

“Well for starters he does this thing with his mouth…. and”

“Stop right there!” I said “I don’t want to know what Chris does ever”

“Anyways he’s not anymore of a jerk then Eric is” she joked

“Yes he is, Eric has several good qualities, and Chris doesn’t have a single one”

“Michael you’re just saying that because Eric fucks your brains out every night.

When she said that I began to blush a little, it must have been noticeable because within seconds she was asking me the million dollar question “Did you and Eric have sex last night”

“No” I replied

“Darn, you two are so hot” she said, but before she could finish speaking I leaned into her.

“We made love” I whispered into her ear

“Yessssss” she cried filled with joy

“Yessssss, Yessss, Yessss” she cried causing people to stop and stare at her like she was crazy 

“I’m so happy for you two”

“I have aa question, if you don’t mind me asking” 

 “Ask away” I said, knowing full well that she was going to get the answers she wanted whether I wanted to tell her or not. Kayla was the most determined person I knew.

“Are you the catcher of the pitcher?” she said, a smile creeping across her face

“You are enjoying this aren’t you?” I asked, a little annoyed

“Well let’s just say I won’t have to be doing too much catching”

“Damn, who would have thought Eric would be a bottom” she said giggling

“You can’t tell anyone” I said “He hasn’t done it yet”

“Don’t worry Michael your secret is safe with me,”

“Besides if the morning glow on your face is any indication for what it was like, he should enjoy it” she said with a big  grin on her face

"See you later" Kayla said as she walked away her high heeled shoes clicking against the floor as she went. 



****Scene 5: By the Lockers**************************************************

After my conversation with Kayla I went to find Jake, my best friend who on two separate occasions had tried to kiss me. I found him by his locker chatting with our other best friends. Adam and Paul.

When I approached they ended their conversation and turned to face me as I got closer

“Hey dude, what’s up?” I said reaching my hand hoping they would pound it with a fist bump. But Adam and Paul surprised me they threw their arms around me and hugged me tightly.

“Dude how could you not tell us you were gay”

“I was afraid of how you guys would act.” 

“I didn’t want to lose you guys as a friends, you guys mean too much to me”

“You too Jake” I added looking over at Jake who stood by his locker in silence never once taking  his eyes off me.

“You could never lose us a friends, Dude we have been friends since kindergarten and were all going to grow old together, cracking jokes and having a good time. Don’t you know man the gang isn’t complete without you” Adam said

“I don’t give a damn if you’re gay, it’s not going to stop me from slapping that ass after a long day of flag football” Paul added

“Michael we really missed talking to you, we don’t give a shit if you fuck guys, we miss our best friend, Jake’s to stubborn to admit it but he misses you too” Jake said

“Hell all he seems to talk about since you two got into that little fight last week is you” said Paul, as he glanced over at Jake who was perfectly aware that the conversation was about him.

Adam looked over at Jake, and then at me and then back at me. “Paul I think we should leave these two to talk”

“Agreed” Paul said as he followed Adam’s lead and began backing away

Adam and Paul walked away “I better see both of you at the lunch table” Adam said before he left.

After Adam and Paul had turned the corner I began to speak

“Jake I hope they are right, and that you do really miss me, because I can’t take this anymore. You are my best friend. I need you in my life Just say something!”

“What do you want me to say Michael? Do you want me to tell you that everything is just fine, or that I’m completely ok with you being with another guy?”

“No Jake” 

“I want you to tell me you still want to be my friend”

 “Michael You know exactly how I feel about you, I want every part of you and I want to show you how happy I could make you. Eric can’t make you happy like I can” he said

“Jake just stop, we can never be more then friends, I’m with Eric, I’m committed to Eric”

“Fine” he signed

“I want you as a friend too, I could not live if I lost you entirely, I still want to be friends and I’ll even try to be happy for you and Eric”

“That’s good”

“But there’s just one more thing” I added

“What’s that?” 

“You have to promise that you are going to stop scheming with Haley to try to break Eric and me up” 

“I promise” he said 

“But just know that I will always be here for you, and that I will always love you”

After he said those words he put his arms around me and we hugged. It was the warmest hug Jake and I had ever shared. I truly had missed him, I even ignored the fact that his raging boner was pressed up against my crotch trying to force its way out.

The moment ended when the first bell rang, and Jake and I went our separate ways. Dashing off down the hall.

 “See you at Lunch” I said

“You too” Jake said, turning his head to look at me, a smile lighting up his face.



*****Scene 6:Homeroom**********************************************

I arrived at Mrs. Brown’s class just as the final bell rang. I quickly took my usual seat by some friends

When I arrived Mrs. Brown was standing in front of the classroom. Once I had taken my seat I turned over to the nearest person “Hey, what’s going on?”

“Oh, we are getting a new student”


“Apparently some senator’s daughter”

Thinking to myself. It just could not be the very same Senator’s daughter that I had met last night. Of all the senators in the state of New York, surely another senator’s daughter was going to my school. 

Well I learned the hard way that I was wrong when I looked up just as Charlotte Livingston walked into the classroom.

“Everyone this is Charlotte Livingston” Mrs. Brown said as she pointed to Charlotte

Charlotte say a few words about yourself 

“Ok Mrs. Brown”

“Well first off my name is Charlotte Livingston, my father is the state Senator John Livingston, I’m eighteen years old, my family recently moved to Harmony and I can’t wait to meet some new people and build some friendships” she said licking her lips ass he looked right at me

“Welcome to Harmony Miss Livingston” Mrs. Brown said “Take your seat anywhere that is open”

“Ok Mrs. Brown” Charlotte said as she coincidently took the only open seat, right across from me.

After the fifty minutes had passed class ended, and I picked up my book-bag and attempted to head out the door to my next class.

But before I had fully walked out the door, I heard someone calling my name. Turning ever so slightly I saw that it was coming from Charlotte’s mouth.

“Hey Charlotte” I said, as I came to a halt and turned around to see what she wanted.

“Hey Michael can we talk”

“Sure, what do you want to talk about?”

Before the conversation went any further, she looked a little nervous “How about we go into that empty classroom right there." she suggested

“Ok” I said as I followed behind her as she led the way to the nearest classroom with the lights off.

After she had turned the lights on she turned looked me right in the face and said “I saw you last night”

“What do you mean? Saw me” I asked

Continuing “I saw you last night with Eric”

“Oh you did” I asked a little puzzled with a mixture of embarrassment

“You followed me didn’t you?”

“I had to, I couldn’t help it” she said

“I was a little surprised when I saw him kiss you”

“I’m sorry” I said “But you really shouldn’t have followed me” I added

“But I was shocked when you returned his kisses and told him that you loved him”

“Are you gay?” she asked

“Yes I’m, I hope that’s not a problem for you” I added checking my phone to make sure I still had enough time to get to my next class

“Oh that’s not a problem at all” she said sly. If only wish I knew what she was thinking…

“One more question, have you ever been with a women?”

“No I said, I dated a few girls but never have I ever had sex with one” I said

“Well how do you know you don’t like women, if you have never been with one?”

“Charlotte I don’t know, I just know that I’m in love with Eric and he’s a guy” 

“I really have to be going, I will talk to you later”

"Ok Michael, talk to you later" she said waving 

As Michael walked off he was not able to hear what Charlotte had said under her breath. If he knew what Charlotte was planning he would have wished he had heard her.

“If I have anything to say about it, you will be mine and Eric will be out in the cold!”


****Scene 7: Lunchtime***********************************************

After passing through several classes, listening to one teacher after the other lecture. I was literally bored out of my mind, sitting there silently at my desk waiting for the bell to ring for lunch. Finally the awaited hour had finally come, and the bell rang.

When the bell rang, I jumped out of my seat. This was one school lunch I was excited for. 

For the first time in nearly two weeks I could eat at my own lunch table with my friends and my boyfriend Eric, without worrying about Jake trying to make advances at me, or Eric and Jake fighting over me.

I arrived at the table first, followed by Kevin. Kevin was a mutual friend of Eric and mines he was the smartest guy I had ever met. He was one of those jocks that constantly damaged the idea of a jock being all brawn and no brains. Kevin was a straight A student, he wore glasses, and he was a tech genius, he had brown hair, a cute face. He was a little nerdy but he was also athletic enough.

“Hey Kevin”

“Hey Michael, Where is Eric?”

“I don’t know, I’ll text him and let him know we are sitting over here”

I texted Eric “Hey Eric, this is Michael just letting you know that I’m sitting over at my friends table today, I would love it if you joined me”

Eric texted back “What about Jake?”

Quickly texting back “Don’t worry he’s accepted the fact that we are together”

 “Good I don’t want to have to rearranged his face” Eric texted back with a little winking face emoji

“Oh my God Lol” I texted back

“Eric is on the way” I said turning to Kevin

“Oh that’s good” he said. Kevin was not even paying any attention to me. He was looking straight at something or in this case someone. I followed his eyesight and realized that the someone that he had his eyes set out on was Kayla.

“Awww you like Kayla” I said

“No I don’t” he said

“Yes you do” I  insisted

“No I don’t” he said

“Yes you do, every time someone says her name your face lights up”

“Besides you were just staring at her”

“Ok dude, I like her but she’s with that jerk Chris”

“Kevin I’m rooting for you and her” I said

After that I stood up, yelling “Hey Kayla!” 

“Come sit over here, there’s a seat right here for you” I said pointing to the empty seat between Kevin and myself.

Kayla turned to look at me “Ok Michael, hold on I need to get some coffee” 

“Oh Hey Kevin” she said

Kevin looked like he was about to pass out when she spoke to him. He could not even get any words out. Finally after she walked after to get some coffee, he turned to look at me “Why the hell did you do that?”

“Because Kayla deserves to be with a good guy, and I think you really like her and you are ten times better than that jerk”

“What Jerk?” a familiar voice said from behind. Soon I felt Eric’s arms wrapped around my body

“Oh nothing babe, just giving some good advice”

Sitting down beside me, Eric placed his lunch box on the table. Turning to me he said “Where are the others?”

Well Paul and Adam are in the lunch line and Jake should be here any moment. Also Kayla is joining us.

After Paul, Adam, Jake and Kayla had all returned we had a full table of seven people. The gang was all back together. It was the best most drama free lunch I had ever had in a long time. 

Jake and Eric even joked together, laughing at my jokes, and more importantly each other’s.  

But then between sipping coffee, Kayla spoke up “Hey Michael, who do you feel about that new girl?”


“That Senator’s daughter”

“She’s nice I guess”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well for starters she’s staring right at you..............."

 Stay Tuned.......................................





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