****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV**********************************************************

The rest of the dreaded date with Charlotte went a little better than the start. An hour later Charlotte and I had parted ways. After Charlotte left Giorgino’s I walked over to the back of the restaurant to the table where my friends were seated donning those ridiculous disguises.

“You guys can take those horrid disguises off now” I said tapping my shoe on the floor “Charlotte’s gone now Kayla”

“Who is this Charlotte and Kayla that you speak of?” Kayla said still wearing that long white dress with that silly looking Morticia Addams black wig that barely even covered her honey blond hair.

“Yeah we don’t know who those people are?” Eric said jokingly

“Come on guys I know it’s you” I began “I saw you guys when you came in earlier. Even with those ridiculous disguises I recognized you at once.”

“Kayla with that white dress on, you look like your about to get married or go to a wedding!” I laughed

“More like Count Dracula’s wedding” Eric blurted out in laughter

“Eric shut up” Kayla retorted angrily “This was the best costume I could come up with

“Eric at least Kayla’s hair isn’t purple like yours” Jake replied

“Jake you’re one to talk with that big Jew fro you got going on” Eric said pointing to the curly brown mass on Jake’s head that had not been there before

“Eric’s he’s right” I replied “That purple hair is terrible. And besides that I recognized your face almost instantly.”

“Why not instantly?”

We all laughed. After my sides ached from laughing so hard I pulled up a seat and sat down beside them. Soon after that the interrogation began.

“So how was the date with Charlotte?” Kayla asked

“It was really strange”

“Michael what do you mean?” Kevin interjected

“Well first off, she talked the entire time, and she actually acted as if everything was perfectly normal. She acted as if she hadn’t done any of those awful things that she did to me. She was completely normal for the most part but then she got weird.”

“What did she do?!” Kayla said looking a little irritated “Mike you can tell us, were all friends here.”

“Well she tapped me on the hand while I was eating and then she started complaining about how I wasn’t talking as much as her. How could I she wouldn’t let me get a word in?

“That bitch should count herself lucky that she’s not rotting in a jail cell for doing what she did and also that you agreed to go on that date with her.”

“But guys it gets weirder she continued to talk as if everything was fine as if we were on an actual date and that’s not all. She started talking about the baby and brought up the topic of us getting married as if it was prior knowledge that we were going to be married.”

Eric frowned his beautiful smile being replaced with a scowl. Eric looked very upset but Kayla kept pressing so I had to continue.

“I knew it!” Kayla shrieked angrily “She’s just trying to use that baby so that she can trap you in a fake marriage so that she can have her meal ticket”

“Kayla don’t worry I told her point blank that I was with Eric and that I loved him” I said “Besides Kayla she’s a senator’s daughter their definitely not living paycheck to paycheck. So it’s not like she needs the money she has plenty.”

“Michael you know those politician types like to latch onto rich benefactors and besides there’s no other explanation for it. She comes to town and immediately starts pursuing the guy with the biggest dollar signs on his head. She’s after the Chandler fortune I bet, either that or she’s looking for a fat bank account” Kayla continued

“Kayla even if that’s what she’s after she should give up, because we all know I’m gay.” I cried.

“Not to mention the Chandler billions are wrapped up in so many trusts she would never see a cent. Hell I can’t even use any of my own trust until I turn twenty-one!” That was exactly how my great-great grandfather William Mckinlay Chandler had wanted it to be when he created the Chandler family trust in 1918, in the wake of the introduction of the first United States Estate tax in 1916.

Originally created to fend off the estate tax, Chandler family trusts have made use of dynasty trusts to safeguard billions from taxes keep the Chandler fortune out of the hands of interlopers, treasure seekers, and everything from the United States government to spiteful ex-wives, and even members of my own family trying to get at its contents.

“Ok Kayla” I said “I don’t want to talk about Charlotte anymore. I’m just glad that date from hell is over with!”

“You and me both” Eric replied

“Ok, so what do we talk about then?”

“Well I was thinking we could talk about you” I started “Well actually about you and Kevin to be more precise.”

“Really what about?”

“Kayla don’t play dumb” I said “You want to know everything about my love life, but now you want to be all tight lipped. It doesn’t work like that.”

“Yeah, Kevin said that you two kissed” Jake blurted out

“You told them!” Kayla cried, as she flashed Kevin the world’s deadliest stare

“Yeah” Kevin mumbled weakly “I can’t keep something like this from them. There my best friends too Kayla.”

“Kayla don’t blame Kevin we were very persuasive” I replied

“Yeah all we want to know is, if you and Kevin are together or not” Jake added

“Yeah” we all said together

“Ok you guys” Charlotte said finally relenting “Kevin is right we did kiss, and to tell you the truth I’m glad that he kissed me.”

“That’s great” I began “But what about Chis DeVille?”

“Oh crap!” Kayla exclaimed “I still need to tell Chris the truth. I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I can’t continue to date him knowing what I know now.”

“Kayla you better tell him soon, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve!” I gasped

“I’m just glad this dude finally told you” Eric retorted as he laughed to himself

“I know right” Jake replied

“It was well worth the wait” I added “But it’s finally here

“Wait what!? She cried

“Was I really the only person in this whole group that didn’t know that Kevin liked me?”

“Kayla do you want the truth or do you want a lie?” Eric said

“The truth.”

We all laughed at that.

****Scene 2: Eric’s POV*************************************************************

Michael, Kayla, Jake, Kevin and I left Giorgino’s and we went back to Michael’s house. We had spent nearly two hours in Giorgino’s just talking about our love lives, mainly Kayla and Kevin, and Michael and mine.

After Giorgino’s we all went walking around in the park for a little while. We liked the snow and the star filled skies. After that we went back to Michael’s parent’s house. Once we got to his house, Michael and I didn’t have to wait a long time to be alone because his parents were not home. Only about thirty minutes after we got there Kayla, Kevin, and Jake went home.

At long last we were finally alone. All alone, completely alone and able to do whatever we pleased with one another. As soon as the door was closed I practically ripped his clothes off to get at that beautiful body of his.

I was just so happy to finally have him back with me. I was ready to put that awful date that he had to go on with Charlotte. I knew he was ready to put it behind him too. While I ripped his clothes off, Michael returned the favor pulling my shirt up over my head as he placed his wet lips on my neck kissing every inch. Oh how I loved wet kisses all over my body. That sweet mouth of his, filled me with pleasure and desire.

We didn’t have time to go upstairs to Michael’s bedroom when we made love the first time that night. We pulled all of our clothes off in the foyer and within minutes we were naked in his living room. We made love in his parent’s living room. I fucked him right then and there, not wanting to wait and go upstairs to his bedroom.

If his parents had walked in that would have been the second time one of our parents had walked in on us fucking like animals mid thrust. Thankfully for the both of us they didn’t come and we continued to make love. Hot passionate love. By the time I had exploded my load deep inside of the one I loved, Michael and I were panting in excruciating heat, trying desperately to catch our breath.

After we had finally caught our breaths we showered. We had to shower twice, because apparently seeing our naked muscular bodies covered in soap and glistening with sweat was too much for both of us to handle. Especially me, considering the fact that I fucked Michael for a second time standing up in the shower. He held onto me wrapping his legs around me as I drilled his ass with my throbbing cock. He screamed with delight as he ran his hands through my blonde mane. He pulled a little as he threw his head back screaming in pleasure, but I didn’t mind I liked it rough.

After we showered for the second time, I followed Michael to his bedroom where we fucked for a third time. This time it was him, which did the fucking. We made love in one of our favorite positions, so that we could face each other as he filled me with his thick cock. We made sweet love in his bed, groaning and moaning as he plowed my ass. My ass squeezed around him sending sparks of pleasure through both of our cocks and our aching bodies. I went from running my fingers through his curly locks to clawing at his back as he fucked the life out of me.

After what felt like an eternity he finally shot is load inside of me. He collapsed on top of me still partially inside of me. We fell asleep soon after.

The following morning, New Year’s Eve I awoke ready for the very last day of 2015. I actually woke up before Michael and that was a first. Sometime during the night, Michael’s cock had slipped out of my leaking ass. I took a shower, dried off and put some clothes on. I left quietly but not before I kissed Michael on the forehead as he slept. No doubt he was still exhausted from making love so many times, my ass still hurt but I had things to do and people to.

After a few hours of shopping in downtown Harmony. I took a few long detours before I finally reached the place that was my main destination. That destination was of course my parent’s house. I had not been inside the Smith house in over a week, choosing instead to spend the week at Michael’s house.

I hadn’t spoken more than a few choice words with my father for most of that time, but I had kept in touch with my mother regularly.

I parked the car and the driveway and I slowly but surely made my way the steps to the porch. When I got on top of the porch steps I walked over to the door and knocked three times. Within seconds the door was opened and my mother was throwing her arms around me.

“Happy New Year Mom!”

“Happy New Year my sweet boy!” she exclaimed “We missed you at Christmas.”

“I missed you too mom, but you know why I had to go. I can’t live in this house with that man saying those awful things about the guy I love.”

“Eric your father won’t admit it but he missed you too. He had no one in this house that likes his football team now. You know your brother Aiden like’s their rivals”

“Oh dear” my mother exclaimed “It’s dreadfully cold outside. Eric please come in.”

“Yes mom”

My mother and I hadn’t been talking in the living room for more than an hour when my father came walking (more like barging) through the front door. He just stood there staring at me, eyes wide and mouth open. But then he began to talk…

“What the hell is he doing here?!”

“Dad…I….I” I tried to get out

“Eric just came to say hello honey. He’s your son”

“Carol no son of mine will be romantically involved with one those damn Chandlers!”

“Dad…I love him…and I…” I tried to force the words out. I felt like a child when my father spoke. The courage that I had the other night was completely gone.

“Carol you know how those damn Chandlers are. I don’t want a son of mine to get involved with that accursed family!”

“For God’s sake Joe!” my mother cried “It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m not going to put up with that foolishness.” I had never seen my mother so mad.

“Now come over here and huh your son. Don’t try to play coy now that he’s here. You have mentioned him every day this week and you even called Aiden by his name the other day”

“Carol he’s with a damn chandler!”

“Joe it’s almost a new year and you’re going to have to accept the fact that your son his gay and with a Chandler. Joe I wish you did New Year’s resolutions because if you did I would recommend you make a resolution to not be such an asshole next year!

This must have gotten my father’s attention because he soon came over to where my mother and I were standing. We hugged and it looked like his heart had softened a little as I spotted a twinkle in his eyes

“Eric I just want to make sure you are safe.” My father said “Son I love you and I just want you to be careful of that family. Take it from me they are nothing but trouble.”

After we all hugged I left my parents’ house and went back to Michael house. It was about 1:00 when I got there. By that time Michael had woken from his sleep and was eating what looked like brunch.

“Hey Babe!” I called out once I walked into the kitchen. I had been given a key many nights ago by Michael.

“Hey Eric” Michael called back as he came over to me kissing me on the cheek “I missed you this morning. I woke up and you’re were gone I thought you had ditched me” he laughed/

“Never babe” I said returning his kisses just as hard. Our mouths locking as our tongues explored the confines of our mouths. His mouth was warm and sweet.

“Babe, what if your parents catch us making out like this?”

“Relax babe” Michael said “My parents have prior obligations elsewhere.”

“Speaking of elsewhere, where were you earlier this morning?”

“Oh I went to see my parents today. My mother was very happy to see me and I actually talked to my dad” I replied

“That’s great Eric!”

“Babe it gets better, he actually hugged me. I know for a fact that there is definitely something between him and your family. I’m more determined than ever to unearth this mystery.”

“Eric that’s wonderful, but why can’t we just leave this secret buried?”

“Because babe if we don’t find out what it is that causes my father’s hatred for your family we may never be able to remove it. If we discover what it is, it cannot be held over us any longer.”

“Babe I don’t want to talk about secrets and family vendettas right now. All I want to do is celebrate New Year’s Eve with you and our friends.” Michael replied

“Do we have to?” I cried

“Eric just the day, don’t worry you’ll get my undivided attention all night. I promise”

“Good I wouldn’t have it any other way babe”

After that we called the rest of the gang asking them to meet us in the park to watch the fireworks.

****Scene 3: Kayla’s POV**********************************************************

The start of New Year’s Eve went very smoothly for me. On Christmas day my friend Kevin kissed me telling me that he loved me. No man had ever said more sweet words to me. I even told him that I was still a virgin. I was holding out for the perfect, time, place and man. During that entire time I had been dating Christian DeVille, and during the whole time of our relationship he had between trying to pressure me into having sex with him.

I had agreed to meet Kevin in the park so that we could talk. I felt like that slut Charlotte talking to Kevin while I was still involved in a relationship with Chris. Kevin’s eyes literally lit up when he saw me.

“Hey Kayla I’m glad you came” he said motioning me toward the nearby park bench.

“Kayla were you being serious when you told the guys that you liked when I kissed you?” Kevin asked

“Of course” I smiled “Why would I not be serious. Kevin don’t you know that I have had a crush on you for years but you never showed any interest in me so I was forced to move on.”

“Kayla I was too scared to confront you back then, but not anymore. I’m not afraid to tell the world that I love you now.”

“If you want I’ll shout it out from the rooftops “HEAR ME WORLD I KEVIN REESE BRADY AM IN LOVE WITH KAYLA LOUISE SPENCER!” he said standing on top of the bench

“Kevin you don’t need to do that, get down from there before someone sees you.”

“I don’t care who sees me. I don’t care who sees me or knows that I love you.”

“What about Chris DeVille?”

“Let that jerk see me” Kevin said sitting down “I don’t care if he does”

“Listen Kevin I don’t know where this relationship is headed. I also do not know what this New Year will bring. But one thing I do know is that I want to spend this year with you as my boyfriend.”

“Really you want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend?” he said reaching over to try to kiss me.

I put my hand up stopping him before his lips touched my own.

“What? Why did you stop me?”

“Kevin I’m sorry I just wouldn’t feel right kissing you again until I tell Chris the truth. I need to tell him before we can go any further.”

“I’ll text him, and tell him to meet me here in the park. But I don’t think it would sit well with him if you were here so can you go for a walk when he gets here.”

“Kayla I’ll be over at Lila’s getting some coffee if you need me” he said walking down the street to the cute little coffee shop with the word’s Lila’s in blue.

I texted Chris, telling him to meet me in the park, he responded to it almost immediately. I felt really bad about the whole situation. But guys deserve to be with people who love them, even Christian DeVille.

When I saw him, Christian DeVille walk into the park through its entrance I called him over. “Chris I’m over here”. Christian DeVille was attractive, but not in the way that Kevin or Jake, or Eric and Mike. His features were dark, his hair a mix between black and brown, his eyes were hazel. Chris was just as muscular as my friends going to the gym sometimes.

He followed my voice and came over to the bench were a few short minutes earlier Kevin had tried to kiss me and I had agreed to be his girlfriend. There was just one problem, Chris and I were still technically together.

“I wanted to talk to you about something very important” I began

“Baby if you want to talk we can do that after sex” Chris replied “There’s a bed waiting for us in the DeVille mansion with our names on it.” He laughed. That bed would be kept waiting because there was no way on earth I was stepping foot in the DeVille mansion. Rumors around town were that some people who walked in, never walked out again.

I wasn’t about to take any chances with my life. The whole time Chris and I had been dating we never once hung out at the DeVille Mansion. He never offered, he usually preferred that we hung out at my house.

“Chris this is important”

“Chris we’ve been together a long six months. They were very good and I never thought it would end.”

“Wait are you breaking up with me?!” he asked looking stunned

“Chris now that the New Year is almost here we each have to go our separate ways. I’ll always care about you and we will always be friends” I continued.

“What the HELL!!!” he screamed “You can’t break up with me”

“Chris you have to move on, don’t worry we can still be friends”

“WE CANT BE FRIENDS!” he screamed so loudly that I thought the ground

“You can’t break up with me!” he screamed as he grabbed my wrists roughly

“DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” he cried

“Oww, Chris let go of my arm your hurting me”

“Please let go” I continued

“You can’t dump me, do you know WHO I AM……DO YOU KNOW……” Chris said raising one of his hands up towards me

I heard someone say “GET OFF OF HER NOW YOU JERK!!!” and “NOBODY GIVES A DAMN WHO YOU ARE IN THIS TOWN!!” and the next thing I knew Chris DeVille was soaring thorough the air landing a few feet away from myself in the snow. It was only when I looked up and saw Kevin standing over me fuming his fist balled up and bleeding onto the snow.

He picked me up and embraced me. He kissed me on the cheek, but I turned so that we could kiss on the lips. “Thank God you were here Kevin, thank God”

“Kayla I’ll always be here” he said returning the kiss.

We were so involved in our new romance that we didn’t even see Christian DeVille sneak off out of the park. I didn’t even care I was with Kevin now.

We kissed again and bells rang out, even if they were only imaginary bells. We made out in the park. Kevin was perfect for me and he saved me from Christian DeVille, who had showed his true colors.

“Kevin you’re bleeding!” I cried remembering how he had slammed his fist into Christian DeVille’s face. “We should get that cleaned up”

“Gorgeous my hand can wait, I’d much be right here kissing you. There is nowhere else I’d rather be then right here kissing you Kayla. I can’t wait to see what this New Year holds for you and me.”

We continued to kiss.

****Scene 4: Chris DeVille’s POV***************************************************

If New Year’s Eve was any indication of what the New Year would be like for me, I wanted no part in it. The day hadn’t even ended yet and I had been punched in the face, knocked on my ass, dumped by my girlfriend, and most importantly I had failed my father, Alistair DeVille.

I didn’t even want to date Kayla in the first place. Yeah she’s hot and all but the main reason I had asked her out was because my father had ordered me to date her. He thought it was a good idea to be close to the Police Commissioner’s daughter. My father besides being the CEO of DeVille Enterprises is also the head of the Harmony underworld and a crime boss involved in international crime. Which is open knowledge to everyone in Harmony. The new Police Commissioner Hope Spencer’s Kayla’s mother was according to my father getting too close to discovering the connection between the recent influxes of drug trafficking into Harmony with the DeVilles.

My father was willing to stop Commissioner Spencer by any means necessary, even using her own daughter as his eyes and ears. Now I had failed him, his wrath would hurt worse than any punch to the jaw.

I walked back to DeVille mansion, partly because I needed the fresh air and partly because I didn’t want to go back to my home. When I got at the DeVille mansion I found my father working at his study.

“Chris how is your progress with the Spencer girl?”

“We hit a road bump” I replied weakly

“WHAT kind of road block?” my father asked looking up from the newspaper, The Harmony Spectator.

“Well she kind of dumped me, for this guy named Kevin” I replied


“You’re a DeVille for God’s sake we don’t get dumped we do the dumping.”

“Son you need to fix this now”

“How can I fix this, when I don’t have any ideas how to start? Besides Kayla is with Kevin Brady now”

“I don’t give a damn about who she’s with. Understand this DeVille men don’t lose women and they definitely don’t lose them to lesser men, and certainly not a Brady!” my father screamed

“You’re going to do whatever it takes to get that that girl back” my father said looking at me with ferocity. “No DeVille has ever lost a women. Do you understand me?”

“Yes father”

“Yes is right” my father cried. “That girl is essential to our plans. You must and you will do everything in your power to entice her to return to you or else. That girl’s mother Hope Spencer is getting dangerously close to discovering the connection between the increasing illegal activities in this town and the DeVille family role within it. You must discover through her daughter exactly what she is onto so that we can plan accordingly.”

“Father the cops in this town are no match for the DeVilles!” I laughed uncertainty

“Never make an assumption like that again. The majority of cops in this town may have pea-sized brains, but Hope Spencer is no fool. Commissioner Spencer is a very intelligent women and she will stop at nothing to bring this family down unless we stop her first.”

“That is why you must win that girl back, so that you can find out what her mother knows.” He continued

“How can I find out what she’s up to Charlotte never talked about her mother’s work when we were together and she won’t talk to me now that we broke up and I almost hit her?”

“WHAT? YOU IDIOT! You are never supposed to hit a women no matter how much she deserves it. That girl was our only way in and you messed it up!”

“Father I didn’t hit her, I almost did, that jerk Kevin Brady punched me in the face first.”

“Almost doesn’t mean a damn thing, now she will never trust you. Why did God curse me with such stupid sons?” my father cried

“Why can’t you be more like your sister Ava? She always does exactly what I tell her and she never has any screw-ups, unlike you.”

“Father please” I pleaded. That’s when the doors to the study opened and there was my sister, Ava DeVille.

Christian DeVille’s sister Ava DeVille was the exact opposite of her brother, her hair blonde, blue eyes, and light features, he only thing they shared was a last name. She may have seemed nice but she was girl after her father’s own heart, his cold black heart. She was just as cold and calculating as her father with a sweet face to fool you.

“Father there are other ways of getting what we want…..” Ava said menacingly

“Father please….let me…..” I tried to say

“Leave my sight! NOW! I want to talk to your sister alone.”

“You heard father, Christian. He said alone….” Her words just as cold as her.

“So leave” her words like daggers in my soul

****Scene 5: Michael’s POV*************************************************

As the day began to die down so did the drama of the last several months. Day became night and all of Harmony began making preparations to ring in the New Year.

Eric, Kayla, Kevin. Jake and I had all made plan to hang out in the park and watch the fireworks. It was nine o’clock when we arrived in the park. We should have arrived earlier because even by nine the park was already packed. The park was teeming with people.

“Eric maybe we should have got here a little early.”

“Yeah we could have gotten here hours ago Mike.” Eric said “If you hadn’t been sucking on my dick half the evening we might have made it here earlier.”

“What can I say” I chuckled “Eric you know I can’t resist that meat stick or yours. I ain’t no damn vegetarian” we both laughed.

“Dude did you text Kayla and the rest of the guys?”

“Yeah Eric. I just texted them. They all said they would be here in five minutes.” I was right because after five minutes had passed the other guys started to show up.

“Hey Michael, Hey Eric!” Kayla called walking hand and hand with Kevin.

“Hey dudes!”

“Hey Kevin, Hey Kayla! Happy New Year!”

“What’s up Kevin? I see you and Kayla are glued at the hip now. How is the new relationship treating you?”

“It’s amazing I love this girl and I’m so glad to have her in my life“ Kevin said as he smiled at Kayla. “I know me too” she replied

“Hey Guys! Happy New Year!” Jake called as he walked over to us from between the crowds.

“Guys I’m so glad to be here with you guys” Jake said “But I just wish I had someone to share it with. Jake looked a little sad.

“Jake what’s wrong?” Kayla called

“I don’t want to be negative, but Eric has Michael, Kevin has Kayla now and I don’t have anyone.” He exclaimed. “I can just go home and ring in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy”

“You’re not going to do that” Kayla said stomping her foot down. “The whole town is here and you will be here too!”

“Jake you will find someone for you one day” I began “I just know it. Happiness is waiting for you in this New Year!” I said trying to cheer him up.

“How can I find someone? You guys are the only ones that know that I’m gay. My parents don’t even know. How can I find a guy when I don’t even know how my parents will handle it?”

“Jake love is waiting for you in the New Year” I called. I really did hope that he would find love in the New Year. I knew that he was in love with me. He had told me so, weeks ago but there was nothing that could come from it, because I was in love with Eric.

“It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s time to celebrate. There is no time for moping around and feeling sorry for yourself!”

“Yeah Michael is right! Dude let’s ring in this New Year right!” Kevin added


“Let’s get crazy it’s a party guys!!” Kayla added

The park was filled with people celebrating and partying their asses off. Certain people had made the wise decision to bring in a deejay to play loud music. The deejay not only played the top 100 songs of 2015, he also must have had a thing for the eighties genre.

Kevin, Kayla, Jake, Eric and myself danced every song from Billy Idol’s Dancing with Myself and Rick Springfield’s Jesse Girl to Adele’s Hello, Justin Bieber’s Sorry and of course Drake’s Hotline Bling.

The real crazy partying started around 10:00 lasting for the entire last two hours of 2015. People were literally dancing in the streets to welcome in the New Year. WE were all determined to make sure 2015 went out with a bang.

When the clock hit midnight everybody with significant others kissed to ring in the New Year. I didn’t see it but apparently Kevin and Kayla kissed at midnight, while Jake kissed some guy, who instead of pulling away kept kissing him.

Eric and I went back to my house. We snuck away sometime around 10:30. The commotion from all the dancing and partying was a great cover.

Eric and I walked back to my parents’ house. We reached my house at about 10:50. The lights were off, my parents were probably at the New Year’s Eve party at Chandler Tower. My parents would definitely not be home until the morning sun was shining.

“Oh shit I left my key on the desk in my room!” I began searching with my hands in my pocket for a key that I knew I would not find.

That’s when I remembered the key hidden in the flower pot. I stuck my hand in the flower pot and pulled out the key. “Never mind” I said as I turned the door knob.

As soon as the door shut, Eric planted his lips on my neck sucking and nibbling along my tender neck. Something was different however when he kissed me. It was the same warm lips, the same teeth. But something was not the same. He seemed nervous like he didn’t know what he was doing.

“Ohhh babe”

“Just like that”

“Ohhhhhh yeah” he said “Babe I want to make love to you this last hour of 2015”

“Then make love to me” I said as I planted my wet lips on his own. He hesitated for a few seconds but then he parted his lips and his pink tongue darted into my mouth.

We kissed right there in the foyer. We made out, moaning and grunting in heat into our open mouths. Our tongues swam through the warm mouth juices in our mouths searching for the pleasures our kissing gave us.

After a while we ran upstairs to my bedroom. We had already shed the majority of our clothes along the route, on the hall, on the stairs, and finally in my room.

Eric pushed me onto the bed. I fell over, falling on my back. Eric strutted over to the foot of the bed. For a few seconds he just stood there at the foot of the bed, his gorgeous cock swing between those tree trunk thighs of his. His cock had never looked more beautiful. Eric climbed on top of the bed as he climbed on top of me. He dangled his cock right over my mouth.

I stared at the gorgeous cock and shuddered. I wanted to suck the hell out of that thing, Eric obliged me. Eric placed the tip of his cockhead to my lips and pushed it into my mouth. His cock throbbed in my mouth.

I began to suck on his cock as he proceeded to do pushups on my bed all while his cock was lodged inside of my mouth with my wet lips wrapped around his thick cock. With each thrust into my mouth, Eric’s huge dick plunged deeper and deeper into the depths of my mouth.

My tongue swirled around his cock as I coated it with saliva and my wet mouth juices. Eric’s loud grunts and growls as he thrusted into my mouth were laced with moans of pleasure and ecstasy. His warm precum poured into my mouth, and I drank every single drop.

Eric pulled his aching cock still leaking precum everywhere out of my mouth. “Babe I want to eat that ass of yours.” He collapsed on the bed as I stood up to stretch.

“Get to work” I chuckled lowering my meaty thighs around his head. I rested my huge heavy balls upon his beautiful face. Sweat and manly juices poured from my balls onto his face. I felt Eric’s hot breath blow over my backside. This turned me on even more.

Eric inhaled breathing in the manly scents pouring from my body. He only did this for a little while, because soon I felt his tongue dart out as he liked my balls. He covered my balls with his tongue as he bathed my balls with his saliva.

“Damn Eric, suck my balls!” He obliged me and soon he had placed one of them fully in his mouth as he sucked. I ground my hips slowly around his face as he lapped up the sweat from my ass with his tongue. As Eric licked my balls dry I grabbed his pecs rubbing my hands all over those big mounds of flesh.

I pushed my muscular ass down onto Eric’s face. I grinded my ass onto his face as he moaned from between my ass cheeks. Eric stuck his tongue out dragging it across my ass as he licked my tight hole. Usually when he licked my ass he was rough darting in fast and making me scream in pleasure, this time was different he was far more patient and tender.

I still screamed in pleasure.

Eric’s hot breath felt amazing as it burned my tight hole as he sucked my tight ass hole. I ground my ass all over his handsome face.

After a few minutes of doing this Eric grabbed me by the waist pulling himself up as he pushed me down so that my face was on the pillow, with my ass pushed up for all the room to see.

I presented my ass to him. He grasped my ass with his hands, spreading my bubble butt cheeks with his hands. I waited for him to enter me, gritting my teeth, but I felt nothing.

Suddenly, I felt Eric’s big thick meaty fingers gently stroke the entrance to my ass. I let out a low moan filled with pleasure, which prompted Eric to chuckle proudly.

 "You are so fucking hot Mike..." Eric groaned lewdly. "You know I never get tired of fucking this ass of yours?" he said giving my ass a rough slap.

I moaned even louder when Eric’s two fingers slithered their way into my warm insides

 "God I love your tight hole, babe” Eric grunted between fucking my ass with his fingers.

I clenched my teeth and moaned in complete pleasure as Eric took his time, preparing to fuck me for the last time this year. Eric stuck his fingers deep into my ass, rotating them around allowing my ass to stretch and loosen in ways that his tongue could not make it.

As he pulled his fingers out of my ass, I let out a yelp. My hole sucked on them, trying desperately to keep them from leaving.

Eric pushed me down onto my belly my face hitting the pillow as he mounted me. He had done this many times before but something was different about this time. I couldn’t place it, but Eric seemed different.

I collapsed under the weight of Eric’s huge musclebound body. His huge pecs and rippling muscles pressed against me. His dick throbbed between my ass cheeks. He was a good twenty pounds heavier than my 150 pounds, not to mention taller.

With a loud grunt and one perfectly well aimed thrust, Eric’s huge cock slid inside of my wet hole. I threw my head back in pleasure as I moaned. Soon I felt Eric’s lips sucking on my neck as he plowed my ass.

I screamed in pleasure as my insides were skewered by Eric’s thick cock. My hole clamped down around the massive girth of his dick. My ass muscles squeezed and wrapped around his cock, massaging it as it plunged deeper into my ass.

Eric fucked me nice and slow allowing me to feel every movement one at a time. I groaned as his massive cock filled me up, leaking precum deep inside. While Eric fucked me I could feel his hot breath. I could feel his huge pecs pressed firmly on my back, sweat pouring from both of our muscular bodies.

Eric’s almost musical grunts of arousal burned my ears filling me with desire. Eric’s deep manly grunts of pleasure was music to my ears.

Eric grasped hold of my hands, placing my hands inside of his own as he began a steady rhythm. This time, unlike the usual fucking where he went hard and fast, Eric had made it a point to fuck me nice and slow.

This was the most sensual he had ever been in the bedroom, he was incredibly tender in his fucking me. We held hands the whole time he passionately thrusted into my ass. Even when he was balls deep inside of my ass and pounding on my prostrate, Eric was being gentle and making sure that it was not only pleasurable for himself but for me.

 "Fuck, your hole is SO tight!" Eric grunted, as his hips thrusted against my ass. His balls slapping against my backside. “AUGHHHHH!”

Eric took his time making sweet love to me. He was most attentive to me. His thrusts were deliberate sending me into another world. The tunnels of my ass squeezed around his thick cock causing him to grunt and moan a long list of obscenities.

We were holding hands for the majority of this love making, until to give himself better access he grabbed hold of my meaty hips drilling his leaking cock deep inside my hot accommodating ass.

Eric slapped my ass roughly and began thrusting furiously into my ass. He grasped my thick ass cheeks as he fucked my hole for all it was worth.

Eric grunted loudly “I love you Michael!” he cried. “I love you too!” I said between moans and grunts of pleasure. Within seconds I felt Eric’s balls tighten and I knew he was about to cum. I felt wave after wave of his hot sticky cum exploded into my ass tunnels.



 “This feels so FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!”


Soon I felt my own throbbing hard cock leaking out cum. We were cumming at the same time. My cock throbbed as it emptied out a multitude of cum all over my sheets. We were moaning and breathing heavy trying to catch our breaths.

Eric pulled his cock from my ass and got up off the bed. We cleaned ourselves up wiping the cum off our aching bodies. After that Eric put on the blue robe I had got for him for Christmas. I had the same one and he handed me mine.

I was completely exhausted and my belly was filled with cum. When I looked at the clock I saw that it was 11:50 with only ten minutes until midnight and the start of 2016.

“Babe there is nothing that I like more than filling you with my cum, but there is one thing that I like a lot more.”

“What’s that Eric?” I asked

“That’s being with you of course” Eric said “Babe I never want to be without you. Babe I know we have only been together for a few months, but they have been the best months of my life.”

“Michael I don’t ever want it too end”

“Eric what are you saying?”

“Babe I feel like I have known you for a lifetime. I want to make it a reality. I want to make an honest man out of you” Eric chuckled

“Oh my god” was all I could say my heart was racing…

“Babe I want to make you my husband.” he said

Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out this ring of gold. Holding it up, Eric spoke to me. “Michael I love you with all of my heart.” Eric said “My whole body cries out when you aren’t by my side. My heart aches when I’m not with you and when you are by my side, it skips a beat. I was empty before I knew love, before I knew you. I can’t imagine a world without you in it”

So I’m down on my knees asking you, Michael Edward Winthrop Chandler will you do me the honour of becoming my husband?”

The time was now 11:59







I was completely shocked, and I didn’t know what to say. Finally my heart took over and I spoke “Yes! Yes! Yes Eric I’ll marry you”

“You’ll marry me?” he said tears of joy in his eyes.

“Yes I’ll marry you” I said again. Eric slipped the engagement ring on my finger. Eric got up and planted his warm lips on my own kissing me passionately. When we kissed we were now fiancés. As we kissed fireworks went off literally because it was now 2016.

We continued to kiss for the next ten minutes or so while fireworks lit up the night sky heralding the start of a new year. The fireworks being fired off in the park could be seen from my bedroom window.

I had entered 2015, alone and I was leaving it not only an expecting father (against my will, but I would love the child none the less) but engaged to the man I loved.

The sounds of people screaming “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” Could be heard all over town. I was ready to put 2015 behind me….Happy New Year indeed.

STAY TUNED AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!............................



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